The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 23
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Sr^S'V^::-.'' ; ^ *''•'* ' ."' l ' - • ." s ji - *' '. '' -'/ * .. . />'"">, • * " |fe^r,,,...myin»>«™ : , ..*,-.,,~ f ,r"ifttenfe. psj .'.'I.'!.'!).'"•!•!!!/,';*»!^^,000 . |ft4,'.p6nti|iU6d fpd'rh gflge-,4 '•* , }&!•} ..-.»"'...^..'......-.^iiS.opO owftr r Cortnty, AltfoM, [ trapolt P, M., receive s6fi,W bids for the witdlifliSe of i500,ooo. Cdunhotmb it(W of KoBsutft Coimty. lawa. ill tch • time tjpon -bids- wre' -called foiv ana It has bScn dolcrmlhnrt that tho proposal Of tfho Northern iTMtsl Company, and AVheSlnck & ictfmmins'.Incorporated for 1 tfio piir- ,„ Of .Wlfl lirtiids as dctVertlse'd, ,...,.. Jinttt-tntf Irtiei'tist nt the rate of 1 |iw,b 2% |ior,nnftum, at a price of.pnr fllKaebrtiPd Interest, phis a pi-em- ittt tif, $9200,00., Is.thfi best bid, RMtled 1 bids were filed by; Noivfe, ,Onen hhts wore made Ity; tTowa*J3^s Molnes National tftink is! Company, Tho Northern ._... Company, I'afne, • NVebbor, 1 Ttifikson & Ctlrtls, TJalsOy, Stun-rt & CoMpany Jtrtoi'poruled, ami Wlrt>el* 5Bk and Dittrlmins incorporated.' , V Iti'ls i'dcommonded that the "action bf-lhe tinrierslfcned In the xietoi'tnln* itlon of the best hid as flforeHrtld>be Jtanf It-mod and approved by your |ionorable body, llospeclfully submitted, UOSELbA VorOT, County Treasurer, Khssuth County, town.' " lulled wftl, the Boafd tit Superlv-, goi's January 14, .1848. ,'" " pouhty Auditor.' -, AIBonn, 'Iowa V ' ^January 14, 1948 •The Hoard or Supervisors ot Kos- iilh County, Iowa, met ptirstuint to djournmcnt In regular session. The iceilng was cil1lp{l to order by the ball-man, and tipor. Iho roll being ailed, Ihoro were present: AV» M. McDonald, ChnIt-man, In the chair, nd the following mimed members I' tho Hoiudi Andrew, lledlng, \V. Sclu-am, .7. F. Qnlnn And Jr. t.. olmson, , .Absent: None,' The County Treasurer presented, [ei\ report of tho vsalo , of $fi()p,000 purthou-se Mn*nd8 of ICosstith CoUn- and sumo was duly considered the Hoard. Whereupon Supervl- r .). F. Qulnn Introduced and Used to be 'read , tlie resolution xt hereinafter, set - out entitled esoliillon confirming - sale and iviird of $500,000 Courthouse Honds Kossuth County, Iowa," and mov- lt« nitoptlon; scctlor.ded by Su- i-Vlsor AV", Ai Scin.trn; and after 10 Consideration thereof by the oard, the Chairman put the ques- on'tind, Upon tho roll being culled, 10. following members Voted: A.Ve; * Andrew Itedlng, Vfi A. Mmim, ,.T. F. Qulnn, M. L. Johnson ;nd \V. E. McDonald, Chairman. Nay: None, , AVhoreupoh ,tha -C|ialrmdn declar- d the resolution duly adopted. Upon motion and,'vote, the meeting idjpurnfd. , . » AV..-K. McDONAl.D, Chairman, ,"• ' Jlonrd ot' .Supervisors, .. . , ' County Auditor. TlTCSOLUTION confirming sale and award of, $500,000 Courthouse Honds of Kossuth County, Iowa. •\VJ1ERRA8 notice of sale of $500,000 Courthouse Bonds (of Kosxuth County, Iowa, lias heretofore been given in strict 'compliance with the provisions of Chapter 75 of the Code of Iowa, by publication of notice for two'successive weeks In. a newspaper of general circulation In said County; ftiifl . a AVTIEHIOAS tKe*CoiInty Treasurer Has filed bur report of the sale of Mild bonds pursuant lo said notice and has requested that her action in the sale of «ald bonds be con-* firmed nd approved; , < - • • NOW, THEUEKORE. ' Be It'Ro- •solved by the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, as fol- •,,4 lows: _ "Sectlph^l; Aajhat all action"<6f"' the Countj'/rreas'uYer as relloi'ted, In'lh'e ndverlfaeriient and sale of $Soi)jOOO CourlHou.s&'HoniJs of Hul'diCountyj'tb he,dated February"1, J,948, and;bearing Interest "ni the rate of Two per cent '-%) per annum, he and the same Is hereby co'nfirmed and up-, proved, . } Section 2. ' Thai 'Ihe sold bonds shall he delivered to the purchaser l),v -the County Treasurer and, the proceeds thus derived fthall be dls- bused by said County Treasurer from time t" tlmo as directed by the Hoard of Supervisors, for the fenVpurposo for which said bonds have *•* , been issljdd, " * Section 3. That all resolutions or orders or>partH thereof In «o far as samo may be In conflict herewith, are hereby repealed, Passed and approved January 14, 104S. I, w. K MCDONALD, . ' Chairman. Attest: L. J, IMMERFALL, County Auditor, s Algona,. Iowa ' " , January 14, 1048 The Board of Supervisors of Kps- suthjQounty, Iowa, met pursuant to a'djo'iirnmont .In regular ' session. /J?hQ:moetlnK was called to order by .th'o Chairman and^, upon the^roll being 'calle'd, -there- were present \V, 10, McDonald, Chairman In the ohajr, and the following'named, members of the riourd; Andrew KedliiB 1 , AV, A," S'cl'mim, u, F, Qulnn and'M, L, i Johnson. ,^ • ' Ah,sent: Nine. Supervisor M. L, Johnsor, Intro- d_uced and caused to'be vend aii-tmav ! lutlon entitled "Itesolullon pi-ovld- , Ing for the- issuance of $500,000< ! C'otirtl.ousH 'llouds of KosHuth Coun- Ity, Jlwii," and moved that said res- Ealution be udpoted; seconded - by [Supervisor Andrew Itodlnt?; a nd af- ] tor, due consideration thereof by the [Hoard, the Chairman put tlie i|ues- Ttlon and, upon.the roll being called^, rthe -following SupervlHors voied: L Aye: Andrew, Ceding, AV. A, iHnhrnm, •). F. Qulnn, M, u iHiid'AV. )0- MoUopftld, Chairman '• Nay: None. AVhercupon the Chairman declar- d the resolution duly adopted, Upon mot)"!) and vole the meet- Plns adUquriipd, / f. i AVV B, MCDONALD, . Hoard of |f* J, IMMR«FA] ( L, • •« ' County Auditor,, providing, for tlm Js pf , 1500,000 055 t, f t * ., f, v . i... * /. t'( an,wuu "" 060 ,.,,";.,,(..'.,,,,;.',. 28,000 . _9fi? ,.,,,.,',,.,,,,..(.., 26,0(10 loin I 1 !'I! 1 !!'.i'!;!!!!.;;;!I'^g'ooe' J9(10 ,./.. f ,.i.,,1...,'.,1,25,000 . Iflfll ,, ».>.i..N./^. .30,0,00 * Ifl02 i... i.«.,... <f|OiO" BOS (10,0 1 nonfls fit Kowsulli County, f. \VHJ3UBAB thl* aoanrof pf cdunty, lowji, IW*' and empowered by •puunty on September , '---l^sell aAurtljoiiHB_'Bo_njs ot --»-»» T -» Hi»' rti-"-"' 'f >' ' -T "F 11 — t-^T W4' , — jwBsent, efiWi'H'fluse *lt* In'.tlif sOUy of Ajgqna ,i^. ana, fojr-sRjd, fCpuntyi snrt ; - ' K " I'the Uest interest of ^»7d" "ciqunfy 1 tllftt H erept and,«nu|a stuc), tn tl»« •jHiftt purpose if , bond* 'flf "'-' pf POO,OOQ 1 WQW. TOBBWFOllpJ, pe lt-»l»4 l\ ,,Hta J -eb/ KejiQlY^ ^$4, Qi'jjej-ea L*<*^BfliJ*- l fl** SHMr-vJsol'f " «f ;flHnj.y» ,rft#s^!W f§iftw« :lf JJferWili l*to to ..... af.floo Said ' to crtll and i-edoeirt-«ald bo.,,.,^ ., - ivoferf from 211 to ' fiotf, %.H{isive, pnpr lo infilul'ity, on TJrfcSmbcr 1, 1DB8, anil nn any Intorpftt payment date thprcrtner; Notice 07 tho exercise (ifsudh right of redemption Identifying Iho hondfl trt be rf^eetn- ed Will be given,by publication nt lortst once not, IMS thilli Ihlf-ty days prior lo the redemption date-In a hf^Vplinper of genem) cli-culatlon throiiKhotil thf! Slate t all 'pfilch --bonds a« tfflMtfhh said County roceirvpN'nhd oiwWySos 11"? * redpmpllon atid^fijlR. which hcon wl-.lrh fUndH'itro dilly tJrovl'dpd will cease to bear lu(ero«t on tho re- dpmfytlnn date. •'Said bonds shall bear Inlcront at the rule of (wo per cent ra%) per .annum, payable Daccmbei-jCj, .in is, nnd seml-annually ,therpaMefe.o 3 K| tho first days of Mime ahd'Deoepibgr in «(icli .year "Jmtll paid. Tr.tjffi'est on said bondsi shall -be eVlflPfiWn 1 ' hv proper coupons attached to eiich o'f said bonds, and bolh principal and (merest Khali be payable In lawful moneys of (he united States of Amcrlell, at tl.e office optjlufftttoun' l.V Tl-pasurcr of Kossulh 'C'/iDiS, In ihe Oily of Algona, Towa,f M m ftedlloh 3., That ttport';?-p%fP'nla- tlon at the of floe, of the Treasurer of. said County of any of said bonds same may be registered as lo principal In llio namp of the owner on ,the books of ihp Tr-esurau, sucli registration to be n/jted'SMTOho re- vorflo side of (he bontlsV yA- il.o Treasurer, and ilbereaflemW principal of such registered HQinis' si.all bo payable only lo the 'itwlxtored holder,' h'ls legul rppi;espntatlvps or assigns. Si)ch rpglsturcd borids shall bo iransferitble to anolhef' ?*R'lslcr- ed holder, or hack to bca'ijtisi'f'only upon presenlatlon to fl.g UBwtint'y Ti'pastirer wltfi a 'legal "(issTgnmcnt duly acknowledged or proved, Tleg- IrilraUon of an'y of such bonds as to principal shall not affept.qie negotiability by dellvety cOTs? of* the coupons thereto attachedrv. 1 - ^ .Section •(. That such bonds and In substantially the following forms: ........ i (Form of Bond) UNITED STATE OF AMI3IUCA STATE 0V COUNTV OF COUHTHOUSE No.:...:.., , KNOW ALL JrMEN BY PIlKSlDNTS: Thai the County of Kossutl; In Ibe Slate of loWa, for value recelveil, promises, to, uav lo boai'er, or If ibis bond l&iro&JaKred, lo Ihe refflsltil-ed holder fyJK.i&t', the sum of One Thousancl* TBollars (?1000) on Ihe First Day of iJecem- ber, 19..-,., and to pay Interest on said sum from the date hereof at the rate of ...... per- cen% (>.<&) per annum, payable Deioeitilser 1', JO IS, rtnd tsemf-aninially tneraafter on the First days of .lure".-ffnd December lif each year until said principal/sum is paid, exccpJ. as the provisions hereinafter spl forth with respect to redemption may. ifcT and become applicable hereto.^ Sufch Interest as may accrue on nnd prior to tl.e maturity hereof to lie payable only on presentation and surrender of tho Interest coupon* hereto altached'jfs Ihey 'Bevemnly become due;,bolh principal..!!fid Interest bchiK payable In lawmrnnroney of the United Stales of America al Ihe office of Ihe County, Treasurer of said County in 'the City of Al- 6tonn,' Iowa, x ^ ( ..JM JdB. i f series, of, bbfidn numbere® cimjecu- lively', ft.-pm.jJ lo 500, ,|n(flusj»». Issued by.s'aJrf'.CQUnty of-'Ii?Hsiftril..for Ihe purpose ot'erecllnj? ttritreflulp- pl.nfif a courthouse In and for Bald County pursuant to the pi'ovlslpns of Chapter 315 of the Code of Jowa, 1SJ8, and all laws amendatory thereof and supplemental, .thereto and in conformity,to a r,esoljit|on of the Board of Supervisors ' ot ' said County duly passed, and as authorized by tlie requisite majo|'jt&,vot6 at'an election duly called, noticed and hold In said 'County, ~^' Said County hereby reserves the right and .option to call and redeem the bonds numbered from SHI lo BOO, Inclusive; of,, Ihe series of which this bond Is one prior to maturity on December 1, 1958, and on any Interest ^payment da left Whereafter. Nolice,of ihe exercise of such rifrr.t of redempllon Idenllfylngjlthe bondfc lo be redeemed will baj given by publication at least once not less than thirty^ days prior to the re- dempijon date In a newspaper of srenera.1 circulation thi-ouKliaui the State of Iowa, and all sucK bonds as to which said County ream-yes and exercises the' right of' rgjtjemjnion and as ,to which notic ai shall i have been given a! redemption of wl.lch fun provided will cease to bi on tlie redemption, diaie, And H to Hereby represented and certjffed that all -acts.'-'cDiVcTtUons ord tilings requisite according to tho laws an'd the ConmUuHan of the Slate of Iowa to^be done precedent to and In the 'lawful issue of thin bond Lave been properly done, hap-i pentsd,apd been performed-In re^u-j lar ^und-rtue fprm as .required by law; that legal'and sufficient pro r vision has been'made for the levy of an,annua4 special las an all ihe taxabe property in said County to pay tho Interest on and principal pf tlilo bpnt) as tbe some will become due; and that Uie total Indebtedness ot said County, hicludlug this bond, dfres not exceed any conatlUiUonal or statutory limitations. '•• ( • Tills bond is fully negotiable and shall pnu«r by delivery unjessftt has been reglsterefj In tl.e/name of 1 the owner on the books ot the. Treasurer of said Comity, and ''kUQh ,4-egfs. tratlon npted !\ereQn. Tliei'eaftur na* transfer of this (jond sliau t b except when made on 'said; ar.d 'simllRrly - 1 -' —*-" t)ie - -—-- •-• id, - Unto ot Ownfer of County rfc for- tho rejdiily isti'at|oni^lmiriiRye^ b'aen In ; \v|llo)vpase.' tr»nsfer ? by '/}ei(v^ry, snail be yeat ' of th|« bpna, »)io affect ' ivery attac.hetj nf * ..,.. County, hy Us BO Vlsoj-p, has' paused U>' fty the 01.. , ftncj tft ha e*pputpfl Signature o? ,- Wl<« floes, by t|»e es,ee«tlon fit tills ,ljoix4, ftdopt 4r aji<} Section ,.8, Kach of said bonds shall bo Signed by tbd Clinlrman *l£ the Board . of Supervisors or suit! County and attested .by tlie County Auditor, With life S6al of ftflltl Cilun- fy affixed.- The Inlerofet fto»ip6)iB attiidhed to eftch of said b0nds sha|l he executed With the facslmjlft.slgi- natures of Iho County Auditor, WMon executed as afnrnsnld snld bonds shull he tlellVerod to the County Trenstiror, to be by her duly reftislei-Pd as provided bV tfl,\y, and snlil TreHSiirer shnll slgiutho certl- flcnio as horelnbcfot-n set out en- dorstt upon each of said bonds j whnretipon she shall he, and she Is hereby authorised nnd dli'ecled to lss\io, sail and deliver said bonds to the purchaser and to receive and rel'olpt for the proceeds, Section 7. That foi- the pttrpnsfi of paying the Interest on «nld bonds as It falls due, and also lo pay anil dlschrti-B'd the principal of said bonds at maturity, Ihet-e shall bo and there Is hei-phy; ofdtifed levied upon all tho taxable property in mild county In each of the years While said bonds or any of I horn are tiutKtai'dlhg, a tax sufficient for that purpose ns authorised at an election duly called noticed and held for Duel purpose, and In furtherance of this provision ibut not In llmlta 1 lion thereof, there sha.ll be and there Is hereby ordered levied on all the taxable property Jn said County the following direct annual tax, to wit: Your of Levy Amount in IS .......... i ...... $811,334.00 ................. 3.1,700.00 1053 inr, i 33,700.00 30,200.00 3H,700.00 32,200,00 .'11,700,00. 31,200.00 -30,700,00 30,200.00 2U.700.00 11)50 ' 1»n7 ,. 1!)5S JUDO in (tfl i.iuu.uu 1901 , , , ; , .',33,000,00 1!)(I2 . , , N ,. 33,000,00. I»(i3 '32,-IOO.QO 1IIGI 31.SOO.OO 1905 . . ill,200.00 10(1(1 , . 30,800.00 Siild taxes when collected «hali he converted Into'a special fund for the payment of principal and Interest of.ithe .bonds .auUioi-lsted. and for no other purpose whatsoever. The. Interest and principal coming duo at' any other lime :when there are In-, sufficient funds on Land to pay the same from funds vderlved from tlie' tax as hereinbefore provided, shall he promptly paid when due from any current funds of said County available for that purpose, In advancement of the collection of such tax, and when-such tax shall have: been collected,"reimbursement shall be it)itde In tho- amounts then advanced. ' ^ Section 8. That all resolutions oiv parts > of resolutions, In so far as .same may be In/conflict herewith,! he and the same are hereby repeal^ ed, and this resolution he effective from and after Its passage and approval. , rt fassed nnd approved 1 January 11,1 1918. W. E. McDONALt), Chairman, ,' •Board of Supervisors. ' Attest: L. VJ. IAIM10RFALL, I .fCpuiity ..Auditor. . ' I, L. J. Immerfall, being, fli-st ,duy sworn, do hereby depose and certify' that I am the duly elected,' qualified and acting County Auditor of the County of Kossuth In thei State Of Iowa, and that as micl| I- have In my possession or have ac-, cess to the complete corporate rec-i ords of said County, and that I have' carefully •• compared the transcript! hereto .attached with the aforesaid' corporate records and that said Ji'n.scilpt, Jierolo attached Is a true, correct and complete copy of all tlie corporate records In relation to the authorisation and Issuance of $DOO,000 Courthouse Honds of said Co3n< ,ty, lo be'datedfFebruary Ij.lIMS, and unit said tj;i£ns,crlpt "hereto,atlael-od contains ai true, dorroct" and cojt)- pletc., staement of.allrfhe|-ps adopted, and proceedings, ,'acls and Ihlngs had, done and performed, 'up lo Ihe present time, in relation to Ilia authorisation and Issuance of said bonds. ' • ' • , ' ' , I further certify thai the original or certified cople-s of all resolutlpns included in Iho attached transcript are now on file In my office. WITNESS my official signature and the seal of said County at .Air gona Iowa, Ibis llth day of January, 1018. i , . L. J. IMMETtFALL, ' CSEAL) / County Auldiof. Stato of Iowa County of Kossuth, ss, *' * Subscribed and sworn to befor£ me by said L. ,T. Immerfall, this 14" day of, January, 194S. , (Sgd) A. J. COGLBY, t (SEAL) Notary P.ubllc My commission expires: July 5lh, 1948. , J 1 Ullor. motion adjournment was taken until January 29 1948, at 1:30 o'clock P. M. i W, E. McDONALD, Chairman,* ' / Board of Supervisors ,, Attest: L, J. IMMERFALL, ' *' Counly Auditor. • , ,„-,__-. j, -REGULAR JANUARY .SESSION ' A. D, 1848 FIFTH DAY , January 20, 194? Tho Board of Supervisors of Kou-, County,.fowl, met pttrMmht Thft mt-etln^ tt-ns cnlleii t<i ^nltir the. Ohftli-mnn, Th<*re W«rj Supervisor'. \V. 13. MclJoftd ftiftn-, |t) the chnfr, rtnd Ih8 , , „ tmMed mem hers of tin* Honfd pdf-vlsors AmlfoiV Heding, 'W.. A sehram, .1. F. Qulnn nnd M. L. ,toli<i"f son, -* Absent: Nore. • , '' Jtotloil muds by Qulnn and \HSC~ onded by Johnson-, that nosciM A, illff bA aPholnt#fi EhRinPcr oft lllsfrlet No. llrt, to make pxamlnnlton nnd report as" t» the neressary repairs on sold drain, and that he present his t!ndln#« tlfsraof; to tho Board of Supervisors al-llic pnt-l|pst possmle date, Ayes: A)| t i Nnys: None. Motion cnfrlpd. (Seo record for Resolution,) iMotlon made by Ciulnn ttnd sP(*- nnded by TtPdln^ thnf ths Hoard of Supervisors enier titto cojilract sWlth l<eslla 0. Faber of Algofta, loWn,,for cutting nhd clearing trees and removing ,th<> brush frrtm the Open Dlldli ot Dralhngp JJlstflct No. W and Dial Wi E. McDonald, Ohalrfnan of the Hoard be authorized to Jjlgn said contract. Ayes: All. Nnys. None, Motion cnrt-lpd, (Sec contract of record.) Motion mnde by Oulnn and seconded by Scb rum thai D. L. Leffert he appointed Engineer on lateral 4' of Drainage District No. 4, to make examination and report as to the necessary repairs on said lateral ahil that ho present his findings thereof to tho Hnard at the earliest pofsjhle ''-'te. Ayes: All. Kaysi None. Motion carried. (Sec record for ' rnolullon.) id'llnti irude by Johnson nnd sec- ondi-1 by Ikvllng Hint a temporary It-a for l-i the Amount of $35,000.00 be Juiule I'roni the t'oor Fund to the Oenernl County Fund and that the County Auditor be and he Is hereby Instructed to make application^ to, the State- Comptroller for This transfer.- Ayds! All. Nays: Node. Motion carried. ' ' , " ' " ' Motion •in'ad.e by-Qtflnn\ and sec- 1 '6n(3ed/by 'Schram thht a temporary ;tt-(t.nsfer; In tl.o amount of $8000.00* . -be made - fl-om the Uotirtty 'Fund tb the Slate rnstlhttlon Fund, and that the County Auditor -be and he'ls hereby .Instructed, to make lip- pMpntloh to thp State Comptroller 1 , for' this 'transfpr. Ayes! All, Nays:. N<)ne. JloUon carried, / , Motion m'ade by -Johnson and Sec" onded by., -Hchram that the following-cash' and 'care allowances be fixed for the year 1948, and thai Ihe County Auditor bo and he is hereby' directed to' Issue warrants for.sgme from the pool-' fund on t)io last day of. each mo.rtth: AVm.' E. Itoff, $2.00 per week; \Vm. C. F)alg, $H.OO pet" week, for care; of Helen Spj'nnk:> Mrs. Wvrn feltstjce, *2fl,0fl per mmitb nn eonlinrt; Nels PPdtersen, $1S.OO per innnth on oontrnrf; Edith Smlil., ? ]ier month oir ool:tiaet; Minnie NlHnman, $25.00 per mrtnth nn contrnct, Ayes; All. Nay«: Not-.o. Motion (••ftrrldd. Thote being no further business to come before the Board, motloti was mnde and seconded that the Board adjourn lo meet February 2, 10 IX, nl S:oo o'clock A, M. AV. T-! McDONALD, Chairman Hoard of Supervisors. Attest: L. J. IMMEHFALL, County Auditor. NOTICE Of lNdORf>6HAT10N OP ALGOWA EXCAVATING AND DRAINASE CO,, INC. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai there has toeen incorporated Under and by virtue of the pro,Visions of Chapter 491 of the 1946 Code of Iowa and acts amenda- ,tory thereto a corporation for pecuniary profit. - 1. The name of the corporation is Algona Excavating and Drainage Co., Inc. and its principal place of business is in the city of Algona, Kossuth .County, Iowa. 2. The general nature of the .business is to excavate and drain ,land and to execute contracts and to receive assignment of contracts merefore and to manufacture and furnish materials and supplies connected therewith. 3. The amount pf authorized Capital stock of this corporation $17,500.00, to be divided into Shares of common stock having a par value of $100.00 each, to be held, sold, and paid for at such :time and in such manner as the 'board of dir/ectdrs may from time to time determine. Payment therefore may be in cash or in .property approved by the Executive Council, as by law provided. 4. The corporate existence of this corporation shall commence ,'on ,the date of the issuance of the certificate ,of the Secretary of The State of Iowa and shall ter- jninate at the expiration of twenty years from said date, but the period of its existence may be re- hewed from time to time as pro>vided by the laws of the State of, Iowa. This corporation may be Advertisement ^F^ *^ 4 f j-* ' From where 1 sit... Joe Marsh , -i How to Put Up with Women's Styles When Will Dudley's missus finally , gave in ,to th$ .newstylfc longer' -skirts, n \yjll wjJB mighty critical at' . first.*'Allowed as how women were,' 1 a slave to fashion... ought to dress*' -. to please their husbands and not style,deslpnersi ' } • \ , Sue hnilly repiinded Will of his * , haHit of sitting by,the radio Sat- 'urdajr afternpong j in shirty sleeves t and'old^lJjppers, listening tp the j sporfc^ts'vyftth ,R 'ftiellow'glsss-of' /b'jer. v Suggeste'd that .jnnybe Wjll " ' .Perhaps the way somebody dresses isn't always to our taste—just as "'•Will's glass of beer may be another I person's cider. ... -But from where I sit, those little differences ayen't important—un, less we go out of our way to make them so, by being hypercritical. As Will says now: "Well, anyway, . tjibse long skirts hide a multitude ,%f sKinp", v . and lets it go at that! "I* ^-df-Kf.*-**-^ ^-"^ '—^ti, ^ 1 - Copyright, 1948, United Slates Brewers Foundation :^ r , &v&* OT5rf!if |i ?jHfmm tyMzsttwr 5Sf'P*».'fi> .sn>'tt! * if- 1 ±':, ,(As,f v»%i), '.£t^bf;, «IH AUNT HET > ' L BY ROBERT QUILLEN WESTINOHOUSE INFRARED HI AT LAMP COMPLETE SELF CONTAINED UNIT * i, ' l -. 5 /. . Especially Suited for 1 ~" Little* Pig Brooders Coast to Coast Store , Property ^^ . it I -P 1 i .SALE-! ajft : clo^ ;«f*tatfi of il'Mra C, Johnson we Avill offer ' ' •"'-' "v r . r " ,- Mar. 6 one W««k south of r^» p of Wesley, Iowa, smwll house, *$$$&* ffiWdt W;l» fti^wWJupwwbww «f '|^.{$;|fttt ;t|tfl,tf >»* wpflfr, a?§d jfoMvwwi^ *£*^L^M*uxsato:oi mml»m win t« be P«W (jf»r w~ "" ^ [ ^* "™""^»i;5«*££«! *>f*w( ""H "" i ^f ' * , JJfllpnce «t up9;o( flellrery of terminated at any time upon a vote of majority of tho outstanding stock. 6. The management of this corporation shall be vested in a board of not less than two or more than four directors to be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders to be held at the principal place of business on the last Monday of April of each year, commencing in 1948, said directors lo hdld office until their successors arc olecled and have qualified, The officers of said corporation shall be President, Vice- President, Secretary, and Treasurer. One person may hold more than one office. Said officers shall be ejected by and from Ihe board of direclors. Unlil the firsl annual meeting of Ihe board of directors, Ihe officers shull be as follows: Presidenl and Secretary—Zelda M. McOruire, Algona, Iowa. Viee-Presidenl and Ireasnrer— Eldon W. Lindslrom, Algona, la. 6. The priv&Ue properly of Ihe stockholders shall not be subject lo payment of corporate debts to any extent whatever. The Articles of Incorporation have been accepted by The Secretary .of Stale of The State of Iowa and filed in the office of Ihe Recorder of Kossuth County, Iowa. Baled al Algona, Iowa this 23 "T uissday, MaViti 1, t f 4! clay of February A, to.. 1946. ^ . t* ALGONA' fiXCA^ATlNG AND By -ft, ,W, DRAINAGE CO., ING, • By Zielda M. MeOuire, I" WftRM AIR THE FAMOUS GREEN COLONIAL FURNACS Top quality, plus cere in plan- ' ning installations assures ma-ximum COMFORT, , ECONOMY, arid CONVEN-' IENCE. There is a COLONIAL Furnace for all vsize homei, and all types of fuel. LAING & MUCKEY Phone 464 North Dodge Complete Hou Furnishings Personal property of ELSIE KISSELL ESTATE ^ Tobe sold at 8:00, Wednesday, Mar. 3 at Armstrong Skating rink Three-piece Bedroom Suite Electric Singer Sewing Machine 1 Bed and 1 Dresser Wilton Rug, 9x12 Cabinet Radio and Small Radio > s Living Room Suite, and other articles too numerous to mention 9-Ft. Norge Refrigerator '; , Monarch Electric Stove Drop-Leaf Kitchen Table and 2 Chairs . Electrolux vaccuum Clearner Electric Maytag Washing Machine arid Laundry Tubs Bedding and Linen 1 Marble Top Table 1 Matched Pair Mahogany Chairs 1 Platform Rocker 1 Hand Painted China Glassware * r Ralph Drinan, Adm.» H. D. Yungeberg, Auct. 'i IN FLAVOR NUTRITION It's tsjisy to uiidorstand why our wholesome milk is the choice of the family. Try it once and it will be your choice too. It's the mimhcr -one beverage to serve-at meantime,. \- and lietween meals. Deliveries made ? daily. Call 400,' ' ' MILK AND CREAM PRICES / ' < ' , s ' .'-.,,/,- •** Sweet Cream • ,J-97c ' M ^ , , Sweet 'Cream -,^.^^,^8^',\?,^ ilk Prices \V'sale Qiinvt Detail t ;'5flp • 89c pjnf 14o 1 'imiri' * *"P , ; *pe %«»»»•, -- »HSK - <-i V M^WTfipf* ' P|pt •88<r i ;'8ip - ^iwV/^'^ar'^PiCfSl ^, a«o-,' •/r^.pt»M8<»';mmmi ••"^c^ffS |iSf^|^ti i ftf-i, , / ; v » ?"JKiil9.'iaaa , -•-*'-^%#, «,•,' 4V --~ t VTORHMBEJ

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