The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 22
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4-Alddrtd Upfttf Be* Mbfrte* Metr-sli Lone Rock P.T.A Favors Hiring County Nurse Lone Hock — The P. f. A. met Tuesday evening at. the Lone Rock school for its February meeting. They had the pleasure of hearing a grand talk, given by Myron Olson, principal of the Fort Dodge school system, relating to -Problems of Youth. Evers'- one enjoyed his talk jmtnensely. There was a standing vote on school lunches, and it was decided to try to have them, provided the community Wanted them. Mr-s. Merwin Marlow, Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt and Mrs. C. M. Gross were placed on the committee to take a poll oC the community to see if they are desired. There was a unanimous vote in support of securing a county health nurse. Provided the committee gets the support of the community concerning tlje hot lunches, Mrs. Hazel Grimes, state nutritionist of the Hot Lunch program, will conduct an afternoon meeting to help get the work organized in the near future. Everyone interested is invited to attend this meeting. The date will be announced later. , Committees serving on the program and food for the evening, Tuesday, Feb. 24, consisted of the following: Chairmen, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thomson of the program; chairmen, Mr. and Mrs. Milfred Mitchell, of the Food. Others were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radii?, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fischer, Mrs. Russell Dickinson, Mr. and Mrs. A.JHA. Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn McCleish, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schrader, Mr. and Mrs. Les Johnson, Mrs. Ralph Hurlburt. and Mr. and Mrs. Merwin Marlow. ffiart, Claude ahd Larry sf>efti the* afternoon visiting there, the AleM Kruegor, home and otttef relatives find friends. Mrs. Wililaiti Rath gp*eht TUesda'y there, \ Safari ltz, t%. Change Meeting Place The meeting place of the Lone Rock Ladies' Mite society for Thursday afternoon, March 4, lias been changed from the home of Mrs. J. M. Anderson to the church basement. Mrs. William Knoll Jr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson are hostesses for the afternoon. Idle Hour Club The Idle Hour club met Thursday afternoon, Feb. 26, at the homo of Mrs. Edvv. Blanchard, Mrs. M. O. Richards, assisting hostess. The club voted to contribute both to the Red Cross and Crippled Children's fund. Mrs. Odey Choi-land read an interesting letter from the family in Greece that the club had sent boxes of,clothing and food to last fall. They were very grateful for anything they received. The club members embroidered tea towels for a fellow member and each received candy. Mrs. Frank Merron conducted a contest and Neva Thompson won the prize. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Ralph Thompson March 25,with Mrs. Richards assisting. • New Orleans Visitors Mr. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Mervyn Thompson of New Orleans, La., spent Wednesday visiting Mr. Thompson's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard. They also visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hunt at Seneca. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thompson of West Des Moines spent Thursday visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard. Home From Calif. Don Bierstedt and Dick Gross of Burbank, Calif., arrived home Thursday at the parental Mrs. Nina Bierstedt and C. M. Gross homes. They'have been spending the past few months working in California. Guests at Flaigs Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Burt of Armstrong were Thursday dinner guests at the Frank Flaig home. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Acker- Visit •Mfs.W. ,t. Ctotton, Mrs. fiierstedt, Mrs. C. F. Schttl, Mrs. Mefwin Marlow, Mrs. L. A, Newbrough spefit Thursday vis^ iting the Seneca and Doliivef schools, to get ideas from them as to how they run t their hot luhch program. They were guests at the Dolliver school, as they arrived there around 11, When they were serving. They learned 1 much fi*om watching them, and had a very interesting enjoyable day. Mas Birthday Party Mrs. Alfred Schadertdorf entertained the following girls Monday evening in honor of her daughter Elnora's 14th, birthday: Nofma Bierle, Patsy Marlow, Betty Shaser, Virginia Rath, Mary Johnson, Ruth Zumach, Carol Arm Thompson, Rita Hurlburt, JdAnne Meyer, Derra Dickinson, JoElla Culbertson, Kay Hainlin, Delores Schmidt, Shirley Mitchell, Games were played. Betty Shaser and Carol Ann Thompson tied for the prize for the Quiz game and Bingo Was also played. Her birthday cake was made and decorated in pink and white by her grandmother Schadendorf. feat'enial fred Jensefl home Seneca. Mr. and Mrs. F"r£d Spent gimdafr Visitiflg lef arid hUSbarld, Mr, arid Daryl Hanson at Cedar Falls, They visited at the Gerald Lenv Ing home at Hampton, Monday. Mrs. HShfy Schroedef spent Thursday attending a Union Township Fafm Institute fnefet- Ihg at Good Ifdpe/ Mr, and Mrs. Giis Kr'auso, Mi. and Mrs.' Art Krause, Mr> and Mrs. Geo. Jentz and Marilyn, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Jentz spent Sunday evening visiting the Walter Krauses. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Walsh arrived home -Friday after spending^ a week visiting relatives and attending the funeral of his brother James in Chicago. Mrs. Frank Dreyer accompan_ ied Mrs. Jack Tieman of Fenton to.sperid Thursday in Whitte- mbrc. ' , Mrs. E, M. Jensen and Dick, Roy Jensen arrived home Thursday evening after they went through tfie clinic at Rochester, Vlinn. to fetUM to AlgdnS.t^nfafcAlnfi his home again, ,~ ', Board Proceeding! nnotiij/vn jANtMnt sitsaairvtf Rural Sewing Club The Rural Sewing club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Alfred Schaden- dprf, with ten members and two visitors present. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. I. W. Nelson at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Struecker and son of Fenton spent Thursday evening at the Lawrence Johanneson home. Auxiliary Card Party \The American Legion Auxiliary sponsored a card . party Thursday evening at the Lone Rock school. There were ten tables present and a total of $18.70 was taken in. Prizes were won by: high for women, Mrs. Dick O'Donnell, low by Mrs. Jim Long, high for men by Paul Olson of Hurt, and low by Fred Dransfeldt with A. J. Elsbecker winning the chair prize. August Schmidt left Wednesday morning to visit his uncle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schmidt at Bruce, S. Dak, His misin, Alvin Schmidt, returned home with him. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Angus ahd family, Mrs. Lawrence Ditter, Mrs. Harold Angus of Burt spent Thursday in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Marlow spent Thursday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ewoldt. The Seneca Saddle club directors met Monday evening at the Dave Lynch honrJ, with Mr. and Mrs. Millen Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osborne, both of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. James Doocy of Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Quinn of Lone Rock, and Lester Jensen of Lebannon, Mo., present. Lester Jensen spent the night there. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thompson and family, and Howard Thompson were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Lillie Thompson and Neva. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Donovan of Britt spent the afternoon there. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donovan of Algona spent Monday afternoon there. Grace Angus went Sunday to visit her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elaine Drown at Curlew. Mrs, M. O. Richards and Frank left Wednesday morning to attend a Masonic School of Instruction at Fort Dodge. They planned to return Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bates and daughter of Algona spent Wednesday afternoon at the parental Wm, Nelson home. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Jacobson of Burt spent Thursday evening there. Mr., and Mrs. Bernard Jensen spent Thursday evening at the Right, .and the sooner you (top in for yourSKELLY Spring-Summer change-over, the sooner you'll enjoy smooth-as-silk, happy-as-a. lark motoring. Here'* our com* plete change-over program, ready for you now? 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Four surveys will be made during 1948, with the first count being made in late March. -Under the plan the carriers who have signified their willingness to cooperate will record their observations of all pheasants, quail and cottontails seen while driving their routes every day for six days. At the end of the six-day period the tallies will be mailed to the Biology Section of the State Conservation commission for compilation. The mail carrier tally is being carried out successfully in several states at the present time; however, Iowa's road system and much of the terrain of this state are "made to order" for. Wildlife counts by this method. The average route length is 45 miles, which means that if the anticipated 1,000 carriers cooperate voluntarily, right records ''for 45,000 -miles of road will be tabulated each day, with a total of 270,000 miles kept during the week. Tho «tmh1 ot cicumty. Town, met tnrtgttaiu td atllDiirnmonl In reftttlnp. aifssioi Thoi'o were flroflout: stuySfvlsoiP w 19. AloDftmittl,' ninll'fttlifi. In llic clmlr, and the foUowlM. ftrittied of Uio TlortrtU SlfpefVtMit'S Rprtlliff, \\\ A. ^elirttln, .1. 1*', mul M. L. .lohf.sbn, Absent, None, Motion iiiiUle by Hdt-.rattf Afitl s<?e- ontlt-rl liy rtPtUng tlnOtiii fc>)ltt fil'nclnl lionds lio HinfrVcSyfetl an a placet! on flip; O. S, liuclifiriftn, I)C L Htuiiipnl Personal Pfrttierty, *rn Collector, fni- $10l)rt.OO; blntis Vflspr AMSI. County Aispisof, (Field Asses sor) I'm- $5(111.00! UPOI&B M. RttUol- rield, ASM. uminiy 'AKdessop.CFieii AMMO.IHOI-) foi 1 $500.00; . \War.dei- Viisup, As^t. t'oitfuy Assessor (Kioid ANIOSMOV) for (SOO.Ofl; TJ: O. HUlrli- Ins, A'fMt, c'onnly Assdsscti' (Plpld A^ossof) for JtiOO.flOi tfiilc If. ti, Assi, Counts- AMAesKnr ttxpflsnr) tor $500.00) 1). ('. (liiidnof. A»SI. Udunlyi' Assessor (Klold Assps<col-) for $500.00,' A. I). NpwlirniiBli, AH«t. 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( ( l • • Mot loti by iTelitiffoft And „„„outlet! try seliKihv flint the HadFd 6: Kufft-rvisot's* ntweve ffi& tion af the- lo-in- ttettritiufri ia*es, Interest nntl ciftsid in tr.< n mount of, $8.lid, .assessed, n£ftth§i (He WfrDl onexhaH! nv'/i) of B thirty (30) bt-tllfe OHftlhtlt 'Pint td \\>h1t\v, lr)*rt, lit Hits nafhfi (it Jiillii^ Kunss Jl-.( Rstate, l orr account thai sftut pf ftp-eft^ Wns dmUM to till Town of Wesley 1 , Jo\*a, (of pftl-k inn-poses. tftfid aoftefflllttimi Wind fot r dmiriotic1*n by *tho r P6tffl«do'Wi(!ll of Wesleyr towaj- find 1)lreclors <of tiitj Wester 'tftdepeiHleiit Seftrfhi 1 M«t Met or Wesley, Town, Ay<*st All. Nit ys:. None. Motion- etirrfed. Motion intttie by 1 Hedlnfr and see* oiicled by Qttliin tlfrtt the iMnrtl ot pdr'vlsfirs fttiprox-e the 6(intellrt i (loh tif ll.e tldllntfuenl do^ tftx fftf IIP yi-itr in.H, liftstflsed agftlfist U U tiler of Alpfonn Corporfltltin, dn afci ,'ount that tnjt Was paid on Hatnd Infe Miirtih 15, 1917, hrtd dog UIK Noi Leaves Vet Hospital Robert E. Bennett, who "had spent the past five and one-half months at the Veteran's hospital, Des Moines. left Friday for his home at Ottumwa. His wife, Who had been employed at the telephone office at Des Moines, is transfering to Ottumwa and will work there during "Bob's convalescence. When stricken, Bob was working for the Algona Newspapers and hopes some day Planting Time Is Just Around the Corner! * .,..", PLACE ORDERS foe • EVERGREENS and SHRUBS NOW! Vmi Avlio plncc yoiii 1 evergreen nnd slmTlT'bi'ders early will cci-tniiily 1 get the best of tlio growing slHiuls. 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