The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 19
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17, Improyegients Planned ft j* . jjm "j ilated For Most Of Townships .•'•Road improvements, • either gfaVel 6r grading, andMit two in* gtfinces both we're agreed upon at IM Te^cnt annual meeting of the bda'fd 6f supervisors and town ship trustees.," ''Us .Usual many projects the trustees had in mind ha'd to be glVcn ,up for lack of ;Mnds or othcf- reasons,, but every town- shipritt the county got something, arid the allocation wasSfil-fair as circumstances' permitted. ' • | [County Engineer H/M. Smith has not'.yet prepared his 1 ; official list of• imp'rdvements, byt a re- p'dHer's, i inspection of a' 1 'county >rflap c-li 'which they are shown , Ha"? 'yielded the following infor- r<1 ma'tion by townships: -, Eagle -4 East and south roads, tl Secv-18, to be "graveled,'also east Voad Sec. 54. Grant'-^ South road on Sec. '* 16'.to be graveled,,also west road Sec. 19. ' ' -' ,- -' , A • Springfield — road '< on east lines Sees. 15, and. 22 to be graveled, except south .end .of 22; t" West line Sec. 30 to be graded, i Hebron—So,uth roads Sees. 25 g and 36 to be graveled. Swea—Road on east line$ Sees. 10, 15: lower % mile along each '* ' section and ,Upper % '• mile ' on east line Sec. 31, to be graveled; one mile on east line Sec. 19 to be graded. Htinor Ctfjftjewgys At Party Monday evening) F&fe, $$, Quests w*?e Mr, and Mts evening F&s, elghi neighboring fattMltel '6t the same, threshing &Mr gave-a farewell parlV, Wt Oliver Campnoy and rfaMd CSmprtey- and their families ai their 1 hpnte, The Oliver Campney fain- ily; is How scliled in Burl end Harold's family is StfAv- iiitj lo the Ssbin farki. ^ LUftdh end farewell jjtnl were brought by the visitors, Cards was the chief ettier- iainmerti of ihe evening, anH ..*.-_. , *• . • * were Mr, and Mrs. wni, Dodds, Jr. and Dean/ Mrs. Mamie Winkel, Mr, ahd Mrs, Pete Erpelding, Mr/and Mrs, Pele Arend and Duanc, Mr, and Mfs. Herbert Haas, Harley and Jerry; Mr, and ,Mrs, Walief , Heerdt, Mar- gsrel and Bud; John disch; Mr. • ahd Mrs. Francis Gisch; Mr. and Mrs, L. Gisch; Ruth and Rachel; Nek Beck; Mr. Maureriius Hansen of Al- gonai Larry Gisch 'of Lone • Rock, both graded and graveled. Ctesto — Road on south lihcs of Sees. 19 and 20 to be graded and on south line of Sec, 21 to be graveled., Irvingion—Road on south' lines df Sees. 13 and 14 and Sec. 23 to be graded. Ptairle—Road oA south line of Sec.MO'ahd cast line of Sep. 21 to be graded: east half mile of Harrison—South road on Sec. Jf* 1 11,to bd graveled, also east road on Sec. 21. ' ^ • i < 4 Ledyard — Sputh road ,'on Sec. , 7 arid southj-oad on Sec. 22, plus - a short stretch of 'south road on f"ii Sec. 23, to be graveled.' ' ' 'Lincoln—South • road on Sec. /,. 21 "and east road on Sees. 3, 10, and 15'to be graded. ..Seneca—East road on Se'c. '21 •*' and" north half of east road on Sec. 28 to b'e graded, also east road on Sec. 11; east- road Sec. 2'to be graveled. on 'Greenwood, Roads on east lines of Sees,. 8, 9,. and 19 to be graded; and south road on Sec. 27.- to be graveled. , Ramsey — .'L' shaped road in S.-W. corner Sec. 28, north half «'» ofveast road on. Sec. 21 V and east road "on Sec,' 3 *to' be graveled. ' German — > \South ,road on Sec. to be graveled; west .road on c. 26 to be, graded;- " ( south I'oad on Sec. 22 to 6'e gi'av- cled, and east half on south line of Sec, 10 is also to be graVeled. x Garfield—Road on east side of Sec. 11 to be graveled.' Rive'rdale—Center road in Sec. 9 to be graded; road on cast line of-,Sec. 22 and west one-half of *oad on south line of Sec. 2$ to be graveled." 1 Sherman—Roads on east lines of Sees. 7, 18, 19 and 30 to be graded. LuVerne—Road on east line of Sec. 6 and east line of Sec. 8'to be graveled. , Butt—East 'rbad^'on?. Sed", US, south' hal£,of 'cehte>'\*'pVddri Sec. 14,, and. "east, .half .j'of south' road ' , on Sec. 14, to be 'gfHv£lecl. '" , Portland— South, fba'd 4 'ph 'Sec. 2, ; to be graveled ; '. cast 'side of Sec. 23 and south road on Sec. 13 to 'be graded. '• , , '> , Buffalo — East road on ' Sec. 7 and east road on Sec, 27 to be graveled. Lolls Creek — , Roads on east "'lines 'of Sees.., 11 'and 14 to be graveled. ,Uhion — Road on cast line of Sec.; 21 and road on west line of Sec.' 1 to be graveled. ':Plum Cre'ek —'Road on cast lines .of Sees. 4 and, 9 and road on north line of Sec, 4, plus west half mile on -north" line, of Sec. 3, to bp .graded. > " — ' Whillomore — 'Hoad •' on x east lines of Sees, 29.-and.32n to bo Algona Girl With Singers On Tdttr Ames—Joyce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank -M. Sterling, • Al- gbna, is one of 35 Iowa State college students who- will four during spring ^vacation with the Iowa State Campanile Sih'gers, who will visit eight I6wa, high schools and Emmetsburg Junior college three J days, beginning Tuesday, March 23. Tjie opening day they will appear at , the Jefferson, Carroll, Deriison high schools 'anil' Central high at Sioux City.'The second day, the group will sing at BoMars,' Wilson lygh. scjVopl, Cherokee, and will clp>c^with', concerts7aO:"$v m'etsSurg, andVEagle > Glfqvei V" Jo'yce'ds a. junior'in'Hc-frie Economics A FEW DROPS O Va-ffonol (DOUBLE-DUTY NOSE OJft'Orai Seneca 4-H Girls Discuss Hobbies Seneca—Sixteen Seneca Stars 4-H girls answered roll call when they held their regular meeting at the home of Delores Wilberg Saturday afternoon, by naming their hobby ,or one which they would like to start. Lorraine Foley gave a talk and led a discussion on^the care and cleaning of the refrigerator. 'Shirley" Culbertson-,and Delores Wilberg demonstrated the mak r ing and baking of muffins and scored the finished product. •Mrs. Henry Looft talked on various methods of cooking meats and demonstrated the making of swlss steak. Plans were discussed for the 4-H program to be given at the March township Farm Bureau meeting. , t >^ The meeting closed with the Dinging of a folk song after which refreshments, were served by the hostess. < i Shirley Saxton wus, a guest at this meeting and plans to join the club at the nexrmeeting. , ' Evelyn and Dorothy Oftedahl will be our March hostesses. and family visited at the Jod Cul bertson home near Lone last Sunday afternooh. Mrs. Robert Lynch has been suffering with some typg; of rheumatism and has been taken io Emmetsburg where she 4s being cared for. Mr. ahd Mrs. f. R. Hunt arid daughters* drove to Des Moine^ over the weekend 'where titey planned to meet their daughter' Bcrdyne and husband, who Werfe driving to Des Moincs from Orleans. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Madden and family moved to their new home near Ringsted on Monday., Mrs. 6tto Wilberg accompanied the Jens Halversons of Ringsted to Jewell Monday where they attended last funeral rites for, an aunt. They returned home 6n Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Culbertson Lone Rock Auxiliary Lon» Rock: The^March meeting of the American Legion AUX-* iliary will be held Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. BeUlah Montgomery with Mrs, Erich Seegebarth, assisting hostess. The program will be _on community service, with Mrs, I Merwin Marlow in charge. I Plum Creek Club Met February 25 'The Plum Creek Homemakers 1 Study Group met at Mrs. Donald Weaver's, Wed., Feb. 25. Assisting hostcscs' ^erc Mrs. Andrew Miller, Mrs. Fannie Albright and Mrs. Jewell Larson. Interesting books recently read were named for roll call. , Mrs. Howard Secley, library chairman, explained the current ".'library program. Plans were made for sending additional boxes to our Holland family, I The lesson "Legal Rights ^ui tu m^ 1^13 W Carried Women", was given by they have rented. for Mrs. Wayne Keith and Mrs. Ag nes Seeley. Mrs. Keith led L lively discussion and Mrs. Seeley distributed questions among the group to be used as a follow- up quiz. Mrs. Clyde Priobc furnished a movie contest, Mrs. Floyd flode winning the prize. Using a patriotic color theme the hostesses furnished lunch to the 21 women and present. CORN We have just, completed doubling our slorage'facitilies at our.Schaller plant ^ and will. need more farmers -to grow 'pop corn for us. •. Be sure to write us -'Regarding' our offer before conlract- . ing your pop corn acreage this spring. American Pop Corn Company • sioux CITY, IOVVA: • . SNIFFLY, STUFFY DISTRESS OF It's wonderful how a little Vlcks Va-tro-nol in each nostril acts fast to soothe irritation, open cold-clogged nose and reduce stuffiness. And if time, Vlcks Va-lro-nol helps many colds from developing, Try itl Follow-directions In the package. IF Moving or Storing t your household goods COIllllCl Brady Trancfer and Storage Company Fort Dodyc'i Iowa ' Agrnf.s, Allied Van Liiie.s, Inc., .' in, your locality Excellent 1 equipment, compeleni and courteous service. Phone or write'for estimate on any moving problem. atf LIVESTOCK FEEDERS SAVE VALUABLE FEED! FEED LIVESTOCK BEHIND A * ' * Good Windbreak ^ * Up to 20% Feed Saving Behind a Well-Planted ELMORE NURSERY Windbreak. Call or write THE ELMORE NURSERY Judge Sehds Boy To Eldom , but altered it' grocery in that amouhi- later the 1 Esthfefvllle — Judge Stillmatt check and nb!i«M'&n offleeM; had to commit a 15*year-old lad picked the Boy here to the boys industrial school hour. Thd bfty had been' at Eldora Friday. The boy earn- ble sdveral times before ed a $4.50 check from an employ adjudged a habitual . RELIEF C* Move To New Farm Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Gisch, who have been living with the John' Gisches, have now moved to the Nels Seek farm, which EVER "starred" in scenes like these? Boy, your "tt ' troubles are over when we service your car . . . . pep it up ... .give it a new outlook; on; driving life. Just watch us work! , / ^; ; R&GMOTQR Across From Legion Hall v ! •Our Extra-Care Means •'-: A,T, XOUR' 1 FAVORITE '* " G R 0-t E R S A C m., MACHINERY SALE •• s l«f 1 -* ~vv 1" i-ll * -XT V> V* r* *, ^"^9 ' w*^ s • fe..:Mk,%M^^M,>-" At Arends Sale Yards, Blue Eart^Minn, Junction Highways 16 and 169 This Is Final Sale Friday, Mar. 5 v . ,* * , *» } SALE STARTS. AT 10:00 A.M. . Lunch Room Open 1 In The Morning , We will start this sale at 10 in the morning, so we can • finish up earlier in the afternoon. Tractors and Heavy Machinery . Sold Right After 12 o'clock J, P, A tractor, stater, -lights anel Qulijvator; 'J, D/B tractor jwd cuUiYstpr; Oliver 70 Row Prop and cwUivatpr? J; », •factor and cMliiyatpyj M. M. J t?«ipr, stayter, lighis^and CHUjyaior; F-12 Jraptot and e«Uivatpr;,J, D, H, tractor and ,5«lt^Yatow For twtor .and Plow? M. «M, ,<?prn 'shelly 2 years oMl J,£, 12,«, grain jUtty new? IRQ 'U-ft, grafn'a^il, seed ait^hmen* t new,- A-§ Pase combine with motor, , «2.IHQ combine w»lfc motor; AQ eQ,cQ}nbine^ 448 JUG li 70 ,o,MP; HC .83Q ,.. Oliver sulilvftto'jr, Jits QUver 'Hll type, planters jjkf nfwrJ, o, g8Q plwijeii j, 13,9j| j, 9f « t djawn planr ,.u—..«»„« t. ^ planttJ? '! »•* ' , 'frf saves & * * \ '' , Thi§ A'fpririg chapge from stays up QO eyl« a re not,,, won't all ffdpa-gr« sod dust Uiat can rwio as down, nighTt! That's why N/* Oil promts frpflj "tjry^i^tipn" start?,*' > Conpcp N^ Motor Oil ^4,f9«»t&ips a, sfeeiil added ipgre'diw ' '-* ffpm ^*$8? »»d c»rbpo catted* JfJ| thij-fastgos an- g^m film pf IwbfifanJ \^ ty wear, • M-lks^Qfely t«wetalJhatpt8W|§Waeg§" ' c ~ f ~- fcAi - < ,»Pt«iU^o^RfeATwr '•* /• ''ie?i ( - ' * > 4^."^' - • , ; So, f9f ^r^pel,,^r^|»«,w4^/^'a f ";i; j*"«j-«^

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