The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

Des Moine* Tuesday, i t 194§ ... \ Women Hosts At Whit]emore To 32 Hubbies Whitlemore—Thirty-two couples turned out Friday evening at the Lutheran school as members of the Ladies' Aid entertained their husbands that evening. Not half of the members were present, due to the rain. Mrs. Lawrence Meyer and Mrs. Leonard Meyer were on the entertainment committee. The evening was started with relays, and the women winning over the men, which was followed by playing 500 and Bunco. In 500 Leonard Meyer and Mrs. Lester Baas won high, Mrs. Herman,Voigt, low, and Ge'orge Meyer reviewed the travel prize. In Bunco Mrs. Bert Seely, high. Mrs. August Vaudt Sr., travel prize, and Mrs," Fred Struecker, low. Archie Voigt, won" the guessing prize. Lunch was served, which was brought by the, ladies. Elmer Bells Entetfiain Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell enters tainccl a number of friends and neighbors at their home Tuesday evening. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Struecker, Mr. and: Mrs. Erwin Struecker,, Mr. and! Mrs. Archie Voigt, and Mr. and,. Mrs. Leonard Meyer. Five hundred was played. Walter Strueck- er and Mrs. Erwin Struecker won high; Archie Voigt and Mrs. Henry Lauck, low. A luncheon was served following the games. s the siew LOOK! In KITCHENS SEE US NOW for CAB That Are Made-lo-Order In Our Shops » For Your Particular Job! HERE IS OUR SERVICE: FREE PLANS—we will work out a cabinet plan that is designed for your particular kitchen. There is no charge for this service. FREE ESTIMATES-a completed price will be given to you o/i the cqbinets of your choice. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIAL-Cowan built kitchen cabinets are built to last, only finest workmanship by expert cabinet-makers. NO MUSS-we do all the building in our shops and then merely install the cabinets in your home. 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Edwin GVeinert won the high, Mrs. Edwin Greinert, high and travel prize, and Mrs. Herman Voigt, low,. A delicious lurtcheon was served after the entertainment. JVtergen Dinner Guests i Guests at a dinner in the home bf Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mergen. Sunday., wef^: Mr. anct Mrs. Charles Kunz S'r., Emmetsburg; Mr.' and "Mrs. Charles Kunz Jr.', and family, all of Em- rrietsburg; Mr. and' Mrs. Raymond Leuer, Mallard; Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Fritzpatrick, 'Mason City; Mi-, and Mrs. Alvirt "Ktih^ and family, and James Bisenius of Wh.ittemore. The dinner, was in honor of Ray Efeah' Harms and Jimmie Ktthz, whose birtH-' days were on Monday and Tuesday of last week. *The boys received many gifts. Balqemans Entertain Mr. 'ahd Mrs".'' HWlan Balgeman entertained a number of, young people at'their home f Sunday evening. Five hundred was played at four, tables, Bert Seely won the iiigh' prize and low went to Delbert Balgeman. Mrs.- Elmer Ruhnk'e won high and travel prize, and Mrs, Ernest Meyer received low, Present were Mr. and Mrs. Bert 'Seely,' Mr. and Mrs. Ernest, Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Eljiier R'jihnke," Mr. and Mrs. Milton"' Espe,' Mr: and- Mrs. Forrest Gilmore, and Mr : and Mrs. Merlyn Wegener of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Balgeman, West Berid, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald, Hurlburt, ; Algona. •Following the' card game a luncheon was served by Mrs. Balgeman. A. C., D. A. Painting project Sc'Veral of 'the C. 'D! of members worked at Presentation academy last' Tuesday afternoon preparing cupboards and paint- x mg the small room, where the organization will house their dishes. At present the C. D. of A. are in 'the process of raising funds tor dishes. Rosary'Spcieiy Elecis Officers "for" the' y'ear of 1948 and 1949 of the Rosary society of St. Michael's church are: Mrs. John Marte, president; Mrs. Mike Thill, vice president; Mrs. C. R. Kollasch, secretary; Mr?. C. E; Kollasch, treasurer. ter, Mrs. Paul Urich, went to f Sioux City, Monday, returning the following day.' During their absence Mrs. Joe McTigue, Emmetsburg, stayed at the Cullen home. Mf^and Mif. Ed^lfl' ! e~vehfeg, th§ Ul|% We: fhd Mrs. Hugo Meyer, w Mrs. Louis .Greinert, Mf. Mrs..Elmer Greinert, Mr,, aittd Mrs. Lawrence M^yet, Mfe &M, Mrs. Lorenz Gadc, Mf, an Herbert Zumach, Mr,, aftc Ablffst'VairdrJK, Mr\ ffl Victor Dau,. Mr. and M?I _ tittr Roeber. Mr. ana Migpwl* 11am Ostwald, Mr. and M%||11- Aer Ostwald, and Mi 1 , fiester Baas. Five hui olayed at six tables. _.. Gade and Mrs. • Elmer v GMh|ft deceived the high score', aHa|Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Mey'ei 1 '', lowpMrS/ August Vaudt received Mvei, and chair prizes. Lunch • ^w&s' served following the card gamesv • Mr. and Mrs. JohrtgF. A Bal|nefJ Tuesday morning f6r W? ^eO visit with 'relatiyes^:ln»^TOJcon- i sin. M^-. 'and Mri EJls.wortn'fHll- denwith.aYe at'the Baa^'''Mrtt taking car^e of ttt^e place^', aM Chores. ' " ' *' 3" ' Mr. and Mrs, Herman Vpigt 'had as di'Ane'r' guests^ at t^ieir home last.'Sunday, Mr. and Mrs- fiwald Voigt ''a-nd family' and Rosella Voigt, Algona; Mr. and IVfrs. Gerald. O.llpm, Burt^ Mr,. arid Mrs,' Archie Voigt' and Sqrt Jam'es, Mr. aVd Mrs. Espe,' arid son Brian, Whitte'more. * '' Mr, and Mrs. Frank Burke, went, to)- Rochester, JV!inn.,,,,i.last. week i Friday, where Wr. ""B^urKe went through the clinic. It'was found'there that an 6piffitatrOn'be' performed and Mr. Burke.'under- went'surgery on Tuesday.'"His son 'John-and sister EllaTBurfee- drove to Rochester, Sunday, tp be'with the Frank Burkes/ ' > v , The Homemakers' pr'pject meeting took place last ^Vedrie's-' day afternoon at the 'Horhe' of Mrs. Harley Will/ 17 members arid 13 guests 'answering thel-rbll call with "My Most Embarrassing Moment".' The second les- sort on the "Legal* Right of,Wom> en" was presented by Mrsl Orville Gardner and Mrs. James Elmore. A little contest was held before the meeting closed, and prizes were awarded, to Mrs. Williaip Zimmerman and HenriettafBpek- elman. At the afternoon's .close a delicious lunch was served by the hostess. ' Mr. and" Mrs. Leo Elbert/and family of 'Corwith visited here with relatives,' Sunday. Clifford .Frink; Emmetsburg,visited Sunday 'afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Greinert. Mr. Frink is a, brother-in-law of the Greinerts. Mr, -and' Mrs. Frank Balgeman were, Sunday evening visitors with the Grein- erts. Mrs. Greinert has ''. been confined to her -bed the past .two months, but is much improved 'of late. Mr., and Mrs. Werner Strueck- er and family, Algona, Mr. 'and Mrs. Henry Lauck and family* Mr. arid Mrs. Fred Struecker and ^Mr. and "Mrs. Erwin Strueckarr helped Walter Struecker' .celeff brate his birthday, Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Struecker. Card's were the entertainment ' /of ,'the for spring n T' .***: W Vi^KVjT-'SiW"*,''' Vi ^ -^^^^^m^m^ 1 3j"'»' -r f^ fy^>£ , Ty „ ana s JUftdltsWlf^efm. •Mr. ..aMK 8|ft.,*lferii^>tiidtik ,J . 'Wr^ 1 *' 1 "*^^ ' ***•* Fpr«h&^xiMOi& 3aM&inf»aMMVs5 Meyer 1 Jf.,,6f 'h|fe r .visited * . Bnd.'MrSi / ^<hr ;^i$ fM 1 4^^«^1%V^ irffi IB funeral of ler of Mrs, h. ( p. 'and Mrs. s Ed$ln'. Gtdnert ., family, Mr. and Mrs. GfeBrge $er, Mr,, and .Mrs'.- Bert geely, 'r*'and Mrs. Lawrefice M$yer „...!, family, Mr. "ah^/'Mrs. 4 'W11- ite Ostwald i-ahdffamily/Mr. aM; Mrs. Walter,' Peril? and? fam 1 l$ !( Mr. ahd Mrs. Gftbert Safcon irm. family, Mtffehd'Mt-s. Jtghry 3jWhn and family.' gStherM; at hVErwih Brfhrf &mf ThiMiay efning tci c|%aM:Miv BMhn's biMhday.' Ca(to£*$fe flayer and liineh was sgf^ed. 1 »'• t ' 1 •'!'"> " r - ' • »- V»i ...... of Friday, hdd'ffli thb surfaci 4 the frozen .geouridj proved tdd - ;ahd.flooded mahy basements.- •4WO'acre pond covers' at large iri Of the' school athletic and streets are under .watef ift a few low places. 'Roadp country are reported veftr Mis ' ahd Mrs. MlsWb'rth SteV ens and sons Georf 6- aftd I/a^fy of Lindoln, Neb., yis'itM at/' the 1 Walter G, Smith home,- WedneS'f day, Mr. Stevens,' si veter'a'n of South 'Pacific adtion, has'"jusi completed a bvJsines's course tfft-' der the GI bill, arid has accept* ed A position in, 'the accounting department of a Lincoln department store, The family'was'tak*, JM*r A **r/\n1*-'c*^4»rinn4-ir\ > H V»**i At* Trt ing a week prior to his beginning his new work, and (J. WUW4. . •»»*> 4 «•»** j *^|" *•»* ' -w»»4/ n,; •AMttrtng-. Wft$*fe«* ^ a f $&! ttrWw>«fk'Iilt Weelf^lL ... fi "fglfflfcttlge 81, arthH|}J^iSL% klgt shiiWi. wnflftea ««r- HttjjMjw Mtv Mlfiklef^hftt , : b.eM troubled with il&healtti tioMal^toil^nlent'/'bggins March 2i Making''^ " LMLI •"--- **~ 1 Krunr Betg, tllndhuist;--' ijd were Mel eland, -filmer Lars'on, Rudy jiUW IIM Hist c»;lfts j ! a- sevlf|j ,, %«; off • fexlettslVe"', -. la Wtti »?#*- ' ian, . ' mtfcH V - the, -wdrk himself ; V; • ' ^ , Aid, will meet ThUrjday, M««h;.i id, will meet Th , wiftf^esdames OH" Art Claussferfr 4, wiftfesdames Carfi SOH" Art ClaussferfrMollie &ank Bohtele,' 0. Wi B LduIS-Stenzel, Robert fiexell and < £arl Sariftrter dtttelttaitilng. 'Mrs.^ • m*?<ik will lead"tTi-e-pfo r % 'ram7<"- r '- ~*~' '' *" ' •' """ GIVE GREATfift, 6VfiR 4,00d V/ -• * 1' wr •/%; ,sri-.t!!i&-si : -if ii! 5'f"<3!'.» <•! TP. the Fin^l Note ©| . ' I ^ tp s ^ $ lovely, deeply rich innljogany tables t.l)J|U?i t|«ins.(|l,v Y e,s; iu]d ^ ijuiclj to,«, rOQJ!} ( !,7 \* i that, these are the most practical tftblCi yon qpujjl> select-^—o^l; i h^,s v e.^teiisloij, lp, l>8>;jnit you to seat up to tAvelve at It! T/ip f(?l<ljh)g top^ en«)ilp,s.y,oi^to^j J se.Ji^_ liij t^jg, , i;o,(yjj—and in the flash of an eye you can s«t| it u^), for dl«,li«^. ' l|jjc,l);^aji^ \i)'}$$ jigst qw/ilfty inahog'any >yoods, with claw-lipped l>mfc»», Vljy.fe H s ^ S,^'tljfti^77tji|« for such fiuftlity! ' "•'

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