The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 12
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*/. i-Aigefm .u>p6fr fifes Mdtrts* Tuesday, fyaceh 2, 194S . -f > Women Hosts At Whittemore •' • To 32 Hubbies Whiitemord—^Thirty-two couples turned out Friday evening at the Lutheran school as members of the Ladies' Aid entertained their, husbands that evertr ing. Mot half of the members were present, due to the rain. Mrs. Lawrence Meyer and Mrs. Leonard Meyer were on the entertainment committee. The evening was started with relays, and the women winning over the men, which was fol- , lowed by playing 500 and Bunco. In 500 Leonard Meyer and Mrs. Lester Baas won high, Mrs. Herman, Voigt, low, and Gdorge Meyer reviewed the travel pi'ize. In Bunco Mrs. Bert Scely, high. Mrs. August Vaudt Sr., travel prize, and Mrs.' Fred Struecker, low. Archie Voigt, won the guessing prize. Lunch was served, which was brought by the, ladies. Elmer Bells Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell entertained a number of friends and neighbors at their home Tuesday evening. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Struecker, Mr. and; Mrs. Erwin Struecker,, Mr, and; Mis. Archie Voigt, and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer. Five hundred was played. Walter Strueck- er and Mrs. Erwin . StiHiecker won high; Archie Voigt and Mrs. Henry Lauck, low. A luncheon was served following the games. it's the new LOOK! In KITCHENS SEE US NOW for CABI That Are Made-t©-Order In Our Shops * For Your Particular Job! HERE IS OUR SERVICE: FREE PLANS—we will work out a cabinet plan that is designed for your particular kitchen. There is no charge for this service. FREE ESTIMATES-a completed price will be given to you o,n the cabinets of your choice. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIAL-Cowan built kitchen cabinets are built to last, only finest workmanship by expert cabinet-makers. NO MUSS—we do all the building in our shops and then merely install the cabinets in your home. 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A delicious luncheon was served after the entertainment. .Mergen Dinner Guesis Guests a".t a dinner in the home bf Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mergen, Suhday, were,: 'Mr. and" Mrs. Charles Kunz Sr., Emmetsburg; Mr.' and "Mrs. Charles Kunz, Jr.', and 'family, all of Emmetsburg; Mr. and' Mrs. Raymond Leuer, MaWardj Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fritzpatrick, Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin "Kilh^ and family, and James Bisenius of Whittemore. The dinner was in honor' of Ray Efean' Harrhs and Jimmie Ktini, whose birthdays were on Monday arid.Tu'es- day of last week, ^he boys received many gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seely were hosts to a^ number 1 of ff ffendF of Mr. and, Mrs. 1 Mtry; Seei^', Mbflf* 1 day e^ehiftg, at J H 's'Urtirl^ ptflefy in hohoF of/Harry ^^t'biftW day. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer, and Balqemans Enteriain Mr. 'and Mrs".''tfarlan Balgeman- entertained a number ' of. young people at'the'ir Home'Suri- day evening. Five hundred was played at four, tables, Bert Seely wort the high'prize'and low went to Delbert Balgeman. Mrs.' Elmer Ruhnke won high and travel pri2e, and Mrs. Ernest Meyer received low. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Bert "Seely, Mr. and, Mrs. Ernest, Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ruhnke,'Mi 1 , arid Mrs; Milton ' Espe,' Mr: and. Mrs. Forrest Gilmore, and Mr : and Mrs. Merlyn Wegener of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Balgeman, West Bend, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald, HUrlburt, ; Algona. Following the' card luncheon' was 'served Balgeman. game a by Mrs. C., p. A. Rainting Project. ''-' 1 ' ' of A. members worked at. Presentation' academy last' T.uesday afternopn preparing cupbpards and;" jia'int-'' ing the smajl r'obm, where ' the- organization '.will hoiXse ..... their dishes'. At present the C. D. -'of; A. are in 'the /process of. raising' funds tor dishes." ', ' ' •' of 1948 Rosary >-Socieiy Elects Officers • V fpr ' th : e r V^ and 1949 of. the Rosary society of; St. Michael's church are; ' Mrs.' John Mart.e, president; Mrs, Mike Thill, vice president; Mrs." C. R'. Kollasch, secretary, Mrs. C. E: Kollasch, treasurer. ter,"Mrs.' '. Paul'. .Urich, ' went. " ; 'to,; Sioux City, Monday, returning the following day,' 'During their absence Mrs. Joe' Mc.Tigiie*; , Ern-' : metsburg, ' stayed at.' the Cullpri home. Mr and h'SMJi lfi* at 'evenffig. . Sftd Mrs. Hugo -hifnf'd'6tiHiSg'd"tb htt»ho«K .If A gttliti Of Wteir h.o'fne e£lS, were" ivir» ^r, M?,,aM Mrs. Louis .Greinert, Mrs.. Elmer Greinert, - Mr>.. Mrs. Lawrence Meyer,. MjK Mrs, Lorenz Gade, Mr, afld.'MfsY Herbert Zumach. Mr. and.. J"" AugusVVa\rdt Jr., Mr. "-""^ 'Victor Dau,, Mr. and tiur Roeber. Mr. am! mrsi Ham Ostwald, Mr. and Mi| rhcr Ostwald, and Mr. an" Lester Baas. FiveJlUrtc' rjlayed at six tables. . Gade and Mrs. Elmer G deceived the high score', a! ind Mrs. Hugo Meyer; h August Vaudt received and chair prizes. Lunch. *• wa^ served following the card gamejj - Mr., and Mrs. John^F... Tuesday morning for a 1 ? VK§el< taking catfe of me place ahd fVlnroo '' < **• ** 1 Mr. and Mrs. Herman , Yoigt •had as di'ftner' guests^ at tjieir home last'Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. EJwald Voigt 'arid family' and Rosella Voigt, Algona; Mr. and I/Irs. Gerald Ollpm, Burtj. Mr. arid Mrs: Arch'ie Voigt and sx>"n* James, Mr. a'n'd Mrs. Espk.'artd son. Brian, Whittemore. "' .'' Mr. and.Mrs. Frank Burke went, td Rochester, ^Minn-^j^st. week i Friday, where "-Mr.' 'Burke' went through the cMic/ Ipwas found there that an operation be' performed and Mr. Burke'| uptier- went 1 surgery on Tiiesday! 1 "Sis ,son MoHn and sister E1UT Burke; drove to Rochester, Sunday, to be 'with the Frank Burkes."' ' , The Homerrtaker's' project meeting took place last yfedrie's-' 'day afternoon at the."horhe "of Mrs. Harley Will. 17 members and 13 guests answering theVoll call with "My Most Embarr^ss- ing Moment". The second lessor! on the "Legal Right of.'Wohi- cn" was presented by Mrs. Orville Gardner and Mrs. James Elmore. A little contest was held before the meeting closed, and prizes were - awarded to Mrs. Willian? Zimmerman and HenriettavBpfek- elman. At the afternoon's c'lqge a delicious lunch" was served by the hostess. " ' Mr. and'Mrs. Leo Elbert'^and family of 'Corwith visited here with ' relatives/ Sunday. Clifford Frink-' Emmetsburg,visited Sunday 'afternoon with Mr. and Mrs; : Edward Greinert. Mr. Frink ,is a brother-in-law of the Greinerts. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Balgeman 'Were Sunday evening, visitors With the Gre!in- erts. Mrs. Greinert has been confined to her >bed the past .two months, but is much improved of late. , ' Mr.;.and Mrs. Werner Strueck- er and family, Algona, Mr. 'and Mrs. Henry Lauck and family*, Mr. arid Mrs. Fred; Struecker and Mr. and ~ Mrs. ' Erwin Strueckor r helped Walter Struecker \ .cdlalf brate his birthday, Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter. Struecker. Card's were the entertainment of , the ; l - of ^ drtfvd tb' Oklah6m«-$lti{i'.- Wffn^sday, wher^'they ^ a eSi't'ie ftinetal Of ffld fatz h. of Mrs. Anna _'. "and Mrs. Edwih Qreineft '(family, Mr. and. ! %s. deBrge *' ^; attd ^ r . s i ^ e " $& l y> .' and Mrs. Lawrence Myer aSd, family, Mr/'ftrtd?, ?Mfs.'"wll- lidM Ostwald landHamily,' Mr. aMjMrs. Walter, Per til and|*am- il^'Mr. and Mrs, Gilbert ^ a family, lm and f Mr^and^ the'firwin fi to oirfe' Thd'r 'Mi birthday. Cafds Mre. Hayej^and lliribh was s^?ed. ' '- l — 4^ - '•••' • f * *"- -iii . of Friday^ field oil the surface by" trie frozen >'gfoltnd»" pfWed t66 " fdf Ifie"tSW»' storrh- sew^ d flooded irna'ny basemeftts, o«acre pond covers It large setlort of the school athletic ffeid and streets are Under wafer in a" few low places. 'Roads in ift'4' cotlntry are reported vef.v^"s6ft. 't- Mr,'and Mrs. Ellsworth ens and sons George-a'ftd of Lincoln, Neb., visited at the' Walter G. Smith home, Wednesday. Mr. Stevens,' a veterafi of South "Pacific adtion, has'jusf completed a business course Urt 1 -' der the Gl bill, ajid has accept'- ed & position in/the accounting department of a Lincoln department store. The family'was-tak-, ing a week's' vacation prior to' his beginning his new work, and -been MWrtflW with lllrJriflfih tor the>past , ift dit th'e' .w'eeR^rta arid Mrs'. ''Sffllth festival tat fnl" 2! Making!' Krurrfrh, "' ~ • - LUridauigt," ' • March tfirJ were Mel Loland, -Elmer Larson, Rudy ;, HanifaH, Joe m- .te,wn r is m fdbm 4 y ^bgifti 'fflraTg|dr'^: r.'^.'. .^i^JAi*, ' ft«.Urtf1&i4^ ( 'tf*Htfi& . af JJiift i v*vy**• *w —• — '*-o jr: TTTj fPiV f, *• pT6fare J - witt40\«' Ifl9tallld^fl6dr|^ r f^flhlshed. aM^he'-Bta" f.wfiy. fe« ' Imfnanuel - the, work Ladie -. Aid, , , ill' meet ThUrjday, MaWh,., daH, son Art dlaussen^Mollie / Seadle,n, ftAttk fieritele,' 0. l Wi 'Bei-ggrtli,- 4, Robert Bexfill and/; JEarl Sanftnef'entertaining, 'Mrs,, > •Wa?reti will lead'We •{ grarrt'."* 4 -- "'•""•• " J * ALGOMA GIVE GHEAl'fifl 6VER j. i J Now at To Gi^e the * v Note ©f Charm tp a S^> ", ~. v T C| ! - •/•« iGhairs to Match, I. t^'*".y t~' -t y < VSrtA , W .C ,^ r f lovely, deeply ricli innUog'iiny tallies t.])i) tl i that, these are tlie most practlcul t«l»l«i yoji yriylfl select-^— vn\ql\. lin,,^ e^ [)«r,init you to seat up, to twelve at it! Tiip foldjlng top ej ^oiiirT-iuuI in the flash of an eye you can setj it i|j) for r nmliogimy lyoods, with claw-lipped Djjjjci^n for such tjtunltty! EASY TERMS

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