The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 5
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Lftfl ' 'this tfiliStl *- the "V^omeft 'of comuttinity balfe lh<* best dflgfl food cakes in the Sl&t'6 sof Jfewk. This Wa^-the 6f)inibh ,hel<f,af- let last Thursday's ParJh <lnsti« tute< held at the Obod ,Mo|)'e church, and attended by 'sotne 160 guests. '• • .The ahgef food cake class had the biggest entry list of any, and the keenest eompetltidn. Mrs, Lily Broderson< took the blue ribbon afWr considerable debating among judges, • '•• -t*eed S^ck Wirtnef In articles m&*de from ' fded scaksjv MrS. .Irene., BjUstrom won first, fllacc-. " ' ' - -"' Mr^< Ed Hackbarth rated a blue 'ribbon in' canned 'ttieat. / " ' Mrs. Jini Elmore Won a firsl 1 place -with her crocheted bed spreads, and 'Mrs. Harvey Peck also Exhibited a bed sprea'd she had finished 'crocheting. 1 ' ' i .Men's exhibits were not so nd- morous, as much of the grain had already been marketed and' was not available for exhibits, but there Was still a fairly good entry list. * •^•fe'JVi'i ^f *" ' "T •""' vM i, ,c V-v 1 /"*- 1 ' „ ' V> f , ' >£,'#<« 'V<"y f *'' ?-V « . *, r '"'"^i /* ''*'; ' ' S ^'* T *^>i/«'"' i\*\t **«" A** ?'i»*' '". •;'*'*•' * . * * *«.'? i' f> :i,. , i i .i * ' jtiiL \tf A- ' Ak',. who dhaulSStl Ithej.Mtfeftt triple of hirinf 8f ,a" v CoUft£yiftttf^e. Mrs. Cf 0, Inifftan''Sp'dKelrf6h'fW0 1 meft' place in World StffiiM, attd Mil dred Nel^ori tave~l demonstra lioh oft'ffbaeB f8M***"She- i? a ftUtf itloft ' expert from ,-Amesi T^e womdrt 'th'eA joined the men at the fehufeh' foi- a' movie on flax. , '• . . - * ' Following that, names of pfl&e winners \lri th<* Were annduriced. f One 6f the utt was prepared by strom, showing th, fotation and ferti: and its fertility, ediilests / bKriibits ten La^er*' fct of crop ort soil it An Ordinances'proV 4iual tak and for , Bonds in ahtleitfalii! tlon iheredf In the for the purpose ol contorting, a Muni< WHEREAS, the Cl., the County Of Kdssutii is a munieipill eorpoi'ift™... population of more (ham 2,00 than 10,000, and, is di existing as 1 , a City ol Under and by virtue laws and Constitution Iowa, and art alrpoft' contemplated • by S$c seq, ot Chapter- 330J Iowa, 1040, has peer! City; and,to comply^ ot said Commission ' this Ordinance" should,.., WHEREAS, th6 Couild Heretofore % pursuant ,iij£ of the Codd; 6f Iowa, dflaL, afmindatory .thereof t Snffi thereto, did legally StfiSm nnd did legally subrnft'-t an'an- Ince ot colieC' $37,000 IB and dbrt, Fgona, in , of Iowa, IhavirtK a It but leas 'Ifred and fclass general State of Ission as 30>17 et Code of in said request ie made, ited; and said City Her 303.1 I all laws, Jlementali i .election it lo the W (Mmiulance and funeral ' , . *. s* Service •\ The religion that is not demonstrated by your life cannot'be proven-by your Creeds. M }•<*'* PIcWRED ABOVE flic Mr. and Mrs. William Vaudt of Whitle- rrtorc, who observed their 50lh wedding anniversary, Feb. 17, at whittcmpre with a dinner and open house at which some 40 guests joined in the obieivancc. •• ' The Vaudts•'era (ho patents of four children, Arthur of Livei- morc, Herman. Minnie (Mrs. Louis Wchrspan), and Martha (Mrs. Arnold GachS), all cjf Whittetnoio. voters of vilcl.C-itv, to be by (h-m Voted upon, the following .proposition. "Shall ihe Cit'y Counbll ol th« C:ty of Algona, Ko'-sttth r^inl", Town, be authorized to levv«-au annual special la\ of not' exceeding one . and oufe-tiu'arteif^d'/'i) mills on the dollar per am1i)*it upon all the- tr.\- able pinpelty -in llie rity oi Al- gdnn, commpijfiine with the cui - reiit levies! the collection Of-which is to be 1h<* issuance* of Airport Bonds in an amount pot to exceed Forty-Two Thousand Dollars ($42,000) for the puiposp of acquiring, operating, equipping ! and maintaining a Afunidphl A.r- port for said Cily?" Snd. did provide lor leflal. sufOrient and Uimely notice of sain cUction and" 1 the dale, hour's, voting precincts, polling places and puroose thereof; and , WHEREAS, Slid elc'chon was ic-R- ally held "and condut'ied on tlv Hth day of August, 1944, pin^unntrto said call and to" sail! URol am! sufficient notice duly given tby publication once WANTED—GlftL OR MIDDLE aged 'lady for general housework in modem homo. l /2 mile west of Al&ojia. Good wagct. Phone 1-F4 Algona.' Mrs. 'A F. Van BUren. ' ' u9-10a* WAITED—MARRIED MAN FOR general farm work, small house with REA. No milking. R. M. Lindhorst, 147 N. Dodge, phono 958-LJ, Algona. uOa 11 WANTED —, PAINTING AND decorating. Floyd Erickson, phone 949-^..AIgonfi. '•, a8u* each week for thieo consecutive weekh in a l*j{!al newspaper of general ] clr- culalton printed and published wholly in the English language in said Gitv ol Alaona, /.aid election being held on a clay not '.ess ihan five nor ; mofe than twenty dv s niter the ipst of said publications, and the vola in favor of aforeiTid iiroposltion was equal to six-Ly per cehl or iirore of the total .vote "cast Tor nrid against said, proposition at snid eelclion. and said' proposition and ths adoption thereof remains in full foiec a.nd effect; and '„ .WHEREAS, the taxes authorized by ihe adopiion of the aforesaid -proposition at aforesaid election may , oe levied and the collection thereof atttlci- Dated by issuance of bonds as hereinafter provided, and the whole of said axes stands free from all, pledges-except 1 as hereinafter provided!, and. WHERFAS, notice of hen!ing''on snp- plemefita! estimates for levies of taxes for the years 1943'to 1903,'both'inclu- sive and iioiicc ot healing Upon 1?ie issuance ul bonds lo the amount ol ?37,00(J in anticipation of the collection of said taxes have each been published according to law and as directed by Iho Council, and no taxpayers or. other persons 1 have 'made objections- the're- to, and no'potilion setting forth objections thereto has been filed ill the office of the City Clerk, and'said taxer, 'may now .be levied, and said bondsito iaid amount raay'now be:'authorized b\ Ihe Citv Council; now therefore IT IS IIEHEBY ORDAINED ,bV the City Council ol the City of Algona, lov.a, ,1*5 iollo\\s. . '- Soclion 1. That in Ihe martner.and .is u-nuired by Section 76.2 of the Code of Iowa, lD4Gy and in pursuance* of Chjpteis 76 incl 330 ot the Code ol Iowa, 1D46. there is hereby levied' assessed and shall be collected a direcl innual tax upon all the taxablejprop- arly within th<S 'said .City for each-of ihe Sixteen (16) consecutive years,'194B to 1!)63, both years inclusive, beginning with ,the levies of the year 1948 -Tor I collection during the year 1949, and i , < -( «' Tuesday, March 2,-7 948 •' '] I-. 1 , - '/ - „ • I i V COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Algona,*'l tUtt* D &&. t , jwwtti £•*- l^^^^i^'^^f*^!;^.^;-^' >•' 3 f m m. FROM OUR LARGE SELECTION QF SMART Wgsbable Quq/ft p ' ' ' ^ ' ' - v' • ' t GngtKt Selftftian ' ' For All Painting From'COWANS' Select Stocks w "*' "^ a P a '» } « n 9, sei ' vice tha> is unique and second to' none °* fino, paints, ^or evprything from v the outside of your home to fufniture .... painters supplies . . . oils, turpentines, thinners, brushes, etc, Ask about 'our special redecorating services, too. We can. give you many ideas on^aU phases of paints and painting! : i , ... WS. ' . . . . ,". i, >x1 *.<•« Zj.\, -iCA-, M {-,*«/• T ,? /^^jj^ >%- 'iw' '-v5~;'~»^»»-. g^f^</^a^< ' i"* '»!«*•"«*"<*'„, ''f,"V^H»f Lbasss v'ty ?r>$~i« We •(«,„•-, '*& ^ :• 1 endlnb Win tnc fcvle« of tlic year 1983 for 6ollecti6h during the year 1064, sumcieht to praduce the following net Annual sums for the respective years as follows foK Interest oh and principal of the bonds hereinafter authorized asMho same mature dhd for sinking funds' for that purpose as follows: For the year 1048 for collection during the year 1949, sufficient to produce the net annual sum of $2,892.00; For the year 1949 for colleclion during the year 19SO, sufficient to produce the net annual sum of $2,890.00; For the year 1950 for collection during the year 1051, sufficient to produce the net annual sum .of $2,890.00; For the year 1951 for collection during the year 1952, sufficient to produce the net annual sum of $2,800.00; For the year 1954 for collection during the year. 1953, sufficient to produce the net'annual sum of $2,890.00; For live year.'19fi3 for : collodion during the year 1954, sufficient to* produce the net annual sum of $2,890.00; For the year 1954 for collection during the year 1955» sufficient to produce the nel annual sum of $2,890.00; For the iyeSr> 1956-for*, collection during the year 1856, suffiicient to produce the net annual sum of $2,890.00; For the ycat*. 1950 .for collection during the year f9S7, sufficient to produce the net annual Si/fh of $2,890.00-* For the year' 1957 .fpf collection during tihe year J058i sufficient to produce the net tm'riuaf rgvfm of $2,890.00; For the ycJV'lB.58 fd.£ Collection during the year 1959, sufficient to produce the .rtet annual sum of $2,890.00; For the yCar 1959 for colleclion during the year I960, sufficient to produce the net annual sum of $2,890.00; For the year I960 for collection during the year 1981, sufficient lo produce the net annual sum of $2,8!)0.00; For the year J901 for collection during 1 ' the year 1962, sufficient to produce the net finnual sum of $2,890.00; For the year 1902 for collection during the year 1903, sufficient to produce the net annual sum of $2,890.00; For the year 19G3 for collection during the year 1964, sufficient to produce the nel annual sum of $2,390.00; being an annual tax during said years of one and' one-quarter mills on the dollar upon said taxable property, 01 so much thereof as may be necessary, the taxable value of said taxable property being for the year 1H47. $2,594.317. Section 2j, Said taxes shall be collected each ,year in the same time and manner as and With and In addition to ail oilier taxes in and for said City; nnd when collected,, they shall be converted Into a fund to be known as vhe 'City Airport Fund" which is hereby pledged for and shall be Used only lor the payment of the principal and interest of the bonds hereinafter authorized lo be" issued, and in • such fund, in addition to the taxes above provided for, thus pledged, there shall be in eluded annually all sums which maj be legally included under the appor ttonmei>t,,of mlllage tax provided I'o by Sections 429.2 and -129.3 of the Code of Iowa, 1 l!)4fi. Section 1 '3, In anticipation of the-collection-, of the ' aforesaid taxes, then are hereby authorized *to be issuec Thirty-Seven (37) negotiable Airport Bonds of said Cily in the aggregate amount'of Thirty-Seven Thousand Dollars ($37,0001, numbered consecutively from One (1) to Thirty-Seven (37), both numbers inclusive. In the denomination of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) each, all of said bonds to be dated the First day of Match. 1!M8, each bearing interest 'from and after the dale thereof until paid at the rate of Two and One Half Per Cent (2','i%) pel annum, payable on the First day ol November. 1948, and wmi-annually (hereafter on the First day of May and November In each year, such interest to be evidenced by negotiable coupons attached to each bond, both principal and interest, payable in lawful money of the United States of America at ihe office of the Cltv Treasurer in the City of Algona. State of Iowa. Said bonds shall become due and payable in their numerical order as follows: Bond No. 1, $1000 on the First day of November, 1949 Bonds Nos. 2 and 3. $2000'on the First day of 'November, 1950 Bonds \Nos. 4 and 5. $2000 on the First day 'of November, 1951 Bonds Nos. 6 and 7, $2000 on. the First day of November, 1952 Bonds Nos. 8 and 9, $2000 on the First day of November, 1953 Bonds Nos. 10 and 11, $2000 on the First day of November, 1951 Bonds Nos: 12 to 14, both, inclusive, $3000 on the First,day of November, 1955 w • Bonds Nos. 15 and 16,; $2000 on the First day of November,, 1958 Bonds N.OS. 17 and 18, $2000 'on the First day afuNdvdmbaifriaiS? , _, , Bonds Nrfs. 18 to 21, both inclusive, $3000 -on the, First day ot Novembei, .1958 1 . ' , Bonds Nos. 22 and 23, $2000 on the First day of November, 1959 BondS^Nds. 24 to '26, both inclusive. $3000 on the First day of- November; i960 Bonds Nos, 27 and 28, $2000 on the First day of November, 1961 Bonds'Nos. 28 lo ,31, both inclusive, $3000 on the First day of November, 1962 Bonds Nos. 32 to 34, both inclusive, $3000- on the First day Of November, 1903 Bonds >Jos. 35 to 37, both inclusive. $3000 oiv the First day of November, UI64 Section 4. That upon (presentation at the oflicc of the City Treasurer o said. City of Algona, of any Of said bonds, same 'may be registered as to ownership of principal 1 in the name of the owner-on the books of the Treasurer, such registration to be noted on the reverse side of the bonds by the Treasurer, and thereafter the principal of suclt registered bonds shall be payable onjy to the registered holder his legal representatives or assigns Such-reglsteicd bonds shall be transferable to another registered holder, or back to bearer, only on presentation to the City Treasurer with a legal assignment duly acknowledged oi appioved Such registration of any said bonds 'shall .notified the negotiability of the coupons attached to said bonds, bvit such** coupons shall continue transferable by, delivery merely f Sect!pjv&; f The bonds hereby authorized shall fap in for-ji substantially as follows; (Form of Bond). UNITgD STATES OF AMERICA i.^lf IT STATE OF IOWA COUNTY OF KOSSUTH CITY, OF ALGONA AIRPORT BOND •No,— $1,000 . The C$y of Algona, in the County of Kossuth; State of Iowa, for value received, promises to pay lo Bearer, ot ij this../)ond be legistered as hereinafter provided, to the registered holder, One Thousand DnUais in lawful rponeJiPt'tne United States ot America, on the Fiugt day of Novembei, 19—, with interest on said sum from th» date hereof until paid at the- rate of v .Per Centum per 'annum, payable on the First day ot November, 1948, and semi-annually thereafter on the First day of May and November in each year, on presentation and surrender of the interest coupons hereto attached as they severally beqpme due; both principal and Intciest payable iat the office of the City Treasur T er. in the City of Algona, State of Iowa This bond Ib one ot a series of bonds issued by the City of Algon?, pursuant tp and in strict compliance with-the provisions of Chapters 23, 24, 16, 330 ancj 408 of the'Code of Iowa, 194G, and »U laws ^mendatpry thereof and supplemental thereto, and in conformity With an Ordinance of the Council of said City, duly passed and approved Ori the.,.,—day,of r—.' 1948, an,4 djaly published, for the purpose of ^fraying ^he post fl f - .acquiring and equipping a Municipal Airport. * This bond shall 'pass by delivery ug- Vwg ft hjujjbeen rp^ist-jred in th« name of 4he owriea' on the books of the City Treasurer ot said City, and evidence of;s,uph ;*egis,traHQn endorsed, on the back hereof. Thereafter, np transfer ot this bond shall be valid unless inade — f said, hooks'and similarly noted Sre^Tunfe'ss the last registration shall been to bearer, in which case ' - ' y delivery 'shall be -Wi ,Y» C IV'OI : v- ;*••<> >,Mf -,£-. Wt•-. Mq&y i> f' * _i if* "• $ t rtK j^lK y ^2*4^1 1 - AT?-- »?*., *-l UNO SUPPLY CO 1 iV"— •s < V4« <..K?«.JTti_ *»i.« ** <; ^ L*ut**^ &i ^l S &*,, ---^-r^-*-- ,-,-i- - B -V -l-'l ^fi d. f , W U v t S^ 1 "-* »»% 1 ^^ 4 if«i t^^-f^f^t-^'^-^ »i^Sf^ r, ^.^SfT*^ *F~«i^ { n* hereof, presents.!} and gondWoJSs and, to the tews, iate of Iowa, t, to be has*, tp be d,pne and to erformed precedent JQ ^.d.-^ j,h.e Issue of this bond., were and. •e been property existent, had, stone Ipertprnjed, In regular and due form 1 ** ir the reurular 'and,due cOllccflflri and ,*?,,.'?'^T.!I*.^/"""TP^ , . /_. ..»*'. CHy m-e , Tioreby lfrevc*aljy tor the regular ana. due coilecfl6n and proper application of said, tax; find thai the total indebtedness of said city, including this bdftd, dd&s rtot. exceed the Constitutional 6r statutory limita'- lions ot indebtedness of taxation, In Testimony Whereof, said City, by its Council, has caused .this bond to be signed by its Mayor and attested by, its cfcrk, with the seal of told City attached, as <5f the. First day of March, 1948. 7 i "Ma"yor"of"the"c"fty"'of'"Algona Attest: ....... - ........ — - -.., ......... .Clerk of the City of Algona (Form of Coupon) AI.GONA, IOWA No. ........ — S ....... <•--* On. ...... . ........ -1, 19... the Trea surer of the City of Algona, Iowa, Will pay to Bearer ........... Dollar"!, at the office of the City Treasuiei, Al gorta. Iowa, for serm-annual Interest then due oil its Airport Bond, dated March 1 " 1948, No,— ~ ____ -•-— Altest-.x Actahifc fafm 2%"fnilcs southeast of Hferi. 'Mr 1 , and Mrs. Allch Bu- 1 ^'.«'-«fl s ,,?> II I JiiJ, t. •Clerlt of the City of Algona (Form of City Treasurer's Cerlificatc lo be printed on the back of each bond) 1 CITY TREASURER'S CERTIFICATE STATE OF IOWA ... ) COUNTY OF KOSSUtH) SS CtTY OF ALGONA ) .This bond duly and properly iegis.1- ered in my office as of the First day of March, '1948. "Trcnsufef of life City of Algona Section 0. That on the back of each bond thecr sha*!! be-printed provisions for registration of Ownership in substantially .the following form; REGISTRATION. OF OWNERSHIP Date of Registration Dale Of Registered; Signature Of RegJstralion Owner City Treasurer Section 7. The bonds hereby authoii7- ed shall each bo signed by the Maypi and'attested by the City Clerk, with the seal of said City affixed, and the interest coupons attached thereto shall sach b'e attested by the signatuie of the City Clerk or a facsimile thereof; and when so executed, said bonds with coupons Attached 7 shall ba delivered to the City( Treasurer and shall be b> him registered and,. ideliverod to Shaw, McDermott »& Company of Des Moines, Iowa, life pUrohaser theie- of, and the sale of said bonds to said purchaser is hereby'ratified and con- I'ifmed.'and the proceeds of said bonds ahall be used ,for the purpose of providing payment for Ihu aforesaid improvements. „ Section 8. The ia:-:es provided foi in Sections 1 and 2 of this Ordinance shall be levied for the years therein mentioned at the rate staled, and if need- id for the payment of principal or. in- eresl (or both principal and interest) if said bonds, said taxes shall tac.levi- :d during and after the period of years i! levy provided for' in' Section 1 of his Ordinance, to the full rate and en- ent authorised, and said taxes shall ie applied exclusively for the'payment if the principal and interest oi ihe iforesaid bonds. until such .principal nid interest have been fuily.paid and Jischarged; and said City hereby obligates itself annually in clue time, manner and season to perform and take jll action authorized or required by .he laws and Constitution of the State >r Iowa, to carry, out the provisions of .his Ordinance. Section ». All sums, whether of in- ^erest'or principal or'both', /falling due on said bonds during the year 1948 01 mv subsequent year or years, shall, if .necessary, be paid promptly iron current fUnds'on hand in advance of the .axes levied; and when said taxes shall nave been 'collected, .reimbursement shall be made to such current funds in ihe sums thus, advanced. •. Section'10. This Ordinance shall be irrepealable until all; the aforesaid oonds, botli principal and inlerest, aie fully paid and discharged. Section 11. All Ordinances and Reso- ulions or parts thereof in conflict herewith be and the- same are hereby repealed . Section 12 That a certified copy of this Ordinance shall be .filed with.the County Auditor bt Kossuth County, and thPieupon, as is required by SeC; tion 7b 2 of the Code of Iowa. 1946, said County Auditor Shall thereafter annually enter lor collection the amounts as hereinbefore provided to be levied for each of the years 1948 to 1963, botlii"in- clusive, at such rales based upon the valuation of taxable property in said City «is may then be pievalent, ana said tax wnen collected, shall be used to pay £>aid bonds, and the interest ttiereon and for no other puipose Secubn lit This Oidinance snail take ortect) ond'be in force from and after it* passage and publication as by Statute provided. ' Passed this 26th day of February, FRANK KOHLHAAS. Mayor > Attest ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk (SEAL) This" Ordinance is heieby approved this 26th day of Februaiy, 1948 FRAiNK KOHLHAAS, Mayor Attest ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday, March 1 A SWASHBUCKLER IN TECHNICOLOR ' ^* , Here's Action Plu$! / \ ( M ** %*' LARRY PARKS ..." , J \f ^ •Brushes The Dust of "the Jolson ot his Krte«§! ' f Ellen Drew WebVirig Bright Plaids. ' Friday - Saturday, Mtirch 5-6 '• ''•' // ' \t '» » if* , Sunday * Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday" p| ^ March 7-8-9-10 ' '. tttf t ', »< \ ?*4VS • 'mfOKHk^-f t Ul CEDRIC HARDWICKE ANDERSON JAMES GLEA5ON ANTHONY OUlNN FRIDAY - SATURDAY, MARCH 5-6 SKY OUTLAWS TIME OUT FOR IOVE/LAUGH; *^ ° \ o S* !lste**V VrCtK JANE FRAME ANDXDEVIN6 <' 608 NOUN

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