The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 4
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BiedftAH (SdLDisf sWr *•— a* fiecorah it ae«n» that A^AGGAftD, Editor ! Editor *i t ' ™v°" uvvl "B j-'ecoian tne cdldes n »«*Y" V"" state , of ^wa. Deedfdh, brie flight re cefltly, showed an official temper, ' ' • • «<*„ u*i ^ile the ^ that thi7-;^ y U** 111 ^* 0 ' -• » —«»»w- th^^^ edge of the city in the vicinity of the ' where ice may be found the year'arou Also that small lake is located in the vicinity vvhioh ' NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPRE8ENTATIV6 , National Advertising Service 188 W. Randolph St., Chicago, 111. ! - ' ' SUBSCHIPTIOM SATES IN KOSSUTH CO. Jnc Year, in advance «o on Upper Dos Moines and Kossuth CounTy " Advance in combination, per year $5 00 single Copies ."."."."..lOc SUBSCRIPTION BATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance « 400 Upper DCS Moines and Kossuth CounTy ' Advance in combination, one year....$6.00 No subscription less than 6 months. ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch 5 6c that Decorah Was rated so cold while 'n m ' * ?"£ "* P-^ It may be that his vital personality kept ' OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER THEY ALL WANT HOMES » j.w H California some years ago. CRIME RAMPANT I*N LOS ANGELES *fl?$*''""$l 1\t*" ' • m ale •mm* yfUTovs'i iroarcpmen I'lSPffiMSIfl^aii^ SfeTOlJiaJrimgr/effMfi^fiffl* hiMJprc'ni fe^ii|MMtft 0$ :is /his lots ||»TCSj!f« miMffalittf mM&ttef -tmt Bdr'$ialel« mmto as w W&£te$R*fa^^ I *\ntiMi^m6aSa^lfmiaitutaSK''' t -^>--'"--f^.t-^-- .i-.iT. i. .. .ii~"K'i4Vf.../.. j*.-,' .;, .r - • - •" • *• * ~-*" * - • • ' • ••-•*'•> PS?" 11 n itejista&sfcj fc< r , |p-r-«MiMlMIINHtMBp^^ | i ' U *"'ft.*^ ; ' < i*' v f- > ' '•i" ,',V t''" f ~ L% 1<! * 1 * i i ! V 1 ' ' * v 1 * )• ''* '" \ jfefe/'f^lH' ^'|i^'- - v ' r/V-^-fe^'v./' 1 •••>i v''•" ' '^~ '•*mj :9 i : ^'" '•'. ' <•:*,-'. " :.,: -ii. • • -.aiiRswr-.'- '• th u° ******* down f. A Liiii* of thii, a ol Thai) ifaf of Anyihlng, Wisconsin iown .._ there LelghtottJ •*»« -uixciiiuBr. Jifrt i ijyue, -van" Vahder Waal, Don Nelson, Harold Brandt, D?/ W <""W, Fred Shllts, Earl " ' Qenrich and me o, and We had "em a'Jf gab„ at the melodious harmony i We delivered, and first thing you know the-re'll be calls for us to fi" g a." d ' entertain throughout the .city and country. Olgona u " proud of r ' on account iv 'i '.;.;:••",'•','• "i '-:*:>. *y • ('•» A ft rf n I r» * * A •— ""»VV-AJH .LJUS £ il_ it * _ •-«• UV.^.Wllll.11 . -».»*^fcj > Angeles, a visitor at the home of his sistpr M,- c 2 f i h ?, ot , her dav l signed up Al- a la Lion. Ther Lou Quinlan, is cutting a wide swath*, mit ttT C i J ° hnson and Mrs. John- whether Harold The other day his nam P in i^t»,.« . e> sor i ?f, Grants burg, Wisconsin, was the best bai high appeared in ^"KnottVnt° Ve » "" in ° h I nc L Albcrt *p*s-that it is a Mm that honor Pai-k hr • K-notts Berry Farm" a Buenn I wortnv Organization and he pro- colmt of he's t\ „,.« f putlllcatlon ' as one of the distinguished visit- . oos ° s to institute a x Gulper club am a "d therefon ois mere. in Grantshnvir eatrc (!,„„_ _.._ _ tprritftmr n+..i u own a es ccount now represented by Gulper besides vociferous vofdnjs a Sa membership because on account tuneful tunes we can also roar 0thr * la Lion. There was a question whether Harold Brandt or me was the best basso but I concede In a letter to his. brother-in-law, "Ed" B Si ± S ±^. h ^l been J -b-nobbing with hnvo ),„,. , , ' boys have agreed that Iowa is the best place as a permanent location, on account "of the lar£ number of crime, reported each week. we hcaid dozens of comments, all based.on agreement with our stated views thatlthe housing p^rc 1cm is the number one problem in Algorta. ^"•*-*^ v»hj\. On tn;— --• "i *ic o twice as big as I f 0 ;:.f^ therefore has more vocal out thnV hd ba r kin g'to bring out the bass, ajid\ Ed Genrich a beautiful tenor is not sto sln«r on his - Jaid if ig sour about L nt isitea the Newspapers I " arm ?"y jt was when he Snd last week and Olaf M^". Sprague attempted to hart since he had joined I mo ! 112c m. responsive chords to- pro- _ w.*^v., club says there are a 2si there and he being he knows how will be taken on. Wfii ., ;v *'& &''*•>'' . 52 assaults with - - hap* tuneful ] sol :*: i » • * i Check Thes -"^ c!« 'V • Requests for information have al. gone forward to state Legion headquarters as o ways and means of helping: veterans to build' and Just about everyone except a few who arc in the rental game in a big way themselves has expressed the viewpoint that Algona is far short 'of home building units compared with other small cities of comparable,size. All right. We'll do our best to keep the ball rolling, and ideas arc always helpful. R.B.W. * * * SHALL WE LET THEM STARVE? ~ _A good many people in this country seem to oo.fed up on constantly contributing to thc "starv- v^ P ^? 1 ?,? f Eur °P d '" according to the "What Do *oU Think column in the Register published the other day. The column interviewed six people in Antics and published their pictures. Five i were students and one a beauty operator »stinn asked them was: .> i Nations has asked :: eyeryori* ; ward feeding _ u --.- ^-- willing?" Three men and three girls answered thc Two of thc girls and one of the men •e unfavorable to the contribution, and one -- ;hp girls and two .of the boys were favorable One girl, a beauty operator, said "No. Europeans have starved all their lives and let them starve, now." *. The other girl saying no said that "There's too many places I can put any daily salary I Might have. Charity begins at home." The boy against the contribution, said: "We are really paying in taxes anyway, for the hungry, wag'cs^' WG PSy double - bot h taxes and .iA-n-^M f Ule h ° yS Willing to mee t the contribution and the one girl said that it might keep them from communism and anyway it wouldn't be too much of a sacrifice for us. • -' Of course it is impossible to say that this is a feir showing of the general sentiment of the coun- ry_ but ,t may well be, at least amonfe the younger iolks. . j. w , H * * * ppy over being mem-1 I lake off my hal in thi' T» , I wondrous association, Gees because on . account " " y ' J.W.H get into trouble themselves. THOSE WE FAVOR BETRAY US Belmond Independent: A number of Nazi war documents captured by the Americans in the re cent war, revealed that proceeding the war with and England, an agreement was entered ihe Russia discovered that Hitler did not w -f», n P h ' S promise with her she broke with Germany. A little later in reprisal Hitler attacked Russia. Had it not been for the fac hat this country furnished the Soviet with over 11 billion dollars in aid and war equipment Hitler would have unquestionably been the victor. The 11- thing about it all is that in the German agreement, it was clearly Stated that the states was to be kept out of Europe en,,n,T * VT' ° f these revelati ons it is easy to understand Russia's -attitude today. She is tr»rvi **->jr*— ... _ " *-•* iv. lo - * -* # I have a bill fold which MIS. gave me as a present uue , 0 .. i don t have mnrK count 0 " f 3 !^ 1 -W becaUse ™ account of I don't have any bills to put m it, but the other day I was going through the billfold anTl '" fA, y Soci ? r se curity card, my cofffce gulping card and mv drivers license, etc., and there- was also a little brown ticket aske C d Ed ad Th big '" A ; on it and I a t=Ir,H i Ed Tha what did the-A "i-and he said it'stood for ,,--«- oecause on' account nf those little brown tickeTs caused headaches and just then Dr. -retzmeyer happened alo'ng Srtd va«! 3 a «? him and he ' ^aid that t^nLS g S° Upon for which we and tf,ef S T° lme durin g % waT ana then I remembered • that's, was and true enough I'd- over. minstrel show I --. --w uirai ,c.. to take part in because on account of there after 0 "^ ' yash * lng and bath 'n? think nf th P^ f o rcm ance. Just T i t T J . have mv hai r cut But ^Sot to give U to the end men I S'€l -— -•-•-j' ^.au go on and make plenty mon- start to finish! was surely r ally ^ nicely Items For Some Good Buys i * | O t \' 1941 KS-6 INTERNATIONAL 2T-176 JN, " WHEELBASE TRUCK. ' -TRUCK' IN A : l * SHAPE PRICED' TO^SELUll! THIS WEEK'S BULLETIN ON V FARIVf MACI ==Ne1 PROUD OF OUR COUNTY AND STATE -" Vcather an ' Harry Nolt0 ' not onl y soem « fl. Harry Nolle, not omy seems I of the brand of weather he is producing, but breaks loose occasionally and shows that he is equally proud of thc record of his home state of Iowa. Harry has compiled figures on the state's farm production, and says. "This should increase the chest expansion of all lowans and make their hats n a bit tighter. And isn't it grand to live in the best county in such a great state?" Here is tne record: In a very unfavorable season and with .;.;.. a crop below normal in 1947, Iowa ranked in first place among all the states in cash 'ncomc from farm produce with a total value of $2,368,962,000. This exceeds Cali- iornm, second place in the nation, by $244 494 nftA •y The fact that California has nearly three times the area of Iowa demonstrates the- value of Iowa land which contains ^ more than one quarter of all the grade A-l land in thc United States. Iowa and Cali- lornm were the only states in the 2 billion dollar cldss. Iowa's income exceeded third place Illinois by $494,233,000 and that of fourth place Minnesota by $1,033,406,000. It is hard to grasp the enormity of Iowa s farm income but to put it in simple figures,-if all the states had equaled the JQW«. total the farm income-would have .been $113,710,176,00. As it is the 1947 farm income for the whole U S was $30 174,744,000, which shows that Iowa had nearly four times the average of all the ; states m the Union. . j w ^ THE COST OF EACH OFUS Sheldon Mail: President Truman's budget message seems to most of us to be dealing in as- ironomiCcil fifiiirps T^nvtw Km;«« • i vw * **6«i*-a. r oi ly DUllOns IS mernlv n rnuf of figures. The fact that government expenditure now are more than twice what they were unde Roosevelt's New Deal before the war started merely comparative. th -In ^ g U nearer home one m 'g ht realize tha the 49 budget as set by President Truman wo"Sl co t every man woman and child in the counh5270: To a family of four the cost is more than thousand dollars. Add to this $270 the averag co of your State and local governments and yft will begin -to see just how much government i costing you these clays. vnnment i Since the New Deal took over back in 1933 the national debt- has increased $235,000,000,000 This means that each family in the country now owes as its share of the national debt $8,000 more any W state aC l k '"l ^ re " New Deal da >' s - The n add on » . Lcii 01 pcrsonfll debts snd sf*^ you stand. Yet in spite of all the expenditure, President Truman has drafted new and expensive plans for repairing the state of the Union. Afte? fifteen years of New Deal rule we seem to be further from the end of the rainbow then over. "SOAK THE RICH"* Northwood Anchor: Why it is that the who has never saved a dime, thus never took a chance on an investment that might show a good '^^^^•SXftJSSZ rs™r»^ h ;r e ero/^r^ h ; sh r 1 ;rr ed with the names of men who started this life with nothing. They worked hard, saved a little money, and probably took a chance on a spec a to-do nav n e d stment ;H Totday they are classed 2^!£ *„,.„ * 4 *i il! 6 ""get) of the s.quawkers who foiget that they had the same opportunity. WASHINGTON SPENDTHRIFTS Humboldt, Independent;.Now would be a-good time to increase taxes if all such increase was spent on reducing the government debt and the cost of government was cut down proportionately, 1° w" ve ±l aX !ll° gi J e th ? b ^ s d °vvn Wash- don't," .one of, bers, so for railroad,';:;but fel and he's still Ray/our 1&00 d Gulper to speak. * # . # mem- Jvat.., and I m sure everv Dane WANT ADS BRINGS RESULT in^QuTtuneflr °^S tax reduction will halt a trend toward higher wages, and stop the rise jn prices-in other •words an anti-inflationary measure. Which is ex- six * *; * ignorance has some vir| H es. |t g i vps rise to «bouj t nine-tenths of. the world's conversational *'' * * It would seem that th ?ye are two big prob> Jems-one to get the government out of the «""• the second to get the Reds out of FOR SALE (To Be Moved Off Lot) The former Frank Bankson house, located at extreme north westcorner of Algona on north, end of Williams Strefer about one block west of street department sheds. This is a good 7 room frame structure. ' Also a good, large chicken^ house which would make two garages, These Will be sold subject to the buyer'mov- mg them from the premises b y Aug. 1 1948 Separate sealed bid s ,ori each building will . be received at office of the City Clerk, AN gong,. Iowa, until,8;00 P.M, March llth, 1948, at which time they will be publicly Qp . ened and read. Bid;mu st be accompanied by a certified check or bank draft in the amount of 1Q% gf the bid, * '* Term, will be cash within 30 days, Arrange, ments to inspect the above buildings cqn be made at the pfffce pf the City Clerk, CITYOFALQONA Offise ef City Clerk F-T2 .Tractor'on" v Rubber ^tf^l ' - //'/jColtiVtttor' JF ijl • -, ' * ' 4 'S ;S»dinless S^eel Cream . ^ ! Price j to, Sell '|^ Ik', *' «'*' /* ' tfi * v - ' "^ ' V.: .- -;•'•: \', ; J *-2pvTracter .on Robber with I . -. -,-.. •Cultivator . i .'.-'-,.. ^ * Service Today Will Keep Breakdowns C/tJi" J ! » F-20 Hydraulic Lift-/ . Complete 1-2B Clipper Fanning with Elevator 6-Ft. Cylinder type Hay Loader'' I] ' ^ , - '' u .'Jt'l One Trailing Lime Spreader Flexible Lever Tffe" ;] fiSQ~* 1H ^ Harrow Sections 1 No. 273 Fertil^zei; Attachment for a 4-row international PJanter Kewanee 4-Sec. Harrow with 4 Folding Drawbar ^1 Let Us Do Your Spring Maehjifiery J. iirsNow! fl Let u$ put your f r .a c to r and other needed f« rm jnqchinery »" tip-top condition ffor the Sp^ng work that |s just around the «prner, Ogr shop mechanics, can* hendle your n^ded, they wi || be eqsiertP J|^'| set withput tb«t IqsVmmute sh, let u $ put y? u rn gn,; AJ.GONA ^, . ,/. ''«'* r -"i'!l - »».Ui^ • m ,J*rfr ^Vf? "-"'-' *$&* I 'tf*tf&l v J *?:•$&• i MMHk. '-. - ii i " 4f98fJ9, -', ' \ . . . i,, in ;_ inWiiL li__. " •>" - t! : """i . *'", »,t{&'r^--. 1 z=\<-rfi I'."' 0 * , *-'->•>*, -1'^ ^ : l'-i^'"'l' V' J ,yp|Mi

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