The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 3
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f«*.\ ffi 1 ' "I '•; ;' •" ' m! Standing H$ fit Lakota girls "Will meet thS ; basketball girls, In the con- nee playoff,' this eVeryn£ Ssday), March 2, in the St, I's gym at Bancroft at 8 p. m; kota has won 15 games and' ive.'dui'ing the.^egular Sease BUrt Mas a record of 18 iJiSMand four defeats,' 'ifffiat- standings in State Line competition 'are Boys' League as . Leagde standings: TelrH . .......... • Lone -Keck '_„ _ n BUM -' ...... 11 ftpson _.._- 2 - »_ t .___-_ « l/h| Lcdyayd ' and * Armstrong Mf, ialso have tine ' tie game Wfesley _ ___.. 0 'AAH!^ ' ar ? "bw'underway for a county independent tournament, and a meeting is called tofJ, Thursday evening, 8 p. , m. at gender'^ in Algona to, choose a Scores', front last week's games: •'«* " rt Sfc'Joe 33; Wesley 36/ i; Seneca 44, Livermore a 36, Whittemdrc<46."V$ ——. . •• \ *• Seilenfeld Bow!s Series of 666 Ora Barry Alleys i Hank Geilenfeld, with a 666 series, rolled perhaps one of the tli'e the highest scoring games of season, this p"ast week, on Barry alleys. He had* a three-game scries of 250, 226 and 184. ' "'* Other top scores entering the "Honor Roll" were: Baas (245)', Lynk (210), Anderson (233), Potter (202), Geering (215), Jergcn- son. (219), W., Jergenson (206)i ' Independent ourney emore still leads the Kos- independent „ ,- basketball knocking off the A'lgona Wanchard (210), earn last week. League standings: fiurt . ,. ._... Old, Stylo ........ ._ ,u^6t) jBRiflft's -.L. ...... __38 ilJatts Creek „*_.* ...... 35 ;K. of C. ...... ^ ____ t.133 Stadcr Stock „„.._ _-_„__ 31 ......: ..... 8 *"*' . Class "B" Sportsman Tavern ____ ,.51 L6hc Rock Bank ....... 45 JBhii Deere _„ ____ ., _____ 39 ?j3Ianchard Lbr. -... ____ 37 IMgona Barber ________ 30 . ,& L. ............... .29 ouncil Oak 4 .. ________ 29 Hatchery ..... ...28 20 2fc 36 37 30 41 43 50 21 27 33 35 42 43 43 44 Julie Baas Has 245 line, Tops Brandt Bowlers ,» Julie Baas, with a 245, had the best bowling line on ,fhe Brandt Mnes in league rolling, this past Other "200 Club" scores: A. 'Krominga (219). R, Krommga (213), DflVis (208). Geerine (202) tB. 'Jensen (213). Geilenfeld (212), ^"" ' (203), Vera (223), Towne Dalley (200), Bleich (203), • '--" Cotton (204), (201), (203), Blanchard Johannscn (213), -« American League -Team W >6auer Implement __-»_53 Underwriters _-___, ____ 42 Titonka Indians _______ 42 Cowan Bldg. .„ _______ ,.42 •LuVernc ______________ 38 Pricbc's | Grocers ________ ,38 Percival Motor ________ 37 Hobarton Elev. ________ 35 West End Billiard ______ 35 Bancroft ______________ 27 Thompson Dist. _______ 26 Lions- Club ___, ______ _15 National League and Nelson 19 30 30 30 31 34 35 37 37 42 46 57 •fa You wouldn't take your car to a garage and refuse r 'to tell the mechanic'what,was ; wrong. The mechanic-would haveevery right to doubt your sanity. Yet people^frequently, refuse to Jt <*' tell the physician of their ailments. They are anxious to have' Aft "unbiased opinion." , i J * kl fcKf^<s#^ *your physician. To do a? competent job of diagnosis he needs the history of ybur^ynip'toms. "The human body is far more complex than an automobile.,For the best results give him all the facts.- • ' All we need 'is the physician's prescription. We are competent to compound it exactly as he specifies. t?t, National League George's Cafe S3 American Legion 47 Studcr Stock ...44 Kent Motor „„ 42 Consumers _, 41 Whittemore 39 Robinson Produce 35 V....F, W—..... 34 Clement Service 31 Harold's Food !____ 30 Lions Club 26 Pratt Appliance _..__»_10 Classic League Woodmen, Tyke __._...52 •George's Cafe ._ 39 Old Style Lager 38 cMorck Brew 31 Hub Clothiers 1 29 Bleich Service r _-18' Junior League Tfank's Barbets 37 LUsby-Giossi 37 •Zender's _.: _'i 26 Hutzell Service II~~20 '*,*> •« »• 19 25 28 30 31 33 37 38 41 42 46 02 17 30 31 35 40 48 23 :23 34 40 Kossuth M&n Elected WHEN f HE AMNAL OftGA.titZAtlCM meeting of the Humboldt Rural Electric Cooperative Ass'rt v/as held, Saturday, Fob, 14, three Kossuth mom were named as directors, In the above pi pull of LuVerne, LI , icture are Perry Morse, Gilmoro City; A. A. Schi- eonard Di 4 aeger"of' Algona, J. C. SkoW of Wesley, Howard L. McKec of Hurnboldt, manager, Oscar Holden of Humboldt, H, F. Kramer of Ottoscn, Cat-roll Adams of Ottoson and Arthur Stra* chan of Humboldt. Society Tenth Birthday In honoil. of her tenth birthday, ; Sue' SpragUe was hostess, Feb. 27, at a party at her homo, which included" dinner and the movies. Guests were Barbara Bourne, Sandra Shumway, Lois Friesner, Cheryl Vancler Waal, and Susan McCohnell. < t Co-Bitthday Hostesses— Mrs. -Milton Will nnd Miss Audrey Frye \)',ere co-hostesses, Feb. 24 at a birthday dinner/ in honor of Miss Esther Quinby. The party was held at the Will farm home northwest of Algona. Following dinner the evening was spent at cards. The guests included besides the honoree, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harvey and Beverly, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Will and family,^ Mr. x and Mrs. Sidney Wallburg and Willard Gregson. Entertain at Dinner— Mrs. Russell Cook entertained Mr. arid Mrs. J. B. Wheelock, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Keith and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gillingham of Emmetsburg at • dinner Sunday. The occasion was observance of Mrs. J. B. Wheelock's birthday. The latter js a sister of Mrs. Cook. W. S. C. S. Luncheon— The 'general meeting of the W. S. C. S. will be a 1:15 p. m. luncheon at the Methodist tlME OUT! to* ' ' - FRIESNER'S SPORTS CENTER |t*f alp$y*tiro^ foi^ bexlng, out>f th* fln'tir; „.._.__,. A^y |t«,| < *£• f ft* i- " ^ *f C^ \1_ *^ f tl * ~- *•**• ' J iJjV£" ' J"""" tt f f *«. Kossuth 4-H pagers Open _ County Mqei /. Slx«Kossuth^-H .'y.vs' bask'et- ball teams will start play today, in the St, Cecelia Academy gyrn, ,for, the south half championship o"f the" county. •"•The pairings bring-together the .following stated: teams at the times 'Tuesday, March 2—7:30 p. m., Algona vs. Prairie; 8:30 p, m., Union vs. Wesley. ^> vWednesday,, March 3-— 7:30 . p. .m., Plum Creek vs. Union-Wer- Jey winner; 8:30 p. m.," Algpna, Prairie winner vs. Whittemore. v"The finals will then be played with the date to be an- church Thursday. Th<b program will center about thoughts for Easter and participating will be Mrs. Leonard Malueg, Mrs. Craig Vinson, Mrs. A. E. Lauritzen and Mrs. Vaughn K. Rising. Lunch will be served by Circle 3, of which Mrs., H. S/Montgomery is chairman and Mrs. Fred, Plumb .assistant. Scuff hams .Honored— Mr. ' and ; Mrs. Scuff- ham.JsotltHeast of Alpona!,"w£re u-__^_ -i ... ' nounced, Herb Hedlund of Algona will referee and' Forrest Ives, county 4 r H boys leader, is arranging the tourney. ^* Alma Schuliz, home economist for Kossuth county, was v called to her home at Cedar Falls Friday due to illness of her father/ i( ' ,Mr. and Mrs, Joe Heiderscheidt moved to 'Algona, Saturday, to a home they are building on Diag- .al street. The farm four miles thwest of 'here on which they . d ( the past three years, has >een sold. ''Their new house is Seated, -across the street from the wgona, Implement • company new folding. honors, at a party plains their n6ighTbors Jest Friday. ^The occasion .was tha 22nd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Scuffham on Feb. 27. The guests brought lunch with' them • and even provided prizes for winners and losers at 500. High score was made by Miner Schrader and low by B. Burlingame. ' -, The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wickwire and fam- ilv, Mr. and Mr? B. Burlingame, Mr. and Mrs. David King, and Mr. and Mrs. Miner Schrader and family of Britt. Th Secuffhams were 'presented with an anniversary, gift. • Cresco M-D Club— The ' Cresco Mothers and Daughters club entertained at a final winter's evening party, Thursday evening, at the community .hall. The evening's diversion was 500, played at ten tables. High score for men was made by Jerome Eisenbarth,"and low; by John' Whittaker, For wqmen Mrs. Paul Cla"rk was high scores and Joan Lauritson low, Elaine yeeter and Veronica Roethjes were in charge of the porgram. Members of the lunch committee were Mesdames Avis Bradley, Tillie Henry and Leona Henry, The next club meeting will be the after.noon of March 10 at the home of Mis Arlene Simon. Assisting will bo Mesdames Clara Weydert and Veronica Roethler. Wesleyan Guild— The Wesleyan Guild met Mon* day for 6:30 dinner in the Methodist church. Preceding tht program a business meeting was held to elect a now president to fill the vacancy made by resignation of Margaret Hunter, who moved away. Leona Smith was named to complete the unexpir-' ed term. Devotions wore grVen by Bertha Godfrey, whoso subject was JBfotherhoorl. Mrs, Genevieve. Genrich presented a lesson on Payne college, a school for Negroes at Augusta, Ga. Dinrter was served by Circle 3 of which Mrs. Chester -Schoby is chairman and Mrs.- Howard Platt assistant. _ Holmes and Roger Phillips, and the low score prize went to TorH Holmes. Annivet feary v Hon6f s— Mr. and Mrs. William Ring- Mrs. Patterson Hostess—. Mrs, Charles Patterson entertained at bridge .-Friday afternoon. Guests wer'e Mesdames E. W. Lusby, Pearl Potter, Herman Hauberg, D. D. Paxson, W. G. McCullough, C. H. Beardsley, Fr^ed Geigel and Hugh Raney. and Bobbie Cink, Jim and Bob Lichter, Jim Loebig, and Mary Seeleyi Games were played during the afternoon and at the close cake and ice cream was served. Bridge Club Hosts Mh and Mrs:- Roger Phillips entertained their bridge club, Thursday} evening, High score prizes' yere won by Mi's. Tom genberg, and Mr, and Mrs. Duane Lighter spent last week Sunday at Blue Earth, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Abe Tuttle, parents of Mrs. Ringgonberg. Thursday, Feb. 26, was the 47th wedding anniversary of Mr, and Mrs. Tutalo and in its observance Mr. find Mrs. Ringgenberg entertain- 2d at d'mner for them. Other guests.Were Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Tuttle; Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Tuttle and Loren, brothers and sis* ters'in-law of Mrs, Ringgenberg, all of Blue Earth, and Mr. and Mrs. Dilahe Lighter. Mrs, Amelia Hike was taken lo the University hospital at Iowa City week before last and soon after arrival she had surgery on ler right foot. Last Wednesday •he had a second operation and her condition is reported as well as can be expected. Mrs. PrVnk Schallin fell in the kitchen of her home Friday and ?uffered a deep gash in the head When she struck the corner of a chair. She had just finished the dinner dishes when she was seized with a dizzy spell. Mr. Schal- lin, unable'to stop the flow ' of Mr. end Mrs. Rav McWhorier, Plum Creek farmers, are louring the southwest and this week are to be in Phoenix visiting a niece of Mr. McWhotter and a cousin of Mrs . McWhorter. The Mc- Whorters bought a new- car and a trailer house for the trip so have no hotel worries to plague them. They have not written rel* atives here just when they plan to return home. blood, calleu a doctor. A small artery had been cut in the fall. Stitches closed the wound and Mrs, Schallin is about again now, .lone the worse for her fall. Corrinne Otto, state cosmetology inspector, was speaker at a senior Oirl Sc&W meetlrlg day* Her Subset was gftM, griming and pefsonal hygiene. Fdl- lowing her talk Miss Otto offeff ed to give suggestion^ to any of the girls who felt they -had - m grooming problems.- As. a reaim she Had a busy time demSfislrat- ing -hairdos suitable and beconv ing to different type featured, and giving other pointers. Troop leaders are MesdameS Jean Hem- mint?scn Arlis Nurfe, 'a'hd "Patricia Pollard.' Lola Kowalke 6f Wall Lake, teacher at the Bryant school, resumed work Monday morning following absence since Feb. 18, She was called- home because of the critical illness and death of her father. While Miss Kowalke was away Mrs, 0. B. Laing taught for her. . Dr. and Mrs. M. G, BoUriie returned home Saturday afternoon from Phoenix, Ariz., where they visited .the doctor's parents, Mr, arid Mrs. W. J. Bourne. The Bournes were away for' three weeks and when they left for homp the elder Mr. Bourne was much improved. Mrs; Ed Hildman and her daughter. Mrs. Robert Went to Rochester, Kain, Minn., Wednesday for medical checkups arid treatment. The Algona Townsend Club will meet at the hall at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 3." A 500 card party will follow at 9 p.m. The public is invited. Chick Prices ieducd to April 1 SI.00 per hundred on straight run White Leghorns, light Cross Matings, and all Heavy Breeds. $2.00 per hundred on all White Leghorn and Cross Mating females. U. S. APPROVED. PULLORUM CONTROLLED. First chick hatch on March 3. Phone or mail your order now or see our representative. DUCKLINGS AND TURKEY POULTS, SWEA CITY HATCHERY Swea City, Iowa Phone 35 Thurs. - Fri. - Self., , 4-5-6 ; Treating other drivers -^courteously and as ' * . + >-> > •, _ ' - , V you expect them to treatyou,~ allowing~them~road "' r v • . /. ' ' .'and traffic courtesy is the golden "rule of driving, Faif|ifully observed COURTESY"wilfREI5UCE ACCIDENTS, make DRIVING{SAFER. ^^^/^^^^^^^^ti^^^^^SS^^^ - M -,. ^v''V-\i'>^',#,--* <".,? ">'* • 7 r , ,< '*' u,%" * ', i . the nismftha^ stands, fgrsuperipf cr.flft?»^ ' , . ,. mgnship and trye YS)H^ ii> levejy rings, ( [*•,« '-~ / ' When $t!<?$tlno, ^g r rings' the Integrity of,-- "-' }+ ^' '..,-• ' X^wr [ewglejr gnd- thgt pf th4 rnak§f ef tht ringi »"• - ' ri', » ^'V.-iis'tsrfa'""* ! *— , .-T-~ • 5 " : V * • i "ir**. "Vv ,. i^^ 5 -- *» > j t ^» |^il^4%// *s, ^p f few? ;%^, r ^ iS ^ / - - T • '** • J "^' -•/ -^•"•-v ; ; ' i ,*-;'-,' J * • L , fl*JM^- : :': ; '"":'4.V! Having' your.- car mechanically "checked^regularly ,and. reconditioned when : needed,ys : ^ SAFETY/" As art authorized^newfcar] are.^ equipped to do the job-^ t - l * _ v .«' e 5|^'V 9ur" service - thorough, :our^ is a Young love and danger spur Hopalong Cassidy tO'fiis aavenfurel * m ™ **!" *?>, ~?ffl^*i^3Pji)t,T^ - r i •* ; 4»H*Ji^BWSS^ . >•%.}, »»> . ) v. . lAC? i , f s ~ iv^r •?{r h -r,^ s^y, £,,'<^SiJ^,

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