The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 1
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Ladeftdofff says 8<s«ieone ?him the picture of " {he Al- dity-,(iai-rici's ift the paper -Week looked as though had 4 run four • wild men out he tall, 'timber . i . by the . tho'stpyy stated that Henry nan .had 16, years service he has, but hValso has nin<< , previous to th'fit in-wh'ich a substitute, carrier. * * f ' X,' 6, F, Price received iwas .. , ' clipping from her son yf'an experience of a friend |nls ,fr6m Lake Charles, La HO JWCmV to Lufiun, Texds, ti 'ftewsplint 'foil, his paper . . gen ""hours earlier;,' the cargo o pit . the, frJejrfdr.obtained Was" a f ^ff^i^y^^^^/^^^ e :^^ *$ »;-,''"• -V'/ x v^?%j?' '"''' "<'-?< r %wffiffis '•'• \ ^k^, .' - ;' */«*iL " ;,<; ' • , . ' • t, '/'"-"'''^IWl ESTABLISHED 1865 A|«bMA, IOWA, TUISDAY, MAftCH 2, t*4fl THREE SECTIONS-20 PAGES : t • »A"**"/;^ ['didn't kndw e Algona s.»-r* —«-",- ,-i.~ k —,f.JPwn' to throe Blls' of 'rievWbrirtt, also, but' i |woad came in—fortunately. Ki'-. .." ' * * * r ,' One of our scouia reports ||hal a t neighbor of 'his, who Spas moving-to a new farm, |was kl carrying a load' of baled !|siraw. to the new, place. I Along 169 two bales fell off, , one" breaking open. The 'men stopped, pushed,the unbrok- en.bale far out on the, shoul- I; der, 'and pulled the scattered ^bale somewhat together, linen-continued on their way pinlending to pick (up the , J bales when returning ... an ijhour later they came back; ; the broken bale was still ^'fnefe; the full, tied b'ale was V(,., ( * ' * " * -Lloyd Wellendorf and Slim |Shiith have not given up' on their 8««A^ c t^ They, still feel that - r ,_ is the making of one of the fiwost beautiful lakes in the state I between .Algona -and Irvington [ on .the Des ,Moines river . , . they sayrall the location needs is a •, dam—the rest was made by na- Tftret Kossuth (Cage - 7 A!gona Fives And Swea City Win Sectionals 5 Shots Ahd They All Hit! i ' 11 * * i~~,ir'j--~ A CL °SE CALL for two Emmelsburg men, early Wednesday morning of last week, when they failed to h *.?, d aTwar , mn 9 lo sto R- '^ued by Algona police officers. ~M»lion Hinders, city patrolman, is shown in the above picture, pointing to a. bullet hole in. the Tear of the machine .driven by Merwyn_ Korleski, which was brought it/ a stop after a wild ride and five'bullels from Binder's revolver. Korleski was fined a total of«$250 and costs on three charges, his companion, Wm. J. Crahan'was fined $100 and and costs, and the car has five bullet holes in the rear in- eluding a punctured gasoline lank, and a flat tire as pictured, "also struck by h bullet. '• ,", 'The men were' charged with reckless driving, failing to obey an officer and'a slop sign violation, for Korleski, and drunkenness for Crahan. {Algona Newspapers Newsfoto). - s j ,' Commenting omllj'e "recent" j/r'fJayCep '"tyjjpsirel ,' s'pow ", ^which*,'he ?was'.a ''member of i v*. -tl***^ T>R«1« HjV__ j. * ^i?i*"_i__ _ •» *» L^. • i 30 Days hi Jail, Accused Of Hitting 3-Year Girl ) i L ^Dringqmyvchesi lout?loT where"" V^mylsljjmach^wys."^^^ i'- 1 > •' ''D.fD/Motilux received A recenl getter from his '.wife,'. tyHo" with ithenVson is 'staying/k year in Sweden/in .whjc^rl^ra.rJV?.' says 'fhc^had eaten norse^'meat'-l which is something of,"a staple and'ac- "epted -food over; there , .'•; she aid-it didn't taste top.bad,,eith- p f , •. other comments; their :es make, ours^ look /like chick- feed . , . everyone?walks; gas Rationing, makes-that mandatory, iltjiough you can,ridefthc street garsMf you chodse. ,j* . % ' s »; \, The. police f f orce. ' we un-1 |Kdersiand,'.is 'grooming Albert the if'.Indianapolis'Speedway, next ® ;May, /after . results .V of his .thrilling 'ride, in pursuit of another vehicle last -.Weclhes* day <morning which resulted >.'in, gunfire and two arres,is,, • ^VA. c $ * * "f 1 "ft * "1' - '* t Mr. and .'Mrs. C/'u,, Pollard bave a unique 'arrangement, es- ecially for Mrs.' Polllfd . , , he toves all* the dimes he gets and kes the ,mhdme, , where' Mrs. Ward puts,them in-,a special |"d . , . the only thing C, U,- Isn t know,is what 'the ftmd is , , . maybe Ho buy him a liday present or something. • ' *.***" r ' | Scouts leJJ us that iMook. a >-b> an, hour,* recent-, ,„_„ before the wemony, I make ijp her mintf -d.e«- "-IY whether or V,np* she going IP gel i ''Osca,r Romer, Algona, was giv an a 3'0-day sentence in the Kos iuth county jail, last week, afte jt'jplea, of 'guijty to ar"charge,-o assatflt -and^battery,--filed by. An n OJICt Q3Ugj)b6I'S ' Oxt..yiiV j J. VV/111CJ. Ot^ ' Hjl , The' cpmpla'infcwas,,"fild"d afte neighbor's'of Corner, who'-livesa '413 North WoosterrSU said .thej heard noise 'and reports '$f -'thr treatment being 'received '.by tb , .science'- /sgyg .that to .. tpT« , 4ittle,-Jphnn,v, ss r he spread m on fee. baby's .jape," -fai^ t have. the finger, of\ sus- Airporl Bonds For City Sold; Engineer Quits Alfiona's airport bonds, $37,000 worth, were sold last" Thursday evening to the successful bidder, Shaw, >McDermptt'& Co. l( of DOS Moines.' Interest rate 'was two and three-fourths percent, 1 -with a $100 premium, > •' , \ , j At ?,lhc' f same* time, , Ihe council reluctantly accepted ,the resignation of Paul Mor--' gan, city, engineer, who offered his resignation. ->Mor- ' gan has accepted a position ' as 1 consulting engineer . J »Wilh Rowal & 'Murray of, Esther-' ; ville. He expects lo leave > city, employment in- about a, monlh. _ ."•** -, . •The'city also is . offenng fo sale, to, be moved, the, Fran! Bankson home. Qfficialr notice will be found elsewhere in to dayfs paper. The city acquired the land and house,' s near the municipal plant, ancu,will retain little, ( girl: * • • Justice Johnston heard the case. * ."'Romer,'. a* painter, was arrestec citypolice, while ,at.,work, on, painting' i a tftth E!''* l "fe#.<SJiV^_, churdh. ownership of the, tend, . A41.5QO bulWing, permit was granted tp ^alph'-Rjcfiards. fo r , a . - 24x33 .addition , fo' ,«th,e ' pregen hatcftpry building.he-has,'.' Mam'§t, neat 1 'the Milwa-ik Dot. ann WavlJMillon uroo iit "rDpnatd', E.; Rieken. Burt, stoj ;sign ^violation, fined $5 and costs 'f R'.' A. - Harvey, Start, ' Improper passing, $2.50.and costs. ->. -'Harold ' E. .Nielsen, LuVerne, too wide a "truck"load, $5 and costs.' < \ Robt.' Meine, '" Whittemorc, throwing 'glass' on highway. $5 and costs. ( V Robt., H ' Winkel, Algona, speeding, $5 "and costs. > Doyle,-Johnson, Algona, drunkenness; $5 and costs. Prosper-. ,M. Frlderes, Bode, reckless driving, $12.50 and costs. 'Leroy W. ,Worby, Ottoseh, no chauffeur's. Jicense, $5 and costs. / In Mayor's Court v ' Before Mayor Frank Kohlliaa ho following cases were heard Roger D. Johnson, speeding, $ md costs. ' t Thomas, Wolfe, speeding, $2 .nd costs. , sThomas. Mqlamphy, drunken ness, 15-^lays in the county jail Oliver L. Knudsen, drunken ness, $5 and costs. Carl Carroll, Illinois transient runkenness, 10 day suspendec entence and leave town at once which he did. Bulldogs Draw Foe That Won 26 Straight Two Algona teams, the high school and St. Cecelia's academy, won their way into state district basketball tournaments, Saturday night. Aleona high edged out Britt, 31 to 30, and the Academy squeezed by Titonka. 36 to <<5. the latter in class'"B" competition, the former in Class "A". Swea Citv is the only other Kossuth team to win its way hrough the sectional and into he district. Swea downed Lacota in the final game in the 3 wea Citv sectional, 30 to 24. Play This Week „ _ Pairings for the district meets md Algona high going to Lauens, where the Bulldogs play \lbert City, Wednesday ,night at :30 p. m. The Albert C(ty team as won 26 straight gamfes, and four of the five starters are over six feet tall. ( , Through arrangements by Algona tandA" Albert City, * Chamber of. Commerce, the 1 game between ,jthe- two high v schools in the dislricl lour- * i ney will be broadcast over" the Spencer radio slalion,, from the x Laurens gym.' Game lime is 7s30 p. m. St. Cecelia's and Swea City both play in the, sectional slated :S'.. Swea clty> where 'only class B teams are, competing. The Academy plays Ralce ,this evening (Tuesday) at ,7:30 p.' ' - Enter District Meets 'Caught' At Union Farm Institute ' ' «—™—•MMMWM MRS. ROY SARCHET (BELOw) WAS CHAIRMAN OF THE INSTITUTE FOOD COMMITTEE, WHICH SERVED OVER I5o DINNERS AT NOON VOLENTINE,II, DAUGHTER OF MR/AND MRS. JESS VOLENTINE OF LONE RotKJV/AS AN INTERESTED .OBSERVER "OF THE HANDIWORK EXHIBITS Tit, Sw0fc9it.y;He^]^^*T^( Wednesday .evening at^7^t t- ' .'..-'"• >,M; ie Algona-Albert City Nominations Soon Charity Ball Queen Next week in the Algona papers there will appear a coupon blank where nominations may be made for- the 1948 Algona Charity Ball Queen.-/ i i , Rules -afe few; The nominees must be> at least 18 years' old, single, and • residents ot Kossuth! co .uniy» Last year's Queen, Val- tg, is ineligible, thu> year, »'own the new Queen at the Ball, Ma^rchiSO, w the high school gym. |. / . , Four attendants will a* v ptes.> The voting, appear in the Algop| papers on March I6j^nd 18, oVter? live onJy.tQ c)ip put the coupon, »«U it to Commit tee r i, . o v »»** *i*w\_A b wit,/ W4I1-J ner will i meet the winner, of.'the Estherville vs, 'Pocahontas,icon- test m .the district final at' Laurens, .Saturday night. At':Swea City'the .first -round winners meet fpr the district championship on Friday night. * Lauren? is reported to have a fine gymnasium, with lots' of seating capacity. >* Close Sectional Finals Fans saw two nip and tuck scraps here Saturday, in scc- lonal finals. « / In the first game, St. Cecelia's lad a 17 to 9 lead at thc^half, )Ut at tho end of the third quarter, they trailed Titonka, 28 to 24, as the Indians staged an all- out) rally. In, the final quarter a dispute over "a basket—whether or not it went through, the net- was finally, settled in ''Titonka's favor, but, the '^Academy still managed to move put in front to ke the;igame by one point. :The victory makes the Academy's basketball season one of the best in .repent years. Bieser snagged seven field goals to" lead , h !f 1! ^ am l s ,. isc ° rin S,'. While Sruns W.I.DODDS, GENERAL CHAIRMAN'6F THE FARMERS INSTlTUrE, WAS A BUSY MAN, BUT TOOK A FEW MINUTES OUT TO LET us DRAW HIS PICTURE LITTLE DEAN DODOS, 5 YEARS OLD, WENT,. AND GOT HIS. HAIR COMBED AND-WELL, WE JUST HAD -TO i DRAW HIS PICTURE,. Too < , WE CAUGHT THIS'PICTURE OF THORSTEN ., LAQERSTROM -AND ED DYAS JJR IOWA STATE COLLEGE AS THE TWq' WERll • ENJOYING A^CHAT ON THE- CHURCH LAWN v 'CAKE. SHE-'Aiso"SERVED ,ON 1 'THE " Start Signup Participation In *\ • . -X O.C.GARDNER WAS IN G(ARGE OF GRAIN 'EXHIBITS'/IN THE , MEN'S DEPARTMENT Six Seek School ttoard Pdsts County Partners' Must Signify Desire By Apr; 10 Schedule o£ payments for paf.-'<iiN iicipation in' tho • 1948 agricul-' ftrj tural conservation program was'ris, announced last Friday by county "^l A..A,, A., dfficifllB .here. ' ," ^ "*" A meeting of all' lowhship -„,* commilleemftn was held ,at < ,,\ Bancroft,',at which lime de?; ,;' lads regarding .participation -/* for 1948 were-explained; and,.'''?. intention sheets were dis- '•'. tributed lo 'the commiltee- "?<* men.. » .' , s ^ Deadline for, sighing'by farm-'i srs or owners of -these' intcntioiiy t « heets is April 10. • ' ( ' »,"^ Schedule of Payments f - -7\ The schedule of payments' "forty his year is; as follows: • - \ 'i"M Contouring intertilled crops, $l p " * .JGI* 3Cl*G ' * ' Establishing sod waterway, 7*5'HI cents per' 1,000" sq.- feet- •' !'<•'&*$& Weed, control by spraying, '-'' m $1.50^per 1 ppund for"2,4-D., ., i\\ Liming, r $l-.8d"per,ton. •/ • £~ , Fertilizer, 60' cents per 100 Gree*n manure crops, $l f * acre.' '' , ' ,,'.", ''',rv/'J"^'^ The first payment, for co'ntoCir^j ing of intertilled crops,;is a' " "'***' project and'a payment^that'^was* not in'effect last .year, locali'offi'-'fei cials said. , .. __,,,„ ,*• *»\-r^4l • 2,591',Farms Pariiei'pafe','."^^l In ,1947 th'sre'-were B.SSlfiarms'^l participating 'in thV'Jp&grafii;^ based on-good; farming 'pfa'btice'gjll This mclu,ded« t 427,236 > acre4/jc'" cS croplan4 ,and. 5,327^acresVptSal ture lands, j^-j v%'{--y ''^fA-y/il "A tptalAof''$ 1R s' fl4l! RK'^AnV^v*-' !_i.^Jl *-i J 1 .! f I ^ - .,' — * >V . * ^71 »~v%,v*. A '"^i^X,*;^; • rtrmize^^orlunily" •' |? F County; pffjfcej-stpf the ;KbssiuU . - ssociation -also stated^tha plications, -,for,. 'par,ti<iipa- |the ;19,47s'prograrri, are1*af-l j nadh H' \beei 1 . growers tallied qight-for Titonka. Britt Underrated 1 Algona fans had a bad for weak hearts, night , Britt was an underrated team and gave the Bulldogs some 'bad moments. Score' at the half was L4, all, as the locals simply failed to connect on many occasions, while Bntt played a ^ight ?one lefense that was -mighty effect- led, 26 to 16, at the end , , the* third quarter. With 3uildogs "elected two Three Terms f o Be Filled At Vote, A/larch 8 ^Activity in the forthcoming election for the Algona school board took a sharp increase -this week, when it became' known that there are six candidates for three vacancies to be filled on the board. - » _ Deadline for filing of nominations was Friday, Feb. 27. School district elections are to be held next Monday, March 8. .Etfeption-of the new county board of education will also take place ths»t day. Vote at High School •Mrs, I,eora St. John, school board secretary, said that names of Homer Anderspn, Perry H. Collins, Mrs. Alice Kirk, D. L, £e«ert and >Mrs, Veda Murtagh had. been tiled as candidates Jor the three-year term, and ed for the county board jof cdu cation election. Regular 'schoo election judges will handle the balloting. In most independen districts the directors and secre taries serve, , Polling places will be the usual hours in each district, from noon to 8 p. m., Monday, March 8. Independent and consolidated school voters vote only on the "area" candidate in their district. In' townships, voters also vote on candidate-at-la'rge, Thus township voters will get two ballots, and town and consolidated vot ers will get but one. LIVELY BATTLE IN SWEA CITY FORECAST , Swea City — Interest in' the coming school board , election here was increased Friday by the entry of another candidate in the race for two places on the Swea ' consolidated school board. Wm. Krumm, Swea farmer, filed nomination papers for'the three* year term, and will oppose Geo, K, Nelson, incumbent, a, candi-. date for. re-election, The late Fred Peterspn's term, which would not have ^ expired since WQ, ha? been , October by R,oy Bravender, He ' for election for the r, and. Jojhn Kylen wilUopppse him for that pffiee. i Otner , board members whose terms do not expire are Jgp Pres-* ? n4 .Oscar-' Second Arrest On Charge Of Soy Bean theft Orvillc Lee Merchant of Foster, Mo., was picked up. Friday by officers at Rawllns, Wyo., and is being held there for Kossuth county officers. Sheriff A, J, Cogley and County Attorney H. W. Miller left this morning to bring Merchant back' to answers charge \of larceny in the night time, He is wanted in connection with the theft of ,460 Ibs. of soy beans from farm, eight the Carroll Potter miles southwest of 3ureau oi Brjtt got hold of the ball ' , , ., WtcJ\jnson is a candidate for a ,_..- wice, and estch time lopped in' a one.year term to the piddle of , was' appointed to the board fill out the term pf T, C, secqncls.of play,,„.„,._. however, man- mil the balance game gr, Gene ago InTpumbent terns Mrs, Mwtagh. , ,, , gM'SfJected/ by' voces' as' 8«ssnwiHi receive take place in the buijdjng. a s u§^a}. f» w**?' ,, j. raust be in 13, set Pf election 'judges has been A1 S»" ^ T* •-» — •* ti>>rv«v*4VT\vpV W* Algona, at midnight on Jan. 23, Lewis E. Poaaue f '21, also/ of Foster, MP,, is. now serv- ,»ng a 5'^year Iwm in , the men's reformatory ( at Anamosa after confessing hj§ part in the theft. Sheriff Cogley was assisted by Q * Q *° A "-"* J3, Q, Bender p| the Criminal < Investigfl' ion £»t.Des Moines'rin v traeriig Poggue, Re appreh/ndecl ^At tne^time the:4eft wag C'PI mitted snp^', the ' • . ural' >eet app ion m-|the ;,, .';! n ^ a P d O h H' \beei 1 . growers .to 'tet bhecks / totaling--$23> 94i4.0-for,last year's coppeirat It . Was, also" siated ! 'ihat 7, '•'/•A .erirbute.. lo '• a'ndi .shb'uJd. , v ..„ first part pf,Mar^h:^.^ Farmers' interesteff v iii',' sc some^of this ^ertilizec should an application"','at * once " at Kossuth-'A. " *' over Bai Algona.' v New Feb^ Record 07M ,ore rain feU/la>'t Fnday^ 27, than evq 1 ' any day in, ther statistician reriprts" In-fact the closest re* way back in 1893. ,wh£ ches of rain fell on the's. Last Friday 1.68. inches y corded here. - '- „ '^T- Week's weather:. A', Li 4 Date ^ v. -, ,t*>*tT& Feb. Awd^illtF^fep fflW«gfeLMJ!U ^_ WM .•*->-, j^f ^mrrfmi wjmmimiw £*?«M^ f -Sr*5"* ed |*ta«UMprf to \t9wa ^"^« bjrQWght-hjte ftp ; §ele n ||;M|4 ^0«to we ?e; i'c9 a yi,nf^'Vjh|t- n^Org tl^ajr Rnntftia.VMMii.. - J*****i:^.iT,4 ^bff-sj^ijg 4jl*WPwAip ffe* hi||iyfc larcenv. »' **. ^;

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