The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1948 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 18
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1 IP'^^° X C , ' \-*'%s*^,v$'^$j$^'^ i ff*^ Vv— \ j'v.p'""" v V 1 *' ^."' 4-Algana Upper be* Mbtnes 4t t»46 Mrs. Newbrough ts Lone Lbne Hock—The Band Mothers met Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. E. M. Jensen, with Mrs. C. F. Schultz and Patricia Heyer as assisting hostesses. Election of officers was held, with Mrs. L. A. Newbrough being elected president, Mrs. Ornie Behrends as treasurer, and Mrs. Calvin Householder as secretary.. Mrs. Eldon Marlow was elected on the executive board for the next three years. The coming taahd concert was discussed. Mrs. Art Priebe and Mrs. Don Hottck had charge of the entertainment for the " evening. Lunch was served by the hostesses. The next meeting will be hejd March It- at the home of Mrs. , Jack Gjuitth with Mrs. Jim Long and Mrs. Ben Schmidt assisting hostesses. Miie Society Meets The Lone Rock Ladies' Mite society met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Frederick Schultz, with Mrs. C. F. Schultz assisting hostess. Roll call was answered by 25 members, and 13 guests were present. A report by the titheing secretary, Mrs. Frank Flaig, was given, also a report by the treasurer, Mrs. E. A. Lee. A motion was made to loan dishes for the Community club meetings. Motions were made and seconded to buy bonds with the money in the treasury, at the end of the year, up to January, 1948. The president welcomed the guests and also thanked the hostesses for serving as they are not members of the society. She also gave a "thank you" from L'ee Jbhhs'ori and'the creamery board for the fine dinner the Ladies' ,Mite society served them. Mrs . Lawrence Rath, h'dad of tne Social Educa-1 tioh department, asked Mrs, A. A. Krueger to give a report on the New Life Movement, and also Mrs. H. A. B'lariclvard to give a rbport on the New Sunday School curriculum, after which she followed with a-poem. Mrs. Ronald Christen'sori, also on the program, gave a talk on Meditation and Prayer. Lunch was served by the hostesses. The next meeting Will be held at the home of Mrs. J.' Mv Anderson, March 4, with Mrs. Win. Knoll assisting hostess. Schoolmasters'Meet Mr. Reed and C. R. Johnson attended the Kossuth County Schoolmasters club at Algoha Thursday evening. • A report of the state meeting was given by Mr. Laing. Discussion of the athletic program was , held. Plans Were being made for the school board . and schoolmasters meeting in March with an outside speaker. ~T"^ '•<» Choose Class Mottoes The Lone Rock class seniors have chosen "Patience is the Kev to Success" as their motto, with red and white' as the class colors, and the American Beauty rose as the class flower. The class of 1949 also chose their motto. "With the Ropes of the Past We'll.'Ring the Bells of the Future", with reel and black as class colors, ahd the Gardenia as their flbwer. Mk Lefe rfestess , . Mfs. E. A. Lee entertained the following ladies ' at a birthday party in .honor of her, mdther-in- law, Mrs. PaUline MeQuiffe, Tuesday afternoon: Mrs. J. F. Quinw, Mrs. Jim Long, Mrs. Frank Flaig, Mrs. Erich Seege- barth, Mrs. A, A. Krtieger, arid Mrs. Rondld Chfistenson. ed home thiMn hospiM at f 6ft , Louis Rellly ftltende'd-a pure* bfe'd hog' sale '' Surf Typ'F. S. A follow-up -meeting of the Burt township Farm Bureau ladies will be -held Friday aftjbr;- no.brt.-Feb: 27 at the home of-Mi's. Harold ' Fischer of Biirt.. The lesson on ConsUrrier Needs will be given by Mrs* Arrle Oittmer arid Mrs.-' fr. A. Holmgren. Mr. and Mrs. E. M.* Jensen received Wofd ; froni their daughter ahd her husband, Mi'. 1 , and Mrs: E. A. Wald of tjos Angeles, Calif;., that they were the prpitd. parents of. a baby, daughter, Margaret Ann, born (Friday, Feb. 13, weighing 7 Ibs; arid 7 ozs. They have another daughter. ; Mr. and krs. A. J. Elsbecker spent Tuesday visiting at the home of their son, Mr. and, Mrs. Don ~ Elsbecker at Eagle Grove. They visited ~ Wednesday at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kadow Jr. at Algona. Mrs. Clair Bolliriger attended the • showefv in honor ^ of Esther Wetzel at the' Lotts Creek church Sunday afternoon'.'. , ,. Mr. ahd .Mrs., Gerald Goddeh of Bajicroft snent Thursday evening visitiftg Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lockwood and family. Mrs. W. E. Schmidt and Martin of Fenton spent Thursday afternoon visiting Mrs. Fred Lieb and family. , ' Mrs. C. O. Lockwood and infant daughter Janice Kay arriv- at Caused It? A combination, of Iwo things—frozen ruts "and "'badly out-of-line front wheels. The driver lost momentary control when his "wheels didn't "track" in some frozen ruts, and before he knew what was happening' he Was off the road. A bad ahd costly accident. , • TAKE NO CHANCES yourself with front wheels thai may be out of line, or unbalanced. II is one of'the mosl'frequent'causes of bad accidents—yel a car owner seldom knows when his wheels ARE out of line or balance. THE SAFEST thing to do'is wheel into Perciyal Motors, where we will put your car on our exclusive BEAR%HEEL; ALIGNMENT rack. Our factory-trained expert will carefully check your entire front'wheel assembly-for defects. The cost is nominal. If any corrections are needed, we will point them out to you. ~.™^, DON'T RUN the risk of ari accident,-to say'nothing of wear and tear on tires and front wheel parts. Drive in our garage—drive out a happier and safer carl owner! DO IT NOW—this very week! We Want to Deserve Your Business Permanently, ^\TI C Oiib Sales . P0D©E*PLYM0UTH . Service Str§§t e , son and Mrs. Alf reT 'Schilltfc at her home .Thursday^ evehlng.' Mfs, Joe Miller attended a shower In honor iof/liltrena ,Wes? sel at the Methbaist* , church In Burt Monday afternoon. She is to marry Fredolf S&detburg ^n yfarch 2. ,_ "'•.';'. •'". ' f ; Another Ne\v Life Moverneht meeting will be held Wednes^ day evening, Feb. 25; at the Lone Rock church, with the Ladies Mite society serving lunch of coffee and doughnuts. Everyone is urged 'and'lhtfit&T to comb. ,. Mrs. Will Bla'ncKai'd of HUm- bbldt spent' Wednesday and ThUfsday visiting' Mr. and Mrs. M; E. Blanchardi E. M. Jensen and son Dick and Art Priebe drove tb ' Roche 1 ster, Minn., Tuesday ' morhing to go through the clinic. Mrs. Russell and 1 Joe 4P ent Tuesday visiting Mrs. Emma Hurlburt and family, Mrs. Jim Walker and Mrs. Pete Willey of Algeria spent Thursday visiting Mrs. Gerald deesman. Mrs. H, A. Holmgren attended a tea at the Methodist church at Burt Thursday afternoon. . Mrs. Martha Geilenfeldt of Clear Lake spent from Wednesday over ^Sunday. at the hortte ( of Mrs. Lydia Wetzel. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Quinn and family moved to a farm north of Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder ahd'D'ale moved Saturday to the farm vacated by the Quinn' family, which was purchased by Mr. and Mrs Schroeder. Mr. and Mrs.; M.. 6. Richards and Frank and Kenneth made a business trip' to 'Mason City Tuesday. . •• Mr. and Mrs. IJ. ;W. Hobs'qn 'of Algoria spent "Sunday afternoon at the home' of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer.. . The Lawrence Dittmer family; the Gerald' Angus family, R. T.- Angus, Bob and Grace, all attended the 6£>th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Miller at Corwith. Mrs. Miller was an aunt of the deceased 'Mrs. R. T. Angus. Mr. and 'Mrs. ', .HJu'old Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald' Nelson and /'. mHchers ' plfifl' {b*>rftdve'lnttf 'their* ittfr l hom-e 'Mftreh • 1; fctts; filllh Marshall and SdttS Mil - ocdtffSy vaeateH' by -the Mr, " j*', Hank F&bfei 1 ' family ffbiK ,^hel^ d^rr-have- moved heffe this week, MfJ PaBef is eftployed 1 by Elmer Dfile»'a§ a dra'g^imropetattti'.'The Fabiers-Irave* M fa'mlly-of fbUP children. One ,boy Will fattefid high' schbol iand 3'gh'ls" the"gfade ^dhool' lere. ' ^F • • • wl I I%M ^J^ 1 • '^•r TW rw fo'fall^ffiate ,„., fefre^^Mr,^^ . . Rosemary were Sunday ^dinner guests' 'at 'the; pWejiitti^I.' W. Nel- n home. ":;. '.V'|.-i&C'-' : '' ' *?' -' ••'. Mr. and Mrs:' Warren Thompson and Lvje • sperit;S ; Wednesday evening at 'the S.^G^Holm home at Swea City. Mrs. Wm. Dreyer spent last Wednesday visiting at the Chas. Geilenfeldt home, Algpna. Mr. arid 'Mrs.' Martin Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schmidt spent .Thursday at the home of Mr. arid Mrs.-'.-RbbeRt.Schmidt/.Sr., at..F.air- mont, Mirih'.';' ," helping Mrs. Schmidt celebrate' her birthday. ^ Irvington ' Farm " Biireati '.meet*. ing wa^' held Thursday evening at Home' of Mr; ahd 'Mrs: Hbwar'd Raney. Thii-ty^six members were. sreseht. J. C. Skow spolte-oh'soll conservation. Cards Were played,- riigh scflre ' prizes' " were .wort Geo./Vitzthum and Mrs. ,Don Borrnantt; low prizes went to Wayne Wickwire 'and Mrs; Jrarik Capesius.' Lunch was served, late in the evening by following ladies: Mrs. How'ar'd Raney, 'Mrs. Wayne Wickwire; Mrs. B. Capesius, Mrs. Art Masdaam, Mrs. H.' Scheppman Jr. ' Mi's. H. A. Wille and s6n John are spending a few days at home of her parents the J. StUders at Lu Verne: Mrs. Wille is recovering from injuries received in a recenl fall. ,B. O. Davis has purchased from Mrs. M. Frankl the place 'known as the old Blythe place. The Davis family will move there March 1 thus vacating the Farmers elevator house. i Henry Hahle v is now visiting at home of his son Jack at Rbck- ford, Iowa. Mrs. Janette Colwell ' is no.w spending a few weeks at 'the' home of her son Lee Colwell "and family;' Mrs. Colwell formerly lived in ah apartment at Algeria. ;Mr. and Mrs; George: Skare arfd Georgia; Ann .spent.- the weekend and \ Moriday at ';. BUiff alo Center with' Mrs. Skare's mother. George" having /a- holiday Monday ' from his duties at depot here. \Rochelle and Terry Jphns'on have been on the sick lisb the' past week with a siege of the flu. Linda Green from Bancroft -spent a few days this week'-with her grandmother Mary Ddle! • Plum Creek Social' Night Enjoyed The Plum Creek Farm Bureau lsco.' < ,. . . .< ,- A" 1*61161?', skating 1 par'ty jlantted fotj the near- future WitK he-B"urt club -members as gtieSt/i next meeting will be held ia'.lS-at the' Hbrne of 'Luther arid ' Robert FaitfiankS. " r td ;br fcaptate\'p tK6,bas'ket otll s tfelih j' Thl ^ club ' ihtertdM ,to 'ketin' the gym of -the Burt • V$*ili " - , * 11- IP'IT'S NEWS/WB-WANT-IT! WANT ADS 'BttitfGS ft'BStfLTS IF IT^^Wfe.WJ|A ' V * ' ( - 1 _ '•" * •winnin-* 'I' 1 "" '" ' ' *•** ' ' \ " ' Britf^.The annual ,Hobo day here' has been set for' Tuesday, Aug. 17, and a contract for the Merriam-Robirison shows has been 1 drawn'. :/- ,•> . . • ..' - •/, :>, -*•-,•-'.. held a social meeting of the 1 year at the community room, Thursday .evening, Feb. 19. This 'ds a p.ot luck supper With the Farm Bureau furnishing'- the ice cream, After refreshments a . short •business. -meeting .was heldi»:'.The entertainment - was in charge of Mr.' arid' Mrs. Floyd Bode, ; Mr. ahd Mrs.' Ray Schilmbeller, and Mr. . and Mrs. Arthur Olsen: A great number., bingoed ; and won • prizes and f Jerry- Ethefing- tpn and James Edwartf Kairi won eitra prizes. .The tables were decorated ' with red ' crepe paper streamers and 'white'" candles. Ready WORLD'S FINIEST Hundreds of opportunities If you are 11 to 34, physically fit, and can pass certain mental examinations, you~may enlist right now in the U. 8, Air Force; Once in the Air Force you will have an opportunity to qualify lor one of the many technical or specialized train~ ing'courses offerefl by 1 * the Air Training Command. • Special opportunities lor high school graduates If you have graduate?} from high,school you can enlist in the U, S, Air Force for 3 years, and will be accepted (or an All* Force Specialized gchool of your choice before pp Pnl'st, under the Aviation Career Pl%n, If you are between 90% and 28 you-pan compete ft>.r ment to Olfioer gchopl, ' Special opportunities for men with 2 years of college or the equivalent All unmarried male citizens between 20 and 26Vfc are eligible to apply for Aviation Cade^ Pilot Training. Successful gra4- uates of pilot training will be rated ~wf Air Force pilots, commissioned" as 2nd Lieutenants, Air Force Reserve, and' assigned to flying duty with, the U, S, Air ?orce, . Siieciaropportgnities for Veteranj ipf tho'AMed Force? If you ha^ an specialty in 'Iny pf more tpah' 390 efciWs witii tne Army, Nftvy; ; Air Force, Mw, l » e « °P 0°ftf? 0xia,rd;' ypU may lw eligible for < a grade as nigh as Technical t* |n the Aif Fprce, 'yp$y your eWU experience. •AU THE5I OPpotTtftflTlil INB'ttS9» # PAY, you start at $75 a pipnth, plus foo^, clothing, war and dental care, proViftoiW f°f reftjeP 16 ! 1 *? ? n ft tw S ' you may be rated PrtVStf fir§$ Qlags, &\, $8Q a, n>onth,' giyeg vou more nei CAREERS WITH A PUTUHE U. S. Uri U. S.-Air e " • I SEE. A BIG FUTURE ,FOFi LITTtE PIGS FED WITH Feed Sargent .gEJST? 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