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The Lyttelton Times from Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand • 8

Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand
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THE LTTTEirOIf TIMES WEDNESDAY AUGRJST 9 1899 -ft MT'rS Tonics Norton ft Go Tonks Norton ft Co Charles Clark HMatson ft Co Ayers Beauchamp ft Co ft 06- JUNCTION HOTEL THIS DAyT 11 bj BEAUCHAMP AND CO SELL BY PUBLIO AUCTION On the Premises comer Victoria Street-and Salisbury Street THE WHOLE OF THE TIMBER a contained in the JUNCTION HOTEL including 1 150 Sheets Galvanised Iron VDL Timber 6x24x98x9 Baltic 8 2 6 9 Totara and Black Pine 3x24x26x52 Kami Lining Flooring and Weather Boards about 15000ft I Do2f 20 Windows 8 Shop Windows 1 8000 Bricks Range and Grates 120 Stone Piles Ridging Spouting etc etc All material in good order To be sold without reserve as it must be cleared this week AYERS BEAUCHAMP AND CO 2547 Auctioneers RHODODENDRONS THIS DAY at 1 JO pm I Tonke) (W Norton UNRESERVED AUCTION SALE UNRESERVED AUCTION SALE Of 61 HIGHEST GRADE BICYCLES 61 HIGHEST GRADE BICYCLES 01 61 1 61 HIGHEST GRADE BICYCLES 61 At TONES NORTON AND TONES NORTON AND THIS DAY at 12 Noon THIS DAY at IS Noon THIS DAY aS 13 Npan BEAUCHAMP AND CO have I SERVE been favoured with instructions from Mr Cleave of Invercargill to PELT hr PUBLIC AUCTION at theur fcooms Cashel Street ONE TRUCK OF ASSORTED PLANTS Including-100 Rhodendrons 80 varieties 100 Camellias 27 varieties 800 Rosea 48 varieties 9577 Pnblicatons THE The RATIONAL1 WEEKLY JOURNAL' I OF NEW ZEALAND WEDNESDAY AUGUST 9 1899 1 I ILLUSTRATIONS LA POUPEE: Scenes and Characters in the Ofeen ICE AND SNOW AT ASHBURTON A MAORI WAR DANCE THE TRAINING SHIP MACQUARIE VICTORIA COLLEGE PROFESSORS HOCKEY IN WELLINGTON A WATERLOO TROPHY THE CHRISTCHURCH POLICE THE CLYDESDALE GROWN PRINCE' THE HACKNEY COCK OF THIC WALKi PORTRAITS VIEWS SPECIAL ARTICLES GREATER NEW YORK: A Model CHgw GOLDSEEKER8 OF THE FIFEEBS-r THE EUREKA SIR ALFRED! MILNER: THE CHAMPION OF THE! UITLANDEEJ3 SPORTING THE- GRAND NATIONAL MEETINGS Retrospect and Anticipation TROTTING COMING EVENTS FOOTBALL INTERPROVINUXAL Mat nHHfl i POULTRY THE GOVERNMENT EXPERT OR POULTRYKEEPING TEE GARDEN SOME NEW DAFFODILS AGRICULTURAL AND PASTORAL THE PAST DAIRY PRODUCE SEASON BUTTER-MAKING (By the Dairy CommiBBioner) PAGE 1 MISS GOLONLL IN LONDON INTERNATIONAL' CONGRESS OF WOMEN music A MUSICAL CAREEB: AMUSEMENTS GREEN-ROOM GOSSIP: i NAVY ARMY AND VOLUNTEERS MARLBOROUGH: Greatest General CHESS: THE MOTTO SYSTEM 1 LITERARY NOTES FROM LONDON FICTION A CRIMSON POLLY GRAND NATIONAL-TWO WOMEN AND A SOLDIER-LOT No 104 and1 other Stcriee rriONKS NORTON AND are instructed by the majority of the leading Chriribhuzxsh Circle Pinna to HPTT BY PUBLIC AUCTION At their Salerooms Hereford Street opposite the Bank of New Sonth Wales 61 TAnrttB AND HIGHEST GRADE BICYCLES THIS DAY at IS Noon Comprising Lot 1-1 RAGMAN 9-1 GENT'S IMPERIAL ROAD RACER 8-1 GENT'S KENT ROADSTER I LADY'S WAVEHLEY 5-1 TOURISTS LIGHT ROADSTER 6-1 PLIMPTON 7-1 RAGLAN ROAD RACER 8-4 ATALANTA 9-1 KENT JUVENILE 10-1 ROMEO ROAD RACER 11-1 HUMBER ROADSTER 1 19-1 TOURISTS 1 18-1 VICTORIA ROAD RACER 14-1 GENT'S STEARNS CHAINLESS ROADSTER 1 16-1 IMPERIAL 16-1 TtAlTRTFB ROADSTER 17-1 HOLMWOOD 1 18-1 RAGLAN ROAD RACER 19-1 ATALANTA TO 1 GENT'S IMPERIAL 21-1 LADY'S SPECIAL GENT'S KENT ROADSTER 98-1 WAVERLEY ft-1 HOLMWOOD LIGHT ROAD-STER 95-1 STEARNS 26-4 GENT'S ATALANTA ROAD RACER 97-1 GENTS IMPERIAL ROAD RACER 28-1 RAGLAN ROAD RACER 20-1 ATALANTA 80-1 RAMBLER 81-1 GENTS SINGER ROADSTER 82-1 GENTS ROMEO ROADSTER GENTS VICTORIA ROAD RACER 84-1 ATALANTA 86-i gents Rent roadster 86-1 GENTS HOLMWOOD LIGHT ROADSTER 87-1 STEARNS 88-1 JUVENILE 89-1 IMPERIAL ROAD RACER 40-1 LADY'S ZEALANDIA 41-1 GENTS ATALANTA ROAD RACER 42-1 KENT ROADSTER 48-1 GENTS RAGLAN ROAD RACER 44- i GENTS ATALANTA HOAD RACER 45-1 GENTS IMPERIAL ROADSTER 46-1 RAGLAN 47-1 GENTS ROMEO ROADSTER 48-1 ATALANTA 48 1 KENT ROADSTER ATALANTA GENTS HQUMWOOD ROADSTER 1 LADY RAMBLER 58-1 LADYS ATALANTA 54-1 KENT ROADSTER 55-1 LADY'S ATALANTA 56-1 gents Rambler a 57-1 ROMEO ROADSTER 1 LADYS ATALANTA GENTS IMPERIAL ROAD RACER MASSEY-HAREIS 61-1 GENTS ATALANTA ROADSTER 'TWhfomii AnJMDajt (litttiHMind'6a xynsw TcrtHLT on tmw today ovimsEmifo ON VIEW THIS EVENING- BICYCLES NEXT SATURDAY Oh view 9 tOI 5ToAy7tffl 9 This Evening MfcSisiGN and com wool- store 9 tills To-day 7 9 Thii Evening KN TIE TO-DAYTiid THIS EVENING THE POTOMAC A Lovely Bicycle BEAUTIFUL" BICYCLES Par Ladies or Gants LOVELY MACHINES Green and Odd Black and Gold NEXT SATURDAY HIGH-GRADE BICYCLES -The Apnc of Art in Scientific Cycle Gen atrnotfcn SEE THEM TO-DAY NThey Speak for Themselves INSPECT THE POTOMAC Will Satisfy the Most Faetidkms and Exacting Expert banet teBb of Payment ffoekty Pr Monthly See CSrcular IS MOinfiS'-GUARANTEE A Bona Pide Written Guarantee with Each Ifaflkfa'A NEW DUiEioPTYBES This Mnltiflex-the Latest ON VIEW ALL TO-DAY AND THIS EVENING Matson And oo: 9617 Auctiontant Oashel Street OXFORD SALE ENTERPRISE YARDS thuBbday next ioth iu'dusT jj I A fr I 8- ibo prime Freezers 150 PRIME FREEZERS 100 HALF-BRED EWES in lamb to Eng- lgit Leicester 'Bams' 80 HALF-BRED EWES in lamb 60 hoggets: Matson and co -9609 Anctioneera DAB FI ELD- SALE FRiDAYNEXT' rOBTHEBENTRIES PRESENT ENTEiES- 100 LAMBS 50 FA? vjEWEB lOO FSEING SHEEP 80 EWES in lamb Also i 1 Oho Horse-power and Chsffcuiter ana Intermediate all in wprking order by Reid and Gray MATSON AND CO 9608 Attctioheers: MONDAY Slat AUGUST (Rot 14th August' as previously advertised) CLEARING BALE Of Live and deaB stock At H- MATSOhr Aim pdyiaVe re- 'iMived inriruotidns from ins Edhchtori late Heinrich Rathgen and Messrs Rathgen JJrsi' to sell By Public auction Bn thepropiarty at Hal swell the whole of the LIVE AND STOCK fhegeon Gelding Toby 1 Blattt Nugget eyrs Bai Griding all itauiioh siid good worketi i Good Dairy Cows 1 YsorliiSg and Poultry MasSey-Haxris Rea Binder'' Uew)Jipnnoan 'DF (new) SF Plough Duncgn Cambridge Boiler 9ft (new) Dunbad Horse Dray and Fraine (dew) WdxMm Roller 9- horse Dray and FnUhe Bqhcad Spring- tritif fiateiit tihe KhfveS (hbw) W66drii: Harris Horae Ho -ant Planet Drill and 'Rbe MAlaQr- Nhstio Cart Freqmph flpicihg 'Wqp Trap Harness (nearly new) Heavy 1 HainlMfc Seth' Good Shaft HametOi A Bats Letfing Hamessf Plough Swingletrees etc 900 Buriieis Dim Oats Qudhtity of Fdwl--Wheat' 2 Iroh Hcmiehold Dairy Utedaila 8 Shares Cedtrol Dairy 1 IN Laval Separate Auctidheera ttin to this aQction haying they are inpmeted to tell every lot without itmrvo Safa at 12 Mi" LtititiutiH Ihovided MATSON AND COL AudSeera SATURDAY AUGUST 28th residential -pro: etc in good with iron Five walk from railway itauon about twelve walk -from tram a really- NidN Property 1 TtTESSRS MATSoN-AND 66 have re-AU ceived initrhctitma from Jameson TITLE: TRANSFER Ohy reaaoh for selling owner wiriiea to Bye in tha city Full particular a and letter to view on ap- plication to MATSON AND CO 9610 Auctioneer LAND At BELFAST BELFAST HiTESSBS MATSON AND CO have re-IDlL ceived inatructioria from Mr Michael Malley to SNLL BY PUBLiO AUCTION At their Lmid aie Rooms on I SATUtoY AUGU? 9 1899 AlU sharp ALL THAT PARCEL OF LAND comprising TWENTY-SEVEN AND A- QUARTER ACRES SiUrtad on Boddifte Rond Srid hWting a full frontage thereau and adjedning the property of Mr James Johns fo gXiSmSe dSrinf the fifteen years ITTiTgrand heavy loiamy soil "and well adapted for growing' potatoes onions eta Within mile gf the Belfast and Styx Railway Stations Terina yfty easy tfor: further particulere apply to MATSON AND OO V96U' -Land Department OF--: ABOUT 1 I I Mr to Tonke) (W Norton THIS DAY at 11 am BUILDING FOR REMOVAL TONKS NORTON AND 00 WILL SELL on the premiaea Ferry Road opposite Brewery ONE COTTAGE FOR REMOVAL TONKS NORTON AND CO 9580 Anctioneera Hereford Street George King ft Ca QEORGE KING AND CO LTD AUCTIONEERS STOCK ESTATE AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS Beg to inform the Public that they haVe REMOVED to PREMISES in HEREFORD STREET formerly known ae or the NEW ZEALAND WOOL STORES When they will be glad to see their Friends and Client The Premiaea in question are Commodious Centrally Situated and in every way mutable lor carrying on the business of Stock and Station Agents THE WOOL STORES are Roomy and Well-lighted and Periodical' Soles of Wool will bo held during the Season SALE OF SHEEPSKINS HIDES AND FAT EVERY THURSDAY WEEKLY SALES of LIVE STOCK at tho ADDINGTON YARDS every WEDNESDAY and at other Market Centre a necessary COUNTRY CLEARING SALES and AUCTIONS of FURNITURE MERCHANDISE eta undertaken and efficiently conducted PERIODICAL SALES of HORSES held at the New Prfimieee which when alterations are completed will be found to posaesB every convenience for the trade OUR FIRST SATE WILL SHORTLY BE ANNOUNCED Stabling is now being Prepared sufficient to accommodate 40 to 50 Horses SALES OF GRAIN AND PRODUCE made a Speciality Formers and others may fully rely upon their interests receiving our careful and prompt attention each branch of the business being in the hands of trained and responsible men Agents for the Royal Exchange Assurance (Fire and Marine) NZ Plate Glass Insurance Company Live Stock General Insurance Company NOTE Account Promptly Rendered Sties and Retains We shall be glad to receive a visit of in- spection from our Friends and- Customers GEORGE KING AND CO LTD GEORGE XING Manager 150 to 156 Hereford Street Christchurch OFFICES TO LET THOSE VERY CENTRALLY-SITUATED OFFICES Fronting on Cashel Street and Horse Basoar At present occupied by GEORGE KING AND CO LTD The above ire to be let in consequence of George King and intended removal to Premiaea in Hereford Street lata Robert Wilkin and Also Suita of Offices in Hereford Street with use of Stable Apply 744 GEORGE KING AND CO LTD HOrcourt ft Co Wellington FRIDAY Uth AUGUST 1899 At 2J0 pifl TO CAPITALISTS INVESTORS TRUSTEES AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IMPORTANT SALE OF RENT-PRODUCING FREEHOLD PRO-1 PERTY IN LAMBTON QUAY WELLINGTON With Frontage to Plim mar's Steps UTESSRS HARCOURT AND CO ore in-ill strutted to sell by PUBLIC AUCTION on FRIDAY 11th August 1899 at their Rooms 48 Lombton Quay at 9J0 pm That MOST VALUABLE and CEN-I TRALLY situated FREEHOLD PROPERTY 1 being part of Reserve No 5 and comprising 99 perches having a frontage of 69ft 8in to LAMBTON QUA? by a depth on its northern boundary of 116ft and oh its southern boundary facing Pli miner's Steps of 89ft 6in on which aro erected thepre-miset known as the EXCHANGE BUILDINGS which adjoin the premiaea lately known' as the COLONIAL RANK and advertised for sale on the same date by us The buildings comprise a spacions hill 8 shops and 11 largo and convenient offices and sample rooms LET AT an annual rental of £1077 This afford an opportunity to capitalist of securing an investment returning an excellent rate of interest and one tiuyt from its central position nJuet hugely in creese in value in the near future For full particulars apply to HARCOURT AND CO 1891 Auctioneers Wellington FRIDAY 11th AUGUST 1899 At 9J0 pjn IMPORTANT AUCTION SALK CENTRAL CITY FREEHOLD PROPERTY WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND By Order of the Bank of New Zealand HARCOURT AND CO are in-Jll strutted to SELL BY PUBLIO AUCTION at their zooms 48 Lombton Quay on FRIDAY 11th August 1899 at 2 JO pm: All that piece or parcel of LAND being part of Town Section 518 City of Wellington and having a frontage to Lombton Quay of 42ft 6in by a depth on its northern boundary of 162ft 11 in and on its southern boundary of 1519ft upon which ia erected the very substantial and handsome brick premiaea formerly the property of the Colonial Bank of New Zealand and now in tha occupation of the Bank of New Zealand This property will be sold subject to a leais of the banking premiaea on the ground floor and four offices on the first floor to the Bank of New Zealand for two years from 80th June 1899 at an annual rent of £600 This exceptional central city property ia well adapted for bank premises insurance offices or for almost any commercial purpose and in addition to the part leased to the Bank of New Zealand there are offices which can be let at good rentals For full particulars apply to HARCOURT AND CO 1165 Auctioneers Wellington Properties for ALLAN HOPKINS uatbedral Square SUPERIOR RESIDENCE St Albans con-venisnt to New and prettily designed Villa containing 6 large and lofty room all plastered concrete foundations 9 boy windows rich cornices and centre flowers bathroom (h and a) scullery wardrobes eta 1 1-acre of land 258 A CHEAP PROPERTY Sydenham just I off Colombo Well-built House of 5 rooms fireplace each room Venetian blinds aoullecy- washhouse and copper 4-acre in garden and fruit tree asphalt paths summerhouse fowlhouse etc Note the price £230 64 VERY EASY Merivale Road Convenient House of 6 room and washhouse with copper good garden and orchard 4-atoll stable Price £880 178 HEALTHY LOCALITY Hillmorton Modern 6-roomed House scullery copper bath large bay window tile gratea eta l-ocro of land fruit trees fowl-house asphalt paths 177 EVERY CONVENIENCE Waltham Shakespeare Nearly new House of 6 rooms plastered throughout bathroom (h and wstar) washhouse and copper in brick 2in well 400gl tank and ram 1 fine section of land Price £500 178 G-roomsd wardrobes inside copper eta 4-acre section in garden and orchard £880 178 HANDY TO TOWN Oxford Terraco (just off) Substantially-built Cottage of 4 room iron roof scullery and coolhouso 4-acra of land sunny position Price £220 171 A GOOD St Albans near 1 Acre of rich Land laid out in gar- I den and orchard 2 four-roomed houses each I with scullery 2 artesians Easy term 178 PLEASANT SITUATION St Alban Clare Well-built House containing 6 rooms iron roof washhouse and copper -acro soction largo frontage Price £275 64 Eeey terms can always be arranged to suit purchaser My Monthly Regiatar of Properties for Sale may lie obtained free cm ap-licatioii ALLAN HOPKINS I 54 A HIGH-CLASS ENGLISH FURNITURE PIANO LADYS BICYCLE SURVEYOR'S INSTRUMENTS BOOKS I Eta "hint CHARLES CLARK has- been favoured IH with instructions from the Executors of the late General Fulton to SELL BY AUCTION In his rooms Hereford Street TO-MORROW THURSDAY DRAWING-ROOM DINING-ROOM HALL AND BEDROOM FURNITURE BOOKS ORNAMENTS CHINA eta ALSO ON ACCOUNT OF A CLINOMETER BOX SEXTANT PRISMATIC COMPASS PEA RIFLE REVOLVER LADYS BICYCLE in good order and a very sweet-toned PIANO Sale at 11 axd Inspection Invited NOTEi The bulk of this Furniture is of English make and in splendid order and the instructions are to SELL WITHOUT BE BROWN Auctioneer Na 91 RESIDENCE UNEQUALLED SITE OXFORD TERRACE OVERLOOKING-THE RIVER ItTB CHARLES CLARK hoe been instructed by tho Owner to SELL by AUCTION at his Rooms Hereford Street On MONDAY AUGUST 21st A Modem Residence until recently in the occupation of the lata General Fulton containing 4 sitting-rooms 5 bedroonu bathroom (hot and odd water aervice) kitchen and servants afficee also waah-house coolhouee pretty fernery eta The land hat an area of 8 roods 5 perches with frontago of over 220ft to Oxford Terrace is tastefully laid out and planted with choice shrubs and fruit trees The situation is second to none in Christchurch overlooks the river face the 'sun and is within eight easy walk of the Post Office The house stands on a high terrace is moat substantially built and fitted with all modem conveniences and should command the attention of any gentleman or member of the medical profession wanting a residence in one of the beat positions in the city Sale at 12 noon Na 94 BROWN Auctioneer 9576 Pyne ft Co DDINGTON THIS DAY YARD S1 SPECIAL ENTRIES: 200 HALF-BRED EWES in lamb to Shropshire Rome 400 CROSS-BRED EWES in lamb 200 STORE LAMBS 500 EXTRA PRIME FREEZERS 400 PRIME FAT EWES 650 FORWARD STORE WETHERS Account Rhodes Meadowhank 8 VERY HEAVY BULLOCKS (two them prize-taken) Account Archdeacon Williams Te Ante Bey 14 PBIME FAT BULLOCKS From Leoston 14 VERY PRIME BULLOCKS FAT AND STORE PIGS DAIRY AND STORE CATTLE PYNE AND CO 2566 Auctioneers jpAKFIELD 8ALEYARDS FRIDAY NEXT At present our ENTRIES 800 VERY PRIME FREEZERS 150 PRIME FREEZERS 100 SOUND-MOUTH MERINO EWES in lamb 200 GHOSS-BRED EWES in lamb 180 4 6 and 8-TOOTH CROSS-BRED EWES in lamb 990 FORWARD HOGGETS '90 PRIME FREEZERS 700 FORWARD STORE WETHERS We shall be pleaaed to receive further PYNE AND CO 9565 Malcolm ft Co WEDNESDAY NEXT 1 at CENTRAL AUCTION ROOMS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND SUNDRIES maLoolm and coy instructed by various client will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION a abore-Chesti of Drawers Waahstands Inn and Wooden Bedsteads Wire-wove anl Spring Mattresses Wardrobes Bedroom Ware Tables Chairs Pictures docks Cutlery eta eta No reserve: Terms cash MALOOLM AND COY Auctioneers and House Control Auction Colombo 9506 gPECIAL PROPERTIES TO New Brighton House 7 rooms farniAad 19s 6d per week: City Shopaad Dwrilinhouae 5 roams 35a Hones 98 roems gae 4nd a acres £9 City-Nice Furnished Rooms frimi lbs City Shop good locality 8s Prebbletan 4-roomed Cotiage and stables 5s 6d Prebbletcn 4-roomed Cottage and 2 acres 5s FOR St House 10 rooms every convenience half-i City House 6 roasta ssa of 6 roam and shop grocery business £595 Gloucester Street West House of 8 noma eighth-acre copper waehhouse eta £075 City Splendid Commercial Bnameas for Sale at very moderate price An exceptional chance for an energetic man Further particulars at our office New Brighton Baoticne of all sizes from £25 Madras Street City Very Choice Building Section 40ft frontage about quarter-acre Worcester Street Linwood Nice Quarter-acre well fenced £200 Papanni A few of the best Building Sites this thriving suburb call at our Office will rgpay you MALCOLM AND CJO Hoaiftnd Land Department Abraham ft Williams PRELIMINARY NOTICK SALE OF DAIRY FARMS 'ABRAHAM AND WILLIAMS have re- wived instructions foam Messrs A and Russell to SELL BY PUBLIO AUCTION EARLY IN SEPTEMBER About 450 ACRES OF THE TE LATAI ESTATE The Property is situated within 24 mile of Palmerston North nd wSl be cut Map -into suitable areas for1 FARMS Fpr which is so well-adapted i Full partfoidsira-wUl latar A at 41h to I will Day will St 1 of ml I A I to the JL son at lj I 0 thisTpay YARD SPECIAL 800 EWES' 900 FREEZING SHEEP 600 6 and 8-tooth BREEDING EWES (in lota to luii buyers) 60 Head of YEARLING CATTLE 60 Head PRIME BEEF 6 BREEDING SOWS Also A Consignment of this LAMBS GENERAL ENTRIES comprise: 9000 FAT and STORE SHEEP 160 Head of CATTLE 200 PIGS MATSON AND COY 2619 Auctioneers 'l IMPORTANT NOTICE LAND LAND LAND Posted free on application LAND CIRCULARS for the month AUGUST 1899 are now to be had MATSON AND CO 9616 Land Department lord ft Go A DDINGTON TODAY YARDS On -aceqjffit -Eakbank Estate 200 PRIME FREEZING WETHERS Account Valetta Estate ISO PRIME CROSS-BRED EWES Amount Mr 7 Peter 70 FAT MERINO WETHERS Account Sir John Hall 850 PRIME HEBIND WETHERS Account of Son them Client 100 FAT EWES FORD AND CO 9574 A COOKE Auctioneer A I FRIDAY NEXT 800 PRIME WETHERS too prime Wethers SOpPRlkE WfeL'HEBS iso PRIME WETHERS and EWES to) FAT EWES 120 MERINO EWES in lamb to English Leicester Rams FORD AND CO A COOKE Auctioneer 9575 Dalgety ft Co ldmited ADDINGTON YARDS THIS PAY WEDNESDAY 9th AUGUST IAL I 8- Account Ruddenklan's Executors VERY PRIME FREEZERS Account Dalgety Esq 190 FAT HALF-BRED EWES Account Chapman Em 190 PRIME MERINO WETHERS) Account 0 BlAckler Esq 116 PRIME FAT 4 and 6-TOOTH EWES Account A Pearce Esq 198 PBIME FREEZERS Account Hbban Esq 66 PBIME FREEZERS Accpun) Ferguson Esq 80 PEtifE FREEZING WETHERS BalgBty AND COMPANY LTD A ARbHER Manager 9808 NEWTON Auctioneer (1 DARFIELD YARDS FRIDAY AUGUST 11th pHESENT 150 PRIME WETHER FREEZERS 100 CROSS-BRED EWES in lamb DALGETY AND OOMPANY LTD 5 A ARCHER Manager NEWTON Auctioneer Hew Zealand Ziqan ft Mercantile icy Ooznptuiy A I SALE FRIDAY th AUGUST CHRISTCHURCH GRAIN WAREHOUSES dishia are requested to ITha Whble of 8inU Lbte HA FeW Sacks RtprMentiiig Lfage Lota To NZ LOAN AND MERCANTILE AGENCY CO LTD Siding Uhfiatahnfrii And to Post Advice of Particulars and la-atfuctidni EG STAViSLEY 9588 Manager DARFIELD SALE FRIDAY 11th AUGUST IAL I I fe S- 500 TWO and'- Fbur-TOoth HALF-BRED EWES ih lamb to Lincoln nuns 400 MERINO EWES in kUnb to Lincoln rams 600 Forward CROSS-BRED WETHERS EG STAVELEY Manager 9889 CL CAIiOUTT Anotionmx ADDINGTON YARDS THIS DAY Tfcrn SHALL SELL ON ACCOUNT OF Chaa Enior Eaq 106 PRIME CROSS-BRED WETHERS Meaors and A Webb 59 4 6 and 8-tboth EWES (very prime) Barker Esq 55 PRIME FAT EWES Geo Jameson Em: 69 FREEZING WETHERS and EWES 61 EWES (extra prime) A Huston Emu 97 FAT WETHERS (extra heavy) 96 FAT MAIDEN EWES Mrs Xwtteltbxi 60 PRIME FREEZERS Means and Preetidge Conrighment of FAT LAMBS this Hen 0 and Todhuhter 6 HEAD EXTRA PBIME BEEF NZ CO-OP ASSN BOB HARDIE Mail 9573 ISBISTER Wilson ft Sons A I For MR BIX OF HAL8WELL Near the Junction sale Rix ie leaving' on account of ill-health SALE BY AUCTION ON THUBSDAY NEXT the 10th INST At one o'clock sharp Quantity oijJow ingin and in milk Honee Harness- Dairy UtenAk Toole Oorts Poultry Furniture about 15 tons Potatoes 1 ton Earliaa-19 shares in the Central Dairy Company lot of Sundries WILSON AND SONS B88 Auctioneer Sorensen WEDNESDAY AUGUST 9th SALE a One Bf- jRl 'SORENSEN ha received insiruo-L itiomf from a well-known Nurseryman SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION at hk Sale-il74 Lichfield Etireet pllettion of FBr ORNAMENTAL and FLOWERING PLANTS Macrocarpaa) Laaca Pampas and in full A I I UP that and the Fruit Trees of every description Pot Plants and Ornamental Shrubs NB -Every plant No euaronta Reserve teed true to name: AYERS BEAUCHAMP AND CO 2548 Auctioneers FURNITURE FRIDAY AUGUST Uth at 1 pm AYERS BEAUCHAMP AND CO have I been favoured with instructions from the owner who i leaving the Province to Sell by I Public Auction at their Rooms Cashel Street the Whole of hie HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS removed to rooms for convenience of sale See future advertisement AYERS BEAUCHAMP AND CO Auctioneers 3587 PUBLIC AUCTION OF PROPERTY GOOD INTEREST-YIELDING HOUSE PROPERTIES Or INTEREST-YIELDING PROPERTIES suitable for occupation by Mechanics Railway and Lyttelton Men ITOTE! an instructed by the Owners TO Tv SELL at our Rooms Cashel Street West on SATURDAY AUGUST 12th At -9 ALL THAT PROPERTY situated in York Street Opawa containing 51 PERCHES (man or lees) with (1st) HOUSE OF 5 ROOMS Conservatory Scullery Copper eta a now occupied by Mr Angus and (2nd) The BRICK HOUSE adjoining containing 8 rooms Scullery and Copper aa now occupied by Mr Sanderson These Houses are always well let and to investors will return a high rate of interest or to Mechanic Railway Lyttelton men and others they are most suitable for occupation Full particular from MESSRS FOREST AND PERKINS Estate Agents Sydenham Or from AYERS BEAUCHAMP AND CO 2377 Auctioneers Cashel Street AUCTION of Property Harewopd Road A We are instructed to Sell yd our Rooms Cashel Street on Saturday August 12th at I 2 4 Acres and 12 Perches being that Parcel of Land immediately bpposite the Church of England and the Wesleyan Chapel fronting Harewood Road This is-a property most suitable for pig and poultry breeding-Full particular from Ayers Beauchamp and Co Auctioneer Cashel Street 2378 LAND GOOD LEASEHOLD AUCTION BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE MONDAY NEXtT AUGUST 14th At 1- 'AJ an instructed to SELL the LEASE ill having about 10 years Vo run IN ALL THAT PARCEL OF LAND situated near Tai Tspu of about 40 ACRES with good Dwelling-house etc' lately in the occupation of Mr McVeigh The quality of the land is of the very best and the district in which it is nVuated speaks for itself: Also on the same date THE WHOLE OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE HORSES COWS TRAPS eta removed to our rooms for convenience of sola Full particulars from AYERS BEAUCHAMP AND CO 9604 Anctioneera Osehel Street BANANAS TKTE have to arrive ex Upolu from Fiji: VV 485 CASES BANANAS Including Corr Mune Penrier Black and other well-known brands Country clients an requested to forward orders at once AYEBS BEAUCHAMP AND CO 9588 Auctioneers John Ingram CLEARING SALE Qf LAND LIVE STOCK 'FARMING IMPLEMENTS AND FURNITURE At EAST OXFORD FRIDAY 11th AUGUST JOHN INGRAM has been favoured with instructions from Mr Charles Shannon administrator of his late brother Herbert Shannon's estate to SELL BY PUBLIO AUCTION 87 ACRES OF LAND LIVE STOCK FARMING IMPLEMENTS AND FURNITURE On the Farm Victoria Street East Oxford On FRIDAY 11th AUGUST The LAND ia Real Good Rich Gracing Bush Land healthy sheep country all fenced and well watered riliutad within a mile of the West Oxford Railway Station and within Two Miles of a Creamery THE HORSES Good DRAUGHT HORSES 1 HACK 1 BROOD MARE 1 Two-year-old COLT 1 FOAL SHEEP 230 Four Six and Eight-tooth CROSSBRED EWES in Lamb 68 CROSS-BRED EWES in Lamb 8 hmh 1 Cultivator by Duncan (nearly new) 1 Cambridge Roller (nearly new) 1 McCormick Reaper and Binder (very little used) Dray Hay Rake 4-leaved Harrows Stripper 1 DF Plough 70 Bug WHEAT 400 Bus OATS 2 Tons OATSHEAF CHAFF 1 STACK STRAW FURNITURE contained in SiVtiug-room 9 Bedrooms Kitchen and Scullery which is with few exceptions all quite new and of the latest designs a quantity of Sundries too numerous to Luncheon at 1L Sale at 1180 amsharp JOHN INGRAM Auctioneer 2174 ACRES OF LAND FOR HATJ6 AUCTION AT OXFORD ON THURSDAY AUGUST 24th BY TOHN INGRAM haa received instructions from Mr George Keats to SELL on the above data at tho Oxford Auction Rooms immediately after the sale of lave Stock 54 ACRES OF REALLY GOOD LAND situated opposite tha old Barrack East Oxford within a mile of the railway station and creamery all fenced well watered half of tho Sind laid down in English grass remainder in turnips JOHN INGRAM 2623 Auctioneer THAMRE tiA Single Article at Wholesale Prices Tea Bottles Billies Teapots Coffeepots Stewpons Mugs Chambers Plate Pie Dishes Meat Dishes Spit- toons Soup Landles Funnels Kettle Baskets etc at Fletcher Bro Enamel war Merchant High Street BICYCLE Sale Matson and See the machines on view Today Mataon and Cb 2618 IICTCLES by Auotian Mfleon' next 7 in THE OCCASIONAL HOCKEY THE THE KENNEL-FIELD AND FLOOD COLUMN And ALL SHE EWS OF THE WEEK THE CANTERBURY TIMES" PRICE SIXPENCE On Sale by all Booksellers -and Newsagents thronghout New Zealand 1 Bankruptcy notices IN BANKRUPTCY' rnHH LYTTELTON" TIMES is a dul appointed GAZETTE For ALL NOTICES Under' this BANKRUPTCY ACT rw WAWTntrrp'rnv IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW ZEALAND CANTERBURY DISTRICT In the matter of The Bankruptcy Act 18921 and in the matter of OTTAhLkS wHlTEi of Avonride Baker a Bankrupt TVTOTICE is hereby given -that on TUES DAY the 29th day of August 1898 11 in the forenoon or so scan there after aa I can be heard I will apply to this Honourable Court for an Order granting my immediate and ymwdiiinr DISk CHARGE Dated this 16th day of August 1899 9551 fflTA'RTTSS WHECK (-9) 11 Borough Councils LYTTELTON BOROUGH COUNCIL EXTRAORDINARY VACANCY that aa ELECTION Person to the office 0 an Extraordinary Vacancy created by the resignation of Conn Lewin will be held on MONDAY the September 1899 Nominations atari be sent in to me on TUESDAY the 99nd Anguet 1898 before 19 noon ROGERS BetanringHofficer Lytteltim 8ihAiigust 1899 s- Fhnaralsv A- UNDERTAKER ND BMBALMBK Children's Funeral from SO Funerals from 60s Ppliahed Coffins at a few hour' actios ADDRESS 101 VICTORIA STREET Christahnxch 1019 LAMB AND UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS Na 85 LICHFIELD STREKFV Telephone 86L X16to George barbell undertaker CERTIFICATED BMBALMKR mzA Direct Importer of the Latest Deeuhs Coffin Furniture A large Stock of Fiolinua Himu end other Coffins always in itook tai immediate delivery Mourning' Coaches sent' all parts of the district at the shortest Notice Telegrams and Telephone Orders bf night or day receive immediate attention Address: 58 Durham Street South Hi X2967 of Mr Frederick Charles are invited to attend the funeral of his late daughter DUva wbu leave hit residencelTl North Bjk Thin Wednesday at 9 pun for'Isuwood Cemetery GEORGE BARBELL: 2595 Undertaker and Embalm er THE Friends of the lata Mr Henry Ivty are invited to attend his Funeral whittt leave his late residence Springfield Bead Albans on Thursdgj Linwood Csmetcry GEORGE BARBELL UnderwT md aabriiPW 3SM rpHE friends of Mr Thomas Pnaam are respectfully invited fe attend the funeral hie late wf 'J Lakeside on for the Ellesmere Public 1 2627 mHE Friends of the late 'Mro Susan Pope are requested to attond her buertt leave her late residence -Woodendr for the Church of England Oenu on anmdw 10th Inst at 2 pm SHILTON) Undertafcwk rpHR friends of Mr invited to attend tiio funwal ol his late jiham are fhislaii Arnold Henning leaving -his rinidence 1 North-easi Belt on Thnrsdqy the ipth mat 2 pm for the Churieh of England Cemo-tery Linwood LANffFQW)f Funeral Director i-i26D0 Printyd' vend' WxLxnr of Caritcni Mill the ItyftAlf at SALE THIS DAY at 19 Noon Every machine will cany a genuine 19 guarantee by the respective vendors firms of acknowledged stability reputation and integrity in the trade THIS SALTS IS BEING HELD AS AN EMPHATIC PROTEST AGAINST UNWHOLESOME COMPETITION BY DEALERS WHO DESIRE TO MAKE CHRISTCHURCH THE DUMPING PLACE FOR THE JOB LINES GOT FOR AUCTION SALES OF BICYCLES The machine were on view last evening when crowds of intending buyers examined them thoroughly the unanimous verdict bong they wore the most up-to-date reliable finest lot of Bicycles ever offered to public REMEMBER A PENNY RESERVE oNiany machine SALE THIS DAY at 12 Noon TONKS NORTON AND CO 9607 Itatipos Saras Lease and I Spwimeu Pjjeea' our office Inaignis f-iitfrV.

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