The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1948 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 15
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-•-,• •. FEBRUARY 24, amvjuTWW'Pm •^u'i' • - '''»'.^, *"!•" X*'* HI In An Amdtm n Wesley Auxiliary kttend- was ,'A"?**! 't*f fl *" 1 ***««•-"=mj ju4U6i iShiith jhd .Lbri-alHe.Bleich '£%~r , f,^^*'^* ^^ -~ •••* » f ttl** **• S »f*»*JfV.«* w «Ifclhpe|M gave a v%py IrttfcfeSt-' ik:6n,The'Freedom Tfaifli' Womeri'discussed plansjf,6i annual amateur ,'progfarri ^jj—: Liji—u^:—LU IIFFERENT lotks ?-, :. y DICK POST ay, have t be'en taking a ing this .past week! • The' i -townspeople have b£en ly ribbing me ... after that n ,are article'' Herb ' O^rens, >te< about me and my birds) ;the' Des , Moines -evening. '-"'• last; week. Did^ you, ..... If ybu did, and if^Vdu mft on the. street, and if .-alrefady haven't kidded'me ilease don't,. • '. •' '•:*«• ' ' J> ~ •n^way, this guy ' Herb r enS-s-he's '4 tbig-time news- Iper .', writer—c^omes popping |on'me j one,day and se?,jsez j: "Mr. 5pst; I understand you -jBrtne^best,' is'not the biggest, iBlrdman<in these parts." Well, Wein^-pretty'fast with'the wise 'oraclts myself,' I sed^back to 'mm: »',Yep, I'm'Hhe biggest—all ! lap* pounds of 1 me." 'Did' he laUgh^(In-fa.fct, lithink that's •^abbu't.; as ..good a-joke as .'any «M <i?I,f '•' initiated f *T^** *»»»»» **u **.i«ujnttnJ|MJ'o» Jbhtefj tytti viftcenljige'ffij /Theresa Lbfeffzy/MrfeiffAi uorenViMr'S/Clarehc^.V birrand Noreeri StfiitH, uorrSffl Blejch. Snd > Mrs) E.-M, Olsdfi^ i\ " Mi's, L. ,L. Pftffef and Mrt. '' bert'-Neur&th Weird set 1 vdflf." s next meetirtg 'wjir be 4 the . fllJHh March, " tid Mfa... _., • , ' Hn,.< Ba*keiball Results . ,. ' uThe -l&cal '' hikh school basket- baiu^irid-,defeated the Tltorika team iri a gfifne'pfayed here ( JMes» day evening: 'The'boy^io& Titottka.' , '. . , ' ;, \ , H« t • Thd girls' town basketball tfcam defeated the Titonka team"' 4JU88 m a .game played 'here WedneS' day dyfetiing, .%»* Indep.eftd'ehts defiled, the Hamilton team^df Ity.-OliSl _that ,feV6tlirig iV, boys' 'basketball' s.ectidnaf Krtf *>t1n*fArf *.! Al-*_irj- ,i .*!.,*_, ( ~» ^,— » ","•./ »• **> ••»«•», ^. wuii £)\*v, bAUIidl will be^pJayCd, at Algoiia<-jthis A Farewell Parly .. ' ' ( j 1 MrV and*,',Mfs. George'-Ward ,wefe honored,at a 1 farewell party at'the' George 1 Wcilarid-.hhjome Monday' evenijig, P^eb» 16J [Thre injy^n'd he.asked.meyaU^faSuV iMrakeeis.sound off>Wd;Herat »/whisiling, ? ndMWih'g ; f^ •!»•• n •*« &v»«w«wAf QUO *«»w«t,^*Mika*vU( I hiss kodak ,ahd look •? plc- l -^"hen he leff. as^eV^V .hands, (he's 1 fa pretty; •', 'too) he,sed,\8e* ih'e: .It, old boy, you, and'your k,»«re 'now preserved for erHty—in the iDes ;'Moines' Jhe." After 'the article ran, ITwoman in'^He^field,' la. 4 / ; askihg • ab'ou't^ ^er (l sick' •K-^, Another • woman • in Ifield,wanted'to khbw.iljt, iaJl irighf ^tcTllet'lferj bird r nt6und the.hoUse. I eyen ^letter that v^as addressed rfjThiB Algona-Birdmah." 4 •'' ~r i' - 3 ^ v JM I said,.my haltftiU fits, s no buttons ain't popped off ishirt front.' ,.*' /« ^ x " ^ '•* /tjie.way, that part Herb had .; about $100 R .day. from each *ouri trucks was' just a slip' 1 "Herb's pencil, Tain't so-— 1 1 gosh, I wish it-was!'-,, ? ^s a matter pf-factM really nt to get in a good-plug for, this writtf-un, hut vl want to^say v ,we'hpve &, j batch of neW littlo''birds v Ihing out. They are re'ally" *ng good, and of, course all, Mania ar^d Papa birds hpre' J (feeling ' mfghty * proudf In- th^eso baby birds start Ing housebrokc, I'lj tell yQU' '•?!.a.Rpi4t them,' 5 '" * ijks, March il is • getting y f mighty close» I&'iSo' jor comfort, if'you'r^ gpv •Jmove to anew ' *' •au.iuajr • KvtuiiiB, r,eo» ID; )Tne party, also honored- Mr, knd iMrfe, Eugene., Nuehring. and/Mr.'* Slid Mr^vHarold Nuehrlng,' who are ntoVing soon,to Forest City. 500 wasVpl&V.ed at,7,tables .ah'd fca6h coliplei-wa's prdsertted ,a ! glft ffdrti then- friends. Lunch was' sel-Ved by-,the guests.. , ( t . ''•( .< Paterjts 'Of A Girl ' - _ I . Mr. and' Mrs; Ed Drummer of Wiarshalltown ' are'parents 'of a saby. girl-Darlcne Ethel,' born February 11. ' Mrs. Drummer'is the former Teresa Weig,, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John-,Weig. Drummers ajso have a.smalr^on. They lost a son-last'year. Mr', and Mrs.' John Weig Sr. and Jo'hh Jr. speht-the'weekend at the Drum-i' mer home. '.- ' -"*, <••*.<{ On Tour With Choir 70 Be Farm&r School superintendents are not prone to quit the schoolroom for the farm, but Supt. O. E. Berkland, of Bode', pldns to leave at the end of this school year for Delevan, Minn., where he wiM jngage in farming, He has been lead of the Bode schools seven years. n'ois,,Michigan and New York. ••^e, son of Mr.' and Mrs. L.'L. Lease will lea'Ve, Priday, Feb. 27 with the -WslSrJ ay, . college choir 'of 60 ' their 29th -annual toUr. 'Triey' will present classical and 're f ------- - ( ' *-- >MWU*V.«1. flilU lUllglUUS songrf arid several Norwegian sonairt oints i - They will give '5 concerts in New York City. The toui will 'take 3 .weeks and the members travel in two chartered busses. Birthday Parly Mr. and Mrs. George Ward attended a birthday party for Mrs. Fr,eda Heidecker near Corwith Tuesday evening. Don Ward and his wife, the former Dorothy/ Heidecker, and their daughter •Pamela'are living with Mrs. Heidecker and Don will assist with ,the fan? 'ng. points in Home From Hospital Eli Goodnow was brought home Monday,JFeb. 16 fronr-the university hospital at Iowa Ciay where he had 'been 10 days for tests and treatment. During his absence Mrs. Goodnow was at Jhe home of her daughter Mrs. Rose Benner at Mason City." Earl Goodnow brought her home Monday \ \ evening. A Major Operation Mrs. Charles Ftoelich submitted to a major operation at the Mercy hospital, Mason City, Wednesday, Feb. 18, Her husband and her two daughters Mrs. Lawrence Ricke of Williams and Mrs. Eugene Huber of Algona were with her that day. Back From California Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hall and his parents from Kanawha returned Monday of last week from a three weeks trip to California* School Vote March 8 The annual school election will be held here Mdnday, March 8, Fred Bohn left Friday for his home at Berkeley, Calif. He plans to return with is wife and two sons to operate the half section* they bought last year. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Ricke and daughter Regina of Boone visited their son Ed Ricke and famuy here Tuesday. , Norma and Karen, small daughters of Mr. and Mrs. George Kelch of Kahawha have bcne cared for by their uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downs the past two weeks. Mrs. Kelch is recUp- 'erating from a major operation. She is the former Phyllis Studer. Burrell Lease arrived home Friday afternoon, having received his discharge from the arm'y at Camp Stoneman, Calif. He was in service 18 months, 15 months-in' Japan. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Gouge and- Mr. and Mrs. Will Hauptly were' Mason City business callers Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Studer of Algona, Mrs. Everett Ackerman, Mrs. Viola Studer and Mary Ellen- Kelch were Mason City shoppers- Wednesday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Morris Studer and two children of Garner visited his grandmother Mrs. Susan Lease Monday evening, Feb. 16, as it was the latter's 87th birthday. Herman Ostercanip Sr. accompanied John Ostercamp Jr. to Freeport, 111., .Monday of last week to attend) the funeral of'a •elative. .. .( Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Steiner of Britt called orTMrs. Susan Lease Wednesday. They also called on Mike Gahan who is ill. Air were neighbors years ago east of Wesley. t. &U4 \ |!<«l ' |»:!£'U $' ^ fC J b John B. Weiland attended -. . a Slower of a niece at Kanawha £ d ? y - The relative was mar- February 14. s Patricia Erdman, a student at"!! 6 r?. 1 St - Vincent's hospital, Sioux City, spent the weekend at WSf parental Alfred Erdman home. 1 Alyin and Leon Swanson, Ar- vm Larson and George Ostercamp spent the weekend at Ames where they attended the 13th annual Iowa Rural Young People's Assembly at the Iowa State college. Several delegates from Canada were speakers at the Saturday, meeting, to'Bring You L-O-W-'E-K i'ripes on Good Eating •1J. AH Food Items &<, >V'!< •HJj. 1 -^ mt?t d.V V4"- '"'-*$->. fr-i -V. ' '.-"'-. - J( ' *' < - -<f^. >.«'^ f f "f v .>. ,\ft^ v "' ~ "$» • r\ ''•''.'K^.Tj\i--v * %''/-" l ili''-" < '•«•%<-' '• *, V .^J ij-:t£r*iW fc^A^A^/vA , .U Farm Moving Is expensive Deal Union—A. A. Schipull has beoh moving his machinery and moyeablc buildings to the farm he has rented near Lakota. To give an idea of the time and Work involved in farm moving— so < f&r he ha* moved ten truck oads. of farm equipment—at a cost, of $10 a load. One can sec why farmers are so reluctant to move. Mary McKim 1$ Hostess To Club Union — Mary McKim was hostess to the girls' 4-H club at her home last Saturday. Shirley Melzger gave a talk on the "Seven Basic Foods" and Elaine Dodds demonstrated measuring cups and spoons. Lucille Hackbarth had charge of the music and gave the story of two Scotch songs, "Comin' Thru the Rye" and "My Bonnie Lies Over 'the Ocean". Three in Kossuth On REA Board Humboldl — The Humboldt county REA has held its annual meeting, and among directors re-elected were A. A. Schipull, Lu Verne, and Leonard Draeger, Algona. J. was among C. Skow, Wesley, holdover directors. NOW 1 Mile East on Highway 18 From No. 169 ACCESSORIES - BATTERIES - TIRES PHONE 798 Complete Garage Service All Mechanical Work Done by Paul Phillips . . . Expert Work On Any Make of Car Or Truck. i On No. 18, One Mile East of 18-16? Corner The Humboldt 'co-op.' spills over into the south third of Kossuth county. \ Sing. For Shut-ins Spencer—Forty members of the local SPESQUA, chapter t 11 * r *i -.r- Spesqua chapter ' (bafbefl&nlp 4 f singers) went to Sherote ' day, Feb, 15, an'd Under 'aU of the Clay county Legion . iliary sang for inmates 'of state hospital there. WANT ADS ftfiSW/f S« i.' 1 WHEN YOU SNEAK OpF "TO LODGE MB6TIM6S; DOESN'T YOUR WIFE MISS YOU? CHAMP LIN SERVICE . • 302 E. STATE • Members and Friends INVITED L Veterans -fa Foreign ^ Wars At V. F. W. Hall, Algona Tkrsday, February 26 '' *• •Games, Lunch and Fun Insulation Diyision like to show your friends? ,.-»', If your kitchen U old fashioned, dismal, difficult to W ork,in . . , MODERNIZE it,w»h attractive, work-saving YoungHown'equiRmtnt '*1 u .l'<\'" / , ,JJ- ' ' '' *$r*t /"M«> v ,- Of «ou'rse the popular choice is the Youngstown Kitchen in the right hand picture. Instead of i being Just a utility room, this modern kitchen combines well'plunned convenience with stresnv 'lined bewty arid becomes pne of \.}ie cheeriest rooms in tl>e home, * / to higliest quality standards, pf gleaming wliHe enameled steel, these Youngstpwu units fiilflll every kitchen need, "KHehenaider 11 pj»bine| biulss, floor and wall cabinets »re wade } tt dififejent Mses to fit. ' " Itert i| pn «aty paymtnlf, Th« r, Ht A- monthly chqrg^ for thl Y9ung>-. town uime »ho w n abgyi THE MANY ''KITCHENAWER .ftets TJ»eft add recn,i|R to give Jiie, /35«^?awK '•'St.!* - -*pa - ^vW n • • 11 ^ i i^i j^W

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