The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1948 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 10
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Uppgy M6tft« TUMddf/,' f&Wtfty 14, 1948 Seeks Office Again ' ttumboidt—Matt Wallukait has arinpuWced candidacy for renom- ination as district court clerk. He is a brother of Chris Wallu- kait,' of. the' Al&ona Council Oak store. L- 0* 0>R USED CARS l\r.l'2 Chevrolet 2-T)oor Good motor, good tires, priced lo sell. ISW! (Miovro.let 2-l)oor Priced reasonable, good heater and lires. 1 !>:{."> VS Coupe, A nice clean car, healer, radio and in good condition. !!).'{7 VS Good tires, new motor, and gas heater. Above average in looks; and running condition. I!M) Plymouth Convertible Club Coupe. Good shape, good tires. Lifeguard tubes, radio and heater and Prestone in radiator. MM 2 Chevrolet Club Coupe Runs perfect, looks like new. MM 6 Ford VS 2-T)oor Beautiful black, finest new tires and heater. Can't be told from new. 1!)SM) International Ton Truejk Combination grain box and stock rack, new motor recently. SCHULTZ BROS. Studebaker Sales and Service Garage and Service Station "On South Edge ( of Algona" Dan Foleys Are Hosts At Cards AtWhittemore Whiilemore — Mr. and Mrs, Dan Foley wore host and hostess at their home last Tuesday evening, when they entertained several at 500. Guftts included were Mr. and Mrs. Edmurttl O'Brien, Eva Baesler, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. James Bisenius • and- .son Clem eitt, and daughter Joan. Receiving prizes were • Joan Bisenius and R. L. Richardson* both high, and Mrs. Edmund O'Brien, low, Eva Baesler, travel. Mrs. Cullen 111' ' Mrs. Kate.' Cullen, who has been ill the past two weeks, is now being cared for. by her niece, Geraldine. Rooney, R. N., who arrived here Sunday from the Emmetsbtirg hospital,. Mr, and Mrs. Mike Conlon of Emmetsburg visited here Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Cullen. A Sewing Social The American Legion Auxiliary held a sewing social in the Legion hall, Tuesday afternoon. Little Mary Catherine Goddard is just recovering from pneumonia in a hospital' at Emmets- bung, This is her third "battle with that .disease in her seven short years. Mrs. Lawrence Meyei: .had a number of women at her home Thursday for ' a quilting bee. Present were Mrs. Edwin Greinert, Mrs. W. F. Dau. Mrs. Herman Voigt, Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith Mrs. George Meyer, Mrs. Victor Dau, Mrs. Wilbur Roeber. Mrs. Bert Seely, and Mrs. William Ostwald. The husbands'of the women came for the evening and played pinochle. The members of the Ladies' Aid society of St. Paul's congregation held their regular meeting n the auditorium of the Lutheran school Jast Thursday afternoon. At this meeting it was decided (hat the women of the society will entertain their hus- bands this week Friday. Feb. ' . The new at El- double, garage, at V. Elbert place bcrt; garage is, EM,'Reese, who We/frofti SfapleJi,-MlmV, iand will biMng his wife'arid 1 three children here as soon as' a house which is being remodeled from a t'h6 former J, and recently bought by Theodore Keene, is realy. IMr. and Mrs., Carl Buth and Mrs. Loren/e Nelson of Albert Lea, Minn., visited'"at the hombs of Martin land Reinhard Ostwald, Tuesday afternoon. They were enroute home, having visited with Roland Ostwald. who Is a patient in the Emmetsbwrg hospital following a car arid tractor accident. i Mf. and Mrs. Ernie Meyer and family were last' week Sunday visitors with relatives "in Lu- Vcrne. Mr. and Mrs. Clete Reding and family of, St. Paul, Minn., spent the weekend here with the former's parents,'Mr, and Mrs. Nick Reding. Mrs. Clara Gremmels of Faif- ville was a Wednesday evening dinner guest of Mrs, 1 Dora Elbert. Following the dinner Mrf, Gfrem- and Nell , Farroll \Vere and Mrs Joseph . Mr. and Mrs. Albert MeVei' and family of Lotts Creek, Mf: and Mrs. Gerald Ollom, Burl; Rosella rs. , r; Voigt, Algona; Mr. arid Mrs. Hugo Meyer, Mr, ,antf ;Mf6, Her- fnan Meyer, Mr. and Mrs! Arthur Helderiwlth, and Mr. v and Mrs. Milton Espe and son BjJ&ari Were last Suflday, evefiirig Visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Herman j/oigt. Mil* «. tf I^ t-lik^l.. Jt».lJ r i A'/li*^ f .* 4 The WMttem6ve"AthteVtf bas ketball team .trounced tfle Foi 1 Dodge tent and a^ninM team Friday night on the Public, schoo floor by a score of 7&-3U.' Fdrum Oh U.M.T. At a Methodist Brotherhood monthly meeting last week there Was a panel discussion of universal military training,.,fpllow£c bv an open forunj.< t Ort tfie panel, Walter Friesrier and Homer Tultle presented the U. M. T. case, and Lawrence Hutzell, Harold Fitch, and Wesley Bartlgtt upheld the negative. ovyn estimate" selves with the .-_,_-. Including local, condltlo ptrtverajrofldS, SOU The ccrtrfed chefik Wilt" USE THE WANT ADS IN GREEN COLONUL'S SUPER QUIET OIL BURNER COMFORT—in all kinds '•of. weather. ECONOMY —owners report fuel savings up to 20%, CONVENIENCE— trouble free; easy to operate; long life. LAING & MUCKEY Phone 464 North Dodge GREER colonmi fURnKE SERVICE VMIH"' Room FOR TRAFFIC! /^REATER SAFETY on the highways! Wider pave^^ ments! These popular demands can be satisfied only •by completely modernizing Iowa's main roads with new concrete resurfacing and widening. Many old* concrete roads—which have served traffic well and earned their cost many times over—are only 18 feet wide. In hilly areas, curves and grades shorten sight distances dangerously. All types of vehicles need wider, straighter concrete . pavements for safety in today's faster, heavier traffic. In the last 12 years official counts on 10 main roads show travel by commercial vehicles has increased an average of 55%- At night, when visibility is reduced and when cargo carriers are on the move, wide highways are especially necessary for maximum safety—highways of light-colored concrete, which improves visibility because it reflects more light than any other pavement. The picture-diagram above shows how old concrete roads can be msjde wider—safer—stronger— with concrete resurfacing that utilizes the original investment in the old pavement. Speak up! Urge your state highway official* to modernize Iowa's main highways. Insist on modern concrete pavement for comfort, safety and wise investment of highway funds. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 408 Hubbe) Bldg., Pes Molnes 9, Iowa A national erganteeiiQQ to Improve and extend Ibe us«; of porlland cero»nt ,, . r ., NOTICE TO CONTHACTOHS CAA Pr ° JCCt B - 13 -° nii7 Airport Commission City of Algona Kossuth County, Iowa , Algona, Iowa Sealed Bids,,in duplicate subject to the conditions'he) ein'. will be received ,11 8 p. m. Ccntial Standard Time, March 4th. 1848. and "• •'•• F rcc c |v ecl •i t '' l y ™ a '<> for f mulshing all equipment, labor and in the specifications and perfoiming all of the work i Id marking. Fencing and turfing at Approximate quantities are as follows: Schedule. I verlng Manholes and -. . = strips' .lem No. Description Quantity Removing concrete floor 4 in. thick 28,085 Footings 3068 Lower manhole, cap with conciete II~I~~ ' q Lower manhole 2 ft. below grade and cap .10 5 Plug, sewer lines , •_ 17 B Remove concrete reservoir .. . i 7 Unclassified excavation . 107 777 8 Surfacing entrance drive ; ...... . 125 _ , , Schedule II Drainage: 1 8 in. storm sewer 940 10 in. storm sewer 1 I" 890 15 in. storm sewer. "954 18 in. storm, sewer, 326 Sewer Lines: Unit Square Yards Square Yards Each Each Each " Each Cubic Yards Cubic Yards 3 4 . 5 • 21 in. storm sewer C Type C intakes 5 ft. deep "" 9 7 Type B intakes 7 ft. deep..- """a 8 Type A intakes 7 ft deep ~._ ~.~~""lz 'J Concrete hcadwali . i i Schedule III Segmented Circle, Marking, Class A Fence, 3 Gales: Turfing: 2 3 Segmented circle -_ l Boundary markers,. I.II~~46 Class, A. Fence : 1~0~401 14 ft. gates ."-."""." 2 Special fence • (isn 4 ft. gate _' ._ „_ " i Schedule IV •lln. ft. lin.. ft. lin. ft. lin. ft. lin. ft. each each each each cach-.f ohcli" lin. ft. each ' lln. ft. each . at Preparation of giound ------------------ . ________ 112.2 acres Fertilizer and liming _______ _ _____ _____ 1122 acres Sowing Seed ------ •_ ..... _______________ ]]22 acres^ eona 18 l"' C ' ° n f " C '" the ofl ' icc of the Secretary of the Airport Commission Copies of plans for individual use of Contractors may be obtained from the Brown Engineering Company, K.P. Building, 6th and Locust Street, Dos Moines, Iowa, upon deposit of $10,00 which will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders upon their return of same The plans and specifications which arc hereby made a part of the Contract Drawing Not BRCO 1 2 3 4 5 G 7 8 10 11 12 13 "II 17 la Part Part Date 7-7-47 8-21-47 0'2!M7 10-10-47 10-9-47 10r9-47 10-13-47 9-8-47 fl-5-47 9-H-47 10-9-47 10-10-47 10-20-47 10-31-47' November 1.047 CAA-P-101 OA/V-P-lU^ PAA-D-701 CAA-D-702 A.- B.- Title Sheet t i Index and Summary Sheet Location Map Master Plan Layout Plan Clearing Plan , Existing Sanitary Sewer System- Log of Borings. Grading Distribution NE-SW landing strip N-S landing strip NW-SE.landing strip Grading and Drainage Plans' 5 Storm Dtain lines f ftUgtxstrifiAures'lfi>ria'i!teadwall. I I Intersection detail Marking devices Fencing and seeding Standard General Provisions Special. Provisions Labor Special Construction Provisions Standard CAA Specifications Clearing and grubbing Grading v Clay pipe sewers ' Concrete pipe sewers . check dfltoft bn-iirt tb«a the tbtnl amount bid* and ...... -jfflmisBtoTi t«• Algeria',-lowar. _, ,by the Airbert comrrtissiott,«f,Aigonrti lawa, liquidated dfljtmBeij if th« bidde* fail&la execute a eortlt-aetJiHd Jlld ana dp ...jvod \)6ftd for, tne falthttit performahce, Vhereoi t j*lthih Ifi.'data-flfteF tfie acceptance of his bid and.presentation (01 the Contract for; SijMatU] " 3. Performance Bond and -Pftyrhenti Bond Will beN ' not less than,onti. hundred jiej?cerriH(tQO%) of the Cohtrl- _... Performance, and,Payrrtenr Bond-is tShown In the specificatlbns., 4. Liquidated rjdmaiei for deHJT wjn be as shown ^in General P section 70-07 and'as shown on,the PfoBrtsal Form.r s k i \V ' \\ "> • 5. Partial Payments .Will be triads in accordance, with paragraph 8o-Oft\>Lthe General Provisions,, ^ . , „ . , > s , j , " , ,'J*ii 8. Min t imum.,WaH«<!(Rales'. The minifnum wage to be paid to labor employe* this project Shall ,be in accordantly with the rates shown in Special Proviso i, and determined by thj Seei'etary of LaboV ... . ..;'», f r lo,warteroduc to products an vlttiie Of, prbvisions. gro I , statutory authorltyt a, e* wh-ahd materials fabridatec * , , , . , , . upon the proposal form furnished. The sue- . . fUl Bidders will be;. required- toi execute the. .Standard Fortr) o£ Contrast s for, use of Bidders may be., had ton apyHoatlori. - . •>' > A 9. commencement' aiid CdrnpjetiOn* The -work shall be commenced, not on this Ions, ai... _ _. 7. Preference for .'crence wll be given ._ , ......... within the State" al Iowa (Chapter 7&, Code of, l6Wi 8. Proposals hiust be submitted —" " " iessfUl Bidders will ' - - Foims ' ater' lliaii"JUiie ~i~ t ~ 1848 Tnd 6ompiifed"'wifhin 9b~wofkin"i days"7lforrr;the", f dafe" ol commencement, pach schedule shall be completed in the specified number or. working days as shown oh the Proposal.Form. . , '.,..,.,., Enclosed in a separate envelope Wjl) be found a certified check 1 on an Iowa 3ank in the amount oI*_-._-._.,_.^.dplnrs ($ ), which is d' proposal guar* antiee which it is rotained as liquidated damages in the event tht^rbrmal contract/ Performance .and Payment Bond are not executed t award is made td theiltndeijsigned. . f 10. Award i or;Coiitract-rThe'*AlgottaiAirport Commission of Algona..Iowa . . ........... ^ iinvelopes' contarn'ing"bie)s"must be' sealed" TO! cfaylord.D. Shumway rcseives the right to reject any or, all bids, to waive Informality ... ^.vo..^- celved and to accept or, reject u aiiy schedule of any *id .unless such bid is qualified by spebltio limitation,! r—------ —.-......- >-.->. „..,.! ,-^ —.-ji narked nnd addressed as follows! Secretary, Airport Commission • Algona,, loWa . , / OAA. Project^ 9-13-001-7 To bo opened at 8 p.m. o'clock C.S.T. March 4th, 1948, Dated this 22 day of January 1948 Attest: , , » . i . > Signed) Oaylord D. Shumway, Secretary Wm. C. Dau, Chairman. U7-8 'e Nd\#>tfc$e the Agency For] Work Ditch! 7^6 24' Wcji Widtli-as Defep'bs l llI/a Feet!' The Badger ;Ex<javator travels between, 20(J >rid'3pb''>fee'iV ,. per,hour, digging, 4 feet deep arid'16 inches' wide.-depehdingV on ^oil character". The shovels'on the Badger Trencher^rjtf-"' taie at a'speed three times faster than those of, other machines." " , t -LOW OPERATING CQSTS -EASY TO MANEUVER" -LCl\V MAINTENANCE COSTS -DOES PERFECT PIGGING JOB . -EASY TO MOVEJFROM'JOB'TO/JOB Deliveries can be made for sprin *-tr*»*^««rt*'"-i l *?'«*V^|-rtl- p '4-*' v V< '*-f'1»irti**i. IB DEMONSTRATOR Pocahon^cis, ® You Get Twice as Many £ &H. Green Stamps on Friday •M, .'" i' ^K Hundreds of people in this community are S. & H. Green Stamp fans — and this will be big news to them! And if you are not a Green Stamp fan, start now — get DOUBLE the usual amount of Green Stamps with the purchases ypu make at Marshall-Wells Friday!' For every dollar's worth of purchases you make at Marshall-Wells Fridqy you get TWENTY stamps-rjusf tw[?f as'many as the usual ten. Save the stamps and trade them in for Valuable merchandise premiums. Save as ygu spend,' Remember—Friday ONLY at your Marshall-Wells Store in Algona L-O-O-K! "Here Are Just a Few of thd Many Valuable Merchan- dise Premiums You Can Get With Your Green StampsV • Wrist Watches • Pearl Necklaces • Dresser Sets \ • Desk Sets • Pen and Pencil Sets 0 Leather Billfolds • Jewel Cases • Bridge Tables • Sev/ing Cabinets 0 Carpet Sweepers 0 Console Sets, 0 Aluminum Bowls • Footballs f Stee ( | Wagons • World Globes t Electric Clocks 0 Double Boilers • Pressure, Cookers • Electric Iro^s • ChNk^n Frytn ' \ • Bathroom Scqks 1 J } ^and IVlciny Other WanftcK & Iii^w: &, f !.*?. I V •4 >i «, ,<•-. K 4' II vvdwiaiiDi^ .twiio UMM^IJI.IMI >«IM*.PI^ , » a^ bffilffi.'affigfohtia&o'fyait' patiently^until^Julje^ > , » cqme.'in from t hauling'>the! last foVfd of fer'filizeV'tp^ , n the ' '' " " !" ..The wait wai wttrtjljt, ttioupfT, fpr^jje'-^ajd^he^ \soft grdtfrltJ^'wd^'lusr^oo ,to l Ug'h goihg"/* gna'al- 1 ' ,'' though caught < a littlf - by. surprise, he was ready;to Ixqye his ."pitcher," drtawn. . , Julie farms 240 acres in'partnqi i ship~with' hJ$,' J mpfher, MVs. Regina Baqs, V'/z miles'east, 1 'Wile'; nor%''andf : 'then a short 20 rqds o| ; 'sp',east ! bf.''Al-.' gona. His father, the late Julius Bags,;carrie'twere' in 1939 from Plum Creek,; and Julie himself has' been farmjng since that year." r . He'is,a graduate ofiAl'g'ona high, and. whjle in school pfayed footbairjandJwaSiOh^tne wrestling.' team for a spell, In ,1946, lie marrjed the/for'me'r Elgena Calhoun,'who lived/right across the'road,' . The two 'wept togetKeri for about 5 years, says 'Jjjjje, anci(:it just came naturally for .them'to geT inc^Vrl^d.^T.He young-couple has,a little five month's old id^ughter, Jo Ellen. ' * Crops ran fair this rjast year for Julie, al- thouqh,about 15"acres y'ereifloaded out.- He has ' 18 heacl.of purebre'd spotted .Polantj China sows, •" afi^raises about 130 pigs a year. He also' r milks 8 As for hobbies,!JuHe li|(es sports^ ,kittenball on the Sargentijeam', and bow , /Old Style team. Likes toiacTnce, o too, but hasn't,had '' '•/ "tiflfiJtytif 0 ' if ^ a * e )y' JP ad *,*!»» Retf|3er(s tojga'sf,'! 4 '/P COVGI* tO f*COVfif~* Ctt? liwAe t** »fe*\f*\* \*ittl* «MM*A **i»J"' non-fiction book. . lilies tp relax are pretty proud of her .1. ;i 3HT U1HT Autorno , ilfffto'firt'f ! * I* Collqter • BM?in '*-'fw®,k f Hfe ip^y ** S-rty ' *" i .¥«?yrep|? . wHlt?»vli

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