The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1948 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 8
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Ufrper Pen 24, Agalh -tt Wallukdit has announced candidacy for renom- ination as district court clerk, pe is a brothei- of Chris Wallti- kait.'of the Algona Council Oak store. Foleys Are Hosts At Cards CARS 1!>.'52 Clicvrolot SJ-Doop Good motor, good lires, priced to sell. n)S.'| (,'Iicvro ( lot 2-l)oor Priced reasonable, good heater and tires. !!).'{.") VS Cu»})C; A nice clean car, healer, radio and in good condition. !!).'{7 VS Good lires. new motor, anc gas healer. Above aver age in looks and running condition. 1!)0 Plymouth Convertihlo Club Coupe. Good shape, good lires. Lifeguard lubes, radio and heater and Preslone in radiator. 1942 Chevrolet Huns perfect, new. looks like I!)16 Ford VS 2-T)oor Beauliful black, finest new tires and healer. Can't be told from new. 1 !)!$!> International \y z Ton Truck Combination grain box and slock rack, new motor recently. SCHULTZ BROS, Studebaker Sales and Service Garage and Service Station "On South Edge, of Algona" Whitiemore — Mr. and - Mrs. Dan Foley were host and hostess at their home last Tuesday evening, when they entertained seV- eral at 500. Guests included were Mr, and Mrs. Edmuttd O'Brien, Eva Baesler, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs James Bisenius and ,son Glem^ eilt, and daughter Joan. Receiving prizes were Joan Bisenius and R. L. Richardson, both high, and Mrs. Edmund O'Brien, low Eva Baesler, travel. ' Cullen 111' ' Mrs. Kate.' Cullen, who has been ill the past two weeks, is now being cared for by her niece, Geraldine. Rooney, R. N who arrived here Sunday from the Emmetsburg hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Conlon ; of Emmetsburg visited here Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Cullen. ' A Sewing Social The American Legion Auxiliary held a sewing social in the Legion hall, Tuesday afternoon. Little Mary Catherine Goddard is just recovering from vpneu- nonia in a hospital- at Emmets-' burg.. This is her third -battle with that .disease in her seven short years. Mrs. Lawrence Meyer . had a number of women at her home Thursday for ' a quilting bee. "^resent were Mrs. Edwin Grein- rt, Mrs. W. F. Dau. Mrs. Herman Voigt, Mrs. Arthur Heiden- vith Mrs. George Meyer, Mrs. Victor Dau, Mrs. Wilbur Roeber, vlrs. Bert Seely, and Mrs. Wil iam Ostwald. The husbands'o lie women came for the evening nd played pinochle. The members of the Ladies id society of St. Paul's congre ation held their regular meeting n the auditorium of the Luthern school 'ast Thursday afternoon. At this meeting it was decided that the women of the society will entertain their hus bands this week Friday, #cb, 2?. „ The new mechanic* af 'the El Bert „ garage is .Kjstl. Re'es'c, wh qomes frcTm Stapled, Mihh!, ,and Will bring his' wiffc'andi tftree children here as sdon as" a holtse which is- being remodeled from e double, garage, at the former J V. Elbert place ' and recently bought by Theodore Keehe, 1 realy. jMr. and Mrs.. Carl Buth and Mrs. Lorena Nelson of Albert Lea, Minn., visited 'at the homes of.Martin> ! and Reinhard Ostwald Tuesday afternoon, They wore enrpute home, having visited with Roland Ostwald, who is a patient in the Emmetsburg hospital following a car arid tractor accident. / ,Mn and Mrs. Ernie Meyer and ranrOy were lasr week 'Sunday visitors with relatives in T.n. Verne; Mr. and Mrs. Clete Reding and family of,St. Paul, Minn., spent the weekend here with the former s parents/ Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding. Mrs. Clara Gremmels of Fairville was a Wednesday evening dinner giiest of Mrs> Dora Elbert Following the dinner Mrs, Ch-sm- ' Mrs, v- worc S«&lte<.ttf Mf, and Mrs. Jdsoph Prieslgr. > Mr, and Mrs. Albert Meyer and family of Letts Creek/ Mf: ahd Mrs. Gerald Ollom, Burt[ Rosella £ mgt ' ,$ gona L Mr. 4 attd Mrs. Hugo Meyer, Mr, ana.Mfe, tter- -, Hfeldenwith, and / Arthur Mr. 'ahd Mrs it #<•< Jr * M-*M. J.TAJ. t a.uu. ivil a. Milton Espc.and son B*ian were last Sunday evening M *" itors ist of Mr. and Mrs. Herman , The WhlttfeAiftrb-'AthWMe bas ketball team trounced the For Dodge tertt and • Friday night on the' floor by a 1 score o* feublli, I teaii , schorj Oh U.M.T, At a Methodist Brotherhoo monthly meeting last week ther Was a panel discussioh of uni versal military training, .followed xr u" °£ e " forum -V°n trie panel waiter Fnesner and Homer Tut le presented the U. M. T. case Lawrence Huteell,' Harold and Wesley Bartlett up leld the negative. - Airport Commission City ql Algonn Kossuth County, lovvn until 1 II .-.m—_ L | ^ NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS ° AA Projoct 8-13-OOM Algona, Iowa fiSSJJffiS'BffiSa^r^^r^r^S^ K^^SX-^S^^ S ^'" MV "^«'^^SSI&SS^ quantities are as follows: Schedule I !S and Plugging Sewer Hem No. 2 3 1 5 B 7 ' 8 Drainage: Lower manhole, with concrete below 3,008 3 16 " '."o »i^i»vv;i tiiujci ta ,~ Remove concrete reservoir , Unclassified excnvalion 1n7 77 i Surtacing entrance drive I" '{or Sahedule'lf 8 In. storm sewer^. nin 10 in. storm sewer II r non 15 in. storm sewer I 5;;; 18 in. storm . sewer^... £?,! 21-in, storm sewer ' ,n.,n Type ..C; Intakes 5 ft. deep" Ixss ? i"J?, kes i "• dceiJ..::::::::::::::;::::::-—2 2 3 4 5 G Turfing: 2 3 1. PI; it Alcon Oates: Boundniy markers.." T Class, A. Fence _..: _____ ' - ----- .- n --.™ M ft., gates ... " ...... ------------- 10 '' ln l Special fence ... " -------------------- f.-.j. 4 ft. gate ______ -'—.:;;;;;;;;;:;:;;-": ------ ...... ? Schedule'iv Square Yards Square Yards Each Each Each > Each Cubic Yards Cubic Yards /lin. ft. lin. ft. lin. ft. lin. ft. lin. ft each each each, each each.f each" lin. ft. each i lin ft. each . ,|t#rtfit3a,oeWS«t'i" ",'l :•: j S 1 ,! 116 ! total amount biajajid CbmittisSton Bf Algbhfl, 'ibWfi. - proved bond tot, acceptance of his i 3. Performance ..>,. idss than one, htiriiflred ,poi Performance a»d .gaymertf feorid'; section ... ....... Will be -rnl Provisions. _ . , thls^nrotect s^lfl^l 168 ' 1 "* h § minlmulTI Wfl 6 e to be paid to labor'eAj kms, and delerml&ed Syahl^ed?^ *o? U&ffi** 8h ° WM '" Spe > cla \ .- Pr . 6 fpf e " c ? for lpwtuProducts'..iBv virute of, statutory authority , The ( V11 J * £ ^ « »WV »<- m»WWIWlW W»« *,>' *,*•*• "* * "f •'» V V>< '' •'• Cl1 '( ^»^^^<^WWiy<J»iv"/'*•»' *'f*V« «w J 1 * , i < V •<; .HA^isi/tHWf^^ , dfid oft all WH11« Le&hsfri aftd Cfo's* Mai!rt§ females. - < ,4* * ^rn^timffldvf m Maratf*** not Bnnkir th mnin, « c °Pe W e found a certified" cheek 1 on an'lgwa 7^X^^S^&-^^-=^^^^ .__-} 0 \,^jy ard , 01£ :9 ort i r s°%' - ' r l'te""Algoha Airport Commission of Algonn Iowa ceived andi to'accept 'or 6 rejl"?< an " a sc^ lda 'l l ° W8 ' Ve Il1formalit y "} bldsTre" Mrtlcd^ir?^ s To; Gaylord D. Shumwdy . Secretary, Afrport Comrrilssldn i Algonai Iowa .1 i '«-J OAA. Project"9-13-001-7 i.m. o'clock C.S.T. March 4th, lB48i Attest: , Dated this 22 day of January 1948, Signed) Gaylord D. Shumway, s'ecretnry Wm. C. DnU, Chairman n U7-8 To be opened at 8 p. Sowing Seed „•._• -----------------------------n ' C '" the -------- IN GREEN COLONIAL'S SUPER QUIET OIL BURNER COMFORT—in all kinds '•of/weather, ECONOMY —owners report fuel savings up to 20 /o. CONVENIENCE — trouble free; easy to operate; long life. LAING&MUCKEY Phone 4B<) North Dodge acres acres .irport Commission -.»,.., .uiigiiiccriiig i—ompflii v K"P Rmiri a PI r — 'i — oijiiiiiicci irom tno " 3 €l £' 'P" ^"^"me. 0 ;Vh ' Ch ™fi'te^™«ft>™& u^ttsSS 8 re deslgnated a "s follows^ 1 ' 0 " 8 wlllch nro llcr eb.V made n part oC the Contract 3RCo"l 9 N ° 8 Date " T , Title Sheet « Index and Summary Sheet Location Map / Master Finn Layout Plan Clearing Plan Existing SaniUiy Sewer System Log oJ Borings:. . Grading Distribution NE-SW landing strip H;S JS. ndin K. strip 2 3 5 (i 7 8 10 ,. 11 ' 12 . 13 -14 7-7-47 B-21-47 8-2J1-47 10 7 10-.47 10-.9-47 10-3-47 10-13-47 9-8-47 9-5-47 !J-!)-47 10-U-47 10-10-47 NW-SE landing strip Grading .uid Djamago- Plans Storm Dram lines GREEn COLOniflL fURRflCE SERVICE FOR TRAFFIC! Q.REATER SAFETY on the highways! Wider pavements! These popular demands can be satisfied only •by completely modernizing Iowa's main roads with new concrete resurfacing and widening. Many old' concrete roads—which have served traffic well and earned their cost many times over—are only 18 feet wide. In hilly areas, curves and grades shorten sight distances dangerously. All types of vehicles need wider, straighter concrete pavements for safety in today's faster, heavier traffic. In the last 12 years official counts on 10 main roads show travel by commercial vehicles has increased an average of 5 5%, At night, when visibility is reduced and when cargo carriers are on the move, wide highways are especially necessary for maximum safety—highways of light-colored concrete, which improves visibility because if reflects more light than any other pavement. The picture-diagram above shows how old concrete r.oads can be made wider—safer—stronger—with concrete resurfacing that utilizes the original investment in the old pavement. Speak up! Urge your slate highway official! to ' modernize Iowa's main highway?. Insist on modern concrete pavement fpr comfort, safety and wise investment of highway funds. PORTlAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 409 Hubbel Bldg., Des Moines 9, ' '•' n •' 18 Part I Part II CAA-P-101 c/iA-j j -ju;i rAA-D-vni CAA-D-702 10-20-47 10-31-47' November 1947 A.- B.- Intersection detail Marking devices Fencing and seeding Standard General Provisions Special Provisions Labor Special Construction Piovisions Standatd CAA Specificdtions Clearing and grubbing Grading Clay pipe sewers Concrete pipe sewers liiig: Work '.. 1 1 ! . ! . Ditchl/V24' Irich Width-as Deep c as u Hl/zFeetr The Badger ; 'Excavator travels beiwjeen" 20fl v arid'300'tfee'i ' per,hour, digging 4 feet deep aijd'16 inches' wicWdepeiidifig',' on s.oil fch.ara^t^r, The shovels'on the Badger Trencher.roV tate'at a,speed three times faster than those of other machines; , -LOW OPERATING COSTS -EASY TO MANEUVER -LCtW MAINTENANCE COSTS -DOES PERFECT pIGGING JOB ' . -EASY TO MOVEJFROM JOB^TO/JOB '. Deliveries can be ma'de for spring worki DEM5r?STRAT(5R Pocahontas, . If-lyPlH R,!sn j on talking with'q JCpssutlj'"farnipr,: — f, f t „ f ^ T.*^".* i, *" / >••»**•• |«v«iivifii«vt>««lllll MWIIC i cqnie in from'hgulmg the' last foci'd 'of ferfiftzei'"to'" i ika-YUl^.'fkwt-jJ:.'. ' ' • ' •' - DoubEe Gr@en Stamp L-O.-O-K! A national organization to improve and extend th« uses of portland, cemsnt and wn?ro(9 . . . through 5deB/i/j? research and engineering field work You Get Twice as Many & H. Green Stamps on Friday Hundreds of people in thjs community are S, & H. Green Stamp fans - and this will be big news to them! And if you are not c» Green Stamp fan, start now - get DOUBLE the usual amount of Green Stamps with the purchases ypy make at Marshall-Wells Friday!' For every dollar's \vprth of purchases you 'make at Marshflll-Wells Fridqy you get TWENTY stamps-jusf twice, ns many as the usuql ten. Save the stamps and trade 1 thpV in for'vdluable merchandise premiums. Save as yo,w spend, Remember-Friday ONI.Y at your Marshall-Wells Store in Algona Aire Just a Fewof the 1 * ' Many Valuable Merchandise Premiums You Can Get With Your Green Stamps 5 ; • Wrist Watches • Pearl Necklaces • Dresser Sets \ • Desk Sets • Pen and Pencil Sets • Leather Billfolds • Jewel Cases 0 Bridge Tables • Sewing Cabinets 0 Carpet Sweepers 0 Console Sets • Aluminum Bowls • Footballs f Steal Wagons 5 • World Globes • Electric Clocks 0 Double Boilers • Coffee ,. R — - ,. .._._,••••• / ' ••*•,- ifiyiif jw Ud" T.- ;,-;. -I? 8 young.,eouple has,q little five'months' old,daughter, Jo Ellen. ' Crops ran fair this; past year for Julie, al- thougji,about'15'acres werevfJoodpd out._ He has 18 J?P a & of P° r «bred spotted .Poland China sows, and rmses about Ian «i«c a yeari He also"milks 8 ft* •V' | 1 '" w " \* »«**«f»il ^iMp'M *WV¥*| fl ?S.'.J ai ' w about I 30 P'^ s a year. He also"milk$ 8 cows, \ , ^ w- " As for h6bbies7lJu)(4 lijies spirts. H^ 1 Rlays^ ,kittenball on t{ie Sargent! feam ! , qrtd'bowls f fo7, the-'" ' Old StuJA tAnm I ilrAK *M*2lilM« M M. I * I ,. • ." >»| • c . i . > -Old Style team, ', ', non-fiction book, ?*•> e, too, but hasn't had . tfie; W^erfs bjLv' likes to relax wltVwmeV'gooi 1 Des Moines ... "'v >'• are pretty proud of her • Pressure • Elesfrie Irons t • cen Bathroom § Pyrex Percolators Other Ittms ready;to have his '"pitcher" drawn. - r> . Julie farms 240 acres inlparihe,rship"with' hrj"- mpfher, Mrs. Regina Baps, 1V4 miles'east, •l-'mlle. • north' and then a short 20 rcjds or 's f p : east-ofl''AI-'.' gona. His father, the late Julius Baas;;cajWe,*thVre' in 1939 frprn Plum Crepk,- and Julie him?e|f;'h«' been farming since that yea^.' • > • ...... r He ; Vei graduate ofi Afg'pna high, and whjle v in school played footbair,jand(Was^bh"the wrestling ' team for a spell., lnJ946 he marrjea''the'former Elgena Calhoun,> who lifed. right acVbss the"road,' j' r >.The two Vent together! i for ( about 5 years; says i (• f • •'H!'?' fIR'it |ust came, naturally'for. them to aeY' '. married.^ The vouna, rnnr>lo ftnc n liitla *:..«" _*1-^.»L'_' •

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