The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 4
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IV'y- '..'.: .:•'•:'-;•> .-" '; 7 ^ :? '"•"' '"•' ( ; , : ' ^'^^'^^ r -:^^^X §<,'• !£«!$% ,;,' &[fi Williarh' Geeting has been Sick the past fortnight with strep throat, She is now recovering. ' Hfcfeh Chism of Emmetsburg Visiteti Mr. and Mrs. Henry Helmers 'last week for a few days. aoriaid^ Hulch.iflgs, IS, Son of Mr. ah'd Mrs. ;!,*' E?~'Hutchirts Woke his-left' arrn at the' elbow last week Monday while engaged In playful maneuvers following wrestling practice, Miss Owen Davis WESTINGHOUSE HOME DIRECTOR .. Mr, and Mrs. Gene Hood ha as Weekend gyest Mrs. J. W. Dol lar bf DCS Moines, niece of Mrs Hood. M)f, and Mrs, ttex Taylor a* parents of a son barn Fridaj morning at the Park hospita Mason City. Murray Mowers, Carl Morck Don' Hutchins, and Jack Chris chilles are new members of the Siwartis club. riettnis Sloll of LuVerne^Spent he weekend with his cousins Wal's6fnew;hit, Imptblted, the' las lance AUNT HET BY .ROBERT GUILLEN Wednesday, Feb. 25 Thursday, Feb. 26 an The Sensational Westinghouse Automatic Washer—You Are Invited! '"Pa scatters papers and ashes, but he could be n loti worse. He knows better than to leave a ring in the bathtub." • For ignition timing and 'motor tuning by experts, come to the KOSSUTH MOTOR CO., your friendly garage. A good job is guaranteed when you leave such work 'in our hands. KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. Mhidtte, Beverly, oft Johnson. _ _ Mrs. Russell Kellfy sjSSni- ffam Wednesday till Satu'vd.ay-' *• wiffl' her parents, Mr. and Mfs, Haf61d Hartsen al LuVernd, .•'Mfs. John Hopkins atid Pa- meld spent Wednesday at Whit- tem6re with her- parents, Mr .'"arid Mrs.' Richard Potratz. v " > -> Mr. and Mrs, M. M« spent Sunday at Buffalo the latter's parents', Mr. Mrs. A. B. Ventoicher 1 . (i Cassie Helmers, who is em* plowed at Fort D6dge,' s'peht' tHg weekend with her parents, M"iv and Mrs. John Helmers, Don Reid, Des Moin6s,, was a •cceht Algona' rteWSpaJief, t5*aller. Mr. Reid Js secretary of "'the Stale Press association. •' ' ' Visitors l at the Matt. JKSpfSs Thursday were their daughter and son-in-law, "Mr. artd'-Mrs;' W. D. Hemmingson, of Wodeni Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Laivell had - guests from Saturday till Monday Mr. and Mrs. Harry Matthews of Austin, Minn, : ' Mrs. Everett Steussy of Rich- nond, CaL, is in this area visiting Aman and Rosenmeyer : i'eldtives n Algona and St. Benedict. Mr. and Mrs. W. V.' Kempley pent the weekend ' at ''• Fort Dodge with the latter's sister rind bAther Ruth and Jack, O'Neill: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gollrier and 'Mr. and Mrs. 3'.' P. Stu'der expect to attend a Co-opet;ative convention a't Des Moines- this week. Mr. and Mrs. Melzar Falken- hainer and Mr. and Mrs. , Gene Murt'agh are in Des Moines -attending the state meeting of druggists. Don Hutchison and Nancy- spent the weekend at Des Moihes with Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Carroll, brother-in-law and sister of Mrs. Hutchison. .Mr. and Mrs. John 'Kylen, Dorothy, Phyllis and Florence, Swe'a City, spent' Saturday at the A; 'L. Longs. Mrs. Kylen is a sister of Mrs. Long. • • Mr. and Mrs. Lester Godden lad as guest 'from 'Thursday; till Sunday Mrs. Gharlene Henderson and daughter Karen Sue of West Bend. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lee had as guests, last week Sunday, Dr. and Mrs. \Louis George of Remsen, and Mr. and Mrs. Max Waterman of Liberty, Mo. . Mr. and Mrs, L. L. Riter ai- .ended the funeral services' for S. J. RLter last week at Ellendale, Minn. The deceased was an uncle of Mr. Riter. Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman went to Minneapolis, Minn., Sunday and will remain till Thurs- lay, where the former -will— air- end a dental meeting. . ounde feoi-rl . Mh" alk • 'Mrii;:/ri6b^l liunipft l-ev *had &s flSl^^'' I ttfllradfi^"th< 1f*fiv 'V^flfl £i<S •l e,y nwv.1 na {j»%,w vw ,« ** »-*i *JV*WJT *ii^ laHer's' parents' tffld" si'sfef* • M* •Mrt. 'E.' DV 'AftHkef aM -Mi'l Ross of fiud'jfigton'! . and Mfgj ttehry ' Jehanti sen, ' Mr, *tmd-,'Mrsv -G^ ,ft."- Cook and Mi^arid'MH L; S. M*I^I *,*.• I-I WiiVA H^ * *"*• •"J.WVJIVC ' weht to Des Moines, Saturday; to Attend the "Skating. Vanities;" . Mr, and Mrs. - Lewis Gilbride and-the Ted* TrUnnello -fami$ were Sunday dinner guests V the ' home 6f -Mr. attd Mrs Charles Bonovis in Iowa Falls. ' Mfs. George Harms' artd Jerry, whb'have been visiting^ at the parental Swan, Ltmdh home the past several wqeks, retttftied to her homfe at Rockford, Ill.,'-Sun" day. . . i Mr. and M*s, Roy Ingham -spent-from TdeSday till Friday, the former at Otttimwa on business, the lattcf at Oskaloosa with her parents. Mr. ahd Mrs."- C. L.' Sears. * Mr. and Mrs. Theo Lewison of Jackfeon, Minn,, were -recent guesb for a day at the" Roy Da'vis Vome, Mr. Lewisori, who is a brqther of Mrs. Davis, operates a mdat locker. Infez Jane, four-year-old <3! the wee. , ^ .,,,,, Mfr, ftftd.Kuii Slefi Hangy KeM/St ' lj ?w'a ,Cflf ; daiigMt' &M IdMh' Mr, artd ma\ Sotr H61«iamYnei> both 6f Whotfi ^re stutt&nts at the Iowa State ijnlyeftsUy. ' , •• 1 MjslJfli'GVtforioni; M^s 1 , A, E Krtesensky Andr Mr& ' K6V Keen wenl Id Des tyoines,* Tuesday, for a couple of dfayS Visit- With Ma- tiVe^> Mrs. 'keen will be a guest of- her son Dick artd his wife* ' 'Mrs, Denis Gahan df Lincoln eb.VlS Visrt'inriher- parenta.'.'Mt and Mrs, C, 'Ri LaBarre, she and le'r husbatid havifig 'dohie ' hei-e ast Week! M-r, Gahan returned jut will dome rtext Week to tak'e 1 ler home. 'Among those attending the re-huptial migd'ellaJi*^6u^" Show* pre-huptial migd'ellaJi*^6u^" Show* ei' at Lotts' dr^ek last Week Stin- lay for 1 Esther ^etzel 'were Mes- lames M6x Bast, Arthur 'CogleVj August Huenhold, Robert ' Perry nd s <John Hopkins., ' ' , M*s. I*, V. Janse has feiurned rom a recent visit • with her aughter, Mrs/ Befh Miller, at Bay iCity, Mich. While away, she pent eight days at the F,ord''hos,- ital, Detroit,' Mich,,' going hrough the clinic. , miM Sfggfi and Mh and FfedWfeglneV from Sittidffy Thursday) '• going from here Whittaniol;e to Visit friends Visited Mfs, Al and Mh and Mrs from Sittidffy til ,to rdftirfting to her home ,endl ha"V6 • received from ,'Hehry' Becker that his ^Ife had f eye- -surgery Thursday at th.6, University hospital* ' It- is expeffted she -will bo -a patient there'^rweelt or {en-ddys/attd^at ' ' -^ this ! WWtiflg', '• Was getting along "' ' ,,-, ' , ' Prank- Husliable -was 'fit B«Js \aoirt4s 'l-e^ently on bu'siness and atof >vas ,6n another business ;rip< going to Mason ' City 'and :aking>a''plane.' from ^ there to Kansas Ci.ty, Mo,, where he-.spent from "Saturday till Mortd&y* 'last " ' ' _ Mr. arid Mrs. Sam Haag had as '' gue%ts last week, the. lit- , , . - er's pai'ent$ -Mr. and Mrs 1 . Geb. Ward of" Wesley, 'who are mbv- ng to aifarriVat'Clear liak'e. Mr. nd Mrs, H|gg spent th,e week" rtd with them assisting in • the moving ' WJu wion IAN j.nio w«.i i.^j £JM<- firess 6\ff 'deep appteeifltiofl fatty,, alL fl6WerSi cards,' attd .dthef ®tf* ; bfess'tbris of sympathy estteftde'd.' ^ ttf US dflrfng4he ifiness and death I . *-*>"-'••>• *ielov»d wife arid mother. Liehardson, Mr. 'and Mfd^. R. Richardson,' Mr, -and "• ^ 1Di ™ J .vobe t i t t E, Black, ReV H and ' MrsXRny.M, Richardson. v -""" Miscellaneous . L \ ' -tA-'-i.. '. r\. ... ... . .' . ..<? . BE A SHORf AG^. • of drain -tile thfs year, therdter' get your- ordefs iH early, r Have- ' A number of hanft.tilers and tiling \ m'aehines available. Sed Me'and' : Willf'be'glad to direct you to- them.' P. J. Kohlhaas, Registered • Drainage Engineer. uoa4S*, • I . AND DECORATING." ' Albert Hagg. u8a?" V -A GOOD 'BUSINESS training and you can have your • hojce of 'a good position. Start March* 8, at THE HAMILTON ICHOOL, Mason City, loWa. ."' • '' „ u8a25 • ;0na JUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THU RSDAY, FEBRUARY 24-25-26 & ,^^ss^^^-^,,' Printed Fabrics ' Regularly 59c yd. 2 yds. $1 STORE HOURS Week Days 8:30 to 5:30 Do Have fun Oldsfws hinq suspicions FRIDAY - SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27-28 I ffiery Music That Ignites j ; An Exciting Love! * , :'— '^' SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28-MIDNIGHT SHOW ' ' . ' -.. V S, You've Wfeihd 4 \mitf-arsforTliis ERROL FLYNN IDA LUPINO ELEANOR PARKER VX GIG !.r YOUNG iV* :«i SUNDAY, FEB. 29-MpNpAY, MARCH 1 New spring colors and pal- terns. 36 in. .wide. • Denim by UheYqrd- » Reg. to 59c yd. 2 yds. $1 Medium weight, soft finish. Make play clothes for your youngsters. ' Women's Extra Size Panties Regularly 69c 2for$l Rayon panties .in tea rose. Extra' sizes ~plus extra large size. Girls' Anklets; and 5-8 Hose Regularly 29c pr, 1 4 pairs $1 Clastic top dark colored 5/8 hose in sizes 6 to S'/z. Cuff or crew top anklet in white ( p'astels or dark 'shades in sizes 8 to 10'/2, ' ' -, ' Infants Crib Sheets _ Regularly $1,39 $1 each <M V > ^ Spft, smooth, long wearing, Size 42x72 inches, Retjuged^ 3^c |or Polter Cays'" , 1,19 All Woo} Jnfwi's •I • . , > v Men's 5 f O| Wool Socks 3prs,for$l "Nowadays'"every-dbllor"most do double duty! S &L's Dollar'Days help your dollars, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-! S & L's Dollar Days give, you a special opportunity to save. Saturday,. 8:30 to 9:00 Rayon Ninon Panel Curtains, each $1 Classis tailored curtain in light eggshell color. " * ' jiBed Outipg Flannel.....3 yds. $1 White or assorted slripedHElannel for sewing Regularly to 39c yd. Unbleached Muslin Many uses for this material around your home/ $1 * Rayon Marquisette ..._., -2t y,is. $1 .Beautifully sheer 'material* for lovely, shimm'ering" curlaliis; . Regularly S9c yd. . ••' ' ' ' . "•* ,..;'. •• .1 . —: ^ Drapery,Cretonne i._-2 yj-s, $j s w»""Y; floral material for draperies. Regularly 59c a yd. ' Heavy, i-1 2yds.$l FlanneU baby gowns, dresser scarves ready to embroider. Rea. 59c each. ' - ' ' ' _ ____ _ ' ' j M »' • . 2 for $1 >**&>S&«!,*t Ready to put _ on your furniture to save it; from wear and soil. Regularly 59c each.' 'S Originally up to 7.95 qnd;morei » *3 and:*4 • Think of it . , , $3 and $4 for a'pair of shoes, Get 2 or 3 pairs at this amazing price! Shoes taken right out of stock and marked down for Dollar Days, . l f • . ••••<• '•.<>* *"i"t Men's, Women's, ChiWienk Uffim. Regulayly up to' $3,98 ) Slipper bargain sensation) Broken lots and odd? and ends ,., but comfortable and good 'looking fpr.lounging around,tbJ9 h9use,*ffiis is'Y^V value! . ! i ., Terry\Towels REGULARLY S9c 2for$l Heavy bath size towels in gay shades. Towels with a soft and absorbent 'surface for-quick,drying. ,1,1 ^ H. , Terry Towels REGULARLY 39c • You'll find .unusual strength" and''servi<;eability in 'these colorful 18x36''inch hand towels at this Dollar Day Saving. MEN'S CANVAS REGULARLY 39o ' 3prs.for$I '& Regularly priced at 49c a pair, Heavy ,10 oz, ?anyas, Wide flared wrist band, Infqiits Flqnnel Gowns and "r ^ • ' " « *• >! >*-- |' Kimonqs ^v Bch P { Men 1 ! \* "• &* it i

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