The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1948 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 2
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• , • ' '•*,•:>;«"» vj'- > I^V-., ,^ . %I , &w^.v <'"," — •< v " - - '""V'- ' v "« tuMday, February J4, »48 GaileTownels High Man For Week, Brandts Qailo Towne, who never was a .poor bowler, was a little- better than Usual on the Brandt'Lanes in league bowling, last week, and turned in the high line, a sizzling 257. Other "200 Club" scores!; Paul Erdman (2-14), Bob Gade (213) McCormick (204), Anderson (207) Chan Dailey (203), Al Young (204) R. Kromihga (214), Tom Forburger (203), E. M. Olson (200), Bleich (203), and B. O Davis (202). League standings: American League Team W Bauer Implement _..'___50 Underwriters 41 Titonka Indians 40 Cowan Bldg. Supp. 40 LuVerne 38 Priebe's Grocers 38 Percival Motor ... 36 Hobarton Elev. 34 West End Billiard 33 Bancroft Oil 27 Thompson Dist. Co. 26 Lions Club _- 12 National League George's Cafe 51 American Legion 46 Studer Stock 43 Kent Motor 40 Consumers 38 Whittemore 37 Robinson Produce 35 V. F. W. "31 Harold's Food 29 Clement Service 29 Lions Club . 25 Pratt Appliance 10 Classic League Woodmen, Tyke 49 George's Caf'e 38 Old Style Lager 33 Morck Brew 31 Hub Clothiers 26 Bleich Service 18 Junior League Hank's Barber 36 Lusby-Giossl _. 35 lender's _ 24 [lutzell Service 10 21 22 33 38 L 19 2! 2t 21 31 3] 3? 35 36 42 43 57 18 23 26 29 31 32 34 38 40 40 44 59 17 28 30 32 40 48 Kay Kelley Agaih Leads Get! Keglers Kathryn Kelley, turned in Barnes of 196, 174 and 157 in last week's games, bowled in the women's league on the Barry alleys. Other top scores were Hartsen, 152, Wolcott, 153, and Colfa'erg, 168 and 176. League standings: Team W L Druggist Mutual 32 28 Modern Cleaners 30 30 Vtodernistic . 30 30 Newspapers 28 32 Swea City Trips Rolfe Five, 48-43 The strong Roire Ram quintet bowed to the fast-breaking Swea City high school squad in a thrilling contest at Rolfe last Thursday night, 48-43. Rolfe. who last week defeated the undefeated Livermore squad, trailed by two points at the halfway mark, 19-17. Hungerford led the attack for the winners with 20 points while Sandvig, shifty Ram star, hit 25 for the losers. In the open&r, the Rolfe reserves stopped the visitors, 28-12. Friday night the Rams will entertain the Fonda Flyers here. Roaring Success * • <- \ 9 i t**i.tu y* v»* >3* i\y vv f^A. \.uvji« f>v«Vl UJ Vi I w Algeria 'Junior" Cnatnb'6r l of''Coht- Merce in 'We' high "sidHobJ atidf- tbriutn. And the show met with popti lar approval ffdm''ill sdiWce^.' Highlighting tffe ken'era'l prb- gram was d can 'ean' 'dh'onis o. high' school girls', and ttie"ch6rug of 1.750 Ibs. bf dafk rtieat, 'lh Whdch" a > thimdeWng gFotfp. 6f dancers threatened the foVmda- tion of the sehbdl $\ase. 1H this rrew'no one we'igheq in'under 230 Ibs, with'th'e exception 6f Howard Willey, who took considerable s atiu'se fr6m tli'e Bi'g Sisters befbr'e the ac't was' oyer. Solo riunibers by Mrs'. Shirley Morck and JoAh'n Balg'einah. Dori :Hlitchins, Jim Logan, and the duet by little Karen Kuchen- reuther and Charles Stert, were other outstanding program numbers, ( to mention only a feW. Complete returns : have not been ma'dte as yet, but the Jay- Cees believe they netted a tidy sum to be' applied on final equipping of two new cement tennis courts at Municipal Pool 'Park; Early Physician At Bancroft Dies vSought Local Woman's Husband In Radio There is a new raciio station at DOS Moines, and its call letters are KWDM, which has been converted into a slogan, "Keep Watching Des Moines." Pierce Witmer, a lawyer, husband of the 'ormer Helen Lusby, daughter ol Druggist E. W. Lusby here, is one of the directors of the KWDM corporation. IF IT'S NEWS. WE WANT IT! America's No. 1 Washer Buy! "«SaBr](/ \ COMPARE . . . Feature for Feature Quality for Quality Price for Price THE ANSWER IS* The 1948 KENM0RE WM Electric or Gasoline Washer *. p]asy to operate • Washes 8 to 9 Ibs. in one load • Safe, efficient wringer • Powerful. Iqng-liisting gear case PRICED FROM $ 114 95 to $ 134 95 Cotne in and see the New 1948 Kenraqre in operation. Use Sears rnnvemenl -Rasy Paymc-nl Plan—Only 10% Down Sears, Roebuck and Co. ALGONA. IOWA PHONE 763 A cliping from a Los Angeles paper sent us by Mrs. A. L. "Peterson, who is spending.the winter 'in Los Angeles,' tells of the sudden death of t)r. C. M. C. Walters, who as a young man practiced his profession at Ban- ni'pft". Dr. Walters married a Miss Johnson at Bancroft if we remember rightly. They located in Los Angeles 33 years ago and he and the late Jas. J. Warrick established i health resort, Bimini • Springs Mr. Warrick, now dead, was also a Bancroft man. Dr. Walters was 78'years old. and was member of the Masonic lodge and a-'graduate of 'Rush "Medical college. He stood high in his profession. He is survived by his wife.who was his faithful nutse during his later,years, a daughter. Mrs. Jemima Madsen of Minrieapoli~ ind four grand-children. Mrs. Reterson says that it has been a fine winter in Los Angeles and that she will be back in Iowa 'soon: Lone Rpck Card Party Lone Rock"—A' card party is to be "held'Thursday evening, Feb. 26, sponsored by the Lone Rock American Legion Auxiliary. Starting at 8 p. m. Everyone is welcome. "He's the Penguin Keeper!" • If a special gift occasion-q bUthcjay, or an anniversary—arises and a mqn is involved, you can do not better than select a sppfting goods gift for him at FRIESNER'S. This club- like sporting goods store hqs what sportsmen went! ' FRIESNER'S SPORTS CENTER Mr?. Rho^a Bonar 'has returned fr'oifl .'Concord; Calif., near San Francisco, where she had beerr- 1 since Thanksgiving. Her daughter 'Bonnie was sick 'for. some timei arid Mrs. Boriar had the care meanwhile of the new grandson. The baby's father is* employed by the Shell Oil Co. The John Andersons moved to ed'the 10th of this month from'a Dmaha, Nebr.', Monday after be- in^ here in Algeria for 18 months. They 'had 'been living with Mrs. Pauline Sch'emel,' Who just returned the "I'dth of : this month from a two months' visit with her children at Omaha and Des Moines; ' Mi\ Anderson is a carpenter. Mr, arid Mrs. William Hamilton and June, who'had "spent 1 a few months with Mr; and Mrs. R. A. ' 'Johnson, brother arid sister-in-law of Mrs. Hamilton, left for their home at Radiss"on, Saskatchewan, Can., last week; stopping enroute to visit relatives /at Winnep'eg and S^urgess. Mr. Hamilton is 'a wheat farmer and Works a large acreage. % 4B KdBSUth aiilhd^fies We* •*"-*«•& .b* 1 ajf-'fto'loeto h-sip ^i*a * <fr ' fif dtt ^f tib&WU JeK/ I or 9. olona GneC ... -pd'-ddJHfehi^' titi* tj; a f ^6»d-Hit#fe afld " cayS v lftfe Jfy £6' bd&"w$ipdS8l -.jfcft wiifh stfeb«ji; ' pVe* ih J^alb Alt6 fidunty. S^flf ttick Millet ii lo'dkS '«'a w'a 1 ^- of bad tihWdTtS WhiiAh'seamea td hit iri all part's of ih6 coutijy, ''"-^ ^' l^e woman' g'oei hanie «f fthea" :..... chSfcks range' from $ltt lo SIS'. Stores in Emmeisbufri, QlfaeHinger, Mallard and' WeS't B<4hd would like to see her again. All checks were drawn on an Emmeisburg bank, and each came back marked "no account". Sheriff Miller says lhe t checks are outright forgeries. The pretty check passer is described as about 23 years' old, Sometimes wears slacks and a coat, or perhaps a ii..i'*i.UtaMf'"''l^ wt( ?'9>-«c! -, ', XV 4 *, r-l S A<- « ' '- T i ,.;•!,/ ^«f^ v ,'\ / ,-, ' *iiv;. A*..,»«r%v«.•"'.«,*''' ! ^'*'„•," i r o^d , allSd to Emrnel'sbuf I.,j3ii''e Rail unsvi,uuaiy r ;ufc ^l^offfl;,, KbA.y* W th 'bfic preWoullfeffeeft'lt 'tn f ,,K ( aM.HWi|h „ , and s'orlMfl.laWf ..... and Mrl Lloyd * Vladmir, arid \vill -remain- herfi with,, H^ttidth- 11 t)6n 'Mu_.^ Tj , r _, ______ ___ Tucson, Arlz.7latt w i eefi"'Monda w having gone'there to help'get his wifd and Joan "estarblished in the nome they haVe rented for time in 'the interests of the lat ter's health, seeing if a warm climate will be beneficial. 'He reports her as being improved 'a little. j, Mrs. Elmer Dye and her sifiter, VTi's. Sarah Nelson, dinrie' Sdtur- day from Fort Dodge to visit Freshman and Sophomore Class Play "Ever Since Eye" * will be presented Tuesday, Mar. 2nd i High School Auditorium Reserve Seats: Aduits', r "50c, Students, 35? 8:00 P.M. rutpw* i. 1 *** «* iWIii >.; on' bitsflttess which p hhii there .about 11 \., ?s,' Qunder 'accompanied him 1 will 'remain, there with .hirfl Completion,,'of his work. Duf- fheir absence)tlieb,daughters Edna Svchweig and FrahtfeS ""' who!have been at Ames, 3d 6$ MrtLhlsyille/Mo,, but.bufi- al wtts in EfftmelSfaurg beside '.fits mother land^brdfliD^'Jdhftny Whcr pT-oeeHeil fc 4him itf death.,- Mrg; ^•'•^J'MgljGy' will be reroeni^ jinjAtgona. as,<the, fdrmefi J,3iBfert.: Mr, PUgsley' IS, a ,^'IS jxOtn 'he- —, — Mn"d'hjrw,ffe'; a wrio • J t' 'Fl iiey Moomana ms w,ue;»wno •?* | JM»» &5rtt; t m^ihg fliidrA, ..__jfi&ellyinft>TIl*.fttfU i BhJfrfi, ": M6o^» toiid' has, f beeft ,a', flyer' ' , 'dfrltig/'the, war- ahd siftfee, ha/' *gn! .ordered t6 Jafafln- &nd will' >, . &v& sortietimo in Maftrr. MrS.> , 'Bote,, who is a Dallas,' Tetfas, , rl/'/exfjecis to follow her hus» /,' "'ti a few -months. , "': -,h OPEN BOWLING WEDNESDAY NITES 2 Alleys Open— After 8:30 P. M. All 6 Alleys Open THURSPAY NITES All Alleys for Open Bowling After 9:30 P.M. FRIDAY • SATURDAY SUNDAY All Alleys for Open Bowling I P.M. to 12 Midnight BRANDT Bowling Unes • AUCTION! For February 27th will sell at the ALGONA AUCTION SALE CO., Junction 169 and 18—6 Guernsey rnjl|< cows, 3 Guernsey heifers, 1 year old. These are real quality dairy cattle. We will also have our , f. v - • . t . usual run of cattle, some good stackers and feeders. Consign your cattle, to the Algpnq Livestock & Sales Co. H. E. yungeberg & Spn, Mgr. , i( , . • ALGONA AUCTION SALE CO. ' ^ '»•.;•.> «Vt t VM. A 1 , .'•'•••'..; ;•• y Ati/.kii '•'. -,'4!^s/'» i \ '":>'• i '•/•'.• PRIM 1 A BISMARCK •BREWING [COMPANY CHICAGO CENTURY DISTRIBUTING CO. 692 Twelfth St. S.'E. . , i. Mason Ciiy.lowa " •fr The ^ncfion of the pharmacist Js distinct and set apart from that of the physician, ^pharmacists, yve are trained and skijled »P art of compounding and dispensing medic \Ve are not qualified to diagnose ypu.r ill? fo prescribe the proper xnecJicatiop and sujferipg conjinqnly result (f qm various forms of self-medication, u (ip (p your physician first. After, 3 he will tell you whether or not aig^ We're thinking of an old one ,, fa f 'How far can^a )\ian\walk " Into the woods" — and the answer. Is, "I •{that he'll be walking out!' 9 , • .•--.,• - '- v K ••*:• - . ''>:•- {THAT^AN$W£ftf$ NOT FOR^ (/5 J 7V«-» Maybe'U-applies to •• fi "•"'•'"'" ',';•'''' 1 woods but NOT to the business of selling new'cars...W,hen we .say (%$ -, \we do) "walk in and look into our operation,",^ don't mean just halfway}, |V< ' ' -»3U :. - ' '" " ? '"' ' - ' .> • We are franchised n§w cap^dealers»-facto?y' ^Pce^ent^tiv^ We're al$p' •' ' i ' /",""• ^ ' ' t~* /* f Responsible members pfyo^f^usjn€sscomm«nlfy, ^e.reaW^, and, aVcept/r . • ,« rigid position pjf ethi^l'bwsines? practices, JU^M^QU accept your * responsibility for V |,, tM r s«fetpfkttk?itt W |J| h,ejf». giyes you a prescription, bring it (9 H? fof f f p«r'| pounding. Ypu will fipd our facilities <#$$ f f f yiff quate to every need. Jf h« ' :i| lt -'-<'- - r- »'.:.^^K-..-.C-L

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