The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1948
Page 1
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*?$'* ^•t^f/^^^.^?t-;v" ;! "'^"- 1 1 1 ^- • " 2 ''V-'T: ^;-^ v^?w>?'^''' - •> ' -' . • Mow would you like to'-hiake ybUr, living By walking a-n 'dver- fige of Or miles a'wedk? ' ; , It Imight be hefilthy/ but Come MIfliaffd SHOW and Meet, ahd a 50*ib< average load on your back, fifld.ther-e might 'be times you iVlshftd you had taken up a sit' ting, down job.' to Algona's four city mail it's all in the day's carriers, work, 1 - _.. Johh Hagefard's recerif-frip , through '.the Southland, he and 'his wife stopped in New Orleans, .,^hyfe>am'ong other places,they ,,Visitfed an eating, establishment . Which' he called if The Court of •• tho Two Sisters" . r.Commenting Oh.this, another N^W Orleans visitor «of war days," remarked he ^thought it should be "Collrt. of ••thtf Three'Sistcrs" . . : John bet, i and-later looked over -souvenirs Which turned Up a "Two Sisters" menu or sOniething like that'. . . , then-he rah-into another ex-sef- 1 vifce man who had been in NY -O. I ' flW ln t{ |he .War/asked hifn,about •-' I^T« n JL hd > ALsC) said there ^^ THREE.sisters-. . ". now every- .thing,is all mixed- up' . . . how jnahyr sisters were there, did one di6,ior sell, out, or what? 1 ; - ~- \'. ~ *<_*,# • • ;^fade Sullivan has » suii with' .'.p.history.- . ; 4 '\ In 1937 it belonged to a fellow rtamediDon Gamble" of Minneap- Iqlis J . .' he tired of it and gave it tcf.his .brother ... the brother •gave Jt,to Tom Kelly, Emmets- btirg newspaperman ,.. , the Emmetsburg man was about to give it- to; charity .when Sullivan saw it, t and on behalf of charity took same. ( , , ( v » rBy adding a new seat, the-Algona postmaster has provided himself with a natty Irish green 'garment, everyone is happy. . - 'iji'.' i * * , * ' ' ' : ,i?An: Ohio newspaper : says , In the future, America will ' 'be' the •• land 'of opportunity because every child will be born with < money due • him 'worn. Europe." ' t ,; ' s '- * *\* - 'POLltlCAt PONDER|NGS: - -Isn't, it .remarkable how politicians Will seize upon Ithe nobil- 1 .ity of. the birthdays of Lincoln and , Washington to ynburden The/ carriers are -Harold-' Voigt, city carrier one, Henry Quderlan, city carrier two, Ray Laddndoff, City carrier thrde, and K6n Harris, city, carrier four, all of Algona. Guderian has 16 ycard service, Ladendorf 14,- Harris 12 years 6Hd Volgt is the- "ba'by"' of the crdW with one year and £ight months time, Voigt has -'the' route formerly handled by 'Harry Spongberg, who retired -after SO yelui service, Idst, year, 1 If ^you think all -ft city carrier he's to do is walk find drop your w*llS Into the mailbox, if isn't so. , . BefoJ-e tho men fever start on their] routes they, haVe a two- hour, ordeal of sorting' mail -* "wor.king the cases'^-as they call it. Their sload limit is curtailed to 50 ,lbs. ' so that mdans bundles must -be wrapped for transfer to relay stations 1 along the routes whore new mail is picked up, as the load is delivered along the way. . Carriers are limited /to Work* ing seven hours and 45 minutes a day, so every minute counts, and when trains are late it doesn't help a bit. / , The men say that they average about 105 Ibs. of mail a delivery, which means that about ESTABLISHED, 1863 Application For Is Received Here Letter Of Intent Blank Being . ' Worked ,On 'Preparations are being made here for' submitting a ''letter of intent" to the Iowa' State De- anu , vvasmngton to ynburden Partment of Health, with regard t themselves,, hoping ^.thereby, 'no j to the rtew Sisters of Mercy hos- 41 doubt, to c6nvince~some scentics 'nifal dntnri f™ „„„«.*,.,,-.t,-—•:„ And 55 Jbs. have to be sorted and'pre- pared for relay station delivery. There is also a time limit at which the carriers have to leave the postoffice, so if late trains don't allow sorting all the mail it has to bo handled for a later delivery. There is an average of over 1,000 pieces of mail a day handled by each carrier, Postmaster W. W. Sullivan states. Glen Raney, assistant postmaster, who keeps a complete set of figures, on such things as box- holders and mail boxes, says that the city now has 2,656 delivery stops for city carriers. On that basis, counting an average of three persons to a stop, the city's population is somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 as there are also 39 rented boxes in the p6stoffice, and some residents carrier. During *ar,' the ish' business? „,. ,,„_,„ id total cahc.ellatidris ^9 pieces ures I show. That'i Idt cellations. „'•'.-> , •' *, •t,.*v' 1 *' 1 Incoming malthas gfSally},;M'?, now'almost dotible 'What l 'it' was a few y'6ar§ ago.' ,- "-. t .' w - Siricc 1944, M yearly increase m volume handled /has 'bcfSn-Vafi follows: 1944, 1946,'4</i; 10ft, 6 Until a Vcar or ^0 ago, had only three-city caft'i^, » u «, a postoffice survey shoy/edf that the total Of, additional'.mailbffife' patrons wag stiph Ihat.-atJldUrtn o, Algoftk,•'• .'i«Albttt., *»i n.v. i-robA vnjo waa ou^ii Ulttu, cl£.r.lwurul outlying city carrier could'be authoyfzffd;;. ' r?rf V* ;%n IOWA, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1948 THREE SECTIONS-18 PAGES VOL. 83 , ^., ' doubt, to c6nvince"some sceptics tljikt THEY TOO'-'are ibf ..Lhlo'oln and Washinift'ori calibre'- ' ' an asnito caibre-, '. /won-,der .what 'Lincoln- or, Washington W0\«ld- thln ^\;i f ' they -saw2 theSfin ... flntirnv,, atifl'.jtxrolrt'Urt*-! ^.•*Urti^*, / ki'"v-,— A. 'pital, slated for construction 'jn -Algona' as soon as federal ^.approval- and aid is giyen, and * , building , arrangements * can be ' ''"'* - because' of- a' > Beyond us. The tcr '•heavy 'labor ~v6tb -is u«,nu- 0 » auu normal,, and' in' the area,"where the.American .LaboriParty elect-; A. "Wallace-backed A-ftierican'la- bor party candidate, ,4s nominated i for "congress. The press j generally republican, • seems to I think'this .is'indicative' of some-? thing, of other . ': ,- we,doubt if i the v democratic"party "folds up bo- pause v of it,, "and we 1 '' 'doubt' -if : 7$L*£ y Captures any votes in the electoral college,' ' '<_,, • • -, 'THOSE CQFFEE MUQS: . ,- Last week 'we suggested .coffee mugs I be inscribed 1 -with patrons' names.,., like 'old-time' barber shop shaving mugs,'We started s~—thing: 1 • \ , f MJT ti ) ' From Lois and,,Righ1frcMG*u»-* at >Burt comes 'word that THEX did just that in' their cafe, before Us-recent'sale .,. >put custom. ers names' on -individual cups • y .. . problem 1 was to-"keep- the • name frorwwashing off; they" say. ; And lo and behold! Ypuc cor-' _• respondent walked, into" Myers 1 {/Cafe, .and there was'a cup, his name inscribed, all waiting'to' be . -used. Yes, indeed, you sure ne,v'-. ~er know what'U happen-from an , item. '' • , s' - " * * + v -Sihce'Jha* story in the'Des Molnes Tribune, by Herb Owens,,, about Pick <gogt and bis hobby of raising -parra.. keets, he's been deJyge$l* with -, nje|l,. . . including one. letter' addressed to "Tb,e' Algona ,Bird Man" . which " reached '" .Win promptly. ,-v incident"* ' k l ally, . bis mother frejiirned i home just in time from a -..western trip,,ste 'spentf all" day, last Friday " sewing' *a T brassiere for D|qk to wear in '. ths, beef **»?*> chofwsiio the \ Jaygee minstrel, ; - , ; ' ; We note thai Mrs,, WeinksWf :;mjnjs.ter's i ,,wife.,', r" • «"-*" ;S|rs, "Wepjnga, o{ .;, on "filling 'it, mg, this .week: ,-.It / x. Graham Opening Thursday Grand -opening of the new Graham store here has been set Cor .Thursday of this week. The new store, which is double its former size, has added'a shoe department'"and expanded all other departments. Roy Ingham, manager, " stated. Three new employees have also been added to personnel, bringing total store employees to ten. .. Located in the Misbach building on State St.,'"the store will now occupy not only, its former space but the former National Tea floor spaco as "well. The partition between the two stores was removed, and , the entir6 building,, a double front,' is now occupied,' by Graham's. 'A full width'balcony has also been constructed, across the rear |(j f eams 0 Den Beef 7 'rust "Brings Down The House" 1 VW ' IW V *|)* VI11 /. ^v ^m-r-^-rrrnnwrriTratrtTrniin-M-ii^iiiiiir!,,^.i.M.^...,. , mai n The .Graham" Tourney Here 'Finals .Saturday To' Determine , District Entries ' "•I,' FIRST, ROUND RESULTS \f In first round games, of lhe% sectional tourney,, here, Mon-"|w, day night, scores were as' J ' • follows: ^ ' , v Burt 36, Rodman 25. •' , Briit,66, West Bend ^23. In games tonight (TuesfdayK Titonka meets, Wesley- 1 "- " 'niu^tL'alsb' be '' , . ,. forwarded . to s , Detroit! fo'r'-nfeces- sary information from "the i Sis- tprs 'of Mercy hospital' organization. / ' / •v ! t Is First Step 'This is the first step toward getting n.'fodcral grant 1 ' of money. After tho /'letter of intent" is completed and forwarded, which must bo done by March 11, state authorities will thcri , select the first .group of projects to v bq helped ah.d ' forward a .'second,, 'form callc'd -a construction application. (Jhron'slarni Program, Thur. Union — "Exhibitors making entries in the Union Twp. Farm Institute to be hpld' Thursday at the Good Hope church, are asked rr\ * n*\\Tn 4-K n t.. i_n«j i . to 'have their exhibits" Wednesday afternoon. ' in by There will bo,-75 prizes in all,, and 2 p.- deadline -for Wednesday. been set as the making^, entries, 'into aption;' th'isTweek,'seven"in class ;B f ",arid three in 'class/''^" in 'one>of '96.boys'• sectional/case tourneys on the gym floor in '' gona high school. ' ' Competing in class "B" .W'st. GcceUa's of Algona,.Rodman, 7" tpnka, Wesley. Whittemore; ,a Presentation • Academy of Whittemore and Burt. .'. / C^ass "A" schools arc Britt and West Bend. , -Algom will meet . the winner off the Britt-West Bend contesV, in the class "A" final, Saturday night On -prc-gamc dope, Algona and Britt are rated the strong class Algona teams, .and St. Cecelia's Presentation ^Pictured hejre 1 is>!rs, Florence Vander —" In .the women's divjsion ; there ;an be 33 entries, including baked goods of all kind?' handwork' such as textile painting, knitting, crochet, pot holders, articles made .from, feed sacks and other Similar things, and there will also bo various, classes for canned goods.- ' For men the awards will be on exhibits of grain of all 'kinds, and vegetables and fruits. Prizes havQ beep contributed by- the business men of. Algona, an'd include nylon hose, electric irons, hostess sets of glasses, merchandise certificates, coffee makers, faajnt, wrenches, stock dip and many other things. .' The -general -public is' cordially mvited to attejTd, • •The .morning' program starts at ' over management of tbe. pit ? l«»which if, jo.- scale* business ag Mrs. 1 Vander Wilt i$ a vet^ran^n hospital . experience« , havmg .run-, r; hw&fMTW ock Bui* forty years h?r "husband, uiftif |he i w «C and mprt uptU I^ «iisp9Sf<| r . ,'; fi en, with noon, - > bath men and- wom- ' a lunpheoh, slated for City Sign Prp>ct To Service Clubs President Joe 'Lynch and Sep,,rotary. Lvj^ Mathes ; r were b9th m ^Monday,'? Rotary but -Past- President Wendell Fpeneh an,d *-•.- -— •WfcC'--*". * t ^. w»jt-*(ve*i/iuii ui Whittcmoro seem most likely to emerge class, "B'.' , finalists, although Burt is also a possibility after downing the local academy recently.' \ " >'Firs!t game's-- were Monday evening. Tonight .(Tuesday), Titonka, meets Wesley -and the two Whittemore' teams tangle, There are no games Wednesday, >, the semi-finals bcincj Thursday, and finals'in both classes on Saturday. :•>",. • " * ,,* * ALGQNA WINS 17TH OF SEASON AT HUMBOLDT /• Algona high took its' 17th victory this season in a basketball game at Humboldt, last Friday." The spore was 55 to 28, and concluded the conference schedule. Algona took second place, losing by a single point to, Clear'Lake and likewise»Webster City, the only Bulldog defeats,this' season, Algona (55) „' f g Crapser __»,^J.^^4, 3 Tirti i ft^ OP ' * r /\ County To Vote March8 On New Setup Two Candidates • \ To-Have No'^ • <,* l ;, Opposition . * y>, There will be contestsj'in thfdc of the five elective' divisions -for the Kpssuth County 1 Board of Education, when the first ^.elective board is selected by'voters, Monday, March '8. ,v' •' . v ?> - '. The board" is a>new setup,-do- v signed to' coordinate educational policies -by counties, workmg',in ' conjunction with the "county/^superintendent's p j ffjde,-^t " /..q'Ct iTHn ""Iti****-*.*^ •*£&-+ ."_2-_'HLye.&j T ..*,'***** n , lease^by- Waldron", -Z]"IZI Skogs,trom', , ^,,,^ Sigler i-.^v.''„ Colburn t;^,"2, Pentecost — r '5 1 ,°-. D Q ft 5 Q 3 i 0 0 0\ 0' 0 THESE CANDID shots,:"taken last Thursday night at the dress rehearsal for the Junior Chamber of Commerce caught throe program wit- Vlinstrel Show, highlights of the t ^^ 0 ^.^ ,,. v - nessed by audiences Friday and Saturday in tho high school aud- torium here; In the-top picture are all but me'of-the "beef trust" who per- CAMERA formed in the Little Girl'Chor-1 Quire, left, and Bonnie Steil us. Left to right arc Joe Harig, .The chorus was composed of Bert Baldwin, Billy Barry Jr,, U! " u —•---• —-••- f^a^u ui Harold Brandt and Dick Post, with Howard Willey, as the little brother, in front,' Vince Schleusner, whose presence didn't deduct from the tonnage, was missing in this, picture, Lower left, the Can'Can Chorus is in action. Stepping out in the foreground are Marilyn Mq- school girls, JoAnn Balgeman, soloist, is at the right. JoAnn, winner of various solo contests, has her fiJ^ <! Ioscd during a rendition of 'My Man," aqd the photographer admits the shot doesn't do justice to this beautiful and talented young lady. (Algona Newspapers Flashfotos). Sound Over On O.M.VJ. Charge Here:J|Jonday and costs. ' , '' Hans NieJs,eri, St. Joseph, Mo,, charged with a stop -sign violation," was, fined $5 and costs. H. M, Goodwin, Clear Lake-, charged with passing a 1 school bus while th,e latter was' discharging passengers, was fined $25 and costs, The incident happened, at Sexton, , , t Osbomes Of Seneca Think Jinx Around dates follows: ""•^»« ^V-*-i>M«l»jf^ * " J * i •* G,, D. WcJlfl'ojiSenj'-Ti^ka-' German twpJ/'afid H."W>Lin'de, Swea City, „, ' , *, ' ' 1* This arta, at large, .enables "all ' voters to vote fop'ofle of the two candidates. / '- ;,- First District > ;-'• ' L .Candidates; Clifford T ^Krant?, Titonka; Swen Larson, Hebron twp.; D. O. Friets, Ledya"rd r . "'•' l This area comprises Sprink-/ field twp Hebron-twpi, LJncofn twp., .Ledyard consolidated^dis- and Buffalo .Consolidated - dis-' tnct. ' . , ', ,\_ ,„ . Second' Candidates:"' A. "-H. Sch'ulen, Swea City; D.. CO Crouso, I^yard (Grant twp.). ' ,.^\This area comprises. Grant twp,, Eagle, twp., < Swea, twp., Swea City consolidated, «arriso^ Ind. No. 2, Harrison Ind,. Np^3 > Bancroft Independent, 'Greenwood twp., Seneca Consolidated,' Seneca Ind, NO,-9 'and Noi^7 Third ...There is only one 'candidan,-, Wesley Bartlett, of Algeria, ^nV In this district a^p Burt Jtri'de-: jondent, Burt twp;', Pentd~ •»-•-' -.otts Creek twp,, -Union Whittemore Independent, ^w temore twp., Cresco, AlgW'In- 1 dependent, RiVerdala f tVfc Garfield T - J ^ Ji " * y Only which -. My, Ch,BFles Osbprn" aye re 9 dy Jo belieye there s«?li &/ thing ss a jin«,« Early ia§t wgej5 Mrs, born sHffered ssvtre twm 9V, pnq fingers were brtt-w. a W9te ( r .Mrs. t to'- W& P' 1 P re ^ k --« ley Indep Irvmgton , and.v^uV^ejrieC|} 1 ae,l T^e ^toBtt^Jy^P i tsswlthv 3il c Tfo J el«nr^jlpl|||

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