New-York Tribune from New York, New York on April 8, 1899 · 12
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · 12

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1899
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ARMY AND NAVY ORDERS. tYaahlngton. Aprll T.-The following Army. Navy and Marlno Corpa OTdera have been isaued: ARMY The following asstgnments of offlcers reeently promoted to regiments are announced; Major john <; laBCra (oaputa, !?? infantry,. to tha 10th Ir.fsntry Halor HFAKV H APAMS .certaln !8th InfantrvV 10 the 18,h, Infantrv. He I. -elle*'*d from ??? h>B duty at .';nclnnati and wlll rr -**d M BM Fra for duty Major OW8JN .1 BWRRT leaaUto, 2Mh Infamr^ ia, tl.. 23d lafaatry. R* la rrtlevad from *?*??""?? *__. 5* snd wiM atwaasl to Baa rmacteM lor abatj .,,K yiayr ALBKRT L MTFR .promoted from captata, .ltn InfB-trv-, to the 11'h tnfsntry Major JAMKSs RF'iAN .cap'.in. *h Infantryl. to tha Pth Major DANtEL OORNMAM (eav-etaba, 81*4 lagaatry), te the 2is: lafaatry Majw CHARUM B HAUj .'*pt*in. i*" tafaairy), ? the M Infantn Major ROBERT v batfs (captaln, i?h tafaatiyi aa fantn B v iflrai lleulenani lai Cavalry). ia n* "? De-a.rtf.-al of the Tho following ehanga* ln the aUHona and dutles of offlrers of the Corpa of Englneera are ordered: 4Tar,.a.n ? HARleE8 H 88 KINBTRT, ln aMItlea to his ^Vresent 8.11** wlll take atUta. ?' "jtaiV^H lt' relleva U-uleaant-Cokmel ? ,',1"m,?H ,.\7. -' Benyaurd Jdn taba M Adama ' ?"*? tU;J*1- ^ srty, u !n1i--st*o bv th* i h.ef rir^- : " 1UL1AM B LAPCB U rallavad a * v.-.vrv- p 1 undar Major Panlel J ''^'^ and wlll procead l WI lata P Int. N. 1 | Lteataeent FRANK C BOOOB _\J__V__\?. j arlll Uke s's'i iB ?' Tampa. r*rcrr Bft Hei D .lervev for dttt) Cap?.l- BORERT P JOHNSTON. 2d _?*^3g*?P__\ .... neere).!- r*i"??d ?? _?"., - ,r ututenant CWonrt Wll arn lt II B*r.i?ur- and ? '*- ?Utl*n at Hawporl, rt l repprtlng I" Mat-r i/vkwood A board of offl- er? is appotnted to meet ln Waah fogl n for preparlng a system of examination and eonductlng the examlnatlon oi persons for ar solntaaenl a? paymaatera BWall P-igadie- General Ar^A B CARKT. r?> maa'er V-ner?l ?lnn*l DALLAB BACHE. aeeletam euiweon WALTER REED. auraeon; Major iAM B PATTEN qijart*rmas'*r. MaJ v THOMA8 t KNOX ln-p?ot?r general; Beeond I.'*u Bt OEOROG T .t'MMBRUN. 6,h ravalry, re v.- JACOBS, ouart*rma*?*r, and P*cond ..-? ?. ni'-irre- and recordar of tha kxamln Ina 'tcarri at Vancouver Barracka vloa ' apta.n ? " ak Tavlor HT. ?nd Flrat L#auUB ?ni R'liitam B Oraraa Tl* I.fantrj BA. fo . |, * offlrers ai y^n^*'^"^G^\ Titb Infantn I '?:'"' ARCHIHALX) a <-AR AN-,ii. ai, [nfant -? Ueutenanti kp^in O <TaBRATT. M Artlllerj CHARLEB UNOOUN. Li- ? - -.V T. Ml'BPHV 24'h ln ' tatry t. .-v F n*EaTON aaalaunt oommlaaary B*r atenct wlll aaaum* <-harg* of th* pfflc4? r. .i? n-," ?,.?.?% c?nera! of ?uhs's-e".-e B/im rol ? na e?cen wU] re-?orj at *|?.#fJ^^m,5?|2S tlon Wrat Ueutenant OEOTOB ?' : ? HMENDi lai Infantry and \MlUsM k .BHIEL1* I^th Infantn 7 Ututenant HENRT C KEKNF Jr . 2Vh Irfantn'. '" w oavanworth Kanaaa. for .aaml. ration for prom^-tlon BTrst Llautenani WILUAM A BVRSB1DE, 17th Infan WT*\r?-??.; IraB*f?rr*d " Ihe Uth fnlted Biataa Infantn ' '? L, .... _ > ...Utaai Baraao. .^harl?S a. cattermous. * I ,- rami ?? lumWa H.vaaa. and wll) pro r--^1 ? III Capt*<n CHARUB8 J BTgA'ESg, 2d 0?*a?nr. ^?BP* nr,d r-'!ev^ Chptatn Hap C. ? ;tv as Conector of CUa Captaln Her? wlll irreoaad to %-.?? v^.'V , ? ' ? ' rther ordara 7^..,. : '.vh.uxm*. lMh IfAmrj-. j. r<.].., ?! from l Hlni ly al Onnnns'l. ana . I, raarln . Tbe f . ? afera are mad? CapUIn EERULON J v,' th* 10th Infantry to th* 11th Infantry, tha Vh In fantrv to th* 11" NAVY Oo-nmanier \v H BB 'WNSON la ord?r*d to th* ^rarr.r Shlp Tard Ma) rork oi (lu-nt Awistsn- Payma*t*i J 8 baRBKR I* ertered te th* Wai MARINE CORPS. Car-'. H C HAINE8 I I ['m ^nimand of - ;'r'4r?.t l^n. wlth M ' I Manila. 1 ppina i ndi < iv C POPE. Maiot W !' BPirEB Captaln 0. UOSQ and A I DAVIfi *-* den ' '? ?' : ., , .,: i, Navy rai I N**> \ rk on - , . .. th Marine Batt n for Mai The followlai - ? - ^"*n T?,a'1'r-ln-i'.?',-'pr?" ?;. "ipta:- ? F Bl I" FR W ?,. . . r biddue ? rirat Oeu I KANE, E R LOWNDE9 and A. W ,-v ; ? - ? - - aptalm rt.- ., b H K' Ii erderirt to procead to N*w ',,',. - .- ' th* I"-1- inat - |, x-? > rk for dnty ?],n ,, . Marine Batt* Majr C 1. m ' AWi.r.v is ordartd te procead lo Naw ?? -nlng 'f 'he S'h Inst. 10 ?? Navy Vard, titm Ton. for duty as ., . , -.- .- ,.-,n ro.v betna ? ? ? al Mai CBpta , PORTER 1* deti hed fr^m Marine Uarra^ks. j.av| ., fln^ ordered lo proceed t \\ ?* Ington and repon ? ? BrtgadJ*r Oenera', i'-m snt. BATB BIB UOTHER WA8 ECCEXTB1C. FRFI-ERir-K C FK.vll TEBTlFIEa IR THF BCTT T^ AXKtX HF.R MARR1AOE TO H R ROOERB. The trlal of tbe actl ?n broughl hy th.p two rhll ?3rpn rf Mr? Harrlel Beach-Rogera. P*red.rlck C, Beaoh and Mra Jennl. <",asp<-r. to have hpr marrlagp to Henry Rlch.rd.on RoK-^rs annullpd on thp pro-inds tna' Bh? was iti?an? when she was married to him. and that he Induced her to marry Mm by fraud and, was begun yesterday hy ju.tlc.CI leraleeve, ln the guprem. I'ourt. Mr.= Beach-Rogera waa de,-iared Insana by a Bherlffs Jury nearly n year ago, nfter an Inveatl g n whlch extended over two months. The jury addod a riause to theJr v.rdlct saylng they did not cr,r.sider aho Bbould b. oor.flnp'l ln an Inatltutlon. Rogprs la at aan'lng a aentence of three ?n'.r.ths" lmprisonment for assnult on a detective who attended one of hla aeancea and scized the '?=plrit." Ha was brought to court for th.- preaent trlal und.-r a writ of habeaa corpua dlrectwl to the v an of the penltentlary on Blackwell'a Island. Mra Beach-Rogera waa prlor lo vt marriaga to the splrit medl m the arldo. of Alfred 1-.. Hpfl.'h, th.e Editor of "Th.- Sclenttflc Amerlcan. Mr. Hamllton, who appeared for th* Rea.-h rhll dren, related th. hlatory of Mrs Rrarh'a mar rlag.- to Rogei H? lold how he had bepn hrr only travelltng companlon ln her trlp up thp Nll.. Hp had managi ael aald, to make her belleve that all her aetlona w*r? direoted hy Pro\'ldenc. through hlm (Rogera). and ahe wrote to her chil <lre i that her marrlage to hlm was under apiiitual Buldai lo'd of the pr<- - v Mr.- Bea. h's ,-liildren to have hpr deolarp.] 'incompetent to manage elther heraelf or her af falra. and of the reaull of that Inqulry He went througb thi tween Mrs Beach and her .-hlldr.-n ar 1. ngth. and said h. had no <lo..r.' her marrlage would be annulled The defenc I* lhal Mra Beach was in poaaeaslon of all hpr facultle* when shp was marriPd to R> g. , was not InduePd b> fraud or dp celt to marrv nlm Th' flral wltneaa examlned by Mr Hamllton waa >'rederl< k C. Beach th< aon of Mrs. Rearh-Rog *>rs He tctlfled that h's mother had been e-cen trl< for many s ? Mr. waa stlll on 'he stand wh*n an ad J.i.rnrr.fn! was 'ak'n untll Monday. < <>! RT CALEXDAR8 FOR TO-DAY. Kurrerr-e . ":rt ^peftnl Te-m-fsrt Il-Pefore Truax. ?-?',, >1 h m Kx psrre nytters gurroaaia i mben Before FttagaraJd B.? Cr.ur. - No d.y ralendar W|U? for / ? 7 . Marsra-?t McCraery. 3--rn ii H a> Ruytcr, Kiirive.h a Mmr gatr v-d ai 1" 81) s m Clty al Tern- Before MeOartby, J Oaorl ,.? ? ]0 n vr Motloni at 10:80 a. rr. RBFEKEEB APPOINTKD. Surreme Powrl H>- H -?ks-aver, ' (c-lema.', ar' )!?" I Iward J T r.sda> f .? . ? .s H \anderprs?. Company a*t Huhssj-d?A';ru? tue Vnn tVv v '?- ??'>.* -- ... Ompany **' Tope Frank H I r.d F.'iward C Ia Fetra, p I - ?,?< Tallmar, Fdwa-d w. 8 Johi -? ltn? fl M r. *( ' A P'raley Edgar H R^s?*nsroeJa Pv Truax I BfcCarthy aart Me?~arthy- fharlaa Donoho. aatl v\'<ir..,,im .r^..?-ph K-^eh. J . Q <??-? . ' Cromarall ?g? r ? ' g r?jffy )<?? Heekman. J r.f.'i>.:r .-,?' Waiai Pannlnartoa Wblt4th4s8d. FAX FRAXriSCO MINING 8T0CK8. COT.OXTAL PARK REPORT BVBMITTBD. CONFIRMATIPN Ot**TOSBD BT APPIPTANT CORPORA TToy COCN8EL. WHO PATS AWARDi ARE KXTHWAGANT. The Commlssioners of Estlmate for the Colonlal Paik submltted thelr report to the Appellate Divia* lea of the Supreme Court yesterdny. nnd 1he Court heard argumeni on i. motlon to conflrm. The park embracee the terrltory comprlsed between One hundred-ar.d-forty-flfth and One-hundred-and-flfty lifth sts and Edge.-ombe and Hrndhurst nves Th* Commtaalonera Hre Thomos P. Wlckea, Pi*rr? V. R. Floes and C.nrad HaiTaa They were ap? polnted on July 18. 1884, but n good deal of delny lias been caused by prolonged lltlgntton. There were 1*2 parcels of land to he apprnlsed, and the Commlssioners flxed the values nt sums wbl.'h wlll nggregate about |l.-Tm.noo. They have nllowed tn i*re^; slnce .Fanuary I, 1$?.=.. however. nnd tnxes and assessmenls Imposed slnce that time, with Interesf The Corporatlon Connael holds that lt was Improper 14 allow for Interest and assessments, and he nccoidingly opposed the motion to conflrm yesterda>. Asslstant Corporatlon Counsel Albert Bach np peared for the clty. Fl? said that besldes maklnp Improper allowanocs the Commlssioners had in mr; -ases rlxed the values at extravajrantly high ftgures He stated that parco] 127 to 144 snld ln ">?_ for nt,fa*8, \et the Commlssioners appralsed that property at $77,700. Th" latter siim tndudes Interest and assessments The total value of In? terest nnd assessments are ir.cluded also ln the total of Id,*a*tX000 for tlie park. Roger A. Pryor. Willlnm W. McFarland. Jam?s A. Peering and Truman H. Baidwin were among the law-yers who spoke In favor of the motlon to conflrm The ."ourt reserved Its declston. 0. 860 Broadway, Union Sq. & 18th St. liEADQL'ARTERS ll***B?***Ja*-4 0pFN F.REPLACE5 MailTBlS, FlXT-JRES *TILES Klenrant Btnrk. Beaf Jenlee, Makrr't Prleea. tt'liF-fiona Xotirre. APAMP CHAPEL it'nlcn Theolnalca! Seminarv >. 180 Park-av.?Bunday nf-?moon 4 .V. e'clock N1n,v- ipcc =.: .'rmon lr. . th* co-jrs* cn "Th* Ho]v Fpirlt " Them*: "The Holy Pp!r!t -he GuMf TruUl." Pr*ach*r. ihe I Rev WILLIAM R HENTINOTON, P P . nf New Tork All ar* w*lcom* ALL P/.fI.i*c CRURCH Ma'-.-er.-av* and ?6th-at? . Rev M K PCHERMFRHORN- wlll prearh at 11 a BB. i an* at *-/*n*ong at S p. rn. ALL BOULB' CHVRni ilnltarlanl. 4-h-ave. and 2".'h BL?8uad*T aehool f? 4f. a m Th' Pa.'.r R*v THOMA8 R BUCEB, wlll preach at 11 a. m Bttbjtet: "Vlta] R?!lalon Versu. Tncirfenta' R?!'g<or " Th* pubH* eordlally invtted ALL WELCOME ?THE WABHINQTON PQT'ARE HETHopiST EPIBTOPAL CHt'RCH. 4th-st. west of Bquar*.- R*- M. R CHATPTatAN, D P, will preach ?, 1030 ?n' 7 4". AMERICAX MI88ION to THE JE**f*B, Xo 424 Orend ?-.. r^r Attorney BEBMANN WARSZAWIAK prea ?? 1 tn 'lay rBal irtlayi at 71 p, m . tuh.lecr, ??,;hri.t wlth Nlco , iernij ' Perv|c?a to-morrcw (Bunday) evenlng af s Bun? day aehool for adulla at I y m Mid week preaching s?rv:'* Friday and W*dne*eav evenlng. at * ! CrowO'd rr.eetlnra. com* earlv Hehrews and ('hri?';an. wel ??*., AT UTN'OX AVEN't'E 1NITARIAN CRT'RCH. c^rn'r 1?1?. af R?v MERI.E HT C WRIOHT, Pas'or, wlll preach at II Bubjeet: "A B*rl*w of Tneorl*. cf Tm ? rta Itj ' Sunday arhor>l P 45. a. m. AT FET-ORMEO CATHOLIC -*rvl*a* In Chrtaf* Mla alon. 142 We*l 21st at Evenlng, T:48. B*r. JAMES A O'CONNOB, Paator. pr**cbj*a BubJ*ot: "Tha Har.d nf Rome lr Marrlag*. R*fw**n Pr"t?a'i?ta an* Cathallea." All Inrlted AT THE "OLD FIBST" PRE8BTTERIAN CHCRCH. FTFTH AVENUE AND 12TH STREET. BERVICEfl ELEVEN 4 II.. FOUR P M. KOWARP DUFFIELD. P. D., PA8TOR 'WELCOME " BAPTIBT CHURCH of THK EPIPHANT, Madts-r. a ' and 84th a. Bei HOWARD L JONES Paetor - 11 a. m and 7:4f> r m. P.ev. ALF.YN K. rc.?TEK of Ne* I wlll preach hofh mTn Ing ard *\en!ng Prayer meeting Wednesdav. ?. p m. All weicome. BL0OMINGDALE ''HPRCH. Boulevard, fiSth-at.? MADISON ? PETERF preache. "Th* Alarmfng ti cf Sahhath l^secratlnn Among Pmf***lng Chrletlana." ' "Young Woman In th* Home." Monday night. native of Manlla. nn th* phlllppln**, llluatratad .. CHUBCH. Fifth a\e. and 37th at., HENRT van DTKB, Paator Bervleea, Sunday, Arn: 8th Dr. VAN DTKE wlll rr*nrh at 11 a. m R?v IATaTE8 M FARR Jr., at 4.30 p m. Bunday aehool at t* *r> a. n Tounfl M*n'a Blbla 'iaa? a. W a m Weokly evenlng a?r\|c?. We,lnea^av. a> * O'clOCk F.r.b'K .'Hril''H. .17"- at corner Pth ave --Public f r.f the People't Tah*rnac;?. East 104th .1 . R?- Dr HEXBT VAN PTKE pr*sl1ing. Brlef a*dre*8ea bj Ber I" F H. HABLIXO, Rev HENRV M TYNDATaL Mr MOBRIB K JEBUP an' Rev. IV. 'i EleBINO, Slnair.g by a ' I children from the Paople'a Tal.ernaC* Sal.haih aehool. BROADWAY TABERNAPLE cinTVH. corner Broadway and 34th at.. R?v CHARLE8 E JErFERSON, I> 1>. Paator. Publl. H,.rsl.!;. ?n h preaching bv th* Paafcr. al 11 a. .1 8 | rn. ;. 47, i m Bunday-echool anl PIM* 'lasaea. I ,, ,- Bervl a of aonr Bervlce wlll b? i*d br Mr. Har-r-- <; Flthlan 4 i. m ."ass in T>t\\ PreM?m. i f, r ni Dr Thomaon'a Riii* rlaaa: ',.st.i'i?a ln the Lif" of M-aaa," , fJ. J^a.?r m*eftrg Wedneaday *\?nlng at fi ? clock CALVART CHURCH, 4th m? ar* 21at .t , Rev. * LEWF8 PARX8, B T. D., R*e1 r Holy Communlon. f. and 10 a. m.. morning rarmea, 11 a. rn.: : eventnp pra\*r. S p ni. . choral ?er\ l^e and .?rmon. 8 p m Th* rert.>r wlll preach Ii 'he iTKrtiing. CALVART CHURCH Weal BTtl .1 T'r. MA<"ARTHI'R I preache* morning WILLIAM PHILUPS HAI.1. th* , noted bualneaa man EvangeiUt, evenlng PuMIe ir.vitei. CALVART METHODIBT EPIBCOPAL CHURCH |?7, ,. and 7". ave.. Rev. Pr. WILL1B P. ODELL Pat - T'reaching at 10:80 a. m. and 1:90 p. m. hy Pray*r aervlc* Wedsi**day. T:48 p m Cordlal artlcom*. CENTRAL RAPT1?T CHURCH, 484 al waal cf 7th a-? FBANK M OOODCWLD. Paator. 11 a. ni? '"V.f All 'ln All." 7:45 p. m.. "How Chlldren Traln Their Parenta." Every body weicome. A homellke church, CBNTRAL rRFWHTTERIAN CHURCH, B7th-at., between Broadway and 7th as. B*v. WILTON MFTiLF) SMITH P 1' . P**tor, wlll preach lo-morrow at 11 a. m^ and al * p m t'r P H CRAVER. Babbalh aehool and Bdult Blbla cia.s. ta ught bv ROBERT C. OODEB al I I t. . D*votlonal meeting Wedn?4day at 8 p m ' v rU tian End**vor Monday, I Weicome. CH'.'RCH OF 1FIE 48CEN8ION, Bth ave and Knh-at. R*v. PERCT 8. ORAXT, Rect - 7 M ar.d f> a. m . Fl dy < 'rti.Tianlon. 11a ni . rr.ornlng aervlce. 4 p. m., muaical aer\ lce *? p in . evenlr.g -ers 1 e mual' ? :1] he r*pei.ted CHURCH OF TFFE BBAVENL1 BBwT, .Mh ave. ?hoV. 4- at.. Fl". D. PABKEB MOBOAN, D D.. Baetor ? ' mmunl C 11 a m.. mr.rnlnir ; .1 .ermon ard Holy Communlon Rev FRF.r>FRp-K **.' < I.AMI'FTTT D. D 4 i m., choral evenanng. aerm-n by Re. OEOROE OUNNELL M A . CHl'Rf'H OF THE INCARNATION, Mad BOB, cor flftth-at. Ra* WILLIAM M OROBVEXOB, I?. l> . R*ctor. S*rv|cea Ra m - -Th* FF-.!v Communlon. II a m- Morning pru\er and ."rrnon. 4 j m 17- *: r,*r prajrCT and aerrr.-r. CHURCH OF THE MEBBIAH (Unltailaa), Mtt a. . corner Park ????' B-T4-leea 11 a m ln MINOT I ,A',K. Wlll f."' .1 r h ''h'U .'TO n ln 4?r!e? 'n "B*ll*( ln Immortallty." aubject, "ln VI*. of th* Orowlng i ? ilar Doubl on ,v- Bub)*et of Immortall'. V?'hat la our Preaenl "Mtuatlon at:d N-adT Bunday aehool, io o'ctock ! In Chapel, enirance Park-av. CHURCH OP TFFE NEW FERCSALSM, Eaat B5th at . I*tween Tark and t^eaingtOfl ave. garvleea st ii a m Th* Paator, B*r, JULIAN K BMTTH wUI preach oa "Th* Thr*e Be-nirrectlona" Pun ?? c].\ erbOOl, wlth dc<~'r!n?l and I'a't .. . ......irg paopla'l c)?aa af K.4f. a m O.apel of Pivine Provldaac*. Nn ?.'A VVe-t 44fh-at.? Bundai aehool, B*8B p m Bv*nlng wmr?, 7:4f. CHURCH OP TFFE PTPANCil.M.J r.Tth-.t. n?ar Bth a .?* Rev P ASA BLACKBt'BN, Paator, preache. to. t., ,-r.w at II am 7 4r. M'.tninc BUbJeet, "A Happv Ma': Two Blbla .laaaea al 10 mr*t ln tha C ! Chrlatian Fndeav r meeting a? 7 tn toetun ' Pfrangers klndl) Ii rllad All a*ai? fr?* cr.At'PE FALIe" WIIIfiHT wlll lactur* Pur.da-, ? M - ?? k o'< k ln Bl Ptephen'a Chap*l, f.7 \\>.t 4C>.r, ?< Fuh1*c "Pavchl. Force. and Power. '" I"re? OOLLBOIATB BBPOBMBD CHUBCH RABLBM FIR.-T ' Hl BTH 121 ef a: n'ar 8d a* P?at'r. Rev J KI.MENF-ORF. D D Bnd B*i EDOAB 1TLTOS Ii ? Lord'a Purr**r and recepn. r. *f membera at 1! !;??. E.'.'.AR TILTON Jr. praaehe* at fl BECOND CH 183d-?i and Lanoa-ava. Rev WM JUBTIN HARBHA, D D . Paatrr Lord'. Buap*r acd r*c*p..r.ri rt memheni af 11 Pajfcr pr?ache? at B FIFTH AVE OOLLBOIATB REFOrmep CHUBCH, 4?>th at and ' Rev DONAI.P BAOE V KAl D D., Minltter. rr.g worthip. 11 o'eiock Evenlng ?rrhhip H -relocl Dr M'KAY *111 preach al bOtB a-rvhcea Morn MARBI.E coah'c.IATF, BEFORMED cui'RCH. L".'- . .' ar.d Btl a\e Rev PAVIl' JAS BUBRUIeL D I' ? Wlll prea.h at II a D1 at d * t m Mcmlng *abj*cl ' Th* <5r?at lvi? of rhnat " E'ehir.g njt.le. i "Ho. P"phen P:a>ed th* Mar. B.irhm'n' >.t the I^rri a Fupper ?!ll h? a,1mlnt*ter?d afier th* morning ?*rmnri MIDM.F ' OLLEOIATE REFORMr.P chi'BCH. 3d-a. * and Tth- af R?v JOHN 0 rA.iO Minlf*r Morning wcrahip 11 c clock E^anlng wcrthlp 8 o cloafc. Ui FAOO Wlll pratach at F?oUi aarvloe*. tlrhgiono Xotirrs. CHURCH OP THI TRAMBFIOURATIOM, r< Fast ?rh ,t Calebratton, 7 and a. snd rhof.1 .Weher's Vass In Oi. <.rrh*strnl se-tlng. H>J8. "'horal evensong. 4 Anthems. Handel'a "The Trunipet fuil" snd r*ulllvsn's "f Will Mentlon " Se.-nnd *honU evensong and Cotorad Cholr fveeted), i tfcloek 1'NIVFRSITV HEIOHTfl COLtsBOIATg lt*f..itne.| <i urch Rev FETRDtNAND B BCHEROK l>. P.. wlll |ll 1*4, h at 11 A M West END COLLEOtATE REFORMED CHURCH, Wes' End ave and 77th st Rev. HENRT RVERTBON COBB, Mlnlster Morrlng wnrshlp, 11 o'clock Kvenlng wnrshlp. * O'eloek. Rev. W. I CHAMBRRLA1N wlll prearh ln the mornlng. Mr. COBB ln the evenlng f.'JI.i.'f i'f BAIMT BBPRIT, 80 2> ma Oaaal -g*r rteta rcllaleui 1* d1man,-h* * 10 h, W du matln ?t ? 8 h di Botr B?v a V, WITTMETER, Ractmr. rimi AVENUI BAFTIBT CHl'RCH. No. 8 Weat ?rtth st . the Rev WILUAM ll P FAUHCE, D. D. Paator Al 8 18 a m.. the nible s.-tw?i|. at 11 a m prearhlng bv B*v D, W FAl'RCE t) D., of pawtucket, B I . nn,| a- 7 18 p m preachlng hv the ssslstant mlnlster w **k dav aaiTltaa on Mo-etay and Frlday eventags at A O'clock. FIFTH AYENI'F) PR8BSBTTBRIAH CHlTtCH, eemw 5oth-*t Berrlee*, Btinday, r>th irurt.: Rev lOHR I IIAC I.VTOSH, P l>. of Phlladelphla. wlll . (Tlrlate at 11 a. m. and rctommunlon aenlte) a* 4 p . m Bunday achool ard adult Blble chuat* a' 8:80 a m l/"-tur* on \v>dn*sday evenlng nt 8 <>'? lock FIRgT BAPTIBT rHURCH, wm.r and tba Boulevard R*v | M HALDRMAM, Past^r B+rika* 11 a. m a-,d S p m. Mornlng ?ubj*et, "Bcttllna t'p AecounU." Kvenlna tub)*<-t. "gjrmpatny of Other W'rlds; nr. How the Ang*ls txwk Piwn t'pon 1 ? Young p*opl*'s meetlna Tuaaday evenlaar, * o'cloeb Prayar snd tMllmony mee"n? Frlday evenlng. 8 o'clock. Publlc Hlb'e rlaea hv the paal - \\>dn?ed?v evrnlng. 8 i otock Babject, "Wbar* Wlll tba Church R* Puring th* Mll!*rnlum?" Sirang?rs rerdlally lnvltj>d to thls i ???? riRST CHURCH OF CHRI8T. BCTEKTtgT, I8TV148 w*?t 4?t'i-?' Chrlatlaa Betenc* a*rvires gaadaya ?t 10:48 a m and 8 r- m and Wednesdsy *v*nlnfs at 8. Readlng tOOBM rr*i daliy fr^m 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. FIRPT RFFOHMKP PRKPBVTF.RIAN (IH'R^H fCore nar,t*re>. 12th tt.. |.*tw*en 1th and 7th av*,- ? Rev. Pr. JXM\ 8 P STEELE, Pastor - Berrleaa at 11 a. m. and * p rr. p.rH-,.c?rs alwavs weW-m*. FIVE POINTfl HCR'SE OF INDC8TRT, 188 Worth-st . WM K BARNARP, Bupi Pervl-e of seng on Bunday at 8 80 p. m Hnging hv the eholr of rhlldren of the Inatl tution Publle rordlallr Inrlted. ponatlnr.s of ,-le.hlng and il Ma s^u,-it*d. FOURTH AVERUE PREBBTTERIAN CHURCH. c*WM8 22-1 ai -R*v. Pr. pooiH arlll admlnatar tha .-ommnnim f.,.r ? . on Bnndaj il 11 a, m. and prea>-h at 8 p. m. R'adneaday evenln. pr*>'r meetlCB a* * FOURTH PREf/BTTBRIAN CHURCH, WfcaM r-d av. and M?t s Bervlcea ll? m and * r rr. rr?s-Mng hv r>v HECrrOfl HAU* P t> r.r^rr.:, TABRBNACLE CHt'RCH. 44th-?' and *?h a-.-R.v \ ti 8IMPBON. Paator, wiu pr*acb Bunday, 10 30 a m . e1,n?-!lst!^"i. 7 ao p m . weeknlajht aervlres. 8 nVln^k. orate CHURCH, Broadw.y, eoraar ieth-at. Hily '~orrm'inlon. * a m Early nnorning prayer and sermon. 8 o'clock. Uater areeaofiB, ft o'clock Al| st'tlngs fr*e GRAPK METHODI8T CHURt H 104th II near Colum I .1,800 gaafl free P.v P M VTATTFR*. P*a lor Prej'hlna at 11 ar.d ? bv B*r THOMAB H PAR.V'-.^'ANATH. of T^nkera Pahhs'h-a-honl a- 2 10 Ept.-'-.?- I^aa-i* aersiec 7 Fvervt^dv r.-,rdlsllv weVom*. RAMIt/TON GRANOE REFORMED CHURCH. Weal MStr, it s-d Cbnvent-av* Rev C, n .'Hapiv. P P. Pa>'r- -,*#nK'?. ai 11 a. m. nnd * r '" In ,h* evenlng a r-'i-Val aarVle* wl'h ^uartet and large rhoruv HOI.T TRIMTT CHURCH. temoi ave. snd 122d-a: . th* Rev. AUEXANDEB G rt'MMINB Jr, M A ni-nt. and Mlnlster in 'har?e -Bervlcea, Holy Communton f? ^0 a m Mornlng praver. arlth s*-mon 11 Pnptlsm. 2 ao r m Evenaona 8 4.*,. Evening praver. sr,th ser mon. 7:48. Th* R*v JAMEB H M'lLVAINE P D.. wlU preai-h at the mornlng ar.d evenlng aervteM. .1 A. FCiRNET Wlll prov* that only an Israe'.lte 'an pul on' Immortalltr a' tha se^ind eomlna of Chrlei and relgr, wlth Hlm l.vrlr Its'l r.rh av . n??r 421 ?? . 8:48 p m. vapisov AVENUE baptist .'IH'RCH, eoraar glat ?t. tha Rev HEXRT M BANDER8. D D., Paa?or f?indav s*r\-|^e? 11 a m ar.d 4:8/. p m. Paator ?"111 prearh a' r^'ri serv!,-en Aft-TBOOr toplO. 'Atig*' " MADiaON AVENt'E METHontST V>V\KO_\Al* r-t'i;'i?,-H romet 8m)i ?' P-v ANDRKW leONOATRE. D D"-r Prea hlna bv tha Rev w f COMPTOR. r.f Tarrytow- v v tl 11 a m and 1 p. m . youna peopU'f ,- . ti meal -.- .'?t n J ? "?? ???' ?' 8 80 a m . fr.e stv1-*s ln the ,-hap*l at 8 p m. Foral d*vo tlonal s*nl'*s U'ednesdav ? p rn MADIBON AVENUB PRBBBTTBRIAR <TirR<~H. cor r.erK8d *1 Re. HOWARTJ lONETtl JOHRBTOR. P. D.. Paator wlll preach ai 11 ? m.. "rTirlat'a Daalr. for Ua* 1 h p. m , "Ouestlnn Ahojr HastrM '" MsPlS^N' AVFNt'P. REFORMED <*H1-B''H. errrner BTtb-vt.. R*i ABBOTT E KITTREDOE. !'a?'->r. Th* r-.iTS.mpnt f the I,-.-d's 5':pp*- nll' *>? admin's'ered at 11 n rr t.1 new memh*rs r*-?|ve.1 Pr KITTREJk.E -'?a-h. Cnloii BIM* ctaaa Prtday evenlng ir church pai MADIBON BQl'ABE PRE?RTTERIAN ''HfRfR, Mad laoi tva'and 24th-st.. Rer i H PARRHCRBT, P P. Ft? EPWARU Ht'NTTINO RUDD, Aaalitant Mlnlster Babhatl tervleaa, II a. tn. and a p. m Tha Paator wlll preaeh ln th* mornlng. Pr lU'PP ln 'h* evenlng PIMe s--horl ln th* >-hap*!. 8:81 a rr , r'4??<-s f,,r adulta, 10 ? m MARHATTAH CON1REOATIORAL Oti'Br'H. S.ld s'. and the Boulevard, Ber H. A. BTIM0OM, P D. Pastor. Mornlng ??nrlo? 11 11 o'clnrk. evenlr.g at 8. MFM?"iBlAI, BAPTIBT, Waahingt'r. fVpiar* gouth. ET? ?vt-VRn .It-npON. Fastor. Tne R'v CHARLEB .1'TH T.l-'RT HALL Prealdenl of t'nlon Th*^si! femlnarv. ari)| prea, v l" i.', Bunday moming. Bubject: ? Risen ir.dee-d " Moraviav rui'RCH Le?lngton-av?. and BOth-at, B?v II A GERD8EN Paator Benrlca*, 11 a. rn Per mon hv former Paator. t:-v E T. KI.f.'.F Sunday . ? 10 ? NEW-TORK PREBRTTBRIAX CHCRCH 7th ave and 12*.-- ?? i:.-v Dr DUXOAN .1 MMH.I.%N Paator, wlll mornlng *veni-i?r Toung Peopl*'* m^'TC 7 r ra Prayer m**fing a**dn**day evenlng. All welcome. RRW TORK BECOND rHI'RCH ^P .'HpiPT ffldea tist). Madi*on av* and 80th st. Mrs. I.AI'RA I.A THRfd' C S. P flrst reader. "'TirlsMan 8>f*nc* F?r vim ? H'lr-lav 10 4f, a m. and * p. m. Ptih.1*o'. "Ar* Sir. Pisens. and l-a'h Rea!" .'h.ldren's Sunday srhopl, 12 rr Wedneaday ev.-rlng me.Mng. R O'cl rk 7'ARK AVENUE CHCRCR corner Bgtb *1 -R?v P T. BF1I.FB Ti P wll! preach at 11 a. r.: Ti\? R" W, W. WINANfl *1 ?? p m I'VUK PREBBTTERIAN CHURCH. 88th st. ajid Ati sterdam ave publlc wesrahtp and praacblna bv Ib* Pai tor, I>v ANBON P ATTERRURT, 11 a m. an I 8 p. m PHlXLIPa PREBBTTERIAN CHl'RCH, Madlaon-ar*., 73d-*t.?Preachlng by 1'astr.r, I'.ev. JOHN E Bl'SIl M'1,1, 11 a. rr and ** p tr. Tearhers' Rihl* ."Uss Frl dav rvenlnB*, Icadcr. 14th Inst., Rev I>r. A. F. s. haufll*r. RIVFRPIPF RAPTI-'T ( HIR.'H. 'Cl -st. ..nd Ainsierdim -ave.. Be-.. ROBERT BRCrT BMITH, Paator. T'r> .1 'hlng, 11 ?',. tn and S p, m. Punday achool, 2.4.", Ptr.npers COTdlally wel-nmed. RT'TV.FR-! RIVERBIDB PREPRTTERIAN CHURCH, Boulev ard n *i \1-'"" ''?'? 1 ?i Prea nlrg *1 11 a ni and * y m. by the Re- svMiil, M'COMB M. A lOaoa.), Pastor. W**kly aerrlc* W*do**daj evenlng, 8 o'cl. k BECONfl PHURCH OF CHRIBT fa>l*nll*t), Mndi?on av* and 2Bth-al Mr* LAI'RA LATHROP C. S I>. ? tdei Bunday, 10:48 a m and ?. p. m. Bubject: "The Doctrln* of Atonemeni Chlldren'i Bundaj arhool, 12 rr.. Wedneaday e-.ening 8 o i rk BOTIETt FOH BTHICAL CULTURB Bunday, April n. ? - ? .- 11:18 a m.. at i arnegie \l :?i ? Hn.i rn? '.; tt. and 7th a\e, La-ctur* hv Dr FELIX sDLEB Je 1 T1-.' 1. !- tnd Infl'ien,.- ,,f Thomns .Irff-i- .- A ; !r.'?resied ai? Ir.-. It. BCeHETT OF FRIENDB lOrlhodoa) 144 Eaal 80th ?? fOramarr) Parkl Maatlng ' i a rahli on Br*l ,i,,vs I isaea M 10 a m Pr OEOROE A BARTOR, of Hrv i, Mawi l >II*ff*. a mlnlster nf tr-.- aoclctjr, <-\;,e<-,5 t., l-? | re??nt t-> mormw BP1RITUAUBM, l'IH-'T ABBOOIATTON, TUXEDO Madla'.r, ?ve nn-1 BBth ?l S,ir,,|?v a' :< o'clock, M:?> 8IAROARET OAl I.l th* relebrated paychlc, from Paltl m--re. atll <|em ,n>trate Imrr. rtalitv. PT ARPREWB IIETHODIBT EPIBCOPAl. CHURCH . ? ua ave., l<?\ t O u ILBON Ii D Pa?tor. Prer., .it 11 a m and * p. m hv rte- AUOI STt'P E RARRETT, pf Ws?hlngton Heigh-s ? hurrh. Piihlle , ordlallv Invlt.d PT BARTHOLeOMEWa CHl'RCH Madp*on-?r* and 44'i ?? 'he Rev, DAVID H OREER I> D., Ractor. P*r\-!r*t ln 'he mnrnlrg a' 11 ., rk Aft*rn?oti a?rv| ? 4 , :< Th* l-.e- Dr .t. h M'lLVAINE wlll offldat* BT JAMEB ''Ui Ri II 71*1 ?l ar.d Madtaoa a-? R*v F WALPOLE WARREN D I . Raetar Holj I'ommunlon 8 Nfi-r.lng praver. ?.??rn^n hv Rador U ? m. Fuil rauatci a*rvlce, 4 p n Fvsrlng praver serm.-n hv Raetor ? p ro. ?T JAMES 8 IIETHODIBT EPIBCOPAL CHt.'RCH Msd:-'-n ave tnd I38lh al . lt". E 8 TTPPLE Pastor t-v the Rev OEOROE P K'KMAN. Ph D., Pastor Bi Paul'a Church In e^nange. 7 4ft ten'lr. nn l,y th* Paator PT PAUL'B METHODIBT EPIPf'OPAL CHURCH. W^et h nrl s\? a-vi ir,,-, ? Rev OEOROE P BCRMAN Pb l> Paatoi Prea^hlng at 11 a m t- Ite. F; | TIPPLE, and * p, m b| th* I'as.'T B*t*OI|oni from I "'- il* re|*a'*d by reTie,. TEMPLB EMANl' BL, Mhave and 4.1d st - Pundav 11 a rr Pr JOBEPH BILVERMAN, on "Woman ln f'hirlty and Phllanthroph] Bamntat de Hlr-s-h All L'NION METHODIBT EPIBCOPAL CHURCH, 4l ??'?? if Broadway, R*. CLARX WRIOHT D D Pee M ?? 10 18 s rr. and 7 18 p m 8 I 80 p tn F*in*?t Workers' BUO* , Uae. f> a. m. Mr .lohn Beat'l*. I^ader FOURTH CRUSADE WEEK Eaet Ptde rte ra I>- BLMEB \ DENT Pastor Mr BADCUFFE, I^a-'er People s Church Kast ?ls' ?t , let 2d anl 8d a-ei Bundaj Ihe prea. da] Mr DENT -srh In the rrnirnlnr A r*un|on servi-e ?? nlght Mr DENT "III prea, h Ijirge rhorui rbotl siill nng. as sifei by ti >? Buaahlna Hund M^.n-iav Capi i ARL HTLLESTEP from lha I^ind -f Ihe Mldnight Btin Tu*l da Mr WILLIAM BALDWIN Becratary of tba P M'oement I'ommtlt**, ard K.angells' BIRKHOLZ t^ednfedav?Vew Vork i Itv Pol-r* Vlfht, P*tgt F7.RA BTBOPE rf tha K.* tntl r ?? Ine. Tr-'irsdav .1 ihi>? Nlght the p.inehin* Rand Th ,tnpt, n and h tlnfari Addrepf r.v Mr R s,I'<"*LIFFr. Ffldai Ir MAIHf-".-' C PETER8 ar, 1 rr.clal mial fcpecial mualc ai ?? r. tnd ? *r> iirvlci Tb* > nj ttrvica will bagln ai 7 ti I'.?4vi tal* ar.i tAow to a Uiaoi. Itfligtotio Xottcfo. 'THE PlftBT BWEDlBH RAPT1PT CHURCH, Of tMj clty haa r*nv>vcd fr>m 188 Ba*4 27th - to I,. 141 Eaat .'?.th ?t heiween Id ar" le-xlngfon a.ea. and wlll ho;d * gread openlag a*rvlc* m Ih* new localitv on Hnndav. Aprll Oth hegtntilng wltn Bunday BClV).l >8 IM Itcture room a- PJO a. tn 8*mr** In ih* Swe-ll-ti language will .ommen.e at 10 JO a m ar I I :" H-ri.ea ln ihe Engllah language wlll .'ommenc pmmptly at 3 <.'r| p m v hen ahoti addr***** "':! be dellverM by R*. Mr. It s MACABTHUB, H I. SIOBEHO -I. I |1 BIMMONB RICHABD MAUTI.V ar.d HOWAHP I. JONES I'r.f John T Erlckaon Wlll plav the organ. and *tc.|le.,t alnglrg wlll bc furi I 'he Chrlstlan Brotherhood Of Slr.**ra nnd the i.M i CNIVEBSrrT PLACE PREBBTTERIAN CHURCH com*r lOlh 41 I'ublle wnrahlp to morrow, 11 a m and ln ,h. evenlng at I o'clocB Th* Paato . R** OEOROE ALBXANDEB I' D.. will preach Bwnday-ecriool ai 9 47, a c. Blbla ci.a? f'.r m?n 'n th* fh.irrh H .ua* -onductcd bi Mr >' M Barl*. Wedaoeday ev.mng aor \ic? .? 11 rioct WE*T F\l. PBESBTTERIAN CHUBCH, Am*>*'dam av* and lOBlh al R*v. JOHN BAI/*OM BHAW D. D., Mlnl.t*r; Rei FRBnEBK*K EMERUON BTOCKW ELL i; |. AMlatant Mlnlatcr. Th? r nin prea. h al 11 a. m 'and s p. m Mcn'a mee-ing 10:88. Bunday aehool, 8 T. P. 8. C. E . 7. WFPTMINSTER pbewbytebian church w-at 23d-? near 7th-*v* K*i B 1. BTEWART. D D.. wUI preach Bl 11 1 ? and 7:47. p : MI w?lcime. WEB, PRE8BTTERIAN CHUBCH 42d ?ttelwMfi fi-h and Bfh ave Th* Paa-or. ANTHONT H E*? AN8, p P wlll preach to-morrow at II a m. and s p, ra. i|jdw**k m**tlng on W*dn**d*y, l|. n i*u ar* n vlled _ Propo*3al9. ARMY BUILDINO, Whltcbal] Street. Sew Torti ? l?i Iprtl .'.th. 1888 i ''" ln triplicat* will M reeclvcd h*ra uatll 13 o'rtoc* noon Ap-tl l.'.fh 1888 anl then op-n*d In the preaenc* nt hidd*r? fo- tupplylna thla F'.-partment wlth . .mtnon ano. Wall .ent. rompF*t< *nd aatra Wall T.r- fh*a. at, to eonfomn to .p*.-incations to t* aeen ?'.?*"" d-t ?. wtcepl aim* ar* m he machltt* B*w*B WHB r .4. of atltchlrg, liHtead of hand aev.ed. and of 'Itnw r.. ? a- nrr* dyed rotton. duck or twiu. Blda wiu n* conaldered for dellvery at eith*r New york, Baltli . d*pot. U. I reaer\ea th.- right 10 r*)*ct or accepi anv or all p. poaala or an) pari th*r*of Prerer ,nre will b* glvei irtlcle* of loi leetl. Iltlona of 0'iali-v and prlc* (Ineluding l? ,hc prlc* o' forelgn produ tlona or manufactur*- tn* a ,,.. thereorn belng aqual. Blanka for blddlng ai re.e.parv infotmatlnn can b* had he'*. The ( ~ '? ernment r**erv*? th* right to Inerea** th* nuanfl'i*. "d ! for if". '.'-"i P*r cent., If deem*.] ad.laaWe by thla Pepanmer.t En.eiopea contalnlng propoaalt h* marked 'Propoaala for T** io !?* oP*Ti*S, Aprll 151 |800 anl addr*M*d 10 Coionel A. .-. MMHAt.F.. I ??? ... t? maater General, ' '_ I) BPARTMEXT OF THK INTERIOR.United Btatea Patent ofve. Waablngton, D C **prll *. ]?,,., Bealcd rr'.poaaia .in quadrupllcat*) Wlll I'* re celved al thla offlce unUI 2 o'clock p m . Thuraday, May 4 1888 and will h? 1mm*dlafelv opened thereaf-*r n ,,.? preaence of .uch hldder- aa attend, for produdng ln th- Clty of Waahlngton. DUtrtct of .'olumb!.i. durlng th* fla. al *ndlng Jun. 30. lOOn. photographtc coptea cf drawlnaa of ,..ndlng appllcatlnna and ol forelgn pat .. ?. - rt. and apaclmcn*. with form* ol pro? poaal wlll !?? furnlahed on appllcatlon to the Chlef Clerk of th* Patent Offlce. Propoaala mual he aealed and in a r-ed "Proi ?ala for Fhotographlc Worti Pat*-" Ofac* Th' rionoaal. wlll b* opened at the llm* and place ?f?? a-ated and blddera art Invlted fo h* prea.nt at fhe i-HARl.EP H DUBLL Commlaaloner ftEPARTMEXT OF THE INTERIOR,United *' gtatea Pat?nt Offle* WaBhlngtoB, D r ? Aprll *? l*ort Bealed propof.M.a Hn ouadrupll'-at** wlll b* r* ce|-.d at 'Ma offl-e untll 2 o'eloek p m Thur-dav^ May 4 isfid and will be Immediatelv op*ned thereafter ln tre preaenc* of au-h blddera aa a'fend for produdng durlng the fl. al v*ar endlng June 71... IfWi. by th* photolltb graphlc proceaa ? ople, of drawlng- of the w.eklv laauea of patent- leelgna, trada marBa, and r?nding appllca tlon,. for th* reprodurtlon of *xhauat*d coptea of draw ,.,. ,.., .peclncatlon., for fh* rtaroductlon of for?tgn patenta and publl.ation. for produdag cople* o'*Jf?w. ?,. -., , peduced a.-ai* for th* llbrary edlflon of pat*n|B. ilon of ih* Offlcl*l (J?*a*tt* Ineludlng a!i mdeT.a th?r*for; alao, for reproducing by .;,-?-*; rrt*>' photograph.. photograph. of de.ign- .-pecincit on? and appllcatlon fo th* Chl*f a*rk -t ?M Pat?ni Offte*. Fro pnaala mu.i ba *?ai*d and Indoraed "Propoaala for fnoto hthographic Work Patanl Offlce." The propoijaJa wlll 1* opened at the tlm* and place abov* at*t*d and blddera are in\lt*d fo be nt Ihe op*nlng CHARLES Fl PPEI.T.. fcmml.'loner fiKrARTMENT OF THF INTF.KIOR. <;en 1 -ral I.and offlce. Waahlng'on. D. C. April \^ P*.1*d propoaala ln qiiadrapll-at* wlll b^^?jv^ ?' "JJJ efflce untll 2 o'clock p m . Thurad*! Ma> 4. l?w. ano artll b* op*n*d th?r*?ft*r ln tbe preaence or auch Mdd*ri aa attend. for photollthographlng and pr tit |?. I5.0C. more or leaa. mapa of the f nlt*d Btate. and 20 000 ropl**. mora "f I***. mapa of the land Pta-e.' and T-r-lfo,!*, prep*red ln fhe Oenera, P,-; Offle*; al?... for photellthographlng and pirln- Ing.. fh ,opi*. of townahin Pl?ta ai ma. b* r*ou?red ^^Bth* BBcal year *ndtng Jun* .V?. If-r**. Form* ^J'l^l "^hra- itlona and condltlona gov.m>ng th* Ibov* mav bl* had on appllcatlon. Propoaala inaaabe endora.d Propoaala for Photollthographl* ?**??r$ land Offle* ? All Mdd.r? ar? ln"'?d_ ? b* -J|?"'? ! , BINOf-R HEBMANN. romml.aloner. TiFI'XRTMEXT OF THE TNTF?T??lt. Waah 1" ..... .n r> C Aprll k I8f?* Beal*d preprt ? llr* S-'V. tnx;^ o' aunnlte. ?'? for Ih*'nt 4 th* In'*r,or ?..n Th* HUI Hervice Comm.-lon durlng fh- Baca year.end ,n* 80 10OO. .4 trlt: lll for f i*l and 1 ? * furnlture ?rp*tt. and oiher mlac*llan*oua -"rr,,V- ',M' for stV", l*r \- th* aama tlm* anl p1*e* pr-r '-al* ^ b7 revelved or .uch m.ata rocertea dry r^ drun ? f""- ' *. lun* rw,? "Z, ,' l.e'",':lrnv"^r^;-.lT':-,B.'.: ! !??? ,h*-1n'a^ ': ?-??- "?' -U* T,-w-"! '.! ...,VV r^apectlvelj lurlng Ih* fl-c* v-ar nl^ve Indt ,,.,., ,..,? ,M, will al- he recelved for the P durlng th' aama period of th* ? ' of the D* par-ment of ,h. tnterlor ?- "- "? irnm-nt bl*nka F-rma of > " ?- .J[.,. nUM-ii appllcatlon; r-ou'-t. for blanka ? ii? re.Fgn.te ,he claaa*. of auppll*. up ? all bld''*-^ are Invlted to be preaenl a- 'n* ' ra All bKM*ra are **?.AN A* )nT, .?, ?, ? -K s... r. ?,-. f|FFICE QUARTERMA8TER FORT MOTT, v t March 1888 Bealad propoaala in ?' ,.- fuml.hlna labor and n r*dln. mt , . p-.,r- (. ubl* 8*1 Sor ' omn L.loned - i Otiart?? at Fort Mott. N. J . wlll b* recelved her* untll l" M Aorll 20th \*-*>. and then op?n*d. Inf n irnTahed "on appljcatjc-n Fnyelop*. ^V^^uB^OB ' ... md r?*d "Pro, -al. for N Bta f Q'inrt?r? .tar, !?"? rl Mott, N ?' FOR RTATIOXERT. ete, Gov ?* emment Prlntlng offle.. offle* of the PuWlc lh-lnt#r. - . rurton D. C Aprll - IH i J ? ' r ?' ''M b* recelv* ' la " *> ,; MA.,,.. .... .... . nery, fuel ><?. , ,. i ' ' ' * ' mb*\r "'?? or ','* 1LT .n*n? ? .. r , ... .. lurlns th* aacal ear -ndlng ,?., ao innn Th* right lo r*J l nll blda ar.d to WBlV* d-'ecta II r*-r tel. lce. ete.. reoulr. .. and ElMrg the regula mual cmplv ma. i.Malned '? addre.alng thla offl. e V v. I'M.M.'i; Pul ? 1 nter. pR0P0SAl*9 FOR MATERIAL, ete, Oovern ?* ment Prlni ng Ofl .w f th* init.llo I , , ? . aprll f. IBBB Bealed ; b* recelved at thi. offlra untll 10 o'clock i m MA1 B ,.,,., ?,-,, furnU ??% i ?? t*rlaI, ati for -he ut* of jne Oov*rnm*ni Prlntlng Offle* durlng the n- il year *ndlng Jun* .1" l1*'", Th* ilgh.f io rejecl any and all hld. an-i . .. *efe I - lt -rvi I t ?? 1*11* I 'f ,ho requlrcd ??.? ? *np*nl*d by l.lank prei-c.ala, jrlvlng the ???gulall'.na wlth which. bldd.-ra must BOtB oh mav 1* obtait..,'. bj addrcsalng ihla , rr. ?? K w PALMBR, I' Ibllc Frmter 1)111 H'OSAI.S FlTlt STATKINEKY ANT> MIS i**f4.l?ANEOUB BUPPIJES War Department, Waah Ington i1 <" . Iprll I. IBBB Se4,i?i propoaala. m rfupll rnte will b* re-eivd n?re untll 2 o'eloe* p, ra.. MAi 4. ,1 then opened, for furnlahlng 8tatlon*ry and MIs , *oua Rupplles IBnomt, Bruah**. Boap*, T*w*l f.,r War l>epartm*nl its nuraana and Offlcea, duilng Bacal . i me ao, ii"""' Infor-natl ai furnlahed on ap? la muat be in *nv*k>p*a Indoraed on "Propoaalt f ? Btatlonery," nnd "PropoBBla for luppllet reapectlvely, and edoriaai' M jt i |M >RP ? *hlef of Bupply Dt' iiKi >i'i isai.s. r. 8. Department of Agrl rulturc ' tffl ' ' i ? ?? . 1889 B**l*d propoaala wlll t ?? r*c*lved at tii* r.ffl.e of lh? I>l.l.ur?lng Clerll in'll 2 t m. Thi i laae ' furnlahtna tiippllea durlng th* Ba endlng lune SO IBOO, at followt Btatlonery; lahoi ...klng hoxes; fuel. : a'nt*..". plumbera'; Ic?; deanlng r.rpete; t?i.graph and i u ? A.;.. Inai umenta; mapa, map fra.n.-. ' ;n??-.?*, W**t* natlon I n apptleation to th* hlaburalna I'lerti oi th* w*ath?r Bureau Blda muat b. . .nd a.vr--a*d lo th* Becretary ' 4grtcultur*, ln natructlona ?M?n .ti ach-dul** t \MI7S WlleBON B*. retary. DROPOSAIeB FOR IXDIAX SUPPUES AND Transp rtai ' of tM tnterlor offlce of Indian 4ffalr? Wa.blngl n I' C Marel 20 Ml.1 Bealad .al. md"raed "Propo?aFa for b??f 80ui . ,?? .. ? .,-? may be, and dlrcotad to 'ha ar of Indian Affalr. i.*"2 Btatt atree. .-ni wlll be recelved u lll l lock, p. ni.. of Tu*a iv^> for furntahlng f'.r th* Indian B*nrle*, 1 ,. tjicon. b*an? coffee, aiiaar. ile. te., and ^,.?r anlclea ' Bubalaten ? t - la and ?ho*e. - . ?. . ,P t.a?i'ic i >wd?r, : rk*rj agrlculiural im a (..'iita. ,,|l?. glaa-. tlnware, n??n< harn??^. ,,.ho. flndin** taddlerj .. ...I [ile. anl ,, l"na lii-t f mlac*llaneoua art al?o for fh* ? ? of auch of the artlcl... md auppll*. - "??! f. . ?? t* -.' ?-r.d ai lha aa*n.-i*a. B*a ? l pi poaala Indoraed ? .... ?> nler, ??.?! ? oiton . IM . aa* mai i *. and dlrected le th. No*. TT and 78 Wooater , ..... v. w Tork citi a t.? r.,'?i\.,i untll I . .--:.. M.n 28 IM ' 'hlng for the Indian B*rv|c? blank*ii wool?n and . t jng n II ni hait and ipa Blda mual b. mad* *ut on ... ? 5*ch*dul*a glrlng all ce..-.. ... .... lha Indian Offl. .. Waah Ington, P P No. 77 an ! 7'. .tr??t. New \ , . |< <'|iv ,.r Kj.j Btata a'ree-. . 'ommiaaniie. of Buhalatenca, U h- ? ? .nne Ix-rt'. anw. ? ? \, ult Bl 1 . . in.l sc ih* poBtmaatera at 81 ia i'it] TanV trn Arkanaaa ? II] HaMwell T 1-4- wtchita and Tuc .:?.... wlll t~ opened ..t Ih* houi nnd dn\a ?i.<,\. na.ed and blddera at* Invliad t" be pie.en. a. Ih* ? i ?? i-r Tha D*p*rtm?ni r*a* vea lha rlghi to determlna ih* ' .!*!!.?r and tO ;?t*?t ?ni nna' all blda, ..r ut:v pgrl of am hid v\ v FONEB, commls*lon*r pROPOBALfl FOR MILITARY BUPPL1E8. Phiu p*i^,t. q II Dap'i 1..- \ itr**i miia.. Pa., April 4, IBBB Bealad propoBBta, in triplicat. wlll \- r*C*lrad a' thi* offl ? untll ll ti loek A M., T'nda. Ap'ii 14 1*88 for furi thlng thla d-pot wlth 100,000 . ? Ki ii ? ?'. i l"i deral I ? ? ? Oold Lacr, : ag Hal'lard 1" lc*a i mpleta alih S In.h braaa ? . ?? ich M-chin? Hllk "lt ?... Quantlil*i .. Ar".-i'a .1...' nform i I ? lardt tamplt i. ? .. ?t nm*ni r*a*i c , iij*. t nr a, . *pt an' | *r? f pr.f . au.n t.. art lr (at ol domaati. pi . manu r... rondlHont ol quallt) and p h - .in ludlng ln tha price of f '"rn produ tlona oi manufa ?? dulj ther.on. b.'n. e'|.ial A "11 ABANTEE ln i-n ;..? of th? ralua ol fh. artlclft ?ili ha - arlth .irh b .1 Piai.kt foi i , I will i? furnlahed upon appll cat'.or Envalopea .onUlr.ln? p'op.~aal? fo h* *r 1 aad ' Pn:p .a a for Mlll'a.\ fcupi'M*. ?ni ,.:,.>? .| t ;,t Col JOHN V. rL'RJBT, Daput/ Wu*j-twma?t*--Jta*raJ, U. 8. Axm/. Spring RfBoris. wmm gity hotel, OARPFN <ITY. leOfKJ IPLANP. N T di'KS ai.l THI ykar. Eortv mlnu.-s fmm New Teft CMy or Rro-klyn vla Lssriff l.'land llallnad. ROOMB LARGE ARD AlllV The cuieta* and ?*r-1e? abcohtt-ty Bral elaaa. Olaaa enol, ?e.| pari * ?'?<' feet in length ""IMjL. riNEBT OOLF UKK8 IR THF COI NTRT. Pp..-I..- ral** for famllles r-mn.-vlng fr n. Bprtn( MI I th* lat* rall. Mlu*trat*d bo-.klet. terraj. *?c. on appii ? t'.,n t. P C BAFFORD. Vanagei .... s '. "' ? Bi Jamc* Btdg, Broattwaj and aata ?' Monday* and Wedneaday*, 13 t SCDOBDIEUBSCETT "MKl, ANP BIOHT COTTAOBB. BEBNARDSVILLE. N. ,' Open April 23th. Cios.** O.toher 8M 88 jrtM. tfU N.w York. on D L A W. R P- 2" H*?l?'r- ?? Cr.r1?tr>pher St I-'srry. Altltud* *Oo feet (JEOROE W. Tl'TTLE, Manager. WATMRE (SPJKE 8AMTARIUM. 187 FREMCH BROAD AVE.. ASHFVtLi.F. N & ,'ps sl?tant Phvslr-tnn. gARATOOA iPRIROg. N V For health or rest M.Fsag*. racuurn and Hauhetm treatmente Elec-trlrlty. Hydro-Elactric, Turkish- Hus slan. Mlneral watar and --'her I a.hs and h-alth ap pllanres Bun larlor and promenad* ?? tha p.of ?-'*f '?ator. steam. eult*? wlth balh. a dry. qulet. tOBie a.r wlth mur-h tunahlne. BAratOga wa'ers. Send r^r lllustra'ed rlrenla._? OLER TOWEBX rr.RPP Fpr>RV N T A qul- snmm?r r,-.ard'rg houae on the Huds-vn r-ar , Kew Vork New managerrent. ?'i?"n T?" ?<__?-" Addr F E AI.PEF IAKFIWO'iP. NBW IERBET * PALMER HOU8E, oper to JURE l Th* onlv frst el**l hot*t ln Lab-wood whleb -:harg*s -e1** prloee. S*r.d for rates. -->r<-uiars. etc. J R PALMER. Manager. THK WATBIOE IRN, REW MILFORD, LTTCHFIELTJ CO., CORR Open in th: year Old faahlonad coml - and aaod-ni luxu/y Baay of a< ?*?? Wrlt* for h^kiet_^ THE SALT BREATH OF THE SEA BRlROg HEALTH. a^lLHEU WAILIL, ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. X BAVATORtUM. A HOTEL Mllder Cllma'e than Inland rr Mountatm_ Ihaddon hall atlantic crrr. N. t. THE FAMOUa WINTEB RETREAT. Dellghtfully locatect Litwraily _anag?d *nt m0,t naodemly apoolnted , , _M_a Golf Links. 20 mlnutea from Hotel. ^C^ltV^T LEF.PS * LIPPIN^OTT TTOOE (BAOBODCEfia OOdDTTlEli-o ATLANTIC CITT, V J ... -^ Th* Mo.t P*llghrf,ii Hot*l on th* Atlantlc ' "a* r r FT-*i!?n,-e of Culalne and Banic* it fr t'n*urpa?*-<i h . and CoM Fr*sh and Salt Watar Haths Wlth Ev*r) Bult*ot R^m... Book* a- Fredarlch BV rhefleld 'a, Metroi B'liidlng Madtaon Bquare, N*w Torti_ KfflTSL BUBOLF. B"/p'^SC R^onis ?n tuit?, i"\ wtt*r batha Orehaatra Bally. B-oklet ma'!?d. C B MTER8I. 0*rnar A- Prop r. BEBCHWOOD, ATLANTIC 'ITY. N J.?Oeaaa ?rd Kmtucky av* Opeii all the yaar. Bt*am h?at ?un parlor. ?r*'-:al spring r.i'es W F MOONEl C1 RANP ATI^N'Tir- HOTEL "" Vl-gtnla-av-e snd lha P*a<-h. Attaatla Clty, N" T. Thlrd giaann a htgh elaaa HotaL aw b*utlful ror.m*. h*ated by steam overiookirg Boardw.lh and Net* gtael Pler Every m^lern rfqulalta El*vator* to s'rep. Fx tanalva Bun Parlors. Orciieatra eoBcart* daliy, Spring rates iYiOtt. |15/m and 817.80 p*r ???k. 82 80 p?r day up Culalne and senice ihe b?s' Wrlt* for IHuetrated B -kl*. r*HARLF??i E. COP1 HOTEI. DFRK'FLEY. Dlreetly on Beach. Atlantlc Clty. N J Maln Corr'.dor !?sds to It -ardwalk and ocean front sun parlors. ("apaeity i,,, Orchratra steam h*ar. *l*rator to streer Rei; ?t ?prlng rataa Wrlt* f r iiiittrated bo^kiet. Caaeh m**ti all traln* _JAP A OEO. REW Hotfi, RICHMORD. Kentuckv A.a. 80 >di from Bearh A'lantlc Clty. N J Pt*am heat. Elevator Bun Parlor. 6r,ee!al rates. Bookler J P PFA*F nfYrv.X, ROVAL Kenf.jeVv A", r,??- the BMCh, Ar lantlo nty. N. J. Bteam heat. Pun parlor. flpeclal Wlnter r.1* HENRY MILLER HOTEL LI.'RAY. VTI.ANTIC c-lTT. N J. i-JOLF ALL THE TEAR. Porches joined to Roardwalk Heat*d Sun Parlor, ov*rlooklnB Bea^h 5ea tnd fresh prlvate ha'hs .IOSIAH WHITE * PON. HOTFI. MORTON. _ _ . Vlralala A**., n*ar Bea^h At'.tntlc nty. N J. New managerrent Qulet, homallk* and altractlv. Befurnlshed and r*d*corat*d t> ear. view. Wrtla Ist all Informatlon. Mrs. R. R HAIN8EB Owner apd ProprUtor, Formcrly of Th* cnaltpata. HOTEI. BOPf'OPEL Atlantlc Clty, N. f Ltberallv managed and moat r dernlv api^lnt'ed tahle iirsii-pasf*d P*nd for Ill-ia | rv-okler A. E. MARION. Owner and Manag*r. HOTEL TRATMORE. ?_._,? ,,., , ui front Atlantie Clty, N J. Enl*rg.*d to doubl* lt* ' rmar apadtr * mo,'?l of comfort and el*gan,-* Cnpactty 400. A P P WHITE. Jr. , ,r\ nar A Prop'r. HOTFI. EI.BEBON. ^JStaaamtmn.. near B*a-h. Atlantlc Clti N J B1J8 to |2 per day. $8 U> 812 per week. R B LI'DY. M. D IA FONTAINE. Kentucky ave., near Beach. Atlan'Je j fitv N J- Steam heat. Sun parl--r. New manage __vtl *' M E BTOCKLET N'KW DNOIpAND Atlamac ? ity. V J., go. rarollnt ,,, --, . j, fji m .-.-.?an. P'?am heat Convtl ? I R?duc*d r.1** ' ',; -?" BRTAR A WILUAM a rpnw EASTBOt'RNE. | ATLANTIC ' ITT, N. J Wlth unobatru 't*d ean vi*w Steam heat and evsry mod;rr KATHARINE MORATH rrilF BEABR'OHT.?Reopera March 28th. Al intla I |.|,? \ 1 Bteam h?nt. Modern tppolnlm*r.ts M v REPP 6wn*r A Prop'r. M W. ITHAM. Manager. rpHB SCAHBOROl'OH. _.__,. B*ach Front. Maryl*nrt Avenu*. Atlantlc Clty. N -I nreat'v m.arge-l and Improvad. Ste.iru heat. Elevator. ?un parlor. rtvate batha. W-'.-.e for Boekl*t v ALFREP WVMAN riAHB FEN'MI.'RST. Mlchlgan-ave.. near the Beach. At I lanth- C'it> <'pen all the year. Every convenienee. Includlng 'eleritlc elevnt*r to level of pavemen*. tt^ara heat! etc. S?nd for lllustrated booklet. JAMES IIOOI' rPHE IROQL'OIB, 1 Atlantlc Clty. R. J A ruperh new Hotel. Routh 1'aroitiia ave and nea-h rlaw. Capactty ,?->.. Bt?t*a h*at - parlor*, elevaBor to iireel rocma *n *ult*. wlth bath. Sp-ing vate*. *1J to f 17 88 weskly. Booklet mal"<, W F. BHAW M'HF WETHERILL Rentuckjr av*. and B*a All* citv N .1 Homellk* hot*l Capaclty L1"! Pi*asant rroms Eacelleni labl* Bpr ng t.ue $1 80 dall) . fi araak |, wrl-e for Booklet Mi;s. H Y MOTER, tTTESTMINSTER \> k- .k) ''?'?. n*ar |4#*Ch. Mlan'r I'ltv. N .) ?i?.,, i;;,- ,-. Bun I'arlr. 8I<? to $14 w**kly. .,., o h aroiRisT Gtimmcc Ucsorto. A BAROAIN OROVESMOXT? 101) ACRE8. Baautlfal viiia all** at balf-mlla abtral r m avenu*; 1|1 mlnulat t itttlon ind viilag*. Alsr. Ulddletown. N. 1 rtlla, Oroveamonl cottage .Knatskills). ^p?n Jun* to Pep'-mher. Partlrular* ?i'h A8A r BMITH, 1.4 Kontaau*-*t., Bklyn. N > rpiIE WIBBAHICKON INX, 1 WIBBAHPTCON HEIOHT8 PHILADELPHIA P\. a ? b* r* opened on .lune i^tn i^ia1 under 'he manage m*n' r-f Mr? Wllllam I'arrn-h Appllcttlon for I ma) N rnad* ln IIAItnlJ, BHI'TE, Hotel Hamllton. I 834] Walnul-at., Phlla . Pa. (Tonntrn BoarO. (fHOICE BOARDINO I'l.v C for tdulti ln privai* fam . half hour fr-m N 1 PI.* locatloii; pl*asar' , ma Rvftrcnce* reipiired K . BOB 2^7. ! 242 Piogl .fortCf iin;> (Tarruiqra. IJV)1 v . , ttabi* a Vis a Vls^made ? ,wai*i fc co of 8Tth n la g-vi erdtr ?n?h umbrelli Vtry at] llah tn) reaaoaabl* effar win b* kppl] at itabl*, Ka 4 Fae' 88th gtiwt Vp\ i RTI8EMENTB and aubacrlgtloaa for The irih,?;.? r*c*lv*4 Bl Iheir Iptoan 001,-e No l 24.' Bi adway, '..1 d. r r.-Tth ,f ^lat-al untll 8 8 Cloch r DI . advertiae lurnts i- *lv*d a' ihe followlna braach ,-m,e? m rtaular ?? - i*i - i ?- k i mi \ || j.m 8th ,, <? \bU rtth av. ,-..r I3th M Macy't flth a\e and 14th ?i M'J i ? .iiini".- tva., n'-..i vv.^, ,-,i,n p, _,, -, West 4JI ?t n'?r .tth av. ?2 ) 4M Ui, -? .",; v\ ?^. 4Ud ?t helween 7fh and 8'h ave? iMi East 47th "?? > 8d-av*. he.???n 7rtth and 77th a's 1 <V2ft j,j tv* nsar 81*1 ?' I WB Irt ave near 8f?th s' ft'.n 3d ave ' near 4i.t-at KM 8d-?.e . 210 Bl*eek*r-*i .125 Blaarbiw ai 1008 8d-*'t . 240 Eait T8th-at . 1 021 Sd-avt., 2,092 8d-*v*J vTrarrlicrg' tfotel porket <5n\k% ThU llst appear* Mondayf, We!n?id*yi tnd BBBgBj MiTIBJ HF TE ilB F"r d?f, rlptlve ho<-.kle? nf ar.y W.n'er or *_ r-?l<-,w. ._411 or addrera Isend stamp. ""st DOcDft-B!] TTsqtOT _3Qon?.?:QD |j f 88 Flflb Ave, g*w York. ' :?>', Heginf Bl lxwidon. 24s llue ?? - Rl. -.i. Parls. Mi Qual Bt. 'ean Rnr?:???. Nte*. D0?T(E(L TOGBQKEY CEdQiSSllDfE (A. P. means Amerhan I'lan E. P . Europetn Ob ft?_ ALBANT N Y H'l Ten _y< k. E. P. $2 up. a. p _>? di Hotel Kanmore A i _} ?? ABHBVILLE. N ?.' Batl*ry l'a-< H"., \ p _ *? BALTIMORE, MI Th* Crroii n, a. p ?_?*> ,, UTON V -,?? Hotel Vend'-m* a p" _I 9 do Co_4*y P,( Hotel. F, P. 81-80 A. P. flkll BROOKLYN N T..Hotal B* o*-rg*. r. P.. at; ___*? , [NCIMNATI, Ohio st Ktcbota* Hot?i. k I'lbl DETROIT, Mlch Th* M*tr p. . f: p Bfis FIX>RIDA, Jark*?nvlll? Bi Jamea ??>..! A p* "a KANBABCITT M?.X*w Coatea I P.. 81 ua \ p'_*> MINNEAPOLU), Mlnn We? Hotel A P /?'*> MOBILF.. All .Btl'l* House A P isjA 9 MONTREAL '"an I'la? ? \ >ger H' A P ?.i i, iHT;? '. ORI.KANS I.a 81 ' hartet l.otai. a p _J"? NEW YORK FIFTH AVENCE HOTFI. a" p I do <v?sni [rtll'an Hfl c'humieri* W.M'wai, R p vl rHII.AHFI.PHIA <K-f Alr-ATdMTh* le?fa>..-. p; p' B 9 u Tb. Aldtns E P |1 M i p*"| piTTsru'RO p* hm Behaal*y, 85.P. $i SO?p; a.p u* 'v' EBEC > ar. . ? hatcau ""rontenar, a p gTl SAI.T I.AKK 'ITY. t'tar Th* ' V er. A I 82'-,_Z HT LOL'IB Mo Plantere Hotel v. P 82 u, a p ?7? BTRACt'BE N V .Talaa Hetet. E P 81 .'". A p i_ WABHINOTON, D. >' Artlngtor, Hot*l a p _ _ a^ Hotel Oordon \ P 88 up F p fcEJ do (Resfaurrnt. A!e ) H-M*| r-r.arr.h*r11n E P BJ '2 d'. .Th* Rat-t.l f. P. ha.3 (fttlUSlOUO. Elfi <D(P E TO^^^SlT^ ITALV AI.L PARTS of CENTRAL EPROPE, BJUfB ISLEB alao N'rv?a>. North 'a;*. Ruatl*. V^'*^ *tr \'ari"is and well watared Itineeart** UVg/l Buperler cottductora 8.8*" parU** aall May a. j,JP,, X ,i . 24 .-.nd Juli 4. Cnequa 11 ? rang*m*ata l_-i?. - t "o:d World TeurlBt lu S*. ' llltt*.. fre* ^ Dr: POTTFP.. 4". f) wai I>*P' E. N. T (Ptcan Stfanurg. ?WM*A/ ^.^^**^f , ss s, f ".srsr^ssys*./.***^ KA.-r EXPREBB B_RVICEa. BOUTHAMPTON, LONDON BREMBR. I.ihn . Ap M*r a Tra e . May -' I>i Iitw 1} .... May l.i'Kata'n Marla T Jstaal ?Twln-t r?? exp.e-s ??? CHERnocKO. PAPiis. BOCTHAMPTOar, LeORPON. BREMEN Twin Bcr-w Esprea* Servi^e. Kals Wrr. d. Or ,. Apr. 11 ttala. Wm d O*. . .. Jiui* I Kal? Frledr.Apr 2?,Kat*. Prl?dr . . Jun? a Kais Wm. d Or. ..May 1 e:*ia Wm. d. Or . . .Julr ? Kals Frledr . Mjo 28 Kal*. Frledr Juir 1$ BOUTHAMPTON, LONDON BREMgaV. Twtn Ber*w Pa*?enger B*r -? Koen Lulse.Apr. 20 Fi i?Ir d Gr hw 1 Frledr d 27 Rr*m*n .]'iv) Brem-n May 4 P R' Luitpd faatl Barharotaa.May Is' Barbtrorja.'uns B Koen. Lulie . M , ?? 2* Iv. en LubM .. .j-iB? a C.IPRALTAR. N'APLEB. OFS'OA. gaa!* .Aprll !6iAII*r.Xltlt All*.- .Apni 22 Kaiser Wm II .. .. Jusa I Kaiser U'm II.Mi) 1 Frr.s I;n?a - ? . May 0 Saai* ..... Jur.? M fjiai* . .M*4 '.' AII*r J'jirl OELRICHB * ro . NO 2 BOH'UNS OREEN. Louls H Meyer. 45 ?ou.h Thl-d B, Pnllt. TWIN fiCREW EXFBE?S LINE NEW YORK -PARIr*-L/jNDON HAMBT'RO F B'.tmarck May 4 10 AM! A. Vl'.orU J-in* IX 11AU y B.imar c.June 1 10 .vM F Blamar - lun* 2T. io aM ?TWIN BCREW PAS8ENOER ?ERVl<-_. NEW YORK?HAMBT'RO PIRE^T REW rOBR?LONDON PARIS-HAMB'RO parr-.s Aprll 8 8:80"P.M Ph<*_lela Aprll 18 8 A 11 ?BEOINNINO APRII. 2f?TH tba steamers of :hu Ur. vlce wlll umcb at Phmiith and Cherbourg oa tha ?r?j to Hamburg tth?f (LsniO T0HFr. BSllJdIjBlIflDDDl. ?_:__ '>uive t> NORWAT tha RORTH r-APE and JPlTt BEROEN bv TWIN SCREW EXPRESS STEAVE1 APOI'STE VI'TORIA FI'.OM NEW YORK JUNB IA Apply H \>fRT'RO AMF.P.l'aV LINE. 37 P-^adwav N T " J)iftP^[i3o(B00DEI^ HAWAIIAN ANU PHILIPPINE ISLAN01 PACIFIC MAIL S P CO. OCCIDEXTAL AND ORIENTAL S. S. Ca TOYO KISEN KAISHA. Between San Franctaco. Hor.ii.^ Yoaohtma, KobA N*8**aki. Shanghai. H.r.g Kor.g <t*ar>-*rs legv* ^an Fran'.uro 1 P M NIPP.1N MAR'' ..Aprll 12 AMER!'~A MARU.Mar ? RIO lANFIR'i Arri! 10 PEKI.S'O Mty 11 COPTIC . ..April ^'OAEfl.T'"- .. May M For fr*ifht pasaage anf general Inf It - ?PPiy ?l 34!? Br^adwiy. ar 1 Battery Pla,e. W?fr..Ej'.or. Bulldl*8. and 2'7 Br adway _^^^^^^ [Fajo0 LPq_?S(D DBjTOa Tb* steanrn if tha Rel "D" Llne, atlllng fot V?a*a u?la rn th* 'ottowtac da'??, w'.i: call at Porti Rvco la Und malli *n-r ps??*ng-rt. B. S. CARACAS.SatuMty. Apr'! 8, 1 P. _ 8. s. PHiLADELPHiA.Baturday. Arri: 22. l p a. BOL'LTON. BLl^ A CALLETT. Oenrrai M*nsa*rs. '.35 FiaM 8t. QkD EldDI^O^DG?'] HCKSE* DAILT PEBVICE For Oid Pr-int Comfort. Ncrfo!.. Newport Newi, Port* mouth. Plnner* Point tnd Rl<-hmocd. Va., conn??-tln8 f?f Petersburg. nirhmond. Ylrglnla Beach. Wtt'r.iajtoa, D. C, and er.tlre Boutb and West. Fre'.ght and Pass*ng*r Ftean.ert tall from Plar ?8, Nor,b Rlver. foot of Beach BL, Mon . Tue? . WedB** Thurs Fr; S p m . Sar . 4 p m.. Bunday. 3 pm. W. L Qt'ILLAl'DEC. Vlce-Pret. tnd Traffl- Mgr. Neiv Torb K "eriam. Ma Bou>grie-?ur-M*r. New twln-acr*w >t**m*r* ROTTERr'AM and STATE** DAM <H..'40.< and 10,800 : r.s ??^speotlveiy). g - .MSTERDAM, Apr. *. 10 A M. f-r Botterda. vlt BflUlogne tur M*r. Salom rates. $.17 up Twin tcrew 8 S BTATENDAM f-r R-'erdam. vlt Boulofn* iur Mer. Aprll 18, 10 *. m. Flrst Tabln. |5*: M . Abln, J.17 ? to i ompany* ofll *, 3? Broadway. >etr Y*r?. AMERICAN LINE. ?**? FABT EXPRESB PEB\1^E. n-EW VOKK?aOCTHAMPTON LONDON, CALLINO WE8TBOUND AT .'HEBBOCRO. .-<ail'.rg W*dn**d*yt at 1" A. M. P- Loata.Apni!.- Umla. May I Ptrtl .Aprll 10 Parls .MtiW New York.Aprll 28 Bt. Paad,._.May II BEI) BTAR L1SB. NEW rOfUt?ART^'gRP?PAatlR. Every \Vedn**day a- 12 r -^n svouthwark. kprtl 13 ?KenalnBtoa.Arr'' * W**ternla_d .Apr:l 19 Noord'.and ............M*y 8 ?These steamer* carry only aeoond and thlrd clast p*?" s^naeis at low rn'e* I\TKRN.\T1"NU, NAVIOATION COMPANT. Tlera 14 ar.d 18, Mortb Rlver OfTlce. 8 Erfiwllng Or-tA A -lti El'llOPEAS TOl'RS- " "**" Hrltlsh lata. thorouBhly. 88 days. |390. Swita M davs *'J.'k% upward. Itallan. 73 days. 8-1*1 up AH!*V claai " "ur Flrst-cla>* :hr-ugh-ut. 8 month*. *960. FRAXk Ba k'er a 'O M Naaea. ?t . N T_ ' A - WHITE S1AR LINE. "**"? NEW-TORK gmr.NSTOWN-i.iyerpool Brltannl Ap-ii 12. nooi Briunnle.May : ,. c?4* T*utinl,- Aprll 10, no-vn Teutonlc . Msv IT n-4* <S,nr-.^ .Aprll 88 .1 r '" ''vrnrlc , -Majr 84. J g R Malestlc. M.iy 8. n^n Ma.'estlc.May 31 BOM i-l-r p.aa*_B*r " ahi and 8*n*ral .n',rmat;>n apply ? WHITE BTAR UNB. pi*r Ka 4'. North Rlvat Otge*. 8 BrcaaBwar, N T. A~~_Z Cl'XAKD I.iXE. * to UVERPOOL VIA QraaCRBTOWR. Fn w I'ler 40. N B . f-vvt of . larWs-vn St l.u-anla Apl - I P M L'inbrta . Aprll ? 9A Etrurla . Apl. IS. ? A M I.u-ar.ia. Miv 8. 1 T lampar.ti Apl. 88, I P M Auranla Mav 6. 8 P. VERROR H BROWS * CO., '".en Ager.t*, 4 BOWURO QREER NBW fORg_ rilKM'll I.INE. """ COMPAONIE OENERAUC TRANSATLANTIQVg DIRECT UNE T?i H.WRE PARIP .FRANTt* Saillna as IMIOWa at P> A M Fn-m Pier No 4J NortB Hiver f.?? -i M rl H *___ _ I.a Cbampagne . Apr:! s 1-4 ?? - ? - A;Jivl l.a Hre-igne Aprll IS Iji Norrnandl* . ? J*,>,| L_ Toutaln* . . April 82 I.H (haii.pagne __*"' Flrat ,'Am i'?!>?rfg? t i llavr*. $.','. tnd :;*-*rt . - 4ien 1 Agen- > RM V. K ar.d ? an , 3 P-vwling ..r?*n B _ 1.x. I ksio\s TO Kl BOPE _ ] EAVE April 22; Maj ?'.. 20, 'J7; Juiie 1* 24 Jul> 1 8 Spe.-lil fe^it.ires M*mb*r*blp WjJ8afc r I .'I.AIIK 111 B? idwav. N** T:>f-_. AfALLUKY STkTmSHIP L1N ES. * Fr, m New Y.rk Wedneaday?. FrIUya and Bawnatt* FOR TF.XAS. OFOR.71A AND FI/ORlPA. - BTRAI.;HT and BOl'ND TKIP Tirkfi ,au^w"___ poini* IB T**a*. ?.o|,,rtdo. Arlima. Calf-vn'.t *?*?? Jtc. Georgia. Flor'da. *c Pelightful Eicursf>n* ^^ Wrlt* I our * . .? * "P.n-ket Ould*" 'm?_"_"_rt. C. H MALLORT A CO.. Oaa. AarU Pl?> ao. K- *?? **'__ OED D LINE j^ **? 1" r L. Ouavra Puert^ rth*!'.^. rtri'A!) ?B? ??" calbo. via I'ura ,-v- ,'alllng tts^ at I Fr>m H berta Pler. Rr?k'vn - ?- p phil\i<fi.phia . Baturdaj March a. J w i 8 CARAI as . Baturdt) aprll 8. _7\JZ Thesa steamers hav* sup*rlor 8(aaaa*ao8al aa ,.''" ?"?""? BOVLTON BUBB A PAlLETT Oensral Mv-?a" l-? ____Z* v v ERTtBEMFNTB n . * ' ' .PwOSS _\ re elved at tb. ? i ;? ? '? , nVrt'af ? Ib of 81st al ir'?' '? - ''?? r -1 *,Zm'V menta re-.iv.d at ihe followlna branch oWees a. ^ j .ffl e ra'es untll 8 ?'-?-? r m vja ..m ? .*???-?*? cor tSd Bl 18] ' - 82th - M* ? ? \" \% ? M Uih ?' . i?2 ' "lumbua a\. n*ar W*at aaia ??. -4,'?t 4"1 M . n*ar ?th ave 88 Vj't Htb ??? A. K P K E iHiorrllancotia I i it in dollar 01 ? U i ., - II av,av How*v? ? )-oii tv 'he n?'?!*?? ?r^Va* ..,,, ?_,? ...,.r-4 v 11 ? n ' 'egre- |t 4M?r. ,/ve>eAAJ* nt inTeT ?? ''-'\r::nr^T^ I) n . ? ? > ^,; -r. th' . itturwl v ii 1 n ? '*?' ?'.!? ??? a*i 8tb 4>e _ *R| \lt\y.y IBEM rsTB eng eubacrlptlon* fer^T*i5E_| re.-eived a. I'.elr l'P',-.wn Offl . V I 24. ?~^t_T ' ' il*i " ' ' ? ' . .VrapaM * * ?M *?_ ......... *d .-' ib* I br.n. hjr_?2?'V^T| m.e r.i... S . . vla. -?*.*'V?W_| .^. co, 12th ?? ^.???J,b3_7_| and l?h ?l "- ' lumbu" *v* . n*ar *?**i ^*f \Sp*_\ Wmi ?M bi aaar 8th iv- r. Eaat "'"J-JJilJ";ifl 4o, .. hM?sen Tih and 8th av**. 180 l-ast 17 h * . ^, . , ,.??,.p Tftth .nd 77th sti l_g g __! t*a n... ? i7o? lat av* n*ar Wth-.' . ???? 'ItJImps*; ilai tt a^4 M-a ? 2.'1 P ?*???--?? S-5 SaalU4t 908 8d-*v * . 2*0 E**t TVHb-.t. 1,821 84-*^ I *****!

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