The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1948 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 13
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SIVhiffemore rarsPlay Cast Compete ft* **«>*«» '.'Trfttfltf/ftlffowy If, 1941 ; Whiltfeftiore: Whittemore high •, School' will compete In the clis*- Wet oratorical contest held ibis 'WeeU Moh'day in Emmetsbui-g. at one o'clock in the afternoon, The schools that were in competitio were Estherville t Emmetsburg and Rodman. Contestants from here wer Eileen Maahs, oratorical; Kit Braatz, dramatic; Dotoths Qulnrt, humorous; Jeanrt'e Wein hold, inteerpretive reading; anc Cairol Schmelirig, radio speak In the'evening a ofte*act 'play contest" was held. Whittemore's production was a drama, Jacob Gome's Home; whose - players were ftut.h Bra'at?., iaaine Behnke, Jeane Weinhold, Carrol Schmeling, and Eugene Maahs. Surplus Algona Auction Sale? Co. TH — - — ii- - > i • *«••• t 19 Starting at 8:00 A. M. Boots Bunk Beds Blankets Rain Coats Tarpaulins Folding Cots New Mattresses Leather Flying Pants Men's Shoes and Jackets Mnny othor small Horns too, iiiiinei'o'iis to mention Oratorical Wifttte The oratorical The oratorical contest sponsor, ed by the Seely WalsTi PMt wa held at Presentation academy last week Sunday. Students t fpo"m Presentation academy and whit temore public school entered Winners were Marion Fande) first; Helen Reding second; and Elaine Behnke, third; Miss Fan del will now. enter the county contest. Judges ^ svere Ralph Nichols, H.•• E, Wbbdwaf d, and Mrs. H. E. Woodward. BefnaU Housewarming A house-warming party was held Sunday evening in honor ol Mr. and Mrs, August Bernau Jr. Present were Mr. a*id Mrs, Hugo Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dau and family, Mr, and Mrs. .Law- •ence Meyer and: family, MiYand Mrs. Herbert: Zumach and fam- lv, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Robber, VIr. and Mrs. Melvin Roeber, and Mrs. Anna DaU, Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs, Frank Jergens and amily, West Bend. Cards were he evening's entertainment. ,unch brought by the guests ivas served at the clos6 6f the 'vening. Whiilemore Winners The 'regular ' rrieeiing of the whitteinore Winners 4-H club vas held Saturday afternoon at he home of Naomi Greinert last veek. An interesting discussion on able settings arid etiquette was held. Beverly Zumach gave a talk on saving time in preparing meals. Meats'" ;arid menus second part of the- lesson. • was given by Mrs. Eei-'d Ostwald and Mrs. Harry Scli'rheling. Peggy Patton gave the 'individual demonstration. Meats, and eggs,, potato soup.and cheese and crackers were served for lunch. burial was in th<s etery at ^H afternoon. The soft Gary, seven yeaf4-,bld. fs. W. Ali ' '**" Frank . telegram Monday W. Alt, 86 had his rtu, ov, mm passed, away ms home in Gowrle,, ! «i|!iflier¥ 'he" had lived sinde he left Wffftte* more. Mr, Alt was* J mWagef' 6i the WhittdWote EleV£lt6f ,;'e"em- from 1929 until< 198?,,•• eniine, v».^jr ^w^c ^w^m « UUA and, each' guest dmr 8fte> Some were f tinny, 1 ! sbmie very but all ehjttyedJthfe 6x6h6 lovel# luhcHeUff * taffvtffk ihe Valentine SfelWrnc by thd hostels^ >J flMr) Vhrt,* flstMafaft*:* 1 fifth Jolly SOB Club The Jolly 500 club met at the .home of Mrs. Herman Voigt, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. James Besch won high, Mrs. August Elbert, low, and Mrs. Joseph Besch Sr., travel. Mrs. Garold Ollom, Burt, and Mrs. Milton Espe of .Whittemore were guests .of the club. Bernau Baby Dies Merlyn James''Bcrnau; infant son of Mr. and Mrs; Roland Bernau, died at Mercy, hospital in Fort Dodge last Thursday shortly after his birth. • The Rev. P. G.: Weinhold conducted services in Algona, and Home For Sale! Fine new story and half home, S rooms and bath, oak finish, insulated, oil heat. Owner moving soon. Price $12,500.00. See Joel M. Herbst dccompahidd'W. Struecker to Fort t)ddg[fe MofV day, where Mf. Laubfe underwent surgery for sinus .treuble. Mr. and Mrs, Archie Vdigt 'and Mr. and Mfg. Erwih, StrtJeeket* visited with Mr, and Mrs. Henry Lauck, Thursday evening,, . .Mr. and Mrs. John F. Baas, Mr. and Mrs. Simon. Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harms, Mr. and Mrs. vielvin Heinrich helped Fred McWhei'ter celebrate 'His ^bMh- day at his horrte Monday eVert- ng. Pinochle was played and unch was served. Mr. and' Mrs. Francis Geelan and Mr. and .Mrs. Raymond Geean, all of Ruthveh, were Sunday ;uests at the home of Mr. and VIrs. James Geelafl l ^ Armand Elbert, who was hos- litalized at the MeCreery hospital, is well and fable 'to attend choor'agairt, Me'had been operated upon for an -abdominal abscess following -art appendectomy. *" • ' Mr. and Mrs."Ci'^AHflf^'Pr&iric City,>Mmn.". visited With Mr. and Mrs: Nick Thilges/frdm "Tuesday until Thursdayi.of last'week. Mr. Allar and Mr. Thilges^are 'cotis- A son, Dennis Ja'rhfsl was born to Mr. and Mrs. '. Mike' L. Besch at the.McCreery h9spij;al Thurs- dav of last week. | |f» • The Jolly 50(3' clutS entertained their husbands at tire "home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mergen, Sunday evening. Mike Mergen and Mrs. Herman Voigt, high, Mrs. Leo Kirschbaum and Edward Besch,' low prize. Travel prize also was won by Mike Mergen. Mrs..Paul Ludwig and Mrs."Geo. Balgeman assisted Mrs. Mergen With the lunch. Mr;, and Mrs. Vern Plathe and Mr! and Mrs. Leo Kirschbaum were guests of the club. , 1, ft, A large tended , the .Kossuth' •*» wuw«* *•« <urubiAi i,gr ^J. VU1 Wt* " £/Z€Ctl*il Cooperative Annual 'H&ellfik •" " Estherville OH Feb. }0. : 'The mee'tiftg"' was held at Grand THeater, t). li. Tliersoh president; pi'esifled at^'the meet' ing. Forehodn sessioh "Was given to business'arid-reports. The Estherville churohes serv- Sweci & Harrison Women Met At Peterson's Home Swea & Eagle: B afid Harrison homemakers 'Vneer' fat the home of Mrs. 'Rudolph 'Petdr- ;on on Wednesday J 'afternoon, Feb. 11. Mrs. Guy Wood presided at meeting. Mrs. J. "L. Miller and Mrs. Maynard Jenson gave the lesson ^on "Legal Rights for Married Women," Mrs. George! Harner demonstrated "Stencils',' 1 and showed many lovely article? as towels?lun'ch- r eMhs,t*and dil- AUNT HET BY HOa'fiftf 6U1LLBM 'Pa had a tfeal Shock'',today. He helped a lot o' hafdi>up folks back in hard limes, ^ahd today one of 'em came in and paid back what he'd borrowed." Poor brakes are a danger to y oil'— have them balanced and adjusted at KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. For sure, smooth 'slopping, see your Chevrolet dealer first! KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. f rainiftg Lssftort Feb. 1 " 1 ., .M£Bfer r , %ft Virgil Mfs. .-. L, ' ,1'hd 1 Mrs, ~ fLbwell ., r'rartcis farina artdVllte* . >» erS at faiffrtottt; latt der'aldRobb Of'Huifrfbtfldt \ As i«iy > • T ftm qiifttittg farthing 1 will .sell locntod nt Hie cn,<rf edge of • following property ht 12 COWS 2 HEIKJ^S, 2 ycftra olfl 8 ItElFERS, 1 yenr old *'{ Hotfors, lie 1 yenr in April t I r> CALVES " . • :. . i 1 IVHTTE-'PACE JHJLL , , ' 1 TEAM HOUSES,.Sorrel and «oiiii, (5 and 12 years old , FARM MACHINERY, ETC. 1 set "harness 1 National Milking Machine 1 McCormick-Deering separator with motor , 2-row corn picker, pull type, on nil*, lier 8-ft. McCorinick-Deerlng grain hindcf Tank heater John Deere hayloader Minnesota mower, 5 ft., 4 yerirs old Grain elevator with hoist and speed jack -. 10-ft. disc, horsc'drawii 4-isectlon drag Wagoii and rack Wagon with flare box * Electric pump jack, new Some haled hay and straw, some silage. . ' " y TEftMSt- Cash, or make arrangements with your banker. PETER HALSRUD COLWELL BROS., Auctioneers SKCliniTY STATE BA> T K, Clerk I 1 - ' As I am going into other business, I will hold a complete miles north of Algona, on SALE WILL BEGIN AT 1 P.M. closing out sale at the farm located 4 miles east and l'/j February 25 LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS O/* TT 1 J? 36 • Head of 6 of Horses 6 wrS?1n P r> a ri r h f f % horses '.* and 7 years old, weight 3400, broke; matched pair of bay horses, 5 and 6 years old weight 3000, broke; 2 year old gelding and one 2 year old 'riding mare, broke 1o ride. 30 HeM of Cattle 9 Holstein cows, just fresh or will be by date of sale; 5 shorthorn cows, just fresh in last 30 days; 10 head of yearling mixed heifers and steers? 5 baby calves; 1 white face yearling bull. ywnng 100 WHITE LEGHORN HENS AND 3 GEESE - BROODER HOUSE, 12x14 FT. 2 YEARS OLD. MACHINERY T j As I am quitting farming, I will sell the following described my farm located 1 mile ftortfi, 3 miles west 1V4 north of Whittemore Vz north, 3V4 miles east V4 north of Cylinder THURSDAY. FEB. T O VV : 5 STARTING AT 1:00 P. M. , • • • t*. I . t I Jersey^ Cow, I Guernsey Cow, 3 coming 1 year old heifers Jersey and: Brown Swiss. 40 HEAD 4 Doroc Jersey sows to farrow last of April, 34 head of feeding hogs. , . l ' 2nd «! J i o 10 ? Cas %°" "* w rul ? bef with = u l»ivptor; (1) 1945 B.F. Avery on rubber, complete with cultivator and mounted 2-12 plow; one 2-16 Case plow; one 290 John Deere tractor planter with fertilizer ' ?."JL' v «l« r Deere 4 row planter, like new; I.H.C. No. 60 motor mounted combine, AO shape; one 4-bar tri one 15 ft. International disc; 10 ft. I.H.C. power binder; Case 15 ft. disc; Case 4-section spr na Case four-section spike tooth harrow with folding eveUr"JohV Ke Sgr'^eed^"^ foot I.H.C horse drawn mower onj-obber; Jari power mpwer, a honey for fence rows; Dane hay loader; 2 good wooden wheel wagons complete with boxes; No. 200 j.H.C. tractor manure spVeqder on rubber^"hBy'SSt and wago* I H C manure horse drawn spreader; 30 ft. all steel elevator and speed jewk; Isefi of good breeching harness ar ' ' ' 2 years old; I.H.C. milking machine with ^hOr^So> pipSe ^^^f^SK^\&ii^Sn^ L!. *— ye<<rS ' Wel Ct>red f<>>Vin [ ***"** ""* l$ '" '«**ll*'» l * wndition. Y -20 tons of first and second cutting alfalfa in barn wfth'f>9,.f«in; «nd 200 bales of third cutting nie« with no ram; 300 or 400 bu. of white Russian seed oatf; JClO or 300 bu. ear corn- .,**'. troughs and lots of small tools and many otbtr artistes/too numbereus to mention, ^ TPRMS: Cash or see your banker before sale. Lou Matern, Auctioneer Stqte Bank, Algona, ^ mm • Farm Machinery 1 1940 Allis Chalmers W. C. Tractor; 1 Power take-of for Allis Chalmers W. C. Tractor, 1 1942 Cultivator for Allis mersW.C. Tractor, 1 Oliver Cletrdc H, G, row crop Crawler Tractor 1946.model, ] MeCormrck.Deerrnq 15-30 „ recently,overhauled, 1 1940 McCormick.Deering 2 row pull type Com PUker, rMcCormiek^erina Corn PUker or bine hitch for Allis Chalmers W, C, Tractor, 1 John Deer? 15,ft Tractor Disk, 1 Bla«khawk tr<.<tor Corn Pl«ntt»r. with tilizer Attachment, l Allis Chalmers 2 bottom 14 in, Tractor Plow with extra Bottoms,1 Oliver 3.bottom 14,in Plow, Uohn Deere 4-section Harrow with folding drawbar,, Fairbanks Morw Hommer'Mill, I King & 4**, steel Elevator with Wagon Hoist, 1 MtCormlcVDeerlns 8,^ Bintf«O John'Bteri In^'S^fr, ! IQ^ft, R*,ke, 1 McCormick^Deering Endga.e Seeder, 1 John Deere all steel roller bearing Wagon, 1 Wooil Wbf<»! Wagon box, Mangre Spreader, 1 me Ford Truck short wheelbase with^in bo^ c,nd stock r a«k, l Mn B Wr «"m how Engine, 1 ^AcCormick . Deerinp Cream Separator No, 3, 1 Portable Corn Crib, 1 Double jWaJri Hog W«1*rtr lamps, 1 Hog Self Feeder, 1 Mflytag 2 cylinder ingine, 1 Brooder Stave. , 200 B«le§ Wild Hoy, 100 Bales Str«w, SoyBeqns, with <?«, with Tom Loose Wild Hay In S*m, or /vke Arrangement* With Y>y:r G n • ^f MRHi ^HBTBp i ... ^* \ i s- * - - •" -^ ;/', -,' •. ^ v • '•' i''-1*' ^ ^ '"'-,- : c . . ^ fiiv^kl's-Sft&^Sfc

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