The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1948 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 6
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A-Algeria Upper be» Malnes Tuesday, PafrruOfy M t 1948 Call Insko Best Reinsman In State For Year 1947 Iowa's outstanding reinsman last Season was none other than Mark Insko of St. Joe, ia.j who campaigned his stable of horses throughout Iowa and Minnesota, arid closed the season at the famous Red Oval at Lexington, Ky M according to "Horseman and Fair World," racing publication. The purple and gold colors of the stable wore carried to the top on many occasions . . . the season ending 110 starts, 72 times in the money. All horses Were green contenders with the exception of Dale Me I Win. The consistent pacer, Dale Me I Win, was in the winning column, with the opening bell, taking first money in all ••» tjiree events. He is credited with making 34 starts, bringing home Winnings in 32, which is ah ex- ceptional percentage. His final mark of the year Was a mile in 2:04%, •taken at Lexington, KV., giving him the title of being the fastest Hawkeye pacer out last season. Assisting his father was the 16-year-old son, Delmar ... a young teamster with much promise. His record last seasbn was very impressive, considering it Was his first on the ovals. He drove 18 heats and was out of the money only three with the two green performers, Patty Agile and Kato Direct. Mr. Insko'Sf.-two other sons. Donald and Denny also shared in the honors ... as their job of staying at home, caring for the crops was important to the success of the Insko Stable. St. Johns Of Bancroft Is Victor Here A hard-to-stop St. John's Academy team of Bancroft, which managed to maintain control of rebounds, downed St. Cecelia's of Algona here Sunday afternoon, 48 to 37. Algona was not playing its usual game, although score at the half stood 24 to 20, with the visitors ahead. ^mith and Mulligan turned in strong games for the victors, while Winter played a steady game at guard for Algona and Erpelding did fine work in a relief roll. Game summary: Si. Cecelia's (37) fg ft pf White 624 Winkel 003 Bieser 724 Wilhelmi Oil Winter 1 2 2 Erpelding 022 Si. John's (48) Smith 14 9 16 fg ft pf 6 1 Dudding _i_ 2 > 1 2 Mulligan 6. 2 4 Rustemeier 222 Saunders 1 1 3 Schumacher 010 Egan 1 0 1 Fox 1 0 0 19 10 13 Last Wednesday night, the Academy bowled over, Wesley high, there, 33 to 12. 'Reserves finished out the last half of the contest. 'The team has now won 13 and lost seven this season. Burt is the next foe, the Academy traveling . there tonight (Tuesday) for the last regular game of the season. Season's Best Game; Algona 41 la. Falls St. Joe Wins By Hair Over Seneca Seneca—In a Kossuth basketball league game played at Seneca, against St. Joe, the contest was decided in the last three minutes, with St. Joe winning by the close margin of 43 to 41. Delmar Reding hit for 18 points to lead the St. Joe scoring, while Al Godfredsen hit for the Saddle club. The contest was played Feb. 9. CAA Project n-13-001-7 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Airport Commission City ol' Algonn Kossuth County. Town Algona. Iowa January 22. 1DI8 Sealed Bids, in duplicate subject to the conditions herein, will be received until 8 p. m. Central Standard Time. March 4th. 1948. and then publicly opened, at the City Hall, for furnishing all equipment, labor and materials./as set forth in the specifications and performing all of the work of clearing, grubbing, grading, drainage, field marking, fencing and turfing at the Algona Municipal Airport. Kossulh County, Iowa. Approximate quantities are as follows: Schedule I Clearing, Grubbing, Grading, Lowering Manholes and Plugging Sewer Lines: Structures in landing strips: Item No. Descrintion Quantity Unit 1 Removing concrete floor 4 in. thick 20.085 Square Yards 2 Footings -• - 3,008 Square Yards 3 : Lower manhole, cap with concrete , D Each ~.. 4 Lower manhole 2 i't." below grade and cap— IB Each 5 Plug sewer lines 17 Each B Remove concrete reservoir 1 Each 7 Unclassified excavation 107,777 Cubic Yards 8 Surfacing entrance drive 125 Cubic Yards Schedule II Drainage: 1 P. in. storm sower — 040 lin. ft. 2 10 in. storm sewer 890 lin. ft. 3 . 15 in. storm sewer __954 lin. ft. 4 IB in. storm sewer 32B lin. ft. 5 21 in. storm sewer.- 1D20 lin. ft. (i Type C intakes 5 ft. deep .- -9 each 7 Type B intakes 7 I't. deep 8 each 8 Type A intakes 7 ft. deep 2 each !) Concrete headwall --1 each Schedule III Segmented Circle, Marking. Class A Fence, 3 Gates: 1 Segmented circle 1 each 2 Boundary markers. 46 each 3 Class A Fence 10,401 lin. ft. 4 14 ft. gates 2 each 5 Special fence 650 lin. ft. 8 4 ft. gate 1 each Schedule IV . Turfing: 1 2 3 Preparation of ground 112.2 acres Fertilizer and liming 112.2 acres Sowing Seed 112.2 acres 1. Plans sre on file in the office of the Secretary of the Airport Commission at Algona. Iowa. Copies of plans for individual use of Contractors may be obtained from the Brown Engineering Company, K.P. Building, 6th and Locust Street, Des Moines, Iowa, upon deposit of $10.00 which will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders upon their return of same. The plans and specifications which are hereby made a part of the Contract arc designated as follows: Title Sheet Index and Summary Sheet Location Map Master Plan Layout Plan Clearing Plan Existing Sanitary Sewer System Log of Borings Grading Distribution NE-SW landing strip N-S landing strip NW-SE landing strip Grading and Drainage Plans Storm Drain' Miles Inlet structures and headwall Intersection detail Marking devices Fencing and seeding Drawing No. BRCO I 2 ;; 3 5 B 7 n !) 10 ' " 11 12 13 14 15 Date 7-7-47 8-21-47 (J-20-47 10-10-47 10-!l-47 10-W-47 10-13-47 !l-8-47 11-5-47 !)-!l-47 lO-il-17 10-10-17 1U 10-20-47 10-31-47 November lfl-17 Part I " Standard General Provisions Part II " ' A.- Special Provisions Labor Special Construction Provisions B.- Standard CAA Specifications CAA-P-101 " Clearing and grubbing CAA-P-lOi! " Grading CAA-D-701 " Clay pipe sewers CAA-D-702 " Concrete pipe sewers CAA-D-751 " Manholes and inlets CAA-D-752 " Concrete headwall ASTM-C-150 " Portland cement AASHO-M-65 " Sand I CAA-T-nOl " Seeding CAA-P-160 " Wire ience with wood posts CAA-5-M-2 " Boundary markers CAA-TSO-N5 " Segmented circle marker system Bidders are expected lo visit the locality of the work, and to make their own estimate of the equipment, material and labor needed, to acquaint themselves with the difficulties attending the execution of the proposed contract, including local conditions, uncertainty of weather, availability of water, electric power, roads, soil conditions, the natural surface of the ground and other contingencies. ' » 2. Guarantee will be required with each bid as follows: Each proposal shall be accompanied by a certified check drawn on an Iowa Bank in an amount equal to live percent (5%) of the t9tal amount bid. and made payable to the Treasurer of the Airport Commission of Algona, Iowa. The certified check will be held by the Airport Commission of Algona, Iowa, as liquidated damages if the bidder fails to execute a contract and file and approved bond for the faithful performance, thereof, within 10 days after the acceptance of his bid and presentation of the Contract for signature, 3 Performance Bond and Payment Bond will be required for an amount not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the Contract. A combined form of Performance and Payment Bond is shown in the Specifications. 4. Liquidated Damages for delay will be as shown in General Provisions, section 70-07 and as shown on the Proposal Form. 5. Partial Payments will be made in accordance with paragraph 80-06 of the General Provisions. , .... , . G Minimum Wage Rates. The minimum \Vage to be paid to labor employed on this project shall be in accordance with the rates shown in Special Provisions, and determined by the Secretary of Labor. . 7 Preference for Iowa Products. By virtue of statutory authority, a preference wil be given to products and provisions grown and materials fabricated Within the State of Iowa (Chapter 73 Code of Iowa J046). . 8 Proposals must be submitted upon the proposal form furnished. The successful Bidder will be required to execute the Standard Form of Contract. Forms for use of Bidders may be had on application. I 9 Commencement and Completion. The work shall be commenced not later than June 1. 1948 and completed within 90 working days from the date oT commencement. Each schedule shall'be completed in the specified number of working days as shown on the Proposal Form. Enclosed in a separate envelope will be found a certified check on an Iowa Bank in the amount of dolars (S ), which is a prpppsal_ guar- ahtee which it is undei stood will be retained as liquidated damages in the event tjxe formal contract, Performance and Payment Bond are not executed ?/award is made to the undersigned. ** 10 Award of Contract—The Algona Airport Commission of Algona. Iowa serves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive informality in bids re- ived and to accept or reject any schedule of any bid unless such ialified by specific limitation. Envelopes containing bids must be sealed. '"*.*^5**_.7J3 ..A'lfoccaH .'iw (Villnwc' sna a jpecJtic umtiaiion. j ddressed as follows: To: Gaylord P. Shurmvay Secretary, Airport Commission Algona. Iowa CAA Project 9-13-001-7 at 8 P.BJ o'clock C.S.T. March 4th, 1948. Datec» this 22 day of January 1948. . secretary Wm. C. y. Chairman U7 Bulldogs Again Retted No. 1 N.W. lowti Team For dyed-irt-the-wool basketball, one will have to go a I6ng Way to surpass the heated battle of last Friday night h«re between Algpna and Iowa Falls high. While the Bulldogs won by the slim margin of 42 to 39 ( the victors had one of their tolighest games of the year and met a foe which in general local opinion, was the best they have faced this" season. In fact it was a battle that found the visitors outscot'ing Algona in the second halfj arid the Bulldogs resorting to a stalling game the final three Minutes to win, protecting their slim lead. Crapser Gbes To Town Charlie Crapser had his biggest night of the season. After Skogstrom opened the contest with two rapid free throws, Iowa Falls with their quartet of six footers, and one other lad only an inch shorter 1 . began to click. 'Scofe at the end of the first quarter was 8 to 6 for Iowa Falls. Douglas replaced Waldron at the quarter for Algona. Then Crapser began io roll. He lied the score with a goal, flipped in another lo give Algona Ihe lead, sank a free lhrt$w, got another basket io put Ihe Bulldogs ahead, 12 io 8, a lead which ihey never lost although ihey had it narrowed. It must be said at this point that Iowa Falls played a beautiful game, worked the ball in nicely, but seemed unable to connect during the quarter. Crapsep counted another free throw, and another basket, and Sigler rolled in a basket before Iowa Falls even counted in the second quarter. Just before the half Crapser tallied two more field goals, and Algona led, zi to 13. Sigler Finds His Spot But it' the second quarter was Crapser's, the third went to Algona's lean and lanky Sigler. He found a spot in the "side pocket" of the court and dropped in three before the visitors quit concentrating on Crapser and gave him closer attention. In the meantime Laurltzen tallied a free throw and Roy Surls of Iowa Falls went out on fouls. But Bob Surls netted a couple from -well out on the cpurt, and as yie third, quarter ended, Crap- •serccaine; thrpugjf jpgaijti wite), a bucket. Score: Algona 32, Iowa Falls, 25. .., . Why Coaciies GroW Old Then came that heart-failure last quarter, better entitled "why coaches get gray." Iowa Falls sank a long one, then a free throw. Sigler retaliated with a long one of his own, then a free throw. But Iowa Falls hooped a gift shot, and then a field goal, and the score stood 36-34 for Algona. ' At this point, Crapser drove in and sank^a closeup bucket, but Iowa Falls kept pace. Then Crapser counted a technical foul gift shot and a field goal. Douglas went back in for Waldron, who had started "the second half. lovva Falls, with tirfte running out, tried everything ni the book, and pulled within a hair, of Algona via free throws. But Sigler got a free throw then the stalling began. 6«i§«l Atafrte i^«»?*« " ir SiS^t^R* WAtfMcfflfflft^' t&WiOteWjH! =''* S&M^y'« Bob Oelgel, .fftihfettlfy Wrestling teSW frrembg!*, 6th'6i« fhateh sfsiftst Nd rt at Ey&ndfttnY Saturda Competing in the' IflLlb.-itettf Three minutes is a lortg time to stall, and it seemed like an hour, as Algona's lead shrank to one point. Then Crapser a^a5n toolo direct action, and drav'e ih for a final basket to give Algoha a four point lead. Iowa Falls scored the last point, a 1 -free throw. HuHftbbldf Is Next " Credit should < be given to Latiritzen, a giant on defeftse", Waldron, Skogstrom and Douglas, all of whom played an out-, standing game against a topnotch foe. It Was a happy, delirious crowd of fans thai pouted from the gym, and a fitting game for Algona 16 win. Lasi > Friday's Associated Press \ sp6fis writers' release again credited Algona with being the number one high school team in northwest IbWa* Humboldt is the next foe, Friday, there. Algona is now cer- tain of second place in the North Central conference. The team has won 15 games and lost two. Game summat'y: Algona (42) PG Ft Pi? Crapser .... !) 4 2 Sigler -.. 524 Lauritzen , 112 Waldron _. 0 D 0 Skogstrom —„_ 214 Douglas __ __ 0 fl 1 17 8 13 Iowa Falls (3§) F'G Pf Pf Hay Surls -__. 430 Bob Surls —-. 3 2. 6 Ilanser .— 213 J. Surls 201 Litllejohn 3 3 1 Hurst, —— 0 0 0 Love 0,1 0 Harty .. 0 1 0 14 11 10 USE THE WANT OPEN WEDNESDAY NITES 2 Alleys Open—After 9:30 P, M. All 6 Alleys Open THURSDAY NITES AH Alleys for Open Bowling After 9;9Q P,M, FRIDAY - SATURDAY SUNDAY All Alleys for Open Bpwling 1 P.M. to 12 Midnight BRANDT Bowling Lanes € Wednesday, Feb. 18th, ONLY AT BRADLEY BROS. FREE CHiCK-U? on Your De Laval Cream Separator • . X Yes, we will furnish the FREE labor to completely dismantle and check your DeLaval cream separator. De Laval factory expert on hand. Bring it in—remember, just for Wednesday only! - / CJL UL? mMuiiaf r niau ICVCIIVJ.JY t ivvwf» is- MftttHHftifiK tfifofftoUt 4Kt f pffiHeitt, 10 tea% eempeting m*.we jamrioi^.^ ' , l«uiffl«ffl8tft--HuiL ;S|WM6y- ^ms i, gttt .IgftCatAf, 01M16U, ^ofeM^! tt§ 'J(V-,ffi AHH. A PERFECT MATCH-^IG SMITH SHIRTS AND PANTSr Z E N D E R ' S Clothes For Men and Boys TIME OUT! FRIESNER'S SPORTS CENTER "Now remember, stay in a crouch—let him Keep \a\\\ef your head—he's liable io break his mjiis." Whether you are an acc<>rnpli$hed sportsman, or jyst a rank amateur, you will l\i\$ FRIESNER'5 club-like t)tm9< sphere to your liking. It's pleasant |gst te drop in and "talk" sports h6re.$Then, too, we h»ve thf largest of quality sport goods lines jn fhi? FRIESNER'S SPORTS CENTER Cn w!EW J. I. CASE P/mOIWERV * HUDSON CARS \ 1 \ New Shipment! li , Anthony & Colby WAGON BOXES New Heider 6x10 Ft. WAGON BOXES NEW at Taylors Tower LAND ROLLERS 15-Foot i Scarce Item INLAND' FIELD CUITI- HARROW SECTIONS With or Without DraWbdfs (Limited Number) Don't Wait Until Spring . Planting This item is really going "hot"; Over 50 now delivered. This is a true field cultivator. Reasonably priced. 9'/2 foot Wheel mounted, .available In either* hydraulic, power or hand lift. Check this before you buy any Cultivator. WEED 1 r * Get Machinery •/ '•. Repairs ,'^Towi NU-WAY-ROtKET-fOiLAfti* EKHOLM We have been mode than satisfied With farmer comment on out new, machines. We have four types of mounted machine* and one pull type machine wittMmqiori The makes are; Nu-Way; Rocket;'. PolairUf Ekholm.. , ' f /• •, '-" •"•*•>^ HOG FEEDERS-35,Bu> -Heavy ' ^^MpHt^MihereilFeeder^v'; 1 " JHibiG ^ftlj^S^b G& Utijitjr i.*i* r Catt'.IUDfy;. Watep'rs .*;>•; V - l-R.C. Case Tractor and 6u|tlvot<>r on Rubber A»l t - , , , ; , 7 birtp (Complete) ^- s ' ! " s • 1-Uied John &9errP,,Tffft«* / -- 3?"0eod Used Trailed! wtth TIN* 1-Msed 3-BoHom John Dw* ffew 1-10 Foot Mn Deere PUc (Good) IT PAYS TO CHECK WITH US BEFORi YOU 1940 Chevrolet 2-Door Sedan 1947 Mercury Five Passenger Coupe (Nrfetf) l \ 1932 Chevrolet 2-Door Sedqn 3-Section Case Spring Tooth Harrow 1-Used John Deere Horse Spreader 1HC Horse $pre««tef M , 1-Used 2*Rew John Peere fwll Picker We tinri-Sm-'YWf* i t ' V, ' i _ >• * ' , * Always ft Oftod Clbfcfci |f Hammer Mills and Corn §heHar?**Horvtx» 1 »gl <? ^

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