The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 5
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It gives your hens imp y :jant yitpmins^,of sunshine and'green fc "' 9 ' to help keepvrKem in full production; , s, S * And It's Handy to That Corn Is Expensive * * * ••'"' f -"< t you sen do lite hundreds e f sgeeessful hpjg" f e r do,, get better hegs fqster, and praticqlly cut thpt -That's y<hfny9« feed - ,.- , v Sargent Multi-Rich Minral M ' * * ' ' f " " $'"*"•** ' ''"*?' J "". The wedding" 01 Miss Pearl **ni WGUUlllg VI 1V1183 JTCttl Krambeer, of Jefferson, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. George Krambeer, Britt, Iowa, to Oeofge Bahr, son of Air. and Mrs. John Bahr of Algona, which took place Wednesday Feb. 4, at 10:30 a. m. in the Jefferson Methodist church tfith th6 fteV. Arthur V. Long redding 1 the single ring service. ^ Matron of honoi* was^Mrs. Kenneth Wasser, a close friend, and Kenneth Wasser served as best man. A wedding dinner was served at noon in Jefferson. Following the dinner the couple left on a short honeymoon. They will make their home in Jefferson where the bridegroohi is employed. { I Dinner Honor's Guesis— Mrs. Ida Nickerson gave a fam- ily'dinner last week Monday in compliment to her sister "and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Mick Fa-gen, of Piper City, 111., who had been visiting here and who left for their home Tuesday. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Meyer ahd Hafcel, Mr. and Mrs. Luhrl Fessler, of Ringstcd. Mr. and Mrs. Fern Huling of Britt, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Alexander and Judy, The women are daughters of Mrs. Nickerson. New Bridge Club- Mrs. Harlan Sigsbee entertained at bridge Thursday evening. A new club < has been organized with' the following members: Mesdames R. B. Waller, Lloyd Pratt, Dick Post. Harold Youngblood, Craig Vinson. Thomas Sawyer, • Thomas McQraw, and Frank MoUlton. Mrs. Merle Pratt and Mrs. Clara Pratt were guests. Is Hostess To 16— . Mrs. G. A. Sharp entertained sixteen guests Thursday evening at'a surprise party honoring her husband's birthday. The evening was spent at cards and high score prizes were won by Mrs. Hilda Gronwall and Harry Herr. Low score prizes were won by Mrs Ezra Blanchard and Mrs. Theo dore Goeders. Lunch was servec at the close of the evening. Congregational Circles— Circles of the Congregations Woman's Association -will mee Thursday, Feb. 19 at 1:15 lunch- eans With the following: 1, Mrs C. R. "LaBarre assisted bv Mrs Ruth Kintigh and Mrs. Clifford Bertschoter; 2, Mrs. M. J. McCal" assisted by Leola Zcigler and Margaret Durant; 3. will meet February 22 with Mrs. A. Holta assisted bv Mrs. Eugene Murtagh: 4. Mrs. G. W; Stillman'as- sisted bv Mrs. Myrle Griggs and Mrs. Ralph Efberts. Surprise On Birthday— •'A surprise birthday'party was given Wednesday, afternoon."Feb 4 for Mrs. Wilder Zeigler. Guests Former AtgdnA Boy Weds-^ ' A lengthy clipping, apparently from a Burlington, la., fie'wspa- ber, reports the marriage F6b, J at the Evangelical and Reformed Church there Of Joseph Larson to Ruth Meek, ^ 'The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Larsdh, former Algomans now residing at Speh- cer, and' he is a graduate of the* Algona high school. Mis bride is a Burlington high school graduate, and both are employes of "Green Border Stores," location of which was not stated. The event was Attended by the bridegroom's parents, also by Mrs. Agnes Watnem. the latter said to be from Algona. The bride's, mother, who lives at F.rknfiMittHder .ner,, ew er Hattie ,Witha5n-;< Myrtle !, Vining •Ada HpnSeri. George Miller, 'Oliver: Bakken, Waiter ^Zentner.i Geo. > Pentecost,' D.' ,D. ' Hentgcs, Be'rtha Dally, .and Martin ~Bobo: / 'The hnoree •was'ive'- , . hpnoree w gifts, and the nice afternoon , closed with the serving of lunch. Methodist Circles— The W v S. C. s! circles qf the Methodist church will 'meet Thursday, afternoon, Feb. 19, as follows: 1, ,Mrs."W. A'.- Vigara;- 2, Mrs. D. E.'De'wel; 3, Mrs., Edward Hagg; 4, Mrs. W.lH. Brandow^ 5, , Mrs. Mary . , 6, Mrs. Walter s. ary -er; , rs. aer Klamp; 7, Mrs., A. L.' Brown';' 8, Mrs. A: E. 'Lauritzen; 9, Mrs. P. M- 'Collins; '10, 'Mrs; T. C. Hutchison. - »' •'• '"','' — _ _. '* South Cresco Club-;- i The South "Cresco, Mothers .and Daughters club . met Wednesday afternoon with -Mrs. -Pearl Potter -who was assiste'd 'by 'Mrs. Nell Potter, Twenfy-two Members, two guests and one child were present. It was voted to give $5 to the Christian Honie at Council Bluffs, '$5 to the Father Flanagan home, and $5 to the March of Dimes, Towels", hemine'd by blind women, were sold. ' « I ,'Jn observation of wedding anniversaries of • Mrs, -, Catherine Lehman and Mrs. Marie Buspher, who have been married '45 and 2a.y ears t respectively, two songs were sung, ''Put " on Your • Old Gray, Bonnet" 'and "When You and I Were Young, MaggieA' ^he.-next' meeting. -will be h,eld February 26 at the Community hall with Mesdames 'Avis 'Bradley, Tillie Henry and Ijeona Henry as hostesses, The program will be arranged -by Elaine Teeter and Verpm'ca . -7' --- -••***. j TT < ii_r J.J v \^i3 ci b Burlington, was also present, and a brother of Miss Mock gave the bride away in marriage. The clipping included a full- length picture of the bride in her bridal dress, and a double- ring service was used by the church's pastor. The wedding was a formal affair in the presence of guests, and a reception was hold at the bride's mother's home. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon at Chicago, Apparently they are residing at Burlington. New Pinochle Club- Mrs. William Best'enlehner entertained at a card party Thursday evening. This is a newly organized "Pinochle" club with the following members in addition to the hostess: Mesdamcs David Smith. Frank Moulton, Edward Thissen, Richard Pool, Al Lichter, Jerome Hardgrove and Marita Bestenlchner. High score nrize was won bv Miss Besten- lehner and thn low score prize went to Mrs. Thissen. Mr. and Mrs. Bestenle.hner also entertained Mr. and • Mrs. ; Louis Duffy of Whittemore at dinner Friday evening in celebration of the Duffy's 15th wed- vding anniversary. Jenkins Family Farewell — At the 'Irving Urch farm home east of town Fridav night the Baptist Yciung Adults Sundav school class of which Darrel Sparks: is president and Robert' Black teacher, met for ,a farewell oarty; honoring the Ronald Jenkins family, leaving this week /Tuesday to reside on a 16-acre farm west of Minneapolis, which: Mr. Jenkins bought last year. Games were played and lunch was served by the guests. In attendance were 27 members of the class, including the Rev. and Mrs. Kittrell. A farewell gift was; presented. There are two children in the Jenkins family. Mrs. Jenkins was a teachdr, Evelyn Graham, here before marriage. Party, Fifjh Birthday— B(»f^^(>" » ^j-.^^j.^CoilhcUjof : the Presbyterian w»H meet Thursday, fpr a U15'luncheon, At be -,_.»_ , ,. R, S,' Blossom' 1 as v cha}rman will serve, Q, y M p«Uar(Jvwill give a talk on, his recent; visit, to the .Nayajo ,gchQQi, in Arizona to swh»eh vanoy? Donations were giyen a,t 1 ' '*" , .. ,,. ., ^>Jlen'<ientertained| at, a party - last " week Sunday honoring, the fifth - birthdav of her son Toby. Guests were Marijane Williams, Mary Lou Tigges, Linda Smith. Tommy Vinson. Sandra Phillips, Bonny Schlick. Clark and /Allen Adams. Thev attended 'a matinee at the Call theater and .from there; went to Ge'orgc's cafe for ice 'cream and cake. Altmans Are Hosts— . Mr. and Mrs. John Alitman entertained a group of friends, Friday evening, in honor of Mrs. Altmann's birthday. Guests were Mr. v and Mrs. Walter Elbert. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Elbert of Whittemore, Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Eason and Mary Sue, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baldwin. The evening was spent at cards and closed with the serving of a buffet lunch. Township Women Meet— The Union township woman's clijb met with Mrs. Tom Reid, Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Mary Bteinman was assistant hostess. Thirty guests'Vere present, Mrs. Vlary Lichter gave a paper on 'Are We Making Our Children's Mves Too Easy?" -" Surprise On Birthday- Mrs. Walter Kiamp gave a' surprise birthday party, Thursday afternoon, for Mrs, Edna Shilts, Dther guests were Mesdames Gertrude Chipman, Emma Dehnert, George Stewart. Sr;, • and W. J, Sigsbee, The afternoori^was spent socially and following the opening of gifts, junch was served. vf rs. Godden Hosles*— Mrs, Clark Godden was hostess it a card, party, Wednesday af- ernoon, Mrs. M. J.-JKrijse won the , high score prize and Mrs, Thepdore Goeders was winner of the low score prize, Mr«, the ." Milton OaW entertained ' ' Specks" card,, cjub "-T ->-T TSITTT *-rp — Tjrr*"~ y*** *•**-,, *'*TT*'* Wednesday evening. Twp\high spore prizes were given, and were won. by Mrs, W, J, Sigsbee and Mrs, Beechep Lane, ' , , ' Mrs, Biehap^ Norton , ess t'er bridge.clvib members and, low score Rrjgrwinner? weve Mrs. Alien Buchanan sn4 Mrs, Bob . hen- i party S«n4iy.g«e A rnpo.n ' 2 Great NEW Postwar DE LAVAL MILKERS 0ft iowrf tagtnttflng Brings You Still ttHer Dt Laval fit \h$ Smaller to the targttt Htrdtl StainletJ Steel "Sahl-Cov«f' i Ea<y (o clean ni « suticcr —per. mnnenily tusi. ptoof. DE LAVAL MAGNETIC MILKER Removable rub» ber bottom IliroUdh" brushing — you can SEE it't clean. It's here > . . the great new postwar De Laval Magnetic Speedway Milker Offering you still better De Laval Milking and many other important advantages, Dairy farmers always look to De Laval for the best milking . , , And get itt Still Batter Milking Improved Sanitation Longer Servic»-Lif» Still Greater Dependability Rugged Strength Eaiier Cleaning Simplified Detlgn and Cdnttruction r/< Speedway Uddor Pultator Cylinder insitt ot special metal dhd shortened piston travel re- full in still longer life. New 5peedv*cy Pufto-Pump Low .speed, rotary type —• uniform vacuum. Heonomica1, efficient metered lubrication . More compact— increased vacuum reserve. De Laval engineering has again added to the superiority of the De Laval Sterling Milker with many important new features similar to those incorporated in the great New De*Laval Magnetic Speed- Way Milker; Among these are the new stainless steel "Sani-Cover"' operating top, easy to clean as a saucer; new "Sani-Claw" for straight-through brushing and visible sanitation and new Sterling vacuum pump with metered lubrication. De Lava! Owners, Attention! Free Check-up on Your De Laval Cream Separator Bring your DeLaval separator in Wednesday. We will furnish, the free labor to dismantle it and give it a through check-up. De- Laval factory man on hand. Remember — all free for Wednes- Crawler Tractor c,j(.ui -, c 'v, The Great NEW Postwar De Laval World's Standard Series Separators * The minute you first set eyes on these great'New De Laval Separators you'll know- they're the bestVyou've ever seen. 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