Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1926 · Page 16
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Friday, November 12, 1926
Page 16
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FRIDAY MORNING, vTHE PITTSBURGH POST NOVEMBER 12, 1926. J I I -; ' I t M 11 Ml ffil bin mi Sixteen Tin i II AHTS DEFEAT w EH YORK T 14 TO 13, Ef BLOCKS TYSi Giant End Breaks Through and Smothers Attempt For Point After Last Touchdown; Famous All-American Fullback. Scores All Thirteen Poin ts For Losers in Big Game. ' ESKIMOS MARCH 80 YARDS TO MAKE THEIR SECOND TOUCHDOWN NEW YOIIK, Nov, 11. Ernie Nevers, chief tf the Duluth Eskimos, almost wrecked the Armistice day activities of the New York Giants on the football field at the Polo Grounds this afternoon. Tie madea touchdown in the final period, when there was about five minutes left to play and if he had made the extra point from placement, the score would have been 14-14 in favor of nobody. But just as Nevers drew back his foot to boot the ball, the United States tank corps, represented by "Walter C. Voss, former private first class, hurled himself from the left end of the Giants' line and blocked the kick. So the Giants defeated the Eskimos by a score of 14 to 13. NEVERS PLAYS WELL. Nevers, nominated for'tbe all-Amer-Ican football team last year because of bis work with the Leland Stanford eleven out on the coast, was the outstanding Eskimo. Without him the game -would have been uninteresting. He grot away a few nice passes, but for the most part the Giants kept the Eskimos covered all too well. Many times Nevers. seeking: to pass and finding no one to pass to, had to carry the ball himself. , 'It was on these occasions and at times when he devoted himself to line plunging that Nevers was most divert- tag. lie scored all 13 points for the Eskimos, making a touchdown and the extra point from placement in the first period and coming hack into the game In the mid'lVe of the last period to bear the brunt df a charge which started from his own 20-yard line and kept on going a distance of 80 yards to a touchdown. It was immediately thereafter that Voss gave an imitation of a small tank going into action and blocked "the kick which would have tied the score. Nevers was laid out just after the oecond half started and he was on the bench wrapped in blankets during the third period and part of the fourth. It was while he wa3 absent that the Giants made the seven points whlcn were sufficient for their victory. GIANTS-ESKIMOS LINEUP. GIANTS 14. Vow I B Owen L.T.... Joe Alexander L. G.... Mortati William R.G...., Jban Alexander ....R. T . Carney K- K.,. .. firhras Q- B ISojTtn I- H... Ilaine K. H.... MeRridR . B ESKIMOS 13. . .i.. 1. Rooney ....... JMlWMW I... William stein ........ Carlson Gayer ..... Underwood Blood Method C. Rooney fc'evers Score by periods: Giant T 0 7 -14 Harimoa 7 0 O 6-Id Touchdowns McBride, Haines, Nevers 2. Iolnta after toochdowTM MeRride. 2, Never (all from placement I. Srttistitntiinis Giant. VI Neer for MurtaKb; Kskimos, Manioo for Carlson, Keislins for Johnson, Mnrpny for Never. Never for Mnrohy, Murray for Man-Ion Referee. C. Hennessey. Brooklyn. I'm-. i f Reardoa, New i'ork. Linesman , " New York. Time of period nton Trimmed. PROVIDENCE, R. I.. Nor. 11. With Cur-oam and Cy Wentworth performing in brilliant fhtoi, Um Steam Roller eleven of ted the Canton Bulldogs before ,wd of 6,000 person here this J. Odeo oored U of ki team' -eristennff the - second of the yard sprint through the entire The visitor lthonrh credited with elaht first down a compared to evea foe the Roller lacked the punch to pnt the 'i second period the bnll-their own 35-yard line, it netted them four nrst ball on the Roller one- with four down to put - j thrust of Calac. Eoder-Jck and Henry Robb was halted and the locals took the ball one foot from their goal. The homesters bad a 14 O lead at the time aad rather than take any chances Wentworth downed the ball behind his own line to Rive the visitor two point via the safety route. Wentworth snowed to better sdv.i.teca than b has at any time thta season. Skirting the cada and speannc forwards from Oden with rare skill. His bootuif also was a feature n three Doints after touchdown were chalked bp by him. Lineop J STEAM RGLLEK. BUIJ.rOGS. Marker ....... Nelson ...... Nichols , . , Kjie Sarrey ........... - BneUmaa ......... I T. IMoohrja ......... L. 6. fCckste ......... C. ... Truing ........... B. G. Kalian ........... R. T. Golambeafctt ...... R- 4 vim Q. B. WentworUk L. n. Sweet R- H. Forst K. . Score by periods: Rollers rTatery Pennry S. Kol .. Stick Roderick Babeock . . Calec V-::: 7 7 7 021 0 C 0 i Pefery. WentworUi; Wenf'nrth 3 C on Builders Touchdown Odea 3. mints after tonchdown. drop kic, 1 on end mnt. Sn !ti tot tons Canton H. Robb for Vlck; Shield for Flaherty: Roller Lester for Golembeskie; Keefcr for Sweet; Stifler for Keefer; Sweet for Stifler: peynota for StMler; Stifler for Garvcy: Scott for Eckstein; Braney for Young-: Stifler for Sweet. tlcial Referee. W. T. Halloran. Providence; umpire, J. C. Whelan. Spring-4cld; lincsmaa. H. Phelan, Holy Cross. Pottsville Ahead. TOTTSVn.I.F.. Pa.. ' Nov. 11. Ios Ansetes W mttsvtllo Nattanal Learne team an awfnl arcra here tiKiar. but the Maroons manared to com ont on top hy the score of lt to 0. nw visitors led by the hrilltant Tri'-k Muiler of California fame irnve one bf the c!asiest exhibitions of fast football seen hero in a vtsitina- team for a li-CR while. The Maroons theawleve played a fine r-me. This wis eKpe?islIy the case when their goal l.n was In dancer. A close watch was kept on the brilliant Mailer and he failed to pull anything really rnaat ionat. bnt id Imlay the visitors hd an lmhersMcd ir. who time and . (;" rot the Californlans in a position to score. I.incup: 1-OTTSVlXJj: 10. LOS AXCEtEs . Barry -t. r? Hufford Kscis T Iharunin Hathaway L- t Tuinps'n Stein ....C McAnhur Ostvwae ....... -K. G N' !.;' Wissinsar .........R. T Ncmnever Backer R. E Mailer Ernjrt y. B Imlay Brown IsH ShafTnit Benkes-t II- IT White Wonts F. B Jiaul Scor by quarters: 1 rvttvU!e S 0 7 0 10 SubstirtttKW rvtt.wtlle, W53 for Hatha- i way, ILaihaway for Wissinxer. lcMinffeifh fori Stn. Referee TinUn. Ickawarja. I tnpire I imaieary. uncs uarre. Lonestoan im- : RE WHS. ! m torn ARMY FINISHES WORK FOR BIG BATTLE; HEWITT MAY NOT START Murrell Holds Down Fullback Position In Practice. CADET CORPS TO SEE GAME WEST POINT, N. Y., Nov. 11. (United News) The Army has finished its preparations for the Notre Dame contest. Head Coach Jones hud Cadets on their toes for hours Thursday afternoon, work was lisrht but there the two The was plenty of it. All the Notre Dame formations which Army knows of had their last trial In dummy scrimmage and Army's ovrn offensive received its final polish. HEWITT MAT NOT START. . The varsity men were all in their places, tut one or two positions seem to be in doubt yet. Either Hewitt or Murrell may start at fullback and for one of the guard positions both Seeman and Hammaek are beinff considered. Hewitt and Murrell both went through a long kickinsr drill Thursday. Erer.tnall also had a turn ut punting, although he is not considered as a likely starter, since he is a substitute emt Trapnell was in the signal practice, and it is hoped to use him for a brief spell. He again wore his face mask as protection for his broken nose. Because of the uncertainty concerning the doubtful places on the. eleven. Biff Jones, head coach, said today that he would not announce his lineup for the game until the Army squad departed for New York. The Cadets are scheduled to take a signal drill in the Yankee stadium Friday afternoon. They will be at the Hotel Astor which place Army will make its headquarters until Sunday morning. The varsity lined up in the signal drill today with Born at right end. Sprague right tackle. Hammaek right guard. Paly center, Schmidt left guard, Saunders left tack!e. Harbold left end. Harding quarterback. Cagel risht halfback. Wilson left halfback and Murrell fullback. Officials for the game have been announced as follows: Refere Kd Thorpe re La Salle; umpire Walter Kckersall, Chicago: linesman Jay Wyatt.' Missouri ; field judge A. C. Tyler, Princeton. CAIlKTS, 1,200 STRONG. The Cadet corps, 1,200 strong, will leave West Point Saturday morning in two special trains. They will march into the Yankee stadium and give their military drill on the field before going into their cheering section ot the grand stand. IRISH SQUAT) ON WAV, SOUTH BEND. Ind.. Nov. 11. (ITnited News.) Notre Pamf's football team left here Thursday tor the actnc of the annual football battle between the Wert Point Cadets and the Iri.sh i:i the Yankee Stadium. Xew York. Red Hearden and Red F,d'ards. the two "Irish" captains, were confident of victory, while Coach Knute K. Rocknc refused to say more than: ""e are ready." Kockne wi!I send his charges through a light drill on grounds ol the Westchester Bilunore Countr Club at Rye. New York, where the club will be quartered on the eve of '.he conflict. Quarterback Art Parision and Fullback Fred Collin, definitely out of further play until the University if Southern CVlifornia game on the I'a-cifio coast in December, d:.! not ac company te team. All nt!-.er members of the team ere nt for hcttie. ' Partf .en and Collins w-.ll be amonsr ! 300 rooters who will leave here Friday afternoon on a special train for New j York. The P." tint pui-v- .1 Virrnca Harry Fmers-n Fusd:rk. mili- ! Mr, b:s ideas on mCSttrsia j Id a strikrtt intcrvw wth W.ls J. 1 ainer. winch appv.rs ut la lv: nut i j Sunday. Adcx?:seCiCnt. i jCHELEY IS rJiMORWIN PLAYS ATJ6 ANNETTE IN ' ff &jf CHAMPIONSHIP. VlX 0 W.RLA.L DOTH TEAMS UMDEFEATEP df . K 11 SjJ - MDARECOACWEDBYPOPiViER PITT VVC'7 1 XPSi PLAYERS -CLAWS0M ANPJORPAN a - T j$S$4)TkV :'itw ' 7ft TFJ ffigJlWlLKINSBURO 11 Viv'Vt ' 7 V I - RIVALS -CUTLER OUTH HILLS AMD LAN6LEY feX WS' i 1:M-&ciHj Battle tor section two cTsv buck waoneraho Championship on duquesne. T7..- gSalfr: sweoe ormston to vvxge 6reat JUmi UNIVERSITY "FIELP ,&"Tl &gJiS- INPlVl DUAL BATTLE IN WE6TIN&H0Ub5ajNLE.Y . , . ; (IOJXJER Princeton's Break With Harvard Bu w. j. terr i Charticrs Vn!ey Leflpue meets tonipht at Bardine. Managers tak? Dote. Horning Hovers will lv Indiannla at Corrr, Sunday at . o'clock. These two good outfits v ill pet up a good display for the spectators. Hernias has been u- front for several reasons In its claps of oc-er, end while Tndiapola is new to" th psme, its playera have tlie stuff and made a clean victory over Glendaie independent last Sunday. The came at furry starts at 3 p. m. Christy Park jtljycr lake note that the Valley League pame is held over because the lien ror-not got off Saturday. Tube so notifies this office. Beadlins and IlridgL-ville Ovwls piny on the Bridicemont grounds at 3 o'clock Sunday in tbo cup. GAMKS SAT lit DAY. r. s. f. a. cm: Alroona vs. rittburrh. west pk.nx rvt: Svisvwale vs. Nant vr-Io. MacPhersoo vs. Turtle Creek Thistles. OTHER G.U1S. ' Camerou vs. i'lrant. Iouirlss vs. trordon. lechhurc va. Hwrniarville. 'jerTnan Club vs. New Keusinrton. KinloHi s. Hovers. Celtics vs. llometed. r. . I", a. err GAMES SUNDAY. Cuddy vs. Curry (Mnrrsai. ivbt i'knn err. r.ridjnnont vs. t:eadl;n-r fst r.rld.-euiont). othi'K t;Au:s. Hannarville vs. Svviivalv. H-ideliier; Ksles vs. Heidclbersr A. C. Molimatirrs vs. Scholastics. Shannou vs. nridtem(nt. Mather vs. Isvrova 8panis!i. Sruinvsidc s. Vesta. lnora 'Hiistle vs. t;anatin. Avella vs. Cherry Valley. I'cttown vs. Cvwiar Grove. McKeesport t'nitcd vs. Klizabeth. McKeejt Rnckjj Mi. Vikin;rs. Wcstinphouaie vs. Keyntooe. J'ederal vs. Hedsos. National vs. Glendaie (1:3"). lYento vs. Syi;an A. C-. H'rning vs. iiidianalo. The panics listed sl.e ill In- played uu the grounds of the c'ulw first Bamcd. Above Scots League sames arc as listed on schedule hl d here. Any alterations occurring aro "up to" tlie officials of tha lidy. Gallatin soccer team Ksucs a challcnse to riusbursh club for a panic to be played at any suitaNn time at Gallatin. Terms are 0O. per cent to winners. 4i to loeer. Kkcquiet in ay consider and advi.-e. The bisccst soccer lattle of the season in Moronitiihela Valley affairs is the routine tussle between Gallatin and Jx-oora Thistle. Here are two iron clad soc-cr onthte, each havini-a dandy record, each able to set out the 1-est that can possibly lie seen in their class today. They meet at ixnora In a leajfje tame, next Suiioaj. TUiatles have not lost a sir-sle lcaeiic (came, tht-y stiiiid second in the table- Gallatin has lAst one eontet. but they hae not tied any so they stand at the very pinarle of the heap in Menon Iyeacue soccer rifibt now. It will Is? a wanner when these two clash nnd there will be a dandy crowd at it. They klekoff at 3 sharp. Thfre is a vast dierence between the trams jnst the same. It is to tie found in the s-'l-senr'.ns proclivities of the Iraeue leaders, Gallatin. They pile on the counters, Kaynis. leader of a "him marksmanship front lire, has hw teaching his lads to slut end shoot and shoot, the result of the instruction becoming more and more apparent as time passed. On the other hand Is.uora Tlnstlo have no preat l-ohI aors. True, thty have a margin of some fonr peals on the riirht side of tiie ac-eouut. hut compared to the Gallatin l's 18 meaaw. Many a tParr. has tiiis failinp, stronr in defense, weak in plupihis- the net. tn this particular case the fullbacks haie been extraordinarily strens. Bartolozzi and Gillau ioina prodigiously (or the Thistle, and return in? nil attacks in a marjie- appreeiatxl only bv forwards who have to face such men avd on defeat. How true it is nevertheless ihat trie stronser.t defense never can jtiic. fur it is axiomatic that without ' ye can do nothing, so oi me .'..rhv Kiinri!, tt mSV 1 SM. fHiltitin w ins ' .v cam in c all befure then alone the f.vrward j division, whil! Pon'T averts defeat by rea- i m of a stont so:ird leather-thrashinc uc- , fpn. r.e there Sunday tnd, see this battk- ; royal. ' ? ! !ti ' m Tomorrow the ira:nt'j s."liedi:icc pi.iecl. let talis Wejt Penn ba.s two t !. They will hot'i understand that. T -'rfA-ihrf-i ' cam.'.i Is runMsn. i r.,-. batderdash of persons who know so . ZKLIFNOl'LK-litile iiiju; so-cor ir. sten.ru.!. ar.d rules o: : :t. Nesbitt .. .-rto, i: ions In narticuiar. inai ee,. ,.,.rr. pin a;:ju in ir from them :J r-i.,r'! " iure-1 w -.h "d .ubt'; and misappre .tensions an.', so iorth. Th sllcs vl.l ;:uy at -or.i.-s:de srrour-.ij! to:r.irrow and NAtit-y-Glo a: w-;s,vale grounds, and a master !r :!io t.en:ien of .-rtain so r ofTi-.-in's tn, well be the casting or "Jutibts" about v-.f Fer-n pmi't, e.-peiaUy when .u.-b cr. prc-:ons are v.nti-d through the oiTl'-:al medium o:' a lcag-je. Ir.di.tnola will rlay any team home cr away. They treat tearr. Su-.ds v.n.-re, uo wn u. ... 1 . - j ine iuiii is p. rolls s-nu c.c yui. i g-ifncn for any opposition. School Gridders Preceded by Similar Crimson Vote CAMBKIDGK, Mass., Not. 11. (A. P.) A decisipn by Harvard to discontinue the annual "Big Three" football j games with the Tigers, immediately preceded Princeton's decision to break ofT all athletic relations, it was disclosed here today. "While expressing regret over the decision of the Princeton loard of athletic control, the Harvard committee revealed that it 'had adopted a policy under which only the game with Yale would be retained on tiie football schedule as an annual feature. Games with' other colleges would be playad "only at suitable intervals." The resolutions putting into effect this new policy were adopted on October 18. but. according to Chairman Charley V. Kennedy of the Princeton board, were not received by I'rinceton j until vesterday morning. I ACCEPTS SUGGESTION. I In its statement today the Harvard foinmuiee accepica me suggestion of I'rinceton that the carrying out o? tbe third and fourth quarters, lured for the .winners. Lineup: Johnson fea- HOFFMAN'S -0. I I. Smith I., j: Mnslin ! Sli'wt L. T Weber I I'- i Ereco 1 Thomas c Dovle H. Smith It. G Coctempo llosser K. T Kaub I Davis K. K Bkihm I rtemtscher Q. B n. Wallace Johnson t,. IT Tazer Alexander K. If Career I I'.mvro F. ft j. Bender I Score by quarters: I Monaca 14 n 6 t; 2(1 jiir.st:tiitions Vehassi for Alexander. Touch-dr.wi,sBn-n. llelueci, J. Smilii,' Johnson. icals from touchdown Johnson 1!. Referee I'elp. t'mpire Beckmaa. Time of quarters, 12 minutes. Meadville Wins Over Franklin MKADVIUJ!. Pa.. Nov. 11. Franklin Hig-h chrl lost it's Armistice Day contest at Meadville (his afternoon, 18 to 6, in a sea of n-.ud. aider's touchdown In the fourth quarter, when he fell on Knapn's pant, behind the goal line, was Franklin's only score. Other tallies were made by W escort, ere touchdown, and Leonard, Meadville's half back, who had two. Leonard's two spectacular runs, one of m yards and another of 70, all in the third quarter, were featnrea of the contest. E. Washington Wins. WASHINGTON. Pa., Not. 11. Kast Wasb-,njrton Hich schr-.l atlilf-tes defeated the piu-ky Morris Township Ifiirh school eieven at C'ollese field this afternoon 14 to 0. The fetur of the (tame -wag the stubborn resistance offered tbe locals by tiie l'rosnerity team. Kollowinp a series of gains in the sec-ond period the Bine and White athletes made their first tally, Cochran carrxine the ball over for a touchdown. Their second score came in the third period when Cochrsn kicked successfully for both points after touchdown. Lineup: i.. WASHINGTON 1-1 MORRIS- 0 Scott Meflait Craft O'Day Lon&don W. Day G. .Day . . Mclionouirh Reed R. F... i'"St R. T. -. ihmran R. G. . I.. FpptDo C Hush L. G. . flpillman L. T. . Mollenner L. F. . l erirj Q. R. . j It. Cochran I,. II . . Conklin ! I. Cochran Tt. u i S.-hultz F. B Hickman Day Muiin.TO Martin tor Schnlta. sprits for Keeo. ffcnuuz tot r entus, Kced for MoUeneur. Tonchdowns Cochran . Ertra plnt Murtin "J. Referee K in- W A J 1-.n.t-n Tinn W. & J. Head linesman Jones, W. 4. J. Emelton Hi Walloped. BfTT.KIt. P.. Nov. 1 1. Zelienor.le defeated KroeUon by score of 70. K. Neshitt starred for 7-elieuople, w-ith six touclid' -wins. LSneun- . km; LTON 0 t.. F... L. T... L. G... C R. G.. ; K. T. .. K. r. .. ......Q. B... I.. H... R. H... F. B . . . Arwell Be.-h!er D-ttnian JfcOim'., Noel Tlochey I H 7i:lcr ; Graham lltii ! Mclk nsld . . ; !:. Nesbitt . i IriS ; Kich'iottJ! . . . liort m . . . . . Tbornpoii Toddtll : ....... I.athbaw j - M. Bieis : N. Bieis Goodhart. Itit. i -7-eiienopIe. yrke.iy. F'vans. Bell. Harder. H. Nesi itt, i Fuitor.. C. Zeieler. Tonchdowns K. Nstott. j R. N-bi;t 6, H. Neshitt. Goodhart 2. Vc- I Donald ointa sfter tourHdowns K. Sesh.-tt H Nesh.ft. U ouchhatk - Kmetton. ' 4 n, w , . i , j Lmpj-e fcLaai. Htattiiaea- ; bout hero tonight, in Lhe uput.on of cena-j ?ajeraan. 1 au Luak. Hold Spotlight schedules already arranged would be "inadvisable," although, the Harvard authorities said, "our feelings would have prompted us to carry' out the program." ? Incidentally, a Harvard cross-country team will go to New Haven tomorrow for its scheduled meet with Princeton and Yale, the Harvard team will run. William J. Bingham, director of athletics, announced tonight, in- dicating that whether or not the Princeton team would compete would be a matter for the Princeton authorities to decide. "Tn recent years the playing of football games against the. same colleges every year has tended to keep the excitement of the ctontests at too high a pitch for too long a period, almost throughout the whole autumn, and has exaggerated the part which intercollegiate rivalry should properly have in tiie game. Moreover, the .srhodtili is comintr to be so fixed and pre-arranged year after year that j there is a danger of difficulty in short- ! ft Another Cuckoo FIN'Kll I'RsT, . C. Nov. 11. T. P. Jamison of Greenshura;. Pa-, opened the potf seuson here today with the first liole-tn-one stroke. Jamison father, IV. H". Jamison, was one of the foursome which Aitnesed 1 he shot. The taeci allowed the Greenshura; (tolfer to po out in 38, he came home in 41 for a 7!). Carrick Wallops St. Marys High, 52-0 , Carrick HiKh's stei-Sii roller machine walloped ! the ?t. Mary eleven 52-0 yesterday afternoon j at Martins Field. An odd festuro of the Fame was that the winners scored 13 points in each quarter. Lmertp: CARRICK M ST. MARVS-0 Ttidecraff . Hamel Depenliardt . . Nelson ....... Sutrner ' Sayenjra Barranti Shick Nay lor Whitehead (A. Albert-son .... t'arr.ck Substirutions ..L. K. ..U. T. . .L. G. C... . R. O. ..K. T. ..R. K. . ,W. B. H. ).R. H. . .1'. B. Zeto McCorm ick Iieworkin McGuarde Bond . ... Jennings M-Goackje Symthc O'Donnell fisilaher Senfe- icl 13 13 13 13 i2 Carrick Voiimer for Alliert- sou. Shricker for Slict rtnekbtit for Hodse. BaJscrait for Yoiiiner, Biibenbum for Home!, Mr-Culloiurh for Siic:i. Iov!e fr Nelson, AufI ' for Ilesenhanit, Nsbhaum for Barraiite. Hod?e for Sntt-iier. Williams for Whitehead. Steinmeyer for I pdeirrRff, Flock for S,iyeoa-a, I.aiiz for liel'uenliardt. Touclidowna Naylor. Whitehead. Albertson, Votlmer, Slide. Suttner, Sayicara, Kchucker. Gials from tonctidown bepeuhardt NeJson 2. Referee Beck. Umpire Keuilers. Field judce Upderraff. Head linesman Moll. Time of quarters 10 minutes. Steubenville High Wins Again, Beats STEl'PKNVaLE, O- Nov. 11. The ' Big Red" of S;eubenvilie H'sh triumphed over Oil CTty, Fa., aa a feature of tbe Ai-mistiee Day eeletiration here today 49 to 0. Coiee, Shutt and spellacy drove creat holes tarnigli the Oil Itirr line tn ,rw nti.nr ant! . pitted varioos Ions passes. It u Ue ei-hth consecnti-re vic-tory for steu!ier.viin. Lineup: STEUBKNTILLE- Feist ,.. I ittlejoun treita -40. I.. E. . L. T. . L. G. . t '. . i . . K. G. . ;;. T. . U. K. . Q. R. -L. H. . R. H F. B. . Smith OIL CITY 0. Vaashn Harmon Bauhor Hadle BiiSc-1 MaIclmson I.todds Williaira Henderson Oday Morao "v:isn ! i.ueii l:id:icca Siielton S. Sjraith Coles Short fcpel'.aoy yu'itUtatjons Ji, for Spellaey vhort: Given for Tl. Smith; Senormao for B:c':ei; Huff f-T Vauh.i: Forker for Moran: j ,orn for Vo.k'r: McLaii for Henderson, ; Bickcl for Schenr!3n. To'j,:hdown Shutt. 3: i C-oIes, -J: H. -Ttilb, Spellaey. IVints after l'-uctidowTit-Cos. 7 iplseementsi. .fere- : ;Umm, Keynon. Cniyote tint ills. I'itt. Head '. iinesmac D.-dds, Bethai- Young Striblhi Wins. D53S MOINES. Ia. Nor. 11. fA. P.) Touni? Striblin. Ceoria lisht.-heav y weib: bo-ier. d- iMvtJy outpoinitd Pp.tl:ir nsk-, farmer ehampion, in trieit 10-rouad ening it that should be necessary. CH ANGE FOR STUDENTS. "Kxqept for its final game with Yale, it is, "therefore. Harvard's policy, as soon as circumstances permit, to play football with other colleges only at suitable intervals. This policy is adopted in the interests of the student body, and since its purpose is the promotion of objects for which colleges exist,- , no other institution can have cause to object. , "Our agreement with Yale and Princeton made in 1916 with a view to maintaininj-f in mutual confidence at these three universities the same theory and practice in matters of eligibility and every provision therein, as revised in I?22, will be observed, as it has been. "We have no intention of withdraw-in? from fli at i-greemcnt. There t-i nothing in this policy that sbou'd disturb the friendship which exists between ns. The other parties to the tgreement are as free as we are to j change their athletic schedules in tho j future as they have been changed in j tiie past. Harvard has not, nnr has it : ever had. an intention of severing ; athletic relations "ijith, or dropping i permanently from its schedule, any j college, nor has it the slightest hostile j feeling against any one." Waverly-Ethyl in ' s ' ' -sv. , A , ' t X . N ' " " s. V v jtfT 1 Waverly-Ethyl gasoline has all the qualifications of leadership. Daringly Original in the way it employs carbon for increasing compression. Energetic and Powerful in the way it starts when others hesitate and then keeps Tap the swift pace without a noisy reminder from the engine. Efficient in the way it saves fuel! No wonder it's the popular fuel. Be sure to try it today. MARS defeats GROVE CITY HI EASILY, 18 TO 0 - . . GUOVi: CITY. I'a.. Vn. 11. Footl-aU here evolved Mars a winner by a 1S-0 score In ihe first eridtntn contest 1-etween the team of that planetary tuwm and Grove City in many years. Swi w.-rc made in the second, third snd j final ijiiartere. lrove Oty a foil for toe i heavy Mars backs in the first half opened the i final half with a spunky rcsistence that en- Wfd their backs to plunre to the au-yaro line, when a fo:nh!c was recovered by Morrison who !hw'a clean pair of heels tor 70 yards in his emf ..iS of the poal line for the second score of the. game. siARs is. grote crrr -o. A. McCandlcss It. V. Cornelius liemos 1. T Hn Iiavldson I.. i Coyer Moore C Smith j M. McCandltss ... R. G Kaulls "thercote K. T IMpht Mrlitmald K. K B.jblentl.T Kjth Q. 11 Catlin Msir K. H. , Netrri fleeter . I.. H Hull Morrison F. B - Keck Tonchdowns Eyth. Morrison. Mair. Goats from tonchdowns Mars missed three. Officials: Kcferee.Hildebrand; umpire. Forbes of Geneva; head ilinesman. Porter of Grove City. Time of quarters, 11 minutes. BURNS BATTLES LINWOOD CLUB TO SCORELESS TIE SEW KENSINGTON. Pa.. Not. 11. The Burns A. A. of this town and the Unwood club of East Liberty staeed their annual battle nere today with the hunur even at tie end of four herd fought periods which found neither club able to cross the opponent's poal line. The battle was, fairly even throughout, ixith cltihs paining fire first downs during the frscas. but neither possessing the punch to pt't over -the score. ' Carney was the best ground painer for the home team, his rans featuring the contest from the Brans' standpoint, l'or the I.mwood team, .loe Heh was in the limclig-ht with his .finpr punts wliieli w-ere a bi? help to his club af critical points of the game. I.inenp: BURNS A. A. 0. LLVWOOl-0. Spinella I. T. Pietricb Hf-!1 ..L. T Xtinda Hill L. 1 Hojan Salvatore C I.eoosrtl Henri ...It. G Putat Crilley .S.R. T Kn-ha rns jR. H lioi.d Stein Q. B Allerto.i HoffiMif 1,. '1 K. Heh Carney R. H J. Heh Sha-fkey H Sxiiinoer Suhstitations JUnwood; Cavansurh, llirt Hochsfvin. llurns: -ib'ffnian. lleferei' Frick. I'mpire Simon. Head linesman tseybold. Time of quarters 15 minutes. Donora High Beats Youngwood Eleven DONORA,' Pa-. Nov. It. Outplayinc Youngwood decisively. Donora - lligir school trimphed. 15 to 0. before an Armistice da.y rowd of 4.000 or more at Donora for this aternon. DONOKA 15. YOUNGWOOD 0. Duda Tj. K Patton Kavok i. T Colora Weiss Hvans .U G Matthews I ..C Roberts Stump .R. T. Volpan . R. k Trunei Ptonemflti Pipik Mortak , Rumora A. Svhmltt R. Schmitt . . . Substitutions Pankowitz for B Bairn L.. It , Wench . .R. 11 Kelly . -F. B. Byers Charloeworth for Roberta: 4V:umora; Yanochich for pipik; Rumora for Pankowitz; Paulron for n.umora; Pokel for R. Schmitt. Touch- ' c A. S hro!? ' '-'or-q'r. l"el po! Mortak, drop kick. Referee Flyers. Pitt, t'mpire Tiiton. Westminster. Head linesman GlaJ's. Bucknetl. Time of periods 12 minutes. . 1 Bellefonte Wins Again. BELI.F.FONTE. Pa.. Nov. 1 1. Bellefonte ilijh school defeated Huntinrdot. Hich school 13-7. Out of seven pa:nes played Bellefonte baa won sit. The seventh resulted In a scoreless tie viith Tj-rone Hii:h. Hevcrly was the Lineup: r.KI.LKF'ONTK 13 HUN'TrNGDON 7 Furev ....T,. V. lionVcrt GlEffiier l..T JtcTY.ll Wasson G Stmirt Keiinelcy ...C t)t'derwmd Worrick Tt. G... lscnlM.rl? I'arnish 11. T , Burfcehtwior Anderson il. V...-. Siiyder Katz 0. !'. , Gufs-heM Crust I.. H . . . Rodey Garisrick R. H IMiM Xieverly '. F. r. N'elif Swre br quarters: Bellefonte 7 O 0 01.1 Httntinsdon 0 7 u 0 7 - SuVtitutiont Thotupsoti for Warwick, Cor, fer for Wasson, W;ison for ('oafcr. VIorrlMm (or Gutzsclnll. Touchd'oMis- Kevsrlr u', Nchf. Goals from touchdown (.iai-bri'-k. Nelif. lllf-ree Miller Mtlllo'iin. t'mpire; UPlhiy, State. Field judpe -Snavellcy. llellf"ne Acadenry. Headllnemnan Villiams, Blle-foittc. Time of periods l-'i minutes. BAD INFLUENCE OF GRID SPORT SEEN IN LATEST ATHLETIC BREAK r Friendly Rivalries Developing Into Hysteria. BIG' TROUBLE THIS SEASON Ky CtKOKC.F. DAI.F.Y. NEW YORK, .Nov. 11. Hates, not friendship, are corning out yf football. The mad destre to w-in has destroyed, much of he Spirit of cordial good -will so important i ' athletic . alliances, , Friendly rivalries degenerate ' into acrimonious hysteria. This has been a particularly unhappy season. West Point broke athletic relations, with Syracuse because of a punch on the nose. Princeton has severed athletic ties with Harvard because of th ler-ities of, the "Lampoon.". Distrust and Buspiclon have beenroused over the personnel of this team or tho methods' of that. Eyebrows aro raised and shoulders shrugged over the rudden elevation of one or more of the smaller college elevens. Charges of proselyting, commercialism and semi-professionalism are frequently made. Illinois was greatly concerned over the elbow pads worn by Pennsylvania. Coaches are reviled ajii. even dropped because every game fs not a victory. Co11c.ro men are growing t hin-tkinned and sensitive to the point of "mirth. SPEECH STAKTS TKOUBL.K. Ever since that speech by one of the i Withingtons on the eve of a Harvard-l Princeton game several yars apo. good feeling between tbe partisans of the two colleges has been strained. Every word spoken, every move made involving the two in ' a football way has been distorted or misunderstood. Harvard, it seems, invited most of the controversy, and Princeton, finally wearying of the jabs, took offense at the jibes in the "Lampoon" and cried "Enough." Convinced apparently, that friendly rivalry and mutual respect i no lohKer were possible, and convinced ; further that competition between the ' two could be carried on only in an at mosphere of suspicion and ill will, Princeton maiio the only move possible. So a fine game of traditional value is lost. It w cause for deep regret. . Princeton and Harvard came to, a parting of the ways in 1897 and relations were not renewed until 1911. Harvard has beaten the Tigers only once in the last 10 years. That was irritating. ' OTHER FAMOUS "BREAKS." Dartmouth and Brown once broke apart because of overheated words and actions, and so did Cornell and Syracuse, Wesleyan and Trinity. Prince ton and Pennsylvania. The breech between the two last named has never quite been healed. Only a few years ago Columbia dropped New Yorw University because of the acrimony grow- i ing out of a safety which was not a trilety. while Union at one time split with R. P. I. because of thu -violation of a C hinese idol dear to Union hearts. There have ben others. Harvard and Princeton are continuing only a. cycle. mm! .lOlfXSON'. -ounsellor to th womcu-hofd ( America, tells how to make murriai,:!) ii.tM a joint stock ivjripnifjr for the improvement of u II concerned. Her arpuiiient riitiiesjo v.'ii in The 1'ost iiejtt Sundaj-.AdvertiMJ-liu-nt. the lead Says "Goodbye to that Knock" OLINE

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