The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 4
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4-AlgeriQ Upper Pet Molhet , fabua^y 1 f, Ravings CO by CHRIS REESE |A Little of This, a Llllle I of Thai; Not Much \ of Anything. '• There seems io be considerable .v»<WMflg«dpne.. in this world 'hose clays, too much in fact, and ^n'.tl.iei other clay- I made the £tj, "1 licts, ^ntl Contacted some of " : iy...rfi|j z f r is td" get the side angle i'T tnis 1 worry;, business and I've i./out decided there isn't much • ; worry about, after all, because ... account of L. S. Bohannon •Mid in this, life we only have ;v.>> things to worry about, , . iK'ther we're going to be rich • <>••• whether we're going to be .•;'••)!•. and if we're going to be i : ; 'h there's nothing to worry ; n)ut, .and Fred Timm said if ,'. u're •"going to be poor there's u'-'ly : Uvo- things to worry about,,we're going to be suc- 1 .'isy it or. whether we're going :n ! 'be failures, and John Besten-I ; i.-liher said of we're going to be 'icCessfur there's nothing to .vorry about, and Roy Bjustrom •;:icl if we're going to be failure lu.-re's only two things to worf ' : )i)Ut, whether we're going to b .x.'k or whether we're going t •'v healthy,--and R. S. Blosson id if we're going to be health} .•.(•re's .nothing to worry abou :'id A. -L. Brown said if we're : <ing to bo sick there's only twc lyings., to worry about, whethe .' c'rt 1 going, to livo or whethe .' '.-'re going to die, and if we're (ing to live there's nothing to 1 orry about and Dr. E. J. Cape- ;us.said.if we were going to die ; UI'L; ..would be only two things • wpt'i'y 1 about, whether we are -. .liner tri-.huayen or some othei •iia'ce'.' and Bill Dan said if we -cnt-16-heaven there would be iothin'jj}>;-.;to.. \vorry about and 1 •fijim". ftl'^-t 'if we go some other .<:ace-we'll probably meet many /'. o'tiK friends ynd be so busy haldng ,"fi'ands that we won't i:ivt''-time to do any worrying so ' speak 1 ;- So, after"all. this wor- ]•••• business ma.\- prove to be •'.rsely .mental and imagination•y activity, because on account )' there is a lot of unnecessary done every day any- -'I'm'; dull/as .all get out aboul 'TM InVt I can tell the difference :, 'iu-cen a kernel of corn and a •-.• ;:tcrmc-lon seed because on ac'• Hint of the melon seed is dark'. And the other day I met Mil Rrtitjtftrjbevg and he had an ' ii'-di corn grown in Clay county ,!;.<! it was a peach and so he •-. ive me two kernels and he gave J ,'arolcl Kuchenreuther two ker- j els and'be'gave Bill Giossi two 'kernels and we're going to do .-- jmr; experimenting with 'em.!rl is going to make "Kix" i i'..'aklast cereal out of his ker- . .'!s. Bill is going to make some- :irch our off-his kernels and I'm .- ""« tu,build a still and make 'inc corn whiskey out of my •-. " kernels. Bill Curtis told me ..:t 1 shrink! take on a course iln corn learning and I'd find tha this still whiskey stuff wasn't s hot. There is one brand of cor that I know all about, however because oh account of I've go one on one of my toes and it 1 hybrid aftd well developed but keep it covered with sock anc shoe but I'm told that the brand of corn 1 grow isn't worth i tinker's darn for stilling whis key, and one of these days : hope to trim it to a perfect noth ingness, so to speak. The organization of ihe Pipe Puffers and Ring Blowers Association in Algona is proceeding nicely and two new and recenl nembers are Jim Lytle and Chick Long, both having good jipes, though Jim told me that ic recently ruined a good pipe when he tried to give it a good cleaning and dropped it into the vashing machine but it ruined he pipe, to say nothing what he strength of the pipe did to he machine, so he saysi Chas. Ostwinkel would make a good ecretary of the Algona Pipe Buffers and Ring Blowers be- ause on account of he's got sev- n pipes, and a typewriter on vhich to write the minutes of :ie meetings. It just goes to show that folks ain't afraid of me because on account of they call me all kinds of names, so to speak, and the other day Harold Gilmore said "Hello, Handsome," and a little later I met Gene Schemel and he said "Hello, Noisy," and then I met Bill Barry Sr. and he said "Hello, Baldy," and if I had met someone and they had said "Hello. Nut," then I'd have called it a day. But I don't give a Tinker's Toot what anybody calls me because that indicates they ain't mad at me. It's the bird who doesn't call me anything ever that is kinder sore or hasn't any lime for me, so to speak. • Ware's A Tip If You Nkk A Fender! According to ihe law of Iowa any driver of a vehicle which collides with art unattended, ve hide shall slop immediately. Me shall then locale and Jell ihe owner or operator of the unattended vehicle his name and address. If no one can be found ihe driver shall leave a noie in a conspicuous place, giving his name and address and relating he circumstances of ihe Accident. Many times drivers return to heir parked cars to find crump- ed fenders or a smashed-in grill. No one saw the accident; no one knows who did it. Biit he damage was clone, usually hrough no fault of the driver of he parked car. Collisions of his kind are common when the treets are icy. The operators of vehicles vhich cause this type of acci- ent think they are getting away vith something and in most cases dp not realize they are disobeying a law. Traffic laws are founded on ordinary courtesy, and a courteous person does not try to escape his liability if h damages the property of anoth er. So don't leave without expla nation if you scrape fenders will an unattended vchcilo. Ne'x time the tables might be turned and, it is against the law. Union Plans Complete Plans are rapidly, gbihg\&f ward for presentation- ^ef the Union iwp.,.Farm Institute,,*' <fe for Thursday, Feb. 26, *, dt*" the Good Hope church. The' f#fter" a public, as well as Union- f\*M residents, is cbrdially InVited to attend the programs and see the exhibits. Some noted farm authorities are being , lined up to speak. , * • > * i Had iwo holidays the last week, Lincoln's birthday and Valentine day but I didn't get a chance to lay off either day but I did get a coupe of valentines, comics so called, in which somebody poked fun at me. Places don't close up on Valentine day but it's different on birthdays of notables and the postoffice, the Danks and the liquor store were closed tight on Thursday, no bank open in which I could draw ny breath and it was a holiday tor me not getting my daily duns it the postoffice. I'm going to vrite my congressman and have my birthday, the longest day in he year, declared a legal holiday and maybe we can arrange to nake it the official session day or the coffee gulpers in thi's country. And wouldn't that be something if Algona would be host to near. 6,000 gulpers here on a clay when the sun shone on us nearly fifteen hours in one stretch? Algona Wrestler To State Meet Merlin McDanel, 145 Ib. Algona high wrestler, will go to the state high school wrestling meet at Mason City this week, as a result of having won second place in the district meet at Clarion, Saturday. McDanel was defeated in the last two seconds of an overtime match by Rohrer of Clarion, but he came back strong to throw a Mason City man for , runnerup honors. Other Algona entries were thrown or decisioned. Competing were Bob McDanel. Black who won his first bout, Fischer, Webster who won a match, Klein and Rieken who also won his first match. Father-Son Banquet Rev. Lee Jacobs, pastor of the Ft, Dodge Congregational church will speak Wednesday evening, Feb. 13, at the annual Father and Son banquet at the Algona Congregational church. The dinner starts at 6:30 p. m. and will be followed by Rev. Jacob's talk Kossuth Women To Go On Air Five Kossuth .county women will speak on a 'panel discussion entitled, "Community Health", Wednesday morning at 11:45 over . the Hank Hook program, KGLO, Mason City. The women are Alma Schultz, county home demonstration agent, Mrs. Harry roller, county chairman, and Mrs. Roy Sarchet, Union township chairman, all of Algona, Mrs. Charles Nygaard county health chairman, of Wesley, and Mrs. '.Albert- Johnson, county international relations chairman, of Corwith. Society i Family Dinner Parly— A family dinner was given iunday for Mr. and Mrs., Vernbh Casler, who celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary FebrUai-y 4 at the parental John Schueler Sr. home at Bancroft. Others ih ttendance were 'Mr. and Mrs ohn Schueler Jr.,' Mr. and Mrs. Jarence Mogenson of Swea :ity, George Schueler of Esther- ille, Estella Schueler, and Mind Mrs. Edward Hammond of Bancroft. A wedding cake was sed as a table centerpiece. Bridge Club Hosts— Mr. and Mrs. Merle Pratt were hosts to the members of" their bridge club, Friday evening. Dinner was served at the Country club and was followed b 1 cards at the Pratt home. JerrJ Allen was Winner of the high score prize and Mrsi- Pratt Won the low score prize. / LOCALS V^ff^i^'I^A^ Guesis Of Wallburgs— Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs Sidney Wallburg last, week Sunday were her parents. •Mr. and Mrs. Ren Smith, herSbrother and sister-in-law, Mr;. aria'"Mrs. William Smith, and her,,, sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and, Mrs Cecil Hilclebrand, all of Britt Are Dinner Hosts— Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Heerdt entertained at' a six-thirty dinner Thursday evening. Guests were Messrs, and Mesclames Floyd Gardner, Raich Herberts Alfred Erickson. Clair Winkie,, ind Rudolph Will. The evening was spent at Pinochle. vlrs. Mowers Hostess— Mrs. Murray Mowers enter- ained at two tables of bridge Wednesday evening. Mrs. Bob VTcCullough and Mrs. Bob LaBarre won the high and second ligh score prizes respectively*. Dinner Guesis Friday- Mr, and Mrs. Homer Young had as dinner guests Friday evening, Nina and Mayme Duryea. ; Ledyard Men Fined i Two Ledyard men were finecl in Federal district court at Fort Dodge, $25 each and: costs, Thursday, on,, pleas , of - guilty, J to violation of the, s migratory Wrcl act. The men were CKrisV'Heri- ricksen and Wm. A. Bauman.' They are alleged to have shot wild ducks later than • one hour after sunset last Oct. 25 in'north- ern Kossuth -county. •-'' " w«*v*j««r MUM*j«iicrA wi ITIJTI .an Mrs., Harold "Bllriktftaft,. wa brought home last week by he maternal grandparents, Mr. ant Mrs. Peter Mert2, West Eerie with whom she s had been visit ing a few days. ' duesis of'Mr, ahd Mrs, Walie Boeckkholt last week Mbfldaj were Mr., and Mrs; Hafve' 3roadwell of Lotts Cr'eek and wr, and Mrs. Raymond Vigdahl Mr,,attd Mrs, John Brig&g had as guest a couple of days, las week their riephew Ray Briggs qf Iron River, Wis. Another visitor during the week was Frank Reynolds of Titonka Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Yeoman pent last week at Des Moines ittending the" hardware convex ion. They returned home Fri lay: , . • Mrs. Homer Anderson and oyce accompanied Dick Johann- on to Des Moines, Friday, where hey.spent the day. Mr. Johann- on went on business for the Sargent Feed company, of which rtr. Anderson is manager. Mr. ohnnson spent a little of the ime with his parents, who are moving soon to Arizona in the nterests of the senior Mr. Jo- annson's nealth. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ladendorff . ad as recent callers Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Thoreson of Chambersburg, la. The , men were business partners at Burt a number of years ago, having an avito agency. and repair shop. Mr< Thoreson is supervisor of 800 em- ployes in a government repair shop for trucks and cars. Harold Wesley, who works,for the ;'Seven-Up" company and has been located at Spencer, was recently. J " • - GIVEN AWAY IN OUR TEK TOOTHBRUSH CONTEST SATURDAY NITE, FEB, 28th transferred to Fort Dodge. >*• ' Mr. and Mrs. 7/111' Brown had Scott A. Anderson of Des Moiqes as weekend guest. Mr. Anderson is long time business friend of Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown s not in very good health but is mproving a little. Mrs. Bessie Waddell, who makes her .home with ' her daughter and son-in-law, the Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Kittrell, re- urncd Sunday from a few weeks /isit with relatives at Manches- cr," Cascade, and Waterloo. She iccompanied Gladys Burbank of Waterloo, who came to attend ;he final rites for Mrs. R. G. Ricfhardson. Mrs. Waddell re- eived word .Monday morning of he death following a heart at- ack, of her brother-in-law John Valker, at Cascade, and went as ar as Waterloo with Miss Bur- ank on her return there*'Monday afternoon. W. H. Irwin, rather of Mrs. Earl Burgess of Sac City, . is spending several weeks with his daughter and son-in-law. Mrs. Hilda Gronwall has returned from San Diego,' Calif., where she had spent four months with her daughter 'aiicT sbri-lti- iJs.w.iiMttfiandjMvs. George Say'les.; Roger, son of the. Rev. and Mrs. Earl - Burgess, has been made feature editor of'the "Collegian Reporter" of Morningside college at Sioux City. He wa's Iriftfeted Sigms fw* pre-nUptfdl . iijiav;eiAcujcuuo ojiuvv-. fit! at BUrtMftrlday aft¥rrto6n,f6r Loreria-fWessel, '-Whd 1 " ii* " belrig* WafHe'd Maffch 2::to FHeddlph Sbdefber|j,," •„..'',*,, Mr«* jbeft Bush it expeeted hbrH.e WBanefday frbm Cihcih^ nati; OHio,' whefe 'she has Been visiting We ^st.week with'hftf, sister and, 1 bfother-ih-lawi DUf- ing her abSertde Mrs.- deoi-ge Mier of .PdstVilljl, aunt of ' Mr.' Bush, has' befih' cariHg for'the Ii6me t • s . ! ' Mr. and Mrs. Allen Buehattan h&& as.-gues't Sunday and-a-part of Monilay, v Mrs, ;Carl Wiuff' of Atlantic, mother of Mrs. ' an. ** Close, Mohday *• It *s '.i '. * ft m ' ^thftuse- jvas* closed JajC %• 'obsei'vSnfee '.df..Lift* •hday/ifl'd wlii'^-eles' *-—* Monday in'ihdhpr s^bii'tHdftyioH'.the this i yfear . falls 6H ..j liquor store" felbses The city clerk's office Mrsday aifd-wiil.als'd ionday. The banks but will be* open Algona Students At Music Clinic A music clinic was held Wednesday at'Forest City with representation from , twenty-eight towns. Sigurd "Fardel was chairman. Those'from here taking part were-Richard.Tuttle, Don Cook, RoniBid Peterson, ahd Bill Hut- chinSon, Who appeared in ,the i'ass 'quartet. David. Shumway. rlona 'Lane, Delores Jensen and Sue /Hutchison in the saxophone quartet, and in the mass band hose from here taking part were Alice Ann VaUghn, Betty Moore, 31oria Lane, • clarinets; Gretchen Cuchynka, flute; Joan Wolcott, jasaon; Junior Zeigler, cornet; Bill Guderian, baritone, and Ron- Id Peterson, trombone. Ronald 'Peterson gave a solo number, Grand Concerto, at the Waldorf college chapel with Prof. 3 ear'sol of Waterloo, as critic. He was- accompanied by Adair watts. Prof. Pearsol complimented Ronald-highly on his fine musicianship, Joins V.F..W. Auxiliary iThe V. Ff W. Auxiliary met in regular session, Friday, Feb. 14. and Mrs. Edith Muth was initiated into membership. After the business session a Valentine' exchange took place, games were played and luhch served. , Cars Crash At An Intersection ' A ne^ jBuiek, owrfed fay Adolph AndersotiVof ' Spencer, suffered considerable damage in a -collision with a pickup'truck driven' by W.. y.-Smith of Cuba, City,, Wis. t \Saturday afternoon ort highway--160 at the Ernst corner, south of Algona, Nobody was injured, but the sheriff's office was given a damage estimate of $250 on the Buick and about $56 on the pickup truck. .IL^JS&iJuLjL*: tuesPpI,. Feb. 17-18 iMiilanti m "THE DOCTOR TAKES A WIFE" ' .•''*- Of" ' " . Cb'HKf -Lee Tracy in "HIGH TIDE" "Even Hundred" , , At Red Oak last Week, Mrs, Herman Leander observed her 100th birthday, Bbrn in Sweden, Mrs. Leander has lived in this countd&sfhce 1881, much of that timewn a farm near Ottumwa. *? f . Pl|BLIC AUCTION on ?NDAY, FEE, 23 r* •' ,'' 2:00 p.m. 7-ROOM FARM HOUSE 3 miles north, '/4 mile east of Sexton. MRS. MARY A. 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Visit Sears Cafglpg Soles Pepgrtment tnJm, SHOP AT )|flK) CATAtQ^ SALES DIPT, $EAR5 ORDER OFFICE ...... i AICON.A. IOWA ..',,,,;•,., PHONE MITCHUM YOUNG WRYAN ^ V • •* -HA . .GRAHAML A Gal to SAM LEVENE PAUL KillY «.* GERALD MOHR- -f. Hint* til- Eithit Rle'iiid p SAUKOEItS-. BLORE • Allfi£R3'i F«ASE« Sun. - Mon. - Tues. - Wecli. . Feb. 22-23-24r25' nixed up with mcr moid; and stowaways harbor 'polite! m OF NINE AllS" '-^COUNTRY SUNDAY * MONDAY, FiBRUARY 22-23 "Are women •' too weak to be wicked?'

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