New-York Tribune from New York, New York on May 6, 1891 · Page 7
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 7

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1891
Page 7
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A WELCOME IN THE RAIN. THE PRESIDKNT IN THE STATE OF OREGON. 4 COROI AL RECEPTION BY LAROE CBOWI>S AT SALEM, POKTLAND AND OTHER M,ACES ?KNTHUS1ASM NOT DAMPENED BY THE WET WEATHER. Portlanu. Ore., May j.?Thc eariy part ol the Journey f the l'rv.-.dent and parly into Oregon to-dny was aade ln a steady fall of rain. varylng from a flrlzile to a light storm. This di>eouragtng state ot afTairs 4id not ^eem to dampen the aatAflflBaaB of the ln tiabiunta, and they puid the Chlef Magistrato cvery honor at eaeh phUfl v'.-it.-d. At Albany, Whteh was rcached at h o'cbxk, the Preatduaat and aii the aaaaaaora ?f his paity were ofl tbe ri\tr iilatform of the ohaarva . aiui i--a\R a heartg reapoflaa to Ihe anthnataattc rrectmg af tlm peapaa, XbB Mayor of the eiiy intro luced tbal Praabteat, and he acktiuwlcdgcd their i-liccrs aith ti.e iDbaarbuj aO^draaa: My Fellow-i'itlz<-ns: lt gtvaa me pleaeura to tec yoa and to have the tcettmony ?>; your preaenre liere thls w,-t mori Ing to BM tntereet you tahe la thla jutie party ol atraflgera tliat are pau,-iiig only for a tnoment in yonr mfaat wa do not Been any Baaar aaoe, aa we tooh over aa Anarican aadlenee Uke Ude, i!,at upon some thtnga, al loa^t, We aw of one mlnd. oaa "i tbaaa tblnga is that we have a Dnlon, aolublo, that we have a flag we all booar and thal sinii raffer ii'> dlahonor from any qaartar. icherrs.i vrnie i regrel the Inelet&enry of bhe mornlng. i h'ive been thluklng that. alt^r all. the:-'" wa- a Bort Of .i.tsnicrive. no.ral fotee m the uneoiBBlnty of tne ri?ther Wldrh onr friend, In Boothera (' do iot enjov. llow ran n bov or young woman be well iralned in aclfdcnial and rv-iauatlon, who does not Oiow what it ls t.? bave a plcuir or a plenlr dreaa ?j?.<i i*-vi by b ahower, or aome rwiinc exenmofl hy a nana ? I thank you lor bhta welrome. In eloslng, the Prrgldent liitrodu'Cd rostmaster-iien ersl Wariamaker and .Sccretary Baak, eaeh of whora made a short apaaab. Ti.e vi-it to 8ahaa aaa tha actaoipai lnrident of the foreno n. Thc Prasident and party .vrivid there at 0 o'elork, and remalncd a llttle <,vei one ),.,ur. It r?lned ncarly it!l the Ume, and iuterfeivd MBMrwhal with tbe pr.igramme. so far as the demon atration 9B Uie pirt of the r.rhool chllrlrcn was con cerned. The locaJ mllitla. ii. A. fi. Post and tiie people gemrally were out tfl fecce and gave the vlsitors a royal afltepfdoa. Thc Mayor of BBBBB wclcomed tlw? Prfllhbnrl to BreajOB. Tiio fiaablaat thanked hlm and said hc wa* : to naka his Beajaabitaaea. The party were ilieu takcii to OBITbaJBfl and aacortad 1 > thc Btabi llouse ey u,e --d Pattalflfn of laaurtrr, O. B. Q., and s?dg a'irli I'ost. li. A. B. Tiie OeweiBOC and Mayor nxlc in Uie carriago Wtth thc lYesidcnt au-.l MlB, Harrwai. Hayoe Daiey deUvered an addraaa af welcome in behaif of tlw city. r'.<i Ooraraor PeflBoyee in boba'f of the ?aaa> Ooaeiaoe Pennoyer axh nded a eeedlal weteoaae t.i the riaalflOBt ui a brtef ipeech volclBg the peopto'a ,infeign.d pbauare af the vhd1 of thc Batlon'a Uhlef Magiatrate and axtendlng tbe Beedoaa df tho state. flro Prosid"t,t r<-i?>nid?.-;l as foUoWBJ Ooaoiaaf Pennoyer, Mr. Mayor nnd fcBow^ftfaaoa: lt i? vei-v plea^anl to near Hawe biiMlly worda w-iiarii havo been i-i^'.^n bj tiie Oovcrnoi ol thla Mile nnd bv tbe < hk. uuiccr ol this munieipallty. wo nave fouiid elsowhora tluil theae cordial words of welcome ? ? repenUHi witi Incfbaied emphaabi b| ihe lunui.\ tacea of tiio>e who a**cmfcle i" grcel ua. i am glad i-.-v.Ik-i- '.\ lo >i> ln] the fa? - oi Imppj and proaperena, contented, llbcrtv-lovlng, pitiloile tlteii. (Applauw.) our blrthrlgnt, Uie w. .,!..,!, ol tl. ? ii i framed uur ooverumentjinis ..,.,-. )u l dlvislon .?' powar between tne tni-?e vr<-*?i uMbpeadent, eoordliiate brauohes of uovernmeut baa aln adj I thal whnl H im* Ui the ina ol Bui-opc to be a compUcateo and ]angling ?\?tera produc?a ln fact thc mo?I perl cu i.i iom; p'let<? and mosl satisfaclory organuatlon lor - ?? u irder and lor Natlonal strengCi. We stand h one 11 Ui- ' nulls - t ttport i > the law-mahlng kWv of voiir Mate. Thoae wbo asacmble here are rhoaeai bv your aoBragea; and we lioiie lt may b? ilwaya truu of Oregon that your teglalaUve ,oUv is a repraaeiitattre body: Its serviee tooawcrated (o the i.P^ nnd the purposo of IU ,-,.,, rivlng to tiie weB-ord< ?? i\eii dlapoaed the I. ty, curblng by whpleaonio hawa tho Ul-d>puaed and lawleea; provldlng by ... methodJ fou th- pubBe n-etl. i'he Judlcrarv, ,:?', iiextTn oui ayOn m, to intcrprei and apply ,!.<? statateft, lias been ln our aountry a aaie refuge lor all wbo are oppreeied. lae duty of the ? ve i- io ndml:dster*the law, h- doe^ nol mitin ?tatutes, though In m w?1 Stntes aod under ,^ir >at,on;U ocai i veto p?>wor li h-clced tn him witli a \i,-w to aaenrlng conalderatlon "f any particiuar meaaure. Unl a p1 ?> n exci utlve ofBcer baa one plaln dutv; it li to ej [orce the lawa with klndneaaand for oa, bui with prowptaaaa an! incxorablo declsioa. ' \V- have here oa blng, H la tiie law: .i^d to th;,t hing aM men mual bow. 1 have but ono meaaatre lo the North and the Boatb, and foi tiie Eaat .and the Weat, in mv Jonr.iey through Uits Und. Jt is to upholrt the law. Too are laaUy pi-ond of vonr crrat ^are. Its eapa Mlltle.'i are enormous; Its adaptatio.iv t<> life are pa <uli?r and fine. The yeara wlll bring yon tn^rc"*?i iM.nulation and Increaaed wvalth. I hope ihey wiu bring wlth it. uum-hing lo thls fctAtely progreai of m* terial tblnga, those flner tblnga-pbty, pue homes an^ ortterlv commnnlUea. (Applaase.) . imt above all thla ^thte; over all our rejotcliig* ln the. ad a,i-u;es Whleh are ahOfll ns in our reapael ve ? itra LTlooh wlth paater prlC.e to that great arr 11 of T.ov. r.iment that nnltea theae BUtea and fliabea them ,il one ^?'?at 1'nion. (I'lieera.) .... 1 feflowilBfena, the difficultira that I see in ksmoaad between na are the traln. which is aehedaled todewart very soon, whleh warna the. to brlngttheae winarYa : a' -p^dv doac. I l>ec agalfl miM pro ronndS to thank v,m for thil evftenee of yonr io ipeeu yonr love for the Inatftatfona of our eoaaaa n aoaatry. (Cbaara.) JUKt before baWtflf Palem a eitir.ens' eommittee ^m Portlaiid waited ofl tho Presldent and votflObavafl |0 escort him to PorBaad. A short stop waa made m iibwaa Tae i raatdaat lawtawad the papBa of Bm Indian aebool and adurc?ed them in a fow kindly and a]>i)ropriMt<- worda. The r/ieatdentlal party arrtred here al aooo, promptly on nBaartn Tweaty thoaaand people were in waith.g and the Prealdeni Mlmowiedged tbotr plaodlta by rtdlag bareheoded throflfh the itreeta and bowlng rlgbt aud left. A Ibgbt rain was falling when thc niBbHart rearlied Portlaiid. but It BOOfl turncd into a haavy oaa. Bawawar, tt did not inawfere wtth the fotfliattoa of tbe paraiaa. After marching ahont tho city two noara, the pamde mored dowa Blxth-at, ano. waa reviewed l.v tbe Pre-ident. One feature of tho parade wa= 4,otA> school ihildren drawn up ln line. Tn BM BlBVBOOfl there was a aaBBrBl BUpenBtOfl of baBtnaaa. ncaWBinl Harriaoa held a ibort roception at tbe hotei for aaaanbera of tbe <;. A. B. and Loyai LcKi,?: | r ficneral Waiinmaker pald, a Vlafl to tbe p?-i daea auring tho afbaraooa. Thc roBowlBg i> ibe prograanrie, ao far a^ deridrd upon. for tha retaua trlp ef Prealdeni Hatriaon; AfU-r atOpPbag ?" laeOBUI and BBBttb), he will go tO 6alt Lako ritv. atopplng one day ot Botae Ctty, Idaba; U,ea to LaadvlDe, Ccdorado Sp Inga, Denver, Uncotn, Neb.; dmaha, Haantbal, Mo.; Bpttagdeld, IB, titur, 111.; Inuiunapolis, Columbu's, ObtO, and Pttta turi:. .'.viland. Orc.. May O.-Thc Ptfldent and party a-r.v,?i here ahottty nfter 8 O'cloek la*t nlght. and rtceived an cnthusias-tic welcome. A fcpetial com niiu<-<- of tha Oregon ritate Uglslatnre boaidcd the traln and wekoated the pre-id'nt to oregon. Tho Presldei.t made the toBowlBg rcsi>cnsc; Mr Chalrmin nnd fletitlemen Of the Commtttee: laateem it aa bonor tbal the Laghdatare of tbe Btate I ,n baa taken thls noUce of my etatt, and 1 nxv ivt wlth pbaanre thb weleOBW yon !ave exb-nded to um. I aaa very glad f) gre?t yoa. and it wlll flve me pleasurc to see yon further before leavtng tho atate. Tiiniing t<i t.'ie oowd in tiie station, the Prcsldent ?id: ' Bv Fr'eiid*- Tli^ cordial welcome under tbaaa nn lellc;'u.ii- cirenmatani ? - feiy Patlfybig:ta ua ae wa enter the gr-at -t.<./- of Oregon. In the Bhata of CaB braka wa hwi aunahln ?, aad II waa perbaoa qulta to be apaatcd thal the favorable weather condltlona abouid draw al ?.; our ptatform a large eoni ?rae ol people, but rpu bave ovEvncod your ^tcrcat ir, the Oovern aaaiand la ti," Bag ^"' v"ir trlendlr Intereal ln na b],,. on. on th I nlghl to bld ?, wel,_o.,ie to your State i thanb you most atneerely nnd wUh for y?o arwi youn all good, and for y....r Rtate a eenMaaad t*Kt:r of davelopnreoi and proapaalty. After a BtOf of at out thlrty minut<-s at AKhla4id, thc batn paBed out, pjsjeeded by a apeeaal traln eaarylag tac ],. mittec and prominent cltlaena. Paaa, Ora.. May J.-Oregon'a dlathigaJBbad BBBb arrtved Bt G Paaa 98 10 oV.loek laslt nlght and reeatved a eaaaaal waleaaae. Ti.e rfadl to Medford wu a-knowlodgort by a aaaeral illumitmtion of_ the to?n. boaflrea batng partieularly BUDoroua. The ?,ihi orand Aeaay me;. ware drawB up in line at the aad aaaatad tbatr o'd coaarada wuh aaaaaa. IM* i'" deot waa tatrodawed to the throng by the Mayor of Bedlord, and aaafd Ud foilowing t.pee^ t>: xdes aj,d lellow-Citircns : UJ*?9JB9 greol pleaaare to aee vou to-nlght. eaneehUly v> have ne^e OM eomradf-s- treetlng. 1 wouldJ have you tWgflkeae J comr^it-. 1 racaU thoac i ., ,v,ti freah bi vonr mlndi aa weB, the arenea ofprt ?8arlBg : id battle; and I an. t >?-??";'>ld ?aTyoutoua to tiie Oeld and brought 1!:""1*'','''.'.",.' v" - 'LK" ,,''ul,,lLf'r h'; .'?!*"? ?18 m ghl-totaKhoare lt ?l,d to 11 Irb tne,, ba "": w." "'/. Uaywi oflheMatei t,;l? >ou an- all ?; ,;';;' aolndla Utntloiia and all tlia: ? to nnr dtato *?'',v'"';",''',''? *ahav? a itttirer v.d grmter prtde ln the faet, thal 'e ?f? titli. hk <(f a KattOB Ol B ' I'lon Of Hlat/*, bBVlUg B ?^o.ttior, ConatJtntion. lt la thla flag that repi 1 ??<"? the boa and in foretgii countrlea; it i? Baaar tn,* K?* lliat our i and i*r annlea mareh. i "j >ou lot thb rordlal greatlng. I ti"i>' V"1' ftay ud ln ibix Btate . .-ie.oital.le homes and tltat ln tJ?; ???? tliat remaiu u, vou u<?\ will follow vou with ??**! Ih uinrs wUob yoar rourage and patrlotlcm and ?WI1*ee have u> w(.li 0i?nu<i. 'CbeeraA BOTH DIED 1XSTAXTLY. A MAN KILLS A CONCERT HALL SIXGEU AXD HIMSELF. EXCITEMF.lsT IS A BOWERY RESORT-XO WIT NF.fsSES OF THE SHOOT1XG. Thc Excelaior Concert Hall, in the Bowery, .was the soenc of ft murder and miicidc at U o'cloek last nlght. Ida Brcvoort, one of the singcrs, was ahot in tlie rieht tcmplc by a | man whose name is tho.ught to be Wil bur. He shot himBelf immediately after ward. and death in both cases was instantancous. There were about 400 ]>coplc in the hall at thc time, and great'cxcitcuicut prc vailed. The man entered the hall about 10:^0 o' nnd aaaaed hiinsclf M one of ihe tnbles. Ida Brcvoort , waa then on tha aaage ainging. WUbai callcd a waiter, and sent.a requcst to Mias Brcvoort. That, he niiglit be aUowed to sce her. She sent back the rcply that shc did not want to sec hini. A few minutce afterwanl Wilbur called another waiter and re peated hta aifaaapi to the Btagar. The answer was tlie sauie. When Miss Drevoort left the stage, ahe entered a sniall reception-ioom where tbe sing ers were accustomed to ao nftcc their l*rformaners. WiU.ur pmhably watcbed his ..j.porttinity, and entered the little room when no one ww> looking. At 11 o'elock three pistol shots wero heard by tho 6tartled crowd. Id the litfle room on the floor were the bodies t.f the man and tlie woman, both dead. The singer had evidently just etilered from the stage before vVllbar went into tbe room. What parBcd be? tween them is not known. Two of the ohota that made known the tragedy wcre lired at her, both enterfffg bat riglit tcmple. As her bodv fell from tbe chair to the tloor, her mur. <U-rer conipleted his work by putting a bullet iuto bia own brnin. .. Tlie identitv ot the man could not l>e luliy establialied, but from enrds aM pawn-tick cts la his poe.k.-t it was found that his name was probably William, and he seemed to ; ;,\c iK-en ;. lovcr of Ida Hrevoort, Shc w;.* al.out tliirty vears old. atid bad been a handaomd nnd poj.ular singer in the concert halls in ihe JJowery. .She was said to be marrici, but no one knew who her huaband was. Bhc lived, it is Bjud, in Thirty-fourtli-st,, near Sixlh-ave., uiitil a few weeks ago. Sellcrs, Lnycrs and workcrs will alwaya flnd It U their Intci-eet to kecp track of thc - little advertlsemcnt* ef the people." They are prlnted on the nlnth pata of Thc Trlbiine. A8MJXQ FOR 80B8ID1ART 811VEB. HAXKS TAKE ADVAHTAOB or BICKCTABT FOSTKH's OITBB OE BBXE sllir.MEVTS. WaaBlnjlfBI. May r>.?A number of appllcations haore ireen laeeteed by Uatted Btate* Tieaajirtr BeBahar for a eoaatearaent ef the aabaSUhn alfver oola attleh tha Departtaeal haa offered t<> ?end t" bm oaa treo of coai for liaaaforiBtafwi by earyraa* ta w ??? of nsoo or more, or i-y np^atered maii in packaaea of 910, in cxihangc far other money. Most of tiie appHeatton* have eoBM from baako, and hhey baae -ir-ked eenerally for anoaata raaglag frooa B5O0 to The re qneeta aro being romplled with as rapMry as poaalblo. The drenlar olterlag ta ezehaac* the eota for other money waa laaaed n I Maay, aad hadgtna from the Intcrea! rJready aaaalfeated, the Depaataaoatafllclalaare encaaraaed I > beltevo that a tarte qaanttta* "f 1I'" nal cota wall be phveed ln etrealatloB. Beqnesta ' i- hula c ln aro ahto reeelaod and the eotn aapplled by the aub-Treaaarlee Thero has beon ? great deniane al tlie Depaitment for ten-cent nieeee, rndtu-ed. n i* preanmed. bv the eztenalve aae of ??w"?*?f,w" case whleh has beea aold extenslrely throaghonttho oountry, and whleh can t.c opeaed only whon niicd with tiity of thc tcn-rent ajfoOM , ? A BJtTOBT OR I'.VOEnVAI.t'ATK'Ns. WaahlagtOB, May 5.?The oonferenco ef toeal ap pralsers held at Ncw-York last inonth has ina.l a ?aaotal rei>ort upon tho BBBJOOt of dlseiinilnating raaBOO or iindervnluation of forotgn merchandlse ln favor of purchascrs or conslgnees ln thc fnited States by Baaaaa of ezeepttoaal aiaeeaata or othetatoe. They aay that thc prattleo ls pernicious, opens wido tho eaer to fraud and tends to paralyue American in aaatrlaa. The dlfficnltles experlenced bv appral?lng oilieeis ln eheeldng thls, and at the same time stamling iii-inly apalnst crroneous publle opir.ion that the prices paid by American purchasers ronstltntfl dutiabl" values repnrdless of wholeaalo prices, ls dlseussed. The eon cluslon is that the act of June 10, 1880, mnst govern ln prescrlblng tho mrthod of the actua) n.arket valne " of such merchandlse as is bought and sol.l in the usnal whole^ale qunntltlcs. . . . in the prlDClpal marfteta of tho country wbeaee Imported," tating account of carfons a:.d all rharges. -? TIIE BBOOKLYM IIIC.II crilOOL'S rHOTOr.RAPI18. Waaalagtoa, May o.-The Xlaaaary Daaaartaieat has dcclined to authorlao the frcc entry of eertala photographs Imported at BOW-YoHl for jiermanent ex blblttoB at the r.iris' High Behool, iirookiyn, becaaoe the -chool ls not, in the opinion of the Departmei.t. ? BB iBBtttntlOB esfabllshed for tbe enrourapennent of tbe artu or of scienec " within tho meaning of the free Bat Of the Tnriff law._ _ You will flnd It wortti your whlle ?o exnmlne tho iho.t, plthy udvcrtlsemcnts on tho nintli p;.eo thla tnormng. __-4.?, BOTB8 OF TIIE STAGE. Arthnr DBOW is nlsying this aeeh thc part of Oeaeral Patara Ib "ba/ly laiter,-' trt Palaier'a Tiie-.ire. Lake Martta, wao vas cast for the part at Brat, aaa taken slclt. a"d Mr. Daeie WBO OhUged to play it on Monday night at an extiem-lv ahOli rJOOtee. TBa nipnit-ers of the l^roduce Exrhange. which ln dadea many frlends and admircrs af stuart RobOOB, have organir-ed what ia said |o be the Baraaat theabe pai-ty on record. If will number betweea 1^00 aad ? jH-rsons. The party is so Baaaaroe* they will be oblig.d to 000 "The Ilcnrietia" in fcWO mc tions. with tho oxeap?oa of tho fUlery. they iiavo pnrchaaad oeery asal and box in tho Untaa ftraaro T?,.-vtre f.* n^xt Monday an.r Tuc-dny erenlnja. ThTbowaT for the entertalnmenl of the Iwelfth via-htciub at ti.e Lyeeam Theatre to mo.ruv afb rnoon h. V " ,. ? h-'-d by Rlehard ManBfleld, btua-rt i .' i;. i,? W-kes and Mlaa ChappeUe. The Kob.viii. - ^s,,"'':','. b>ts will appear; Th maa* Wi-. Knr.:;'':' Ml-^ ?Z Shutiilon. Mine. lioi^iUc and Mi?.<i Mabel HMphcnson. THE REV. VR. VAB OYKE EhECTET). The dinvtors of the Tnion Theological Keminary met re terday aftanooa and eto-ted tha Baa. Dr. Heary ,t. van DvKe to tae ciuair ot systcmatic taeatop. Beverml ot the eJreetora taH a Tribune reaorter tiiat tho eaae ,!f the BBV. DT. BrlBJB was dlscu.wd. bat only ln a (..nvci.-auoiml way. MBW-JBBMBI STATE TEACHEES' AfiSOCIATIOX. ' The executivo romtr.lttce of thc Xew-.Ierscy Stato Teaeaara' Aaaoetattoa has decided to hold the next an ???, convention at ASBf? *** on ______.? *** J AB att.actlve programm? wiU be presented W. T. Harrl< '"Ited Btatea ('....iinissioncr of Mucatlon, w.11 bc piBoanl and aottvor an BaaVMO -???-~ IV BBMBMBBBAXCB OF IHE WtDOWB. Th^ Btttath parlHBBaBOO of "Mr. WTBCBWaBrt Widow," at 1-ro.u.r's Tweuty.OOrd Street Theatrv aaa Btrca taat n.,i.t. aad -aa aajayad, aa aaaal. by a la.Be ,,(,h hatr ln att-ndancc re.-h.-d B*lt aouv?.lr a autln ?BM rontalnln* a aaaraer poat, a*l*B ?y or may not ,.,? !(,? aaBBoaal to ho BBtaaartata to th- aeeaaka ta .-.? ...? o?i(. was D-lnt'd: "I'metoi's Th.-atr.' sorn.-- "av. Oa tne ea*c ?as p.i..v? ---_, . , BOth Perferaaaaea, Ollleabrt Comedy, 'Mr. Wllkaaeu a Widowa.' TutMlay, May 5, lf*01." SKCRETARY TRACYS CO.NT/DF.VrF. PaorBBary Traej came to the eity oo Monday to *.?? hU daughKr Mrs'. WllincrdloR. atort for BaiatM today In Ua? Taataate. ln th^ aam<- ocan party Baora w.ll be Mrs. I. P. Morton, Kenator J. D. Cameron'a *lfe and da>ij;Ut.-r, Mlsa Hairlet Elalne, and Jarne* ?. ClarKaon and lils anally. a Trlbeae raportar ?ho aaw Btcratary Taarj at ta* riBB ai aa* auoal baa aeaataa. "fhare h.. ia aiaylac, I,..ji..| BhB -n BXeOttaat heiltl. and flj.- iplrMa. Th.i a*tr*tary ?*ia tiiat i-.^ thongut that tho oaBooh 'or th. RcpubUeaa party had Breatly laaproaaf ta the ia<t fa? n.ui.t':-. and that th. pnapnete of la* iateaa* wer.- naod. H? ?<;rts thut Ba* atgaa al av I ?.aaal ? . ? um Piaal ? ...i.t. . aad i .. ? .... r* t.i?-r alB ri-t.r. u WaaBlngloa lauaod Bfb rnt BQOKBIXDBB* IX QOSYBSTIQ B)i ., .'. ?: Btbaaal '1'raU.- A tifth BB?aud ti?r?Bea ta Arii?ru>.i lt-ti yaatrreay. Tha Bfsions wlil laat U?.- lOft <?f th* ?'?'<. tBMt 1SO d.J. r(. utaaoat fraai all parta ol Um roaeuy. Th. pi Umtnaiy hualanaa <?t Uh a*ert eattaa a .?] rapan arer* Ua* r r. Tne 1. -m?. ii< s i-i raaaaaal ? ? n bbb< i r?i*aa, ia?i?-r and card caoaaa, pa*ai aad blaah baaid n.akara, rancy loathar wuikcra, labcl cutttu iud beval aUg? , taid gildet*. THE MUS1C HALL OPBNED. I'ontlnaed from Flrat Paa* Helne'k faiita*tlc but strlking esilmatc Bf lus musle, whcrein he likeni Herlloi BB B rXMoeaal !ilkiiiin"galc or ajpajllti lark, a rrcaturc of thc antediluvlan world, nnd aaya of his nui-ic that It -haa pmtnttf something piimlUvc or prinieval about lt,"* and BBsfaBaai fhonghts "of vast mamnioths or other e\tli.< I unlnuils; of fabulous emplres lilled with lataaefjaa llnfc" Bcrllox aays tiiat Heine cxpressod his regi-et at havlng uttered thcse worda ln a letter wrtttBB fTOBI Bt* BaOther** grava, because he had lienrd thal the " Enfaiuo dn t'hri I a "pcrfect bouquet of sweet melody-ttowcrs. a BBBBtar plete of simpllclty.'' Ho then add ! 'The BBOeeo that led Jl.-lne astruy arc excepttonal Boraaaa they rciui? azeeptteraal B>ethod*. ln the ?lleuulem.' for LnatBJM?..-, 1 OBiptOf (OBT dlstlnct bmsfl utxihaatraa, aaawcilni eaeh ..ther at eartatn alataaeaa round the matn orchestra and chorus. ln the -Te Deaat1 taa .urlie.-tra at one end Bf thc chnrch answer* thc Oivh'-s'ra and two cholrs at the other Ond, ataOe B thlrd large choir HIJUIBBBBB* BM BBBBI of tlie people talt |B| lw.rt from tinio to tlme ln u vast I.- red eoaeeit. ?ut it is more eaaactaBy the forai af the ptaeaa, m breadth Of Btyhl and the BBBaaal a-teaat and appar.-nt raaajeaaaai of somo of tlie p^rcfrao^oria taat Itva taaae aaraa their atraafa gigantic phy.-iogn.-my and eeloaaaJ aapeet Tae raaalt of tht* UnaiiaiBlty of rarra la that Btthar one BVtoao* tho drltt of thc.wholc or lt erushed by troaaeadoaa ?-iii<>*lou."' This la not an inept characteriaatlon. thongh it is another evidence Of haarBhaVB itayaotl i..n to aitubuie Ure-naUbl* effecta to hia i raiimg Blee-.-. ??*__* purieut-o with thooe of hl* worto <nifch ho a ntt otii ** Sl " moniiuicnuU" and - arrhltedunil' hM hoo t ? ,i, Bwelai power - ??*___? **?*" T*Stag npparatus and adaa* ar.- siinplo-l. rMV',? ~siv. tae case ln the "Te Deu.n," whOOO __?*_???____? portiou ls not the bfaarra and thcetrw-ai Jw*x crederla/ alth it, eiaahlng ellnvax (the o*yek?nae ntof which has olwayi reoBaad te us nkc the ia* ' w-aliug of a perpondlcalar wali of rnggedroch). but tho anave ?? Tibi <Cnaaea? Lb n*3 the pairalVtlanM in tne tashi Te glorioaub eaaraa Apo*tol.?rum, Tc I'rophetaruui laudaUiis anmeraa, To manyrum Oaadatata* latidat cxcrcUus, fnrnlah B lealilmaie opperUinity lor antlpho.ial treat aient wuich is atUlaoa to thc tull and which uaaa up thi-ou'gli the lovely growth -of tlie "fianetai wtth iu . elesual l.arnioiile-, aroand which the orcU-sira waave* a halo of aoaad to a bpiendidly aonorons ettmai wtth a ?fcagla otaah of great araaa nnd cymbais on tae last svlhble of '-I'leni sunt enell ct terra maje?tau* glorlae ttue." r.n-ut effecU aro not auwuy* oa iamea bv mulUplylug roteeo and jnanadag bmdb8b. hueb mi'ght have taneht thal to Bjarllca whoa aa tiiught hua, ^ plalBty he dhl, tbe deviee of a wlpto divuoo ol his chorue. Thoae who oaa tha itupendoualy Inpfaaatta .eaeel <r;.;d by taa ?bpoiiBivo double ehorni wltb two orcneatraa whleh opena the bt Batthev Haaalon Uke a taa irtog GothK iH.rtaJ, eapectally tne eamnlatlon of tono ana u_ teiisitication ot fcehng when the fhini ehora* entei-s witii thc rhornk aa .1 eantaa Ormn*, ?ui re.ogiii7.e the eirert which Berlloi dreamod <>i who.. hc pianneo 1 t and third chomaea of bia uTe Deom," tjui falled to obtaln ln even a fraetlooal degree mth au Bt* rntoaiBl apparattu. The laaie gwtat muj nade ta faror >.f the "Te orgo onaeauaiua," waere n Ii (nrther aceentaated by the slmple and unatfi-cted Beatment of the aolo part, which laat nlfhl fell Bue tbe rapable hand* ...' Blgaor Campanlnl. X. rachalhowatq loug ago rooquered recof^ltlon for his genlaa iu Sew-Yorh. We hare apoken of bia repreaejitattre ehararter, and he ls tadeed in a pnrtJcular senae an exomplar of Bnaaian art Three v.-;ir, ago, be rlarted the ehtef dtle* of u..--t.:i-n Europe, ut th.- dlrert iBStanoe. or at leaat throngh tae iii.v.t mednUloti of the BnaBtan Goa-ernnasnt. A travelllns stlpend waa glven t<> hlm thal he n:?u\ exhlWt the frulta of the Wonderfnl progrea* wbicli Kussln ha made m mnale within srarcely more Uian a generatlon. wnasrever h<> wenl he wa* the here of tho ii,,!,,-, and throu ? 11 cy tho people ot London and other Bnrop an 1 spltal 1 ? une to r. allze tbo force ..1 V'on Bnl m n mark mnio aj , th:i the best German mu Ic wa* writt. 11 In Parl* nnd Bt. Peteraborg. lt . noj ,.. .a \ to 1. ept thl* dl. tnm ..- Uterall] trae I lt- forceiaineaa. There aro stUl compoaeni ln Ger rfiany whooe worhl ?nf?er nothlng when corn] with" thc beai producta of the Rusalan achool, bnl tne ilvene?s of M. T chilkowaky and hia colleagu ? their marvellous darlng and mastcry ol thoae el menl of . .mposltlon, which pn>? laim creatlve vlgor. tne newne I ngenesa and dramntic potenrv of the foik mnslc aplrlt they Infnae Into their rom uoaltion . even when they ninii- no nae of their populai melodlea, all romblne to Jnatlfy tlie ix-li*-f thal imlnant *ehool ol the last lOO yean has a dangcron* rival in theaa Plnvonle compoaers. it waj the Derformanre of M. Tachalhowsky'a "Manfrcd h mv foar and a half yeara ago which led rhe Trlbune t<> mter the warnlng rrr ?? hmk oat for the Muacovite!" ln Bnaata the great bearl ol tbe Pfople beats ln Ihe muatc even ol roch raltured and Ontshed compoaers as M. TachalkowKky, and it Iherefore hn* an elemental power. There i- a trace of barbarism ln it with it- (lurctiie". trntbfnlneM and forcofnlneas. gcarrely a rompoaltlon ha* come from st. Petersburg for yeara ln whleh wo have not been called o>. to ? b erve that Imp" yearnlng for rharacterlfrtte expreaalon a-blch wfU one <iav breafi throagh all tho rcstrlctlon* thnt now confine it, aad make Ita bnpreaa oa thc nnaic of tbe world. M. Taehalkowrty i-, an Inl Ing ph.-n m.enon in our preaenl ardvltlo , becaaae ln hlm we are ronatralned t<> ?ee ti^ wlae medlator be? tween the -ta-ld German arhool and the rockleaa, nn tuned roal of tlie vonng"r men among h'< coltoaguet, llke Rlmskl korankow, who would lacrlflee 11 1 eeaence of arl for ihe saite of n itlonal feellng. ii" 1 1 po Intcrestlng becaaae of ill tho uoaalan mnalclana ex c.'i.t Hnhftisteiu, we know bi* mnnr U-\. '1 he evenlng wns fnll of deDghta, lo which iho festive feeUng Inaptred by the rhaate Bnea and color* ?f thc hall and tne torely pletore preaented by the chorus lont ;i rery eonalderahle i"-ii> N"i tbe teaat ra ible featnre wai tlie BBioothnesi ^iii. whleh the prcarranged or,-i"-r <.f exerctaei waa .-.-.rrird ont. There aa* no Interruptlon, and applaaae wa* dlatrlbuted with greai Imparaallty whenover a reference ";.- made by tho nrator of the evenlng to the mon and tnstitn ti.i.i wiii.ii have been nofcible In the musleal aetlvltlei of the past. The beartleal bnral of Bpplnnae, how? ever, waa lhal whleh greeted II. Tarhalkoa-aky when lie came npofl the itage to eonducl Iim Bolemn march, liis bearlng was moaeal bal anoon Btralned, Ms beat Bm but nndemonatroilve. The orcheatra -tai-te.1 the glad acelalm with 11 ranfare, ?nd after i.? lai-i down thc baton he araa recaUed a^aii. and a.-rain to bow !.;- ickno?ledgment*. Hl* march proved t.> be 1 ? ? ?ua compoaltlon, <>f atrdpg and ontUi wltb thc conanm ma-t^ maatery notlcealjle In all of his rompoalUona for r,..,i .-..-, ln the ? .da n tplendld 1 llmma 1- worked np l?v tho Introductlon <>t a phraae from Uw Busalan Natlona! llymn, an eleroent whleh is almoal Inevitable ln the marcbei and reatival overtnrca of Ihe m -n of Ts. h-.iv..??.-'.' ??? arhool. With frreal wl dom Mr roach omltted tlw march whlcn Berlloi appendrd f.> Um -''?'" Dmm,n thn* permltting Ihe vnral w.irk to ta (egltlmate effecl ap m ti:? sudltor*. rhe rholr Htng with greai anlmatlon when tlie col ? .1 dlfllcultle* of the <? -'..I- Itien pcrndtted them to do ? :. aad the anVr cloaed witli 0 Dn ? b 111 I of enthu -i.-.-n Hlgnor Campanlnl wa* welcom .1 a* an oht rriend and tho carneatnea* of hl* mannei atoned for the fact thal n - rolee wa* m.t ln D.I condlttoa. Aie you in tie-.i af anythtofl Then exanlao tht iai:y columni of ahort BdaaruoonieBta on tha nuita page of Tho Trlbnne to ? -?>?-? "JO;;" JEFrBMOB UAKEt A TBST. Ki-oni Th. Chleafo MatL Two yean ago Joeepfa Jefferton aponl a ahorl mei vacatlon aa the gucat ol an eld-ilme Minneapojl frlend ut u comparatlvely unanown reaort at 011. me Minnesoui lahea. "Uem .ai.' aald ihe aetor 10 his hoat one day, M my object ln comlng here ? ??? three toht Flrat, 1 wanted Uj meei you agnin and enjoi yonr compnnlonshlp; lecond, 1 need -i rest aud recre* tlon, and thla . .. good phvee 10 aecure both; .nai thiiti, I wanted :?> teat mv own powera a little. ?? Do >".i ii.ii.v.,'' >ir. Jefferaon coutlnued, -1 once fell very certaln concernlng my own blatrlonl. ahUltleaf well. l did. When 1 waa many yeara younger l waa ilcal enough t<< belleve thal it dldnM make much dlfference whetber I had the vuluable acecaaorle* ol a flno theatre and good iccnli effecta or not. At any .ai ? I \wis able 10 bandlo my audlence* abonl aa l wanted to do lt, whetber I pluyed -lllp' In .. bam or 0 a Brat-cntM theatre. I knew then thai the people turned oat to iee me and nol the work of tii<- aceius pnlnter. 1 ara not mre aboul it m w. r flnd myaelf woM.ierinK whetber 1 have loat the power of tnovlng the people, from the ai odation* ol a good ?up porung company and excellenl thcatrlcal appoint. incnta. 1 wanl f<? tc-st ihi- mntter, and 1 meau to ao it before I k?ve here. Will tau belp mel" "Nothlng ooaM bo raeler.1' repHed his host. '-\\o will ipend an evenlng uin. aome frlend* <>( mlne who do not know yoa, and 1 wUl arraage matteni *o that you .nn glve them a few ?electlon? from 'Blp.' 1 1,..;.,,. an acqnnlntnnce b wi-ilio.i.. mliler?who Bvei i:. a sinail vtlhvge aboal six mile* i-'.'.i here, we wlrj drlve over there aome aftemoon thl.. weeh and spend ihe evenlng. No >>i.e in the pia. e know* you; l will lntrodii!'.- you as Mr. Jo eph, ai. ohl irl.-nd of mlno frori New-Yorh who fonuiarlj \wis an actor. win glve you an opportnnlty lo teal jrour power* upon atter ?tranger* and wlthoul any belp frpm icenery or aunnoi tnis ? ompanj ." { few evenlug* later the Hlnneapoli* gentlemon and hl* frlend, -Mr. Joaeph," of New-Vork, arera s, at.-.l iu Hi- mlller'H part :' ;ift-r hta. Tho conversa tr.n tumed upon ihe ?u ' ?'? 1 e dlffere ice between the mod ni htvle* ol a. Uni and 1. ol ?? h ilf-centnn .,__.,, ?jjy trlend bere did me crcdltable worh ln hi* tlme 1 ana lold," aald Jcffen n'* compaBlon. ??llav.- you forgoiten all your old . I ? i*1 yoo glve aa 0 tow Um e ol yoar <-!-i paaya, or hava vi.u eaUrel) torgotten tliem allf" ?? \v.-!l 1 don*t know?lt'? been * greai many var* slnc- 1 t'rled anythlng of tlw aort, you know. I don I know wbetbei 1 can remember anj of my ^i.i Dne ot not Bnl 1*11 ttv it if i'ou'11 Bgree not t> make fun ol dm nn.: How doea II go Ve* bo ib, yoa, I Imve It. 1 ?? nae run* like thla?." And Jeff. !: "T' th. -ii\ Bgabond, and bls t-coldlng wlfe. rhe ttttle widlence . .;?!? itb earty and al ubundanU) t.-':h 1. Then . Mr jo, ph : :p_* ;:.u-tin^ Bttlc "? ..]. Then f( uetww ::"- -Nl ,!,ls . ln the ?? ???> had la nfully andltor - atn ?'. lo b bh'-flth T'i'- old ...,;... | ? irn hom ? 1 I , , I,.,,, ?? |n ;.. .-1 .?. .- ,.|. -i. Lat II ?!..- ? r -K'-i. only DT ti;.- *ol tif 1:- ? - bb J. n -?' :' vi, nol the ailgut. when nrned '.Vi, 1. and hl coroj .. sl tr.p ihe Mlnneaofan merMv pald: "??_ Joe't" and "Mr. .i,.s ?;.!.-' ...ptT repBed 1 " 1 aaa aahlaaad " I'M-plo aat of work. and thn*c ln ?carrli of helpen (bonld conault thc manr column* ot little advertlae ?cuU ou the niath x.aa- ol XUa Trlbunu Ua. itiorauur. POPULAR 0B8ERYATI0XS. THE EPBOOPAL CONTROVERSY. BXSMOP SFVMOIR DKVINKS IT aa a QCFSTION Of MORALITY RATHEft THAN OF TMEOLOOY. To the Edltor of Thc Trlbunc Mr: PeaaBdV a few words of mine may help to re muva somo mUapprehcnslon whirh scems cvldcntly to prevall rclatlve to Issues which now engago popu lar attcnt'.on. la order to reaeh the real ffleettOfl ralsed by men who dcny ono or moro of tiie BrflebH Of ihe rreod of Cbrl tendom of riotata tbe aaarbaaaa of the canoos, Rrpp ?o we paaa ov?r without remark the rbarges of manowneaa, bfgotry, aaraaeBtlOB, etc, ma<r>? agaroat ti.e cbureb by tha geatteaaafl who aaay "the taath oaea deltvered anto the saints'' as a flnaiity and beeeh hcr laws. and aoaaa to the grouml of complalnt Whteh many of na bave j?ains; them. 1 a I Bda, Hk- Boofc of lommon Prayer, the Canons of ihe Caaotl are PflbUo propcrty, thoy are in prtnt, and aay Oaa who Wlabaa bJ do so can buy them and raad bheaa. Whea thc?e gentlemen bi lafaaaflaa to w'.iun aoaaa Of Ba feel aggrleved olTercd themselves for ordlaatlaa, fbay kOdW Whfll they were dctng. They were not gofBg blindly Into a system of which IflBf BB9W BOtbtflf or very ltttle. Tlierc were certaln 099> antoecdent to their talung orders with Whleh they ware nbllgcd to eotnply, nnd wlth whleh they did lomply, else they wonld not have been admltted to th<? dlaconate or to the priosthood. Tbaaa condition OOfar tha aceoptance of the Serlptures of thc old and New Testsment as the Word of Qod, conformlty to tho dortrtne. dlsripllnc and wnrshlp of tiie Church, aud obedlenro to canonlcai authorlty. Our complalnt is that certaln gentlemen openly and as a matter of flxcd and contlnncd acilon repndiato these ronditlons, on which alone tliey ob talned tho posltlons which they occupy, and sccm to lnslst upon retalnlna their posltlons wfrlle they avow a^ ,-trongly their dctermlnatlon to trample under foot a whole or in part tlw condltions. But, lt U sald, Uiese gentlemen have ontgrown their earller ooa> viotions. They honestly entertained them when they were ordalncd, bnt now they see their errors and In ronscienre are compelled to dlsown them. Certalnly lt ia right to do so. No one flnds fault wlth thls; lt ia eomething clse qulte aslde from thls whlrh oc raslons dlsti-ess. It is that when these gentlemen dbeavat the alleged mistake whlrh they made when ' they voluntarlly answered the queatlon* of thc Ordlnal and were made deacons and prcs bytata they do not at once thclr orders, and cease to minlster in a Chareh whose dortrlnes they no longcr nerept, and wlioso sy?tem, as regflbaai by law, thev repudinfe. our griavaaea agataal OoatBao, for exnmpie, was not tbflt hc discrcdlted tiie BIblo ond denled ln stib -tanro the NIrenc Crecd?thls may have been his mls Hlllflll bfll it was that after he had ceased to bclleve tha I'.ililc to be the Word of (iod and refused ihe aafOBM Of Bevelntion as tho Chareh of England BObta .uid tnjoins them, ho stlll allowed him-elf to remain In ihe poaltlOfl of a BlftbOP of that Chareh, to drnw his aapport from that I'hunh, ond IO admit ? boty orders, and tO reriuire of them, ns he was 600 p-.-lled to do, tfciief in what he disbclievcd and the a, eeptaoee of what he repudlated, The qBattloa is, to our mlnd, one of morality, not ,,f Uieology. it may never have ocenrred io theae gentlemen thal their couduct ju-ily expospd them to ?nch reflerBona, it may poeubly be that ln their minda theri li a ntlsfactorj axplanatlon, and we aay tlns tbe more readlb hecnuae ft iwema thal they do nol rrgard the Nlcene i reed. aa far aa i; goea, aa a tinality. They Mem to think that tbe ereed ot i 'n, .lora waa adopted us a reaolutton la pu--<-'i bj ire, bj a majortty or a two-thlrdi votd .! tbere be mlaapprehanaton upon surh a polni II Icad 11 nuaapprehenalon npon other eognate ipii dlons and poaaibly upon the morality of their alaUu in t,v- Chareh, when they had eonte, from what ? ????: (?:,.!-<?, .o lieny in whofc or in parl ber faith. i.?t me in a word seek to correet tio-. error. Thc ereed ol l brlstendom la a Qnallty. ii canndt, as to any of the trutha which it atllnns, be ehangad. Tho ofllce of th>- ondlaputcd General Counclla was not to ],?!? a tbe ereed i y a mnjorlty or any other kind <>f voi ?. lt was to bear wltoeu to tbe faith, to -tate what the faith aaa. The oucatlon propi-sed to the blahops, romlng f;-oni Uie dlfferent aeea "f Chrlatandom, was: what haa beep the teachlng of your Cbnreb <m tlmt r im tbe beglnnlng I and their anawer simply met tii.ii Inqulry. Aa the aee waa older ln its foundation, 10 tta tcstlmotiy w,-i^ welgbtler, Its authorlty was greater, and when its orlgln went back to nn Apoetto. it ara "an Apostollc sce," and Its testlmony wa? ino^t valuable. The Cbnreb had the ereed, the axloma of Bevclation, before she pathered the New Teatament wrltlngi from the handa of the Apoatlea and other-. m. I'a.ii f,,r example. whea wrlttng a part of thc New Teatament, ln his llrs' lefter to the rhrlstlans of Oortntb quote three artlcl ? from the ereed. couehed in the verv pbraaeology which stlll cushrines these rnndamentaJ trutha, lle talls it -the Ooapel," and t.".vs ho gave lt as lic rerclved It. and that tltelr salvv Bon depended upon thclr holdlng It fa*t. (1 Cor. xv., l--.-,.i I feel sntlsficl that there muct 1>e some great mls tike BOfaewhere, end i write in the hopc thst i may posslbly l>e able to set down somethlng whleh may help to correet lt. Verv tntlv and falihfnlly ynnrs, OBOBOB F. SF.YMOUB. SprinplieM, 111., April 23, 1*01. CONTEMPT FOR ALUMTNTUM. A CHKMIST WHO DBWIE9 THAT IT HAS ANY , ui!'. rjSU IMAOIXBB FOR IT. T o thc Edltor o f Tha Trlbunc ( Slr: II Is tntereating to v.-atch certaln cnues whlrh at certaln tbaea ln hktory have taUen hold of av.d siill nlTcrt the ininiN of men. Tluis the tulip eraas, the Bdutb s<vv eraae, tbe balloon crar.c in thc beglnnlng of this centary aad end of tbe ia.^t. ln the present age WB may BOtbta tha aluniinium erase. llow pcopla wlll Inveat thooaanda of dotlara on bearaay evldenea, when they eoald aaeertalB thc by baylng 29 eent* WOrtb Of pure aluniinium wlrc or shect belODgl to the oddtBea of capltal gnn.- eraay. The yarna about alnmlntum are ao aameroni and are repeated ln - > mry b -i'l and Uea that it aaeaaa aimo.t taah to trv to Ml paopbi rlgbi, Bow, .iuh-s Vcn.c, the ehampion arrlter of aelantlflo fancy, never iiv^ alumliilum murli in his Sctlon. ii.- Imowfl too weii that it la "bo good." Ia "De 't Terre b la Lane" he naea o bwge aliiminiurn bullet, not beeauae ol ii- atrengl bol becanae it is ^o Ught. Bol k>ng ago a card froaa peraoaa InUaaated ln Bm _? of alumlnlum eaaae lo ma itatlng that abuBBi iii-n b aa bard i I -i. ABwrongl The purcr, the aofter. Pure aluniinium is just a u!ue barder than ? v cheap riae or rpeBer, which er,u be aoldeted, Hnaaded and d.iiieii without dtfiicnitv, wblla pure abUBBrftun eaanot bc aotdarad reliably, and for worb tng la one of t!,c "naatlaat* mnlala in earlatenea, "no greal point ln its favor, but only a point of skin deep beauty, la that the alnmlntum nist fonnlng in ti alr la whlle, whfla lt is browni-h rcd on Iron, on eopper asd ;-'.???>' on atae?bnt atamlnlum m readfly, eapeeuUly ln salt air. r-ait water ,,. t, apon it tar more than lt doee apoo iron, and a ahtp belU af abufllBlBm woald be fuii <>f hotea nfter one brip aronnd tbe globe. *rherefiiis.-, for ship bulld Ing and all parta expoaed to the water it i* .even Lntrlnateally hnbrtot to iron?thcreforv, not worth fl cenl? B pound. FBr rootlng It ls raatty baarlat to galvanized Iron, becaii^,: it rannot lie ^oldercl, and much Inferior tn alne?theiefore, not worth 5 cents a poamd. Far ve* cls to I," used in tho kitchon, it could only bo employed If salt waa hept away, but with fldl pp^sent, It would not have the sllphtest ad raataga over ordtaary Ua patls? therefore, wonld not ba worth 8 cents a pound. For parts of inachlnery where atranatb b reejabad, weight for watght, it is not ns atrong aa bOO. As riKh Iron can be bouglit for 1-1 r.nts a pound, iiliiminiiim wonld be worlh less tlian that; for tha aaaaa itrangth. aluuiinlum arouM be four tlmcs more bulky. For apoaoa and knlfe-handles, whera ao parUeubir qaahty eicept kooha b caUed for, it ini'lit he worth us much as tin, siv PJ oeetd a pound. Tho diawbaell in that iise would be it; K'ttat sofitirss, ai ii BOtM tho llngers wli-n l.andied, like laad. The only use for whteh ut prcbent pure iluuiiuiuni may talse, wltb udvaniag*,, th- placo of lOBgar-haawB mirlaB. B for abwtile appflanraa and airee. Par the aaane dtamatar, alaailBlnm bi twtoe aa good a cofldflftar ao iron: ita watght is abaoat ex ... i t.iitd. bBl it. sircngtli Is only nae-fourth, -o tnat the wtra eaaM only ba itratehed thiaafOurtba u,e diatauea over whleb now Bon wlra is itretcliod io beep Ihe woe relatloo between weight, ttreogtb J!"' "I , . , . L For taese purpoaea alumlntam mlght be wurtli \2 r, ut- a pound. it could be made barder i>y aUoylng 11 eap.>llv wlth -ih'on, bnt cveu tbe alumlnlum, -liort. of aluniinium bronze, wlilch la cs ientlally '.?? per ceot i-opi*er, I met wlth was only .;,??., ti,e strongth of braaa The alloya of ftiumiiuum all been made and uicl thoeaanda of tbaaa, but no \ni.:e E.\t been found ln them whleb woajd mako ? iiiminium Worth B?re than eopper?aay, ikt U ,.. ia i,- ,i- a pound. Thc alumlnlum bronae ',;eeps fairlv biight, bul when made m its proper p.oportioti lk extremely hard Ui work. In tlUa, brunie alumlnhun -i-,,\k ol rome np I - ig and worl Ing. One advanfaago is ,i,:,i the 'I...- ii )U tlc and iprlngy, even when al ,,,l ii -ii. it , onsl lij ?! BO per renl aud M per <? iu alnmlnlum. Iloa mctaJ . .?".!.. fot advertlsing mednla, I ?.- pla |u? and ,.,.iaea of a > la, ol [mp, :i,,. i , tlmaic ir- valt i raaka ?1tb ???-t aae lies n, Uie Biagnetlc power bli h II I ? foi ???'?" ' I - . n.s wlll lx- -e.-n from the rreineiit ?he trne value of atamlnlum doea im lie mni li i mve thal ol alnc, whleh eo?i n centi ? pound. the rlicnpmt aliimlnium in tbe markel la held d mnfacturen are .ilrc^v eon . m ^\ ii'fh yon ... -'?' :'"?' i t ' rworn Ibe ii;..-- -1 II ... oana uac of alumlnlum." rhere li not a Ingb appllcation, nt prtsent. ln wiu.h alnmlnliini runha Intrli.aU'ally above Uie valua of t!? aama weight of eopper, Which u 10 oania a owuad. Even chemlcally, lt haa not thc energy of ?odlnrn potassiuni. mngnealum, and in an extepslve prartire as a chemlst I haven't had a single use for alnminiiim l:i tlfleen years. L. *?? Sprlngfleld, Mass., April fl, 1H01. GENERAL RRYANT'S RAILROAD PROJECTS. To the Edltor of The Trlbune. fdp| I notlce a dlspatrh, dnted Baltimore. May 2, and piibli-hed ln your Issue of the 3d, refcrring to an ofTer made by me to the city of Balttmore for the pur chaso Of lt* intercst in the Westerr Maryland Railroad, which says: ? iH-neral Bryant admitted to-day ln an Intcrview that he rcprcsented the sjndlcatc eontrolllng the Norfolk nnd WBBBflfl nnd the Eaat Tennessee, Vlrginla and Oeorgla rallroads." Thls Is a nilatske. for ln all Intervlewa upon tho sub Jcrl I most positlvcly decllned to ?admit" who my as soiiates wcrc. and did not nnnie Boy peisons Cf cor pomtion. In Jiistlrr to the parties ranrrad t<> in tlsc diapateb ahove iiuotcd, me to aay that thc stute ment ls without rouodation, and that I have had no ron faranea up<?n thc suhjoet whataver, diwt or indlrect, with Baa -aJd ptmle>. jolIN H. BRYANT. New-York, ilay 5, 1P91. -?-r GLAXCES HERE AXD THERE. A man ln New York has a collcction which ls out of the ordlaary lleld of such thlngs. It is made up of old railroad pnsses. At tha tlme that thc lntcrsfii.?-, Commerco law passed he had a pass over nearly etary railroad ln this eountry. At tliat timo it aooailOi to hlm that BOflM day hU rollertloii might be deemod a rarity and 60 hc kept the whole lot of them. He has tbaaa now, paaaaa from the East, South, West and Bartb. They aaaaa from rallroads which the avcragc layman never heard of. I mo can only get an idea of tho many rallroads ln thls eountry and of the many brunch llnes by loohlng over these old explred pa-sscs. latrlaateaBy, Of eourse, they nre not. wortJi a soti, for ,'TM if the Inlcotnto lommcrre law had not i>een paaaed they would lotig ago have become worihless by limltation. Hut as an example of how many pns-.e* were enrrent ln thoae davs they aro lnatnictlve. And tlxn, as the owner of them says, pcrhapa in thc dlm future eaeh ouc may have its market vnlue. lle confe?sed, however, that as \vr he <1o<*? not OOBBbfat them of enough value to mcrlt frames ln gold. Thls nubjert of old Uma pa-aes rcminds one that what waa once very common may very caslly become rare. TaUe tho 5-eent pleces whlrh suddenly oamc into circuiatlou recently, there being nofhing upon them to affinu whether they were worth 5 cents In exchango or *.">. As a matte'r of fact evcry one hncw tbelr value and no onc questloned it, bnt tho mints reased lo roin ? pleco whleh reflected so mnclt upon lome one. Then some people t<?ok ciire to aara coins of thls stamp. knowlng that they were to go out of circulation. You don't seo them often BOwadaya: BOt tintll aoaaa one dlves Into his poeket and hauls out one to ihow vou tho poeket pleco which he baa earrled sinco he Brat learnrd thnt thls manner cf 3ient plecc was " not iu it,'' os is said by many people. To rome back to pa^ses again, there is a certaln rlass of nieu whleb craves thentrc pas=e-i ln a degrcc bardly surpa-ssed by u tippler for g.??l whl-key. A theatrlcal aiaaagar, Iil it*?w?*raj this aabjaet the other day, offercd onc explanation to eorar the of a certaln pereentage of tbaaa who aeek thcatre passcs. "Itri in a prcat part ty," he said. -Some men WBO aro perfeetly ablo to buy their seats and who are nol at all BttBgy Wlth thclr money ar-> always botherlng us for pa-ses; mcrcly, I bclleve, that thev may bo able to aay: Oa, hero are a ooapte of aeata whleh aay friend I'.rown, t!ir> manager, Insisted upon my taklng. I sunpnte |'|] liavo to drop In nt the performame for a mlnute or two. Won't you OOBM Bfoflgl It wlll pleaae ltrown lo have me there. Why,'' added the tlw itrlcal man, -I bare had men send nmuud to mo for paaaea when 1 had only met them once or when I could not rememher what man thc slgnature rep raaented. What do 1 do with such letters! Well. it dcpenils, but I rati tell you that in the courso of tho week a lot nf them ilnd their way iuto tliat wnstc baaaat there." _ Somo men who will not bclleve any thing may de clare that every one who wrltes for publtcatlon, whether he makes his llvlng in thls way or amuses bbaaoU once ln a Iong whlle by sendlng a centribu tlon, kaowa baater than to wrlte on both sides of a shcet. lf there is ono thing In the world which tries tho patienco of an edltor lt ls this vicc of wrlting on both sldes of the shect. And lf there is one thing wliich makes an editor wlsh that he wore a car driver, a composltor that ho were a bangmaa and a proofreader that he arata aaaan. it la thla very vtca, In -sr'le Of all tbe threate, all the proteata and all thc pleadlnps that have been made agatnat thls habit. the sln ln some people will not be banislicd. So here la one more probxrt added to many thOUgh dotibtloss there wlll bo many thoti sutid nioro to attest that lt makes no dlffcrence what one says, for the "two-slded"' wrttcr canaot be re formed. _ Did yon cver notlce how much man can assist nature in gctting on ita sprlng garbt The grass in the parhs, in eariy sprlng:, is greener and frcsher and more Bbondant tlian in thc flelds ln the eountry. Tho flowera are brlghter and everythinc tliat growa scems to have a good start on its rlvais under the opeu sky of tho meadows._ Fcrrv- compnnies whlrh aro hesitatlng over the ad vlsablllty of bulldlng brldgcs across Westst. ca.n learn iiow much they would bo appreclatcd by the public if they will watab i>eople in Westrst. walking some tlmes bl.vhs to get to the bridgc wliich ctiables them to clear the choked thorotighfare without having a wlld srranible, which pKK'.uces palpiwtion of thc heart eyen v.hen ouc is co fortunate aa to Und upon mnlring an Biventory of his limbs that he is stlll whole. though somewhat dlsllgured. ?-? TMttMQ TO B8T1TB THi: UlLh " nOfllf."' Tho New-York Democracy of the XVIIth Assembly I>i-iiict hel'I B mcctlng at Wcndell's Assembly Hooms, \v,'-r i'orty-foiittii-t., taat evenlng, the ostensible objeet of whleh was to arrange p'?rmanent nuartera for the *odal organ Izatlon wiiieh tltey have instltutcd, aftor tho manner of the other Yoorhlsltes ln most of the etty dlstrict-. But the dlstrict leader, PoUce Justlce Mun-av, seized the M, oaaton to do wome service for leualor flotarnor HiU's booflt, which baa beeoeoe toaMwhat shattcrr'd slnca bla recent partAera, tbe Qquor men have been "glvlng away" What they know of his dl-.honrst politlcal pracUeaa. Baeoluttooa barlng beea adopted, giorify ing tho i.ovcrnoi- und tbe Deaaoeratk AJaamhty for th6 bad leglsaatlon which tbey wcrc preveeted by the Ba publtcana fi-om enacVng, yaaBea Murray proeecd-.d to tlood tbe ball Wlth Bla famlllar brand of oi-atorv. Af? ter eulogiiing Hiu aa ono of th" areateal atateameu of ?wdern times he k>M his bearera that tbe >eaator Oovemor had a gieatar eaaaclty for icadersiuo than aay Iwmucrut the .-tate bad ev?r produc. d. WarolBg apto iiis BBhJaet, Br. Murraj aboutad: "Beltherol tha Vaa l'.urens eooJd be eomparad to btaa, aor eoadd Sltaa Wrlght, nor Willlam L. Marey, nor Denn Ki.lnno'id, nor BorattO Beyatour, nor >amuel J. Tllden. Every day mako It plaincr lluit thc neopM wnnt to vote for hlm again. They feel tliat the Inlb-d States Senata i? aot whare they want bo see hlm. It may baeoaaa s aeeeaalty to ateet him again Oorernor of tha Oaata.* iCheera from Marray'a beelera.) Mr. Marray cioned l,i? haranaue with a fei-reut ?? bope that when the vours were counted ln 1803 tiiev wonld ahow the clectiou of David li. Hill for rreddent," lt wa- inggeatad by a knowlng pcr^on ni-esont tliat nn object which .(ust.'ce Mnrray may have InvHii to aecure aeau for th. ?? Sew-Yori Deaaeeraey la aaa next Demon-atk btate Convct.tton. -? IX XEMOBY OF OMMMMAL MMMMMAM. An elaborate memorial service la honor of rjaoaral nharman will bo heid in tho Aeadaaay af Music to morrow evenlng. under tho iiusplre* of a conimlth?e compoaed of Bear Adaalral Bralaai Oeaeral ciiri-.teii.sfn. Oenaral Melaar, Cafanal Lnngdon, Major Oorwla. J. 6. T. Slranahnn, B, Iilanehaid, Ma]or Collins, James N Hdl and othcrs. Ofli-cra of tho Army. Navy, Na Uonal iriiard und O. A. K. wlll bc upiin the platform. \ provlalonal i?.st of Up O. a. it. wlll be organumd under the comm*nd irf Chnuncey M. Depew, w)k; will praalda, Afl Irritrtted Throat is soothlngly trcatcd by Dr. D. Jayne'> Eviiertornnt, an Oti establlshed curatlve for COflgbl aad Catda, and all Bronchlal and Lung Iroubles._ I'F.NNSYI.VANr.V RAILROAD TO THE WF-T. Flve rreat tralna bajtre stetions, from foot of rort landt and Peabroaaea sts., every day for thc West over the Penneylvanla Railroad, adjuated to suit the eofl* venl"n'ce of thc mornlng. afternoon and evenlng traveller. Th? grcatest of thev? |i the celebrated Pennaylvanla Llmltcd. which starta at H> a. m.. and arrivei in Clnrinnatl 7:10 n. m., and Chleago 0 45 a m the BBXt mornlng. Tuis traln afford* tuc rtpest cxempllficatloa of uiode.rn paK*nger travel. The Combrldae. PWOkBIB. and Th'.rty uur?^?.. ta a palaUal. mode. hoteL Culaiae un?urpaiM?d. Lorena Rtloh. pr?prleVor.-<Bom? Joumai. ?' I uiiii * " it a, dell ate .-ond.tion dcriva mat h"n?nt from Speer a jt i? 11, ir vU\f m.ide tor tt Mliaated, alaa apeWi uubtawaaad L-raixt juko a* a ?-? ii.i >r'? ? rineni rapalia b-oKcii Bitklea; iv.. C"> . m^Vl..,!,:'"^! Bukai ?>,,,-nt iB.-. aad MaWa Beat Litiuid Olaa, io.-. a. Majar, 2-*- WBBam at. M. T. Hrm ilin Biaal bur/alno la Euruiture olleml bj c Mt-ii i". ioi v. i ?' ? i"?M Bwda a gaaaial -tut" ?!i ti,r-i--n Uvir laa.m ?tork. _? ? u'hen t?i'v waa iu, aa aara b-r Oaaaarta, Wheu ?h- ?**? ? ihlld. .h^ vrlM for < a^ur.a. Wh-n ?h? h-'cama Miaa. aaa clunaU) Caat.,r,a Waaa aka W4 wail<lr*u a?- aava (*?? taatotJk, MA RRIED. Ct'DWOKTH-BAPBirr?vt Hartf.rd, Conn., ?n_ fiiaa Cay, May 5, at Ui* K-a.uenc ..f Mr. A. L. H>ic*mbe, itai horn* of the brlde * Mater, t.y ifc-v. William H. wilbert, of Bouth Norwalk, lltram N. ( udworth, of Worceeter, Mut., to Mhji Kau- M. Itabt.ltt. of ilarr- , >U-?. Ull.l>. JlATK,s-"n Mondar, Mav 4, Jxlith H. Kltehoi, wlfe m l?r. William II. Bat.*, and daughter of ittarlea 11. ao* Margarat a. s. jcitchei. Furi.-ral wrvh-ea on Thiiralav. Mav 7, at 1 oYlo--k p. m.. at -t. Mlcliarl'a Church, comer of AmatervUin-ave. aud 88th a<. Int.-rni.-nt at convonlonrc of funlly. ?H<)\VKIt-Tuo?d?T. May 5, Mary B., wlfe of fi. Douglaaa llrower. aged 74. Fmi.-ral at tn* f.-Md'nce of h.-r aon, Fr< d'rlek A. nrow^r. I1S niltoa BT* . Mt. Vcrnoft, N. Y.. on Tlnirvlay, at 8 p. in. Carr.agr* v.-ill movt tr.ln Itating l-d-.t., .\'.-w-H?vea atatl.m, at '2 :e-_* p. n>. DK LIMA-Oa\1d A., on May 5, ln the 55th ye*r of hl* F.'iTral from hU lal I i 88 Ba*t BTahahj oa Th'.rsday, the 7tli liiatunt, at 10 o'o!.* k ln BM nornlng. DiCKiNMN Al Beaaera, B. >.. m. aaay b*b?bbBj May 4. Lydm cnaa, ?if af John W. Besanaaaa, m tiM> tsk* FuaTraTarrtt&'froai bav ha** re htaaee, WaaaaadBy, tha Oth inat., it 13 o'elook B_ c?r,-iage? win aaaet tmii BntvtBg at Paraya al 10.13 *. ai. Fisii-on Bm Sth taat., Cberlotl ' 88 raara. Frlaada and Board "f Menag?-ra, al*. the .n-n-.N-ra of Ui? bevaath .s;r .t M.t .' <i'.sr.i>, ar.- J?P?|_ fully luvitid to tttend h. r fn..r-.i rvlce* fron th* Mcthodtat F.piacoiml lioi... . *.'-'. <? a-d ** Thuradai, at 10 oVlocl . rKfXINUUUYBJCM-oa ineaday, th- iti in-r rredaa. kk J. KTeUi.BlMiyaen. ln th* m ftar or hl* age, at hb lat.. real.lui.fc ln i::. N ? J HEI8BBXBUTTEL v .!d-niy. *fl MoBday moral na*. Maj 4. ai bia late ??? e*JPT2?i John Frodorlc; B*tg*aBBat*al, sr.. ir. tn.- BBBh v-or o BelatlvM a. <i frlepd* bn tavlted a* BtOaa I M * N* P_ aa Chorch, Aaaaty*!. eafor ClBiaaa ?*., B*e*aar?? ]?:,??, i.aiit Bawar* HURD-on TueKday. htayl - ^ Hmt. _| FUMral h. rvl.-.s at ( hrUt I hurch, ,ls'-at. and Boulo\aW. Thnrad.1). May 7, at li a. Bt. lMnillt-M..iiear, Mav l, itf r ? lov . :?, \ '? 'ab?th jil^V C1W* i:.d danJl U Of th. late WIUBBB htUI r, o} Plillid.llrfili. ui ti.C 7Vth ><ar .. aaa-aaaa. Betvlcea Slll b* heW M I r :;'? r^Weoee. 908 ?nraa. avo.. leraar Cltr, pn W*dneaday aftaroooa at i odoca. -ral prlvato. I'liase oinlt Bo Phliad.-ii>hli? i>.ii>fi^ 11I..1- ? _ Kl F.IKUAL'b-On Uie 5th baai., Bttaa Klolnhana, ag.a Kr;wid.?. rai?o the T. url of Min.i8.r- BO* Ut* ii.-n.txT? ot Winet BtreM Methollat fcpl* . . Chwr ... are i_ap??_ fully Invited K> ju.'i.<l hi-r funeral aorvfcea froii. th* MeUiod..: r:.:.-.|il (lo.r.n ll.i-. "J-d-.-i. and 10tt? avo., on Wedneaday eveahag, at , PO. M\ItTiN-oii Maaaar i..oining. May 4, William C. Martin, la th?* ?'.st f ar or g* age. _._,_> Fnnoral aervle* at hia laM reatdeoe*, 15a Wct .iat-^%^, ..ti VV^di.eadav. iit 4 o'.-loek p. Bi It ia kln I ? r . ?! that no llowors bo aent x. Y. Traaahauai The apeiety aaa roeueatcd v> atu-id ih* fnn.mi a?rvice? 5 0.1. aM praaa. Mr Wm. C MarUa, frota Bo. 188 W at tiaaai, WaaaaadW. May 8, at t a^aeh. Rwm Cor S(Vt PRATT-Siiddonlv. on tha 4th hMl, CBBBtai i'ratt, *f Hroiklvn. la BM Cl>l y.-ar of hta *-. _ i--..,-r.i -im.-s a: hia late roddeoce, 888' OllBBaaava nrooklrn. oa I'hirxlav reornlne, BM ,th, at 11 0 cloca. Intorment prlvat.. afu-r 3 B. Ba. ROaBIKa-anddaoIy. of haart fallora, on Sunday, May 8, Mailld* I... wld.iw if tn. lab Daal.-l C. Koobtiie Fuii-nl aervloaa arlll be held at i.-r M; reald n..-. _l alaaro VUm, Biooklyn ttelsMa, aa Waaaaaaajr, May e. at 8 p. in. lt 1* raqaeoted that aa flo?-cr? bo a-nt. SAWYF.n-in iirookivn. M...v i, 1801. laaapBaBB IV Haarrar beloved artfa of Wlfllam C. 8* ReUttvea aad Wcnd* ar* r*apfjtfuUy Invlted to attead th* fu.*ral from h.-r InW reahtaao. Ut* M-? Brooklyn, oa Tharaaay, Mav J, at - :t<? a. m. VN.iKRllll.l.-ln llrouklvn, on IM. baetaaB, Bf typhoid pneutnonla, aleaaadjr f/uderhllL a^.<| Hl yinr . Funeral ?ervlco* on Hflh aay, ..'. taaa., 1 a'ekaak. BBMb lat* reaMaaea, Bedlerd-ave., eeraar Parhava, ln Biat .-!'v. vam cori'-nn Tceaday avenlae, May 5, is-.m. Laaaaa, y.iuii!f.?t cliU'l of WBJtBaBd unl I.ouu?e Van Cott, B4J4 a yeara - aiaatha. Ku.ieial pilvate. , nnmrtinent of fctntc, W;?.hi,.otr.n D. C M.y 4. 1?91 ?lnforinatlo.i h?s nyn 1-.Ived ?t thla I)cpj?-lni^nl nron \ir. fraafe 11. Meeaa, th.- Conatd^Jeaaral of th* t'nlt.a1 .stat-s, at Mala. .i.-rmany. of th.. death, oa the lst, of Ariril, 1881. by drownlag ln tbe nhlna. aaaj rjanlahoim of Mr. wiih.-im Horraaaan, formerly a raeidea! of Btanleton, Btatcn l-Umd. Kew-Tork. Th* l-ral r*pn> a.-ntaf'.s of thc decoaied can nbtnm furth'-r Infonnalton hv anplvlnn 'o Ihl* t?M)urtiii.:nt. 1'i-r dUpatch Ba. lld. liit,..l Aprii 81, 1881. Snccial Xoticcs. A? Fifth Avenne Anctlon Itoom*. Ba -40 Flfth-avo. WM. 11. NoKMAN. Ai.ctioneer. THIS (WEDXK.SDAY) AND THL R.SDAY EVEMN'Og May tith and 7th, -it 3 o'cloek. FAiaTTUroa ix on, BY MH. R. ATKIXSON FOX, Formeily of Toronto, Compnslng 41 o\a"mplef DlOWtfd ln the hlgheat BtylO *t art. to which additkona hav* beea aaal* fron SKVERAL I'KIVATK tVALI.F.KIF.S of cliaraeUTiatlc work* by the followlng artlata: Bemateln, J., t/ not, lloKort, <teo. II., j.twi,, i? I., lirldKcman, F. A., Mlllor, tha*. H., Hunner, A. F.. MocUer. boula, turtla. fieo. V., Klbot, <;., Doltii-t, A., Ho'iz-c, M_ l>e Havpn, Frank, ShiIUi, H.-nry P., Wlgglna, Carlton, and oth.-ra. *j*t-???-?-?. A. "FAMILIAr. IN MILLIONS OF MOUTHS AS A!ff H0t'Si:U0I.D WOKD." Tho TUaea. Londoo Al'OI.I.INARIS ft APOLLINAUIS "THB Qt-'ETEN OF TA1JLE WATERS." "Dcllghtful and rofreahlng."-Brltlsh M.dical Jo'iinaU 60LE EXP0UTER8: THE APOLL.INAHIS COMPANY, LD, londunT ENG. t'a?l onrC'lothiiia. ,?,u,?. Astonlahlng prlces pald lur geaUeman'i hft-ofT clotldng. gond puatal. Cani.ron. 'M2 Hatbuah-a\.:.. Hro.-klyn. fcaiabllabrd 1^7^a. , --,,M MRS. McELRATiib HuME-MaJJU l'iU^}A.\td). BHa.soii^d. CAJfhTED A.ND sji'i^i^i* ratOXTa aad '^ifWBfCB Ct-RHANT IBU.T h fel'ECIALl'Y. i^verything put up 11. gla.-a Bgd k.-pt ui.til flUL 'WM n/icoa, ^?f?rl?ntfte. A-e., a<nlr sa Mra. BABAH to. McEI*. KA'fH. 3i'3 Degraxrat^Hrookiyn, N. Y. Kv.r> hoinc ah.ninl linve n boille of tho feinoua Crown Lav. nc -r Salta. li.i aur.- you BN tha g. ui.lne, aa there aro sa ImltattOBB._ j. Carley Bratbar, " , rutlery of every dosorlptlou. for JJ yeara ln tho Vanderblil Bullding, rotnovod to larger quar^?r?, 0 Warrenat^_ Po?!of3ce Notlce. (Should 1m; nad dally by all latBiaatli, aa changes may occur at any t _ ______ _. Lott.TS for forelgn countrle* neod not !>?? apecia.iy aa drcMsed for d*n>at?.-h by auy partt. ular au- unor, ox..-,.'. 1 U u dealred to aend ? banklpa ai.d ? ? :.....- r< UI docunienu. letter* not ipecuUly addraaaod aahag aaal by th? t_?t^st veaaela a>ailabt*._ Foreiftn mails for th' w.ok eodlng May 0 will <lo-? ( ... a!l r ivm at thl* ofH ?? a- followa; Wl-;ii'Nlt?DAY-At 1130 a. m (auppl..-in.-i.t*-y 1 JO 0. Bt.) for Evrope, i"-r *. *. Twtonje. via y.....,>o. =; ut U'80 d. in- (stipi-i'-iiicjitiry 2 30 p. m.) foi Europe, vcr ?. a. Clty ol ChlcaffO, via Q.i.oiisto?u (l-tt r* nmat b? dlr. of Chaeago"); at 1 p. '.'? I tncatati 1 :80 p, m.), fnr .Ian.?:.-i. per ?. a. Dirian , at 1 t>. m. Caba, per ?. a. Clty of Alaxaadrbv. v.a lla\aii?; at i p. n. fwf Balglum direet, 1^ r a. a. Rhuilaiid, vla Antworn (letter* muat t.-' llreeted "pr Rhynlai.d. ) TlltllsIiAy-At 2 a. 111. for Eawpe, |>er a. a. -Norman nla, vla So.ithampta:. and Hamburg; at 1 ft m. isMppl_ n.-otarT l :S0 u. .n.i for Berrouda pet .*. a. Orlnoaa: at 3 p. ni. for TruxTiio. p.'r a. s. B. Pltrartl, frv:.i Xo?-< >il.-ana; at 3 ii. ni. for niu n. IN ji r * s. ir.r aui. fiom S'ew.Orleaa*| at 8 p. m. for Hoi-aa del Tom. per a, ?. Ili-in. fro.-" Nevr. Urbauia; at 3.30 p Ba. lor N.-ufoundlaiid, per aU-aoiat from HaUfaix. . ... ^_ bATCKDAY-At 1 a. ni. for Bra?.:. and 0M La I'lata coiiiitrh-i vla BrBltl, f-r St. Thomaa ^nd ht ' ?<<? VBt st. Thona* for Martniy..- and uua?>". vin MarWruqu*, for Bar:>*do? and J'rliudad and Damei?r* vta Harhad <-. per a. *. VIrllanela. from Nowi?.rt N'?a (lattera f?r oth-r Windward ls|?nda muat ba Jim-ted "per vit'iiam-la"); al 2:30 a m. for Fraaee, bwlt^rland, Italv, Spalu, l-.-rtugal and Turkey. per - ?> '-* <?a41-0700. vla llavr.-: at 2 .1(1 a m. for Ir.-Und. per a a rjeryla vla Qu.vnatown (letter* lor fjrnai Brltalo and ataer Buropean raaatraa* mn.t i>4 dlrootcd -p. r servla") i at :i a. m. for Xorway dlraet, p.-i , s Nora* (lettar* rau? be dlreel d "ner Norge"); ?t 3:Jfl al m for Ruropo, p< r a. ? I Ima, vla Soutlianijitofi and iiK?m'on (lcttera for Iraland, Kranee, Switrerlaad, fuiy. Soaln, Port.iK'.?l and Tortley, tu.j^t hc diro.t.d --p-r Kn.?")j at 4 lio a. .... f'.r tbe Xctherlaoda uir^.t. per o. *. An.-re dam vla AliiaterJam (letter* niu?t b* dir.s-ted "p.-r A.n. aterdani**): ?t 4.30 a. m. f'.r Bcotland dir-.-t p.-r a. a. D.'vouia, via Outagow [letter* b.- dir--ct.d >r li..vo-ila". ? at 11 :>- "'? (auppl'in nUrj 11:80 a. m.) t?r Fortnaa lslund and Janiaica, alao Jacmel and Aux Cayee, iiavr, not a ? aI-ii. : at 11 a- m. (si.ppl?a.eaUu-? 12 Bal fi?* v'en-i.i.-i* and Uuracao. alao vla Caraea*. ,:.r ? a Caraca* iletura for other C0I1 n Man p,.rts oivat im dl?>c^d'-Ur^Caraea?,?): at 11 a. 111. rarCaaip . he ( hlapn*. v;, U'l.-Hi-.... ?? , , ,.ltK, ... N-,.Vi?|, ? ? r?CVrS H-rr-M:".'-- H llfaJ. v- LrvT.vY -Al 8 a- B>. ' .iabana ,..,ti? or other Me"lc?.. ' b* fireetad "p.| to'rleaiil a;' a p. m. gjrUate Blea rta Claaa. rS 7 uixnnla from N.-n-Or'aaoa. *? M*"a To? Ve Ila-..*.!ari lahtada. per a. a Auatralla (from san Francla.-o . eloaa l-r. rtal.v up to >Uy -13 M kTn m. Malle for Chlna and .la.-an, per .. a. u..[Bio ?fi*m sun franelaea eh - - haia dally ap ta May -li at ?h.r. tialllea 'fn-ro San I 1 -?? bat* dallv up to Mav "2* ?' 0 o() '' '" >l*"?, f"r Newfound and by raVl to llalliax, and theme by ateimer. clo?# at thla off). < at ?30 p m. Ma'N for Miqueh.n. hv ra:i Coatou, aud th-nc by ateainor, cloae at thla oilca d^lif at rtSO p. ni. MalU for ( uba, by rall to Tauipa Fla., and ttaaaca Uj - lalllaa*>* aud ThuMia%-ki. "lo~* a thl* oSlc* dai:y it 2 80 a. 111. Mall? for Mo^lco. c\oriand, unl?-aa -i?-.'.?llv nildi.s^.^1 f(,r dlapau-h bp Uca'no. r'o?o at tl.i- ofllee dally at tl 11. to. ? irvta-i'i.-ific mall* arc forararoed to ?an Franclao* i-allv iid tho -h>s1 ih- of r!.?lii|{ ia ar:a'i'.-..d on the wo. anniptlon of th Ir unlnternipud o??r' I t anall t-i Van B ? 'i-i ? at laaij Vrancli ?' ot asiilnir of ate.^ir* are dlaiatchW then.-e tha Mo** dav. Regtatered ".all eloaa* at 1 p. m i.ii\iouH day. COP.NFl.HS VIN . OTT Poatmaater. roatofrlro. V.?.V.,rlf \ Y. M iv 1 !??>! _ ??iriiqiono Xotuca. KTIYAL I r tho romDiuud \i. Boola aad ll ?y Trln .....*. Maj 7 (Ap...-h?i.i_Dajri, a Uie ChuKh <5f the Holy Trinitr, 4_ra.*t aad AaiBaaa* hv liaaoad. M.imU.1, tiwwaui- -*? CHORAL iisTiv.u, iv tr... ...-.:.ii..s| chcir* of cst. rtJrth.iloii..?*'?. Ali S.uis Md II M lunuy C.-iiiriU.-*, Jhur.uav evoalag, M i, 7 (AacetkW (_, Dajr), B.a?J**r?h, U\ uie Cbur.h & the Holy Trinity, 42d*t. aad ULadAaoc-ava.

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