The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 1
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Ouflook Goo What Is ihe outlook for ihe Itftntt in 194fl? Th«i question has been 6ft ih« ite of many ionguw, fit a f«suli of ihe drop lasi widte In, eosiffiddiiy prfted and £»i,cf* 6tt grain, and all class# If feeii, hogs atid poultry,, Tofsieh* LajjefSlrem, Union iWp. farmer, gave Hoiarians cause, for a little cheer, Monday noon, .here, When he brought back a digest oi opinions of economists and farni experts afier, attending the Farm and Hdme institute , ai Awes, and ihe Farm iiisii. lute in Des Moines. ' "The year 1948 may noi be as good as 1949," he said .speakers had declared,'"but it Will still be goOci. We haVe just experienced a wave, but not a tide, and there Is no reason to believe a major depression is about to hit usT" He added thai passage and adoption of principles of the Marshall Plan are necessary, however, and that ihe plan is, among other things, a device to tide agriculture over a period of adjustment, special refersrte* i^'ihi - ijiff '- ' " spifc Commodity Price Drop • *^ P ' 'i ( 'f.'TV?rf^.w of The id be in eohtatodii broken the post period* fthd ii Wi "SO fa*, «d g hope, however, _ . ' tural prices Would tie- „_,..„ off, which they s^mstTi* b< : ' doing ihe fore part o* ihi*/^ ' * , MtOsi analysis ing the situation wiih There's one thing about weather? that Is bitterly cold, when it moderates you appreciate it more, ., * * * t .Howard Plaii/local irav. eling man, -knows how it feels io be in a hotel fife, He was in > one ai the Pathfinder^ Holer, Fremont, Neb., a fhori iime back , . , it wasn't tenous, and wag quickly pUt out, around 7 a. m. one morning, but Howard says ihore peddlers started to •werk fearly. ihan ever before . irt history. ? .,•*,** Paul Lindholm is still hearing about this . j, ...s.^tti's'-he'wprkcd onfhis wife f6r'|b6{tfc',Six weeks to J take 1 a drivers' Hilt', , . Mrs. L.i began to studyi'Sthen wen t over.'and "took the test in the courthouse' and passed with flying colors . .-, ; THEN they asked to>,lbok at her "old license, and found it was still'in good standing-and she took thd test u'n- necdssarily, i * , *' * Frank Ulish, field man for the safety education division of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, suggests that Iowa drivers ' sing the following tunes when appropriate: At 45 "High ways are happy ways"; at 55. "I'm but a stranger here, Heaven is my home"; at 65. "Nearer My God to Thee": at 75,""When the Roll is Called Up Yonder I'll be' There"; at • .85, "Lord, I'm Coming Home." , - * * * Pur scouts, tell us thai a recently married bride and groom arrived in a 'Minneapolis hotel shortly after the ceremony, and got into one of those elevators you run yourself by pushing buttons . i . in- the car with them were 1 two elderly .ladles . . . they reached their floor and,the bride, got out.,the grqorn standing'baqjt to' let- the two, ladies leave' also . i ; but. befpre'*he''"could < leave the, elevator the; doors closed and the car started'•Upward.Hle'avih'g «.- I--!j-^ -. i_ '•"•-i5K s , ftn< j>« 1 « wmtiV •? fence, however. They say •jihe shakedown in eoihrtiodi< ? files was overdue, but that jihe nation's T economy as a ""ffrhole is loo strong id be : liampededtaiO'a severe re'. Cession at ih'ls lime, . * They admit, ihoUgh, lhai o terhaps ihe farmer has seen . lis best prices. There is a sil- < >er lining, in thai While food jfnay be.cheaper it will also V bring down ihe general Cost • if living, and ultimately effect other, things that ihe farmer buys, except in the still scarce fields of production. With regard to the situation in ihe field of chicken raising, a release from the American Poultry Industries says thai farmers surveyed are planning fo buy Only four Chicks in 1948 for every five they bought last year, as some producers have the impression the government will 'not sUppor ihe price market. The cost of feed prices is also going to have a on ihe number of chicks raised, the Industries siaiemeni says. Anyway, the net result will probably be that by next"* fall there will be at least a 7 percent drop in total chickens, and there will be fewer eggs. while Iowa farmers are re« ported to have taken "paper loss" of about 154 million dollars on the basis of the drop in commodity prices, they have not lost that sum in comiJarlflojii wi peak ftfftei "". "':>':'* the faei till! •&& aneihw *a*w lMdM' r ,. out, thai deposits; in <ftwH'<r - ^ 96 national banj&;^tfid-85(5 stale chaftered bahlc*, shdWs that ihe 1 banks had'l«;n lion dolhm,ihdfe -erf at the close of 194^ ihdn was ihe case ai ihe close of ,1946. And that's"a healthy ebtt^ 'diiion, any wfcy ydu -iwsk- «f it. ' '''.••/>• '& 'is ,y* A,, v-v, ESTABLISHED 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1948 u' 1 ., i* 1 TWO SECTIONS-16 PAGES VOL. B3-NO. 7 Gall For Work Bids On Airport , '< • ' ' ", f I . ' ' I ' , r ' . - . - - ' ' , ^ m - ' ' Meet your NEW NEIGHBORS ~*"' —Long,Studio Photo Mr. and Mrs. Dick Johannsen, pictured'above," are today VNew, Neighbors. ( M .They,'haVe'been Algona residents since mid-January, "coming here v from Des Moines. Mr. Johannsen is assistant manager of-the.Sargent & Co. plant here; He had been with , ., r rescue van.d, preiss&d;*ttfej-'tjut- tons that:brought, thfe*eleyat'or-^. and the , groom—bride Mb ,v'thd. t proper floor. . * .•,!'<• ,' ^ -' each'.atlended'East high, where Ih'o former starred Mrs. Richardson * • \ **r' ' Succumbs Tp! A Long Illness Rites Monday :; For Algona Lady 54 Years Old Funeral services for Mrs. Roi ft. Richardson, 54, who died Saturday were conducted Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the'Al- gona Methodist cnurch by ,-tTl'e Rev. R. F. Xittrell, local Baptist pastor, and burial,was 'made''^!! •Eastlawn _ cemetefyt', -< McGfil- lough's was in charge.", . , •,%& Casket bearers' -were , GordSt Ogg, John Jordan, ..DiclcJ Soreii sen, Ropalcl JenkMfs, Irying^lTrcH; and Roy Smith. , 1 .- 'j -; «j y ^ . Mrs. Richardson' had.'long "suffered with;a fatal'disease.viii.the course of which, she<had^an. eye removed at Rochester,' arfdi'her case drew great sympathy...from many friends. In 'the' meantime .Life-must be worth'living; ih cost has doubled, * and- we" stil hang "on. * * * • * Scouts tell us that Dr. C. C. Shierk's grandfather was a pony express rider', i ' - * * * i * , ii i .Seems two, unmarried sisters had lived ; for many years with only a pet cat apiecq for , company, The c'ats: were imposed with- high living 'standards,- and never ,-' allowed put .at ,' night. Eventually ^ne-of t the sisters "left to-get married. . v * During', the honeymoon <- the ithcr sister got a wire: "Don't arc what you dp with your cat— pt turn mine loose," ' , « • * sometimes wpnder ; if spon- |rs listen, to. their. own.'Tadjp imercials, - , • Miss Dunlop. kindergarten Bleacher in ihe Third Ward [(school, recently had « bad 4cold. In an effort,,to- save ,,her voice, she .was playing (some new phonograph rec- | ords for ihe ipis. , v " . One little fellow spoke''up Bend asked, - "Where did you ~ei them records?" ' Miss 'Dunlop replied, .in a Jwhisper, "I bought them," "Oh", whispered- back ihe fellow, "Well, Kwon 1 * . anybody." -tVi-.,-/. * » « ' „ , ' pWhen we all,ow our»elvps', ip, \ve get pretty, worried; about he. situation in Palestine, It !0ul4 easily result in widespread .frife, iShiee, the ( ,UnitediNatipns .issen\bl.v, last'.Nov, 29,'^apprpyed he partitipn of the cp\in$ry> nat •*—hr; step-has been, tf»k>n tp . , i - the - plan. n. :etf4 .-the partitipn, «met now Itself wn^bji&'tp/iplye'the m. pf,- preventingy »U«put ..... B,pjh the Jewrsil fl,!. wfLIS.?^. iw?i n " rM»i football team for,three years. He also played.for two years , at Drake University, as well as one year on,a navy fisoiba'll -team, at' Camp Farragut, Idaho., He was in the service" from June 1943 io March, 1M4. He left the service because of an injury received in football. Mr. and Mrs. Johannsen were married Jan. 7, 1945., She had formerly worked in a Des Moines insurance office. The couple are now living in a. Cowan Court apartment. • C.OfC.'To Banquet On March 18 March 18 has been .spt as • the daie for the annual banquet for members "of the( Algona Chamber of Commerce, Secretary Leighton Misbach . stated ihis week. ' Bill Zimmerman, Milton* Norton; Alf Kresensky and" ' John Kohlhaas' have been' .named as ihe banquet committee. Joe Bradley and Ray Beamish,are in .charge pf program arrangements. ', A new member drive is be-, 'ing planned, and a committee meeting was held Monday evening io discuss it at greater length. • Fwenty Get New Vehicle Licenses ., , t "Kossuth drivers are cars or trucks, this ' week, «-aqcor4ing to a check pf license recor4sjn the go«r»ty as treasurer's , New .vehicles ^I follow^: ' ;,->, t , • -plymouth-rE, E- ^8ran.4ftw, Al- gpna; Gordon Qorwm! Swea ji . *;" \ y •pna (pjgkHR); Utoseifj — r "- - C, R ; i *Vi **H«»M**v-'«) B.. §geley, Al- 8.chmv4t,, ' . Mike J, Rt ideqkep, Kent Mfltoiv, Algpjjaj La- 200 At Annual Nat'l Farm Loan Meeting, Feb. 12 Nearly 200 members, \vives, and guests attended the dinner and annual meeting of the Algona National Farm Loan association Thursday, Feb. 12 at the Algona Methodist dining'room. Following the dinner served by the Methodist women, 'Hank Hook' entertained the group with remarks and distribution 'Ol prizes. Secretary-treasurer E. H, Hutchins gave the annual report, showing that the association is making steady progress, building up reserves, getting new farm loans" and members ot the association, and paying out dividends to members tp reduce costs on Federal Land Bank loans/ Nile C. Kinnick, of tfcVFe4eral Land Bank of Omaha, spoke of the cooperative nature of the bank and the local National Farm -Loan associations, and pointed out that the government now has np money' invested in the Federal land bank?, '.Kinnick said the Jong range financial program adopted by the bank *an4 the assoejatiqn indicate. 4 probability ( °£ payment pf 4mdends 4uring. the ne«t few. ^ears,^which wpulpi hays'the ef-" " " " pn fe4* 'Mrs.- Richardson was, the former , 'Ollje A. - Olson, - daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nels- Olson,*' who came to this country from ,Sweden. She and Mr. iRicnardson were rqarried at 'Wesley May 3, 1915, arid Mrs. 'Richardson; was an s «l- gona 'resident for 33 years. She was born Sept. 27, 1893. Three children were,- born to Mr. and Mrs. Richardson:' Robert R., who now manages the 1 Richardson furniture- store; Mrs. Mildred D. Black/Jalso Algona; and the Rev. Ray. M. Ricliardson,' LaCrosse, Wis. < , ,, 4 • Tha-cp 'brothers' 'and one 'sister alsp , survive: Albert A. Ojspn, Milwaukee; .Mrs. ,A.' H. Hen- 4ricks, Henry E.'Olsp'n, an4 Robert 'A. Olson, 'all of Sioux City. Was Churcn 'Pianist . Mrs. Richardson was a> member of the Algona Baptist church, and for many years till her health failed served as church pianist and deaconess, , Here for the-iast .rites were Mrs, Hendricks and he'r husband, also the brothers. Henry an4 Robert, with their wives; a nephew, Robcet' Hendricks,,, Sipux City; Dr t ahd Mrs. W.-'F. Christopher and Mr. and Mrs, Geo, E, Johnson, all of LaPorte City, Iowa; Mrs. Hilma Erickspn, Swea City; Mrs. Mabel Blanchard, 'Plymouth, towa; E. C, Her tig, Mason an4 D, M,'Simpson, Wis. City; Bpy Scouts Run Algona For A Day her husband ^was.'als'o",' inn'-pooc tyay^i . .,,-., council appeared. . . \- -'-•-- v ; J Left, to right.^ '* Jack Lichter, en* Algona Boy Scouts* took £ the 'manipulation -of /city •^rnment 3 in conjunction^ w;th' f , . • 1J | nan ^fi re «a«t*bri , ^.™_.. .moeller,, sup£fe*lightw&nd plant; Jerry^^Anqerson.. council; ,, _ , . Jerry' Black; 'council; Nick- Red-* mayor; Philip Kohlhaas, council; ing, council. Standing in back of, Tom Montgomery, council r-;Joh,n ,tjie'boys,are, the'regular city bf;_-, Darrell,- -Bar- facial" family;' '""Ma'ybr' Kohlhaas rStein- i^ in ,ljpnt. ing. /are v $& Bidder Must Start W By June 1st , To Open Bids At City Hall March 4 ,r*. "• * f t,*^ /•< j .* ' A call- for. sealed'-faicl's'Sot'! work on the Algona Municipal-Airport was issued this*w£dk by therAir-' port Commission of the "City'of Algona. ' r -•> -; The official notice appears' in today's paper. ' ' *' ' ' * .. The sealed bids will be-opened March 4 at-the, city hall; "•'; Move Old Concrete .-' In the call-<br" bids.'-c'b'ntractors are instructed ,to',")Did 'on 'furnishing all equipment/ labor and- ma-" tenals, as set forth in thespeifiba- marking,' fencing. and • turfing.', The work 'iilcludes Temov-' Wpman Gets 10 Year Term On Charge Of Forgery Here f',JFire . -, • o; Chief 'of" Police, McGirinis; ,Sui3t. Pollard and Councilman Taylor. • (A'lgona Newspaper Flashfoto).' Mrs. Irene Gunder, who with icr husband lives just. west of rvinjjtpn, was sentenced to 10 rears in' the women's reforma- ory at -Rockwell City, by Judge W, noon. . Stillman, Saturday after' ' r She was charged with forgery and uttering a,forged instrument and entered a 'plea of guilty. She wiH be serving her second sentence at Rockwell City, having been given a five-year sentence for-lewdness in 1937, of Insubordination Charge Causes School Furore £§ct,Pf , }an4 bank iasns, i 1 Johnspri,' assistant d 4an4 bank/ .cpmmjssjQoef. Washmgtpn, D,' C,, w§s.- jt the . meeting -an4 towhe4 brief jy,on — J " i: — * "--*•— ' Tickets Selling Good To Minstrel A big'rusn was repprtecj, Mon day, from the James Prug, where ticket?:" fpr the ; Junior .'Chamber of Commerce rnin^trel'-shpw, to be presented here * Fri4a,y and Saturday evenings Un the.Algpna h»gh »au4itor}um, are being- ex- shanged fpr-reserve4 seat 4ucats, , Tickets f 9F FrWay night's per* fprmance, will -be ' ejjchange4 today and, We4nes$ay, an4 those ' a4ults an.4'§0- c the A' , _, , one dollar fpr ts forphjldren ouphe^p , 44eJ this 5Q. ! BlJ? - two wil »fl " is -> -n-^f^si- fpv- - Jialfai^asw/.p: fgyeM'yegr|f - • "\S.i -" inte4 4 hwe', 'in Algona high school students nd faculty members as well, /ere seething with opinions and ontroversy, this week, as the result of suspension of a member of-the local basketball squad for a game last Friday night. The incident is reported to have started Friday morning, when a'student and athlete was requested to cross the street to ihe Consumers grpcery for some ice cream, by a 'teacher whose diet re« quires iha| he have ice' cream for 'reasons of health, WJitte the youth was in the store, a second teacher who was also |n $he store, asked him what he «fa§-4plng there 4uring class- time,, ^he- yputh toUj him he had'heen agke4 tP get the ice crease,! T|}e ,teschw ^sked him where-histieiassropm excuse, slip nonei the .bpy re' returning'-ta'the sto-re, he isarep6rte4 to have- handed, the '^f P9Q4 > teasher the exc 1 aid something tp the he hoped the'teacher 1 ' ' - The iub-, the Monday Warmest Since Nov. 5th Monday was the warmest day in Kossuth bounty since last Nov. 5. Harry Nolle, weatherman, reported that the mercury climbed to 50 degrees, breaking a three- month spell pf cold weather*that se!4om has abated. Week's weather: Date Snow High Low Feb, 10 .,.25 9 Feb. 11 (1.2) ,^_._,_^,,,22 4 Feb, 12 ..: ~2 22 -12 Feb, 13 (1) , Tr ..,\, 27 • 9 Feb, 14 __., ,,..,._.21 6 Feb, 15 _ „._:_..50 32 While the warm weather isn't expected to remain that way, forecasts weref for more moderate, temperatures than, the coun'- ty"has been -•--•-• — Three New Sale Pates Are Listed Feb. getl^-Peter RsJsrud, pub: sale at farm -Jopated at east .Jge pf Jrvinstpn,,£plwel} Bros,, Auqtwneersj §e9^«tyt, State Bank, s/lerk, , •! ' ^ * ' which sho served three years before being released. ' Check Was Changed , Mrs. Gunder was arrested as the result of a check which had been changed from $12 to $72, and was cashed in a local grocery, according -to County Attorney «. W. Miller. , ' ' , The check ha^d originally 'been issued as payment in the sum of $12 fpr housework done on a farm. JThcrc were two other check matters, one in which a $5 check emerged as a $50 check, and a second one in which an original $5,50 check became $50,50 but prosecution was based only ' on the first check mentioned. Tp Rockwell City ' A preliminary hearing^ was held jh the court of Justice J. B. Johnston, Saturday, and the hearing was waived by the defendant and she was then bound over to district court, fence a „-,--, -^,—j. „ liming'of fhel ground; sowing of seed, and'Similar activity. 'Plans for thkairpdrt may'be, ' '?I| obtained by bidder's frohi the'of- " '>% fice of the Airport •• Commission > <••'£* secretary, G. D.' Shumway.' t City An,d, Federal Funids ,' Money for fihancfng s ,thp cisnV' struction of .Algpna's "newj'air- port comes from,the" bond issue The • gona on 1 termed on'e~'c tial small ^c. „„,._.. , , in ihe middle \west. ;' J , •;,•< Work will cornrnencc;* l by. the successful bi4der,7not,"'later -than • June 1, 1948,'. and'must b'e'com- * pic ted, within 90.Jworlting 4ays from the date of ^commencement. , The Algona AirpQft',,'Qpmmis-', sion, of which 1 " 'Wni.?*'er">DaT.f 1 ''is Appeal $1,500. bond was fixed at ffb, sale, 7 W-|nd sow Spotted Poland ticmeerg .. Sons hog sale, * aye- bank, Sheriff A. J. Cogley took Mrs. Gunder to Rockwell City Saturday evening, Divorce Granted In another district court case Mrs. Beverly Blome of L,edyard was granted a divorce from her wsband, Arlowe, Cruel 'and in* auman treatment was charged, Custody of 'a minor son was given to the mother, who is a Jphn .Furst daughter, A stipulation of property settlement was ajso filed. The parties' « were married Sept. 19, 19^5. * , In justice court cases, RoJ?t'' L ••Wolfe, Bafiqroft, was fine4"$15, and co§ts 'j?y -Justice Johnsop ' a charge of carrying a" l and assembled gun in his , cay, and Wate,rW.Q, with failure to haye his car .under 'ppntrol,, was fiiie.4 $5 chairman, reserves' ^ tKcr, *vigK?'H reject any or all b&f^^ ,?A'V However, theicall.fpr bids,,dp- finitcly starts the actual airpprt* work on its v" * During the less time was ...., ing put suitable'-alrpbr. „ which wpu!4' meet < with,* C Acrpnauticg ^uthc " and thus pave'lthe W8y ; Jpn8« eral aid gr,ant. ' »'"-"This was al» pv«>v i; «'s > *v't*J r A'«'»TV, cpmpUshed, an4' thfe next' 1 step t Js^i calling fpr pi4? an4;actuaUwjsr^- : ' pf getting the new sjteMntp sh^P There 'are ,11,-planes,j^t'rth }ime, owned mjthis f area, j an'4r§ei eral of the~ u ~'—' *~ •"•"—"•*•" mers. ,The at •• 3quee«! Algona on fi. «. '^ *&<\^wm£i*''&is State Convention . . „« 'J.w/,r*!'SS5Se»i- 1 i8t * a: at Schppl Board Vote f>|4/ .v-,^ •spm

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