Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 16, 1914 · Page 11
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1914
Page 11
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THE PITTSBURGH POST FEBRUARY 10, 1914. How MuflcSi I You to Drove to vourself that a window olacard is not the best wav to advertise for a tenant? Soend the amount of vour dailv i . . - i. - t - j - j in viawmcu ruvci iiMiiy 111 1 11c 1 ui diiu uius. uv uuuuiiuii yuui uaiiv iu:j iui a icw ucivs. uiuu 11 --viiuycuici s 3C MONDAY MORNING, lit sit i Want Ads GET BEST RESULTS Bell 530 Grant. Independent Mala 11U. 1c tot solid In this also type, I CENTS A WORD FOR CAPITALS. When advertisement are hromsht to The Post business office they will be accepted at TUB RATE O? lc taSR WORD. CASIi WITH ORDER. Minimum 1 cents. T cent per measured agate Una each Insertion whan display typo la used. SEVEN INSERTIONS FOB THE COST OP SIX. THE POST Will not be responsible for mora than tha first Incorrect Insertion of any classified, advertisement ordered for mora tnaa on tlma ' MAIN OFFICE, Wood and IJberty. Post advertisements will be received at regular rate at the office of THE NEW YORK HERALD Herald Square, Advertisements for the New York Berate received at the office of The Post at regular rates. LOST AND FOUND. ADVERTISE FOUND ARTICLES. A peon who finds lost property under circumstances which give him knowledge r means of ascertaining the true owner, nd who appropriates such property to his own use oi the use of another person not entitled thereto without first having made reasonable efforts to Ami the owner and restore the property to hlin. Is guilty of larceny. Pennsylvania State Penal Law. IF TOU HAVE LOST A DIAMOND. WATCH or va.luj.ble iewelrv. nerhaia a sift from friend or oved one. and wish to replace it Mt once, you ia do so an ) experience no iu-jconven.enre by oper.ing ay confidential charge Isocount with us. Loftie Bros. & Go., 2S Federal at. (formerly kitown as Sixth St. I aOST CHAMOIS JEWEL eao CONTAIN- inar 5 soiitnire diamond rtnirs. Tiffany set ting: one princess rins; of rubies surroundet by diamonds anri ono opal and diamond ring. Very libera reward U returned to airs, i. Knworthy. bvx UDonty ave., pnone jno, Hiland. LOST DIAMOND 9TICK PIN, SOME- where between Ohio at., Northslde. ana Penn ave. and Third St.. on Wednesday. Return to Mr. Johnson. 631 Fulton Bldg. LQST FIRESTONE TIRE LICENSE PLATE. 14310; reward Phone 358 Perry. D. P. Macquarrie. Perrysvllle. LOST SIGNET RING, INITIALS L. W on corner of Forbes st. and Grant boulevard. Reward. Phone 812 F1k. EDUCATIONAL. THE MARTIN SCHOOL. Liberty ave. and Fifth st. THOROUGH. PRACTICAL. RELIABLE, a shorthand and commercial school that meets the demands of the time. DAT AND EVENING SESSIONS. ELLSWORTH BUSINESS COLLEGE, 611 Pran bva t Vi a h..i business college: situations guaranteed. SPECIAL NOTICE. OWN AND WEAR A DIAMOND RING. Stud or watch. Credit. Loftla Bros. A Co.. 130 Federal st. (formerly Known as 6th st- WANTED AGENTS. AGENTS WANTED. Acents make 500 ner cent nrant se'.llnsr "Nor- lty Sign Cards." Merchants buy 10 to 100 on sight. J0 varieties, CaUlogue free. SULLIVAN CO,, 1234 Van Buren st.. Chicago, 111. WIDE AWAKI3 AGENTS FOR EXCELLENT article which can be sold in every household. Big profits. Particulars free. Address Hart-man Supply Co., Coatsvllle, Pa. 600 EASTER AND 500 ST. PATRICK PpST-carda 31; samples 10c. Taylor Bros.. 2129 Clifton. Chicago. WANTED SALESMEN. SALESMEN FOR SUCCESSFUL. THOR-oughly tried-out orchard proposition: several men making good incomes; commission basis; positively no advances. Lambs & Co.. 240 Oliver bldg.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 2a per week salary and expenses or big eommlssions; experience not necessary; excellent opportunity. Beacon Cigar Co-Wichita. Kan. CIGAR SALESMEN WANTED $25 PER week salary and IS per day for expenses. Experence not necessary. Write quick. Con" tlnental Cigar Co.. Wichita Kan. HELP WANTED MALE. BE TOL'R OWN BOSS t MADE $200 weekly the first year with a umall mall order business, began with $5; any IntellU gent person may do the work; end for free booklet; tellr how. Heacock. Lookpwrt, N. T. BLACKSMITH MUST BE ABLE TO WELD stems and make bits. Bovaird A Seyfang Mfg. Co.. 546 Second ave. MC.V WITH PATENTABLE IDEAS WRITS Randolph A Co. Patent Solicitors, Washing-ton. D. C to solicitors Wanted immediately Anyone can easily earn from S3 to $10 per day selling newest publication out, "What I Think of Billy Sunday." Sella at sight. Apply S9 Vandergrift bids:.. Pittsburgh, Pa., or mall 33 cents for sample copy. USE YOUR SPARE TIME TO BUIIJ5 UP A mall order business of your own. We heln you start for a share In profits; 37 opportunities; particulars free. Mutual Opportunities Exchange. BuffaJa, N. Y. WANTED RAILWAY MAIL CLERKS AGE in to SS: Cf!timwi ITS montljr; steev wort Pittsburgh examinations soon. Sample questions free. Krank.in Institute. Dept 3S7 K, Rochester. N Y. WANTED EXPERIENCED MEAT CUT-ter; must be narried. sober; a good position to a man with faml'y who wishes to educate his chl dren In the best normal school in the state; must be reliab'e. potiie, and a trade getter: position oten March 1. Answer at once: give full partlcu'ars of present position and reference. Address E 31184, Off lea of The Post. WANTED FOR C 3 A RMT ABLE-BODIEO unmarried m-n between ayes of IS and :; eltlx'rs of United S-ates or who have male lek.nl declaration o. Intention to become citl- i aens: or good character and temperate habits, who can steak. read and write the English vnsuas-e. r or inrormauon app!? at K -emit In 'stior. J S.xth ave.. Pittsburgh. Pa ANTED Al STOCK SALESMEN FOR me corporation. Address Box 701. Orflce of ie Post. HELP WANTED FEMALE EXPERIENCED WHITE GIRL FOlTcOOK-lns and downstairs work; family of S. Apply 6046 Jackson St. E. E. EXPERIENCED WHITE GIRL. FOR GEN-oral housework. 200 South Rebecca at., East End. PITTSBURGH GOVERNMENT EXAMINA-tions April 11. Women eligible. Sample questions free. Franklin Institute. Dep't 116-K, Rochester. N. V. RELIABLE WHITE GIRL FOR GENERAL. housework; must be rood cook; no washing or ironing; two in family; apartment; excellent servant's room and private bath: best references required; good wages. Box E 75, Office of The Post. WANTED GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE-work. Phone Hiland 4857-J. WANTED SITUATIONS. BOOKKEEPER TWELVE TEARS' EXFERI- Ience; capable of taking full charge; operate eypewrlter, excellent references: don't drink or I smoke. Write H 37193. Office of The Post. WHY NOT HAVE IT DONE RIGHT? YOUR office management, by experienced accountant and correspondent; references available March 1. Address S 7, Office of The Post. FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS. 1 Special Bargains in mahogany and oak "USED" OFFICE FURNITURE. Typewriter desks, tables, chairs, roll-top desks, etc. tjook these over before purchasing your office equipment. Pittsburgh Office Equipment Co., 304-6 WOOD 8T-. PITTSBURGH. LOFTIS BROS, at CO.. DIAMONDS, WATCHES ON CHEDIT. We are known as T:e Low Price Credit House." That's because we sell diamonds, watches and Jewelry lower than cash houses, besides aliowiLg you easy credit terms. Phone Court 100 or Main 1100 and our salesman will call. Open every evening. LOFT1S Hn-;.-CO., 220 Federal st. (formerly known as th at.) SODA FOUNTAIN'S NEW AND SAMPLE fountains, all sizes and at a bid reduction In price; easy terms if desired. BERNARD GLOKKLER CO, 1129 Penn ave. FOR SALE 1.01X CHICK BRI NO PARLOR grand piano; perfect condition: $350. No. S Lambert Apartments, Mt. Oliver, Pa., phone 9&5-R Hill. BEAUTIFUL NEW MISSION MANTEL; cost 3128; will sell less than one-third; party leaving city. 620 College ave.. East End. AUTOMOBILES. AUTO SHOW Automobile Dealers' Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. PERMANENT USED CAR SHOW NOW GOING ON DAY AND EVENING. SHOWING ATLAS. CADILLACS. CRAWFORDS. CHALMERS. EL-MORES. FORDS. FLANDERS, FRANKLINS, GARFORD6, HOTCHKIa6. INTERNATIONAL. HARVESTER. LION. LOCOMOBILES, MITCHELLS, MASON, M' FARLAND, N1BERG, NANCE. OLDSMOBILES, OAK-LANDS. OVERLANDS, PIERCES, PACK-AKDS, PEERLEcSEti, PREMIERS. POPE HARTFORDS, PARRY, POPE TRIBUNE. REOS, 'RAMBLERS, STUDBdAKEiitS. STEARNS, KNIGHTS. STEARNS PUPPET VALVE. STEVENS DURYEA3. STODDARD DAYTONS. THOMAS, WHITES, WINTONS. ELECTRICS, BAKERS. COLUMfBIAS. WA-VBRLYS. ROADSTERS, FOUR AND FIVE PASSENCER TOURING CARS, LADAU-LETl'bS, COUPKS, DEMI LUIOLal.NWs, FULL LIMOUSINEd. DELIVERY WAGONS, TRUCKS. AMBULANCES AND POLICE PATROLS. CARS FOR EVERY PURPOSE. EVERY PRICE AND EVERY MAKE. MANY OF THEM 19.Z-1913 CARS. FULLY EQUIPPED. SELF-STARTERS. LIGHTING PLANTS CONDITION LIKE NEW. YOU MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE THEM. BASEMENT OF MOTOR SQUARE GARDEN. ENTRANCE CORNER CENTER AND BEATTY STS. Automobile Dealers' Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. Get Your Bargains Here. PRICES FROM $100 UP. Good Music. FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES. n-rtr To TvutP TTVU1 TT RTTY WTGH CLASS LIMOUSINES AT LESS THAN HALF THE j Automobile Dealers' Association of Peh.. Inc. BASEMENT OF MOTOR SQUARE GAR- AND BEATTY STS. OPEN EVENINGS. GARAGES FOR SALE OR FOR RENT wherever you want them. Telephone 4796 rnnrt DIAMOND HDW. MFG. Co, 219 Diamond St. j POBTV-HORSBPOWBR FIVE-PASSENGER 1 car. Diamond Garage. Northelde. Phone 9439 Cedar. WANTED AUTO TOP FOR 1908 FRANKLIN; must be in good condition. Phone 421 Bowlck- MACHINERY. MOTORS. GAS ENGINES, GENERATORS, steam engines, hoisting engines, concrete mixers, etc.. new and used. Complete equipment for mills, mines and contractors. WE BUY, SELL AND EXCHANGE, THE U A. GREEN EQUIPMENT CO, 3145 Penn ave. Phone $73 Fisk. MACHINE TOOLS, NEW AND SECOND-hand: bought, sold and exchanged. SEE TS BEFORE YOU BUY. THE U A. GREEN EQUIPMENT CO., 3145 Penn ave. Phone 573 Flsk. MACHINE TOOLS. BOILERS, MISCEL-laneous machinery; largest stock In the city. Russell Msch'ne Company. 2Sth st. Trnrttir Mf Pn los water ST. i ramer aiifi. o. Pittsburgh, pa, ENGINES MACHINERY AND SUPPLIED WHEN ANSWERING ADS PLEASE MEN-Tifv THE POST TYPEWRITERS. tYpevrTters" Rebuilt Underwoods at reasonable pHres, Other makes at ow ratea. Repair all makea Why not get an estimate on putting your machine in good order T Estimates made promptly without charge. Rentals $l.0 up. PITTSBURGH TYPEWRITER INSPECTION CO,, til Cherry Way. Facing Post office. Belt Phone ?3 Court. HOUSEHOLD GOODS. ON CREDIT T 4.BLE SILVERWARE DIA- monds. watches: bargalna Loftis Broa vo.. zz rm,wi st formerl Wvh st.) MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. BHAlHrUL "ANOS tUa AND ONE ONLY 350. Turner. fonl Woor tOI N Hleti'snd . WANTEDMISCELLANEOUS. AN IDEAL GIFT A BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND or handsome so, id gold watch; special orices and easy credit terms. Loftis Bros. & Co MS Fdera! st fformgrlv fcnown as 6th st ) " OLD GOLD AND SILVER. DIAMONDS FDRLtTgOLD ANd' SILVER. We ill accept your old Jewelry at 5 per cent above the market price and apply entire amount on the purchase of a diamond. Pay balance monthly. Loftis Broa & Co-, 220 Fed-oral st. 'formerly known as 81xtn st. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. excilvngeTlnb"- I cash for improved. Box 1395, Pittsburgh. j FABMS AND ACREAGE, OHIO. FAIRVIEW CHICKEN FARM NOW OFFERED FOR SALE rfffh n jr. &ai only $1,000 cash down buys this elegantly lo- CC J: Jf ( nfl-n cated Chicken Farm; read carefully. Large, almost ejn) nj) J i j VI ) new, modern 9-room house, pantjy and ceilar; masr- niflcently located upon a knoll, from which It has a commanding: view of the surrounding country for miles around. Fine Basement Bank Barn; almost new. Ftne well of pure spring water, choice fruit trees, about 17 acres of deep, rich, sandy loam soil; absolutely no richer soil on this earth than on this very farm. Owner this last sum mer raised over 200 bushels of potatoes to the acre off this place, and at this time has got 2,600 bushels of potatoes In his cellar, which you can see if you come to see this farm. For raising garden produce, this farm cannot be beat, and it is especially adapted for engaging in th poultry business, on account of the soil and the farm having a southern exposure. Chickens seem to thrive wonderfully upon this place. Only half a mile from shipping point, and near churches, stores, schools, college and Catholic church, and within 45 minutes' ride from the public square of Cleveland. The house and barn alone on this farm cost to build over $3,800, but owner is desirous of selling this farm quickly, and for a quick sale will sacrifice same for the very low sum of only $3,200. Tou can pay $1,000 cash down and the balance at $200 per year. This is a fine investment for someone, as it offers an unusually fine opportunity for someone to engage in the chicken business, for if ever a farm was adapted for raising chickens, this is the one. If this farm is planted in potatoes this year it will more than pay for itself, as potatoes are now selling for one dollar per bushel. Someone is surely going to get a bargain in this farm. For further particulars, address The Colonial Realty & Trmst Co. 315 AMERICAN TRUST BLDG., CLEVELAND, OHIO. FARMS AND ACREAGE. ' MISCBtXAN ROUS. . SPLENDID FARM OF 157 ACRES, Located tn Mahoning county, O.; good buildings; never-failing springs; adapted to general ( farming or stock raising; 600 sugar trees; low price; for particulars call on or address at once, Frank C. Howard, North Jackson. O. FOR SALE: ACREAGB AT LARGE CON-way yards. Penna. Co., Just ripe for subdivision- 40 acres at $500 per acre. Inquire St. Clair Ho'el. Freedom Pa. 60 ACRES. 35 IN CULTIVATION; GOOD bouse, barn, 800 fruit trees, 1 acre berries: 3 miles from town; $1,500. R. C. Garrison, Doniphan, Mo. FORTY-FIVE ACRES, CREEK BOTTOM, 3S cultivation; 2 sets houses, good barn, good well; also running water; $2,000; one-half cash, in cultivation; 2 sets houses, good barn, good 600 COUNTRYi,HOMES DESCRIBED IN 1L-lustrated catalogue, postpaid. (Send postal). Chapln Farm Agency, Boston. FI.OB1DA. ONE 5-AORE FLORIDA FARM, $250; AN-other $500; unimproved 5 acres, $75: . other 10 and 40-acre plaoes cheap. George Colburn, Box n. Lake City. Fa. FLORIDA GREATEST COLONY FELLS-mer farms: famous Indian River country; talk to our settlers: excursion Feb. 3. Wm Uphoff, 409 Times Bldg. St. Louis. Mo. OHIO. SEND TO ME FOR ILLUSTRATED LIST OF choice dairy farms for sale. E. N. Tilton. Ashtabula, Ohio. VIRGINIA. CHEAPEST VIRGINIA FARMS LIST FREE. A. C. BUCHANAN. CHESTER. Va. " TO LET. FARM FOR RENT R. L. KIRKPATRICK, Jeweler. Butler, Pa ' WHEN ANSWERING ADS PLEASE MEN-TION THE POST. . BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. CAIN 18 ABLE To sail your hotel business. List with htm sr.d watch results. $1$-311 Berger Bldg. Bell phone 4053 Court. Grocery and Nine-Room House Grocery store, Including house of 9 rooms, bath, pantry; $8,000, Including $2,000 stock to quick buyer, as I em leaving city. Located South Hills district. Phone 9565-J Hill. Worth $9.000. PITT ReaJty Co. 61fc LnlcT Bank Bldg, l 1 I 1 sells stores, hotels and factories. Legitimate business propositions only. GOOD WATER WELL DRILLER. WITH some money to Invest in good paying business. -Call or write 433 Jane St., Carnegie. Boll phone 1S9-R Carnegie. LOFT1S BROS, sc CO.. TUK POPULAR jewelry credit house rook bottom prices and easy terms or. diamonds, watches, etc. 220 Federal st. (former1? iniwn as 6th st.i STONE QUARRY NEAR CITY AND RA1L-road; sell at a bargain. H. B. S til son. Ems-worth, Pa, Nevil e 1752-J. CAIN Is able To place you tn the hotel business and place you right. 310-J11 Bep-er Bldg. Hfi'i phone 4053 Court. HORSES AND VEHICLES. "WAGONS WAGONS. For Sale 35 nice, new, light, top delivery wagons. Awly at John Sauter, 414 Duquesne way. Pair Chunky Mares. Well mated, young and good workers; would suit most any kind of use; will sell at a bargain. Call at residence, 947 Western ave., Northside. ' . ONE GOOD ROAD MARE. OLLIE HOWARD. bay mare. 8 years old; wi 1 road 10 miles an hour; standard bred and registered paper to show breeding. Stable rear 635 Ridge ave. $250 CASH PAIR OF CHUNKY BUILT. young work mares, weigh 2.600 lbs.; a big bargain; grocery store. 820 Western ave. FOR SALE BIG BAY MARE SOUND BUT a little thin In flesh; good worker any place; first $75 cash takes her. Apply 82C Western ave. . $65,00 BAY MARE. Also srrocery wagon and harness: can be seen at 107 West Park way. Allegheny. BIG PAIR BAY MARES. Weighing 1,700: right out of the hardest kind of work: will sell very reasonable. Ill Weat Park way. Allegheny. PERSONALS. BARGAIN SALE OF DIAMOND RINGS. LA Vallieres, locke-s, brooches. - bracelets and a complete line of watches, chains and other jewelry at prices that wilt astonish you: easy credit terms. LOFTIS BROS. A CO.. 220 Federal st. formerly known as 6th st.) -WHAT TO DO TILL THE DEVIL COMES." Thrilling book of facts for Pitt-burgh people; suitable for lady canvassers: sample 25c. Ernest B. Lydiek. East Liberty, Pa. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RADIUM as an investment, address L. A. Walker. Montrre. Cnlo. DIAMONDS WATCHES. YOU'LL SAY YOU NEVER SAW SUCH BARGAINS AS WE ARE OFFERING IN GENUINE DIAMONDS AND "INE WATCHES ON CREDIT. Beautiful, foli-cut, wide-spread diamonds, fun of fiery brilliancy. Your choice of solid gold or pia.inum mountings rings. La Vallieres, scarf pins, ear screws, lockets, bracelets, etc. Our watches, too, are real bargains greater values than ever before. YOU can open a charge account with us for anything desired. LOFTIS BROS. A CO.. 220 Federal st. formerly known as 6th st.) FARMS AND ACREASE. OHIO. FOR RENT APARTMENTS. IROQUOIS APARTMENTS. HIGH-CLASS MODERN FIREPROOF ELEVATOR APARTMENTS IN THE 6CH EN-LEY DISTRICT, 12 MINUTES FROM DOWNTOWN; FAMILY SUITES 355 TO 3l; BACHELOR SUITES, ZS TO $60. OAKiAND SAVINGS A TRUST CO., OAKLAND. Renting Agents. FURNISHED. TO LET FOR ONE OR TWO MONTHS. FUR-nlshed apartment on Craig street. 5 roomii references required. Call Schenley, 1635-J. T FOR RENT ROOMS. FURNISHED. BELLEFIELD AVE-, 130 NICELY FUR-nished room; board optional. Hiland 3U7-J. CEDAR AVE., 50? FURNISHED ROOMS, facing park; centrally located. 441-W Cedar. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, NEAR NEG-ley and Penn. Phone 3641-W Hiland. NORTH AVE., WEST. 308 FURNISHED rooms with board; very comfortable and convenient for two gentlemen or married couple. ...... ROOM AND BOARD FOR PARTY OF GEN-tlemen; library and den; 10 minutes' walk to city. Phone Cedar 8768-J. UNFURNISHED. TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS. bath and gas. 1434 Sandusky St., Northelde, Pittsburgh. WANTED. WANTED NICE FURNISHED HALL FOR meetings on Northside. Phone 1065 Ced ar. WANTED FURNISHED HOUSE. FIRST-CLASS HOUSE. WELL FURNISHED. desired for one year or longer by eight college graduates aged 2s to 35. Location accessible to business district and East Pittsburgh. Possession May 1st. Give details and telephone number. Address A 96, Office of The FOR RENT HOUSES. EAST END. NEW RENT LIST. Complete list of East End houses and apartments just out. Send us your address so we can put your name on the mailing list. S. A. DICKIE & CO., 606-7-8-9 HIGHLAND BLDG. OAKLAND. Modern brick house, sevt-n rooms, hardwood floor. Fabruary rent free. Call Hiland iiilM-R. list revised dally. S. H LT OYT. 6024 Penn Avno. FOR SALE HOUSES. CITV AND SUBURBAN. I HAVE A FINE RESIDENCE, COST $47,-000; best part of Cathedral district; I will sacrifice for $30,000 and take smaller proi -erty in part payment. Inquire for Phillips. 976 Liberty ave., or call 177 Main on P. ft A. phone. EAST ED. FOR SALE OR FOR RENT NEGLEY District; fine modern brick; large lot. quick sale; bargain. Fidelia Realty Co., 3707 Forbes st. FOR RENT BUSINESS PROPERTY For Reel Eight-Story Butildiog, at 917 Liberty Ave,, opposite Seven-h avenue; 21 ft. frontage x 110 ft. deep to 30-ft. a!!ey in rear; sjood freight elevator and fully equipped with fire sprinkler system; excellent location lor retail or wholesale business. See your broker or Inquire of R. M. IRVIN, - 612 Wood Street. FOR RENT OFFICES. OFFICES KEENAN BUILDING. REDUCED I rent until May. Inquire 8C8 2nd National Bank Building Tel. 4"3') Grant. DIVIDEND NOTICE. HARBISON-WALKER REFR. CO. Pittsburgh. Pa.. Feb. 14, 1914. DIVIDEND Directors have declared dlviden.i of ONE-HALF OF ONE PER CENT (H of 1) on COMMON STOCK, payable March 1 to stockholders of record February 20. Checks will be inallAd. HAMILTON STEWART. Secretary. ' Reliable Business Bonuses Very often the desire or the need to buy some particular article at the lowest price will lead a possible purchaser to study closely the smaller advertisements especially arranged for the convenience of the reader and if you plan to do any purchasing the following list of reputable merchants offers many exceptional opportunities. t ACCOUNTANTS CERTIFIED. FRANK WILBER MAIN A CO.. Phone 2368 Grant. Farmers Bank Bldg. J Geo. W Wood Co. Est. 182). 341 Fourth a v. ADDRESSING. TANKI SERVICE BUREAU. 333 Fifth ave. AWNINGS. ALVA B. CHAPMAN. 214 MARKET ST. AGRICLLTIKAL IMI Lt.MtMS. THE I. W. SCOTT CO.. 614 Liberty ava AUTOMOBILE SIPPIJES. , JOSEPH WOODWELL CO, 301-308 Wood Street. ' AUTOMOBILE OILS GASOLINE. VOGELET OIL CO.. 619 FIRST AVE. BADGES. BANNERS. KLBBLU blAMPi Weber-Erickson. Bunting Co.. 321 Diamond - 8 1 rest. BANKS AND TRUST COMPANIES. IRON & GLASS DOLLAR SAVINGS BANK. 1115 Carson st. GERMAN SAVINGS AND DEPOSIT BANK. 1401 Carson St. BARRELS WOOD AND FIBER. MORRIS WALSH SONS. S. Ninth & Sarah. BONDS AND STOCKS. BALLARD & M'CONNELL, Commonwea'th Building. BOOKS AND- STATIONERY. DAVIS BOOR SHOP. 416 Wood street. BREWERS. Pittsburgh Brewing Co., OLIVER BLDG. BUTTER. EGGS. CHEESE WHOLESALE. IATSHAW-FEERST CO.. 203 Ferry St. THE FAIRMONT CREAMERY CO.. 113 Ferry Street. BUTTEBJNE. WHO LES ALE. WM. J. MOXLET, Inc.. 120-122 First ave CLEANING DYEING REPAIRING. GREATER PITTSBURGH DYE WORKS. 628 Penn Avenue. CATHOLIC CHURCH GOODS. C WILDERMANN CO.. 620 Penn ava CIGARS AND STOGIES WHOLESALE. A. RUBEN & CO.. 644 Grant Street. DECORATIONS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. A. MAMAUX A SON. 644 Penn Ave. DIAMONDS DIRECT FROM CUTTERS. We save you 25 JOHN M. ROBERTS ft SON CO, 435-437 Market Street. DIAMONDS Wholesale and RetaJL BAM. F. SIPE. Schmidt Bldg.. 339 Fifth ava DL4MOND IMPORTERS. SAM. F. SIPE. Schmidt Bldg.. 339 Fifth ava DESKS AND OFFICE FURNITURE. PITTSBURGH OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO, 204-206 Wood street. DRY GOODS, NOTIONS WHOLESALE. THE PITTSBURGH DRY GOODS CO, 933-43 Penn. DRINKING WATER AND ICE. POLAR WATER CO, 1615 Liberty Ave. ELECTRICAL DEALERS AND MFRS. DOUBLED A Y-HTLL ELECTRIC CO, 719 Liberty Ave. ENGRAVERS ZINC ETCHING. ETC. Wood. Half-Tone. Zinc Etchings. John C. Bragdon. 711 Penn ave. TELECTRI C A L SUPPLIES. ROBBINS ELECTRIC COMPANY. 830 Liberty Avenue. UNION ELECTRIC CO.. 418 Wood St. Phones: Bell. Hem. 800. P. & A. Main 46i. FASHIONABLE MEN'S TAILOR. Ralph Ssnte. 712-i4 Lvceum Bldg Grant F3S-J. FIRELESS COOK STOVES. Rowland S. Wilson Co, 14 and 16 Wood St. Fireproof Storage. Furniture Moving. J. 0NEIL. 813 W. Dismonu at, N. S. HONEY TO LOAN. Al iV. X JXA 1 Hi, You shou'd know our rate THE LOWEST. DIAMONDS. JEWELRY. WATCHES. i A IT1 A TYT l-a a FM1 a.MONDS. JEWELRY. LTCHES. - . -rTvr Interest 6?..l the rate feo rB - v-urs. I'- Near 6th Ave. .. o n Louis DeRoy & Bros., 544 SMITHFIELD ST. $10 LOANS and upwards, on salarv. furniture, n'arsoi, horses, wagons, etc, AT LEGAL RJTKS. NEW COMPANY, NEW RATES. NEW PLANil This office Is organized by citizens and licensed by the State to loan money at legal rates to men and women whom banku will sharks out of business. 810 4 payments 32.70 330 8 payments HV 820 t payments $3.70 350 12 payments $4.6$ If you have a loan elpowhere orinu 10 your rweipts and we will show ycu how n.uch you can save by borrowing from us. Having loans elsewhere does not prent your getting loans here. Credit onoe established with us is as good as a bank account in time of need. Our rates and puns have prove! to be tne best because our customers are giad to come again, CALL. WRITE OR TELEPHONE. ' STATE LOAN SOCIETY, 1 4th ave, 2nd Floor. Hours s to 6; aturuays 8 to 8. Diamonds, Watches & Jewelry We also loan at low rate on Silverware, Cameras. Revolvers. Guns, Furs. Tools. Clothing, Transits. Musical instruments. GALLING ER'S Est 1S54. 929 Liberty awe. $10 LOANS. and upward secured for salaried employes, owners of furniture and others AT LEGAL RATES. STATE LOAN SOCIETY, 411 Fourth ave. Second Floor. lSAnsX ( A.. Low As 1J FIREWORKS. FLAG.- aOVELTIES. J- C GARLAND. 239 First Ava. Dlstributera PETERS CARTRIDGE CO. FOCNDRY GRAY IRON CASTINGS. PITTSBURGH FOUNDRY MACHINE CO, Thirty-first Street and Liberty Avenua FRUITS AND FRODUCE K- C. KNABEL CO.. 10$ Ferry st. FRUITS. POULTRY. ETC. Wfcoleaale. IRON CITY PRODUCE CO.. 201 Ferry et. FUNERAL DIRECTOR. JAS. M. FULLERTON. 138 Anderson at. FIRMItKE MOVING AND STORAGE. Bhanahan Transfer 8. Co.. Magee Watson. GAS MANTLE MANUFACTURERS. Fibre Gas Mantle Mfg. Co.. 108 Diamond St. GENERAL MACHINISTS. H. P. GAZZAM MACHINE CO, Thirty-second St. and Penn Ava GOOD GAS GOODS. Rowland S. Wilson Co, 14 aid 16 Wood St. hardware! FORT PITT HARDWARE CO, 807 Lberty St. HAY AND GRAIN. Daniel McCaffreys Sons Co.. 716 Fifth Ave. HARDWARE WHOLESALE! JAS. C LINDSAY HARDWARE CO, 12 Ellesmere St. HARNESS. TRAVELING BAGS. Alex C. Grant. 85 Fifth st, near Liberty. HATS AND CAPS WHOLESALE. GOORIN. SHAPIRO CO, 905 Fifth ava HOTEL FOR MEN. HOTEL YODER. 1112 Forbes at. . 400 Rooms 25c, 35c. Stc ICE CREAM MANUFACTURERS. Edward E. Rleck Co, Forbee and Stevensoa INCANDESCENT LAMP SUPPLIES. Welsbach Gas Lamp Co, 621 Liberty Ava JANITORS' SUPPLIES. Janitors' Supply Co, 109 th at. Call 1313 Grant JAPANESE ART STORE. Kondo A Co, 318 Oliver Avenua JEWELRY AND WATCHES. Buy direct and save one profit. JOHN ROBERTS SON CO, 435-437 Market St. J ewelera I mporters Man uf art nrera. HEEREN BROS., Penn and Eighth Sts. JEWELER WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. TERHEYDEN CO, 530 Smlthfleld at-LADIES' TAILOR. ICNATIUS. i 2nd floor Jenkins Arcads LAUNDRY TABLETS "BOSS BLUR BOSS BLUE MANFACTURINO CO, 2517 PENN AVE. HALFTONES, ZINC ETCHINGS AND ILLUSTRATIONS. IJberty Engraving Co. Ooen Day and Night. Post Bldg., Liberty and Wood sts, Pitts, Pa. LUMBER DEALERS American Lumber A Mfg. Co, Peoples Bank. MEN'S. BOYS'. CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. KING SYSTEM CLOTHES, L Kingsbaker & Co,, 800 Penn Factory New York Pittsburgh MORTGAGES. FRANK B. MILLER. Room 1L 36 4th ave MCLTIGBAPIIED FORM LETTERS. WM. B. AIKEN CO- 1841 Oliver Bldg. METALS. TYPE AND BABBITT. PITTSBURGH WHITE METAL CO, 3118 Penn Ave. MOTORS. GENERATORS. MILLER -OWEN ELECTRIC CO.. INC. 317-219 First ave Phone 1718 Court MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. RCHROEDER PIANO CO, 828 Liberty Avenua MONEY TO LOAN. ' MONEY TO LOAN by a business men's company on Household Goods, Pianos or any other security having marketable or commercial value. Our rates cheaper than required by law. Compare these payments with others and see for yourself. $ 25.00 6 PAYMENTS I 4.81 EACH. 50.00 8 PAYMENTS 7.25 EACH. 100.00 12 PAYMENTS 9.75 EACH. 200.00 12 PAYMENTS 19.41 EACH. 300.00 12 PAYMENTS 28.08 EACH. Other amounts up ta 12,000 In proportion. Tou get full amount of loan. The Interstate COLLATERAL LOAN CO, A. A, ROSS, Manager, Ex-Manaer Provident Collateral Asa' a 241-243 Fourth Avenue. Court 2768. Pittsburgh. Main S44. YOU DON'T NEED CASH AND YOU DON'T need to ask for a loan In order to buy a diamond or watch; we accept small monthly payments; no interest. Loftis Bros, ft Co, 12'.' Federal nt. 'formerly known as Sixth st.) Money for Salaried People. And others upon their own names; cheap rates; easy payments; confidential. Carpenter ft Co.. Room 71S. 611 Penn ave. MORTGAGE LOANS. MORTGAGES PLACED. In Large and Small Amounta Lowest rates of interest consistent with the amount and character of security. COMMONWEALTH REAL ESTATE CO, 812 Fourth ave. $70,600 TO LOAN. City or Suburban Amounts and Terms to Suit FULLER & ROBERTS, 339 Fifth Ave. WILL INVEST IN A FEW MORTGAGES ON choiv properties; attractive rate of interest, depending on security offered. Give full de- j scription of propertr in answering. Address K iks. vjnice oi ine rosi. LOANS HEIRS TO ESTATES. LEGACIES, first and second mortgages; collaterals. Box 13D5, Piitsburgh. MORTGAGE WANTED W. L. SCOTT ft CO, INC, Commonwealth Hide. 314 Fourth ave. POULTRY. BLACK WYANDOTTES. Prize winners wherever shown. Book orders for stuck and eggs esrlv. L. w6lf. 10 Walnut et, M&Kaesnort. Pa. MOVING PICTURE FILMS. WEILAKl FILM CO.. 312 Fourth ava. MOtINU AND STORAGE. W. A. HOEVELER STORAGE COMPANY. Offices: S46 Neville Street. NEW YORK LOCAL SECURITIES. CEO. W. EBERHARDT mt CO.. Oliver Bldg. OFFICE HKMI18K AND SH'FiaEA- A W. MCLOY CO.. 642 Liberty ave PArER STOCK WASTE PAPER. WILLIAM H. FRAZER. 49 WATER ST. PRINTERS AND STATIONERS. The Myers A Shinkle Co, 633 Liberty Ave. PHOTOGRAPHIC 6FPPUES. FRANK J. C ALLAN. 708 Liberty Ava POCKET BILLIARD TABLES SUPPLIES. 8. DELFS 80NS. Corner Fourth and Liberty. PORTRAIT ARTIST. A F. King. McC-ince Bldg, 7th and Liberty. PRINTING AND BINDING. Ileed A Witting Printing Co, 1S Wood St. Phones. Bell 3749 Grant : P. A. 2T25 Mala. PRINTERS AI BtXTJtRS. . E- F- ANDERSON tk Co.. 307 Diamond Street. Phone 145 Court. PRINTERS PTATIOVFM LOOSK LEAF SYSTEMS. wm. O. Johnston A Co., th and Penn ave. PRINTERS ROLLERS. HART ZUGELDnn, Penn and Barbeau Sts PRINTERS' PAPER SUPPLIES. WEST PEW PAPER CO, Penn and Bsrbeau Sta PRIVATE DETECTIVE. M GOVERN SERVICE 339 FIFTH AVE. PUMPS POWER ELECTRIC. HARRIS PUMP SUPPLY CO, 820 Second Ave. REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGES. Law! on Real Estste Co.. f?2 Fourth ave 8EEDH. THE I. W. SCOTT CO.. si T'bertv ava Statloaera. RookurllrT -Wholesale H. A. SCTUFPTt vnrs ro INC 809 Third Ave. SWAtTTZ SHOE RUP1RNG. Cor. 7th nd Smith field i basement. 219 Frar.kst'n av, E H STEEL STAMPS M X. f. L SIGNS. Pannier Bros. Stsmp Co, 58S Fernando et. TWINES AND CORDAGE. INTER-STATE CORDAGE A PAPER CO, 14 Fourth Ave. - UMBRELLA S AND REPAIRING, JOHN T. ALLISON. S5 Penn ave. 8vccessor to Tims.) Phone Grant t!7. VIOLIN MAKER. JOSEPH K AYE. 429 Fourth Ave, Court 4497. WATCH CASE REPAIRING, jf W. THTSTS. 313 Bes mer Bldg. WASTE PAPER PAPER STOCK. .WILLIAM H. FRAZER. 49 WATER ST. " WHOLESALE CLOTHING Wen's. Youths. Children's and Panta iT GORDON. JR.. 22 Fifth ave. WHOLESALE GROCERS. ARBUCKLES A CO, Pittsburgh and New Yorfc. WHOLESALE SHOES. LAIRD ft TAYLOR CO, 135 Sandusky St, old 7th. "WHOLESALiS WINES AND WMSMEs. C. SUNSTETN & PONS. 819 First Ava. WRAPPING rAPER AND BAGS. INTER -ST ATE CORDAGE A PAPER CO, 1 14 Fourth Ava OFFICIAL PITTSBURGH. department of pitblic works. Pitttsburph. Ta, Feb.. 16. 191 1. Separate and seated proposals wlLJE received at the office of the Ctjr ton---teller Municipal Hall, ttrfrh. P . - , Tiatil 10 a. m, February 24. be publicly opened and read in former Select Council Chamber on the same date , , at 11 a. m, for making- certain' iruo.le improvements aa follow : COMBINATION GARAGE. STORAOB , . , HOUSE AND REPAIR SHOP. - . Erection and conetruc:lon ot a comnrn-ation parage, storage houae and repair -shop for the Municipal Aephalt plaait, ..; city property, at Dallas avenue and Pennsylvania railroad. Estimated coi . .... ftWaMsmR CONSTTtrOTION. Reconetruction of portlona i"wr on Penn avenue. Butler street and; . Thirty-Courth etreet, affected toy tha explosion of the Thirty-third etreet trunk eewer. Estimated coet $3,200.00. 2. All id3 muet De maae upon m rm-ular printed form of proposal, wtilch tny be obtained at the off ce of the Department of Public Works, Room 432. Henry W. Oliver building, on and after February 16. 1914. Proposals which contain any omissions, erasure, conditions, altera tlone. Additions not called for, or additional bids f any kind, may be rejected as informal, and no bidder will be allowed to withdraw has proposal. 3. All bids must -foe accompanied by a bond in the amount of fifty 50) per centum of the estimated coet of hte proposed contract, du'.y and legally executed, bv the bidder with a surety or trust com-panv, which has complied w:th the cHy ordinances relating thereto: 1d bonl h&U be in the form of bond furnished by the City of Pittsburgh. 4. Copies of the specifications and blue prjnt ctpies of the contract plan lor lh! rection and construction of the combination garage, storage house and repair snop can be obtained at the office of the Department of Public Works. Room 43i, Henry W. Oliver building. Pittr&ursjh. Pa.; plans and spec! S cations for the contract for Sewer Reconstruction are on exhibition in the corridor on the fourth; floor of the Municipal building, Pittsburgh, Pa. 5. The Mayor and Director of the Department of Public Works, reserve th right to Increase or decrease the amount of aay class or portion of the work as they may deem necessary, and to reject any or an proposals or accept any proposals if they deem it to the Interest of the city so to do. .TO?FPH O. ARMSTRONG. Mayor. ROBERT SWAN, Director of Department of Public Works. On February "8, 1914. bids w:ll be op- ... for furnishing the Gowanda State Hon: opatnic Hospital. Collins, N. Y, twet.i;. -five bundred torw of bituminous es :. . coal and five hundred tons of bituminous mine run coal. Proposal blanks may ba hd .by addressing James O. Bennett, tSteward. s K

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