The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1948 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 17
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The Hoard pioceetled to audit afirf allow elnlms < ,., Molltiti rfititln bv Qufrrt hid seo- 1 "I?']?' 1 I'.v I tort In B tUt the.Chairmdlj of (lio Hont-d of Hilpei VlBoi'M be atitli- 01 litgd nnd dliocled to «lg;n ordof* to i ptirtjliasp one schleld Bantam DlaB" i'- l !i p ,i l ^' Ha . AIn ' >lllnl ti^ 1 l)l13 """• »' $ii2lu.OO, plus ta\, F, 0. »„ Wavnrlv, t Iowa A\es All. Nnvs: Noh6. Atrr- 1 llolucaiilpil. Mollon mifdp hv Johnson and spb- onddd hv Hchlrtm that lllo Chalininn '•'of 111-e lloaid of HtipplvlsniM he auth- t'l/pfl and tllrpcled lo sl(?n order to purrilmso ot e pleptilc Ilurrotifil.s V iV.'l'L 1 ^ *'nchlnc foi the .sum of $.'tl!3!7J for thp ofllce of Colin tv Slr- pptltllpnilent nf Schools. Av-ps; All. ., Navp! Nore. Motion eairled. Mollon made bv Johnson and sec omlpil by Qtilin that Uedlnjr he ap pointed as n coirtitilttep to* Imvp re » pahs on Latpinl 1S of IIIanct F of Joint Dialr, II & K .11 No. 2 Ayes; All, Navs' Nonp. Motion car- Mo- All NftyB! Noric. .foh'nfAft and SeV'- f Mutt KrrtlitfTlnP " "~ or tjip dduftlv Veki Mo- Mo- Otioti .»>v Aailc by Qulnn nnd «PC' Johnson that Ml 1 , ft Mis. I3as4 ho pmplOvpil at tl, ,,„, V°} ln , lv Home and Count pllnl rnf It.sftnf foi (he. van A.VOM; All. NriVs- NonP. Mi p.tile)! ^dfj hv ftPilInK and Sep n ti/ H" -°" n """''• '""I (liii'ty man ill HIP Kossuth/CiMinlv 110*111 . Hint ip unds, .ftoftl 19 1\ rt(1il ifnl approved ns loi .pulillo fun " Win lint y tlip 1 rrtaVlmdtn' ainO'unU imrtlpulai oouoly. offltiP .Kossuih Conn I v, lown, slmll II In tdmpllmpp AVID, HIP Hoh Shall Hr- ns lollnvVs. AtHlllor'ft Office -. IlPcoliTei'H orrice .,..,..., CIPik of l IIP Hlsiilcl Coin I $10,000 « Affttion made by (jtitnr nnd sec- oruHjd bv HPilliiK' that Rchram bp ap- . po tfcil ns a commlttpe lo have i'p- ''paliM made on lirttpian No, ,f of Drftlr ' No ,-1 Avos All, Navs: None. " Hon. can led. I Afpllon made hv Quint* artd f nndod hv Sc-lnam Hull Jol.nson bt iippolnleil as (i tommlltcc to havi iiiepn,lts mnde on Latpral No, 19 of IJinji* No. 00 A\p«: All. N^nvs; Nofin- Mollon cm t led. . , L ,At6Hon mado by Scjii'am arid S.CP- ondod hv Jolir.pnn thai Hip fOlloW- iiiK foui ih i|tmi li«rly ropmts ho np pirntocj and oidetpd fliod: * "Thp rppoit of the iiiHuHv^auillloi showing fpes amountitliiK to .'$9210 chaijsfpd and cnileoled for the months ,nf October, Npvembpr ami Decpinher accompanlpd by coili!t\ Hpasuipi's ipcplpt " "Tic leport of clprk r>[ the dls- irlul com I sbowli K fi>PH iimonrttlni- to $27lhSI chalo;ni.T ah<l collectetl foi HIP months of Octobpr, Novpm- bcr anil Docpinlicr. a** pei ticasiir- ei's lecelpl No 2.101.'' "Thp ippoil or tut* countv icronl- PI- .showing fees amountlnM: (is $002.15 chaiR-prl and eollqcted foi' HIP moi ths of October. Novpmbfir * and'December as per treasuiet's re- eelnl No .M(i9." ' "The ippoit of HIP county sheilff BKowliiK fees amotintlnB to $16'10 chaf-Keil and coiioctPcl' foi the moi-ths of Oclobei, November and IJccembei " "Av-p*i- All Navs None Alorton car- ilcd, Motion mnde bv Johnson iihd spc- i onded b) Sclnam that HIP lloaid of SupcrvlBors approve, the annual re* poit of J>ella Welter, Justice of HIP Poacp, wilhln and for AlKOna Township. Aves All Nays. Noi'e Mollon can led Motion made by HridlnK anct seconded bv Qulnn tl at DIP Hodi-o" o'f Suppivlsois appiovp the application ai d bond for Class *C" TldPr Peirtlt of Wallace C Ilawipv, Sexton. Iowa and that the County Auditor b'e <1I- leoted to Issue said permit upon re- cpipl nf Aflldavlt ol Chaiacter. Aves All Navs: NOPP. Motion can led t Afotlor madp hv Reding and SPC- ondpil bv Johnson that the Hoard of Supprvlsors approve thp follow- Ir|p- ipfund claims: . Lais Egesdnl Section 'i-^ ,0ikf-t 'L°. whsIl| P tori,b1,-pn-or in vahiatlon, 19 5 and J04B real estate'nBHessrnPnt. L, C ITattpr, Banprot't (lorpoia- Hon, $1,70, paid Old Age Assistance Ta\' twice foi HIP veai ifnc. F W, Bphnkpndnif. LuVernp Cor- poinlion, $23.00, ipng nollecllon of I? Ijjflaxes, , f „ 'nie "Wolsbrnd, Fenton Town, ', long collection -of 19,15 Elizabeth M. & Mlniilo J. Ketineiiy, rritonka CorpoiatJon, li.oa, for lone hollectlon of 1946,taxes.- t>) ' " , r -A-'^red K Icrkpnson, L'one llOck Ind., F<-iiton Township, .09 for long (collection of 1915 taxes. Harvey T. Holllnger, Fenton Tpw-nsl Ip, .90 for long collection of (1910 taxes ) Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion ,i carried. ; Motion mad6 by Scliram and se'c- Jondetl by jtedlng that the Hoard of j.Supei visors approve the following Una] estimates for*giadlng: Af. T. i £ J?»t'i T. McGulre.-^. 1, No. 4, No, i?!, ^3- Vt: N ,° 1 ,'*' ^ M * No- 1 -*. Noll !l, No 20, No. 21> No.'S3, NO 23 No j'27, No 29\ No, SO! No 31 No! 8?''uD (,No ill. Ayos; All, Nays: NO no. Mo Jtlon call-led. ' ' y i v Motion mdrto' t»y cjulnn'tf/ul BBC „ i-ded by Johnson that the follcWtn petlllons foi*, etitaMI-SliinBrit'of sftc [ ondary r oad dlMrlcts 'for tthe nur fipose of surfacing Vvltlf (-gra,v«r b ,}placed on file- No. (!8f aii^NoT 6« .AIL Nays: No.tljS? •- Motto fine,-Mollon caril6d. MolloK mdP bv Hchram ami see onded by Qulnn that Thelmn Spur geon be cmplovpd as'cletk In (In Criunlv Knultippi's Offlcp foi Hi ypai; 1918. AVPH. All. Navs Nrft p Alotlon carried, Mollon maili' hv ripl.rhm and sprf onded Ify lading thai W A Dutton Afi<«. LucMlfe Kcifnss of Algo Iowa, ami Mvrot L ,lf>|nisofi trf Rv Cllv, Iowa, be appointed the Me hPrs of Hie KosAuOi Cntirflv Honn of Hocla Wclfflrfc for thp'vear 11 is AVPS: All. Nffv's! Not^e RTOHort cttl* Motion macji!' by .1 film Aon nhil »PC onded >V Kclnam thai HIP HOnfd o Siipel-vlsoi 1 !) approve Iho foiloWlhi cotlnly pfflcps.fol thp veal I 1 )"!?! ,$12 100.00 , 7 SiiO 00 Oiifio no . ii,(00 oft . 5,njiO Ofl Motion rai Upcordpr's .Office , Sheriff 1 Otfjc't 1 .... Treasurer's Offl6e .'. Clerk 0,f Ihft nisttlPl Court Countv Ayps. All i Ipil, i Alollon ondpfl By, Nays: Nore by Schiam and BPC Updinfi' that IJiP nontid o s 'approve thp follow IIIK iinmilnlnmnt'i tnndo^iiv the loii rtfflcials of tlrp vailoim eoui-tv 01- Llnilhoisl, Dcpulv Deputy 'Aiull- Clprk 6leik Deputy Trcns- In In And- , rttllph W 'Sheriff l Ivv D. st'Ufham -tor .SfPlIti Aide Hr<>ei Hoi's tOfflrp nilcri At. MPVOI, ItOtV Office Afarv K Sands, urer , Wm. C. HPllei. Deputv Tie'ns- llfpi- & A"to IJeenSe C'lei k Marjoilp Feiiler' f'leUc In Trpnsi'ieiB 1 Ofllcp i Betty Klpplipiis, Depulv TU-- coidpi , Afarv Ann Kli->-ehhautn, Cleik In Tlecordel's Office * JOnnne Knehvnka Cleik IP Countv Slipet Ii Icndoiil's Ol- flp" Fiifelin I', Sknw Depnlv Cnui tv Kuperlntenilent i>f Schools M*>«. AH Navs None Motion Afollon made hv rohn«nn "nil <-m> f)U|p>l bv Sih'lCm Ihnl the Hun ill nf Suricrvlsoi s nppi OVP HIP apnolninipnl sonnl proppitv las poliprln, 1*1 K<-"- «lllh Coiinlv foi the veri, 19 IS "ommpnrlerT hi- Pn* »"n Vi v Ti-feasin-er, and Hint (lie dPllnruiPi i nPrsonn-^ tases foi the vpar 10415 nni' ill prior v s be rlpslirnite'' n« Ibose to he p"llnpferl In eahl P«>HP».|01 Aves* All Navs None Motion cniHiJd. Atotiort rnAdp hv TtPdln'o- arrT seconded bv Quinn that Pnlifck G Mc^prop ,bp appolntpiT Coui'jv AVe«(l omfhlHsIoner of ICossuth Coiinlv fowa, for H e vear lois Aves All Nav-s Nonp Alotlon cai ried Motion raaUe. bi .ronrsou and seconded by.Schram that Iiaa P. Elliott Clerk' In the CoilnU s Office for, the (' IP- , cai i led. Motion made by Uedlnff and HCC- onded by Hchiarh that the Ko«««itli COuhty Advance and Alftoi a TJpppi Jt>« Moines i;f '\lffona, Juwa, and the Jancroft Itetflster of Bancroft, Jow.i. be ahd they heieby at(i appointed and designated, AH official nexywpa- er^ for Kossuth County, Iowa, /for ho year '1918. Ayes: All. Na, s None. Motion carried. i ,1,V\ RESOLUTION 1 h .wHEnreA,S,-lt ji, necessary that Public Kundh collect«d bv the Coun- tv TreaHiirer to be, placed In vaiious depositories, and Atotlo inled b pt|co lie In, hiisband'amf wlf¥'anlf r faih'li> \es: All, Naysi.-.'None.* Motloi rti led. (fiotlon, made „. „.„ R "by Sol iaC dint HSOI-H approvta iclai Boncl.s: | t iO,00- John xte Mo f//fotloi) made bv Johnsor^. lied by liedlng that the supple "•jit repoit ot George M. Thorpe Klneer, on Drain No. 0 " ilordeiod filed, ,Aye»: Ire, Mot[on curried, > IVH hiislne'sft to he., trui \ old Board having b|l\ Jon motion hi-.QuRrr'and 1 0ec6hT- »by Hpliram the out Jioard'aajourn- I Ayes; AII. Nays: jrSn* Li can led* * ^, *. BO o'clock P, M, I'he Boaid of Supervisors of, [Ml County, lown, met aa a new F,.-., .... , |1e m( ^ , .. for the r .year Andrew fe 7 Pird Juditor, for "ijf., ,, r ... „. ft Alotlon jnado }?y John lided by Qii|nn that " %H be appointafjl to •o| the BOBFC ' s ff$"%«V m®8te&m ,-ear M^m anrXfsfJJhj gHperylsi ?$* IBU^ ^ M IfjS |3fe I? B* ., .- „ . Chapter 173 of the 41st General Assembly, Statu *• ot Iowa, authoil/ed adoption of a Stale Sir.king Fund within the state foi protection ol public lunds held Wilhln the designated deposltoiies NOW, THKRRFOHI*', Be It Resolved hyi the Board of Supeivisois °, f , Kossuth County, Iowa, that Rosella Volgft, County Treasurer of kos- sutl. Couixty. Io\yk, Is hereby directed, to deposit funds jln the depost- tpty bar:T<H hereinafter muntloned Which are hereby designated and (apprbved as depositorles of PublR ;Fiuids of Kossuth County, Iowa, to- Fa Saying* HanK. DUrt. &, Traders Savln - , - Sa.v(ngs Bank; Iowa (Lttkotd , , Bahk', . ' Farmftys Trust & , ' puffalo, Center, iowo,. Office)^ SWea City Slate City, -Iowa; , . The Lone Itock Bank, Lorio%rtdck, i Iowa, , vinfcrs State Bank, Whlttomqie, 'ot LedyaVd," Kxolmn'se Iowa, ni\ , that Tlto'nica, 1 - -( rl. \ Wealoy, ii ^IJ puoiro fundH now Jo, of said Qount,y Tieasu,rBr ji -'.- yiT,r- *il»jt". »«!•»« . 1 (I|OUO ShiftIff's Office ,. (WOOO Motion tnrUIp In HilprJiVlsnt Ttoit- ine 1 and sei-onilpii by MupelVlftof ,riihnsi,m Ihnt tiro fnipgblnff 10x0)11- fm' bp adopted Mo(|on tnlileif. The VOIP 11,PI pun H'tiiHintf ns fot- IOAVS, A VPS. SIIPPI vhnis Ahilii'W llpfllnff, M, r, Johnson, W A. HphiRin, .t, F. Quint* ilhd \V M Rfc- UOhald, Clnlrmitn Those vnt ntr nfX\ Werp. Nonp. Whetfrimon He Cimnmfifi ileelrueil the motion eiu- l l ( J l1 i tl "« tll|! ' tenolullon puhseit, upptovpiT nnil mrlopOd thin Jml il,n of Jdntmi y, II-IS Motion miulc bv fUhrnm nnd «.Pt- OI'ilPcl hv IfP.ililifc llmt the llniild of Hilppi-Vlfiois appinvc tiiinsfri n run tbp Ueneiul Countv Ptinil lo HIP Institute r-'iind in tin* nmoilnl of $150 00 and that tin* Courty Audltoi IIP ami IP hci'plij Is iHiPctpil to mnkp said tiaiisrei Aves- All NnVM Nonp Motion can led Mollon mndt? hv Qulnn anil SPC-- ondc-il b*, loin-son Hint the following i pollution IIP ndoplPd HfJSOU'TiON HP II llpsolverl bv HIP lionnl of HupptvKois of KiKHulh Count*. Iowa, thai i-flccllvp us of Janutuv 1. HIS, thr cnlnpc-nsfltlon of thp foi' lowing niuncil eniploVKp" of Kossutl ('out (v Iowa, bp ipfl\ed mid spl i Hip amounts as spt out oppos-fl their nampH, to-wlt If. M Hrnlih, County Kng;lnppi $ 100 00 pei month lohn 1) KVisei, Assistant (.'mini 1 Hi Klneei, $J71 on pi i mon (I Thplma SptiiKPOHi Clpik In lln Off It e $)r,000 pei month Patrick U. Mi-Rnrop, County \Veot immlv<loni'i $JOO 00 ppr month lld.i I 1 nillntl, t'leik Ii Coiinl U'oeil CiimmiMploner'H Office, $IOO.O( ppr nionlh. Miuv-ev Dole Oveisepi of HIP I J ooi $170 00 pei month Slellii Mae. Hi-pen, filerk In' Audi- lot's Offhf, $!(,'',,on pet inoiilh lOllen M MPM-I cieik In Audllni Cilfl-e, JHO.nn ,„,, month Mur.lorle/F'enlet;, Clark In YreiiH- iiror'K 'Office, $1(10.00 per. inonlh, Alarv Ann ICIi--(hbaiim Cleik It Itppoiilpi's Oflkn, $10000 JPPI inonlh Ilnllih W Lnxlhoi si, Hepulv Hhpi Iff $210 00.pel monll , .loilhtlp Kiuhyi'kii, (Meik In Coun- tv Kuppi Intpnilpnl's oflire, $10000 )' i mon 111. Kitthpilm Paik, Mfltinn, Ko<,«uth 'oilnty H'oinp. n.nil 'County Hosplta 'or Insane, $170.00 ppr month. Mr, i*i Mr.s. Men Rakken, emnlovee.s at Kossuth Countv llomp mid Coun- v Hospital foi It WHIP $.'0000 pei nontb , Mr. &'Mr.s. AupriiHl Ba.s.s. employ- es al Ko.s.sulh County Ilonn- anil County Hoxpltal for Insane,-$200.00 IPI mon Hi Ifanv I nmkp nljrhl \vntrhman it KoHHiith,Oinit;ly Homo"nrid Coun- y Hospital foi: Insane, $85.00 per nonth. Lloyd •Ilalibacb, .COurt House",Tnn- toi, Oil ])PI irtontl r-Jxtra elerli-a! v help In the various 'ounty offices, $1.50 10 tii".75 pen- day lepnmllnff or: iiuallflcatlon.s and ex- ent of employment rip It ruithpi I.t-flo'vcfl that thp ountv uydltoi be and he IH heiehv iiithoil/cd rrlnd iliiecter.1 to Issue vairants foi salai les of countv of- Iclals ard deputies as piovldod foi nSpnute .Kile LSI,•'/>:> (Id Ocnernl As- rimufy of .Iowa, ami clerks -and idler clerical help employed In the ariouK county offices on the hist voi-kltrif day of Piiph month. Upon roll pallll.c-vote thereon re- ultliiB' as follows: Ayes: Hun-ervl- ots I P Qulnn, M L Iqiihsor, An- liw UeillnR-, \V A Sehiarn, dnd \V >;. McQonalfl. Chairman. Those vol- n« iinjr wi'p Norp AVliPipupon the Chaliman lli,e motion cai- led anil tl P ip-sOlullon dujy passpd, .nproved and niloptevl this 2nd day if .lairiiary, 19-18. Minion-'made'by »o:inson and sec- indud by IlcdinB that thu foilowiiij? i.-bBilule of rate of pay and hours if work foi' all Kossuth County loud Kmplojees bp fixed beginning s of January 1, 19 IS Shop Mecharlc I 20 per hour; Auto Patrol, Tractor ml Ti tick Operators 90 els. pei our; Uriip Line Operator $1.00, pei 'oui whor. steadily wo'rkln« with rasjlne, Otherwlsp 90 cli pei hour, II othei unskilled load laboi per- nanently employed .80.ct«. per-hour, oad labor tainporary employed SO Is. per hour; tile repair men (Foreman) $1.10 per hour; tile (common laboi) 90 cts, pei hour The classification of work at which ar ctnploveo spends a major pnrtlpi ol hi« llrno will 'deteimine his rale of pa> All countj road t-m|>lo>ees will IIP tfoveineel H A. ftynnff, coionfti* I'irtKk KohUmus, nid>i |i!ilnvoii(f (*i Lfi^u-i, rMr fpe,. , 11 fees Vlrrtf A,,!?'Ml , nk . , v ,'f,> .Shniiif |qe«..,. Illon .1 Hlndpis,, mnishnl CPclI AfcninhH, mnlrfhiU fpe>i' A, ,1. Hllshoioiig:h ( J.,1'. fees Old T. Aloloh, constable, fops A ,r. Coffwy. siioi fr ff-cs > (Rcl. Yountf\vlilh, JtilK 1 ,,. . Fipd Kollnsch, mtf? If, F. Selntlt?, Intg. .. Chits, tfoilnnnf, mttc. ...... Clolllda IIutchlHon. stamiH Atl 1 *. Lut-Ulp JiPt-rnss, soi Ifti welfaip mtfv . . W. A Dlilton, sopl.d \velfnip m IKS. ..... ., Jol.n I! McT-JniOP, teni ... . John 10. MPlCmot-, pipe SPIV; Di. C If CiPti-niPvci, mprll- cnl consultai t Ijijhtf & Mutkftv, sup iipidl lflpii v, bnnrt pi pin ..... •, Hospital, blood IPSIH t'.il MitLb ARMKM, caloulaloi ... Alj?'ona Flour & Fnpd C'o., Hup. , . Hnltifnld l.utnbPr Co, sup Hcithford Lumber C!o., sup, dhd leps ..... Lallif? i% Muckpv, ipps KOHfutli Coiint\ AdvaiH'P, bid plopped, ta\ notlcps, ftt( .. , , Altfoiin Upppi l)i s Molnps, board procepdlr.)?K .. TKonku Topic, court calendar . , Clftfk & Clark, hoard pi'o- ,- Kti'h. I'roilucls, sup. ... Kllptn Loose Lral Co, sup ,. S'pJInnd .-mil Italics sup.. Thij llousp of AndipWs sup Matt I'miott & Wons Co, sup Pldlai iSc Cliambeis Co sup 1101st ,1'rlttlins: Company books . ... I'Hill I'appi Compativ, sup, World Hook Company, books Horn! ni|iilpnienl Co, sup .1. H. Llitla •& Son., maps . Olhn nnd Compan'v, books , McCoUmlck-Maihers Publ. Co sup i . 8cblt,< For'enmn.r. it- Co., books . ,. . 1t,\\ .Schneliki i*v Co, rnap« The House of Anilievvi, sup anil |-.Pp. i Mpti-opolll{in Knpplv Co H \V Llnile, m'ttf' t 1'ialt I'appi Compnn\, sup Statulflid Copjholilel S.tlds it. nislrllmtlnK- Ce.. sup. Chtii IPS 1! Men III Co ,lnc books , . . . G-oiieral llosplial, blood ~al- eohol tests COUliT KtJNIl Iowa State Bank, wit held laxt*s .'....• ...'..... IJIp'anor M. Jones, eouit re- p.orier Kinhia ICniKl.spii. bailiff..,.. !•'. H. Keriils, 1917 salary de- flclp|ip\ , ,. novella 1 Volfft, Treas.. nrty. ^-Vvltiii-ss fees ...... . . .''. .. . IfiiS'b llnn-ey. ciiiirt Imlllff.'. IJ 1 A 7 U ' C, H O U N l'> KU NI > Ko.Ssull-.- Co. Kali- As.s'n approp. '. ' 0.10 UK Ol ,.«? 8 i do 1.01 4.0 I.Oi io'ot O.flO 12,00" 120,01" It 0' 31 10 3 20 H2.S7 302 64 II OS 159 80 201.30 10 71 222.36 (! 00 210,07 (U2 70 120.1(1 S7 18 ,1Jii r,1 fif, 6.9!! r, lo S7 1.1 51 1 12 i on 23 71 Iff <!7 .<0 52 IP in 10 B? 2000 21.2(1 209.78 fi.OS 9.'00 31.02 r "}'!' Klip <V Suppfy Co., <'' Hiippiy'cJ'o'.," 'I i;\plosl've 'ciol'-p.. Miiiv cortipdrTyi' «iip Oil Vo , f < n'el'"J?U) t ,. < !". b « Oil en.', fuel Sdp.i, Jrtt-K T Lyni-b, me) sup rtwnnpv on Company,-sup. t , «stfthriam oil Complin v, fuel *" « N\\ I !u 11 way Ciimpiu'. v. Drink I.JI-OH. &' Con.sliMictlon Hi Ink . <;r)i:Mlcuctlon K . i .......... Ainlci Mon, stio^ K ....... I (JnsHPin, .snow IR onrrnc}'; !a:iio>:,i ____ I, .loiriiHotr. Iftbor . . 'nip'ijyr; nri6|V liiccli'- ...... .... ..;..,.. ; rifierntlng " i IS 9,!) 8 HII.S.5 (»7,oa 4S3.13 7.02 On Vnrtilcii Co I ,A>tl in fern I Jpiu- \\VillPi .Tnr- i\f Fetdlnruid Meypf, patrol.. VV, A llcdrlck, pntrol Hftsmlp n.'insen. pntrol .. nuk ArfdiMiii.M, ..munv: reno and CMH hrtisK;. .... ' . Glari-iKP lli'hlg'pH, Ktrrol .. Iiatold Xliii/nei-mttli, p'nlfbl.. Mel IP Osoai .. 13 (MminbOTItilti, patrol Hehnkendorf. show ' 1I.6K 25.34 •78,71 110.36 '2 02.!) 7 1SJ.H iSfi.:);! Hi!). .1« 1X5.33 15V.94 172.78 ISB.tll ISB.ilK - Jr.. FUND Co'.,' -TN.S'fiTtJTR Myrtle Jordnr,, bonk Ilol'lpy School Kupiily 1'set sillies lovv'a Pupils' Kpadlnf? ole, book Creailv-p Kiluc. Society, sup. Nttt'l Ijduc. Assoc.. book.... LJIIHAUY VUNI1 Iowa iFuplls' Hpaditigr Circle hooks . . ": FOIH.-tt PuhllshlnK Co., sooks WIlo'ox & Polli-tl C'o , hooks lloiitfl ton Mllllln Co books M'h'eelor-Publishing'Co., books... , „ ,. International Textbook Co., bhjiks ...........'.; STATK- INSTITUTION Ai f CoKlev, sheilff fees. K C. McMahor, attornp> f- 0. ,C. ITutclilson. attorney ir.oo.o 3.0 7 F , » 2.3 r>.f. 12 1 13 0,9 .10.0 FUND . 296 ps 10-01 T. ,C. f( e 1 ... ... I^utchlffon, attorney ]}. Lowe, attornpy fpe.... naylord n. Shumwav, at- tornev lee Helen White, olei k's feus C II Cretzmpj er, rxam phv foes T. Ti FUND Uhh6 Ileves, Inrlem catJlp, . CONHTRUCTION F«ND Iowa KtatP Bank, wlthl.elil 10 Of 2(17 22.6 29.8 & Welle, Riadlnsf . A. Qaaide, pajm't t>n fontr. for gravel land* \r;,T. & John T MeCHUrp, C. on tal put chases ," pi Ink Aiiot, & iPd by the, following schedule of ,working irouM: Wlffln I.ours pep day tori, the nfionths of Uecemhei and January, TfeW hours pei daj for tjie month's of iFel^i u- ury,-March, April, MJiyJ ,,rtm'e, July, AiiKUst, Septpmbei, Octoper and No- vembPl All K-i^uJal- full Jlrnp v »e"m- plqveoR Who lutv^i Wtflked c-OnOtdi- ously for olio, year'o'll.myie wljl be Ayes: Hod. All. Navs: Atoll on, mad,e' \>f' Mollon, n\ad,e' Ur ojirana'fjjjec* onUod b,v Johnson '.that, tli6 tymrd of Supeivlnofs fix thrS .QOinfreTOHtlon of . tl.e Assistant County 1 Asseisora (Field Asse«Mois) within Kossuth County, Jowu, for the yeai 19-18 as fpllows;.$7.00 oer d«y (ftr, atle.iul nf wetting sup" jva,y am lies, plui • rr A*i'_U meeting find Kettl 10c pei mile 9116 (Tfty for refuri.lri wo) k Is uompleteii ono'wav. ^Vssistan- ,-_ In towntj will he,i>AUl $i,(iO ... _.,..... le^ltlmnto ttiwessm^nt .ipy'inaae put by them, plua.lO^foi |l\tln.fe'aU ^OKS In clues and lowi ,s. Tn4 Aasistant County ARHt-HHors In thu tovvn.s|iip8 will hu paid $2,25 for each legitimate -.Hflpssmerit loll mudB out. by them, — - - for llsflnsf alfdo^ it ,„.,.„ te4,att(l 1 the bald County s t.eieby autliorined ami use »ald H .... as.slMt , TrV"t*tl ^>i iiir** »•-** *-"> *K Hchumacl^er Const. Cp.,i load ,mul haul giavel ,,. M Smith, sahm , l lohn D. Fiaser, salaiy, Thelma Spurge» ' ' Co Knpi Patil & Eveids James H Meriyman, ute of tools and laboi *, ,.. Call Onruott & Son, laboi . JIaimlf Julllng, bal. of pavrn't on giavel pit O K. Htibbei W.eldeis, sup. P-e|(jivnl Atotors, reps lOImoie'Cfment ii Tile Cp, Sup .'. ,S ... Coh't'reto. Producfs Corp, llfi.T S031 00 ib'o'oo 2S17.2fi 37.0*5 207S.41 -u8.4 7J 220,0 p ..... CK Suniil . 1900 91 114fi.CO 357.00 KfQO 00 110 8S 9.J7 225 0 I 3(14.14 iK-1.57 i 038.38 qt 09 199 70 1.90 2, Si OuICk Suniilv Cnpipanv, »up. Vanden Brink Bros. & , S£humn,ohDr Const Co., gravell! % ,., . Vanden Brink 'Bios. & Schumacl ei* Const, Co.. graveling .,....,• 870 37 ( MAINTENANCE l.TJND NWf Ball TelophoAe Co., tele seiy .., Jowtt State Bank, withheld i taxes , -Cerituil Stittes 1'Jlec. Co., i elec, B.OIV v ,, Ictfftrstate Power Company, ' eleo. .serv. .. i.,,, , jVanden Brink Broil,'& Schumacher Const, Co., \ loading and hn.ulln?'giavel City of Algona, light arid • noWer sei v , Interstate Power Company, eleo hei v. ,,,, ,,,,.,, ost> County Tie<uiurer," (ll. aHfleBhincnta against public hy, . ,i,,,,,,,,,... Koasiith County Treasurer, dr, asism.ta, affttinst public IKl.ways ,, ^ l \ t ,., u^ella Volgt.vCo, I'reas,, adv. freight .., t ,,, '••' &.jKv-erd8, gr W. 'J'rlebe.itHe ..j apioss toad Clajenc-fe 8300,70 30,71 4910.74 ld, nay »,w6re; Chalnrwtn Those WhereiipoiV the motion January, Motion onded, bj. Jtefln PMb[rServroe' ee, sei v. .. ,vV Intti state power Company, 1 elec, aerv. .,,', t ,,,.?,,;, Algona impieip^U CQ^ gw Allprra i—" — ' Bptsford tele, sorv, .......... ,, . s(nte PanH, wltlihem lows. Telephone fig., Fled Iknn'a'n Vlintxi' feni Inj-; i Albert Liu, .snovv'.f , Mas Kiiovv fcn'rlng', \\ llll.un Meyer. snoW Ilaiokl \\orhv, hnnlincr fence isepn Vi'esle.v Worby ( IVIllis Mni'siiaU, iribor''. '.'.'.'.'. s Hotigei', patrol Ii llnotli, sitovv fencing 11 ih l limn hi, p'atrol Ralph M.irkla, patrol Afl.'un Reifer, pktrot .,.'... lt(iv AirCorrnlck, patrol .... lerni n McVay. pall-iil .... H ll|p fer, sno'vv fpncliig ai il ^hop work , ,, ,• ticnvdlcl Cllsch, snovv fine-ing A J llllitman, patrol. ,,...,. Ji ban Neilroth, patrol...... Ollv'pi ^ iluiiK', p.-drol:. . ..,,-.. . fiubpit Vouni*;, patrol :'.'.'..,.. f>m Ktoikvvell. patrijJ- :'.'. . . Jlck Hiiadt*, patrol J. H. Cooper, labor ' •,. . >wlglu K Graham; labor.... Job H Miear, labor ....,."... Claienci \nr. Hove, pfi.j.rol.. Coiiiail yvvah.son, labor' ..;. Janies Al Long, patrol...... Rayrnoml Uierle labo'r ''., ', ... . Vj'.IHarit Thompson labor.... J'ohn' A. Newbrdugli.-labor. . Robcrl .1. Blnzer., labor.... Don'a'hl 1). Sahil^rs, Hnlivv*. feh'clng ....'..... Doval -^ tnrlerSj patrol ' Clyde., 'patrul Ro;e'lf Miller,, patrol . . ,,.. .. Theodore Trump,, paii'ol .... Richard Oarreelt, labor .... Donald M Ko|lascb, labor: . V»"m. Chi istenseii. patrol .'.. V A P( hi son,'patrol'»,:-• •'•• Leonard ,1. Boeiti', snow .".7.12 •I2.IM 311.4 -I 1 13.59 177.12 10.09 ISX.fiS 11H.22' i no. 3:1 180.12 181.37 li.l.Si'i i!)6.o« 20], no 1 IS. 02 ir,ri;0(i 190.87 1 17. ai M-1.02 lilO.22 159.84 l')S. 17 149.27 171.59 1 I 1.24 141.77 107.11 124.34. 23.7 C 1.SU.2!) 1117.74 I79.7S . I5C.S7 173.97 1(12.90 n. Ilospitnl, ilo'Kpital, ftt:d \\o4p. mp(1. loin for t'arb Kleinpiiei s t3e)7l. HtoiV, l)eno's' Fy'iiii 'Ma'tkel,' pro'v'..' ', \\. G. \\ooilwaid Company, slip. ... 8 Vt u tWipB'hy, stip ,... ' i ii olMf ?)T i " *? uml ^ p| ' (J °" • sun •• Afis. Alli.nic- 'liiaves, iferu .. lovv'n Mnttull Torhado Ins. Ass'n, Ins. pietn Dppl. of Motlal Welfare, . , . •ilil to dependent ehiidien nr>p( r,f Snibil Wpffai'p, t aid to blind Maivey Uojp, I lav e| Count*, 1'aim— :lo'vv>a Stfttf.- Hank, taie.s p\p. . . . . . ,...., . RenoOlct Olftcli, labor ,1. HutUp, lafW 117.0* lOi uu'irt R.OR 18.10 .t'l.'t'l 42,0} m.o'o 16.18 1.C8 29-1.41 21,70 4S.«fl 44.f,S 3.1* 3i.OO 1.00 r,.oA n u, .87 1 00 ^' Klhi/s Johnson, .snow fpiujln William N. Matt jr., !( labor on Co., hridg'e.s ; ...''. Dalp Kern, labor on'uo. brldgs.s . . . . . , . . ,\ Howard Lowman, labor on co. brldjfe.s Q.leii McV.4ty, labor on co. . . . ... Hunrj A Sankoy, labor on CO bi lilK.PH ....... ...... . IT Mrerrj'i'iia'h, tiffe'o'f ,eqpt., t-te. ......... ...... » g-e l,ooft, 'Ulgglnsj'oaiV. culvcfts , ...... . . ........ . D. 11. Ma\ cr, labor .......... Ftay A. Mar<rtilH, labor . ..... POOH FUND NW B^ll Telephone Co., tele aei v. . .......... ..... . Ml'<s. John !•:. • Jeniilr.KH, Cttl-e anil keep .....:...'... J)r. H F Snyder, meil. caie pr. K "W Lee, med care.... Dt. C If. Cretzmeycr, med. calp, .,,. ................. Humdliiwhj)' Tolk Co. Hosp., , IfOBp. care 19.90 170.02 ir-2.73 .147.29 117:SB 175.03 M2.40 107, fill 1.37' 99.7JT .7.30' 108.50 23.00 43.00 71.00 iHatiy . , B(il Bakkpfl, lobol- f H. NoilOn & Hon, Lalhg' & Muckey, sup ....... Holsfoid Lumber Co, sup... Alg-olia Iro (;tt>am & Cahdy Kactoiy, lockp) ipjll, etc... lgol a Coop. Oipameiv I'D , piov ............... i^oira Hnkliitf cri., j)iov... Oi|ihatiiK Store, sup. ........ Dr. I'. V. Jaiise, rails and miid. . ...... , ............. Or. C. II, Cietzmpypr, rnfd... KoHhaas Jtdwe, sup ...... Hplnlp 1'Mshei Tiiiik I.lhp, lifiulrhf; palflfe . , ......... implompht Co, .sup. Oil On., Hii'l sup.. .. KalPs Co., TJprk- buai ............ if Mill '& Klevator, M U p'. ."/..».,... ..... i , . . . * i _ ..... Oil rnotluh adjinlinrVipnl Was tn'k'pV: in"' lanu.irv .i, 19 IX, at R .10 o'clock ' * vV 10 McDONAID, ClmKmafT Uoa id of Hilppi vlHo(X. Altpst- L. ). IMMTSrtFALI/, , County Auditor. KCOMD 1'iAV JantiafV 3, 1918 Thp Hoard of Kilpc-rvlsom of KOH- sufh Coiintj, Iowa, met puisuaiit to luljhiirnmppt lii n-Kiilai spHHIon, Tlipfp wen- jit (;»piH.- i\ . TO McUon- nld, Chalimaf, In the chalf, . -and HIP folKnylriK ItarnPci membftfa ot tlK- Hnalir f?U|jpivlAo'H Alliliew HpdliiK, \V A.»R«l.iam, J. K! Qutpn MmnM. L ,|fflihMin. Absp'r t: INOnp. Afndon rnaifc by Qlilnn and spcofld- ed In Ki'dffiK 1 tliat II. M. >Wtli. Oour (> KriKl'iuer, bennul hi' N hi-if- bv InstiiicU'd to rtij{k(' a iVpoi t of thP, mads to |IP Itnproved In/Kossulli County dining the yi?ar 1'JIR, taking Into cut •Udorntlon ' DIP toa'd pro- graniH filed by th« Township Tnis- IPPH of tin- vailoua toWnsl.lps In Kosfriith t'oiinty, anil to llli> snld wilttpn i^piut with this lloatd'on or beloi'rf FehrliaK 18, 1948 A.VPH' All, Na\4 Kone Motion car lied. Motion mail* by Schiam and Hec- ondtd by .lohri'V that the Tioaid of KiipelVlsinM approve the Fit jui- cial Statement of the Kossuth County AKI Ifultiiial Ansooitdlor (County pair), for ti'p.' year 1947. Ayv« All NII.V-K: None' Motior i at ) IPI!. Mirtlon rfiadP bv Hpd(fifr ai(d SPC- I On hiollofi fld/oflrr-nlpfi fit until January 7, Atlpst: L. J. IMAtJ5ltF.?LL,5, •mmn nAr n ° l1 7' )A ^ li , oi '' IShe Boa id of Su,pefvlsof«,o''i t Kns- suth Countv- lowai mel puiHiiaM to adjptunmptit Ih ieglilni , session, resphtt Hilpprvl^rtf- W. i£ r_L,.. .yi., f. ... *>..» COUOHINfi, frtUSCULArt TIGHTNESS OF RTBtDTIIHferubon Vtcks VapoRut). l(s relief-giving afitlon starts instantly... ! to relltye distre».ln the night even Khtlt' you f child sleeps I ' VVhen you rub it on throat, chest and, back, Vicks .VappEub sttaM'rigblf-to'- work to sobthe Irritation; ease jwughiT Ing,-relieve muscular sorehess ana tightness. And' vapoBub' keeps ,on working ior hours in . the .night to So it's battery froubte again', Why not tet- oi irtsta!! a* new one crhd bring ybiir driving problems A\rbs r s' Frbiri Lbgioii ritflf. ' . ' r i Our Extra Care Mfedris Longer Wear ' * *•* ( * A 4 S I am iftoving Marcll 1 ! I will sell at Public A\ietl6tf ofa the Mrm 2^ riilles east of Algeria; oii J Gre^,S^ Rond '• /'- -" • - -.h/'iftt:^ Thur SALE TO 27 HEAD OF FALL PSGS 275 LARGE TYPE LEGHORNS in good production MACHINERY Mb'del : A'Jfhrf De&re traclbr; 6rj rub' fRACTQRS, COMBINE 1 E-Z Plfje li^cjor seat BleeVwHe^ls, wheel weights and fend, ,, .grs ^pr above tractor * John r Deere 2 • row mounted 2SA ' ' . picker • , < . ' J[O|IB Peers, P imctpr , ' 2-boJtprn 14-in. 4B John Deere plow LsWg'-b^librn 16-inch A, C. plow Jphn Deer» J5»fJ, disc / "' CfiBO^CjOnv^Irjo wuh A, 0^ motor and tandern wheel attachment Case Superior Hydraulic" Falm Hand hjiy aiid maoure loader mounlable on , mos^ ' lra?tois • ' ,(, » , Johh , John ,, sp^ed' facjf g' JOVi' t*,' ' ' hoj>. ' 1 , .{ John Deere 999 corn planter wilh au* tpmailc hill drop; 120 rods wire, wire Winding altach'rrtint ^J- f J- .*..,«:'. lr',^» >"!M,' ^. y *J A '^ Hffi |5|eel wlhefl'^Vir' ^ ,1 flare wagon ^ox * 1 hay reel? „., ' Single row cwltivator' John De«r0 binder, «»ed rower n and Ceding Equipment F??4 140 ' large h, a y j f I l«»tderf 3 15.bu }( *^» bunlqH i 19'flt but .'hjog wuwtr? i»item»$|? ^fl^wlihpoiwlj P? I ?^i ?,.l whl^gW,., MM .commode 1*1 m $\, h<?g wmmi :J;i ; '{t 'iif'b;, v. f^ iw^vl

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