The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1948 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 15
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f"i'!g!£wlY f> > \ * ! . ;< ? ; r ••'' ; "T f'V'i'^ "••'?,'' "'' %''; "^-'' '.„ fe ^.^-^^. Rock Jesse Blanchard Named President Of New Group / Lone Rock — An .organization meeting of the Lope Rock Cdm* f»»mUfllty club was hold last Friday night, Feb. 3, at the.Lbfie R6ck f, sclibol gymnasium. A board of d redtors was elected by the grotip 'attending the meeting. They are »» JeSs'e M. Blanchard Jr,, as presi- tteflt of the Community club; /t Hafold A. Holmgren as Vice pl-esi- dent, and "Erich See'gbarth as sec- j-etary-treasurer. Other members " gi'SAft Priebe, Don Houck, Ralph Blasted t, KarLfiwoldt, Alfred pSchadendorf and Lem Marlow. , Committees appointed to serve',' some temporary ,*wer{§: entertain- mom committee ••— Erich Serge- barth, chairman, Art Priebe and i H.' -A., Holmgren; refreshment committee — Bernard Jensen, chairftian, and E. M, Jensen; sports committee — A. A. Krueger,' chairman, Merton Larson and <> H.'A. Blanchard; public service committee — J, M. Blanchard Sr., chairman, Angus Cotton and Art Priebe; excuse committee — Lem Marlow, chairman,- Karl EvVoldt «• and 'J. M, Blanchard Sir> Membership committee—Angus it * Cotton, chairman, Jack Quinn, Orrtie Behrends, Ralph Thompson," Joe Culbertson; holiday com- v' mittee — Lorenz Gejtzenauer, chairman, W. J. Cott6n," W. G. 1^ IJlaig; skating rink'committee — Jack Quinn, chairman, < Bud Lee Community Club Organizes, Elects Cotton, H. A. ..-----, for organizing community. riMSjeots. and"to attempt 'to jprovfde* organised feritertainment for thfe'y&Ung "people. The'melt- ings will be held at the school was more <».. same 'By DICK POST ; A few folks stopped me on the street and in the posioffice 'last week, and said: ''Where is some more "of your,' corney writing; Dick?"; -Now,,-1 don't know whether to take those remarks as a compliment 'or not. But,,anyway I art -wiriding''up ijagain .this week .and, letting^ fly" i .'^figured that'ifTwas goirig to. •keep this up,'more "or less, J Kwotild have to get -some ' g'bdd' '/solid ' stuff into this , colurrihj along with my usual about birds and moving. We've got a big, book at home with a lot of sayings by famous men,. so I dug into it. After going through a bunch of • pages, this one. caught my .eye, because in some ways it apolies v to the moving business: X,'The one who will be found capable; of great acts is ever,.the,one who is always-do-' ing the small considerate ones." .. That little old statement it a pretty good one to apply lo this moving business/ in .a way. We haye to pay just as ' much attention to the 'Ijttle i things as the big ones—we can't bm'ove • a family's grand piand. **ake a lot of care with it, and hen get reckless .with the aby's high chair. Everything ' Ae rrfove from one place to an- jJher has to get there in apple- Reshape. Clean'trucks, special' 3uipment, experienced furni- f ( ro handlers and full insurance $<your stuff are,some'of the )l«sons why Post can handle fjliur moving job. ' ' r ,v- jJThat brings us up- to this Jarch 1 moving season. That's I/hen lots of families move, and I 1 , sure piles up the work. If; %e can got yourjmoving 'date |jwn on our calendar, it makes Lthat" much better, 'Don't wait W 1 the rush—give us a c^ll now Kid give us the details' of your I«ve, Just lift up your phone, Ml ?98, and half of your'job »r,^i—^ done then> ; ,,-, J • .,-, I hope I've/done my by the moving "subj • ,. see by how^uch^ Sotjone star^ ringing,'?" ^ of these fine days'-spor* !'m going to cragh throygh'wjth, r,write-up pn those bjrd.'' e yoq nil the Jates now, we -are hav ' . . , -and it is' going to be intevegtipg" fa gee what ' *-i r , JV* ,a -•. j»M»*»waj evening* Feb. 19. Anyone Interested in the betterment of the c&iiimUnity ate urged to come to these meetings. A directors meeting will be-h,e\d at the Lone' Rock bank at 1 p. m. Monday, Feb. 16. * Ladi«s Mile Society The Ladies Mite/Society met at the .home of Mrs; A. L. Cotton With Mrs. L. Kingma assisting hostess,,, Thursday aftei-noon. There were 30 members and 13 guests present. Discussion of the creamery dinner they are to serve Thursday, Feb. 12, was held. The Bible study was given by Rev. L, Kingma. The next-meeting Will be held Thursday. Feb. 19 at the home of Mrs. Fred'k Schultz, with Mrs. C. F. .Schultz as assistant hWtess. The program will deal with memb&rship, Lunch served by the hostesses. Are fcittner Hosis > Mr. ahd Mrs. E. A. Lee entertained the following at a 7 o'clock dinner Wednesday evening: Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Schuler. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dahl and Dick, Mr. Verne Wegner, Adelaide 1 Hougan. Agnes Olson, Violet ' Knutsen. Adeline Erdahl and Melba Kettleson, all of.Swea City. 40 Ai Card Pariy A card party was' held Tuesday evening, Feb. 3 at the Lone Rock gymnasium, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. They had an Attendance of 40 persons present. Prizes were won by: high for women fay Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt, low for women by ' Mrs. Erich Seegebarth, high for men by 'Dick O'Donnell, and low for men by Erich Seegebarth, with Sieb Behrends winning the chair prize. The next card party will be held Thursday evening. 'Feb. 12 sponsored by the Band Mothers. A Birthday Parly Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Anderson and Marlene were Sunday dinner guests at the- Elmer JRulb'y hprhe at Lu Verne. Mr.'- Anderson celebrated his birthday Friday 'evening, Jan, 30,. at his home \yith-the following pres'ent at his birthday party,: Mr. .and Mrs. .Floyd' K'eptke, Mr,- and -Mrs. Ray.lW.estling^and «*>»**•? i Vt>*4 W n.C.1 TJ^i ._li " Tijr-- '_.. -t -« •• *May tag Company Buys Hampton M.. Gross and Legal Rights of Harried Women and the Family Entertains given by Mrs. Lloyd Schenck. s Mr. and Mrs. Warren Thompson- and Lyle, spent- Tuesday 'evening at th e Marvin Kucck home at Seneca. ' ' , Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Wood spent Thursday shopping in Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder attended the funeral ot Mrs. Geo. « . * *\ v r ; *-**»^* w * 1 6«;i,wA r -*-K' i? * He^,recefveH - 'several' 'i gif ts'A, an Junch'consisting of,cake and'honfe. inade ice cream,we're served. Hurt Twp. Farm Bureau ' "A Burt township Farni Bureau !ollow-up meeting was held Friday, Jan. 30. at the'home of'Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer with Mrs. Kenny Cook, Mrs. Lloyd Schenck qf'Burt. and Mrs. H. A. Holmgren as assisting hostesses. There were- 29 ladies present with the lessons, extile ^painting given by Mrs, C. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmer, Margaret and Mary Ann, R. T. Angus and Grace, and N. L. Cotton spent Tuesday visiting relatives in Rochester. Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nelson returned from their wedding trip, a~ week ago after visiting relatives at Des Moines, Ogden. and Dubu- qub, and-traveling through the Ozarks to New Orleans. They are now at home on a farm ly. miles southeast of Lone Rockl The American Legion Auxiliary held its February meeting Wed' nesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ralph Thompson, with Mrs. Merwin Marlow assisting hostessr There were 14 members and 4 visitors present, The visitors;were Mrs. Wayne Lynch, who is now a member, Mrs: W. G. Flaig, Neva Thompson and Mrs. Lillie Thompson. Anyone who wishes may'at- tend the meeting at Lakota February 10. 'The next meeting will be held March 3 at the home of Mrs.'. Beulah Montgomery with Mrs. Erich Seegebarth assisting hostess 1 . The program will deal with community service to be i*iven by Mrs. Merwin Marlow. Lunch was served by the host- Koestlcr at the Lutheran church at Burt Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Olson of Buena Vista college of Storm Lake was a Wednesday supper guest and all night visitor at the P, M. Christenson home. He met with the session during the evening. t Mr .and Mrs. Joe Ciilber.tSon sp.ent Thursday afternoon, at the Bill Sarhm home at Rutland. Odoy Cherland and his uncle Carl Cherland, the latter of Blue Earth, Minn., left Friday morning to attend the funera 1 ! of another uncle, Ole Cherland at Highmore, South Dakota. Erwin Frink and Hildreth Pettit of near Whittemore, and Alton Pettit were Friday business callers in Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hanna and children were business callers at Fairmont, Minn., Tuesday and also called on his mother there, Mrs. EHa Hanna. Helen, Donald. Dicky and-Jerry Jensen were Friday dinner guests at the A. A. Krueger home. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Acker- c on of Wesley were Thursday evening supper and evening guests at the George Lon'g home. There will be a meeting of the officers of the church concerning .he constituting of the New Life s'". „., .. Art Priebe attended a fruit .school-Monday at Ma^oh Ci.tjj's- -VAdblf,,"- Foth'' of Bancroft,''spent Thursday at-the Lorenz Geitzenauer home. ' , . , . '' ", ' Mrs. ''Robert Bates, 'Susan ahd Jack,,Mrs. RuSs'ell Bates ahd Joe spent Monday at the Ralph HUrl- burt home. ,• • '• Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McArthur attended the funeral of her uncle Clarence Montgomery at Forest City at the Methodist church Tuesday. They were 6:30 dinner guests at,the Ben Meyer lome at Algona 'Wednesday evening. ,, , . " Mr,, and Mrs. Walter Thompson, Another* Norton jhfog Feeder OnltsWctiy! See Norton's Now for Any'of These Portable Farm Buildings: • HOG FEEDERS • CATTLE FEEDERS • HOG HOUSES • CHICKEN HOUSES • BROODER : HOUSES • • TEED BUNKS • HOG TROUGHS • MILK HOUSES Each, building built to exact specifications approved by foremost farm authorities. Constructed in our yard by expert, carpenters. movement council for the church. P..M, Christensoh has been elected chairman by the session for this new life council. All officers of the church are asked to come Wednesday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Ed Meyer of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hutch- mspn oil Bancroft, Lizzie. Grace and Fred keyer", Lloyd HUtehln- son and boys were all Monday evening guests at k birthday par* ty at the Frank Meyer homa in honor of their daughter Gcral* dine's ninth birthday. WHV OON'T VOU OROWM VOUR SOJ5ROW B.E Goodrich F. BUILDING Delivered To Your Farm SON MATERIALS FUEL ALGONA, IOWA FUNERAL HOME "WHERE ' REVERENCE AND DIGNITJV . ENSHRINE A SACRED MEMORY" " \ ^ Ambulance Service Day or Night Phone 11 Algona. Iowa it to chance pur ear Safe driving depends largely on a Safe car. The car (you drive may be a pdfential criminal, a killer-and. NOWOREN! ; : , 1 Mile Wst^j From NO, lo? '-' i, 1 A 5 *T "* '"' ' ' % ? / *"• 8ATTIRIES < TIRiS. <wxfp*i rr"KT.'\.FSKtt »t«r» WH«p-s;«i< ptBOUffe-W idya^e If ura'llr0iuo »r^n-St«i«.*"v;x*-i mAy ,'- m l^gpl);^ *-'F*', •;ll|!p*P|BK4s npi • * •, may be liabie.^Ypu can** afford to leave ". • SAFETY, to/chance.' If your car hasn't been checked *' / ' ' ^or reconditioned recently, don't 'de-Jay-bring it in ; . v ' today. Driving is a BIG responsibility, especially if ^yqurJcar_is^o/d^_Betfer_be Safe than Sorry! f \< , ;- • •' 'Have^YoMr'* Car^ Reconditioned \. - • ihere,\Now!, i • i \ , i i f As an authorized new Car Dealer weyare best equipped to do the v * ' V ^ ' i •* Ijob,_Our mechanics are tops. •• , ourlwork>eliabte. i* ' \ r * *• v ' * i - -'.•• •^*','"S. r 7-, } -fr r '' v~*> "" v "'«** "."" ''->''' * * ••f''j '; ! '<- W',•'>> '•.>.!,«> h . , ,i sS^^f^S^lS^SI^ '% '•^;^!%^|gyCTg$^^^ /^iDn*Jiifi.^a/^iiiElyiib1^ •3 "r*"'' , r i t\< $ i '^ ! >' i . . ' r " .f'^\ ,! ' C FOR YOUR OLD TIRES You'll get a standout bargain when you purchase new B.F,Goo'drkh,S.ilve,r- towns;for you'n,c&r; We'll give you>a,most liberal trade-in, allowance''f or -your old tires on new Silvertowns. IN YOUR MEW TIRES Silvertowns give-mofp, nfcleagV because they Ate bujlt with the broader-; faced tread.', SilvertOWns) gh'e' rt'ote' safety because the .stronger cord body resists road shocks bptter." Y B.F.GOODRICH TIRE CARRIES A ^^S^PH^i'VvV^AM V J S"*i,f t s H , •: <r«4>'ll pif MORE,- h > -«' l '"8°-«"" 1 ', ( ,,i wfety for your '' '<; >?$ money OK RUBBER WELDERS 'f- I'hone 308; .LESTER DeBOLT ,•*/%.*! n-" ''•.,•' ,.,i',i '"'s'-'K . , , :,. 1:18 N, /Thwington / ^ ™±MMM^ FIRST IN RUBBER in table radios from ' " J j» , <-> ' I J- v - ' -.7"*- -i> • .\* • \ ai •• Rig in Performance! ||gj .iff«^^.fi <*«if«* -— — — c f--i-^. \wSJT"! ^im f\.j -.^t,y • •• f >. ^•-/'V^U v; 1 '. >.'.')' : i:^:k> ':'#&'^ " ~i<•-.-'."-,'- }?' ',-• - t ^\ -*»» * - ^JMIiliiliL. ' *'. ^ '•'<'> ^""""""""""""".""."""""i'-S 1 '" ,-"'4$T^T ' -i ^^H^^&*S w^^^f9^'' : ^

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