The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1948 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 11
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V, iiffemore iilffldifei Mf. and Mrs. El•Ruhnke. were, pleasantly s'ed , Thursday evening 'a fiufnbor of relatives and s gathered' at their home .farewell party. Present Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seely, hd Mrs. Ellsworth Heiden•Mr. and Mrs, Forrest Oil- more, Mr. and Mrs. Merlyft - oner, Mr. and' Mrs. Harlaff'Bal* 2cman, Mr. arid Mrs, ErMest Vtcycr, ahd Mr. and.Mrs/Miltort ispc, Whittemore, and -Mr. and Vlrs. Donald Hulburt, Algona; The Ruhnkes will move north -of Depew in the hear future. The evening was spent playing card's. Milton Espe and Mrs. Ernest Meyer, winning high. Ernest Meyer and Mrs. Ellsworth Hei", denwith, low. Elmer Ruhnke received the travel prize. Lunch was served following the enter* tainment. a , Birthday Parly ai Burl Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Meidenwith, Mr. and' Mrs. Herman Voigt, Mr. and, Mrs. MOSES WAS RIGHT! • The remodeling of the Baptist church will be finished by Easter if it's only oil they need! • There would be no oil shortage in Algona if every customer would help themselves like our customers do by putting in larger storage and filling in the summer and keeping the v tanks full. . e Would coal companies have coal if their customers bought only in the winter and-then bought it by the pail? • It's timo the plumbers of Algona woke up and 'sold nothing, less than 1,000 gallon tanks with their oil burners. DY THE WAY-WE HAVE ANOTHER CAR OF 1,000 GALLON TANKS COMING THIS MONTH. • 5,000 years ago, Moses said: Pick up your ' shovel, mount your asses and camels, and go •.forth to the promised la'nd. V,* 5,000 years Cater our administration changed /this to read:' "Throw down your shovels, sit on your chair (or anything), light up a camel, • cmd this IS the promised land." c By the'way, we hope the high school gives us another program like Henry Scott. •:-''If-It's Hard to Get, We Got It! Clapsacldle & Beringer Phone 695 Ells'wdtth Heidenwlth and sort Lyle helped Miss Rosella Voigt, Algona,- celebrate her birthday, Tuesday evening, Feb/ 3, at the honte of her brother-in-law artd sister, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ollom, Burt. Thfee New Cars ' , Martin" Zimmerman, Harvey Mergeh . and Herbert Schmitt were in Des Moincs, Thursdayj where they brought back three new Kaiser automobiles. Zimmerman and Ostwald, dealers of the Ffa^er and Kaiser cars, sold three last week. Two of the cars sold were received Thursday. Those who have bought ahd have their licenses ,to 'date are Albert Meyer, Lotts Creek: Jas. Shipler, Algorta; v.anc^ A. -E. Irmiter, Armstrong. A Pinoftile Parly Mr, and Mrs. Milton Espe entertained a .group of young people 1 at their' -home last Sunday evening , at pinochle. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watman, Irvington, 'Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ollom, Burt, Rosella Voigt, Algona, Mr. 'and' Mrs. Ed- Win Greinert, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumach, Mr.- and Mrs. Her,man Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gade, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Roebe'r. Edw,in Greinert and Rosella Voigt, won high; Gerald Ollom and Mrs. Herbert Zumach, low; travel prize also went to Edwin Greinert. Mrs. Espe served a luncheon following the card games. A Birthday Parly •A number , of relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer Wednesday evening to celebrate Mrs. -Meyer's birthday. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seely and son Keith, Mr. and Mrs. William Ostwald and family, Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Meyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert and daughters Verdell and Barbara. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Bruhn and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, Heidenwith, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumach and -Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt. The' 'evening was spent playing cards, which was followed by a lunch. '."" , ' Whilfemdfe WifttieM ^ •' ' A 'special meeting of the Whittemore Winners 4-H club' WaS held Monday afternoon at,the home of Arlene Hedin. .Those" present enjoyed an hour of skating, which was followed b'y a lunch brought by the 'members. Immediately after 1 their lunch they worked on their long tim'fe record books and also wertt through their nutrition record books for this year. In their business meeting they decided to send $3.00 for seed to be sent to Europe. A 7'/ 2 -lb. "Promotion" A sev"en and a half pound son was born February 1 to Dr, and Mrs. E. B. Mathiasen of Marion, 111. Mrs. i Mathiasen is th'e former Arlerte Hargreaves of Algona, This promotes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carmody of Whittemore to great-grandparents, Mrs. Mathiasen being their granddaughter. OsiWald Guests Mr. and Mrs. William Ostwald had as guests at their home 1 Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. 'Bert Seely, Mr. and MBS. Elmer Ostwald, Mr, and MBS, Eugene Elbert of Whittemore, Mr, and Mrs. Tim _ Klein. 'Cards Were the evening's entertainment, Mrs. L. W. Swanson and son Leo Jr. visited Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs. Swanson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Verri Shinn, Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Meyer and Mr. and' Mrs. George Meyer were Sunday evening visitors at /the Arthur Heidenwith home. Mr. and Mrs. Scotty McLeou and Beverly Butler, Sioux City; visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Fuchsen over the weekend. The bans of marriage Were announced for the second time in St.. Michael's Catholic church Sunday of the approaching marriage of Marion Haag and Merle Gouge of Algona. Miss Haag was honored with a .shower at. the Academy hall Sunday afternoon. Walter Kleinfehn of New FOR SAL€ V The following ilems will be sold sharply al 1 p.m., at Ihe Loss & Mawdsley sale Tuesday, Feb. 17, as listed below: ' i F-20 TRACTOR, LIGHTS, ROAD GEAR CULTIVATOR 2-16 IN. PLOW i Kenneth Curran - As w^i^'l^lYiiib* partnership ivc are offering tliis good lier<I of livestock for sale, at our farm rated tmHffilcs eilW'and three miles south of Algona or 1 mile north % ""le east of Irvington, on located Sale Starts 1:00 1VBT. 168 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 34 High Producing Milk Cows ao Holsteins and 4 Shorthorns. 28 of these coiyH are milking now. 20 of those cows have fresh-. onoO since Oct. 1st. Five will freshen close to sale date. These'cows are all good producers »ml-they .are mostly all young qowsy Two Holstein heifers to freshen in June.' ll One 2-year-old Purebred Holstein Bull ttamptpn visited .here, a week with his sisters, Mrs. Frarik Spille$ and Mrs. Frank Burke. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kliegel and fairiily visited at the • Francis Livingston home in Algona, Sunday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs. Tohl Miller ahd Mr. and Mrs. William Rooney of Armstrong visited at the, home or Mr. and Mrs. John Waldron afld Mrs. Kate Cullen, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Waldron Jr, and daughter of Sherburn, Minn., visited at the parental homo of Peter ^ Waldron, Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Richardson of Sioux Falls, S. D., arrived here Tuesday ev'enirig 'to visit at the home of R. Li-Richardson. Mrs. Rose Potter, sister of Mrs. Frarik Burke and Mrs. Frank Spilles of Whittemore, left for Iowa City, where she will visit with two of her brothers-in-law. She Visited here since Christmas and will return to her home in : 26 Winter Calves M'htch consist of 5 Angus and Holstein crow, 4 Shorthorn, 14 Shortliorn'.Holnteln cross, 2 Hpl- i^ioln bull calves and 1 Hojsteiri heifer cnlf* a'hose (Jiilves run in,weight frflin 150 Ihs, to 400, JUs. T||oj:>«ro,iUU'oofl, healthy cnlves, „ ^, r •>, ^, ^ ^ 'i * ^ ] s - _._ ' ' " tf 20 2-year-old Steers and Heifers Wt, 800-1400 Ibs. 15 of these are Shorthdrus, 5 Jjlack, .These cat* t Jo are fat, • • • ^i-tfi- 16 Yearling Steers and Heifers Wt 400-800 lb«, Nine of these are Shortharns, 7 are Shorthorn i»id Holstein cross, These cattle are in gpofl shape, ' I', ' 18 Head of Feeder Pigs 754.10 Ibs, Tliese yjgs are ft h.enUliJ't -,- « i- > - • ( tt«|S.. 53 Head of Sheep > head of ewes, bred, tQ Jw«»l> i« AypM» plieep, ^si«aHI«mb, ^ * ' ' ^ ' ,f- Vr^ •'' " 'l^ '^ f 'M ", ,','vf. '^f lthloliB^^riW lYlUiinbher/tfp^ wa lit swb wwiw »rag» »Wi Tw» .*^4-iro»i^ l«r f »i» |o^ sUw,^»f ^l,|g^t^g^^ j :J> " i'^^WM** 1 ^ '< :v ^ Vw ', i, , }£* ' ff, w «:- L- ,nf f{ f\ «-»' i/i, f-^3i .: f ,^K\ ».%•« i? .' ,« t .r, f,ei ,j> .'£•-•>- ' . ^j. _ i *.- v >i i ' 44] Park Rapids, Minn., after a Visit with relatives in Iowa City.' Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Benschoter had as dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Jcrgens, West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs of Bradgate, Sunday. Evening calJ- efs were Mr. and Mrs, Cliff Bowman, Algona. 1 August Roeber, who has been employed the past two years for Edmund O'Brien, took a short vacation when he visited at the home of his brother-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. William Koeh- necke in Sheldon. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kollasch had as guests at a turkey dinner, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller and Mr. and Mrs. William Rooney, Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert O'Brien and family, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hyink and John Kollasch. The occasion was in honor of the birthdays of Mr. Kollasch and his daughter Ann. Mrs. Nell Farrcll has returned home from San Francfsco, Calif., * ,? Tuesday, February 10,' 1$4§ Alaana .pjkti 1 Oil ttafftw where she spent three months with her Son Francis and family, The Farrells now have a son five years and a daughter three months old. Mr. and 'Mrs. Alfred Meyer had as dinner guests,, at their home, Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer, Mr, and Mrs. Hugo Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. tt, W. Behnke, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Brace and family, and Mr. and ' Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith. The rest of the evening was spent playing cards, which was followed by a luncheon before the guests departed for home. Far Exceed Quota Hagg post of the Legion is now 100 or thereabouts over its state quota for the year and has a membership of 410, but the boys are still not satisfied, and are aiming at 500. The post has received new 1903 „,— rifles to replace older* gUrtg tofore in use. New 'colors been ordered. ' - Algonans Place On Honor Roll . Cedar Falls— Mary J. arid Darel V. Larsen 6f were riamed to the honor the • Iowa State Teachers for the fall quarter, Dr Nelson, dean of the faculty, announced today. . ,' A total of 185 students— 91 men and 94 women — were named to the honor roll for the first twelVfe weeks of the year. To be eligible", students must carry 14 or more hours and maintain a grade point average of 3.33. Under the Teadh- ers college grade system, an "A" is four points, a "B" three "C", two points. ,_< Pay as you drive if you wish Men's Brand-New \l O UR men do a master job of keeping Buicks right up to Buick high standards. They can get everything out of them that there is to get. But maybe you'd like the thrill of a brand-new engine in your car. If so, we're'ready to do that job too —ready to put a straight-from-the- factory engine in any Buick built since 1937. You get an entirely new engine. It has a hew carburetor and air cleaner. It has a new distributor with both vacuum and centrifugal spark control. It has new wiring and spark plugs—even a ne^ smooth clutch that eases every start and makes driving fun.' On top of all that, this engine brings youthelatestBuickfeaturesyouread about- 1 -features like precision cylinder boring and Flex-Fit oil rings, Stratoflow cooling and all, the rest. We have these enginessfor you right now because Buick engine production is running ahead of complete car output^. " . - So, in less tune than a good overhaul would take—and frequently at less cost—you can have a car with everything a brand-new-Buick engine can give you, and a car worth much . more when you're ready to turn it in. Good deal, isn't it? Worth looking into? Drop around and let us give you all the facts arid figures. 104 NO. JONES ST. •f KIRK AUTO GO ALGONA/IOWA< Bring Your Car to KIRK AUTO for ,/,It,-.-*-r^r.,;c h ' --^ M i {f IUBRICATION -,.* WASHING BATTERY SERVICE « MOTOR OVERHAUL t t MOTOR TUNi-UP ANTI-FREEZE WHEEL BALANCING >' \ <*, f-% ^<&£-;tA " l ;^ ^i/v,* Complete Line of U. S, ROYAL TIRES th0 kET US'SHOW YOU WHY U IP I I, L... .. *3 .fey

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