The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1948 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 6
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Wfc, o-Op Elevator On MelMI tuMifay, ttktatoy 10, 1948 iifemore teftiofja—The Whittemorc tiVo Elevator held its eldc- officers on Thursday even- KoUasch was elected ir of the group; August audt fir., vice prpsident; Frank Bestenlehner, secretary; Mike Jjandel,- honorary director. Other airectots on the boai'd arc Charles BormatoiT' Wallace Simpson Frnnk < *Foley, and George Wmkel. Ate "SuO"-Hosti! Mr. and Mrs. Milton Espe entcr- .tamed last Sunday at a 500 party Guests' iritluded: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hanson, Mr. and Mis Herman Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Qade, Mr,.and Mrs. Herbert Zumach, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Roeben Mr. and Mrs. Percy Oat- nem, Qttosen; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ollum, Burt; Rosella Voigt, Algona; Prizes wer6 received by Edwin Greinert, high and travel prizes; Mrs. Edwin Greinert, high for women; Mr. Gerald Ollum," low; and Mrs. Herbert Zumach, low for women. Physical {:Checkup Mrs. Henry Folder has been having a physical checkup at Rochester. A granddaughter, Catherine Sullivan is in nurses' training at Rochester and she will also visit her. ing. A Mysiery Solved A local iw.oman though! she had a case for a sleulh when after a light snowfall she returned home to see tracks of a single person coming from her Home. One fool of the person or persons was about a size or so larger than the other foot. One had a high heel and the other a flat heel and one quite a bit wider than the other. On inquiry it was learned that no one had been at the house. For several days, a vain effort was made to solve the mystery of either two one legged persons or one person with freak feet. Several nights later when the woman started putting on her goloshes she solved the mystery. Someone had gotten goloshes all mixed up somewhere. She feels pretty sorry for the one who is try- in to get flat heels and a larger sized shoe into the high heeled golosh which is miss- .i Spilles, Hostess Mfs, Frank Spillos entertained the, Neighborly club at her home on Thursday. All twenty members were present and two gur"?t&, Mrs. Mike Thul and Mfs. Godfrey SchUltz. Prizes were won by Mrs. Wm. Fandel, high; Mrs. Jack Spurgcon low; Mrs. Helen Foloy, travel and chair prizes. Mrs. ShculU icceiv. ed a guest prize. Mrs Mary Kleinfehn, mother of Mrs. Spilles, who is 92 years old, last October 1, presented each member nf the club with two ctocheti'd potholders which she had crocheted for them. Mrs. Rose Potter, a sister of Mrs. Frank Spilles, whose homo is at Park Rapids, Minn., has been Visiting at the Spilles' home. She left on Friday for Iowa City for a short visit with friends before returning home. Whittemore Winners The 4-H Whittemore Winners held their February meeting at the Louis Greinert home with Naoma Greinert the hostess. The program included a demonstration on Soups for Energy given by Naoma Greinert and Mary 'Lou Schuler; Peggy Palton spoke on Meats I for Breakfast. Beverly Zumach discussed Saving Time While Cooking; Mrs. Ferdinand Ostwald and Mrs. Harry Schmeling told the group about table'setting and concluded with a discussion of meats in menus Sewing Club Meets v Neighborly Social Sewing club met on • Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Ferdinand Oslwald. Only one member was absent. This club includes all the 'neighbors'• on the road one mile south of town and several miles east of highway 44. The group includes: Mcsdames Alvin Kun/., Hugo Meyer, Sam Shipler. Alton Rochleau, Fred Kohllasch, Orville Kollasch, Nick Reding, Mrs. Henry Shultz, Mrs. Ruth "Schultx, Cleophas Derner, Peter Fandel. Walter Fandel, Simon Kish. John Erpelding, Arnold Knecht, W. E. Patton. Pot Luck Supper The Whittemore Winners 4-H club held a pot luck supper party on Friday evening at the Mrs. H. E. Frost home with Arlenc Heciin as hostess. After supper - the group worked on the long time- record books. The Nutrition record books were given to the members by their leaders, Mrs. Ferdinand Ostwald and Mrs. H Schmeling. The evening was so successful it is planned to have other suppers. The C.D.A.s hold their February meeting on Thursday evening at tHe Presentation Academy* hall Follbwing the business meeting D Valentine^party was Held, x V6rne Malthas moved frorruhis farm south of town to A fatrrt, which he' has purchased near Clear Lake. Mr. and Mfs. Chas Salz will move on the farm vacated bv the Mathas family, Pal Reding of Algorta bi'ought Sr. Mary Conicc and Sr. M. Terecita, of the St. Cecelia's faculty to the oratorical contest sponsored by the American Legion and held 'n the Academy hall here. Sr. M. Conico taught here .24 years ago. Mrs. George Bosch of Buffalo Center has been staying at the home o£ her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Alig while her children recuperate from ,a recent illness. Mrs. John Waldron accompanied her son Thomas Rooney to Clear Lake on -Monday night when she was called there by the llness of her daughter, MrsrStan- ey Borgen who has been having he flu. On Wednesday Mr..and Mrs.: Thomas Rooney went to Cleal- Lake and brought Mrs, Wai- Jron home, also Tommy; the Brogan ' youngster, who will stay lore, until his mother is better. The Joseph H. Beschs moved o a farm near Graettinger' on Thursday. They were assisted'in settling in their new home by Mrs. Ballou's parents. The child- en have just recovered from •hickenpox and arc celebrating. Annual Meet Form loon In Algona, 12th The, members of the Algona National Farm Loan association will hold their annual meeting on Thursday, February 12, 1948? in the Algona Methodist church dining room. Dinner will be served at noon and will be followed by a business session and program. Th:: association makes farm loans in Kossuth county through The Federal Land Bank of Omaha. Nile C. Kinnick, pictured above, of the Federal Land bank will bo the principal speaker. Hank Hook of Mason City's radio station KGLO will be on hand to help develop the convention spirit. Prizes will be distributed in the course of the entertainment. Henry Scheppmann, Irvington, is president of the local association. Other directors are Hugh Raney and Douglas Wildin of Algona, Lawrence Dittmer of Lone Rock and George Jutting of Buffalo Center. Eugene E. Hutchins is secretary-treasurer. V/ANT ADS BRING RESULTS. THE ELECTRIC REFRIG1 IEMSATION! 1. A 7 Cu,, Ft Deluxe Refrigerator 2. A 3. A Combining. ftfri|tratoc 4 ?'/j^WKel frozen fcod lexkot Where? Right Now at ^^^^ ^.'BSitXH iXvX, •><J^ I "'"^JK'"T ^fl'JWHWW^ , T-/ c-^')^'. '"*/"-"" XJ^^Ci^L, ?" 'V i'f.f i •* ^ i : t J EIECTRIC APPJ-IANCtS "Service ifhind Every Sole" PhpnelD75 Algona, TomArizoi tong. 4 - e what it ftfext luljN , wliriO.dflwn to aj$ut 38 Ajgdna Newspapers, Gentlemen; i ' Please -find enclosed my for $6.00 'extending my subscrip liort* to Feb. 1049<to v your We do enjoy. them >-both. When I <lef t'i there a year ago* 1 had! planned on going iintfr .some other kind . of worlt * down , here, but it just didn't Happen that way, A> t a result 1 1 am in the same old > rut, 1 doing chiefly 1 a horse and cattle practice, I 'am glad to report that -Mrs. tfox has made a slow but' satisfactory recovery this past year, and' -any* one unfortunate enough to" hafte arthritis will Verify that stateV ment. I am located^ aHC^sa^Grtmde, Ariz!., a cow and cdttori town-j'h the heart of, the Casa G.fande valley. This is the very fertile area, and produce's chiefly eot- :on, .alfalfa,, maize and vegetables, and the price of land-'pei* acre runs fully as high or higher than in Iowa. I must qualify su ss n say it wiirlteifioVarld/thi, shines eVery day? t 'Sifice* I .. have been. in Arizona. We. have, actually ha'd two ddtid&.days ' Yesterday •Mft.and' McOoy called^bh* us 1 '? 4 the old • Worstedr'pjabe, eight. miles, feciuth and- have beertv heife-- the. past two weeks, but-were.leaV* irtg for-Mesa, AHz.f.tbdayj This particular area- did/}not"Seemr to rfelpj Mr.' McCoy's 4 aSththav They- plan on touring this area until tney locate'a spot ij&hei'e -he< will, get relief. ,. , I think. that about- 1 cover's th'e ne,ws fr6m this settlolni so will stopj and with' kindest' p*ersonil regards to all Of .yoi'f ' L. W, NO. 86 OF A SERIES The Farmers, off Kbssuth County Irvin A. Eischen The smiling young farmer in the picture above is Irvin A. Eischen , ^ armst 160 acres. in Irvington township. "He has 1 b^en $n his present place two years. Irvin served 48 months in the 54th Army Engineers, training recruits in the five arts of using dynamite and building bridges., He was discharged on December 4, 1945; ? »He was married to Caroline Thill of St. Benedict on Sept. 12, 1945, and the young' couple have two small children: Glen, 13 months old, an'dJanet, a wee baby of one month. / Irvin, says he had average good ciops of corn, oats and beans this past year. He had 125 hogs, but sold all of them except 18 brood sows just, before Christmas. 1 ' • L , As to the Doming year of 1948 r Irvin. thinks it will be good,- but adds a (lot of caution by sqy^ ing thai prices could buckle .anytime. Before the war, q'nd before getting intolfarming for himself* he helped his<Dad, N. Eischen, who farms in Prairie township, \ We asked Irvin if he hadiany hobbies, but'he^ was reluctant to tell us. However, Mrs, E!schen< voi* unteered the information that he has two; listening, to prize fights and that "he loves to read" anything.. and everything. . ABRAHAM LINCOLN i A lesson in Living Lincoln symbolizes,America and its opportunities, Today, as in'Lincoln's time, Arnerica'? opportunities continue to; be limited only by our ability to take advantage of them •^ ,. and few succeed, be they rich er RPQk who do not .diligently and estly approach each taslftwit , cere, desire to perform it we||v Sqfe and Confic|ential Bank - HAROLD GIl^JQRE, C e! hier No\ 238HF'. 12 Cultivator , , , . / v •- Dduble' and 'Sirtgle Unit Miners, 6-jFfr Cylinder Type Hay Loader One, Trailingj Lime Spreader , Hdrn Sno-Bockets . 1 > /• i ' , IHC Ail-Purpose Trailer on Rubber Flexible Lever Type Peg Harrow'Sections.. No/6 IHC Hammer-Mill Stainless-Steel'Cream Separator , 1 No. 30 Soil Pulverizer with Gang Extensions x l 1 No. 273 Fertilizer Attachment'for a 4-row International Planter 15 >'Ff, Wide,Type r Tractor Disc ^ 2 1 14-inch" Hi-Speed Plow B6»»dms • 1'3rd Beam'Attachment for No> 8 Little Genius Plow Pneumatic, Rear Wheel ^Attachment foe IHC 'Pfows, * V , 1 , , Power Take-,Off'fpr, H Trwetor, for M Tractor IHC Baler Twine Horn Ail-Steel Wagon Box No. 3 IHC; Bale Loader ' ( No, 30 IHG Hydraulfc Loader. Horndraulic Loader , ' l'/2-2'/2 L.'B. Gas Engine' F-20 Hydraulic Lift-All Pumps, Complete r-12 Tractor on^Rubber with Cultivator • . ; ^ 4-S Stainless-. Steel Cream Separator, Rex built, Priced to Sell ' ! 102 Horse Drawn Planter iwith Fertilizer Attachment 1937 IHC C-lPick-up with Box-Engine Re' built,- Nearly New Tires \ 1 Sargent Hydraulic Loader 'to.FitfH "or M Farmall ' Reguliar; Rrice $;2a2;75^ Salfe Price $195.00 1 1 Hi-Lo Hydraulic Single Cylinder Loader Farmall H or M | List Price $265.00 Sacrificed at $165;00 1 Salsbury 6 H.P. Gasoline Engine with automatic clutch, weight 56 pounds'. List Price $205.00 Our Price $165.00 ! LET US MAKE YOUR MACHINERY REPAIRS NOW i, >;: Algona' Implement experienced farm machinery and. tractor mechanics a.r e ready to give'you- the good service you l want'' o n ^.spring rnachin- ery repairs. Let u s have your work now. Start> spring work with 1 machi n e r.y, ins smooth working order. standard ' , and. s 1941' PONTIAC8 Sdan Coupe I ' 1 -*•» • •> -. *i. ^ N A •:P<H^PN- ; . «pr r- w rr?*™^$ ^^^m,w^,w^m.T *$< m&' ^'/ -<v' «• A -ft¥f 'Jpt^lsff 1 ^;! - • ;\

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