The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 5
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Wealthier fi> 4 ,,''< tUVelfhe—The .music department 6f the (LuVerhc high school Sp-faftsdred a sale of publication of magazines,tff the Curtig'Pubfish- '-ing; Company, The goal was set '/at $400.0?), but the final amdtint . was $632,75. . f , ' The drive was dlvidocUinlo two groups, namely the Go-Getters J ,and the Flyirtg Saucers with De- 1 tores LUnd, ahd Dean Ramus as Captains. The, Go-Getters turned ih $341.00 ahd the Flying Saucers ",$291.75. The highest sales were credited to Mildred Lenz and second high , going to Johnny Tiss. The second highest boy was Clifford Hanson ' and highest girl J6dn Hinz, 'Mildred Lenz, a senior, for the Flying Saucers, individual sales of $103.00 received a large while toy dog from Curtis Publishing Company and a five dollar bill from, Weston Noble. Johnnie Tiss, seventh grade student, and a member of the Go-Gcttcrs turned in $92.00 and received a smaller f og from the publishing company nd $5.00 from Mr. Noble. Clifford Hanson, a junior sales tot|led, $54.00. He received a pocket knife as a 1 prize, Joan Him,, a sophomore, sales were $23.00 and a comp&ct Was her award. When the percent was figured the LuVcrnc high school finds its treasurer has $200.00 as a result of the drive. V VI , Made-To -Measure Clothes Order Now for Spring /* Good clothes that lit will give one a feeling of self assurance. .One, of rthc-ivorihr while slhings ^J.iS. "'«#*$• -\ ' »*; ''•'•- •• __Sevsral^hundred new smart, patterns in 13 price groups. From $37.50 to $99.00 depending upon tha quality you desire. ,• Phone 610 * for Appointment 3!II Steel e Mado-io-Measure Clothes 322 S. Jones Algona ^ J t j ,, ' ' «IjS* ifkitfi' *> > * James Phi'llips,' a scnlttr, acted ns business manager 6f the group. As a reward for thehvcffftts the two team 1 captains ahd th ness manager will be tfeKt steak' dinner by Mr. Kd Word ha<L been reeei the pro-stale music con be held April 3 ahd '10, ists and small ensembles form an April 3 ahd the band and glee club artd larger groups On April 10. The>-place where the contests will bo held has.not'-aeen named yet. , Farewell Patty 'For Hofs . The neighbors of Mr, and Mrs. 1 Edward Hof gathered at their, farm home Friday evening for a farewell party. Mr. and Mrs. Mjbf are moving to town in a few days to the ho'me they boughtteeondy. The evening was spent, playing cards. Mr. and Mrs. Hof Were presented with a purse of iflwh Lunch -brought by Iho guesls served. , United Brethern Woman » The Woman Society of World Service of the Evangelical United Brethern church met Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m., February 5 in the church rooms. Mrs. Bcnn- ard Wolf was• hostess 4 to. the group. . , *. ,*i Mrs. Henry Marty led the devotions with the theme ','We? Pfisss On in the Fellowship of Prayer'. The study, "Committed Unto Us" was continued under the leadership of Mrs. Paul BeckmariAMf-s; Fred Merkle had charge; o&4hc business meeting. The la$;cs ) .arc getting recipes, ready to' qdit a cook book. '""' °' Class Joins phurch . ', ,/.» A class of young pcoplcjp^the Intermediate Youth Fellowship'of the Methodist church- joined the church Sunday morning, February They were as follows*: 'Patty Hansen, Lois Schipull, Nancy Ra- m'us, Nancy Dimler, Ramona Sanford,'Joan Phillips, Jerry Weber, Jerry Zweife,!, Delmar Voss, Dwight Voss, .Dwight Soijensen, Dennis Stpll, Jackie Jerjijensen, Russell Phillips, Lyle Holme&and Jerry Smith, Teddy, Dctthcrihg George Jeffries were ill and couldn't be present. Cemetery Society Meels^'l? £ The LuVerne/Cemetery Society will hold its regular February meeting in the to\y,n hall Thursday afternoon, February '12?*"'The hostesses will be the Mr,si Frank Moeding, Sr., Mrs. Clint6rt O."McClellan and Grace Lichty," t "~ Band Mothers to Meet The -Band ..Mothers -club will meet at the science room of the high school building Wednesday evening, February 11. Mi\|;We£rt- oh Noble, band instrucjor^ wjll be the host to the group. 'The'e'n- tert'ainment wil} be in charge of Mrs. .Ralph Davidson ahd Mrs. Jasper_Vaughn. • • , l/ , .,"?\ ' Evening Star Circle ' ^ The Evening Star Circle*ot'.the Woman's'Society of Christian^SeV- vicc of the Methodist "churClpVill meet Thursday 'evening,' -Febrii- .ary 42 aWhe-home-of ,Mrs. Ken-, rfeth> Sorensoht ! "The ? 'devotions will be.led by_ Mrs.'Jphn'Sfcogmo. The .lesson Will be given by ,Mrs.< Harold Wolf. ^ Z&*'%$, ' Party at Sanfords * ;.' ' , A birthday- party was- held at the Robert Sanford homo 1 ' honoring the birthdays of Billy Hgf, Stanley Genrich an'd RoberfSiSn- ford. Guests were the'"'Harold Wolf, Robert Miller, BUlv -Htff, Stanley Genrich and John SJtamp- <a families, Gale Wolf, all/pf.Lxi- Verne and Martha Mitzrdk of Bode.' ..J; Presbyterian Women ,|' • • The Presbyterian Wom^ivs 1 £$- sodation ^met in the townijhall Wednesday afternoon FebiliaJi'y/4 •*!_ _ _. 1 _Ai^^ 1 _£_*/L tiTOlLi f * (Mi ed in all protc'stant churche§ hroughoui the world Friday, Feb* ruai-y 135 1948. The Presbyterian, Methodist and Evangelical United Brethern churches will cbnduct their 1 uftion services hf the Evangelical United. Brethern dhurch at 1:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 13. .. Committees in charge of the program Will be: Mrs. Henry Marty/ of the Evangelical church, Mrs. Earl Neal of the Methodist church, Mrs. Walter Engel and Mrs, Harry Von Dreska of the Presbyterian church., ' General W.S.C.S. Meeting The*general meeting of the* Woman's Society of Christian Service Will be held in the "Methodist church ropms/Wednesday, Feb. 11. The , devotions, "That They May Be One" will be led by Mrs. C. OA McClellan. The lesson will bpr given by Mrs. Harold Sorenson With the subject "The Way of Brotherhood Is The Way of God." ' Hostesses for the meeting Will be Mosdamcs Archie Sanford, Gerald Brace, Aarpn Steussy, Ralph Davidson and 1 Wilder Rock- wdod. j , ' Pastor on Double Duly- The Rev. L. Wittenberg, pus- tor of the local 'Lutheran church has been serving as a substitute minister tot > the ^Beaver township, four miles west of Tfior. The Rev. G. Mensing who has been the pastor of the country church for Some time has moved to Eagle Grove recently and is the pastor of the church there. ' The Rev. Wittenberg conducts the morning "Sunday' service at 9 a.m., and Will conduct \hc Lenten mid-week service each Wednesday evening. The Lenten service vVill be held each Thursday evening in LuVerne. * Tuesday - Wednesday , February 10-1T a 'CiailoftheCdnyonJ y 1 Co-Hit' "Glamour Gltl" Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. '•> February 12-13-14 ep^fiw fsai&w^..,.-. ^«,--*;»v«>-ii^^>-«^i-H s were led by Mrs. Otto Ramus. Lunch was served by the' hos" tess Emma, Krause, The next meeting will be with Jennie Ma-' son, Wednesday, Fob. 18. United Prayer Service • .A day of prayer will be 6b§eiiv- Zion Lutheran Ladies f The Ladies Society of the Zion Lutheran church met Thursday afternoon 1 in , the church rooms with .a, good attendance. At the business meeting the ladies decided to' get sheets and pillow slips ready for the project of the month of February for the orphanage in Europe they are sewing for. The aid have adopted for the year a Polish Hoy and 'girl in this orphange. The ladies also have a religious study hour at the meeting led by ihe Rev. Wittgnbcrg. Lunch was served by the hostess, Mrs.'Herman Schulz. At County Meeting ' Mr.- and Mrs, C. B.'.Huff, Mr. ai/d Mrs. Guy Giddings, Mr.. and Mrsi Walter Engel, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zweifel, Mrs. Harold Phil- U'RS, Mrs. A. W. Dimler, Mrs. Aaron Steussy, Weston Noble, Lewis Block,' Elton Wopd and Irvir, Chapman went' to .Wesley Tuesday, Feb. 3, evening to attend the county American , Legion and Auxiliary meeting, Mr. Noble ap,- peai-ed 'on the program with several piano solos. , * Rook Club Me3is '< ,The Rook club met at the country 'home of Mrs. Raym'ond Lleg- ler Wednesday evenm'g. Bridge ' ' ' " J .three 1 tables-High -was ^^ sc^rfe ',^va£ ;w§n by 'Mrs. Robert Lux' and low scofe, Mrs. John Skogmc)! «Mrs;., S. R._' Baker, jVIrs: Harry Lichty' andjn'Mrs. 'Jphn Skogmo were"'substitute players. Baby 2 Old Goes Mis., Hospital A son waft born , ai . tHi home here Saturday, id M*. '. arid Mrs. Lawrence Misbach. . Me Weighed etity a litile 6V» er lour pounds, and was at once taken to MercV his/ pilal, Fort Dodge, id be plftc* ' ed in an incubaio*. Mr. arid Mrs. Misbach Have a, j»idif SOn,*Scoii. The mOihef is. the former Virginia Am, of Forl Dodge. Onliiwo h6urs,old ai the time the 42-mile journey to Fori Dodge was begun, ihe - babV WaS' thoroughly butt- died and ihe trip bgean/The- lemoeraiure was nine below at ihe time, and ihe roads '. icy and hazardous. Lawrence drove. , While ihe little one seem-' ed to have suffered no ill, effects from the trip, ihe situation was one thai emphasizes again ihe seriousness of ihe 'local situation with re* gard 10 hospital facilities. Algonan Sells Cartoon Series LeRoy Mathison. Algona high school graduate, who for the past several years has been connected with the art department of the Louis F. Dow Co., St. Paul, large commercial i printing and illustrating firm, has just sold a cartoon series to Western Newspa- oer Union, it, was learned here last week. A series of 26 cartoons have been ordered by the firm, which is a supplier to many of the smaller dailies and practically all weeklies in the United States. An . order from the Algona Newspapers for the v cartoon series by Mathison. h^s been placed with- Western Newspaper Union and they will appear in the local papers shortly. Montgomery Rites Feb. llth Lone Rock: Burial services will be held Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 11, at 2 o'clock at the Baptist church at Swea City for the remains of Li. Harry Montgomery,, returned war' casualty from ' ( France, husband of the former Beulah Gladstone, Lone Rock/ and father of Susan Montgomery of Lone Rock. - He ' will , be buried in ihe cemetery at Swea City. Lay Plans For Red Cross a"uFWilSon hds been hired by the Lakota school to" teach .music and English and she began her teaching duties on "Wednesday. Drive In County Plans are under. Way:for\ the 1948 RdcJ Cross'fund driVe by the Kossuth county; chapter. L. W. Nitchals, AlgojVaJ'has been named chairinan ' of the fund committee and He has started the 'k of organization. Plans are to follow the procedure of prior yearf'and divide the county into' seVeVi areas each containing four -townships. Each Of these' areas will be headed by a chairman Who in' tiirn will name/the workers; giving each aPWftximately .' ! fouri'. sections to Solicit. ' % Plans also call'-'for the naming of a chairman of all the towns yi/ho will name the chairman in each town. Each town chairman will divide- his 'town among the Workers he names. , 'Mrs. Lorraine Dale of Algona has, recently been employed by the KossUth County Red CrOss as Office secretary.' It is planned to haVe the office'open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.. and probably later during the drive. Headquarters for the Kossuth County Red Cross chapter is located in the Hutchison, building, 17'/2 East State street, Algona. Each of the following." towns- h'ave- a branch officer: Bancroft, .Burt, Fenton, Lakota, Lcdyard, Lone-Rock. Lu<Verne, Swea City, Titonka, Wesley, and, .Whitlembnv Farm Sale Dates Narrow To 3 Kossuth county's far'm sale season is drawing to a close. No new sale dates -have been listed in the past Week, and only .three sales remain oh the schedule for the rest of this month. , They are as follows: > Feb. 12—Rortald J.enkins, 2Va miles east of Algona on McGregor St. road. Colwell Bros., auctioneers: Iowa State bank, Algona, clerk. Ad in today's paper. Feb. 17 — Loss & Mawdsley closing out, 5 ,miles southeast of Algona. Colwell Bros., auctioneers; Iowa State bank, Algona, clerk. Ad in today's paper. Feb. 21—E .C. Marty & Sons, Spotted Poland China hog sale. LuVerne. Taylor & Martin, auctioneers; Farmers State bank, LuVerne, clerk. Ad next week. Honor LuVerne / Folks, Wed 14 Yrs. Relatives and friends gathered at the home of'Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kenne of LuVerne, .to help them ; eelebrate their 14th wedding anniversary, which was 'Friday, the sixth. The following, attended: Mr. and Mrs.-John Von Bank and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wood and-family; Miv and -Mrs. Condol Wood, all of Ir.vingtoh; Mr. and Mrs. 'Jake Hartman, Rodman: Mr. and Mrs. John Weber and family; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kenne and familv, all of West Bend: Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur.Martin and family of Bode; Mr. and Mrs'. Johnnie Kenne and familv, Mr and Mrs. Leonard Wood and family, Mr. and • Mrs.. E. 'A. 'GUderian, Mr. and Mrs." W. : ' A. Wood and .family, all of Lu- Vqrne; Mr. fane! Mrs. Ralph Kenne and family, Bode; and Mr. and .Mrs.^Dbh Guderian and family and Bftt^;'Wood, .all ! of Algona. • ,"'':•"; " Charity Ball Date Set For March 31 Algona's 1948 Charity Ball will bo held Tuesday evening, March 30, at the Algona high gymnasium, it was announced Saturday by Mel-' Griffon, who is general chairman this year. AI Menke's orchestra has been' signed to play for the ball. A full list of committees is now being prepared and will be announced in the near future Mr. Griffen said. USE THE WANT ADS WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS f uesday, r to, Rabbit Season To Close, February 2 The current rabbit season closes February 29 after what conservation officials describe as a "good season but spotty". 'All of Iowa's 99 counties, except seven in the eastern part of the state, were described prior to the opening of the season September 1 as having from excellent to good populations. Actual hunting revealed timates correct ex shortages ihig6me areas/ Conservation' . . port, mdre rabbit hunters *u field 'than for many sHaVc-hs attribute the fact prices of domestic Gourthouse; The courthouse in observance of birthday ONCE A6AIN WE'RE PLAYING CUPID i^j^ * Whether it's a beautiful Corsa$3 . with pride'.--. . a dozen roses red as fird, .-. . or a gay little plant of many colors < . hV^ e all tu. can be sure we'll give your Valentine extra cafe and attention it deserves. We invite you to come in and let us> with your Valentine Flowers. P.c too , x ..for i birthdays, anniversar days, or Business, • '« Algona Greenhouses 612 N. Phillips St. Phone 305 Algona, Iowa WE WILL ALL DAY THURSDAY, FOR LINCOLN;S BIRTHDAY SECURITY STATE and IOWA STATE '. ~ \ - 1 TWIN-Ca; BEAUTY SALON Ojyer Thuente»Drug* PHONE 5 ' // - <; ^ ; ATTENTION: Sale on retaij merchandise.. Prices at an unbelievable mark down. Call No. 5 or , v corr l§ U P- CpRINNE OTTO , , t /p0t?eni«sH^t!^ .with flit. hffg.el^VHperffl^^ », x V^'fA '^.Y9^£^ J^r-, l ^ L "" ft^ i * I* -W 1, t, ** 1-tl "l^iJ *"* M^*'* *t't f' ~*- & " 'I W '*t > "** \ ', ^ "~ F t >.. _.v,ii. J H'A \. i'S. s -t^ ^J * "t ,>..,r*« .* t \. _ ? > }' Ua . ,,„' -,J"^vs> |^-vy ^^jj^i^^ : ^^^^ .'*,.*' ' \;/>- ' W* -, <'-^-ta.V^*Aii>r*-T &* -".y^.fr^^W^- Hit That Heart Target oh Valentine's Day With a Sentimental Love Ballad—An Album of the Classics—a Bit of Glowing Jive —or Even a Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Number! Say It with Records Valentine's Day • * You must stop in qhd hear Big Crosby's newest "This Is The, Hour" —it will send you, But that's only one of the many new^plafters we have on hand for you who want to give the really different, Valentine. Come in and let us twirl some of the new ones for you! • All The Latest Records . , , .Crooners . . . .Dance Bands , . , Classical Albums , ,., Children's TcilwY. .Cowboy Numbers , , , Whatever YPW Want in Records, ^ * , ' i', ji ,' **' { • '>. r^ A. ?*?'"-}., '' x In^tt gtectric.lldg, ( v^%^: ''.' "*f*=**:' ' "V "'".^'V.^'v*' '% ' ; ' ; ' ; '' ;;::

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