The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1948
Page 1
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,; #o >W where' 13 deer have Vnbefcn o,bs6rved grazing irr a'cofrt; <Afiel4 .heart Ottostm , .', it's ha>d - 'to' ibeliev|!i and*' if• anyone down in Garfield township has /seen anything of these deer, we'd- like to know more''about 1 it, •' ; * (f * ' ' •'** Wolier Goche, Bancroft lafrrier, dropped in, at the of• Mice the other' day, and look , 4'look around the new plant. '-This newspa^ering is a lot like farming,, .,he; said, 'You d6n't ^ee it all from the toad " driving by/'/.-,. Rolio Bergeson, secretary of. << state, 1 set>anothcr v kind fof record When". .He* -announced he wbuld w nol-fi'dfc'K, re-election . > . couldn't afford 'jit; ,had to' think of his u wife <ahd 'family '.first, and re* sump his~ f law .practice ... he did a ' good'.- 5 job; in our opinion, 41 brfngirig\a breath o,f fresh ' air intrr, the *tate political-scene, if fr notrung"else. '• . ' "v: • • , * ' * * - / A WfeAtHBH NOTfi: * ' TS , t , f Jjm Murtagh, doing a bit pf ^traveling with his wife down vsnuth, in search of an agreeable '1 climate this time of year, sent » I "back Word that'--he attended a I Kiwanis'meeting at Brownsville, $ i Texas ,,. . the Kiwanians ate ,in * their overcoats, in an unheated *<, 'building ... the temperature v said 32 above. M Two can ,eat as cheap as one, Jf -one likes' leftovers. „ , • . *' * * ' ' Seem! that\when Henry Scott, , the pianist, arrived at Algona V high for his concert, last week, • the piano' upon which he was to f» .play and which.had been freshly tuned--that afternoon, had- been < 4 locked, .up .,-.,.. it,wasn't until f five minutes before curtain time thatf-discovery of a key capable <* of opening the piano was made. . Remember Chris' Bowen, thai short*"stocky little, guards ;,who romped through football-opppsi- '< tionf playing.'wltti/A-lgMja .,hieh« v f*T_l1 *.. U«»c/"7,fttl«lt'irtina'S^ w/ar a match' by. a 'fall-a brosV 6ppono"nt-7-IN ~"~ ,~ —, -^ri CLASS . . . how"Chris '--scaled back to 145 he explained by Say- ing-'jit's due to liying'on toast for,,, a week." - , • » Up at Bancroft, our 'friend Andy' Berncs' walked on with a prizel at the Forester dance . . . the contest was to seo who could "tdg" the largest number of ladies, i and Andy showed the youngsters some ronl tagging. ' LIFTED EYEBROW DEPT. • Horace Clapsaddle, eating in George's cafe, had. Jo-Jo II with him .'... the little parakeet'calm- ly'- -sat on ..Horace's \shoulder through the" meal, -peckeckat his ear, did a few turns around the course over, other diners' 'heads, and stared back as, startled strangers couldn't quite, make it i' WHEEL'OF FORTUNE; There is an 80-acre 'traqt in Whittemore twp. In 1920. an offer to buy it was made, at a price of $210 an acre-. , , the offer was; refused ... the pwner s grandfather originally' rented the whole 8,0 for $5 a year, but settled Ion. $2,50 cash when the total values of hay didn't conje to $5 , v , the land 'sold the other day'for around $16,000,' '*!*'.' Ever get Into one of those par. Ipr djsqusispns , , ,;We,did,s'wUh Murray! Mowers; we got'to-Jauc- ing about vacations,' where we d gp and how . ,', Mmw wanted tp gp by' plane .first,, PF a-IJasj ship, second; w«f -just-wanted tp gpV a slow Ship, fcejng m no hurry tp get anywheres . . after about an' hqur pf>tWs]!topic ev» erypne felt' greyly .^freshed &y this 'avu'ck and inexpensive vet. bal jpurney, and nobody \> *- < V. Hi'* , «* , , V * * - A ; / -It setnw Ih'at Jht KfPMh ,tSJT»' ,y, Eimore, ;m.vpiy£d/m.. an j entlreeently. in whiaMlr'" I u..JnWSKYt&M were '.team I . hern^wbfi^tks I9«ld«n> jwp* I een.$V '^,^|§ngf. twist ^ j |?ni "8|eayj9Pi4ll|i^?)|i?r * J I ; ' "•SaSav that the. fence!between ns tfa'at Ulgt*HqOTv<;irp:i ; «*t &ra&'iigU • brafcft $°WPv S * t IP-Beared,i- ar,the r bfpke^ im.&m &&<$$& ^to&iim&$m f mm -•5f^-"^«E-^i,?-. r «r^ir ce ?ft »»'y^S'^S^W!^ >>ff * !.»•». *1i, 4 ^(_r_ J lt».I_ A«A n^+fitfsfvrm -^ rr/xlMftf Tf\ ,* .* AL60NA, I6WA, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 194ft Cheese Factory Failed - And As Result Creamery Began llttl-4 •c" -a 01 ^aniza- includes • OLDEST AND YOUNGEST of the patrons attending the recent nnttal dinner and meeting of the Algona Co-OperatiVe Creamery re'shown/in the above picture.. At the; left i.s»F,rank,S. TJiompson, /ho has 'been sending cream to the local plant longer than most oi ! have lived. In the center is Cletus Stalzer. whose connection as a patron dates from Dec. 9 ( 1947. At-the right,is Martin Becker, whose ath'er was one of the first patrons. 'Announcement—recently that Jie' Ajgona; Co-Operative Creamery is planning construction pf a new front, this spring,' and even- ,ual expansion in other ways, is jut another chapter in a story of progress that began some 60 fears ago. • •'• ^ It is a story -that could' ba un- iolded by any of the several old;im e patrons of the local creamery,-and. one of them, Frank S. Thompson, now 78, told'a few in- :eresting facts at the annual meeting, recently. His listeners*included • Cletus Stalzer, 30, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.'F. Stalzer of. Renvvick, newest creamery patron, and Martin Becker, who farms 2V& mile_sieast and 1 % south of Burt, and whose 'ather, Frank, was a patron .as far back as 1903. First Creamery Burned Mr. Thompson, hale and hearty despite his years, faims 3^ and.>'Vs east of Algona, His connection dates., back to the thite Dice Game At A dice game 1 at Wesley got a little rough, sometime Thursday evening, and as a result'a'charge of assault and battery was filed ^n Justice J. B. Johnston's court, Fri'day. by Matt Fisch, who lives six miles cast.of Algona. Thomas Long, Wesley, defendant, was fined $5 and costs, Saturday, on the charge. ' 'As the story was unfolded, the tye took place at the rear of a Wesley business place, with i? suffering considerable dam- ago' to his anatomy, '' iOlher justice court cases; . Alfred R. Nielsen, Ringst^d, charged with failing to.'observe a ptop sign, was'fined $2.5Q, arid costs, ' ' ]\. JoKn V. Droegslcr, . Bancroft, charged with careless driving, Was fined $2.50 and costs. Charles E. Johnson, ' Algona, charged ""with not having a chauffeur's licensee, was fined ,$2,50 and costs. ' ' , Two other cases involving highway driving and drinking will be found in the distr,ipt court news story today. Before Mayor Frank Koolhaas, only one case was tried, ,J. D. Willey was fined $10 and costs on charge of drunkenness, $37,000 Damages County Acddents Autojnpbile' accidents m Kossuth county 'in the months of Qq- tqber and November resulted 'in damages of over $37,000 tp. ears and'trucks, a* survey releafgcjf by the- department oi public, safety S,HQWS, " ' • ' j" V? • 'In'October there wera.29 aqqi^ dents reported, involving (j? djiyr, ers," Total'prgperty damage w was, ^6,410, * ? ; t , Ip November there were,' 1 " . Jents ' reported, involyjR, dpivers, with total " " t .?8 The new safety ._ w< which went into 1 1. niaHes rt n^andatpry fpr? <44fcp,ts-te \t reported,-"Tj 1 the facts the present creamery tion'Was formed, and also 'the earlier efforts to develop Some outlet for dairy farmers. ' .His father, Joseph,' 'was 1 hauling cre'ani to a small independent , station ,and a cheese factory here some 60 years ago, with Frank helping him. Mr. Thompson recalls that Algona' wasn't much of anything as far as a town was concerned, back in "/ those days. He "and Martin Becker, talking it over, recalled that the first real creamery, worthy of being called such, was, located at the C. & N. W. tracks. It burned down, and when it was rebuilt, the present location was- selected. This brought down considerable opposition from business men jn Algona, at that time. They thought try. creamery being located near the business section would create an unpleasant situation. - ,.,.,. Times change, and the creamery building, with its new front, should be one of the most impressive looking buildings In the business section.' Cheese Factory Closed' •Backvabout ;1885, Mr. Thomp-, son'-recalls, rhis.'father '>and '„ the .lateLCharies' Chubb~ Went l ol^ a; .into' r 'Minnesota* 17 to Bulldogs Bow To Webster, Record Stands At 13 Wins, two Defeats In, an overtime'contest at stci 1 City, Frlday-night, the / high!Bulldogs Were edged ou.,^.. to 3(3, in a cl6Se battle all'the"way,; But their second defeat in /<] 14 start* Friday, did hot, slop "•; them dn, Saturday, as '• they* f, took ori the highly: 'ioufed ' ; ' Clear Lake team and knock-,, ed them -off ori the Algona}''' floor, 43 'to 30, in a firehouse-;' contest, ' ', ' • "- "The result is that Alg6na's , son record" n<3w stahds at "1$ Wins> and two defeats^ each loss beiri'" by one poiHt and to teams 1 whici Algona has also defeated twke, "this ^season in 'bach case. _ ' r ^ , . Free . Throw Trpuble i t », / Failure" ,tp" $ink ( ' fhV'geperdus' supp'ly of s free throws spell^di dooih at Webster City., The. BOllf dog^ missed-12 free sho.tsi during 1 , the Arelec which found three "'"' stcr 'pity starters leaving th'6 game- witH five fouls apiece.' *", ' , t ,''' t The " replacements, jsecfned' to- function better than thd starters;' however. , , " ' ' * J, Against Clear Lake, Satui'day. fans' were treated to a gaVne itiap- wasjas exciting'as 1 anything* Wit^C nessed this season. Clear Lake was,ahead at the half by'a 21 to) 18 margin, but that old'last halfi spurt told the story again.* ; ,•"' One thing - was evident. The Algona team is in good condition; they; seemed fresher at, the jvind.- up than at the start, which; is saying a lot after going through the conference'tournament and meet T ing two top-notch foes on-succe,s- 7 sive i nights last Friday" and Saturday, f ' & . I* Erhmeisburg, Next ; * i l \ - Unfortunately the game agairi^t Webster •• City courits in\ cpn'fer- enceistandings, but the Clear Lake game does not, through a-peculiar arrangement »f , . cohferdnce schedules and regulations., ^". Emniefsburg-,high, prpdure*.-dairy'' cows.. They ioUnd and" bought 'about *125»''head, which \Wer6 brou'ght' here^ and parcelc'd out ahiohg" iritefested farmers., -v . "1 *'The general idea was to ' •• use the milk and cream in production of cheese, at the, local cheese factory. But, just about /that time 'the cheese ' factory went broke, and the farmers were pretty womed* about where they could market their cream. This,, in turn, brought about the,, de•• velopment of" the v local creamery, Mr. ^Thompson says, • > . i * • * « AH this was of great interest to Cletus Stalzer, a bachelor who is farming^ 3% miles east 'of Wesley>Hc' is only milking four cows now,» but expects, to have 7 or 8 soon. The 30-year-old patron is also following in' the footsteps of his father at Rcnwick, likewise a patron of'the local'creamery. Thompson milks eight cows, and Martin Becker usually is milking about 12. Seal Sale Netted $4,660 tn County Algona can bs proud of the whole hearted support,given the liH7~"Christmas seal campaign, according td' Mrs. Harold -Fristedt, seal sale chairman. ' The annual meeting of the Kossiith Tuberculosis association was held' Fety 7, at which, time it, was stated by Mrs, Lejghton Misbachu county chairman, that $4,660.27 had bfien 1 received, '.Credit,for the sucpes^ -pf the campaign-was also given to the Algona .newspapers^ the Alg°na Theatre" Cp,7 Supt- ; Laing <aqd Miss- Antoinette Bpj)nstetter, school nu@e>' . i *" v > , C^R, Myrtagh, president'Of the, organiz^« o nr* stated tnatj95 ; pei'T ' sf the seal fuflgs remain in ,; \yith K pnly 5 percent — *--th? 'national assopiatipn. All officers were year, ' . Courthouse Now Has A Mailbox u time-in 1 its. n .,,, the'courthopsg ppw has its 9wn offi^sJ ontgping 'm§|i,,d§. po,su bpx, /it;has been pmjg on a. EiUa? 'flf v the-'easi ,pprph^ WftU.of th§, ep/t PftVPl). , tonight (Tuesday),' for a 'rctui'n' team Wghly,..:fyIpnBay,-giving tliem fqll credit Ior"a^firie cxhlBitipn pf basketball "and Tsportsmanship in_ recent 'games. ' < , Algona, incidentally^ prior to Friday, night's game, was ranked Dumber one by state sports'.writf era, for ,the northwestern" district of Iowa, an, honor of no -small mprit, Whether the overtime do* feat'by Wcbstct 1 City Will change this situation remains to be 1 -seen. Algona>(36) ' ' '.fg s f t Crapscr L v^ 3 Sigler 1 - 3 La\iritzen __L_. v _^ii-iO 0' SkogsWum _._'.' 2 • '0 Waldron „_',,-;.. 4—3 - ' 4 Douglas^" :.i.-i._4> ,' 0 ', 13 ,10' W.ebster City (37) tg Hoffman '.... r :-4' Fleak I—J-.2 Walters -__-I.'_.r- 2 Ades .: -1 Johnson ,-,2 Black \ ,. 2 Wcldon 0 Sampson 1 Game" summary: Algona (43) fg Crapser —^ .—4 Sigler 7 .„_„- '. 1 Dpuglas —, 3 Skogstrom T , r ..-,:.-4- Waldron , 2 , Lauritzen _,.,-, 3 •, Clear. Lake (39) , fg Hill-, —'-^3 Olson'—^ ,,,^—2 Garth ,. ,,,,^,,«0 Bieber — r —,—i,——4 Rice' T , ,—_•—,-*,,0 Bisgrpve <„—--.-i •3 , 1 0 1 1 3 0 0 "I 1 2 ' "4 -.3 - - 2 14' •? 5 3 5 5 0 1 0 9 20 1 *4 2 5 4 i i ~9 ft 0 0 1 a '2 i 20 3 3 2 4 0 13 Want far l««^««*A«« Jaycees To Present Talent Minstrel, Feb. 20 OL i \ ' * i- f lf j , */«a&,^T ^ / «* . •ff'k *ii$\ ", '.. '.^,,'JJJ^ '; THftll SECTIONS-22 PAdES 8 Page Tabloid flutal Otavure Scouts To Rul6 Algona On Thursday SCOUTS pictured above will be the "city fathers" this coming Thursday, Feb. 12, as a climax of Boy Sccjut week here. They will >'assume the positions'' of , /, mayor, councilmen, city superintendent, -fire ,' .f chief and' chief of police, * "' * the above picture, front row, 1 are Bob " who .will be acting chiefJof pO- lice, Jack>Lichter who will be mayor, arid CordeirSchillmoeller who will act as city superintendent. ' • , In" .the back row are Philip Kohlhaas, Jr., 'John Ulrich, Jerry Bob Anderson and 'Jerry Black, all councilmen. Not in the picture are Don Sieinman, who will- ac as lire 'chief, Tom Montgomery and Nick Reding, councilmen. (Long Studio Photo). r»~*->M t^.j4. %«t Years For Soybean Theft Driver Fined • •»/-,,..>. • „- ijoaute 101^ iUBvujiuuai,n.iit-,J.ijrr .'•• >'ing and.model 'jllane contest, ., sponsored annually by the Al-' • goria Lions club. • , , Events .will be held "at 'the Koisuth fairgrounds, starting at I;45 p.m. ; •• • \ L Registrations will be made dnrittg the week of March 13 to.20, and youngsters,can en-"" v tera'ny of the contests by Hill'-, ing \put~i 'applications which may-^be'ffound at' any of the following ,places: Culligan. SoftjWate.r, Friesners, Beckers, 7 Tigges Drug, Marshall ; Wells'or Hutzqlls.- 1 '" ' Bob lAnderson has been named as general chairman of. the^eveht, assisted by. LeRoy '• Lee,\Dr. Schutjer,.Dr^B.. u. . groups' iri - eSth': contest,'.one ^ under 12 arid the, other 12 to 18 / -* "' ' **) " " -' in'the, pl^rie"division there / will ,be' corilesis fbr jet or engine blanes,'-glider planes, rubber band-powered planes and scale niodels. . In the kite classification, '"•there will be contests for box Riles,' lailless,.kites,.tail kites arm miscellaneous kites. . , Tihei rules are .simple:. , • Ir-JM 'kites, must leave the grojiind'-td qualify. .'^\'. 2^-Kiiesj wiU'*be judged oh stability,' Jh;,,f USht,,\wprkirian- xlkSMK^lM -t k*rfni» W *»««*">*J***» ^\ li«4»fl A John Anderson, j *f • r ^ Dies> Swea City Swea and Eagle;' John A. Anderson, pioneer resident of this section, died Friday Anight aj 11:30 at the home of his daughter, Mrs, Oscar Linde. Mr, Anderson ,was born' in Swcdep, coming here as a young man, ,He married Hilma Lan- doed of Sherburn, Minn., some 50 years ago. They purchased a farm 1 in-Minnesota near Burt's lakei.pri" the Jowa line, where they'Taised their family, retiring sprne ago a,nd selling their farm to their son Roy. The Andersons then built a pomfprtable cottage on the bapks of Byrt's-Jiake, where they lived until last December. - Then,- because of Mr,' Anderson's failing health, they moved to th? hQine of their daughter Mrs. Linde, who. helped care for'him. Mr. Anderson loved to fi^h and knew' just , where to get theni, - despite " his jjdvanaed years;"' "'"-.Surviving are , his, wife and sevet* gJlUdren:, 'Boy, Clifford, Mrs. Olpar- Linde, and Mrs. Sam Larson,.ajl> of ,ftere, and - Mrs, Ellen ^tem Mrs, flaz?! Starr and l\ ~~ • t N- Court Decrees In WEATHER A 17 below temperature, early Sunday, sent Kpssuth folks on their shivering ways to church, but the thermometer cased slightly on Monday, with six below as the, lowest point. Week's Nveather: . Date . High Low Feb, 3 _„' „ *.„__ 9 1 Feb,'4 —~, 13 -4 Feb. 5 .— —U Feb. 6 (-3S) v- 23 * *ouJ?lJ- ^^ 1 M?g^;m" !: er Feb, 7 (.048) ^__.. / ,__22 -2 6 0 -,17 -6 Feb, 8 -'— „'_-_ 7 Feb. 9, ,—, -»48 In the meantime Ralph -Miedke repqrted that the temperature out at the new airpprt site.wherd where the temporary country clubhouse is -Ipcated, plunged to 22 below, Sunday, Andrew Reding To Be Candidate Andrew Redinf ftas announced his, candidacy fqr«. election as supervisor in Kossuth county's First District, , :Mr, Reding was named'-to sv»ccee.4;th^ late John Fjaser, who died'last sprjng./He is a candidate pn the dejnpcratip 'ticket. Jjfe now'lives a mile and a half .sputh, Qf Aigpna in Crgspo ' ' i, but prjqr toUhat time fV . Shejjpan township. 'U sfeven* townships in the frieV- Cr*?se4 tJfSSBS* Iiye4 fjrst Lewis E. Poague, rhitted 'theft of &j460. -—, --^- f beans from the'farm, of-Carroll Potter, eight. miles> g'outhwVsKof Algona several weeks ago, ,wds sentenced to five years' in • the men's* reformatory at Anamosa, last Friday, by Judge ,G.",W. Stillman in district' court aeky. Poague was arrested, last'Wed- nesday in Missouri'by Sheriff'A. J. Cogley.' -"" ' ',"1)' The defendant had been trdced through the sale of the bSahs.'.at an eiovator in Butler, Mo_. He waived extradition to lo^a. I- Fined 5300, i Costs; f ( -, In other district coiipt I q4scs, Ray D. Keefe, Osage, ' H cliai]ged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, was fined $300 and cost&^by Judge Stillman, Saturday, after he entered a plea of guilty. He had been arrested two miles north of Algona,-Friday, and was bound over to dis-rict court after a preliminary hearing before Justice J. B. Johnston. His driver's license was suspended for 60 days, A companion of Keefe's, Clem M. Reilly, charged with being intoxicated on a - public highway, 1 was fined $25 and costs /py Johnston, in justice court. Asks $16,000 Damages . . A new suit was also filed in district court, with Ellen Knudsen, Algona, as plaintiff in a damage action brought against Peter J. Hagarty, aisp ot Algona, The plaintiff is seeking damage? totaling $16,501.75, She alleges mat on Feb,' 23 she was struck by a,car driven by Hegarty. She was walking on South Phillips street, at the edge of the highway, at the time, ~ t The plaintiff says her right arm was fractured, her' right leg injured, and that the injuries are permanent, She says her' earning capacity has. also been iippairfd, and that she had medical ex.-' penses of $1,006 ar$ ft of $455, Cast Selected Playlet To Also Be Included 26 Men Picked For Qld Time . v Fun And Music < ^ For the first timc^-iiLfmarty years, a completely home 5 tflent 1 minstrel show is to be 1 i?fe^entfcd, 1 " in Algona. ',* . t >'«V '." «' S 'J' It will be sponsored^toe/Al-.'* gona Junior Chamber, of C6m->' i merce, and is to be,presented,in J the high, school /aUditOrltimVwv/. two evenings, f riday," ..Feb. .20, "• and Saturday, Feb. 21. Efich' performance will start at S.pj'm.t' >5 Rehearsals ' have been under- way for two'weeks. ^ ' General Chairman ;, , Al Buchanan has been named, as chairman of , the- executive committee, > assisted '.by ', Harry Greenberg, Don ' Herrtm'irigson, Jerry Allen, Russ Waller, duct Joe Bradley. .' • ' Other committees: . ' Script committee—Bill*" Ste*ele, „' chairman; Walter-.'-Dennis, Clem ' I Erlander and Dr.? C. C.; ShIerufA''' - Publicity 'and ''promotion *<jj- Dr. R. C. Dewel/ chairman; Bob' 5 s LaBarre, Llpyd - RouZc, Floyd ' Holt and Gerry Ferris. \ ' \ "^ • ', '• Ticket sales^-Bill Thornas ! and > Bob Williamg.'vcio-chau-men, r ,as-^ sisted by^ entire-JayCee membership and 'their^wi'Vesr.' 'i > ,' • ^\ Tickets will sell,': fqr- $1'- fo'r* ? '. adults and 50 cents for "cnildrenr • They are also Vori s'ale'^ -at Itrje •*; Smoke 'Shop, ^arryjs, ^Janies ',, ^**« Dtug, -Tigges i M)ru'gfV?';Th;u:ente,' > i ft'^l Pharma,cy.' and-HtiB; Clotruer^r/;-^ '.".-"M ' -j," * Red'"Hot^£nd*^etit^ Y ;^|'|j,i;f^|M _._ ..z^BPbtUSjBaifc^'and'?$t Bill Shfirjf.^f.f/>«^';>* r '^-'-"'? v y /V v|' /-<u_'«./_Ti 'Krtf.t rfi- fc<«.;lll- .,n2ii t f _ ., Merle Pratt; :> Mjl6y<l Rouzc, Carl Morckf, Oean Schliek, /Ray Cook, Beec'Her'Lane, Ed.- Oslfum, Ar^t Weiss, R..C.,'DeVrtH, ..Marvin Anderson,'. Gcnc^HUtchins?'-and Dick'Walkel-1 \, .;'.'.'<-.>r3 \ 'r, 1 !' ^Playlet cast-r-Jcri'v';AUonJ- Mrs. Lloyd BouzftiMrgJiif"""- ^--- L ' Ed r Os Jack guspn. -"£ fV-.'ra •T^ • w^>«; ' 1-nVi 4 M ;i Kt Call Theatre LightSr-QV*^o««3M»> A Stage 4-4 ( HoWarfeSWl^an, if v Glenn"Jones, Roger Palmer" and -• Tom'McGraw. ',. > - \ * Costumes—Dean' Schliek .. and ,Murray 1 Mowers,''*, • Art work—Clem v krlahder, Added'Features > > Several special Muirnbers, including a playlet^are,"to be'in- cluded in^the prpgram; giving, it, a greater variation'than is usuajl- ly found in minstrel shpws. It is also pla^n^' ifl. : haye< , * two orchestras, 'one. a .minstrel or stage band 'arid'the , ' other «• small ,, WRcerig'ori , f '; " chestra to play|i the . ^^tS» ^ ^' ,\ *f^J'pjf J"" 11 , v j Fluids derived, ) ,ffpm-'iShe performances wil be" used in rhaKjng,, up thp, defipit ffom construction of the two new courts, built lasftaU 1 nepri p/t; .$. j. ii BUt'**t jnaln burdw9J(c0StWiUCto 'Junior Charnber,«VXiriuc' *~* ly spor^pr^thj.Droto^^^^ '-'• 4 «--**--4w;i(w*,«$ ' I**H > s ?t*ji

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