The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 17
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•*• h r i J n <* tV/ tf' . • * + 4 Robert Lux fh'e first 1 0 « ...~ .....v j^ui' tjf'thts'ChaMbisfr6 Colfimerce. was held ift the filtj hall;'Monday; evtffilhft JfiftUafj 20. A-6i30 dinftehwas sefVeti>;6\ the local ArM'rica'ri Leglbft'AuX, iliarjp; ' ' • ,' • -'i • • ' 't; the, business meeting "-<"• were- elected.-, <6t* ths - -fT E*f,*""~-** •»••»» f *.&& If (A MI.-. JtltUGy secretary and' tfeasur'er, 'The, e'# • ecutive committee') Henry Loer" waia,' C. <B.' Huff'and' Jon NeWbt were named. ' " ••' Many important business mal ters were discussed by the chatn- • ber and new projects Were talked over. Paul, J.- Metzger of/ Fenton rind recent owner • of : the LuVerne Tribune) was- a t guesl • at the meeting and he gave a talk. ' '•'•.-• i W. 8. C. S. Business Meals . The Circles 2'and '3" "of 'the m Woman's 1 Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church held regular meetings" Wednesday, January,.28: Circle 2/met,at. the rural home of Mrs. ' Fred' Zwiefel, with Mrs. Pearl' Me-' Clamrock, - assistant hostess, There Was" a good attendance. The devotions'were led".by ''Mrs. Van Hanson and the lesson'Was tin charge, of Mrs,-' Earl'' TSfeal.',"' > Circle 3 met at the home 1 "'of ••Mrs. Frank .Sanford,, with' -Mrs. : Jaspar Vaughn assistant hostess; ' The devotions we're' fetPby'Mrs. Ralph DavidSon, and the'less'bn was in charge of Mrs. Vaughn. ' At. the- business meeting' of Circles 2'and 3 they voted.'to/do- 'nate $5.00 'for the layette for the Helping Hanoi ^Mission , at • Sioux .City.'" The names for th'e^'rie'w mystery sisters of the two- Cir- jdes~ yd-ere* 7 drawn. ^Lfanoll, was served.' -attests 6f diMe r 'S were! a? Mr's" gfy c e' cxety/ -. Monoay, .evefifng.y s Jan-' yyfa ^tW^Wftfa', Ufa. Archie Sanfofd arid ld\v, Mfc. A. W, Dimlcr,' Mfs. SV ft: fta'ker and Mrs.' Adam 2wleM fltefe giv*ff gifts in bBflfor* of tneir bir'thdaj/s: Lunch'"" Was sieved. 'this-was the"la^.meet- irji ot thd year of the iHilTaiid plans Wefe made for'the'sirf'Ws to entertain the six ^igh's a£ 'a date to be announced laier, presided, an ui« uuaumss t meei- ing; They-Voted to r gfve r »$&5 16 complete price tit the maj6r suit for, the school band majoi;. They gave' $3.001 Wn&tf"' fund ' being -'-id, for the .purp.ase of .making sw nfemortoie'n'tfeirlceJa •' 1 wss ttieeting'wiir'bc Mon- V February - 9; • with Esther Merkle, Mi LowmilUr H6me; . M, M. Lowjmifier returned Fri- -iy.fffortra , tWo" 1 rriotrthS- trip. Wb£re' lite -Visited' .itfOtdftes ,of Ohio arid, Pennsylvania. He will go < torjF<3rt u Oodge to 'visit'' rela- ^AJrs. Lowmiller sold •-,"•*- '•'e*' miles "eas.t of s Lu- Yernd ( tp Frances Krause of Renwick,; who', will mbve 1 ' there Smd ta,|ce^ possession February 1.' Mfs. Ramur Mostcss ^ v ^ tained^''M6hd^»y e'veri5Jfg rat the ,neW-' tyortyei, ov, Mrs. J,Bnn lHamus. ]Bridg6'}was' i . played ^a't* tme'e ta- 'bles. ' High' s'c6re 'was^tWardBd , ^^r ' 'r ) ^^.^ OiMe' 1 of the "woman's Society of Christianr Se'rvtc'e'of' the Methodist church serVed' the' lunch at the fdrm Sale of 'Edward Hof, Wednesday, January 28.' The preside-hfof that cttcle, Mrs. Harold Sorenson, Was ih charge of the' lunch and they report sat-' isfaetory returns'. ' ' Officials at Meeting. Henry Meyer, mayor of Lu- Verne, accompanied a ' group of county officials tb'Cla'ridri, Monday-evening, wljere. they attended a meeting of county officers. A* dinner was given before the- evening meeting. ' ' ' A Sewing Bee The 'ladies" of the, Lutheran Aid society sewed all day' Thursday at the church rooms. Thdy are sewing articles for an orphanage, in Europe, where the small boy and girl they, have adopted for the year live. There was a. good attendance of ladies artd they eri joyed a covered dish dinner; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lenz drove to Austin, 'Minn., Tuesday to spend the day with Mr. and Mrs," George Hartwig,' Mrs. HartWig is' a sister of Mr. Lenz. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Curran are the parents of a daughter, born Wednesday, January 28, at Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge/ They have two other daughters and two sons. . Leonard Vick of Boyd, Minn., 1 is the relief operator at the of- 1 nee of the Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad here". Henry May- c'r, the agent, is taking a vacation from his duties artd is suf- ferihg'-w'ith' 'arthritis. ' ( , Mr> and Mrs. Albert /Nielsen 'and 'Mrs. Nielsen's Mother Mfs. H. D, Ristau we'nHo Fort ftodge td visit Albert's sister ^Mrs. Mario Hunt; recovering' from 'Ah opera^ tiori in Mercy hospital there. Norma Stripling, attetfdlng' the, Iowa State Teachers college at Cedar "Falls, came Friday to spend the weekend with hef parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. J, Stripling. Fred Hinz, daughter Florence Hin2, LeRoy Haftselman, Herbert, Frances and Bill Hinz went to West' Bend Monday, where they attended'the farm sale of their cottsin, William Hanselman. Mr. and Mrs.'John J. Hefti Jr., living southeast 'of LuVerne, are the"par6htS of a son borrrat the Lutheran hospital 'in Fort Dodge Wednesday, Jan. 28. They have two other children, daughters. Mrs. Herman Hinz Jr. is assisting with the cooking at the C. B. H,uff cafe the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Joliffe<and daughter Jean and Arlene Meyer drove to Minneapolis, .where they spent the day7 Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wermer- sen and sdns and Mrs,' Cecile Wermersen of Graettingeir spent' Thursday evening at the new 1 homo o/ Mr. and Mrs. John Ra mus. Mrs. RarriuS fs a Sister of Richard Werhlers'en arid daugh- 'ter of Mrs. 'Cecelia" We*Miiersen. Mr. and Mrs 1 . B,erf Ramus and Shcri-lyn sficnt the p'ast weekend in Becofah at the home of Mrs. Ramus' parents,' Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Siems. They went to attend the wedding on Sunday of Mrs. Ramus' sister Frances Sterns. '" Mr. and Mrs. Alex' Miller have moved from their farm' afte mile north of LuVerne, into the house they bought and moved to town and remodeled recently. Their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller, Will occupy the farm. ' Mfs. Fred-W. Tiede left Friday for Janesville, Wis,, where he win spend two weeks visiting his son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs/ E. G. Mantey and 'sons. Nadine Wittenberg has returned from spending a Week with' Mrs. Cecil Rosling in Eagle Grove. , Mrs. D. Voss, age 87.years,who has been living alone in her home in the north part of'town, was taken to the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Sr,, the past week. She will rerriain there during the rest of the Winter months, Katherine, the four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hanselman who underwent an appendectomy at tn'e Lutheran h'osp'ital ih J£ort Dodge recently, w'ds able to return to her home here, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Clancy, daughters Beth and Wanda, Keith Brayton.of Hardy*, and Leland Swan of Renwick were' Wednesday evening, January 28, dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs, Walter L. Hefti, Marilyn and Marlin. The dinner was in honor of the birthdays of Walter Hefti and his twin sister Mrs. Clancy arid also Mrs. Hefti, which was Wednesday. January 14. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mastcrson and itwo daughters of Corwith and Mrs. Masterson's mother; Mrs, Tillie Meyer of LuVerne Went to .Waterloo. On Sunday Mr* Masterson was a sponsor at the baptism of Mrs. Meyer's great granddaughter, Friends here have received the announcement of the birth of a s'even pound nine ounce sort, Jay Mark, born Sunday, January 11, at Mercy hospital in Mason City to Mr. and Mrs. Byron Jones. This' is their third child. Mr. hood Jones, who is city mail carrier in Mason City, spent part of his boyhbod in LuVerne. IF IT'S NEWS. WE WANT IT! tuastfay, r>bpy, ——' , From wliefi A lot of the neighbors were sud* denly annoyed by Jeb CJrowell's hammering at night, J4b was building himself a new front porch—and the only time that he could give to it was after sundown. Finally we decided the best thing to do was all pitch in and help— and get the carpentry over with as soon as possible. We did. Finished the porch next evening—and Jeb gratefully treated us to ice-cold beer and cider. From where I sit, that's what being a good neighbor means. In- Do You Noisy Neighbors? stead of complaining other fellow'^ stand and' share his ini&fettSt ", So if my practising 6jl the annoys you, come on over, n bor, with your fiddle or'gultftV'An' join itie t Maybe it will end "up I our knowing and appreciating o another better ... in an evening.d good fellowship. And I'll pronife to provide the beer that goet evenings of good fellowship I', Copyright. 19<1H, United Stales Jlrcwcrs Fo TEST? i \) «*•"• ^»* f **%« )*•#*' v»i^ |»Y8S«J NO- ^QK'C^^U^ j' May' need. ',% -. : spar^p'l,OgSimigb^il?e|aU'.y,ou ri.eed..' DOES CAfmS? TOO MUCH-OIU' ^ r Should Be 'c'drr'ected <no.w~parts 'arfo available.', ' § MOTO^.pyERHEAt? 4 * "Indica'tes danger .'Check, at, price, ' • R "' : WheeVwgnnienf > ^corrct>tq vyneei, aDgomenysft&uffl pe^correct.tq s^ye ~z — tires. . "i ' ''' i'«V"V''-'•«.' ', '•" '--..» ''-f^^^S^u-^' ' . i .i! N , *,<« ft '",tr"i • Kf*< TFi *•« Tot^Konl Toilkaitts! Ui^ ll/4rii>^|| * A51 am quitting farming, twill sell qt public auction on the farm located 2V4 miles East, and 4 miles south of LuVerne, 2 miles west, 1 mile north of Renwick, V/2 mile north, 1 east, 1 mile nortKoFHardy or 1 mile south of Vernon Consolidated school, on Tuesd AT 12 O'CLOCK LUNCH ON THE GROUNDS. 12 Head of Cattle 12 ,i{. 6,Sh^rth.orri Heifers, two with calf qiside, three will freshen soon and 1 white heifer will ? VW^ishipfl^bPM^OQ;pounds.; ,r ^• Ul '; -•>•---.> Six Calves weighing about 400 pounds. .'tV ?' \J?(1 Head of Hogs i ^^^ ' 1 f n r lO^heqd o s f Spotted Poland China Brood Sows to farrow the last of March or first part of Apriljong time vaccinated. m t '<AS Farm Machinery 1 John Deere 1940 Model A tractor with starter, and lights a nd power lift has been converted into ^a high compression head and gas manifold. Ih A-l shape; .1 John Deere D Tractor on new rubber; 1 John Deere 4-row cultivator,to fit model A; 1 John Deere 4B 2 bottom tractor plow; 1 Jor^n Deere 490 4-row corn planter with 320. ro.ds wire; 1 John Deere 3-bot- °f u P >T W 90od shape; 1 Johi? Deere 15-ft. disc; 1 Van Brunt'life JFt. field cultivator; 1 John Deere 15-ft. culipacker; John'Deere No. 6 combine; 1 John Deere rjlo. 25 A Cornpicker; 1 John Deere 7-ft. pbwer mower; 1 John Deere side de- hyeqf rake (Tyear old); l.-JphaP^ere 48-ft. grain elevator; 1 John Deere manure spreader; 1 21-ft. drag (new); 2 wood- en'wheel wagops; 2 rubber tjre wagons wifh flare box; 1 binder windrower; 1 John Deere 10-in. hammer mill; 2 ham- WM mill belts; ^manure loader; 1 hayJsucI^ toifit on manure loader; 1 hay,bunk;!!,grain and hqy,bunk;JL feed bunk 14- J^oog; 1 two wheel flat'tra.ler ;/ 2 hog feeders; 2 70-gal.hog waterers; 3 small hog waterer*;^ 70-gal. iron kettle with jacket; 1 hog oiler; 2 sets of, hay^slmgs; 1 grab hay.fork; 1 tank heater; 1 pump jack with mptpr; 1 DeLaval Cream Separator;a set tractor W'" 5 J J-38; 1 smaU steel tank 2x4x3; 1 electric fencer with insulators;,! battery fencer; wheel TOOLS * 1 ' ' K2 " im hecivy duty elecfric box BUILDINGS 'U%16 Brooder House insulated "'• ; FlOxia Tool House 3 §»Q'aJ, Chicken Wcitertrs and Chicken Fe^rs; I Jarn^swfiy Brooder Sjtoye I Charter pal^ Heating Stpve » t •*•* r t " '?•?•! '(?'"*• \-^-^".rf*w' , ,„»«- j - /i\. *n Hen^ toiiitj about 75 F»l>-3SQBgles of R^d Clover end Timothy Hay/JS^qlesWst^S^ —^———! * ' T ' * •* * r - -•• - ' t ^ . -.'j r ', ^',y, (J ;-, „ .'»^si^=J»SS Your *•*. *'*'. ' l /C 1 ' ,c j : X, ,-r, '%i - ii j * i h>*Ai if. ^4^'^?i~. .\WSP-; >^J- r-s^j- •.('&:. •i. j, 2% m--f IfS. «,<- K S£. asja !>». te <fli , 'V "i^-y'^f- '^\i%wt:y * t-f Irt W - •*&& m- &' ~1*' *'1' * h. " **&£• J* 3 * W» v. ^ V&Xl, %Kfc* iMr '\£' *K*.i .'jjy-^

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