The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 14
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3, Ann* K>®pp®n, Bride At'Whittemot&. Jan* 29 Whiiiem&*ei Mary Ann Kop pon, pictltVc c d here, daughter 6 Mr, nhd Mts. Michael Koppen was married last Thursdaj morning at 9:30 ih St. Michael' church to Frank D.dgotch Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dogotch Sr. The HeVii'Wm. Veit perform cd the wedding ceremony. The bride; given in marriage by her father, wore a white satin gown with off shoulder bodice and nude net yoke. The full skirt ended in a long train Which fell from a 'bustle back Her finger tip veil was edgec with lace. She carried a bouquel of white roses and carnations. Rose Ann Garmann, the maic of honor,' Wore a floor length gown of aqua texture with long gloves of matching color, alsc sweetheart coronet of aqua. She carried a colonial bouquet of pink and white carnations. Dorothy Quinn, the bridesmaid, wore an identical gown and accessories in pink. She carried a colonial bouquet of pink and white carnations. Cletus Koppen, brother of the bride, served as best man. Harold Winkel, Dennis Weber and James.'Mullcr. were ushers. The flower girls were Teresa and Mar-y Martini. They carried baskets'of mixed flowers. 'Phe mother 'of the bride wore a turquoise dress with corsage of yellow carnations. The mother of .the groom wore a pearl grey frock with yellow carnation corsage. / Dinner was served in the Presentation academy hall for 75 guests at high noon. The bride's table was centered with a three- tiered wedding cake flanked by baskets of mixed flowers. After a wedding x trip of ten days the couple will be at : home in Whittemore. The bride is a graduate of the Presentation Academy in 1946 and has since been with the Peterson Hardware in Algona. The bridegroom is a graduate of the Whittemore public school, class of 1943. He has been farming with his father.- since that time and will continue to do so. Final Warning! After Saturday, January 31, car license renewals for' 1948 will carry a penalty. License Deputy Bill' Heller, of County "Treasure ^osolla Voigt's office, reported 8970 1948 licenses Of all kinds up o this Thursday morning. This i 'or 5800 cars, 1020 trucks, anc 2156 trailers. HawsQJiTwp. Woman, Friday Swea (Se-lma) & Eagle; Anderson, 'Mrs. Thco 74, passed away at heffai'm home Wednesday morning, January 28. She had been bedfast but a few weeks suffering front Heart ail- itient and ' complications. Her sister-in-law tyrs. Nellie Day of Mankato • has been here caring for her. She is a pioneer resident of this community. After the death of her husband she: has been assisted on the farm by her son Richard.' Funeral'-services were- Friday afternoon at Immanuel .Lutheran church with the pastor, Rev. A. M. Youngquist in charge. Burial was in Lutheran cemetery, Swea township. Pallbearers were Robt. Pehrson, J. P. Peterson, Ole Roalson, J. Appleqiiist, A. C. Liride and Harry Smith, St. rfanies, . Ififtn.; Joe and Et} KeriHcdy families oi , MiHn, ' * r> - ' At the Ted ^alenllne home near Lakota, Thursday •afternoon, Dolores Raye Koestlef wa^ honorce at \ a miscellaneous shower. Assisting Mrs'. tine 'were Mfcs. J, ft tt, Mfs. Philip Holcomb', Mfs's Hfif- vey Larson, Marjorie and Jean Koestler. Mrs. Raye' received many useful gifts, frohi th'6'ttiariy' guests and the hostesses Served, a fine luncheon. • f Deloris Koesiter Weds ' Dolores Raye, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Koestler, Ledyard and Keith LcRoy'i son of Mr. anti Mrs. Clifford Anderson, we're married Sunday at'2;30'p'. m., February 1, at the Me^hbdist church in Ledyard. ,' •' •' The bride, since graduation ^ been employed doing hoiisewoi'l at several homes. Keith' seryec two years in the navy. A gfjadu ate of Swea high school since his discharge was engaged in farm C 1 fc« Tl» *._ J ' * *-""~""*O' t - " M« wi.i^u^v.u .1*1 J.CIJ.11J Sam Rystud. ing. They left/for Portland, Ore. Surviving are her three chil-S whore they plan to locate. Keith ?enew Beer Permit The board of supervisors has granted renewal of a Class C beci ermit to Wallace.C. Hawley, Sexon. who operates a gas station a >lock east of the local store. V.F.W. and AUXILIARY CARD PARTY Members, wives, husbands, girl friends and boy friends. Wednesday, Feb. 4 Prizes and Lunch dren, Carl and Richard, and Mrs, Art (Mildred) Hblcomb; Fairmont, Minn. One sister Mrs O. L. Thorson, and one brothe Rev. William Samuelson, Mar cus, Her husband,' Theodore An dcrsori anrd a son Lloyd precedec her in death. has a sister in Portland. Grant Girl Hurt, Phyllis, daughter of the Ervin Hu.skamps, one of Grant's Eag lettes basketball star players spent a week ago Friday night at Buffalo, Center hospital. The girls were playing at Lakpta Phyllis slipped and fell, striking her head on the floor. She was in a dazed condition for'a shorl time and resumed playing later. She was taken to Buffalo Centei hospital after the game for x- rays and remained over night. No effects showed up and she joined her team Saturday night against Wesley, which they won. The girls lost their game at Lacota. Thirtieth Anniversary Mr. and Mrs'. Mike Kennedy r ere pleasantly surprised Sunday evening, January 25 ,when a number of relatives and friends ame in to help celebrate their Oth we'ding aniversary. Evening vas spent socially and the g'uests irovided lunch. Out of town tiests were Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Jngesser, Bancroft; Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Everett Erickson and Florence Erickson were hostess* es of a "Stanley Product 'Party* at their home, Thursday after' noon. The women preseritJfound the demonstration o£ useful household products very intefl' esting. Lunch.uwas 'Served.; Mr. and Mrs/"Jt.'ow'^ll' r Larson were recent visitb.fS'-'atJ'W^, and Mrs. Lawrence 'Tish home at Blue Earth, Minn. Mrs. T.ish's mother, Mrs. Ben Klukes, has been very ill-and has been hospitalized several .weeks t at a hospital in Austin..; * The Klukes farmed here before Smovih'g to Minnesota. Mrs. June Broadway and small daughter, Mrs. Gordon Graham and daughter Kay Marie, : 'and Mrs. J. Miller and. daughter 'Susan of Garrison visited from Friday until Tuesday at the Ernil ~ .arson and Francis Torine lomes. Mrs. Graham 'is a da'ugh'- :er of Emil Larson and a sister to Mrs. Torine. Mrs.' Broadway and Mrs. Miller are the fdrmer June and Francis Thompson daughters of the Frank Thomp- ons. Their father managed the rarmers elevator in Swea "City or" many years. ALGONA'' COOPERATIVE 'CREAMERY, COMPANY '''-"'-'' 1 '" ' ' " WANT ADS BRING- RESULTS. ' DECEMBER, 3V 1947 , AS.SETS urrent Assets— "Cash on kand and in 1 Bank ---------- $ 9.751.03 Accounts 'Receivable __'::_! __________ 11,816.97 ' ----- 36,600.53 $ 58,168.53 Inventories IF IT'S NEWS, WE WANT, IT! Tuesday, February 3, 1948 44RUSCO THI WORLD'S FIRST PATENTED Investments ' • ' United States Bonds-^ $ 1,000.00 / Stocks-State Brarid' v Creameries — at cost ,-_._•_____„_______•__ 2,500.00 Stock — Other... _.j 25.00 Land, Buildings,and,Equipment . $217,991.05 T.PKS* Pl*n\nainn frtr* TS/»rM«««ini \nn 10948775 Fixed Assets Land, Bi Less! Provision for Depreciation TOTAL ASSETS ' LIABILITIES. -CAPITAL Current Liabilities Due Patrons'for'December milk 3,525.00 108j503.30 COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO, 'Accounts Payable and ,Accrued penses-' -._-.: 1 Rebates' .-Payablje—Oil". - Department 1947 ""' ' " ' and Ex- YOUR NEW KITCHEN IS READY NOW Outstanding -Mili: and Oil, 'Tickets ____ Reserve 'for L"6dal "faxes';. -.—I' _______ ;'''''''• v v Long-T«rm-LiabUitLes- ' ' i *.'•'.!, . "> ' .i.iHITil '"" • ^ •• Notes Payable — d.ue 19,49,*'to 1951 ' ' ' SURPLUS $ 37,120.88 12,256.58 5,694.95 8.25.67.. 1,096.14 $170,196.83 $ 56,994.12, v AlGONA COpPERATtVE CREAMERY COMPANY. IV v v'.v OPERATING" AND GENERAL- EXPENSE'S" 'i '»' tf^F* *^ * Sa|aries and Wages .., >. _ $ 44)888.97' Gr tJiS4 r £' Supplies - * 11,61*87" * as *PX Salcs to Patrons and -'^Others A__$ 1,214.48 ' " * Rebate on ... Supplies Purchased - 149.83 1,364.31 10,250.56.* Repairs and Painting Factory Supplies, pipe, hardware, fittings, etc ^Expense on Freezer (Power and Lite) ... •Barrels, Bags and Linens for milk powder Other Dryer Supplies and Repairs Depreciation (Building and Equipment) 19,949.50 pight, Power and Water *„ 3,421.41 6,037.89 734.19 230.48 8,868,41 2,266.29 Fuel and Gas Laundry .•__.,. Truck expense, njilk delivery, gas, oil' j and accessories Repairs and supplies 2,159.13 1,580.15 Telephone ' and Telegraph _______________________ Directors Fees and Expense '_„ Traveling Expense ""A'dve-ftising ...... ..'. _____ i.._ ..... 1 Annual Meeting _________________ ;. ________ , Taxes — Real Estate and Personal Property Insuf-ance ' and "Bonds ' ___________________ T Office Supplies „ ........... ----- _ Bafili Service YEAR'ROUND, RAINPROOF, DRAFT-FREE, FILTERED-SCREEN VENTILATION can b* J«eur«d with Ruico Windowi by adjuitmtnt ol COMBINATION SCREEN AND STORM SASH Gives you all these benefits: • Storm Sash, Screens and Weatherpropfing all in one-permanently installed unit with nothing to change, nothing to store. • Proper ventilation during any season ;; ; -in any weather* • Patented Rusco THERMOLOK* Frame,. • Plastic screening that won't rust, rot or discolor* • Control of steaming and frosting, f Simplified Window cleaning. f UP TO V 3 SAVINGS IN FUEL BILLS UP 10 CAN BE INSTALLED ON OLD OR NEW HOMES GIF A FRii pmQNffrnAriQAi ai AH Amazing Advantages-. ,;--,—;• Subscriptions ,. Capital 'an'i'''"Surplus' \ • , Capital Stock Outstanding , (par value $100.00) i Reserve JJbr' building repairs and contingencies _'_'. " Surplus-January 1, 1947 $ 67,374.74 Add: Neflrfcohie— • Creamery ' _~1.$1,556.80 • "Net'Income;— Oil Department 142.93. ' 1,699.73 27,00,0.00, 3,8(55.00 9,800.00 3,463.24 69,074.47 82,337.71 TO.TA t L T^iABJLITJES AND, CAPITAL ______ $170,196.83 ANALYSIS OF; '- ' ' Balance January 1, 1947 ....... _•__"___".! ............... $ Deduct: Repair and Replacement of Creamery floor— BUILDING REPAIR? AND 7,500.00 4,036.76 S TART NOW to plan your own "dream kitchen" with beautiful, well-made Youngstown kitchen units. Replace your sink with a gleaming, streamlined "KHchenaider" with acid resisting porcelain enameled top, dish and vegetable spray, well-planned drawers and storage space. Increase your::working space with a continuous sweep of tab)e»top cabinets. Easy to install in your present kitchen witHotit renibc}- eling, Use ypRrwaUi space with spacious, convenient cabinets that match the other units and fit perfectly in any kitchen. ••>« Come in today'Wd look 'em over, • LOW EASY PAYMINT5 ?IEA,MPRY,'P^| A'RTMENT ''' < BALANCJE DECEMBER 31, 1947— as above.. 1 ____ $ 3,463.24 CpOPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY PROFIT AND W)£S- STATEMENT YEAR ENDEti'plpCEMBER 31, 1947 35,401.36 'l45 ! ,96 B1.W 345,998,10 Dues and Subscriptions • License and Miscellaneous^ . Rent on House for Employees N i Creamery House Expense , 14/803.00 ' '538.68 3,739.28 s 811.34 150.00' ,387.12 », 355167 < ^ 567io0, 990.52 1,800:18 1,184,48 ^ 199.411 176.25 r 312.09 lbO.00 , 62.87 Less: Rent received _'_ $124,022.79 • 375.00,'r Total' _.„ _._ $123,647.79-| f% HAULING .COSTS Labor ...' i $ 19,937.8511 Social^ Security r '„ ._ 438.63 !| Gasoline,' oil and accessories , : -_„ 15,898.40 Truck'repairs, supplies arid licenses : ,_. r ... ^•;~ - i ,- . * ... . _-j_ Depreciation ^ , A 4,648.36 4 ,. t < 625.00, • U ,65:2.06 .1 \ on Stock, and- Interest Discounts < .............. ------ ,. Miscellaneous ............ , ASK ABOUT OUR PAY - / Less; ^ R'e'^s Tax- $834,894.72 1,746,27 Ad.cJ: ' - $832,548,45 an f d Pqwder gates' received ______ ,. 1,255.91 —,- r , $833,804.36 Cost of Above gales Dairy Products , , 4095,844.43 Hauling Cost — net to Creamery 15,677.07 711,521,50 G?o$s Jncom? en Abev? Sales- Gross Income-from Other '06mtriocT»tjes- $122,382.86 ' 1,344.34 Tot?} G?o*» Incpme 6*neysl $123,627.20 123,647.79 *Loss 22J5.00 298.97 2,639.63 Sa .eceived for hauling 'I'... , N 30;523i23 4 ) * ,^f i I 'et Hauling, cost ----- ,*._ ..... -T . ------- „ ____ , ___ „_ $ 15,677.07 LGONA COOPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY INCOME, PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT ' FOR THE. YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, W47 GAS 'AMD OIL DEPARTMENT Less: Quantity Discounts 128,009.46 3,210,860 V SVlji ijfl Post of^ Sales 124,798,00 97,100.22 'Gross Profit ng and General Expenses ^pries and Wages _,.„_,.._,..,..__$ Repairs T __, „, .G^s, oil repairs an^d-'^ther ' truck expense »_ ,.$2;816.50 reciatign (tj;Hck.s). ,,., r .,, 288,69 Nation and bulk plant' supplies. H'| m] Oil ,_„,„.„. ._,.„. Insurance T . T I,'.,... Tax^s,—real and personal. L,ight, power and Depreciation (buildings $ 'equipment) Laundry , Office Supplies Advertising Telephone 'a.nd Dues, lease, travel an4-miscellaneous.

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