The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 11
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' A Litttd'oMhls, a Lililo of f hafr Not Much t« t let 6m get stfong enough ta i-un Iowa according to the calendar, and so can ekpecLthe.sflrt, o! • ., for the nekt six weeks which he grouhHhpg' s^| ottt tof itf ut. horicstly, I'm all feo* up ith the grouftdhog forecastihg 1 find I asked &ob Loss wdulU he batch the groundhog monster find bring it to tbw'ti arid I'd eep it in a ,box throughout the >ear -and whfen the 2rid' of Febuary rolled around . I'd, -choke fthe beast so there wbUldh't foe any groundhog forecasting -,that ay, ahd Sbb sa'id he tried his Idurndest to trap .the critter— but ihothing doing. I repeat, I'm fe|I fop with this groundhog forecas^ ng bunk and so is Bin Haggard and bfetwe'en ,tlie two of us maybe we, Can manage to put the groundhog out of circulation be- ore next year. , a, will meet Withih said City the 28th day of February, Jv*^ .Gouftfeir.Chartibers in , bonds hereiflaf ter pfbpbsed to b'e ' will, be' giVefi,,an dppok- ,¥Q liyt ,«? b / e .!?S?. r A anrf proceedr hgS Mil, b'fe Jfciitituted and 'action taken for thd issuande of Thirt^- SeVferj 'rhoii&md Collars ($37,000) Airport Bbhds, for tKe ptirp °f ^tiring ahtf equipping Municipal Airp'ort. \ty ah y ! lme before the-date o said meeting fiv6 oi- more tai — -' s may file a petition in th'c of the City CISHcl settifig their objectibhfe' thereto. AOAH CARLSON. . , „ , ' City Clerk , f, Arjetyianp prrift mainifactni'p ov Slorag-o. i. Arid manufacture, .1. Alcohol rtrtnufiiotiire. ,, <, onlrt, hleaehlnff powder or rnanufacfurp, rsoHal. -, Asphalt ninniifiiclnfe oi ipfln- 7. x. ii. 10 n poiia Aulo Hlnnl /tirnace. llnff cleaning, Holler \voilts, Hilftlc, Illp, ,|lol|p|-v fminiiiaPtiiio other manufnfliiip of IntndctaU 12, Candle manuj'iictiire. 1.1. Celluloid mantifactuip or ferf-n Ilinn (be piodiicts 1' ^ , - lime, , K.vpsum, of pails matiufricUiw. ! genital mlxliiK 1 plant for morlar, plaslei or pdvlnp ma u5 OUUlNANCli! Continued from page four I.had il all fixed IcTprovide a ane quartet to sing at the big SCoop. Creamery, dinner Saturday boon but I caugh't a cold and rtiy iass is simply lou's^ between sneezes. Four Danes, Mads Christiansen, Joseph Skow, A. Godfredson and Chris , Reese were going to sing the Danish Theme song, "Forgangen Not vpr sultne kkt en urig og lakker mus fik fat, men da den 'i de,t sarrime en rot saa lod den musen gaa, og katten, after rotten sprang men fik en nase nok saa lang, og rotten, musen, bpgge to, slap lykkeligt fra batten's klo," and which I know would have entertained the diners, but here I,am with a cpld and Mads admitted my bas's sinking' was worse than a mule's braying, so to speak. But one of these days maybe we Danes w can foist our/ tuneful and mellifulbus melodies on a -suffering public. And it'll be good, I' admit it. -. )h aml ln olcslml '' «'ctlon 1 f The, Western Buyers force is now Coffee Gulper members be- c^use ,on account of 1 1 signed 'em tip the other dav, Frances' Grantham, V. C. Smith, Claucfo Slagle. Harlan Peters. Don' Wiese, W. E. McGrew and L. W. Smith, And proper gulping.^prop'er CUD an'd saucer stance and no slirpifig will henceforth, be observed by Western Buyers. , And, W. E..,Mc-, Grew even suggested , that, it might be possible, to sign up all of ,the larger stock firms, in the country because on account of he said that every stock dealer knew sure loved to" gulp his Java. , I'm sure enjoying the welcomes extended me by Algona citizens since, I moved back to the best town in the middle west. Even" Sheriff Art Cogley was profuse w;ith his welcome but he also 'sort of hinted he'd like to put me in jail some time and suggested I go steal a horse ,so he could pinch me, and Joe Bradley and ,Walt Bradley welcomed me with and over a cup of Java, and so we gulped; and Clark Orton said^he was glad to see me back,, eyen if I was a democrat,, and which,! am; and Representative Casey Loss admitted I was a credit to Algona but did I have, to put so much bunk in -the column? And Merle Pratt and Milt Norton gulped a cup of coffee with the Algona Newspapers help one day last week and they both marveled at my dexterity ever, the coffee but agreed they were -glad to welcome me back to the city. And so it goes, every day, I meet Al- gonans who make /me. tickled that I am now a resfdetft of the : best town in the country, so to !* speak. - time the , , I*, ineni, in feilnls., Ifl. Cokp ovens, 17, Cotton sin. is. Cotton oil manufacture, in. Crposolp maniifacluip tipatmenl. wood 2J. 2.1. ,.-. :-,-,-. 7 ; mar.ufaetui'p. Distillation of bonps, poal r l)og pound, i • nvpsluff mfliuifnc(i|i-p. Jjl, Kvploslvpvor fll'pwoiks manu riiituie or storage II' £". l |in n ' Ie "" ft - > M!'', " i '- !or . manufnetui<>. Fish smoking and curing. ill. rtaibagc", ofVal oi dead' animals i eduction or dumping. .12. (las manufacture or.)-. «<l. nine, slfcc fir gelatine ..'II. lion, slop), brass or popiipi foundiv or fnbijca/lon plant. ' , Jn ;jjJi B ;""'k. "'»" orrngsstonigpo, [jampblack manufacture. no. ' . " nol(1 " m manu- maniifac- Ore reduction. " *'• ,'I'alnt,, qll,,slio|lac, .turpentine or A'arnlsh mn|iu.factuir\ {'•; r/nne' 1 . "'id pulp manufacture, id, ,1'etioleum pr, its, products C '•' '"S,",', Wholesale stoiage of. ' H. I'lekle munufnctuilng. !». t'lanlng mlllh. Potash works. l'yro\lln manufacture. Hock oriisher. Hollirg mill. Huhboi 17 •is. •I!). 50. or, tfiitla-percl.a miin- Salt .... ifacture or tipatmenl. aueikiaut maniifuctuip. works. "'Hsh niaiiufaptuip. of a ' c ° ei lm "" lfact »'-o be continued although such not cnnfpim to thS. provi«onH heie of. ;lf no sti upluuil filli'fnlioi << nil made, a nun-ronfnihilntf use of, a building may be changed 16 another non'confin tiling USP of tl.e .same 01 n moie lestilcteil Classified tlon. \\ lipticypt n non-cnnforminK use has IIPPII (hanged to n moie reunified life oi to n conforming use, such use shall nbt Iheieaflpt he changed to ii lews tfstilcled use. Section n. \Vhei.evpr the USP of a building lippotnes non-conloi mlng through a change li HIP zoning oi- dlnaiRp or dlstilcf boundar|p,s such use may be (ontlntied am)'If no Htilietutal iilleiatloi.s ate m.idp, It mny bn changed to anotliei 11011- ronfoimlng use of the same oi a .Section I It; HIP event that u non-confoimlng usp oi any building oi pipinlsps Is dlsponfli.ued foi a l'°il'"l ol one bundled and eighty (isoj da\s, UK. usp ol tlipsamp simil thpieuftPt contoini to Ihp usp ppr- mlllpfl in tho district in which II Is loealpd. Her lion 5. No nsNtir-g building or pieinlsps devoted to a use not permitted hv Ibis oidlnance In tl.p dls- lilcl In which such building- 01 premises Is located, < \cept when re<l ulied lo df) so by law oi orilli unre, shall bo enlaigeil, extended, iceon- sliucled oi sliuctuinlly alteipd, unless such Is changed to a USP permitted In thp distnpt in which such bulldli'g 01 iirptnlsps Is localpd .Section fi. When a bulhllng, the use of wl.U'h does nol confoim lo me piovislons oi tbls oidlnitnee Is damaged bv flip, e\ploslon, Act of uofl, fii the public, enemy, lo the PK- tent oi moie than sixty (80) pel cenl of Its assessed valiip. it >hn|l I ,i i i,'5 H ' 1 ?' p 'l ex< '°' Jl - ln conformlly with thtJ dlsli let regulations oi u,, distiict. In \yhlch the building IK muiaied. When a building, (hu usp of wl.lch does nol confoim to the provisions oi this oullnance, Is clam- ttped by flie, p.\plosion, "Act of Clod', or the, public enemy, ^to llw e.\tpnl of moie limn ten (10) pei ('til or IPSS limit sixty (00) per ccrl of Its assessed value, II m.vv be ie- storcd If the Boaid or Adluslmcnt Inds some coinpplllug public n'epps- s fy leciulrlng HIP eorfinuance of Jie. iifin-confoiming use and Ihe pil- height by not ttlor* (finn (en, (10) I fet wlipn (wrt (2), side ynrda of nol IPSS nun n ft pen Mil) fopi.i'ni'h IH-P iPio\li|pil, but. (hey fthnll.nol exp^erl HUPP (3) slof-les In- hpig-l d ciilmne.vit, f-oollns- towers, eie? vtil or biilk-hetido, fire toWel'f. inonu- nipnis, ppnl bouses, stucks, slngi;. [owcm in. scenery lofis, tanks, wa- ii-r towers, til nntiiPiital .lowers and M>li PS, wli-piext or .brondeiiftlnrt lowem, oi nPce,s«aj-y meehanlcal ap* liniipiiMiipps, may ,be pi-ertPd lo a height li: necordance with existing or lipipnfipi- adopted of'dliiaiipes or ihp City of Algona. I. HulldlngM In Ihl-riUR-li lols niid '•Mending II, rough f rom . s 1 1 p> I lo sin-el mny waive the rrriuh-pmeiilrt for n. iptir vard ^hy, furnishing an nlvnlinl open spncl- In HPU of .such re(|ii I red.- rear. yard. •' In computing the depth of i( Mud or the width of a side u-lipi'e the rear or side ynr ( ojM'iis onin an allpv, -otti'-linlf of HIP •ille* wldlh mny he li!fliidpd as rt poillnn ol Ihu i-par or .side ynid, n i l.p case mnv bo. jn thlft ord ilnBlahec allow n will alleviate some ImrdMilp or dlffieultv no (o warrunt a vnrlritton comprelienslyp plan by created, ..TJio. only tiaiv innposp of cortlnulng not to Council UK <jon- In- thai mnnufnc- Ceqt , \. Ziitqnsltv of Use: fa) The In- Ulw ' e «"'atlons lo, s and a twb-familv litill her* n at flip at cue m» time liun- Hf '" al> ? tent per family. Ot lu ^ s lesa aloa I''"-" ,?"" - W!IS Of of the nassaire or m ?m T'"', 6 ' V tlllU , '"I may beus for Mlngle-famllv dwelllrg pu . AUT1CLB VJ1. 161 cla ' only tl, Ilegulatlonb " 0 u u > -.j» Commercial Ulstilct, Section 2 . ,U,se Itegrulatlons: on' !• iJS ?r r ' J , re ,'n | sif s! ' tl)lu11 " e only lor the following purposes M.;r, J i ,>," y ^ US1 .' Permitted in the "n" Multiple Duelling District. (2) Any use. evcypt the following-; 1 V Hakorles, other 'than those hos-- soT.T ' ' , whose-- products «re on the premises. Ulfloksmlu - or t shop. vad ynr'rt. . nti«,. - ;. Hu ' lt ' lnK horne-^hoelng . . material .s Co ' Ulnclol>s P'nnt > . C&onoraKe Works. , •, * , JJvelnj,' and clean l nfi ;_ works. J' 00(1 ,,""'otl'ict» .manufacture h '^VUDSP nrortuctHnr "•>• 'id. .Stone mill or ciuari v. Stcive polish manufacture, i allow, grease or laid man or refining from, or of ai tui'e' ture" . 07. Tni ' dlNUIIa " on or mantifac- whinh ,« wltich may Vlnegni- manufacture. A\ool pulling or Hcourlng. Yeasti plant. h "' ln Ken(> '' al ' i n , Ken(> '' al UIOSP use'- y be ohno\ ous or ol'fensivn ' 10 " ° r -^ 01 (GO) fllty "" e feet In hclgl t e ce n't ° ApMol""v7 e 1"?^'}** InuSeetion 1 Aiticle M, and where a bufldlnir li ocatPd on a lot abu.ttlnK or ' adtoi ing a dwelling dlntlt "o? " dwelling dlntrl o a p"blic j ! l ,'"f' V, lhpr lhun iln alley or n0t eNC(ferl lhi*i' (3) Section 4. Area Regulations: '« f, 10 * nt V "'"' - tjr WIfere all e. frontage on one 'side of the all cot between ; two Intersecting strupts Is located In the "D". Us!,, -Industrial District, n« fiont yfid shall be reotllred. Where tie fiont- ige on opt, .side of the street beiweei* - n Mi n . t .?v? e r4 lr ! af i 11 '^ 4 * 1 '» lOOflK-tl n ; ,the, "p! 1 Light Industrial Dl.strict yid, a jdwolllrfg, district, the front i;ef|Ulremejits\of. tjie dweljli J'''' t0 " " P " on-confcii mlng usp is Intio a monopoly .Section 7. >Tliu cliv Uouncll of he City of Algona may, by special lermlt after public healing, iiuthoi- /o Ihe location of anv ol the fol- oiylng buildings 01 uses in on) llsiiicl liom which thpv aip prphib- ed bv this oidh.nnce. 1. AIM .public building * eiectp and used by any dcpaiuncnt ol th Jtv, Township, Count \, State o '•ederal Governniei.-t. 2. Hospitals an,, clinics, and tllutlons of an educational, u us, pliilniHInopic or pleemosvnai'y cuiractei, piovldpd that the huildliiL shall be .set back Horn all ^aid lines a distance of nol less than two (li) feet for eacl. loot of building height .1. Public cemetery; 4. Community building or'recrca- llor. field, u. Ahpor t 01 binding field. 6. Befoip issuance ot anv specla pejmil for am of the above lull Id- Ings 01 uses, iho City Council shal lelcr thejiioijospil aptillc.ition to the Oily /Sonlng- Commission, which CftnimlsMon shall be given foi t\-live (In) dins In which to make a lepolt iegaidlng,lhc pflect ol such piopos- ed building oi use upon tlie cn.uact- er of llo nelghliorliood, tuiffic conditions, public utllllv Incilitips-.'ai'd other mallei s peil.iining to the general welfaie. No ttction shall be taken upon any application for a proposed- building or use above referred to until and unless the icpoit of Ihe Zoning Commission lifts been filed. Provided, howcvui, that If no rypoit ii. ippplved groin the Zoning Commission within Hoiti-llve (Jil) days, il shall be assume" thai ap- pioval of the application has heen given by t the said commission Additional Ilelgiil'and Aiea Itngulatlons Secllon 1. The dislilct legula- tlons hereinafter set forth In Hits Article (limlifv or supplement, as the ease may be. ihe distiict it-Aiilutlono appealing elsewheiu in this ordinance. 1. Public, semi-public or public "Piylpp bnlldlncs lm*.pllal<r rhuich- es, temples, sanltailums, 01 schools, rhen permitted In a district, may be erected to a height not e\.ceqrtlng ifty (50) feet. 2. Single-family dwellings ^and wo-famliy clwellirgs' in tho dwell- nK flistrlcts ma\ he Inci eased In f. Acppssorv bulldlnRS,which are not n pail of Hie main building ma\ !"• built In a rear yard within (hiVe C!) feel of the real' lot line. • An acressnry hiilldlr.g which Is ,nbl'n lini-l of the mitln hulldlrig shall-not occupy more limn thirty (30) if'iit of UIR i-pqulr-ed r-eitr yard rind shall not. p.vcppd twelve (12) feel .In 7. No accessory, building; shall lie (onsimctcd upon a lot until, thp con- 'Ion of Ihc-mnin .bull'dlng has actunll.v commenced, and no uncpHsory building used un- IPSS the main building on Ihp lot l.s .ilso liplng used. . Mvcry pttrt of a rerjulred yard sluill hp -open to Iho sky unobslruct-' f'tl. except for accessory, buildings In a retir yard,.and' .except for-the ordinary projections of skylights, sills, .belt courses,, cornices .and.'ornamental .projecting* not lo es-eped twelve (12) Inches. !i. Dpen or., bittlcp-eiiclosod fire (scapes, I'lrn-proof outside slalr- «nys and balconies opening upon lire, towers, projecting Into a' : yard IHU more than five .(5) feet,'and the oidinary |iro,|ectlon« of chlrttrievs and flues are. permitted.- •••'.'•' '.. i 1". All theater.s, arepns,'audit iiims, c'hui'che.s; 'and,:places public gatherings hei'efift-pr ' er'ecte snnll provide air -accessible parkin spiic(>.|u tho form surfaced are or garage Of sufficient sl»e- lo nc (ommodate at least one;(1) car fi e\ery t«n (10) neatf provided, .- ' AliTICLR XII. l.lodrd of Adjustment •'',--. .Secllon 1. A Hoard of Adjustm-en 'Is hereby established as provide for In Cl-.apler''-IM,., Section' -IH.7 Codu of Iowa 19-10, which shall con slst of five (5) members. Th-e woi'i "lloai'd" when used In this Artlcl •-hall be. construed to- mean'- tli Hoard of Adjustment. Tho terms o office of the ; metmber.s.or the'-lioai-f ol Adjustment «.ind the "'manner o their appointment.shall- be as,-pro vided by statute. .... ..... Suction •>.• Thp Hoard, of.' Adjust niciit shall hear and decide appeal f nun and revl-ew any. order, i-p(|ulrc' merit, (leclslon or.delerin'lnatlon made the Hulldlng'lhsfi'eetp'r in tile en- bs foreemcntyof ; thl.s ordliiance.. .Slid appeal shall li'e t'uken within a: reasonable time as shall' be.-presc'rlbec h.v the Hoard by g-enertil : rule, bj filing with tl.e Building ; Inspector and with the Koitrd of AdjustmeiH a notice of ai)peal speciryijog 1 .the gioiinds thereof, and by paying a filing fee of l.'iyp Dollars ($S.O.O)"tb the Building Inspector at tlie time the notice-Is filed, which the" nulld- Ing Insiieetoi- sbair fortlnvltii pas OVPI io the Clly Tieasuiei to the ciecllt of the C.eneial Ttevenue Flint] of HIP Cltv ot Algona. The Poaid shall have tull po^ ei to addpt all lules loi yip tiiinsactlon of Its busi- IPSS, ibe i emulation of ptoceduie ifloie It, and the eaiiyinpr out of the poweis gianted to it bv tl e pi'o- Isions liciPin set foitli and not Inconsistent therewith Spctlon II \Vtiun a piopptly o.,,. or car. show that a slilct application if the tBims of this ordinance lelal- ng lo the usp, construction or aller- ition of buildings or structures ... the Hoaid'jnay nd allow such valifttlon,s' of the. tilct application Qf the r 'terms of his ordinance If thd vttHatlons ate f haimonv with the general pur- iose and Intent of,thH ordinance nd thp Boaid Is satisfied, under Ih-e vldpuce heard by it, that a granting t tl.e variation will rtot merely eive as a convenience to lhe'uppll<- ennf, but onsIrabio gipfll as Horn the thi,fj ordlnnnce ^..-., ,v«, ,,.^iu in which the Board maxvarlalloi: ,of aulboilzp any.,,..,R lo he done arc: 1. Permit the reeonslruqdon of a non-confoimlnff liullclli.g wl 1( h lias been damaged by explosion, fire, •Act of find, or public enemy, to (he extent of less lhar s,l.\ly (HO) ppr eent of Its iiHsp.sHpd vnlup, wheie ,lbe Hoard finds wotnn compelling •necessity reciulrlng n (• o HIP ,non-poiiformliig use, m,d tb prilimiy purpofe of continuing Hi non-cor.forming USP is not to con untie a monopoly., f ''ei-mlt the erection and u.sp o a building or tho USP of premises li any location foi , a public W r vie cm-point Ion for public utility pui poses whloh ihp Hoard dc-Pln's Vea Konably nccp.ssarv for the jntbli convenience or wHfaip. , 3. Aull nrlxe a variance wherp, b\ reason of exeeptlonnl nai-rownpw.s slntllowness or shape of ft .tppcifln 'plec'o of property or record at the limp of. (he adoption of this ordinance or by leason of exceptlona topographical conditions or otlip.i extraordinary - err exceptional .sltua- tldr'i or condition of a specific piece of • property, the strict iippljcnlloii of any provision of this ordinance would.; result In .peculiar- and except onnI prnclleal,.difficulties arid particular hanlshlp'upon ihe-ownci ol ..the ; , prrfp.crty- ahd amount to a practical conl'iscallon of II,e properly as .dlsllr.gulslicd from a IIVPI-P. in- convenlerice to Ihe owner, provided the variation can he granted without substantially Impairing tho general purpose and Intent of thp comprehensive plan as pslahtished by, tli0'-regulations.- and provisions contained In this ordinance. Section •!. Jn considering- all inj- •jealB and all proposed variations to tills ordlnanc'u Ihe Hoard shall, lip- ol-e,making any finding In a Mpeel- flc;. eaae. ..first dctermliie the imposed vai-lallon will not consll- ute. aiiy ; .change fi: the District Map ind will not .impair .an adequate supply of liglil and. air to •adiacpnt ir'materially increase the (.•uiigeHiion In .pulillf; .strepts, or-.|n-'dangpr of fire and :safely, or malerlally.diminish or Im- •pali- cjslabli-sliPd .-'properly yalue« •within tho .surrounding area, "or-th- any «tlicr-re,spe'e.t Impair lli-e -publiu healtl., safety, coinforl,' morals and wc'llttre oft. live-.City .of Algona. : ' • Section M Kvcry.variation grant-ed -or, denied -by Hie -.Hoard Khali be •accompanied.,.by' a .written finding of fact, based on sworn lesllinorrv and evidence, specifying- the*• reason for granting or denylng"t.lm varla- Anyjierson or persons, Jointly or se-verally aggrieved by any decision' o.f the Hoard,,or any taxpayer, or any. officer, • deparhnenl,, board, or burdau.'of the. City of Alogna, may present to the district court of -Ivos- stilh County a petition." duly .verified,, setting forth that 'such -decision Is Illegal in whole or In part, specifying tlie grounds of .the illegality huch. petition 'shall be' presented "to be Court within.thirt.y.ClO) days after the flllng-of Hie decision In the olHc.e,. of the .Hpurrl. . • . Upoii iiie preseniailcSn'or suclii pp- llllon.'.lhe.' Court may allow a writ of c.e.rllorarl, directed to the Hoard of •review, sucl-. decision of the Board and '.shall prescribe- therein • llie ti/hii! within which,a return''.thereto itVust lie .made, -which shall not IIP less than ten (10.) days and may be .extended by the Court. The allowance if thp. writ shall-not stay proceed-- ngs upon the- decision appealed from, but the Court may, on appll- co,tion, upon notice to the JViaid arc! in due cause shown, giant a retraining, order. Tl.e Boaid shall ie(|ulipd to etui n the oilglnul papei s acted upon by It, but it shall be sufficient to i etui n ceitlfled 01 swoi n copies heieof or of such poitlons thereof ns rna\ be called foi In- such wilt. The return shall concisely set forth such othci lacts as mav bp pei lln- enl and mateihil to show the {rounds, o 1 t!>» decision appealed 'iom and sl,«.ll be veiifled. j^I.f Vupfta-tll« bearing,, which shall hcf tvlqd^lle novo, *rt Shall appear to he Court that testimony is reces- ary for the piopei disposition of he matter, it may take such evl- ence or appoint a icferee to tako uch (ivtdencd as It rrrav direct and epoil the same lo the Court with bih IndingK of fact and cor elusions of uy. which shall constitute a pail of he pioceedings upon rt'hlch Ihp de- ermlnatlon ol Ihe Court shall be made. The Couit may, icver'sp o n I firm, A boll v oi In imi'l. m , ma' modify tl.p dpcMoi bioughC tin fo review. ' ' ' , Costs shall not be allotted ilgnlnsf the Ho.iid, unless II shall apneni to the Couit Ih.ii If acted \vlll) KiosS negllgpncp or In fmw faflh 01 with mnlicp In mnklitg tho drcls'loh ap- penled fiom MtTK'UJ XIII OPdipar-cy J'ormlts i SfCtlon 1 No land shal) he ocelli pled ot used and no Inilitllng 1 hpi-e* after eipftrd 01 stt uc luniilv tillpreci shall bp occupied 01 us,pd lm \vholf or In pail foi am pihpose Wlalso* '•VPI, until a cpiliflcatp Is Issued by the, Biilldli-g Insppefoi stating inn the building and us<> (ontpHi will the provisions of this nnlllinnce. am the building .ind lipalth oidlnarecs of HIP cil\ of Alaona No ^hnnga of usp shall be m ide In nnv hulldinp or pint thpipol no« or J.elPiiSlpi piec'tod oi stiiu lutallv alteied with* out a i>eimlt bping- Isshed thelefor bv (hp Building Inspector No p6n hill shall be issued to mahp a cjmngp unless Hip changes are 111 • m'nform- ily .wftli I IIP pio\lslons of (his oi dlnaii.ce. .Section '< Noihlng in (his Ail kip srall-i>ievent the continuance ot ai non-confoimrng use us IIPI e-lnhefoi 6 autlioi-lxpd unless a dlscohtlnti HUP Is -necchsin v foi HIP sifph ( tf Hfp or propei I v .Suction j Ccitlficnlps foi occupancy and complhiMe shall be a p- plled foi coinoidentallv -ivltli the uti- plicalion lor a building upimli, and shull be Issued within Ibn (10) days after the lawful eiccllor oi ajteia- llon of the buildings is completed A record of all ceitlflcatps sluill bi ( it-tfpt on flip In thp offlcp of HIP IJullclinu: liispfctoi and copies si all >e flirnislipd on ip(|tiest to nr\ pci- son lui.vlng a pioprie(ar\ or tpnnncs 'nleresl. In thp building nffcctcd Heiitlor I i\o pei mil foi p\ca\n- tlon for, oi HIP eieclloii oi .ilteLa- ion of anv building shall hi Issued >e.fore the application has bet n n1ad( 'or, certificate of occupun<\ and -jompllarce, , ml no building on shall be OLI ttpled until thai erlil'lculp and ppimll Is Issued • Section fi A Ceitlficitc of Occu- lancy shall he leffuiied of all Non- jorformlng U<PS \ppllcalion foi ~c.rllticute of Occup.ine\ foi Non,,,, . ., l's*s shall be filed vllhln, t\\el\p (U) montns riom tli flective date ol tills ordinance AHT1CLT3 XIV. - Plats Sectloii,! i;ach application foi T bulldlng^ieimil sluill be ncOompan- led by a, plat In duplicate diawr t" scalp., shouing ihp actual dimension oi tlie lot to IIP built upon HIP sl/i shape and loiation of ihe building to lie erected and such othpf irfoi mntlon a.s m,i\ be neppssai\ to IIKI vldp for tic in I oi cement of thlh in dinanee. A lecoid of application' and plats shall be kept ii. the of lice ol the Hulli'lnsr In-snector ' ARTICLH XV. " Bouudailps ol nistiipts Secllon 1 Rules Wheie Uncei talnty Aim Ailse Wheip uncei- lainty exists with lesppct lo th boundaries ol the callous distiict as : .s-bown on the map\ ing and made a pai t of this oidinanre the following rules apply J. The distiict boundailes aip either streets 01 urfos urless othci- ^ylse shown, and -\\IKIP (h e distiict designated on the map uccompanv- Ing-and made a pai t of this oidln- ance hour decl approximately by Street or alley lines, the sti pet or alley shall be con.sti ued to be the boundary of the-%(1Isti let 2. W'beie the ilistiict bounnai les are not olheiwlse Indicated, and \\heie the piopeitx has been or mav hci patter be divided irto blocks and lots, the distiict houndailes-slmil be construed to be the lol linps and wheic the dlstilctt, designated on the map^accompanvlng and made a pa"rt of this ordinance aie bounded ap- proximaleU by lol Hues, ibe lot lines shall be consliued to be^lhe bound- ai v distilcts unles*, the boundaiies are otheiwise indicated on the mnpt 3. In unsuhdivldtfd piopeitv, Hie, disy-lct bqurdaiy lines, »o Uic.mair accompanying and -made a™ part of this 01 dinanee shall be idefeimined by use, of the .scale'appealing on the map. - AUTrcira xvr, . . Tnteipietatlor. Purpose and Conflict .Section 1. Tn-lnlerpietlng-an'd ap-. plying the piotislons of/this oidi- larce. thuv shall be held to be th-o minimum ipquiiempnls foi the pio- motloii of tlu» public safptv, health 1?v IfiH", -,i qi abiognte; am nifllnniipq, f'rtlgs't peimlis fii6j'iou^&f e sued, and not iln een/lfet of the ptjoVteloW of UI(H^, 01 which shall bo adontetl b? .„ puisuaiit lo in\v relatlhMf to thd oi biiliiling or ptetTilseR, ajull wine rot. In cjortflict wtlh tltli nanee nol' is It lnlc>n.f#<l,,»v, rlllittneo tiTi fnlerfote gale 01 ah pill any ennnls 01 other ..„.__ , imtlps 6<(ppt tliat, If (hf« rtfd... imposes a giontei rresti Ictlottt oidlnancp sliall cOrtir>l, '' ATl<TtGLK XVff. Aniendments . .Bectlon 1 The Clly f'fl\ of Algoml rtiav.,..,.... , tlmpj amend this oirTlniiHoe mflniiei plesciibefl by the stt ot the State of Iowa, but no' amendment shall be irfitcle unUfs port has been submitted to W& _ Council bv-tlie Zoning Coi«mls«tbti', and such amendrtidnt «dl(ill riotibfe* (omp elieelhe e\cepl by lhh'ifavo*f* able vole of at least thre-e-fotii'tnB (1-1) of all the irreirKfjpis of theiCity Council -- t *<>&*" liefoie any action sh4ll bertift*h< as piovldpil in tliN Aitlclfii " '" tv 01 p-ullt'S ptoposilig Of, mending a clianRp In the i egula lions 01 district 111 shall deposit wftlf the City PI the sum of Five .Dollar•> ($S.(flJ to cos'ei the appjovlmale dfJst- at ibis piocerlure and under no coftdf* turn shall t,ald sum or an^T 1 paPt Iheipof bp i el uncled for failure df said amendment, to bn Enacted. i ARTICljlQ XVIII. > M*»«i Violation, Penalty and JCnforcdrrfeift Section j Anv pelsont firm or firnciiatloii who violates, dlscjbei'ili .mris, i eglecls, or tefuses to conTnty witii 01 who icsfsts jbrj enforce;* tnent of any of the ploVisjons rif ibis oidinaiic'c upon crtnvictlm shall 10 fined not morp than One Hun- liod Uollais ($100) foi each offcttse. !/(ich dav that a violation is fter» nllted lo e\lsl constliyles a ^epa,- ate offense The Building In's"if>ec:« oj Is hPieM designated and n.trthot + /< J d to enforce this ortllhrtncfe.lf >,. ' Section 2 In casp ami riilllrlj JK stiuefUie Is eieited, consiHlcteu, econstiucted, ilteied, repaltcaudbhi- eiled 01 malnUtned, oi.anv ))UJ)ff- ng, sirucltiie 01 land ,ls used Iff vih* ation iof this oidlnance, thesBQlu}* ns Int-p-ecloi, in addition lo i.otllet'' ertiedlcs mav Institute* any ,protili' ictlon 01 piocoedings In the/rid-Rift . r the clt\ of Algona lo toffv&nt 'iir-h unlawful election, aorffltrtio- tfon leconstiuction alleiatloil, re^ pah, conveisloti, malntena-ncf,j-.for» usp to lesuain coiieci or i Sibfite such •* loiation to pi event fhe.'ocour pnnc\ of said building, SUuclUrtAo}', land 01 to m event any illegal act, conduct, business oi use In or abbu't said piemlsps AUTICT^R XIX. " ' ' Validity , ». .„ Section 1 Should any se"ct1ontior provision of this oidlnance \>& clared b\ a court of competent j«, isdicllon to be- invalid, lhfi> deolHltS shall not affvct Ihe \alldllv, ofA 1 01 dinanee as a whole or arty'jpu.u Iheieof, olhei than the.pait S>D aaV cl.ued lo be invalid - ' ' *i LI; xx. Jlrpeal j, v , :-, Secllon 1." All exisling oidlhS" 01 pailM of orclinanees or j" lions of the CiU Council in with tlie piovislons o? thlb ance are lieruby-repealed AJJTJCLU XXI AVhen Effective Secllon 1 This 01 dfnaijce !,,,„., ™ in loice and effect fiomiandvjineF Us passage, appioval and publication as plovlded hv law. i f , t t>i PASSl'JIJ, ADOJ TRD AND t AT?? PHOVIJU this J!ul day of Oclabfir. 1 (| I 7 — .» i .«.'' 1917 Appioved. ADAH TUANK KOITLHAAS , JVTav The above and foiegolng d-». v ance No. 287, known and f de»lgna,t"S by thei feboi t* tei - m, r 5"ZoflJAjri»Oj;(JiB ance" having been passed'aviiij (iclf d by unanimo-us-action df tile, i 7ouneII and approved by'tH'diMfl ~ hereby duly aiithentioaletf ovldefl by la\V. v domi Llyel ' y slabl ° or 1'Idin's la. L/umber,- yard. . • '•!-• - MacJilne Hhop. , ' ' , lo. ,Mllk dlHlrlbutlrsg •statloa- oth or than a Detail business oonductec un tho jpremlHoji.. , .,.j. , - , Stofle x.inonumentnl 'works yhiK mbre (fi) " \l« ' ' I was a gueiji or ihe Algona £Lions club Tuesday noon, Dpn lAnderson had charge of the pro- tgranrand^e aslted me to peddle fsome headaches wjth my fiddle and aftei 1 I'd stuffed a fine feed [ proceeded to peddle pelts of ipanic by scraping the fjddle but |I offered to'furnjsh f/ee anacins ftp. the suffering^ §rj to -speak- i8rl Sprague, Ralph Lindhorst, r. Bunkofske, qiejn Erlander t Fred ShiUs I, know suffered lalmost to tears./a'nd v Ed Genrioh Isaid coffee slirpjng'was a credit ^compared to my fidd'le sawing, and Pon Herningspn said he'd |orgiye me if ItKipked in a, dim,e |or commercializing,, my fiddling *" exchange for the dinner, But that I fiddle my way into the .ons club because, p n account of now belong but' the members id. they took me in so they ..'» ... so warehouse, ., &.sa!o warohpuse or busl- is.' Any kind or, manirfifctttve' v , U>oatm&n.t Jollier J, than , manufacture, pr*traatment of- pr^uftts clearly r (lit cWentttI to thp, oondnct ,of, tt retail iJUHinessvopnditcted on tlio-premlses iAcce»,soi'y.l)ui(dln»s and uses cus- tqmai'ily Incident to t|i-e above uses Including signs and' bulletin not O.VPPAdlnt? l\vnnf.\r. ,(»n\ feet ln>a,rea hire »{»• snle or hire of a sale to /the than area ----- , — »„,-.,„.» •lucl sold on tie nromlses; provided howevei? Jhat noTIllboai'di or sign of n larger (Hive or of any othtm pmiciictitr hhdll bo permltetd In tho "C 1 Commercial District. , , - , Any bulUllnB used primarily for any of the purposos uUowea In this nistrlc't may have not moie forty (-10) per conl of the floor devoted', tp > storage piirnqses Inclr dental to auchiprrmiii v use, i ! ??i f , 11 " 11 3 't S?iff'n-?<p«ruatlonB! No bMlldti;e,,sfiaU exceecl- four,- HJ stoiles or fifty (BQ),i>teat In height except as otherwise provlde'd In .Section i of Article..^. ,,.„, Heotlon 1. Area Regulations: l.-^fiV'ont ,,V«,rd, ,ia) Wliere. ^ll ,Uio frontage qt(,onBisl ( Je f ofi, '11107*1^41 belween two Intersecting streets Is located in the "d" Commorela! p(s- be leciulr- nf' ' of, (ng Jn ' "0", me in so they quJd pontro} my leaving/the fid.* at home. And, sometime jf hear spme rp£rfng |n / my peigh.bqr})OQd you;,')} „ know i practicing to roar like Xb) Where a lot. Is located at ,lL teihectku: ol^i two, or motu slrpets e ,1110171. yard; fecmlrements of the «",° eV ; 6f p ?r et ?P!' Hlla " apply^lo eao) slreet side, of, the.cijrjier lol e\cen ,luu Ihe.bulldablf. width of such lo shall not ,be reduced to less, thai twenty-e ght- (28) feel. No acces sorybuUcllii.g t .shall piojeca beyond the front-yard, line on either, .stieei >S. Side, I'arcl.. ,The,,,..side yari tegulaUons are the sa'me. as In.thc "C Commercial. District, • 3. ,IUw Yard. .,TI,e.,, rear yard regulations are the t,ame as In'the "C" Commercial Oisiiict. , , , .;!. -Intensity of, The ilntin- sltv of Use ltoguhaior,K aie thb i\me as In thb "CI'f.Gqmmerelal Districts. "13" Heavy Industrial Olslrlcts Section 1. -rue ,reeulatl9ns. u «el forth, it. 4hi« Artlofo,. or set.forth elsewhere In! this ordnance, when referred to in ,tlll,s Article, are the dls- tclct regulations ,in the- "K" Heavy Industrial Districts.) ., „ % * Sesptlon 2.. XIt,e Regulations:' (a) A,,premises may be used for ary puipOKe whawoev^r nut In conWIct w|th..any, .prdlnanpe of, tho City ot Aigoria. ieButatlng t nu|sunQes. except that no building <jr ocoup«n- cy pwmit, shall he Issued for any of the following until and unless the location of such use shall hav« b0en npf>roved by-the Hoard of Ad- LlW?*" 11 »'le«' report by the l.'lro Chief, , , i . 1, Acid manufacture.. ,,, 2., Cement, lime,,gypsum or plaster of parts manul'uetuie. •• 3, ^plosives manulacture or storage, , , / 1. ' Qas manufacture. , . „ o. Petroleum, or Us products, refining of. ,, , S- JJ'i'olesaje storage of gasoline. 7. \V'I olesale storage or galo. 6f ood pioduois. 1M *• (b) -In the "IS" Heavy InduatTfal 3)str|qt r,o, building shall jio - eflti- esteil or% erected for dwelling, nvirr oses; provided, iiowever, tlmiawslU ng quartern may be eatabjlahed In onnectlon \\iih any industrial ea- abllHlimejit for wntolimen and earfj- aKerB-,e,mployenl upon thH promises, ;S..'-Weight Hegulatlqns: t j.-egulations are the same "D" !<|ght, industrial pis- & aa^jsgyuVi »»•» . Plate for'48 ;•"?• -«"W** v. ""s- s ; r$" * r > *s> *&41 V# f T **<:' * . <<,>',;'<^\''/>^Z A <•&«,'• *?X'\&& '-:'^'»V>,<# **•«: .^•f,^".,: v.« „,'/>, r. ?i;iJ>4S- •>^'jr«.'^ — d J'v<A L tl.e 8fi «ll S'eotUiri-1., Area Regulation*.'' ' . , ,' street sjde of tie cQrn«iv jot.* exoeuti that tiff bullclabW wWffl-«nfiiW lot shall n§t«he all ••• .lie'hyew v two~'|ntorseoUngi S la locatediln the "K", Hea,yy ,>!oi r,,. t ..,^ nQ (rotf.Irfifr \Vhere the front- iof the street be- utlng«tjeeia4s lo. . nHeavy Industrial ..walling district, the fs /§rte«f f q te •w/jsris'^ahtu., Ifffl^eKf/ft^ ilSiililiS rf *^ •'"'•*tf^<mWHiii^^i^j£ : ^ **&*&& .^^^^^: reduced; (38) son' bujlfllng shall pvojeet tl.e froni ya,nU<ne St%VHi'4,-' Tjtw'siao l.Qns /or dwell ngs as thospf In Tim <'A*. f H^.SIjisI^Fftmiiy WUtciiJtwBlHIrci.'iiillluitralcd.mTillablcslcxIrjciift, Buick fakes the Tun| (p HW/JV J. TAnOR, MW>; Httwk, Mandwi and Frldgy, ^e 9 ,»f^Z?D^.W\ ll Vihra*Shhlded ride, sensational Dynaflow Drive, 30«oc/c/ new advance? The c^myi's up - Uih|iQW r is q^ r for no Jess (ban 3Q riew" features: JJui|fl4>R\tit|t brjngs fln fatigue, <?n!v- mi. Cwttng^owqwe^Qi^lkuit^pi. ^ .......^.^ ,,, f , Jra Jjance of H»-Poi«ed Fireinty pgwjer. - , sf ep' on %gn« •"' an4 nwijif d6«e q e «i|»| ^pj a use ft MaiSMh, i q m m* F5\^ W te**u± Slfwi^^^liS' tl^C*piii5$ <ii««r®}gM|rV : .ptftl i sW§Wf4 tjMiftfT? f • » , \ '*> ^ *-^S f/ ; *'- ; - * *' »*' ^ "'-'^ '"' 'S^i^iCRW«fcifaF'*XJHK m^f^i^m^, ,s * m j.^

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