The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 10
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Op^ec Tuesday, Fsbruacy 3, LEGALS xci'i xo an? /onlntc Ordinance AJicnnfl) I'HIM , AN OllWI-M-ANC'IO (o nogulnte and restrict Ihp location and use of buildings, structures and land for (fade,. Industry, commerce., residence or other purposes: to rej*unite nnd restrict thrt'hpighl of tl.p buildings hereafter erected or altered; to regulate, and determine the area of yards and other open spaces about buildings; to regulate and determine thp density of use of land and lot areas ami for said purposes to divide the Cltv into districts; lo provide for •enforccnipnl and a Hoard of Adjustment, and to prescribe pen nltlps for (lie violation of its provi- Vlslons. \VHIOI:MAS, The City Council o the City of Algomi, Iowa, deem-s I tM>ppssary In order to lessen eongc;"- tlon In the streets; to secure .snt'el.v from fire, .panic and oilier dangers to promote health and the genera Welfare: (o provide, adequate light find air; to prevent the overcrowding of lard: to avoid undue concentration of population: to facllltat the adequate, provisions of transportation, water, sewage, schools parks and other public requirements: to conserve the value of pt'ojje.rty ami er.coiirage the most appropriate use of land throughout the City In accordance with a pom- /irphenslve plan; now. therefore. . FtK IT OKDAI.N'KD I!Y THK CITY COON'CIL OF TIIM CITY OF A L- Spction 1. l-'or tl.e purpose of establishing and carrying into effect the several powers, duties and privileges conferred upon the City of A!- gona. in, under, and by a certain act of (be Slate Legislature, Chapter •114, Code of Iowa, l!M(i, and all amendments thereto, II is hereby provided as follows: AKTtCLI'; TT. Section 1. 'This ordinance shall be known and may be cited and refer- ifi\ to as the "/onlng ' irdioancc" to the same effect. ARTICLK III Section 1. For the purpose of Ibis ordinance certain terms ami words are hereby defined. Words used in the presenl tense si,all include (lie future; the singular number shall Include tile pural and the pural the - singular: (he word "building" shall include, (lie u ord "Mi m tin e" and the word "shall ' is m.ind.itory ami not directory 1. Accessory litiihliMg A subordinate building or n portion of the main bulldlrg. liie u.-e of wbicl. is Incidental to that of lire m.iiii building or to the use nf th,> picnuses 2 Alley: A publu thoi oui^hfnre which affords only a seCondrtrj means of npcess to (limiting proper ty. :t, Apaftnienl: A room or sutti of rooms It a mnlllple dwplllng In tended or deslgnpd for IISP as a res! deuce by a single family. 4. Apartment House: See Dwell Ing, Multiple. 'B. Urtsement: A s(ory having pai' bul nol more than ore-half (141 II: helgl.1 below grade. A basement If counted as a story for llio purpose of height rcgninlioiii fi. lioarding House: A building other than a hotelj where, for com. pensalion meals, or lodglrg am meals, are provided for not more than six (fi) persons. ~. Hllildings: Any structure dp- signed or Intended' for the support prelosuro. shplt^r or proloullon ol persons, animals, of property. Wltoi a structure Is divided into separate parts by unplerwd walls extending from thp ground up, each part Is deemed a separate building. 5. Huilding, l.eighl of: Thp vertical distance from thp grade to the highest point of the coping of a flat roof or to the deck lino of a mansard roof, or to live average height of the highest gable of a pitch or hip roof. II. Cellai, A story having more than one-linlf (\'s) of Us height he- low grade. A cellar Is not Included in computing (he number of stork: for (lie purpose of height measurement. Id. District: A section or sections of the City of Algonn for which regulations governing the use of buildings nnd premises or the l.eighl and area of buildings are uniform. 11. Dwellings: Any building, or pordon thereof, which is designed or used exclusively for ivsirl'-nlial/pur- poses. 1'.'. Dwelling. Single-Family: ,s building designed for or occupied exclusively by one family. I". Dwelling, Two-Family: A building designed for or occupied exclusively by two families. II. Dwelling, Multiple: A build- lug or portion thereof designed for or occupied oy more than two families lo. Family: A group of one or more persons occupying a premise.s and living as a single housek-Hepinj) unit as distinguished frum a group occupying a boarding housei lodg- ng house or hotel, as herein defined. Hi. Filling Station: Any bulbi- ng' or premises used for the dispensing, sale or offering for sale at retail of any automobile fuels or ills. When the dispensing, siil-p or d'fering fir sale is Incidental to the onducl of a public garage, the premises are classified as a public garage. IT. Frontage: All the property on one side of a street between the two intcrsecllng streets (crossing or terminal ing.) measured along the line of. the street, ot» If th6 sh-Cot I* dend-endpd. then all ofi the propeitt.N ahuulng on on sldp holft'een an In lerspptlnR slrdpl and (life deild-pn» of ihp street. Is. Clnrase, rrlvatp; An needs sory building housing'tint to e>;ce.'e( three (.1) motor'driven vehicles, thp property of nnd for thp use of rTie rtccnpanfs of the lot on which the private garage i* located, \ 1fl. Uaragp, I'n.bllc: Ahy build ing or premises,except, those usod a? pilvalp or storage pfarapfes, usedl-foi eriulpplng, repaliltiK, hiring, soUlnj or storing motor drlvon vehicles. 20. Oarage, Storage! Any bljlld ins: or premises. uso,d for housing only, of motor-driven vohlelps Dnr- sunnt to previous nrrnrtKfimPnls an(' not to transients, and at wl ich nfllo' mobllp fuels and oils are iiot sold and motor driven, vehicles are nol equipped, repaired, hi rod or soldi 21. Ornifc: a. Kor buildings having walls adjoining one street ortl> the plevntlon of the sidewalk at the con tor- of the. wall adjoining tilt si root. b. For buildings having walls ad- Joining more (ban one street t'hp averagp of thp elevation of the sidewalk at the ctmtei's of all' walls adjoining 11','P slroels, c. h'or buildliiKs bavins' no wall adjoining the street tli e average level of (he finished surface of tlio ground adjacent to the. exterior walls of the building. Any wall approximately parallel to and not more, than flvo (H) foot from a street line is to be considered as adjoining the. street. 22. Home Occupation'.' Any occupation carried on by a member of the Immediate family, residing on the premises, in connection Will, which there Is tised 1:0 sign other than a name plate, not more than one square foot In area thai will indicate from the .exterior that tbo hulldlng is holng u'tlllited In whole :u Ii. part foi any purpose other II an that of a dwelling! there N !«cpl no stock Jn trade nor.commod- t.v sold upon tho premises; no person Is employed other than a mom- jer of the immediate family residing or. (he promises: and'no mechanical •qulptiietit Is used p\cept such as Is icriiiisslhle for purely domestic or lousehold purposes. 2!1. Hotel:' A building In which' odglng is provided and' offered to he public lor compensation and vhlcl. Is open lo transient, guests. In •ontradlstlnetion to ,a boarding louse or lodging house. •-M. Lodging House: A bulhling vhere lodging only Is provided for Timpensation to- not more than six (i) pprsons. 2,"i. Lot: A parcel of land occu- iied or intended for occupancy .,bv mi' main building together With its ccessory buildings, including thp. 'Pen spaces required by this ordin- nce anil having Its .prlncpal .fronl- ge upon a street or'Upon an offi- ially approviMl place. 2(1. • I'.ot, Corner: A .lot abutting pon two (2) 'or more streets at (I) their InteMccHdfl. 27. Lot Depth ofi-, Thft menu I.DI tanninl distance bttWvepn the front and ronr InH iinoS; • 28> i-ot, rionbio Frhnirin'e'' A lot having a fnontnKo on two (i) non- H;tPrspptliiB- slrefcts,' as -distinguished from a eoiWr loli 2ii, Lot, Intm-lot'! \A lot oihei I Hun ft corner lot. -, ,10. Lot llnps: Tho llwp^ bound- Ing a lol. .11. Lot ijf nppord: A lol whlei: IS a pnrl of n subdivision, thp mar of which hits booh recorded In the office of tho County Hecorder iCoHsntj, County, lown,, H2. Non-c!or,fot>tftlhff tlso: An\ 'bulldln,K or (and* lawfully occupied by a use at the time of passage ol this ordinance or amptidnients thereto Which dop.s not conform nfler (IIP passagp of this ordlpalit'c.or amend- nienis thereto with the use icgula- llors of thp district In which It !• stualod. M, sinhle. .Private: A stabli with a capacity of not more thai lour (IV horses or mules. ill. Stftblp, Public: A stable with a cnpnpltv I'or.mol'p limn four horses oi 1 mulos. 3ii, Street: All property dpdlcnt- ealed or Intended for iHiblle or "Ivale slroPI purposes or stihlecl to public easempiits lliprpfor. .1(1. Story: That portion of . building, other than a basemenl, Included, hptw-een Ihp snifnce oi ahv floor and Ihp surface of I ho floor next above II, or. If thorp be no lloor abov6 II, then HIP space between the floor and tho coiling' ilexi above It. 37. Story. Half: A Space undut a sloph'g roof whlel, has the HUP of Intptseption of roof dpcking anil Wall face not rilore Hum three feet above the top floor level, and In whlpji space nol morp thnr two- thirds of the floor area Is Finished off for IISP. A half-story containing independent apartments or llvlitic quai'leus shall 'be counted as a fill I itory. .'IS. Street UUP. A dividing line between a lol. tract or parcel of lal.-d and a eontlnguous street. 39. Stru"turo: Anything constructed or.ereetpd; (he use of which rpt|ulres pprmaiienl location on the ground or attached to . something v.Ira: a po'rmunenl location on the ground. i •in. .Structural Alterations: Any hange. ,in the : supporting members of a building, such ,as .bearing walls or partitions, cnlmnrs, beams ol Urdeis. or iiny subMlanlial change n ..the roof or In the exterjor walls. •II. Trird: An open space on (lie samp lot with a building, unoccupied nd unobstructed by any portion of. structure from live ground up-, except as otherwise provided lorein. In measuring a .yard for the in'rpose of deteriillnlHS the width if a sldp yai'd. .(he depth .of a front •ard or thp depth of a rear yard, thp , moan liorl/.ontal distance 'between he lot' line and the main l.all be u«od, 12. Yilrd. Fronl: A yard extend- ing rtp-rjnss thft front*? a l. (lip aids vnnl Hrte's and lining' tho nitntmiim lioilxontal nlHtince. IIB-> tweon tho si fool lino'hint H1ti hinlh building'or nisv ftrn.lP'iaUon' tholPool', other tlum thrt prrijeeUon of tlic usual steps or entrance-way. l;t. \Yurtl, flour: A yiU'd^ luff across tho V(j«r of n lol .mensitr- (<d. between lot tines. And bolntf the minimum.' KoTlKtmlill distance be- 4 * twpen the rear 161 llftd flmi tha,fio>ir »f the multf Inindinrf or ani' lions other thaiTiPrtdps,' hrtleonit?'* hr uneholospd porfiHei. Olf eori:pr lots the real 1 yavd •shall ,be consldrpd as parallPl to thejStToel upon which tho lol has Its IcfiBl clU mens'loti. (in boll, corner Itits nHld Interior lots the rear ynrd shall In nil cnsofl bo at tho opposite vend of (he lot from the front yard, I II. Ynrd. Sldp: A yard ,the main building and the sld, of the lot and oxlondlntf .from the front lol 4lno lo IhpTear lol lino! AUTIC.LR 1V. Districts nnd Houndnrtes fherortf Section 1. In order to- classify, ipglilalp aiid rcstl'lol the v ioeatlnn ,of trade 1 * ami intlusirlBH, and the location of buitdrtift'S designed for spec- lied uses-; to rpfuiintp. nnd limit the height and .bulk of building 1 * Here"after elected or nltered; trt regulate and limit tlio li-tensltv of the use of lot nrpas. and (o regulate and" de- tetmlno tlio urea of yards, courts, and other open spaces Within alid -in lounging such buildings, thp,.CIIy of Aliuimi, lown, Js hfirebv, divided Irlo five (fi) classes of "districts". Tho use, height, and area regulation 1 ! arc, unlfprm In each class of districts, and said districts shall be known as: "A" SInKle-l«'nm1lv IHslrlct. "Ii" Multiple-Dwelling District. "C" Commercial District. "!••' U»,hl Industrial Dlsli'lbl, "h!" Heavy Industrial District. Section J. The bourdai les of the"" dl t strl(l« ai'" i-uilr.. i-d -if ;he ^onliig Map of the City of Al- iromi, which ,jnup Is altnchod lo and findp a iniit ot this ordinance. Tib said Xor.lng Map of City .of Algona an" fill tin- notations, 'references in;d ether null tors shown llHM'OOiv shall he as much a part of this ol'-. dltmne-c as kf the. notations, rofer- and ollmr matters set foi'.il' i> said map \vero all fully described horoln: whlc.h map Is on .file In .(he office of the City Clerk ai the City. Hall of Ibe City of Algona; (a) The district, boundaries are. liber strep's uriillovs uhloss otherwise'.shown, and whore'.the deslg- ' "n (h?. iua.n /MCconipanylng •ird made a 'part of this ordinance, indicating (lie various districts arc approximately bounded by street or alley lines, mild street-or alley shall- be construed to bo the boundary of licll dislilet. _ (hi AVhcie life district boundaries are not Indicated and where tin. property bits.boon or may etvafter he divided inlo blocks and 'is. the dl."lr!(.<l houndarl-Rs shall p construed In be. lot .linos and' wl.ere the designation on'I he map .bonndiify linos',on tho mhiV vt ;of on •Shall . .. •'^'•V^iQf r.flltch ' dlstt'lC boiniditi'ifr'a arc ,o'r tlh- tim rnftp*.' i * '- •' ' ----- cuStrict ,uuiiuiiijn i\- ., _ ncfortp'nnyinfr AM Wmlc a pttr this oTUlnAned shttft >be' del«i l m .by (ifiii'Of-thi* settle contained such map,, Sefttldn it, All tpfrllrtry which i...-,. bereaftcf be. rthfiaxcd^o the C'lly bY Alffona shall automatically \m qinsHi etl fls, lyin'fc ami hpiiiH' in 'ttte k"Af .One-iFanilly District \liHM sudff otnssificailon,shall ha.vo'been chani?-< ed by an ntn-ehflBtpl't' to tho Konilitf. Ordinance, AS provided by law. i Socllon- N -I. Id&dopt iis liereinafloi' prbvldcd: H 1. 'No htllldlng shall be erected., converted, eMurgod, rdconsti'tn'ied or H.lrueiurally aitol'ed, norsliall any' bliildinft'.or land be used. Which ddiMt not eomply with all of the dlstrleL regnlallofts esiahlishod by Ibis »P»' dlnnree lor llio • dlsivlct Iniwhlcl* the bnlldlhg/nT-lnnd Is located, i •2. The nilnlmtim yards and olhei' ;opon spaces, .Including tho Intensity of ,nsfs prrtvlslrtns contained In fh,IM ordlnancp for each and every building .existing ai the time of passage of ibis Ordinance,, or for any uultd»j |i»-v iwrenftcr erected or slru'cltiralli'i altered, *thail hot bo oncronchcil upon or considered its yard or open space rotiulreiiKmls or Intensity of nsn purposes for any oinor Imiitllng. ;i. Kvol'y bvUldinff hereafter creeled or siruuturally altered shall bo located on a lot, and In no ease* shall there be mure than one main building' on onP lot. AIV.T1CUO. V. "A" Single-Family Dwelling ... District Regulations Focllon I. Tho regulallnns sot forth In this article err sol forth elsewhere In this ordinance, when referred to in this nrttelo, arc (lib District reffulallorts In thu "A" Sin-, glp-famlly Dwelling District. ' Scellon 2, I'sp Hefruliilloni: ,A building or premises Shall be Used, only for Hie following purposes: 1. Slnglp'-fnmllj' 'dwellings. 2. Two-family dwellings. , ii. Any- dwellng altered or converted for multiple-family use may IIP permitted provided thai ii[> struc* tural cllangns or alterations are made In the outside walls 01 whlpl. materially change the < lor appearance, or gpdcrnl chnrilutoV and provided (hut the Intensity of use requirements for multiple dwell- Irgs 'arc compiled with as provldP(T for in Article VI. Section I of this .ordinance and thai all' constructloi shall be In accordance with ihu iilldlng Code of the Cllv ' " •I.' Churches. fi. , .Public'schools, olemPntary "and ami educational Instil ul Ions g a'(!tirrl(!iilutn the same as ordinarily £IVen. in .public schools an'd having .ho .rooms regularly used for housing and sleeping rooms. mmi tho> ffont lot iln«' and .in ao- coi'danco with estfthllshed side ynftt 'Msq\lli'pmohls coiunlrred. In ibis or* HKiAnec. Accessory btiltdliiBs A Wh[o|] ar,« a lini'l of thft Mam bntraiiTft. IM1 flidlhg' n. prlvaio, .R-ht'itwe- oV j., yanl's .qiittrtdrs,^« oTnart|rs pnlployed nn iho iwemfsesi nnil'^hftll flHt ho occupied by others rt-sja 'nrale doiVi'lclhi. 4 . , f In!). Home ocdoiiauoiis and ,, ,, . ^lonnl (Ufioes of on/who lives In Uie- Viain building nnd Where no nnmt- Wirte Is'used In connection Will'. Hie .j^rptesslonal ute Which e.xepftds, one (1) squal'c fool In area. I' '\\1. Temrtornrv.buUdlngs for uses fficldenlal to oonsirncllon \Vork, .Which hullcllngs shall, ho rcmaVed- hppn ttio cnmplellnn or abandonment' of tho const ruction work. .'• 11. Hullptln boards nnd Signs, nnl Otooedlng twelve (12) squnre feSI In aero appprlalnlUM: Id tho lease, "nh'p or salp of a btllldlnff Or .premises, which boards or SlRl'S shallOtp removed as soon as (he premises arc IPttspd, l.lrod, or sold, i Koctlon ;(. Height negulrttlons; No bulldhTM 1 rtllall ^.Xce«Sd ' UVrt ana otip-half (2U> stol'les or .thirty-five '(Jin) feel In height, except as provided In Section l. of Article XI, / Hecllon -I. Area. H6Bi|lallons: ,' 1. l''ronl-Yard: (ai) Thnre, slma) l\e a front yard lmvl|!g^lv deplh Of nol less than thlrU< (:IO> feel, nit- less twenlv-flve (2fi) por pqrtl or moro of the frontage on one Hide of the street IielWPen Iwo InlPrsectlhur slreois Is Impi'aVed' wll|l Ihllldltijts that liaVo observed an nvprnffp front yard lino With it- variation. In ii.ppth ot noi moi'e limn '.teiv fppi, In A'hlch case no building proipcl hpvon'd' the ftVehiBCc front yard So established, but thlt reMfU 1 - (atIon shall not Ivc Int*niroted y to require a front vaI'd of more than seventy-five. <7il) feel.' . (b) Whet'o lots have a double frontage the required fl'ont yard shall hp.-prnvlded on both streets. (c) Where a lot Is located at the Intersection of two or more streets, -width /fyWAW?/lyM or"" (•ess? n(- WoJ'IWm rif'{}$*; tff this fli'fll wldtlt c!f ^.v.,. he-a rert l?ffit.hol ' V ifl eiith .of ,.^ t f^r-i »•• it *-*vj i VJ*M vi^ i i'-flVD^- 6) -)f6fltf'r B I W- TO; - fl'sw-M n,.,,,, .havA'art aven of not feswlmii «i.x Ihousnnd five htindt-od OjiROiI stflmro fcoi eScobt llinl If n-mjfflirH less Area tlmft Keieln l-pnilM'StV A' WAS ,df rpcofd at IhB, ilirio^t jti passnfip of fhls ordinance, that .i may be uaod [fir iinv of (ho use's pc; milled by Ibis Article, ,. _.i« MulHple DwelllnR- Ulslfldt' on 1. The feffitlaltotiS fnrth In this Art elsewhere In this rpfpri'Od lo In thin />i ("•'"=>./"."ii" dlslrh;t-rPgt1lallo)H In tlic*""fl" Mu tlpte Dwelling Dlslrlcts. , . t \ Sortlon 2. A building or prdhilK'? shall bo used only for the followln pnt'pns'es: . ' ' .., 'J >[ 1, Ahv usij pernillold In lho» ,1 Slrgle-Famtiv d\v<>il1n'K HIstHcl, m - " '-• • dwoilhiKs, 1" l-f IV CI I I 11 f*i I ' I .T I. « I \I I I The feffltmltrtliS ./si AHiok«, br sei Mf(. this brdlnnHee, Wlij i this Article; rtl'd.yp MtllllDlP •i. TnflilinifonH of<a religious,,p ucnllonitl or phlimithronlp nniurtSt ,1. Hospitals aiid ollnic IliK nnltnal hositllals, and ' ' "T" i " ' f t *' \ S i* t S ,\; i,<-->jf .. /?<;• '•<'- *'-C- <;<-•'•i-'~*> "i -,< 'S, Private clubs; fra.(prnltles ronltles and lo'dgps, bxeepllnpr th the" chief nbllvltv ot which Is a N'lee, customarily carried on as Imslness. ' ; a . T. Aecessrtry bul1riif«rs • cuslrtr nrlly .Ihcldnnt th nny flhovo ilsps t -11 cHidltiff stornge jyarnffoM. where, ll Is occupied by a mullltilo, (1wei fllff, hospltAl Hi' ItlHtltlttlomd bllll Ing., If a slorapro frnrnKP-ls rol paruof tlie main hulldlijK It shall!) Hioaied nol loss ihnn slxtv f«0) fe from the front Jlne and not IPSS Hi five (5) fool from any side Strf line. , ' S. Holds, In which bnslnosis mi IIP conducted for tlip-s'ole corvp, leneo of tho occupants of tlw> Ing. provided, however, lhal Hie Mini 11 be no enlrnhpp to such place; business, excppt from the' Inside (hp bulldlrg, nor shall nnv dlspl of slock or goods for sale bo so t ranged that It can bo Vlpwi'd fr< the Outside of the bl(MdlnU>' Section (I, Parkins noguiatloi] Where a lot-Is occupied bv n Itiul r pip dwplllng there shall be provii od' accessible parking space on l[. lol, pill,or g.nngo or surluoed arr( adpqtialo lo accommodate onp(l)r the street wide yard shall he equal to (ho requited front yai'd, except that on'lots of record existing In a single nwnctship at (he time of passage (if ( ordlnancp the, bulldablp AVj<)lh on Such lols shall not bo reduced to less than twenty-eight (2R) foot. No accessory building shall project beyond (he front yard lino on either street. 2. Side Yard, fa) Kxoopl as hVi-oliuifler provided In (he following paragraph and In Set'tlon 1 of Arilcle -XI, thpip shall he a side on -each side Of a tig a width of not less than ten (10)'or ton (10) per conl of the av- ;y ^ I V/j SH!^ & „ U—__^ j ^ V.^^.-. ^g % k .-../---„-. J .-., J ; r, -i f ?f"i!;}77;'/:}-{*'r^f 'ti$?$ t TT^ I/. , I I - . . ,'J' jimii'iif'- .'' t'.C t':' w 'f [ ' • ^^^^—^< •Tr f ^1 ^^-F^l^F^—*+J \-~- ' — J L «* ^-+-J ' ^—* " ^ t^—r--^ • F^"7"l f7~* \ %7T~\ , L - *; 't*.j. •" .h'r il'lr". J U"^- -TM** tr/-^^,i, .}' ll'ltll ,'^f'l'*. * • \V'v ";( ni~nimii,.,,> -fci—:——u -ID '.',.., , • s , + u , •> - "-' ,-,, v 's. ,>«s;r , » 1' -'-i'.f^ ' --' , ,aZt. ."',.?; i^tp^i. .m^^j, t " "- f '. ''•, T?T1 ' «1 -.t*,4' *, -,' ;, < '„ >A^* 4$$-* %*-?">• - ! V~ , ,- ' i ,<<< vj ^A»I<^ rl&, } s ^' y "^M, -"^^ ' ^-I'-i'"' '/In't' o -^' * ' ^ '^'t'\j-"^/^'-' *•* *'&:< '"'f'-^'f 'r "''.-'^ *' f *^i-' ;\XN>~ .KTKi^^flv t^M'^m^ './A->' >.;%/* %wi'tmf8& yf.l ••»''•; >,sffc4:W>« **» - : iS>?:«»;-*1"-:- » -, : *i«SsS'y»i

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