The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 9
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llnd ' Fveiitef Bast \veek pflt Hc i 1 . attd B'CapesiUs, Mt< ahd ' ) , Elbert, Mftf&hd Mrs., Glen > and Mr. ahd 'Mrs. Clar- mferg, "High score prizes tm by Mr. and Mrs. Ca- la'nd Mr/ and Mrs, Hanna werd the low score prlzew'ihnoifi The 'evening closed-with 's.eVViiv of lunch, .. • '('-''AT ttdbt. P&fcival, five— >'> <••'Mrs. Clayton Perclval ga!^'''l party Thursday afternoon in eel* ebi-ation of her son Robert's fifth birthday. Guests were ""Janice Riddle, , Jimmy and Arder Thonipson, Loren and Ri<j>hlfc Thompson, Larry Wicks, antf Ifie respective -mothers atid Mrs Kenneth PerciVal. The afternoon look With ALL-GAS )yr Local Plant is your assurance of continuous, u |erupted Bottle Gas Service. ;ur storage is ample to carry us through the most |reme emergency. - - Installation,and Service Call • ALGONA, IOWA After hours—Herman Waller 942J Glenn Harms 913LW Roses are red are Flowers will say It i ••"• • At Eddie's Floral Shop there are corsages, potted w<)b plants and ci|t flowers to tell her she^s. the, ONE l>u! * girl in the world. Let a gift of flowers ask for yoy "will you be rny Valentine?" , Place your order-' ! ^ .with us early-we'll do'the rest *^ ( ', * A?k About P«r Sweetheart Corsage POTTgO • JonqMil?-' N • Hy««lnth5, ^ Twlip* T; • African,'Yl«l«n *Sifci ,«j§iwyj^{^.5,-. spent at games dnd closed with the serving • of refreshments. Parties Mfg. M. c. Thompson was hostess to her bridgd dub members Wednesday afternoon. High and second high score prizes were won 1 by Mrs. D. D.- Paxson and Mrs. Ted Larson, respective- lv. Wednesday evening Mrs. •Thompson entertained the mem bers of her sewing club, refreshments being served at the close of the evening. Algona Bride Of Jan. 2Sth "Eight Specs Meei"-^ Mrs. George Setwart Sr. entertained the "Eight Specks" card club Thursday evening. A potluck lunch was served and - by way of novelty, each member brought a "white elephant". Mrs Joe Wllhclmi, high score winner, was given first choice and the rest of the articles were distrib- utee! among the members. Ard. N Bridge Hostesses— Mrs. Fred Geigel and Mrs. D. D. Paxson entertained Thursday at two tables of bridge, preceded by a luncheon. Mrs. F. L. Huxtable won the high score prize and Mrs. A. W, Amunson won the low score prize. 'E. T. W." Bridge Club-r-. Mrs. Bert Cronan entertained at a bridge - luncheon, members of the HE. T. W." club being the guests. High and low score prizes were won by Mrs, Cronan and Mrs. Fred Powell, respectively. ' Mrs. Cogley Entertains— Mrs. A. J. Cogley entertained lor bridge club members on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Tim O ; Bnen was ' high score prizewinner at one table, Mrs. L. A. Winkel at another, 'and the travel prize went to Mrs. Tonv Schmidt. Bridge Club Parly— Bob LaBarre entertained her •bridge club, Thursday evening. High... score prize winner was Mrs. W. .F. Steele and the low score prize went to Mrs, Leighton Misbach. Mrs. Matern Hosiess— Mrs. L. A. Matern was hostess to her bridge club members, Thursday afternoon. ' High score prizes wcr won by Mrs. E. S Kmsey and Mrs. John Weydert. Mrs. Klamp Entertains— . Mrs. Walter Klamp was hostess to the members of her Birthday club, Friday afternoon. Fly io California-- ' .Mrs. Harry McCorkle and her sister Mrs. Victor Young (the lormer Hester. Jasperson) of Clear Lake left Thursday from ?fe n .,9! ty «* ? :35 'by Plane* for Pictured above is Mrs. Wayne Barr, the former Deloris Jean, She was married Sunday, Jan. 25, iri the Methodist church in Algona. Following return from a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Barr are to reside at Brown's Dairy,,farm south of Algona. The complete wedding story was carried in -last Thursday's Algona paper. rrlel)dale,> ; Calif..,,. The-,, -women .went;',to3;see 4heir^father' -A M' ;They v exp,e.cfed ^ to ^me sister,; .Mrs." Helen, "White'- of Washington, D. C., when" they reached 'Kansas: City: Mrs. White had recently visited her 'father and will wait until later to 'again ",p to his bedside. Arrival at ilendale' was Thursday tat 11-20 Iowa -time. While Mrs. McCorkle is in California Mrs. Helene Trauger is staying at the home and looking after the family Mr. Jasperson is a former prominent farmer from Plum Creek township. ,Trinily Lutheran . Women— The - Woman's organization of the Trinity Lutheran church will meet Thursday afternoon, February 5. Hostesses will be Mrs Minnie Blinkman, Mrs. Loren Brown, and Mrs. Robert Bell. The devotions and program are in charge of«Mrs. E. A. Adams, Mrs. Rose Barto, 'arid Mrs. Regma Baas. Mrs. Randall Clark is now president of the society, replacing Mrs. Clair Blossom. Tuesday evening. February 2. the Walther League is present ing, through the Junior Chamber of Commerce, a film, "Reaching from Heaven," which will be shown at the church. Congregational {Women— The Woman's association of the Congregational church will meet for a 1 o'clock luncheon Thursday, February 5. iMrs. E. J Hough is chairman of the serving committee. Devotions will be given by Mrs. H. D: Hutchiris and the program will be a play- let "Race Relations", given by Mrs. Bob Dewel, Mrs. James Merryman, and Mrs. Murray Mowers. Mrs. John Clyde and Mrs. D. D. Paxson \vill explain various features of the proposed and contemplated merger of the Congregational churches with the Evangelical Reformed churches in order that'>a clear idea may be had before it is put to vote in February, Honored on Birthday— In honor of the birthday of Mrs. Harry Phillips, a party was held 'Friday evening at the home of .her motherr Mrs. .Carrie Haas, Other guests we're Mr. PhiUjips Mr; and" Mrs.i Clifford HaasS* 'ancVVMrs. /Gale Haase, Glen Haase; and from. Fenton were Mr.Jand.Mrs, William Haase, Mr. ancfMrs, Herman-Gade, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Berkland, and the respective families., The evening Was spent at cards and closed with the serving of refresh- nients. Baplisi Ladies Aid The Ladies' Aid society of the Baptist church will meet Thursday afternoon, February 5, with Mrs. Henry Furst. Other hostesses will be Mesdames R. A. Evans, B. Terhune, C. Black, H. Snyder, N. Fisher, B. Dalley, D Sofenson, C. Ortbn, J. Romer and E. Miner. The program will be in charge of Mrs. Paul Black and the devotions will be given by Mrs. C. H. Taylor. Dorcas Sociely— The Dorcas society of the First Lutheran church will meet on Thursday afternoon, February 5, Mrs. G. D. Brundage is chairman and will be assisted by Mrs. Roy David and Mrs. Edwin Johnson. The program will be in charge of the previous month's committee, Mrs. Raymond Galbraith, Mrs. Ralph Dieckman, and Mrs. Alfred Peterson. Bridge Club Hosiess— Mrs. W. A. Vigars entertained her bridge club Wednesday afternoon. There are eight women in the group and at the end of eight rounds the four low scorers entertain ,the high scorers. Mrs. Celia Deal wenl lo Grael- tmger, Wednesday,' to visit her mother, Mrs. Elizabdth Morlan, a few days at the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Simonsen. Mrs. Mary DeGraw has as a juest her mother, Mrs. Julia Dearchs of Burt, who came a few weeks ago and will make an extended visit here. Allen Buchanan has purchased the Mrs. Celia Deal house on South Harlan street, now occu- In WARM AIR HEATING . ;, GREEN COLONIAL'S "" Alt PURPOSE FURNACE ' May be easily converted to byrn coal.-gas, or oil. Themott, .flexible furnace on the market—tops in COMFORT, BICONOMY, CONVENIENCE. For all size homes— I M -kinds of fuel. jiAING & MUCKEY Phone 464 North Dodge GREEn COLOniflL fUMflCE SERVICE Yes! THEY ARE BUSY AUTHEL.VIE CALL US Day or Night for Fast Rempval of ALL DEAD STOCK v _, PHONE US COLLECT WEST BEND—J38 , LONE ROCK—500 , WESLEY—I 500 LEOYABP—W ' LUVEHNE~?09H - UVERMORE—3514 or Schumacher's DX Ste ""or SON- ,WIPAY All Maker* o.f, The Red Trucks ,, " . \ Are Busy These Days Delivering Norton's HEAT - PRODUCING COAL / ' To Homes in Town ^ , ? aijd Country '"* '' r >' * ' . ' • • • ,: -s. ' . Qll, qncf. Gas as fuels qre short ."••.*' * • v . 4 > in §ome communities, but Coal -.'»"•• ( ., ^ < ., iSrnof fhort in supply ,fpr you if yowr order is place* ! Mine shipments art: -^; -Tivingrp^mptly, ,•*•* \ f ~^f •i iM ^?ft*f% pied by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Deal, and will take possesio'n March 1. Mr. and Mrs. Deal are mbVing to a farm owned by Mrs. Henry Adams of Hollywood, Calif. Mr. and Mm. L. A. Maiern had as weekend guests their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Doyle ahd children of Wag- Tueiddy, February 3, 1948 Algdfta Pat ner, S. D. From here the visitors went, to Spencer to spend a little time with a brother and sister-in-law of Mr. Doyle. Mr. and M*s. Hdmef Tuflle spent Thursday and Friday at ' ' > f fe" r ^yfi DCS Moines, where , tlfifey" vlsifef %< Mr. Tuttle's parents, "Tflfi^ffi $$ Mrs. W. E. Tuttle And aV^rtf ^ where they Visited Mr. and G. A. Burrell, parents a 'dl' Tuttle. IF YOU USE FUEL OIL READ THIS! Dear Customer: : . . • • . ' • • . «v ' Ever since you became a valued customer, we have been glad to supply you all the fuel oil you have heeded. Today, an emergency obliges us to ask you to reduce sharply your consumption of fuel oil. ' Hundreds of thousands of home owners in all parts of the country have in'recent years turned to fuel oil for economical, convenient heating,—In this community, too, many of our neighbors have installed new oil burners or converted their furnaces to oil. They have added to the ever growing demand for oil which now exceeds the available suj»- p'y- . ' • . ' ..•••.','...'...• • * v Unless substantial savings of fuel oil are made by all users immediately, many homes here and throughout the country will be cold, especially if severe winter weather continues, ' You can save fuel oil without discomfort, to yourself by 1. Keep your thermostat at 68 degrees during the day; '' lower it to 60 degrees at night. * t * ' 2. Keeping doors and windows closed, turning off radiators in unused rooms. i > 3. Having your heating system checked to insure most ef- ^ ficient operation. For every degree you reduce your average 'room temperature, you will save approjjti-, mately 3'/ f of your fuel oil expense. The oil inHustry is spending billions of dollars t.o expand its facilities; production o'f oil 'is higher than ever before. This cpmpany, .and the industry of which it is a part, will con-' tinue to do its best to serve all of its custom ers. , ' ' Nevertheless, in this emergency, economical use of fuel oil is imperative if you and your neighbors are to have warm homes this winter. - , j ,; Sincerely yours, KOSSUTH OIL CO. t i. Phillips & McGregor Clapsaddle & Beringer Phone 695 ' '' ' - ' ; ' •' ' \ '' I ' ' "-^ L * ' • l' v ' -«f 1 40i JM ''«•••<• -.•.-. - ,$ to sell you a n f ' S *" a poke! 1 There's plenty of sharp trading these days in the USED CAR ganie- , ' ' ' " { l And many an honest man has discovered the USED CAR he's bought to be a regular "pig in a poke", ' ".'. We, your authorized new Car Dealer, have no "pig* in a poke" on our MSEP. CAR,,, lpt '~^1 Can 'l aff ° rd theml The extra do|lars tlle y' d brin C in TODAY would , ' "'' ,,^j^ j. r - -- -. -r r , , _ ^ „ _- , , T , g£ , r . f -^T pr f * | V* V likely cost us friends, customers,,yes,' maybe even our busincs?,' tomorrow, For automobile transportation is,owr stock-in-trade^and we can't'affprd to jeopardize our reputation or. our;,franchise by selling "pig i n a poU' U3fC When .we deliver a LJSED CAR toTyou It's^rt to be right-rwpndmondJ.v'^-'i/ serviced, In the best possible shape, by oHr,tr«ilnei •i r . Jrade yowr pld car with us, your .f^tory. fninchlifd[Dialer, wlje'n dflivery ori your nevy can tyy yi?t(,- f 9wn g9o4i'f9r the BP«J pf%if| *' , / *T Iji'' 1i f \, > a Jt ,fi& i v-,'*-" 1 y. pit ewn '' * v • ?f fffVglQfr v v r ' -^ ^ ,^.^«; ••'•> i -'-,o^^;^i ^'*> ,>^ l-'f^ 1^ :,->' - *i::i^ SB

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