The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 5
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and Mi's. Fred Pooch of observed their silver anniversary last week evening by giving a Me at the tbwn hall. Oho hun> od and s ,twerity-fivc guest's ire present and a buffet lunch served with a three*tieretf lrig cake as a centerpiece', loral decorations were used/ fftost of which, were gifts'; and many silvct gifts were received. Mr", and Mrs. Pooch formerly lived' • here and at Plum Creek and many residents o/ both places ' among the guests. ' tbid^e Club Hostess— Mr)?. J. D. Burns entertained her bridge club member's Thursday evening. Mrs. E. B, Carlson Wdrt the high score prize and Mrs. John Button won the low sVore prize. on Birthday— ' Mrs, Albert Fpsnaugh gave a party Tuesday for her daughter,' Nancy Jean, who was celebrating her third birthday. Guests were v Kenneth Carlson of -Wesley, Emily and Joe Hegarty, and the paternal grandparents. 'Tues. - Wed,, Feb. .3-4 wwJW"*' W with FRANCES RAFFERTY and introducing '. LARRY-OLSEN as CURLET Produced by ROBERT F. McGOWAN Directed by BERNARD CARR, 'Released thru UNITED ARTISTS; CO-HIT , NELSON EDDY ILCNAHASSEY - * ~ ( Thurs. - Fri. - Sat., / February 5-6-7 Cassidy teaches a tenderfoot some Western tricks in love and war! 4'M XDHPUE 1 )-|iJ|5f»l.t I*, ?QB&~ -#-*?_<zi'r~L. A fiitihtff , A diner,' parfy, Suh'clay evening at the Country Clutvhionored Merle PrW on' hh birthday^ Hosts Were Mr^ahd Mrs. Murray MftWe^, Mr', firi'd MfS. R. B'. Waller" ahd Mfc 'arid Mr^. Fi'ank MbUlton, ^6116wirife the dinner, an eveniMg 6f bridge was 6rVj6y- ed' at the Pratt horrte, with Mrs. M6Wers winhihg high score {Srize (6t the ladies ahd R, B. Waller Win score p'rigg for tho men. M The Cirfcles of the Presbyterian chur'ch" \vill meet Thursday afternoon, February 5, .as folloWs: A— Mrs. C,'B. Murtagh, assisted b^ Mi's. Henry Lund and Mrs. Mary Vincent. ' B — Mrs., O. E, Hott, assisted tiy Mrs. Edna 'Mitchell. C-iMr-s. C. S. Kurtz, assisted by Mrs. Russell Guster, D— Mrs. Paul Dettmafh. The'W. g, C.,S. of*the Methodist chuVch will meet Thursday, February *5, for a lilfi luncheon, Mrs. Chester Schoby 'beirig chairman 6f the serving 'Co'mmitteei The devotions and lesson will be Conducted by Mrs. W. H. Holl- d6rf, Mrs. Theodore Hutchison, and Mrs. Wesley Bartlett, on the theme, "Brotherhood." fiirlh'dd'y. Dinner— ' ' , . Mrs. Roy Swartsagcr ,gave a birthday dinVier last We ( ek Tuesday honoring her- husband's birthday. . GUests were Mr. and Mrs. Verifn Bill'ingfirfm*, LarryT Lanny and Danny of Everly. Mr. Billingham is ta brother /of Mrs. Swartsager. • , • Other guests of the ^Swartsa- gers last- week Sunday were another brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Swartsager, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Billingham and Rebecca of Spen'cer, who' spdnt the day here. Mr^ and Mrs: Swart- sager move'd here from Emmetsburg last September. They recently moved into the Mrs. Nettie Fisher house on south Minnesota street. CaWie, Margarel, and William Durant spent Sunday at Clear Lake and Garner calling on friends. Miss Beverly Kin'ney, nurse student at Dubuque,,,was a weekend visitor here with her parents, Mr. i and Mrs. Chris Reese. 'Also visitors in the Rdese home were Gib. Coope^r ,of Osage, Bill Berger of Emmetsburg, Students at Loras college, Dubuque, Joe T§ylor of Ocheyedan, Mary Ann Ingham and Marjorie Hisington, and Bill Hahn and Bob Kruger of ,Maspn City, arid Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Kraemer and family of Alta, Iowa. \ W. A. Dulloh' wag,, called to Forest City Saturday' 1 , morning by the death of a br6tlier-in-law, Clarence .Montgomery, wh'o had been in poor health for*-several years. Mrs. Montgomery is a sis,ter of, Mr. Dutton. — ~- »,, Friends' of Mrs. Glen Roland ha"ye\r"ecently*heard fr/wi 'her at Ph^nix, : Arif . ' She i'lsl'spending a few weeks' there with friends. 1 Mrs. R61arid moved irom "Algona to Ottawa, Kans., in early December. • . •* i , Arl'o Woods, Algona high school principal, Mrs. Mary Oesterreicher, Titonka junio^ high teacher, and Joyce Johnson, teacher of Springfield' Nof-1, will represent the Kossuth council of education at the delegates assembly of the. I. S."E, A*, this w^ek. The meeting is dated for Feb. 7 at Des Moines. ,Tom Moe. son of Mr. and' Mrs. Ralph Moe, who' enlistee! <*in the navy a couple of years ago,-, is home from the Aleutians ^ on a 90-d.ay l<?ave, , , , J « ^ \-, Mrs. Ann Fschrier r _and -Mrs. George Scuffham snenj .Friday at Mason City,- the "former- going there, to transact business? '„ Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Erickson had as guests from Wednesday till, Sunday the latter's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. arid Mrs. Arthur Erd,mann and Hebecca ofi Loup City, Neb. Mr, and .Mrs. Lloyd Green spent Saturday at Austin, Minn., with Mr. • and ' Mrs. W. D. Stedman. Concert Pidnist, Henry Scott, Td . ^ ,Halph- Wich'mari, father' of Kenneth Wichman, came from Des Moines last week to* take home his wife, who had be'en here paring for their son, daughter : in-law and Uttle grandson fluHng, an illness with 1'flu" and "efrep" throats, Delfor'd Jolinsori, son p'f Mrs, Ruby Johnson ,arjd Lyle Johnson left for,Dps.Mo|nes Monday to take gemination lor entrance into' the ifavy. ' , M f s, Lyle/^ElHs pf Hartfprd, Conn', .the foynier. Yards kelson, left fpi* her hprte 'Thu r sd4y fpk lowing a yisit Kepe afnce' before the .holjdftvs jyith hpv mother, rs E N-e) s 0n' .sW sister anc) Mr. ;apci Mrl- ' Mrs, last we§k SHnday.^?^ Mr- and , Amol^ StfPm of * Salinas, .,, who werelejiroyte to N^w MF. and. Mrs, spn Robert 'of fqy, Mertify dticrff. , , .. fjfeted concert jjidnisi, will appeal at th'e Algdtia' high school, 'Th'ur's'efay', ev"e'ffin&, fefi. S, ,utide"f auspices' Si the ft T. Pi-. Mr. Sc6tt is rtd"l ; dWy' a p), anisf, rated" as ori¥ of the / Best, but he is iritex'eelte'd 1 as d cbncGtfi pitiriisl-nttttvotfiisi. His program will' iJielu'dfT da- tire orf many' 6f-ilife' w^ll' kndwn 6r6he"sfr'a f . , lea'ders, and their specialties'/, ', <• Tickets are riotf <&' salt; di the .fame's DfU'g; Tigris Drug, Sorenseri Grp'cery, ar&i Friesner's Sports' Center. . They afe $l.Su' eacfc- for adult or children . 4\lk6. There will fie no seals. Billy Gbuge, son' of M*. ari"d Mrs. David Gouge, left f6r D^s Moines Monday for physical examinations prior to entrance into the navy. He will be sent from ther,e to San Diego, Calif. Mrs. Almira Green recently returned from a fortnight visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Sted-man at Austin, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. William Fox at Owa- t'orina, Minn, Miss' Gerievieve Hartshorn' spent the weekend in Chicago visiting friends. . .', Mr. and Mrs. Alwin Huenhol'd and Joyce were dinner guests' Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Dorf Clowe at Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. James Muri^c are temporarily located at^ Brownsville, ' Tex., where they' went a sh,ort time ago,in search' of a climate most suited to the' former's ailment, arthritis, with 1 which he has been troubled 'for^ several months. It is possible' they will go further west a little' later.- v Mrs.v Agnes; € Eischeid; ; accord- panied'Mr. and Mrs. A.'. J.'Eis'-" cheid ta Carr'oll; Wednesday,,' where they attended the_ wed^-.' ding _of thpir rilece^ Dolores,' daughter < of Mr. and Mrs.'Albert' Eischeid,' to John' BaumHbfer,' also of, Carroll. ^ '_• | Mr. and Mrs. J.- P. Smith haa as guest last week their, daugHj-' ter, Mrs. M. W. Knuth and chi^- dren of Paullina, Who. also wentf to Hu'mboldt for a few days' visit' with her sister and brqther-in-' law, Mr. and Mrs. Raymon'd' Harr. Mr. and Mrs. Bob LaBarre, accompanied by the letter's sister 1 and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James J.'Morris and'Ann of Bis,- niarck, N. D., left Sunday, 'fot Keokuk, where they visited , 'till' Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. C.' B. Schouden, parents of th'e 1 women. ••, '- i. H. Bailey fecertily came ffdnl'-Cfear Lake ftf faKe home •his Wife, wMV hM- b^6ri Visiting da'ys' WiW Htf f m Staff SgR f, f.,' GSte? i«ft Sai- ai> for D'dn^f, Cdlolj whese 6 Will be. locd'Wd. three weeks. At the end of that time he will be sentf t'6 a tfer-marifcftt basb and will' then 1 bfe joined 6y h!^ wife, ^n'o for, the time, ,is remaining with ner parent's, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Deaths. S|t Cflsey will be, a ba*hd member. .., M¥. 4«d Mrt. Grille' Dfenhaft ^peht Friday and Saturday at Des Moines on business. ,Mrv Drenriart is mandg*er 6f 'the John De£re store. Mf f and Mrs, W. A, £>utlon had a's visltbfg, Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Warden of Fairmont, Mi'rm'.i ri'ep'hew aM ni^ce-in-la'w of Mr. Dutton, who Wore en- route to Florida for a' month's vacation. ' Mr. and Mrs, Arnold Elberi attended a card party at St. Benedict given' last week Sunday at the school. Later, Father Ahman showed moving pictures* of local interest, recent weddings, farm activities and other interesting events. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Elberi had as dinner guests last week Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Rit- tehhoCtse of Elmore, Minn. K. C, Taylor of Hayfield was a brief .caller at the R. S. Blossom office recently. .Ellen Carlson, R. N., spent fom Wednesday till Friday with her sister < and ' brother-in-law Mr. Siin. - Mon. - Tues. - WeJ. , Feb. 8-9-TO-11 hfc™..''P'Je> ^T* CO-HIT OENE KRUPA AND HIS ORCHESTRA and and Mrs. Joh« Jordan, d'nd sister Adah Cartifofi, returning to Buffalo Center, where she is employed at th\§ f>oTtna«5a hospital. A. E, Laufrfien alWriderf a north central County superintendents' district meeting Monday at Garnet 1 . Cameron Ross from the state departments, of public instrudti6ri,, was discussion leader ori- problems' inV6h>ed in school reorganjifa't'ioh. , Mrs. rldWarS 1 , §erfi?e(sley went to Carroll, Monday, to' join Mr. Beardsley, ,Wn6 i^ Working there now with the tax commission. Margaret Ann; teacffef, here,^ is staying wit'h Lucia Wa%ce. The Beardsleys have stored t'hk ( ir firt- nittirc unt'il a house can be found. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Sandb'erg' arid little sbri Randv of Sioux Falls, S. D., came Saturday; to s visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sahdberg, and 1 sister and brother-in-law,' Mr. and Mrs., Merle Hoover. Darrell' remained for 1he weekend but his wife will spend a fortnight hero. Mr. and Mrs. R, S, Blossom' had as. guests . Sunday / their daughter and .46ft-!n-law, Mf, and Mrs., Sigurd Fardel and son Danny of Forest City. A school band festival is" to b'e February ll at forest Cify u'n'def {he direction of Mr. Fardel. Ronald Pdtefsoh', who plays the trombone antl Joan JYolcott playing bas's'o6n, will take part in the numbers. The Fandels were ac- comp'ariied here by Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Erictooh, who spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. w. H. Sharp, brother and sist'er-in-law of Mrs. Erickson. Mr. and Mrs, Ge?ald Bahling, FraftC6s and Janet of Titonka, spent Saturday with Mrs. Bahling's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Hqtt. Mr. and Mrs. John Hopkins, accompanied by the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Efop- kins, attended the silver wed'din'g anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pooch last week Tuesday at Livermpre. Sunday the John Mopkinses; spent, the day at fiode with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kohlhaas. Mr. and' Mrs'.\ £).,, S. Hulchinson, Billie and Sue, spent last week Sunday at Arnold's Park TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - Wnt iiti You'Sec Her Bring Out The Gypsy tn Ray Milland! ^ r, FE§. 3-4-5 frfCevpsYAAysic - SATURDAY, FEB. 6-7 , t /'• fdnftced ky 5AM MliMAIt * COlWAiBM PICTURE . It 'brings a new thrjll- to » M your record jistwinjt pleas. , - ur,e. The^edtest fldvanw m high fidejity wpro duction, Banishes Tomorrow 8:45 aim'. TO HOID BREATHLESS' EVERY MOMENT! -....Conceived 'by the sinister mind of a master 1 brain'—wh'o becomes '. the victim of hit plotting! f uestfay ^ t $4! with Mrs. Hutchinson's father and his Wife, Mf> and 'Mrs, Wil 1 - liam Stoll'e^. - ^ anct sons 6f Mr. a'nd" Mrs. Hutchins, have had the chicken pox. The two' Older bpys are en> rolled at school but David will THYIOR Implement Co PHONE 4Z I TThis is the year when good ftlettl cail pay big diVid'enrfs in Hid busifleSsV Th'e suiJUly flf edrrf ]M? *$i«y is" low, but pastures, minerals, ' supplements and vitamins' carf help make that corn go farther 1 , Alice cauld b'e 4 foiTrid, ' FARM TRAILERS . FARM' WAGON BOXES (fl'd^ dhd wide type) HARVEY CYLINDER CORN SHELLERS HARVEY HAMMER MILLS CASE HAMME& MILLS DEEP FREEZE UNITS TIRES (Snb-Grip and regular, all sizes)' EtECTRIC MOfORS (all sizes). iCUSHMAN SCOOTERS ''••.BICYCLES': LAWNMOVVERS FENCE MOWERS (All types, buy now, save money) HAMMER MILL BELTS FARM TARPAULINS FEED BASKETS HOG' WATERERS AND OILERS Two drinks a day ,is"n'i_ enough for milk; ^ cows. An'Iowa experiment stipws tlial 1 ' cows with water before them' at aUt . times produced 6 p'ef cent' more,' n\ilk" .• . and 12 per, cent m6fe butierfat tha^> < cows watered i^ice a day outside'.' Bet'4 ter keep the tank heater going; 1; Added ALLS FAIR AT THE FAIR SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY. FEB. 8-9-10 TW ANDREW f, SISTERS 7,,} TOO,' «-» W . ~< t **' The One* and Only Complete Sprayer For Ari-Around Farm Use • v . Designed as a complete spraying unit to be Used with any type of drawbar equipment available, such as car, truck or tractor. Simple to' operate— easy to adjust for all iypes of spraying. Can. even be used to wash the tractor and other farm jria- chinery. Also gives you tire protection. ' '•' Keep books in 1948.' and your income," ,i tax report will Be' lots easier to make*: / ^ ,^^^. , out. Bookkeeping may save, moriey ,af;>' well as time and worry, because 1 WltH-H,; out keeping books'lots of small expens-;' es may be forgotten, • ,. •' t' f ,4 f New Flexible Just Arrived—See Them" oh Our Grounds #*- , ^ t & An auto Jack and ft .chain are\u$ed one ia/rner to move the )-»--«'—'in and ovrt on a' IQW" prep move ;he wheels- out he pla against th6 end of the' aj?le §pohe«[ $^Jft$ ^wjie'sjt iTp,'-'^W wheels irw hj? w»jkg fwr " -" " ' « ,'

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