The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 4
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4-Atfforia Uppef Bei LOCALS D. M. Long is improving from a heart attack suffered Thursday night. H. R. Cowan went la Rochester', Minn., Friday, for a routine check-up at the clinic. Guests of Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman Sunday were Dr. and JVtrs. Harold Morgan of Britt. Mr. and Mrs. C. 3. JohnsoA Went to St. Louis, Mo., reutrning Thursday, after a buying trip. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bacon have returned from a vacation of three weeks through the south. Mrs. Mary Harsch is a patient at the Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, having had major surgery last week. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hinders February 3, I44flf health recently and is in need o£ complete rest. Mf. and" Mis, Mdif Kapp hid* as Sunday guests their dteughtei* and sfin-in-law, Mr, and Mrs, Sterling Logue of Livermore. Joan Hoffman and Delete* Devlift spent from Thursday till Sunday «t Minneapolis, Minn. the former visiting Anita visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hinders at Britt. Mr, and Mrs, AiWin Muenhok had as guest last week Peggy Edwards, niece of Mrs. Huen hold Of Clear Lake. Billy filbert, Robert and Billy Detrick drove to Fort Dodge Monday, to attend a Diocesan basketball tournameftt, Mr. and Mrs. John Ecklund went to Webster City'Saturday afternoon to visit friends and to all- tend a basketball game thai evening. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Percival and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Percival had as weekend guests Mr and Mrs. Alex Percival of Spirit Lake, parents of the men. Mrs. H. D. Clapsaddle left S/unday for Hot Springs, Ark., where she will spend a month. She has not been in the best of at Materials Galore! We try to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and anticipate their needs and think like the contractor, the carpenter, the contractor, the carpenter, the bricklayer or the man having a house built. That is the way to sell building materials. We've got to be self-sufficient, ' too. Keep a complete stock- give satisfactory service—and be dependable at all times. Call on us at our store and see our stocks of Building Materials, Lumber, or any item you,need in the building line. F. S. NORTON & SON Phone 229 FUELS BUILDING SUPPLIES "The Red Trucks Can Serve You Too!" Kohlhaas and the latter visiting her aunt and uncle, Mr. and 'Mrs 7 , James Lapin. , s Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bakken have is a guest their daughter ViviaA if Chicago, 111., who is on leavd from her work at the Veterans 'lospital for several days. A parjt of her time is beihg sp'ent with her sister and brother-in-law^ Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Cowan. Mr. and Mrs. William Zimmerman returned Wednesday frori ftarlan, where they had been vis iting the respective parents, Mi and Mrs. Bernard Zimmerma'j and Mr. and Mrs. William Da£ Mr. Zimmerman also was at Davenport attending a convention. While at Des Moines last week on business Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tuttle attended the Jose Iturbi concert at the K, R. N. T, theater. They were guests of Mr, Tuttle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Tuttle and also visited Mrs. Tuttle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Burrell at Perry. Juaniia Kelso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kelso, recently completed a three month course pediatrics at the Children's . Dexvel came frorrt • Minn., 16 visit thetf families over lh& weekend Mf. arid Mis. JefSffie aftd Son Paul Spent i Sunda Blue Earth with August SiS and Lucy aftd Cora Warftef, , bfi rttcf Mils. J. ft H6?fl§ had as guests from Saturday till Monday Mr. aftd Mr§. Jo'3. MoU loy, parents of Mrd. -ttetrig of Albert Lea, Minn, ,Maty Geratdina MfcEtf&y, 'ft'. N.; daughter of Mrs, Kfitherine McEvoy, left Friday fof CaSs- ville, Mo., where she<will be employed at the Barry eount£ i { m, and^ifrs/tefcfc' stoent. the .weekend ..., Moines,.with the-fofmef's "ehfa. es .wit . Mr. J an&seh .fia'nHe, *d AI - employee goria recently and' by Sargerits here l Mf, and Mfsv C, L, Bailey re* turn .this week from Clayton New ,Mex.,where"they have beef visiting their daughter and son irt-'law' Mr, and Mrs, Ward (1r> ham, the' past few. weeks. .- '-' Mr. a-nd M?s, 64,6rge ft had as guests Stfnday Mr. ano Mrs. Walter filsbeckel' of fiaiif croft, Plorlne peliieit of Osdeol andjtoy Mines, also of Bdncrofi in hospital, Cincinnati. Ohio, and till March 1 she will be at BlisS hospital, St. Louis, Mo., in the 1 department of psychiatry for A few months of training in thai line. . . NOf ICE 6P SUPPLEMENTAL ESTIMATES The City Council of, ,the City of Algona, In K6ssuth County] Iowa, will meet oivtho 26th day of February, 1948, at the Council Chambers in the City Halt,- Algona, Iowa, at 7:30 o'clock P. M,, &i which time and place taxpayers will b.e heard for o>r against the 1 following estimates for Itevies of taxes for future years, for an Airport Fund. * The said taxes' will -be levied and collected pursuant to' the provisions of Sections 24.7 and 76.2 of the Code of Iowa, 1946, and the proceeds from said tax levies will be used to pay the prihcipal-of and interest on bonds to be issued for the purpose of paying the cost of acquiring and equipping an airport for said City. Year Year Amount Year ' Amount $2,892 1948 $ 617 $2.890 1,049 . $1,925 $2.890 195Q $2,900 $1890 1951 $2,850, $2,890 ' 19B2 $2,800 :i2,890 1953 $2,750' !!2,890 1954 $2,700 :i2,890 1955 $3,650 $2,890 . 1956 , $2,575 $2,890 1957 $2,525 $2,890 1958, ' • $3,475 $2,890 1959 $2,400 $2,890 -_ 1960 . $3,350 $2,890 1961 $2,275' $2,890 1902 $3,225 $2,890 1963 $3,150' $3,075 years' , Hiffe, 'WHbttr'Dddhenba6h.and Ed Kruidonier sp'enl Thursday a'rid Friday at Ames attending a short course. ,Mr. KrWdenier is d nephew of 'Mr. and Mrs. David Kr"Uidfenler 'of Des Moines, th& latter 1 being, the former Florence Cowles, who lived here when a child, her parents being the. late Gardner Cowles and Mrs'. Cowles. ' Levied 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959. 1960 1961 1962 1963, C611ected 1949 1950' 1951 1952 1 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1664 Year 1948 1949 195Q 1951 19-52 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958, 1959 1960 1961 1902 1963 196.4 The amount of the-tax. to be levied is for'each of the Mr. and Mrs. John Haggard I 1948 to 1963, both years /inclusive, not, -to exceed' one and one-quar- ' ' ' ' ' " '•'• returned last week from an auto trip into the southland. They Visited Vicksburg.. Memphis anc New-Orleans. They had 'been, headed for Florida, but snow and bad weather followed them during the entire trip and they turned back home from New Orleans. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geigel will have as weekend guests their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Geigel of Iowa City. Bob is a student at the Iowa State university. Other guests Sunday at the parental home for dinner will be Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Voit of Fenton, daughter and son-in-law of the Fred Geigels, and Mrs. Sarah Geigel. Mrs. Joe White of Manila, la., spent last week in Algona visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs. A. Norman and with her daughter, Mrs. Dick Post. Mrs. White, widow of the late Joe White, sold her paper, the Manla Times and has been appointed postmaster.' Her son Maurice is a sports writer for the Dps Moines Register- and Tribune;; 1 ' Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dermand have had as a,guest Tassps ! Bis- clos, of:,-Athens,<v, vjoasfe-. of Mr. Derm and, who came here''a. few months ago for .study with' the F. B. I. at Washington, D: C. He has gone to New York City and will sail'from there February 14. In the meantime he is being shqwn the various policing methods to aid him in his work at home. Joe Sherman of Bancroft was visiting with his Algona friends Friday. He had just returned from a month's stay in California, making his headquarters at Los Angeles, where he has three sisters. Joe .saw a number of former- Algonians, among them being a former well known Algona man, Henry Whalen, who, now in his seventies, is reputed to be one of the wealthy men of the city. He made most of his money in real estate, it is said. Another Algona man he met was Ed Capesius, who is 'spending the winter in Los Angeles, Where he has a number of relative?. Southern California was having a spell of hot and dry weather while Joe was there. ter mills on the dollar, or so much thereof as may be necessary, based upon the valuations' 'as equalized for the year 1947. Amount, of income to .said fund from sources other than taxation ___ _____ ---, ___ __________ - _____ ^__: ___ $ ' None Amount expended from said fund for ' like pur- p6ses .in the year 1946 _________________ ..^_____. ____ .$ None Amount expended from said fund for like purposes in the year 1947 ___________ _________ 1_ _______ $ None By order of the City Council of the City of Algona, in Kossuth County, Iowa. . ' - . FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. u5 . . ;?: -..'.; ADAH. CARLSON, City Clerk. Mrs. JffafuV:fitJnd|iri Wd fltftfgtt*' i« >*!*#• ftofisw « Katies cm Mo.,'wKs Wffl be Mined" here fof< the weekend 'by Mr.' Bdfidfer and will- retWfft,nonfi,': with Jiirtt. Mr, anM Mf<{, Woftdetl Sim6n. ioW Marfch 1 into ottse on. West State street 'ireelntly, 'Kuffchased from WilhW iFinn. it- Was "formerly 66bu6fed by&ift arid -Mrs. Clar- -enee; Stephen's, who moved 16 Anita a few itioMths ag6. NOTICE T6 BOND BUYERS The' City of Algona, in Kossuth cbunty, Iowa, will offer f6i l sale at 8 o'clock p. m., on the 26th day of February, 1948, at the r City Hall, Algona, Iowa, Slate of Iowa , K<ft$uth County— sS, • IN DISTRICT COURT , ' . Io.«766 , i, term',. 1948 an Instrument of wHtirtg-pufp'oi't inglto be the list Will and .Testament of David Pink, Sr., Deceased, dated May 2, lO^haviiig been thife day filed, opened ahd road, U5 Satd.GoUftf arid at tett ed alfftersolfts mleVested At& he by notified-find required Id;Jp beafra'ttjl show cause, if finv tfi|» hriVd/ why Said instrument ahtrtfld 1; not t>6 ftfobated add allovrad as and fof the last Will,ahd Testa' 6f s«id deceflsed. ALMA PfiARSoM, , > Clerk of District fcotift. t. J. D. LOWfc, Att6rney s , Algona, 16W& , FR6M SNIFFLY^ SfUFFY DISTRESS Of DOu6lri-DUTY NOSE DribPS WORKS WHERfl iMflftlfy felief'frdWl head Cftfd distress starts td come ^hdrt you put a little W-tro-nbl in each nostril. What's mote — It actually helps prevent many coldd from developing If used in,time! TtyJtl Follow directions in package. • VICKS VA-TRO-NOl Another Norton Hog Feeder On Its Way! See Norton's Now for Any of These Portable Farm Buildings: • HOG FEEDERS • CATTLE FEEDERS • HOG HOUSES « CHlCKfiN HOUSES • BROODER HOUSES • FEED BUNKS • HOG TROUGHS • MILK HOUSES Each building built to exact specifications approved by foremost farm authorities. Constructed in our yard by' expert carpenters. Delivered To Your Farm F. Sr NORTON & SON BUILDING \ MATERIALS - - ALGONA, IOWA FUEL GRASS SEED Sargent's Has CERTIFIED FLAX was scarce and hard to get last year. We have it now in the two best types for use here, RED CLOVER at an exceptionally good price. ALFALFA, TIMOTHY and BROME-here in good sOpply now. SWEET CLOVERS and HUBAM, Let Us Have Your FEED Now ^^JIJPET ^^9 ^^W ^^P ^R ^^fjjii^ flB^WHW f^W ^W IBP; Angora Knitting Yarn Bias Tape 0 Blanket Binding , Braide'd Elastic- Carpet Warp Circular Knitting Pins Crochet Hooks 0 0 Crochet Cotton 0 Darning Cotton 0 Dress Shields 0 "Elastic 0 Embroidery Edging 0 Embroidery. 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