The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1948 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 2
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' ^'V.*,/^ .*'= 'A Maine* Swea City Items' "IVoris" Ate Volume l- Tuesday, telV. 3, i SINKS COMING IN.... SINKS GOING OUT This is the time of year— just before the approach of Spring—when,it,seems that people start thinking about such items in the house as a new sink, new_ work on the kitchen, painting up and so on. Arid' this lime the'y are really going into action/ because these handsome double compartment flat-top sinks we have beeri getting in, are really going out. People' like these sinks because with very little effort they ^cari be built riglit in as floor type cabinet sinks. Have swinging . faucet, strainer, etc. Be surprised What the addition of a sink lilie this will do for your, kitchen', too. We install 'ern pronto. WATER Another plurrtbing item generally put in' with the approach of Spring are water healers. Gas, coal or oil fired.... Why, I don't, know. Believe if must be because if folks have been without enough good hoi water during the cold'; winter months, they do something about it while it is fresh in their min'ds. We have wfc'ter healers to install, and the cost is quite reasonable. Yesterday^ was "G.ourtdhog Day", you know — and as the saying goes, if Mr.. Groundhog comes out pf his hole and sees' hi's shadow, w;e get six weeks more' of this soothing winter weather. Well, folks, I sat there most of the morning watching that hole' in oUr garden by the shop, and sure enough, along about 10:00 in the morning, when the sun was up, out he came. Took one look, saw his shadow,; and bacl^ .he POP; ped. There you . arel Youf Kossuth _ county 1 people down south — better Wait, a few weeks yet — we won't- have it green for you until about March 10. THROWING OUT THE .LIFE I'M NOT GROWING- But •Mrs, Irons sort of thinks t get puffed up over my little col'um here sometimes, and I know that though she sniffs at my writing, she sneaks a look at it. Well, the other day she up.and told me she thought she'd sell an 8-piece Walnut Dining Suite we have. Wanted to know how to tell folks about it. Well, of course I suggested that she let me write it up in this space. Whuh is what I am doing. It's a genuine walnut suite, nice shape, with all the chairs haying real leather seats. I don't know w_hat price Mrs, Irons is putting on it, but that's up to her. She really doesn't think it'll s^ll from being written up here. I hope I fool her, If there is a reader, who needs something like this, won't you . please call hey up, . and then I can crow again, |We don't know, w.hether. or jnot you' as a member: of this 'community have suffered any from the shortage of oil. Our dealers, we 'know have been making a sincere and fine effort to., keep everybody warm. Perhaps you didn't know, ~ however, that you can get "heat security" a change-over to a coal stoker, • The change doesn't take long, .either. A quality Winkler stoker, such as is pictured here, can- be installed during, the few hours you heed to shut off your . heating plant. You can talk to us about any kind of coal-burning heating plant you want. JUST NOTES- There is a much healthier look to the-supply of plumbing and heating materials that people need for homebuilding. That doesn't mean the stuff is pouring put. of the factories, . No/ .far. frpm it. But we expect to be able to handle a normal supply of heating .and plumbing equipment for home-building. If you have got a dream like t^at,. liet us he}p ypu J erjjoy it By telling what can! be done. 6FTHE first Kid; "Ypu. got a new baby at your house? Where- ja get him? Second Kid: ''Doctor Brown brung him," first K|4» "We take from him, too." - • Lakota Battles But Falls, 47-31; LuVerne Third The Jswea City arinex- as- at* ,ed tnb dounty .high t scnool ketball b!oys' championship, ill-day night in thl* Aigona high gym, downing a stubborn Lakota team in the finals, 47 to 31. Algorta high's first team, competing in the North Genital' Conference Jourriament final at' Webster 1 City, won that tournament, Algona's ' Saturday* by" 39* ' ( / It was a .clear, case ( ' jdf.,' City superiority. , n ¥et -, Cdbk's •Lakota^.jtedr, ceilent acdduntu sh' _,. drilled,sqUad, but. had tHS , fjtftuhe* to be 'Unable to Hit basket. Hungerfor'd SlairS Gerald Hungerforci 'was the rf r>nrt IM GilfriVi .""Mi _•»*_* **&£.KU -AC* sctfobl in* trie" big cog in The held ...... ..„. accounting for 21 points to lead the game scoring,; " ., Lamoht Jensen' b£ Lakota 'kept his team in the game. He flipped the net for eight field goals, seven of them in the second, naif. and made two free throws'" good. ' . Both Jensen arid Wirtj'es 1 of Lakota left the « N g;tie via fouls, which pretty well nipped what- ^uto mafic Washer > </>• / ^ his week, .was a. new to.a tie for Sieond'glade* W1IK " meet, and were defeat ' II,; mm, jus i/. a i c of BftrtefOftj 41 efea!Li'§Il«syi4$ t'i will bb in Al„ ett, \0 aha 24 i drivers, liderise tests. The '* dtilfrolft the Humboldi , St. GraHV --. .^r-r-.. .'..--£ Burt ___. i-.l-.J.tB Fenten --—-I-..-.,..., -4 df'-fh'e utomatic nine ouc, They piayeti lgona N Creamer.^ , W. Jblley> Fehtoh; antes this sea* ',f Orm,< but th4 fortunes of bds"' Ball tuj-ried 1 tHfe tifltf m 'the. f|& al ttt. _e minutes'- in faVof 6# t 'esley —.„_._.___,__._.----O > ,, 11 ,The Bari'y.tda'm wpffMo pltfe¥ the past fyeetR ^lirffif.Bl'yll'i more the Algbfla Ctiint ,t6bk a'5f and ? elMtf downl ' BASKET SOCIAL Arid this ''Live-Water" action is really marvelous! Just put in clothes and soap/set the dlw, and forget it • Washer fills and empties automatically. • Washes 8 Ibs. of clothes in less than'a half-hour. • They're spun damp dry; • They're cleaner, whiter. • Hands never touch water.' • See a demonstration I Ear/ies) orders w/B gel earliest delivery. ALSO SEE; THE NEW- Frlgidaire Electric IRONER for better, faster, easier Ironing. Frlgidaire Electric CLOTHES DRYER for quick, automatic drying Indoors. APPLIANCES ttarlan & Si-crfe Phone 399 ever final chances Lakota" ' may have had. Coach Schuler's team, a\state tournament entry last year,' played good ball all the way, and led at every quarter. '__ t / Some "Fancy Shooting In the consolation dontegt.-fthe Algona sophomores' gave LU- Verne a good battle, but were behind nearly all the four to eight points. way by . Wiegert of LuVerne, short but peppery, tossed in some mifacul- nis shots. In - fact LuVerne's shooting from out in the "court was phenominal. The south Kossuth team also used -a fast break and long pass combination when they got; the ball; Under their own basket that had the sphere under Algeria's basket before the sophomores could get back down . the court. They seemed unable to sblVe this attack. Reading and Ross looked especially good for the losers. We'll b6 hearing more of them. Split County Teams This year's tournament was set' up on a somewhat different basis. There was north' and south half preliminary, with the "Semifinals and finals coming to Algona from Swea City arid ' Lu- Verne, Friday and Saturday. At LuVerne, first arid second round games went as follows: -LuVerne 53; Hurt 31; Algona 33, Whittemore 21. LuVerne defeated Wjesley and Algona defeated Tit'orik'a in' the second round, thus LU Verne and the Algona sophs won their way to the semi-finals ori Friday here, At Swea Ci'ty the Trojans defeated Seneca', 55' to, 16,. ' '- R»clr <a*_wh'ed' .Grant',- 37 to .25,' dii'd Lakota overpowered ^ertfon, < 48" to' 27. In : the second 1 rouri'd,. Swea City downed' Ledyard andi Lakota beat Lone Rock, with! Swea City and' Lakota thus coming to the semi-finals. Friday night here, Lakota defeated' LuVerne and Sw,ea City defeated' the Algona sophomores,') in the semi-finals. County championship summa'ry:{ Swea City (47)'" fg 1 ff pf' Lundquist 3 3/5' Sanft'nei' 2 3 2 Hungerford 9 3' 4' Berggreri ... ; 2 2. 2 K. Montgomery l o 3 A. Montgomery l o' I 1 M. Montgomery _____ (? o 0 18 Lakota" (31) rg Christ 3 -Q Jensen 8 2 Wirtjes ______ _ _ Q ' Raxn .____; , o 1 Farrow 2 0' Wortman o 0 Barrett o 0 14 3 Consolation final: Algona "B" (39) fg ft Ross _' 4 3 Reding ... r 3 4 Pentecost \ 2 McDonald 0 0 Hutchison 4 5 Samp Q 0 Vaughn _' o i 11 17 ft « LuVerne (50) Hansen ------------ 2 Ramus ------------- 3 R. Nielson __________ 2 Wiegert ----------- _ 8 D. Nielson _____ ___•__ 3 Wickett ___ . ________ 2 Brayton -------- ____ i Holmes ___ ...... ___ 0 12 15 fg ft for,- a dn's Other But (159 m m*mt' («M«I i»), dMd K W.61cfjt't\ (I'fflB'vv' - ,. »itttnis:', y ,; ,-;.',,. ( f.W.,'' ti )dern', Cl.afters __':•_.'*}».'' p' u'i*fi:i_t ..Mnituar-__"_'_.SB'- 25! Modern' , Dru'ggis't ,_.__._ Mod'ernisti'c. • ____ I.__L'__., Newspaper's' (> ' r ; ____ 1 . _ ; r_22' Necir Gompletiorr It' is still hid'deri bgfiirid a'.rWp-. tecting cover, but the'n'e\y frohV for the ; Graham ! store is all firi- ished. The lumber ,is being-left S_ A'l .. _ i"i __"i ,!. •__... »!>/i^ up Santil some plMe^' has,', h_i'd ample tim'e to',dry. The .new jiifr- tures for tlie stdre'ai'e alsi'-rSkdv. It won't be long now until th6 enlarged, modernized, and newly decorated^ spatte*, j^ill be 1 open, to the public. , Work" \vas •' started the first 'part Of JatiuaVyi an'd it was expected theri that j,^ would take about six AVe'eks to finish the job) Af'sW Benedict Paristr Hall-Surtday, Feb. 8 8:00 P. M. 'Committe Mrs. Oswald fhil- ges 1 , crM'd Aarry Thilaes'. m •THE- JOB IS'YOORS N Ml tfftfMtil IS'w.fXRIli'6 A'DJG ' AUTCHrP SUIT!" BY 8 U5E THE WANT ADS act (tnt) Service Word? Without appropriate |6ss; Cc*nfiti>>nce c(Wa trg|f J' , • gnce, n«»t promises, TIME OUT! FRIESNER'S wts • On the reecnt wmtV/ day when We walked into tft'e W'. J. A/idyer faVrtY Aani'l'stfuffi' of Sex'forf, We foVnd v ourseWes' in' tH^ rtiidst 1 of a house ^uIF 6^ corriprirty. Even' so, Mr. Ma^r smilirigly' ed to' H'dving- mff picture dVawn',' and' t'lie a little a-udiD'hce. fai'm 6f>22^ aeVes itf I6cafed o'W tfre' South' of Sexton in l'r- vi'n'^bn foWn'sfi\ , Mr. Wfle hSg ' ofr ifoV 25 /OCr's) A^ayer', fr-frne just r ! ecentiy,from a short stay in the hospital ((Aid hafe cfn'd' Aeairrf, W might atfd) 1 is tfe foVift'eV Estfer>y&ollF, of V\resleV'. ThV — - Xftiiyers liiave four, clVild/elif 'Rot>'e¥t, 24', fa'i'ming' JvW fiii 1 rfiSay StelFtf M'tie 1 (Mrs'. Rob'eYf Eiscfrenf of Irvin'gVon' t'o'v/nship; v Jane, 21, a secretary at radio station WHO) and RambnaV 18, rioW at* ho'me dfteV i gracltfatiri'g frdrt f Sf. (iece'liq's AcadenTy. The Mayers maintain' oWe' of the best-k'nown herds of Brown Swiss cows in this part of the country. iV consists 0^,45 head bf pure-Bred and grade cattle, and is one of the 6ldesV herd's in the state. Robert; the son, has attracted wide atten- ' ' tVoh.'witF his work with the Kef a"/ and has walked off .with rrteny bW t'ibbo'ns. fe> t Mr. MayeV Hals' niych to say in faVor* of dairy S',jfa'rrning. Hie' say's' if' ha. tfeeri' tlie s'i'ngfe 1 bigg'esf •^'lo'utci.'6f irt'co'rri^ e?n his farniv 6nd that if has mu'cii , to' do with" Keepiri_r farm lanicf ^ertileV I'n drfcfitlcm 1 to , the Brow'rt Swfss hWclt the payers raise sortie 40 hea'd of hogs,' ( • - ( ' As f'ai 1 cis^ 1948-is concerned, it looks all righ>* to Mr. Mayer. Accdrdincy to him, a lot depends upon the kind of crop' ^o' : get in Iowa this coming ta take care of the bajiliing ntf cjs ef, i 1 wmmte ttti &i h^f m M & >.-> WW»M Wll»» >f T_!ir "rV^IVM"?!' II l» Il|8. flllVj 1 '' ^th^4;ftett«it^,fftfi -: i'—iflte irj.....— ef (h ^ p§ep|f p ^

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