The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1948 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 17
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. _____ . Mftihtiftg accidents are the bad bf the> week ih Iowa. At Plaine, Hfffold killed himself as h rabbitwith jraKh M , Weapon dfsiShHl'gihg irtl6 his . At LovilM, •by a shotgun change, intended fbr u covey 6f tjUail flushed by his 'huntitff ccMfipfliCftV, xNti&t JSio\?% City, DeaA Kft, by ftyifff ffiotgdri -pe ^hiclV had.beetf aftttefl fit a ratt- bit. < 'Y&it Are LcHtMrig.^ .l-^., X*,: ,'*j __. ^j-y-q , AT THE OF NEW 1048 T ' i " *»V t i* / fe ti J! ''Vi ' O'nfi of tli'c oiit.stniHlirtg now.'feritii're's of Amftri<*n's , oiifsla'ridiiig ndtv lih'^crfr? - K KOSSUTH MOTOR COi L Safes , , 'Service '\ . ..„ / •. x,:-»*'r<V:,!'/. 1 ; 'a^**-; ( f. -M »> , •.-•. rg^ . Algona,-Iowa-.',,. -'-- ' \ • Chimney fire, Meyer's Farm Whiftemore Whittemore fire cbm^lsny wtetfe (Sailed to the Chris M^yeY fdvm Thursday af- ternon to put out a chimney fire. William Meyer Jr., who is a tenant on this place, noticed that the chimney which was filled completely full of carbon started to burn, and to be sure that the fire WOUld^ not spread he called the fite'nleri -Who ran a rod down into the' chimney to give it a draft, and ,tf6 damage was done only that the cnimriey will have ,to be taken dbwri arid rebuilt. M'artirt Zimmerman, local gar- flee" ftiari, was in Des Moines ThUi*sday' to get things lined up 'Oft the'-Frazer-Kaiser cars, which Will be here this Week with Zim- nte'rmart & Ostwald as agents.' Mr. Zimmerman' and Mrs. Ostwald ,went to Des Moines Monday to 'drive two new cars here. A Farewell ^aili^ i Friends and he.ighbttrs of Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Salz brought a pot luck lunch to their, hcime> Thursday evening, and p"r6sen't'ed them with a parting gift) , The' Salz's moved last week Monday to Livermore where they' wilj operate a restaurant. Entertained' a 1 1 cards were Mr. and M^S r Wo.od- row Russell, Mr, arid Mrs. Ray- rridifd'Esser, Mr. and Mrs. IVfil'ton ESpe.- Mr. and Mfs. Wilbur Roe- ,ber, Mi', and Mrs»,Merlyn Weg- eiler, Mr. artd Mrs/Orville'.Bar'beiV Mr. and 'Mrs. Melvin Elbert, arid' Mrs. Rose Schumacner. Plan Fund Raising' •At a meeting 6f the Whiftemore Women's club held Thursday evening" at the home of Mi's. Edmund O'Brie'ri, it was decided that various means, for raising" funds to' finance the annual sunimer flower sho'w will be employed. First, of these will be the passing of a' basket in" which members will contribute" in their home. At their next meeting in,the home of Mrs, P. J. Andi'e. a White elephant sale will be held, Mrs. John Waldron will be the' auctioneer. Another project of the Women's club thh iurnmer is the Small Fry ijall club which was self supporting-by the sale of refreshment's at' the swimming,pool. Surprise On Siihpsons Mr. and ' Mrs. George Streit were pleasantly surprised at their home, Sunday evening, when several of -their neighbors • arrived with' filled .baskets for the evening lunch. Cards '-Were the enter- .Jflipment fpr. the^group.whichJib, eluded Mr. and Mrs.'C. R. Krfl?. lasch, LaVerne Wagner, Mr.'%Snd' Mrs. Carl Ernst, Mr. and Mrs'.iR. :Ai «Behnke,"! an&SMratfaAcli? nMfs. Mifee -KJilfesch: The 1 ^ StrSUs-'moV^d tb-th&,Melbourn- Simpson- -farm- one mile north- of Whittemore Wednesday. . : ,-t ' ; • Al "698" . i Mr. and Mrs. Mlffofl' Es^e entertained Sunday e've'rtirig atthree' tables of 50tl' at tmt ftdma ftf s- dnt were Mi;, aftd Mrs'.-Sert Seiely, Mr, and Mrs. Merlyn .Wegener, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Bargeman, Mt. and Mrs. El'mer Kuhftke, Mr, dnd Mrs, Ellsworth tfeidenwith, Mr, and, Mrs. Ernest Mey"er, v all of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald OJlom, Burt, Rosella Voigt,. and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hurlburt, Algona.' Gerald Ollom and Mrs, Bert Seely won' high, Mr', and' M^s. Harlan B&lgeman, low; and Mrs. Elmer Ruhnke received travel Arize, Mrs. Espe served a lunch before the guests departed for home. « Neighborly Club Hosts Mr. and Mrs. William Fartdel entertained the ' Neighborly club it their home Wednesday evening. Present were Mr. and Mrs. August Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kollasch, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fartdel, Mrs. Joseph Besch and son Lawrence, Mrs. Ruth Schult£ EJnd sort Norman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mueller, and Mr. and Mrs. 6eorge Fandel. Pinochle was jilayed', Norman Schultz and Mrs. Henry Mueller winning high, Mrs, August Elbert, low ( and August Elbert received the dbor prize. Mrs. Fandel served a deli- dioUs luncheon after the enter 1 - t'ainment. • "660" ei'ttli , The Jolly 'fiOO club entertained their'- husbands at, the home of Mr. •_ and Mrs. Simon Weber, Sunday" evening, Mrs. Mike Mergen drtd MrsL Herman Voigt'- assisting. 500- was played at' six tables, Hernian Voigt and Mrs. Erwin Ger- winning high and Mr. and Mrs. George Baas winning low, August Elbert travel prize and Mrs. George Baas also received the chair prize. A luncheon was served. Ellsworth Heidenwith returned home from Minneapolis last week where he had been attending the Electronic Radio Television Institute. , t Mr. and Mrs. Russ Medin and Mr.' and Mrs. Orville Barber attended a buttermakers meeting held in Mason City Thursday afternoon and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding visited over the weekend' with 'their son and family Mr. and Mrs. Clete Reding and family in St. Paul. They were accompanied by G. S. Elbert. Martin Duffy Sr. was a dinner guest at the home of his son-in- law. and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Al Montag in West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Derner visited at fhe home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J.^Sweeney a_t Bradgate Friday eVening. Mr. Sweeney and Mrs. Derner are sister. and, brother.! Mr', and Mrs." William McCauley a'nd- family, Mason City, visited at the parental home of^Mr. and Mrs. P\ 3; Fuchsen. The 'Rev. and^Mrs. A. H ; Reh- de^,gnd!t-fan«lx,tFaicy ( iU!l,j wer.e 'qfr the home of Rev. and Mrs. P. - Q. ; -..M r.-'and' Mrs. Forrest Gilmore and-baby moved Monday into th'e" § e Faber house which he recent- purchased from Reinhold Salz. * si * «^.t .. — f As I am quitting farming, I will sell tne foing Described my place located 2 miles south and VA mi. west of Fentoii, or 8 ntiie|?north of Whitten^ore, oh Thursday, February 5th * * ^^^ » 'J-. J»J'i' ! ''t' ' Sf* 1 • Deere Big 4 AT 12 NOON achihery i*" * " '• f • ^f * 1942 model A x John Deere fra^r with'pov/e> lift/fMptor'-and chains; ^oririklJf eeVing^^ir^lSntftr with,-160 rods • Vof wire; McCorri>fei(.petfriifc 8;^; : grqJn'bi)id>aiy^gl?k.P4eriiig.rrayJPaerer; Peering «orn ^eV w^th loader; John \ «<• _ _. .1 'n. ! _ __t t'_J»I_-'Ll ^^FalLL. r*-.---. «!J A «l A l!k«a»k». |M|«M flAA*A I fi_ff «4lCtf*« Iftkn E nAAf^' ^Q*ff. -/disc; one 8-ff. disc; John Deere tractpV.plow, 2-14J ,t ' $@eder> " i • > ''* *' "• i »> i "L TheAfcdvliiftlto^AirPr^tl^nyNew V ?^ • • ' si " < f 7 One high wheel/narrpw tire; V . £ slings? fpur §l«t hey s'ing?} one'tlt^frk b *;• ft, m insh i«lvoni?ed pipe (new), . j •- • -- one Pappc ensilage cvtter r 'with 5<f ft', pipe, new; one endgate . ^ *' ' 9 * ^ twe % sh«vfl ? pne ?teel semplete with f Je l"l ?^ e re. 52T± PH pump? isp i 15 MlvldvBl h«i,h«vm 2 JbfHjh,AiM iiti hsevy hsmtfii ?»ll ft, leg sheJMi 1»2Q .'.fsrrwt wsn^r/S S^i; Mr- Gilmore is employed With the Whittemore Implement company. Theresa Duffy sp^rtt a few days in Dos Mojnes last week and reports it was plenty cold in the city. Mr. and Mrs./ Clet Derner were in Milford Sunday visiting the former's parents Mi». and Mrs. Henry Derner and u new nephew, the son of the Bernard Derner's, at Milford. Mr. and Mrd., Franlt Jergens and family of West "Bend were Sunday evening dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dau. The little son of the Jergens who has spent considerable time in the university hospital at Iowa City has improved considerable. Mrs. Clara Gremmels of Fairville and Mrs. Joseph Priester called on Mrs, Dora Elbert Saturday afternoon, and Mrs. Grem-' mels was also a dinner guest at the Priester home the same evening, and later the women played cards at th P. J. TTuchesen home. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Alig attended the wedding of Maurice Alig and Eileen Haitrnan in Pocahontas Saturday morning. Mr. Alig is an uncle of the groom. Peter Schumacher attended an Agricultural meeting ' on weed control held in Des Moines Friday dnd Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greinert acv companied by Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt drove to Elmore, Minn., Thursday where they visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rhode and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler. The women are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt Sr. Mr. and Mrs. 'R. A. Behnke visited at the home of Mrs. Regina Baas near Algona Sunday afternoon. 'On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. F. E. : Slagel and family were dinner and supper guests at the home of Mrs. Slagel's brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Joe Malloy, south of Emmetsburg. In the evening the Slagels called on Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joynt in Emmetsburg. Mr. Joynt is an uncle of Mr. Slagel. • • ' Prof. H. W. Behrtke attended a hoard if directors meeting in Fort Dodge Monday and Tuesday of last week. This necessitated recessing the students in the upper room at St. Paul's Lutheran school, but Prof. W. G. Erase continued with his teaching in the elementary room. The Rev. and Mrs. Paul G. Weinhold attended a circuit conference meeting held at Burt last week Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer had as dinner guests at their home Sunday, Mr. artd Mrs. Erwin Bruhrt and family, Depew, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert and family. Rodman, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seely and son Kieth, Mr. and Mrs. William Ostwald and family, and Mr. arid Mrs. Lawrence-Meyer and family, Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Baas entertained a number of people at their home last week Friday night honoring Mrs. Baas' birthday. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd "Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heerdt and family. Rudolph Will and daughter Martha, John Leinenger, and Mrs. Louis Bode, all of Algona.- The evening, was spent playing pinochle which was followed by a luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith entertained a number \of beople at pinochle at their home Mondav evening. Those nr"sent were Mr. and Mrs. John F. Baas, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer. Fred McWerther and Luella Frisby. Lunch .was served after the entertainment. Tuesday, fativaty '&>. Wff ,' When darkness caught Up with them and caused the attempted landing. Out of Business At Remsen, Mrs. Emil R'umohr" has closed out her canary business, shipping her last 37 birds to breeders ually she haktp birds on hand, ust from $10 up. , Aft business-for tttflj ports canary raising as able"/but sa/s the j a lot of Wo'rk. INCOME TAX SERVIC Tax returns made out—tfofnry fiookkpephrg—Accoimfing—-Tfltf Counselor At yoni* place of business of At my hoiff& JAMES K1RKER Cowan Apartment, Forced .Landing When he attempted to use a highway near Sidney as a landing field recently, Leonard Morris came to-gr'lef when one wing of his plane struck a highway marker and swerved into a ditch. His daughter was a passenger. The Morrises (Were enroute home from Oklahoma to Lohrville, la., • — •*• •* Gillingham Electric ALGOtfA, IOWA 1015 East Slate St. - Phone: S86-W Sunbeam and Proctor Appliances Electric Motors — All Sites ELECTRIC TANK HEATERS POULTRY TIMERS ELECTRIC PUMP JACKS PRESSURE SYSTEMS FARM WIRING Contracts or Time and Material ' 1 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR APPLIANCES-FIXTURES SERVICE •f£ f £4 ^ y^, 4< ..'ft' iiiiiii iilEBIl V;.',. *<•» j f "*; ,l>Ti , V 1^ S ' i- Alffona Co-operative - . C^J , JL - / m m - f >* 'Wi /•4*y j,i v ;Z-i ^ : fj r'-;Sl Saturday, January 31 12:30 P.M. Algona High Shool Atiditoriuitt - ,^ - ; , -.-: ; • METHODIST LADIES WILL SERVE DINNER Starting Promptly at 12s3Q Saturday t lN ? f HI HIGH SCHOOL GYM tfA r: ^ ! M - l l i/! 1 '-^ «»%"-*> ,t*« iii-a&rts'iAA^A:

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