The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1948 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 16
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nr / • ^PX% > V l "1 /! - V -,'vj-*' ' i l' ,*< ''_ f*Atgant> Uppst Bes Maine* 'tuesday, .January If, !94§ Fenton Farm Bureau Meets Fenton—The Fenton township Farm Bureau follow-up meeting was .held Tuesday, Jan. 20, at the home of Mrs. W. J. Cottan with the following ladies present: Mesdames C. M. Gross, Henry Schro- ecler, Will Christenson, J. M. An- 'tlerson, P. M. Christenson, Milton Madison, L. A. Newbrough, A. D. 'Newbrough, Clair Bellinger, Louis Reilly, Ed. Meyer, Frank Dreyer, Clinton Dfrcker; Emma HUrlburt, Andrew Ttoomsen, Milfred Mitchell, Ralph Thompson, J. M. Blanchafd, C. F. Schultz and Miss Neva Thompson. A review of tiie three lessons was given by Mrs. Henry Schrooder assisted by Mrs. Milton Mad- 'ison, giving the lesson on Legal Rights oC Married Women, and Family Entertains. The lesson on Textile Painting was given by Mrs". C. M. Gross. The February meeting will be held at the home of Mi's. Milton Madisoh. Lun<Sh was served by 'the hostess. Patty Q'D6Hrtell. 10 A birthday party was given in honor of Patricia' ,O'Donneirs 'I0th birthday at the parental Bernard O'Donhell home Sunday afternoon. The following Misses were present: Patty Jane tiatferi, Louise Gary, ftay DlttsWofth, Betty Cogley, Rcrsella Fabef, Betty ana -Max.ifte ttelddrfer, Ann McQuire, Betty Jean Johnson, Darlene Simmons, Mavy Ann Mulligan, Shirley Arndorfer, Joan Lensing, Joan Nurre; all of Bancroft, Margaret and' Nancy Fischer, Phyllis O'Donnell, Alice and Mary Ellen Walsh, Barbara and Ann Marie Walsh. Games were played by the gue'sts with evevy- one taking home prizes. Lunch was served . Burl Twp. Meeting The Burt township Farm Bureau follow-up meeting will mee.t Friday, Jan. 30 at the home of VIrs. Lawrence Dittmer. the meet- ng starting at 1:30 p. m. Two lessons will be given. Mrs. H. A. Holmgren will give one on Family Entertains, and Mrs. Lloyd NOTICE! January 31, is the final date for purchasing 1948 registration tags for all cars, trucks and trailers. After that date, a penalty of five per cent of the fee or a minimum of $1.00 will be assessed. We ask your cooperation in purchase- ing your tags as soon as possible. Please bring your old registration certificate when applying for new tags. ROSELLA VQIGHT County Treasurer Schenck will give one oft Legal Eights of Married Women, With Mrs. C. M. dross glviftg the k son on Textile Painting. ' Ladies Mile Society The Ladies Mile Soeie.ty met at 'the home of Mrs. H. A, Blanchard Thursday afterndon with i§ members and 8 visitors present. It was voted to adopt an orphah child from Chi^a, and also 1 a md- tion was made to set ye the creamery dinner on February 12. Mrs. Woodward of Whittemore gave a fine talk about Caheei-'. The Bible study Was given by' Rev. L. Kingma. Installation services for the officers of the society'will be held Sunday, Feb. 1. A pot 'Itmeheon was held. The next'meeting will be held at this home of Mrs. A. L. Cotton with'Mrs. L. Kingma as assisting hostess. The will be Bible study, program Arnold Schmidt a«d Mildred of Bruce, S. D., are visiting a c6dple days at the home of Mrs. Lucy Schmidt and family. . ArletCherland, -student at Forest City, is spending over the weekend at the parental J. T. Cherland home, arriving Thursday. Mrs. Wm. Madsen helped her father, Carl Ds.twald, celebrate his 82nd birthday at his home in Whittemore Monday. Mrs. P. L. Persbn i and Arthur spent Wednesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Person at Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kueck spent Thursday evening at the Walter Thompson home. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schendl of Algona were Sundav dinner quests at the home of Mrs. Lillie Thompson and Neva. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kr'amers- meier and children of Ledyard were Sunday dinner guests at the; Alfred Schadendorf home in honor of the letter's son Alfred's! ninth birthday. Jimmy Pettiti spent Monday overnight as a guest of his. A surprise birthday party was, held Thursday night in honor of Mrs. Martha Rath's 72nd birthday: at her's and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rath's home. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rath, the Havvey Rath family. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shaser and Betty. Mrs. Charlie Shaser. Mr. and Mrsl Clinton Rath and Marilyn all helped 'her celebrate. Fred, Lizzie and Grace Meyer, and the Frank Meyer family helped Kenny Hutchinson celebrate his 6th birthday at the parental, 1. First &p$$i New Uniforms LuVefrte — The Lu^etne high sehbol b,and conc'ert af JJife 'school auditorium Wednesday evening, Jan. 21, Was well attendfed.'-We's- ton Noble, director of music, took charge, assisted by Kenttetn Carpenter of Osage who was >guest conductor of three numpefs. The band made its first appearance in tile new Uniforms.' • > :The following' program was rendered: Star Spangled Banner", "America, The'"Beautiful," march; "Meadbw Lantls," "The Pilgrim .Chorus from Tannhauser", "Strike Up the Band", and "Officers'Of this' Day MSfch'V The boys' glee club "sang, "The Winter Song". The girls'.'glee club sang "Ciribiribih" and- "Can't Stay Away", spiritual. The mixed chorus sang "To Thee We ping". Mrs. Howard 'H. Phillies played the piano accompaniment for the glee club numbers. Mr. Carpenter directed the next three band selections: "Our Director March", "Stout Hearted Men", "Hallalujah". The next .number was a comedy sketch ,of "Three Bears," with Arnold Hjelle as narrator. The two final numbers of the band presented by Mr, Noble ,were "The Little Rhapsody in : Blue" and "March" of'the Steej Men" featuring a Cornet rqu'aftette , and a trombone quintet. , . Personnel of the band: flutes- Marilyn Hefti, Marilyn, Miller, Mary Loer'wald; clarinets—James Phillips, Robert Pergande, Joan Phillips, Russell Phillips, Dwight Sorertson, Doris Goetsch, >. Joan Hirtz, Jerry Miller, Phyllis Hed- ,rick, Lois Hedrick, Donna'Meyer; alto saxophones—Geraldine Henderson, Arlene Meyer, Billy Barton, Edwin Hunt. * Tenor saxophone—James Charles Trunnell; baritone saxophone —James Thorn; horns — Deloras Lund, Nancy Dimler, Paty Ellifritz; baritones—Joanne Sanford. Charlene Henry, "Ramona Sanford; cornets — Barbara Meyer. Sally Shirk, Earl Gronb;ach, Doris Schipull, Arlene Jensen, Allen Miller. Dick 'Johnson; ^trombones —Merl.yn SwartSon,"Jolene San- t ' • *r < * j son, Mfoy^W^4;,alt684.©ftfi«» Henif, iJMrf «i% HftSlMli«», "' " * ^ ^ Nielsen,] Marilyn Miller, D Jdanne —----•• • Sally S- .,. The boys' Jlee dub, 1st teflo'fs—Kefth-6tH',qi.. Miller,' Marlarf'.SifflhJitiaWi T?uhh"elle'. 'EltOn WOOHJ 'Luu. icn-. brs ~ Edrl Q^ttbaeft. ,Cla¥eht&i MiM, Robert Fef'ga'riae, DeTftaW Thompsotf. Dviritht S6rehSx(h| "Isi bass — '-Bob-Carstensen, Baucis 1 Do'rt, Clifford Mah'sefi, LMle"Hol* mes, .Co^fail 'Kurlkei,' .Rj^'aria Nielsen, Joe"Put'z&tuck, D'e'aW Ra^ rtius; 2nd bSssT-Ve'rvdn Davidson; Junior Gidding^, ' LS^le' Pen'.ton; James Phillips, Merilyh Swans'6hi Sweet City Nurse Aid Operated Uppri Swea City—Phyllis, daughW of Mr. and Mrs. Ed .Hammond, .\Jh", derwent an appendicitis opefatititt , at Holy Family hospital,' Esthe¥ville, Thursday a. m. At -this 1 writing she is getting along nicely. Her mother spent the first few. days with her. Phyllis has been'' doing nurses aid work .there/ pending the time she enters' traift-S ing at St. Luke's hospital, DUlU,th," a few weeks hence. ' ' ; Mrs. Howard Pischt and- son,! Shell Rock, have been here Visiting her mother Mrs. J. E. KellyJ Lakota, her daughter, Mrs. George Butterfield Jr. and other '' rela^ tives. Another Norton Hog Feeder r ', „ f f- ' * * - -•&"- i ttL. t*fr I* ^ v ,.* / «?"* *" * *• *<"* i * MOS fSOUOHS * MltiK *KWSfiS •Each"bulld' fiilfit'; "*£" •**** C f j, ,<,%;, i ! ':<f>l'< , ' jF-i. S & SOI VtfF,i, o* , WKfrt I'SU^in,. w *a»vf«s^ VvtiBti^fafflatiA C ['-'•: ••'- -• - FUEli s £••« Plan Gii-ls Camp Swea City—Rev. and Mrs. Roy P. Smith, Scranton,,"spent Thursj' day at the home of the Rev. andji Mrs. Peter Peters, making plans '' for girls camp which will-'be helc at the grounds at Scranton, June 5 through 13. The Rev. and ;Mrs Peters are teachers each sum'mer at the Tills Week Only! Five Day Introductory Offer! Lloyd Hutchinson's, Monday ev- ford, Mildred 'Lenz, Betty Schulz, "-'-" Nancy Will; tilbas—Vernon Davidson. ; Jerry •"•Hardcop'f; perc^is- sion—Deart vRamUS,'' 'Jtean Gronbach, Cliff oi'd''' HartsOn, Lyle 1 ' ' enmg. Mrs. Nina Biersteut and Mrs. Calvin Householder, Mrs. C. E, Sigsbee and Carrie Larson, the latter two of Burt, spent Tuesday afternoon at a birthday party in honor of Mrs. Bierstedt's grandmother, Mrs. Kate Ditmer's 89th birthday. Overseas Mike Dunn, Ivlalvern dog raiser, received his first order from overseas recently, shipping two short haired pups by air express to a firm in Honolulu. Holmes, 1 JOhnny .TiSB.', Personnejl oi ,girls' glee club: sopranos — Deriis.e' Carroll, Lorraine Et^.tacei'Marilyli'''Hefti, Mildred Lenz; ;Bar.b : ar'a-Meyer, John Penton, Jean Penton, Marilyn Rahm, Geraldine Sanford, Romona Sanford;.: ?nd sopranos — Theresa Al:nd.0.rlei;i, 'Nordis Han-.. ,. son, Deloras Lunar Donna Meyer, Diane Rahm, Be.tty Schulz, Irene Weigher, ;Njtncy' : Will, GjerteVa Wil- MOST MOTHERS DO THIS AT BEDTIME rub throat,'chest, back with .VapoRub. Relief-bringing actio'n starts instantly... 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As I have rented my farm and moving to West Bend I will sell at public auction on the farm 2 miles north and 214 miles east of West Bend and 5 miles south and T/4 miles! east of Whittemore, on Thursday, January 29th tf»l.t • . * M « I I I ^^ ^^ « Sale to begin at 12 o'clock sharp Lunch wagon on grounds 72 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 72 26 Head of High Grade Hplstein Cattle Consisting of 9 milk cows; 1 pure bred bull; 6 yearling heifers; 3 yearling steers;'? calves—4 heifers and 3 steers. T. B. and Bangs tested). -.--•. •• 46 Head of Hogs 46 25 head of Spotted Poland brood sows; 20 feeding hogs; 1 boar. All long time vaccinated. 350 New Hampshire Red Pullets 350 New Hampshire Red pullets, 8 roosters with every TOO birds. This is a West Bejid Hatchery flock-bJctpjl tested and culled. •-..... j . „ , . . M A f*U I M CD V Deludes 3 TRACTORS, CORN • v l«%*ninBiVI PICKER. 1937 CHEV. PICK-UP PICKER, 1937 CHEV. PICK-UP IHC-M Farmall tractor and cultivator No. 238 1HC Model B Farmall and Model B- 238 cultivator. W. C. Allis Chalmers iracior and cultivator, Heat houser for M. 3-botiom 16-in. Case plow. 1HC 16-B power mower. Wind rower for mower. Little Genius 2-boitom 14-in plow. Oliver pull type 2-row corn picker, Superior Hydraulic Farm • Hand hay and manure buck loader, mounts on most any tractor. John Deere tandem disc. 10-ft. John Deere 999 corn planter, tractor hitch and wire. 1937 Chevrolet pick-up with fepx and rack, ' •" John Deere manure spreader on rubber, John Deere 42-ft, eleyator an4 hpist,"' speed jack, John Deere side delivery rake, 12-ft dunip rake, John Deere heavy duty rubber tire wagon. Rubber tire wagon. Mandt steel wheel wagon, 2 flare wagon boxes, MOST OF THIS MACHINERY HAS BEEN BOUGHT SINCE 1941 \ 5-Hog and Brooder Houses-5 Grain apd Flat rack, 2 hay racks. 10-ft John Deere binder, Two 4-sectJon harrows, 6-ft. McCormick mower, 1HC Model 10-C 10<in, hammermille, IHC seeder, IHC 3 to 5 H.P. gas engine. Electric McCormick-Deering No. 4 cream separator. Surge 2-unjt milking machine, pipe line for 15 cows, '• ~ Surge Dairy^Maid electric water heater, Electric mpjor, 1,3 horse, and ajfind Stone. Hand corn shelter. Two 19x16 hog houses, new; 10x12 brooder house; 10x14 brooder house; 12x14 brooder house; a lot of chicken feeders and waterers; 2 Jamesway 500-cap, electric brooders; 3 oil burning brooders. 70Q bushels of good corn in cr)^; 350 bushels feeding oats; 3^ ^.ales ijmpthy §n^ cl<jyer hay; 10-tpn stack timothy hjiy; 7 tons of alfal|| hay in barn. MH.CiUANEQUS-7 ft. steel tank/ 2 feed bynks; 2 tcink ileoters/ ele^rie dri||; wrenehes/ shovels; qn4 a Ipt of pther items top ngmefpy^ \q I i 'I Cowan Building Supply Co. i • ' " "" * * .. Wl Division WHY HEAT THE GREAT "^ ^v: - /; • * r^<7 ^V, -'V* e»> % -\v v •?//?: .*' * . i". . *"• .\ %l1 A .>«.A»J». ^Vffl&'.ia^ V ./ < I v*» "'•>. Save on f«el! Stop ttyis he^l loss! 'With efficient, fireproof Eugle-JPieher Insulation installed in ejidewalls and ceiliiiigei. heat is fcepl ivilJiin the hows>e", A^f fl resvilt rooms are warmer anil easier fa h'ea t , , , ^and you'll save as much as 4^| o^f sparcp fuel, Ask about- the CerJ;Jfie4 Jj}* nt J '-(» '• sulalioif, Jol> » i t an Kngle- JMeheF eplusjve, p^ tfee«« COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO, T|RM§— Ca§h or see your banker. Not re.spons|ble fpr accidents. OWNER Up To 36 Months fo Pay! i ~ , lt r-v Xt v WITH • s r -r f **'*!' ^nw &/i&n 1 S5SSO55T 1 '* ^s-^%%j«* 1 t fj f -'^'i-' * • ~.f nyj, ^ripp^;^ 5 t j,* -«v ' * T^ -*^ j* ^ , j." "\ ... '•= j ™ '^ r> ?- • P'"'% r' " v i / -"^l,''-?'/" fl'WV -' ; *iir? :<*•- >Li :.f< ',* * ;•&•••

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