The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1948 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 6
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Upper DM Molh«n January .2?> Ift4| feech Clinic In ity Organized Mrs. Betty Schutter is starting ft private clinic here for speech reeducation. i Bast week the executive committee, Mrs. Elizabeth Schenck, RWjS. Clara Schiltz and Antoinette HOnstetter, for the society for crippled children and the disabled t with County Superintendent E. Lauritzen and Mrs. Schut- was talk of co-operation in the matter of speech trainiftg between' the society, Mrs. Schutter and teachers. In the schools where there are children with severe speech handicaps or hard of hearing cases not amenable to class instruction, parents could contact Mcrf. Schutter. Mrs. ScHutter is a graduate of the university of Iowa with a major in speech re-education. Before marriage to Dr. John Schutter she taught in a school for the deaf at Sioux-City, and set up a speech clinic within the school. WANT ADS For Sate. FOR SALE—JOHN DEERE' MO- del A tractor, hydfaulic lift cultivator; also Model D with three bottom plow, Mrs. Henry Goetz , $15,005. -See N Real Estate Wesley. U 4 & *' phone, 620-W, FOR SALE — POLLED AND Horned Hereford bulls, serviceable age. P. M. Chvistenson, Lone IF IT'S NEWS, WE WANT IT1 it's that Algona Bird-Man Coining to Life Again By DICK POST How many of you good people remember those screwy articles-1 wrote for the paper on my pet birds around the holidays? Now don't say you don't, because folks are still kidding me abdui those bird columns. Anyhoo, they did ihe business, as about forty of my best pet birds are out around the countryside giving joy to many good homes. I just hope some of those Parakeets go-, easy on a little of that language they picked up here at the Dick Post residence, though. Well, here's the low-down on why I am back in print again. I went to the newspaper office the other day and talked about running some ads on moving—you know, not about birds but about Post Transfer & Storage. After all, that's my bread and butter—these birds are just a hobby and they take money to raise. So to raise birds, I have to get out and work like a trooper moving folks' household goods, tossing freight, and such like, to earn money to feed the birds. That may sound funny to some of you—a six foot two guy in the bird business on the side, but it's a lot of fun. Well, the newspaper people said: "Why, Dick, you wrote such fine stuff before on birds—why don't you write some on Moving?" So being as how the writing bug had hit me I decided to take them up. Maybe after you read what I write on the subject, you will call up and say: Stick to Birds! « Now_ about this moving. March 1 is coming up soon, and that's always a heavy moving lime. Right now at Post Transfer & Storage we are making up our early Spring moving schedules, listing the people who have called in their moving dates, and so on. There's a mad old scramble around, the latter-part of February to get moving jobs, fitted in right, and so the first -thing I want to emphasize (don't get scared, I don't ordinarily use those big words) is to call us up and give us your moving date. That way we can plan your date in nicely, and everybody is happy. Our phone number is 298. Just jot thai number down, and remember to ring us up about your moving date. We don't care where you're going to move. We've moved people's stuff to Korea, to Europe, all over. Oh, I didn't go along on all those ,trips, but we cralod up the goods, loaded it, and started it on its way, and we haven't had a complaint (well, not more than a couple). -\ We have clean trucks. You don't want your nice furniture hauled in a truck that might have been hauling oravel, and we don't. We also have new equipment for handling refrigerators, stoves, pianos and heavy goods like that. We are fully insured—or we mean your household goods are fully insured from the minute we get 'em out of your front door until we unload at your new place, even if it's just around the block. If it's a long distance cross-country move, we lake care of all the crating, and see that your stuff is going in good style. We take pains to sec that it's the way you want it when Jt gets there. The main thing is, folks, let us schedule your moving date now. That'll be a big help, and we'll be able to give you swell service. Phone us—the number? Oh, have you forgotten already? Well, I'm going to be real cute and not thell you. You'll just have to look back three or four paragraphs and find it. Well, kind readers, I have to get back to my birds . , . oops! pardon me, I mean the transfer and storage business. Gee, this writing business is fun. Why didn't they tell me about it before? P OS T Transfer & Storage Phone 298 . Algona, Iowa Rock, la. u4atf ANNUAL PUREBRED SPOTTED Poland China Bred Gilt sale 'Monday afternoon, .Feb. 9, at Spencer, la. Fairgrounds. Forty- five head bred to three top boars. Write for catalog. Karl E. Carlson, Lakefield, Minn. u4-5a* FOR SALE — 500 BALES OF clover and timothy hay mixed, in barn, no rats. One Int. horse- drawn corn planter, hearly new, Duo-Therm 13 in. oil burner, A-l condition. H. C. Baago, 2 East, M- South of Fenton. u4-5a* FOR SALE—MODERN EIGHT- room house, four bedrooms, new furnace, hot water heater, garage. See D. D; Monlux. u4a* FOR SALE — MANCHESTER toy puppies. John Sabin, Algona, phone 10-F211. u4a* FOR SALE — HAMPSHIRE brood sows to farrow in Feb. and March. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. .u4a* FOR SALE—FARMERS FRIEND e^vator, 36 ft., complete. Hydraulic manure loader for International M, tractor. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. u4a* FOR SALE—BALED CLOVER and timothy hay, 95c; straw, 60c; second cutting alfalfa, $1.25. Leo McEnroe. • u4a ier, Hurt. oed jwatewKitSe-ft ' c-,; fiv«ftif> >?< ' -, - ^'^w ... .^b^gft-^*! -gJ^ .? •*>••«.. JW, "»*t - -•^^^^^ PAftMS FOR SALE-160 AS 1 improved near Algoha, $160 tiL acre if sale is made soon? also lull possession March 1 """" acres improved near possession Mardh 1 subject' to 1948 lease. Als6 2 good homes In Algona, priced to sell. P, J. Kohl* haas, office phone 22, U4a63 FOR SALE—BALED ,,HAY r -AL falfa and mixed, Ray Mcwhor u4a BOX CANDY—LARGE ASSORT mefnt. Barry's Recreation. ( -'u4at: FOR SALE — 1 YEARLING Berkshire Malb hog. Leo Me Enroe. FOR SALE—150 BALES/CHOICE red clover; 10 ton alfalfa 1 , al under cover. C, R. Schoby. Algona. u4al6 DON't FORGET Helmke fc Sons Duroc sale, Saturday. Jan. 31, ai Renwick, Iowa. W. H. Helmke & Sort. u4a FOR SALE-—SMALL 2-ROOM house and 2 lots near Sclzcr's in N. E. Algona—$1850. Sec Joe M} Herbst, Real Estate & Ins. .. a3u21 4- FOR SALE—2 VERY good resi dcnce lots, one on paving. Sec Joel M. Herbst, Real Es'tatc Ins. a3ul.7 FOR SALE—300 BALES FIRST cutting of alfalfa. Francis Er- polding, • 2 miles northeast St Joe. > • a3u* FOR SALE—1500 BALES, good quality and 'color, alfalfa hay W. H. Wehrspann, phone 2262 Ottosen. aSu 1 FOR SALE—F-30 TRACTOR with 13-28 tires, like new, lights excellent condition. ler, Whittemore. Sam Ship- u4a" FOR SALE— IOWA HY-BRID 4397, certified, germ 97, an outstanding (Variety choice Flats, $10 per bu., Rounds, $6.50. Also 4417 4308, 4442, 4316, all certified Twelve years growing seeds. Donald D. Usher, Ottosen, la. u4-5a* FOR SALE—WIDE FARMERS Friend elevator, 40 ft., with wide hoist, like new; McCormick Deering side delivery rake; DeLa- val cream sepearator, No. 15 with electric motor; Baled alfalfa hay; and feed bunk. Ray V. Fitch. Bode, Algona phone 28-F4, 6 miles'south of Algona on 169. u4a* FOR SALE—75 BRED EWES, one or all. Bruce Loewenstein, LuVerne. ' u3-4a* FOR SALE—3-ROOM HOUSE, fully insulated, built-in cupboards, to be moved to your own lot, $1500. Also fuel oil heater, good condition, $40. Phone lOBiW, Algona. u3-4a* FOR SALE—JOHN DEERE MO- del B tractor with two 12-inch plows: also cultivator and disc. Lyle Marlow, Lone Rock, phone 3210. u3-4a* FOR SALE-* EAGLE WATER- proof home insulation, "blown .n." Expert inspection, estimat- ng service. Cowan Bldg, Supply Co., Phone 275, Algona. ulatf CASE BEER — POP We Deliver BARRY'S—Pho. 343 ulatf FOR SALE — PUREBRED PO- land China Gilts, March and FOR SALE— MODERN Duplex two apartments, good condition, garage, on pavement, income property, good buy. Also five-room modern bungalow, two bedrooms, garage, See D/ D. Monlux. oil burner. a3u* For Rent FOR RENT—LARGE, comfortable bedroom to steady roomer, close in. Contact Algona Newspapers. a3u!3 Wanted WANTED — STENOGRAP H I C work, Vi , day, experienced. Write Box 400, Algona. u4a* I MUST GET'A MAN. AT'.ONCE in this community to work with our District manager. Must have car and be over 25 years of aee. This work is in line with the Greater Food Production Program. Permanent work, good pay for man who has lived on farm. Write Box 400, Algona. u4a52 WANTED—GIRL OR WOMAN for housework and baby care, modern 'horns,' Mrs. Tom Sampson. • • .. u4a? WANTED — YOUNG SINGLE man'to work in meat department. Hood's Super Valu. u4a!2 WANTED—MARRIED COUPLE for farm work. Separate, modern home provided. T. E. Lagei> strom, Burt, phone 193. , ,; u3-4-5a!5 HELP WANTED — WAITRESS wanted. Algona Hotel. u3atf WANTED — MARRIED MAN on farm. P. M. Christcnson, Lone Rock. UlAtf WANTED—FARM April farrow. -Pen bred. Aaron | the month, single man, M. Stcussy, LuVerne. u2-5a* smoke or drink,. age 21. Mitchell, Whitlemora,. c-o FOR SALE — BENTON OATS, Indiana certified last year, $4.50 bu. Bob Addy, Lakota. U1-4A* PUREBRED BE,EF SHORT- horn bulls for 'sale: One '21 months old, sired by Studer's herd bull. One 9 months calf. Good individuals of good breeding. Reuben C. Lutter, Ledyard, Iowa. • a3-4u'" FOR SALE—F-20 TRACTOR with road gear. In good shape. Kenneth Curran, LuVerne. aSu* USED FARM MACHINERY 1 Used Jqhn Deere D Tractor 1 Allis Chalmers No. 00 Combine 1 Used Corn Baler * 1 Used 2-Row J, D, Pull-Type Corn Picker TAYLOR IMPLEMENT CO. Algona Algona a3u FOR SALE — ? WELL - BUILT modern 8-room home, sleeping porches, good paved location and not far out. Can be income upstairs besides owner living downstairs, offered ti}l March 1 Sitainbrook. WORK BY don't Bert P. L. a3u* HELP WANTED HOME APPLIANCE SALESMAN—This is a real opportunity for the right man for a permanent set-up with the local Gamble organization with salary and commission; experience preferable but not necessary; must be under 55; car necessary. Apply Mr. Barnard, GAMBLE'S, Algona, Iowa. a3u42 MAN WANTED WITH .pickup truck and good reference. Earn $9.00 to ^$12.00 each Sunday morning. Phone'353. a3u* WALL WASHING, • PAPER hanging, painting, and decorating. Have your cleaning done now. Avoid the Spring rush. Richardson's Painters and Decorators. Phone 795-W. a3u* #^^7%&%fo#& SOJEASY TO 3.95 d9wn—and l.?5 per , payable 32 Piece Set , Fire-King DINNERWARE ^ Given with CORONAPQ 5 Tube RADIO All fpr ONIY *'* the Jqnyory SUY Qf THE WQNTH! A wslnyt finijh CQRQ- NAPO pysh-^yttpn rfljjip—cud for 61 Household Goods INLAID LINOLEUM Wall tile laid fay experts. Cu9f6m wdfk. Cowan Bldg. Supply'Co,; Algona. . •> ulatf FOR SALE — COMBINATION gas and oil range. Nearly new, must, sell before January 31. Reuben Fuerstenau, phone 3305, Lone Rock, '/i mile south Lotts Creek. Wia* FOR SALE—1 USED COMglN, ation gas and coal range in A-l condition. Don Mitchell, Burt, la. ' ' u4a!6 FOR SALE — CIRCULATING heater. , B. Penning, Butlalo Center. ' U 4 a * Miscellaneous COAL Complete stock on hand. Be Safe Call 234 R^esjy Lbr. Co. Mel B. Griffin, Mgr. ulatf FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN- ishing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable powei ojant. • Cowan Bldg. Supply Co, Algona, phpne 275. ulatf UP TO 35% IN heat costs with Home .Gijard Insulation Weather Stripping, asphalt shingles. Free estimates $or your home. Write or call Gamble's Store, Algona. Phone 28. ulatf SEE ME FPR REAL m farms, lpaji§, drainage sup. ^ffit 04 estimates oq tile. Phil . ^phlhaas, phone ^ .Ajgona. , •For All Types Concrete 'Work HBADY.MIX CONdftlBTE • Delivered to your job Phone 16d ttEADY'MtX CONdMEffi & 1 SUPPLY CO, Algona. i u4a\f Used Cars FOR SALE—1940 PLYMOUTH, radio and heater/just overhauled, and new tires, Ph'one 3282, Whittemore. u4al5 FOR 'SALE—1946 BUlCK SU- .pcr, 18,000 miles, has cvery^ bine, $2800. 'Anna Shipley al mith Lunch, u4alS FOR SALE-^-1934 FORD PICK- up, nearly new motor and tires. W. H. Meyer, Algona. u4a* FINE USED CARS 1947 Chevrolet Aero Sedan—ps- ed 1 hour. 19,47 Ford Super Deluxe Tudor- Used 1 hour. 1947 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan— Slightly Used. 1946 Chevrolet Pickup—Like*new. 1946 Plymouth Sedan. Clean one. 1940 Ford Deluxe T.udor, A honey. 1939 Chevrolet Sedan—Overhauled, Clean. 1939 Ford Coupe. New motor. 1938 Plymouth Sedan. Worth the money. ' 1935 Ford Tudor—Rebuilt motor, good body. 1937 Chevrolet Coach. It runs good. Cheap. W. E. LEY MOTOR CO. Lakota, Iowa :We Trade—Easy Terms.' u4a FOR' SALE—1946 FORD PICK- up^-Henry Blocker, mile west of Bancroft. u 4 a* FOR SALE—1939 FORD S'. W. B. truck, good shape. Ray C. Dremmel, Burt, phone 76. UlA13tf We BUY and SELL USED CARS See Us To Buy Or Sell, KENT MOTOR CO. ulatf . -_ 1'lowa i Fully etiui&jJeUi Radios hett'" cr, OV6rdfiv*e, l ibfa'ttd'-tjew seal covers, .bfand'neW-'White side* wall titesi ( ¥hd -ivay'it fides aHd dfives 'will' feally > pleasfe y'oU, Motor l-bally'^-11-^-8.' •' *TAYLOR IMPLEMENT dd, '-*. 'Algoha ' ' a3U Cards of Thanks WE TAKE THIS MEANS OF thanjdng all of bur neighbors nd friends who helped in vari*. FROm HEHUEn A Christian message with a powerful thallsngs. Personal soul winning depicted-at Irs best. Tuesday, Feb. 3 8:00 P.M. LUTHERAN CHURCH Completely enchanting! Our. spring-minded f suit Surely the most ro- mantle of suits! Foreshortened jacket over skirt that drifts back as you walk, Details to take note of: the pretty, rolled' collar . , . created gold but-" tons ,,' , .-. important, winged'- out tabs. SwapsdoVn does it in M'irqn's soft - striped-, pure worsted. You'll • ,y/ear it on every exciting occasion. Sizes 10 to 18. See ir qdvertised In FUU, in HARPgR'5 BAZAAR ** •fi^H'-wiiw vw»? y ni><% uyw,ig w^ljgPjJjg in mlS'vV "' • ' ft ^ ^^W$$^ --K' Lk/y>^<> , ^i^mi4!k^;^% . t -it, ti'.it't i**i ^ t - *«**|B«iJWfi4 A1.K. •fm^-'s^i. rt ji.r** ^ f '[-. L, , ^^B )p^. Wjjjl^ ^pP^ , "ftufliU#Ohieldi" ( fftV A •" ><< * ,c "•»?», - ^JcAY^fiBttU 1 188 *fa ^ '* 'V *&*\ i ** i.. * ri »^ njr *iiu_x.^ ^.jlA^jb j.M«t<t "K^f«* tfrt/Tt*«£it*i^ " •since i»j4O anaVpersonally ui/ieu. ,wen uvei; ic«_ muuoaijwi cases* When skillfully dohe most Rupture openings will-' contract in ft'short time, Above alljoti,,can gp to work f im- ( mediately-without fear or pain. TheVtfjaN -many ofvtoy ,; satisfied cusfomei's-right here InytHls corrimUflfty. „.,,,: • 8»)dftlM.ttdV attendant for WOMEN and CHILDREN'Asle", fdr Mrs. HoffmatiriV' . '»•'>, ', ' i' 1 f ' ' OAuT10Ni,.lf -neglected, rupture fnay. 6fius6.,Wo£ikHess, badkache, ricrvousriess, sitomach'.and gas pains, Peojne, having larg'e ruptures,,which have'returned a%f surgical ojabfetions ot\ injectibn treatments,- are espcJCially invited, - '"It^bu want it dorie right, don't experiment. 'So^.HOFF* -, MAlfNi"'lf u'nable to Se& him at this time addtesss ' i'-HOFEMANN'S SURGICAL APPLJANdE dO,. ,',» '.}' 933 Ahdrus Bldg, MihnGapoIis, 2 k Mlnn. - \ .,_ "WITH I- ./? aAA&y**' mm CREATED FROM YOUR FABRIC PERSONALIZED TO YOUR MEASURE Available in six styles Guaranteed to founder or Wry c/eon. 1 $1.00. ed. riscnilles v ' / »I - • T,., -•* , ••'',.-,- ~ r . -.,' * ~.^ - I , •7*»—**" ~^ C !"P9 inoQvqtion ep mg i vgyry§g )In4 r '";?-' '• . C*J^ n 9 s '%^ g ^ r ^ e5Jn 9'^nWth§^Mtov ' A -'" ''v *«,^.« n ^ «,*, Q fj^ flgyjg^f^i^g' jr.

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