The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 5
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,; Barelu i' JMUary" 26' a!'-a eard i*, at'the BUrt lieglbft'han,'',' /foe JHtutid^ed" was" tfte dlvet- Itbf trie, .everting" -With' Kfeff fees''gdiri£,tb > St&filey Egel. |ftf Marlbtf. 16W tb",'t)avJ(. ,._ ..ifd" and< SeverfiA Bit* Eth. '' wisse. Ms side' telMh We? esMrT.thevdflvre rjahc-e* ..A j &t, urt, .group sp'Ons'df'j and Wh assi^tatttf'at- rtfetlng^jj^^' irial Here For Irs. Hartgra ve ,fhfe HaM&vaVe'ho'rne as wetf'as lie cbhimunity around Eagle ^£6 was saddened Saturday, 'en it Was learned that Mrs,,Ar- ,fo Har.tgrave-had passed away* her hortie.'.Mrs. Haftgrave hffd £h in'falling health the past fee years., • , *• << ghe* Was born, Aufg'us't SfylBSi, /.Ogden^lowarShe received her. ludatioh hi''Schools of Nevada I'd MctTaUsburg, lovya. " In the' ja'r 1903 she' was ci'nited in nVar- ia'ge to Charles 'Woods at Spen- peh -loWa,' and to' this union was iorn 6ne son Hairy. withW'.a'short ter,ni of 1 j. t 4*2*.*.. ti <£_>.._*._ J * 1--1, Atl*_ fringe- to Arthur Hartgt'aVe, at jGdrner, I$ira." "">, , \ "They'have resided,on an, acre\ agfe'north ea'st of Britt for the past ^several years. u ' Surviving MrS,,,Hartgrave are _er husband, one son" Harry, Al- Igona; her father George W. Gun- Jder, Algona; twqr grandsons Lawr- 4. J|ence<,and Walter .Woods; as well '"as^the following brothers: J6seph] iCedar Rapids; Ra>, .Windom'. inn.; Charles, Irvingtqn;-George* ^--'...Algona; and one sister, Mrs. , |ffirrtma Wohiag in Wisconsin. MrsJ ^Hartgrave-was one ,of 14 children •'Iborn to Mr. and Mrs. Gunder.' \ Services were held at the iqughton fflneral home at,Britt, last Tuesday at 1:30 p. m, and .ivith the Rev. L. E. Mether, pastor of Hhe'Nazerene' church of Algona, officiating. Interment took place at^the Rivervlew cemetery at Algona. Pall bearers were'William Rasmasgon Jr., Lloyd Gerde, Will- Trederickson and Sylvester Zrost- rqnt Girls \N\ri 3? Games In Row Swea & Eagle: The' Grant lEagletts girls basketball^, team ihijide three wins" in a'* row .tfte I past week, defeating 'Titonka, !4'5>-7. ' On January 15 ' t^'ey '.won loyer Ringsted' "31-19. and Janu- piry 19 with the absence of two fe forwards., they 'had a~%mp,,an ^ battle with"' [Won at a close score., 21-4 9? \ '" . The Grant 'jEagle'-s'^bpysf bas [ketball' team -'lost to Titonka 47! 17^ and to Rfrigsteii. 5'4-18', but' ?wpn the -game yfith Maple Hill' | with a two-point -margin. I"* 4 / - r" F Undergoes ^Operation I / Edward Anderson, son ,of Art |E.' Anderson's,', underwent an op- leration at a Fort' Dodge hospital a week ago., He is expected lome this weekend. -, Mr,, and" -,kftj. 'i.ShMev hiake,' fred(Uertt, trips 'to hospital,' Algrfna,, fiedk's" a'|dd m'other, tilda Gar^ill is' a cohvdl6ac.ent p'ati'en* '/;--' 'v: • Wayne Patt'efs'ori,'.so Ernie, Patftflsbhs'; le?t, for 1 FoH 1 S¥efidah, ifl., t'6 4 list in; the army air corps: If h;e" pass- i- l -i V-iii.^ -_L 1-i _i f Ai _ii jj ,ll^. i*.i1 t L "afJ*^*C'il « K6m J <*..' k ,'Tiie"'Je'nsbn's f '' ' th'ey .. ^ r'fernpdeiin'g a bathroom.' In. the sprirt plan to brin^ water to-'frfe a'Ad put in a septic tanki *MT, and tylrs. Clifford ''"' dr^W i ere'Algana'"yis'ito^s last Fl-i- da^.'afternooh."* '- - '• *'*''-• 'I Bartiara ehtettained - r -,-,. r _ T - -WedAfesdaS' .'"ftight Member's of the,<Bapfist Youth ^ellqW.'lHife.,. A- pA)gV?ntt^Was 'giy- 16w,ed ^by|| lunch.', ^ * j&J t ^ M^i' a)id M¥s,' Rby^Penrspn'and children 'Richard ^krid ''Ruth-''Ann left .Thursclay'.for'^several' Weeks vacation- in NeW Orleans,' Texas and .California., •>, . , ,'Mf 1 . ,and Mrsh'Roge'f Lindg left for Minneapolis, , , Minn., where Mr. Linde will'a't- t^nd an'implement dealers' .itxeef- ing'. They will return Sunday. fFheir^two sons, are staying at the' home t of, • the grandparents the-'Joe Prestons. To Joih Air __„_ \ Swea.' City—Paul BeoJE^r Jr., Wayne Patterson an'd Albert Saul left Wedhesda^ night- for Fort Sheridan, lit., to, enlist in the army air corps. If they, pass; the physical examinations ther? they, will be'inducted for'a three'year term. 'WANT ADS''B f RiNG riESULTS. Expert Day;;, •; •/ 'ff'-^T^e^iee. - *' \t ' Pick-up and Deliver Bob Champland ' .20;st State.. State. .• (Former -Algona Electric Location) - LEOMEMfothi, • '. •",- i'y. TUESDAY - WEDN^^Y^^^-28: /f //THE "UNDER THURSDAY - FRIDAY '. Cp.HiH"Prill,O VANCE'S SUNDAY; AN /fOUR of "5CHO'H DAVFUN ^ k ^3J wtr*'- 1 *** 'OUR GANG" COMEDY in -Ik' 1948 nijniuT ' jLaVsfflSs f fleri^S. here haVe received- the attn'ouncemerit. of tRetft'affiagfe of ElKaBltn.ffate of stbckton, Calif., to Neal B'dr- toft of Stockton', son of Mrs. Kate Bartori 6f LiVVeffje. , Their marriage took place in Stockton'Sat- brday, January 3,, 10,48. • t TJley wi^te attended by the bride's br'other and sister-in-law,,^d MfSs, Joseph Trace of btide, form'erly of South Bend; Ind.. attended St. Mary's jjolle£e,,at;N6fre".Darrie. She latei 1 v^ettt to Califor'nia.and has been ehijSloyed at-the Stockton depot as pronely, arid supply clerk. Mr. Bartoh rebeived his high school education' in tfie LwVerne school'and latdr onlteted in the sfervlcf, serving 1 lhre,e' y'ears. in the"' European theater" of $at. The'y are making .their horn* &t 2118 Scribrter street, Stockton, where Mr. Barton is dri auto mechanic at a Hudson garage, As • There is a beautifully potted pink blooming plant down on the office counter lodge at the Security State bank. It was a gift Tuesday to C, B. Murtagh from the Presbyterian phurch in appreciation of 20 years service Mr. Mur- tdgh gave the congregation as its treasurer. At an annual mooting Monday he declined the office for another year. Mr. Muiiagh also served 30 consecutive years on the church's board of trustees. What! You Haven't Seen Yet? THE FIlST REALLY ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR! 7Cu.Ff. • <• > i Deluxe Refrigerator j . V Now on Display and Available for Delivery at PRATT „ . 's seen J* MS b^sn agpg y^th, inter- > ^ye b^' pu,i^pg ^yestaira into as Vff ^ve'been 4l?le |p get h,, ;thsro in tht past three ' ' t ^?T; tieriil, |Jec^i9^e^pg§rajpy,j Hpf4U" theiftliV^^inff. ;!' \ f we^^y?Of'-s*ep!8jivtoVppnVfnlen§ei yevi'y? dmm?4 fu .'"B^ewt.;;'" N ,'"•'..^-^v-i "'•-.„> ,,V : "* /;•;-«••- ' I'iK - ' _ TJift" mnvA'Vinflievnnma r41aV mvfkYtt /lAitn'rra" a«/1 nnlmc it! ?' J 4 !^* _pir, S re " S^f^'r^ Farmers! Find Out About The Revolutionary New >e GRAHAM PLOW Prevents Erosion « LoW6rs Plowing Costs Gives: Ybu CHISEL THE S6lt AND KNIFE WEEDS IN'ONLY ONE OPERAtlON with the Exclusive, Patented Graham Combination dhisel and 1 knife 3 Attachment. T** I Fully" atfjusfabfe to any' depth. Knives overlap enougn to cut all vegetation. The Plow Thai Saver The Soil 10 fiIC4 ADVANTAGES 1. Double Sub-Soif Moisture" 2. Prevents Soil BItfWihW 3. Prevents Erosion by Water 4. Built io Last a Lifetime 5. Self-Sharpening, Chisels 6. No side Draft 1> fyirk' Light Draft '' ' 8. Nothing to Grease 9. Guts Plowing Costs in Half 10. Plows all Types of Land With' but Adjustments YbiiNeeda Farm Truck? [Here's a Used One All Ready tb Go. 1934 PLYMOUTH FARM TRUCK We aren't going to claim the world for this truck—we'd be plain liars if we did—but it's a good used truck with plenty of good miles in it. Pick- • up body, in decent shape, ready to to go. Price is reasonable. Hammer and Burr A good line of used Mills on hand •'These will pay for themselves quickly puf on your farm. We are putting a real CLOSE-OOT'P'RICEoh'them' ' for a limited time. Grinding all your feed will certainly profit you at present prices of feed. '.Ji/ D % r< B^ '• $ > - 1 1 i ' e Laval 7 "• ,- " " "' Dairy We Make All Repairs ori DE LAVAL Separators - Milkers^ You. are putting high priced feed into high'priced cattle, and your'-equip^- ment is the best in the .world; See ?jutf it is in good shape. We specialized De Laval from start to finish." Small Size Cylinder Corn SHelle'fs ^ DeLaval Milkers and Separators Gehl Blower for 40 Ft. Silo' '4-H.P., 3 4 & 2 H,P. Electric Motbrs - NeW E^cHang^M,c1tor for B or C Intermediate Sections' With CHdin For * " _?^ * - t + * New Idea and L'rttle^Giant Elevatprs . 'New Idea Overhead V^ioiadn' I^(s1s i Tractor Cabs For'Xu Tractors v Tank Heaters Heater Fanning Mills " u "- ril Farm Cement Mijcprs/,, J Dairy ECK-UP t4 Our Mechanics Have Been Trained in All-Crop Harvester Schools Conducted by the Allis-Chcilmers Fqctipty j. t, '• I ?'i r1 ^v i»(^y A i* >*? f - it i" * ' ' "^l!«M*"' * -^Lr-t t I * #-^ *jrt Ji-fXHiBv ^ ^ A. _* ' J>& *-^,j.»»"", i **•» J- »• jfe> v - ••'' iPnimimmr 'HMfflSiifi^ Now, ( while\ybijr mqcKihe. is idfe", vjfe'cqn'g'ive'it ,..„ v ., ; —, Harvester 24-Point inspection and'repair service'. So; vyhile' ybV' ' tmnk^of it, arrange with us to'have this do'ne'i In thVsame'way?' we 'can make needed repairs on all your .farm machinery—a ad do'it before the usual Spring" rush. Sch'edufe^your work vyitfTtlie' Bradley Bros, shop now. .Complete repair and parts service avail; •, able under our, one roof. ' . , - / w/,w i < A* :/ri '^ I / x| - • && 4 ..' t.U TUM«AA« D!«»L KM We will pick up your ifao-" ' Tractor Pick-up lor and v re tum ii» &r: «. ' ' '. r And Delivrev j, ' 0 faim after necessary' 're 1 -'' , '• t • » -i '.'f , pairs* Have been made. Some Good Buys IHC 2-14 PLOW ROCKJSLAND.2.16 • , '' V 1 TANK HEATERS BURR MILLS HAMMERMILLS IHC ,14 FT. DISlC ,'; H&V jf P. 6UMI^I&U(V MOP;EL X RUpERlTIRED, AUTQ E^V^AGON ••sr rff? IHC 6-FOdT f HORSE;MOWER LESS THAN > * <•»« ' COMBIN • PICK-UP •;mmm *• • 4/B . _* f ^ ,'jt'*i

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