The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1948 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 4
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«/ ', <' Y*;v y ,-.- /< i 1 ' c '-f Vpf5*f Bes Mdtftes y 37, 1 \ ' », ' «' a w ait t/au a»' if, { are in //ic wrong." it add*. -to. deceit. , *' . _ funeral Chapel Ambulance Service \. A fUA COOKER IS YOUR PERFECT KITCHEN HELPER TIMII VITAMINS "AND MIN- IRALSI fOOD FLAVORS AND C610RSI * MONEY) 6-qucrt 4-quart "Cookmaltlt" Presto COOKERS save up to 75% of your cooking lime . . . you can have delicious meals in minutes! It saves up to 300 kitchen hours in a single year. $20,950 GIVEN IN PRIZES 1st Prize $1.000 in Cash, 2nd : Prize l.$750 in Cash 3rd Prize $500 in Cash 4t.h Prize. . _ . _ -$2$0 in Cash 50 Prizes of.'! '"Companion"'. Presto Cooker. Finish in 25 words 6r less this sentence...... "My.Pres- to Cooker ''lime *jpj- cause . . .,'.'•'. : For >f urtHer ! details about the contest see the official entry blanks.' ENTRY BLANKS i AVAILABLE AT YOUR S & L STORE TODAY. ______ ,_,Glen GabrielsorT helped , ihe committee >g dislies 'to Sie -table and I thougljt aU the time h,e \^as 9 Dane but he says he's NorSk, 1 And he lik^s his coffee. After I had sawed a couple of' tunes out of the fiddle Bob' JCruse, "also one pf the gahg on the Algpna -Newspapers, entertained the meeting with card tricks and ,tha.t guy is really good arid his show sort of took the fiddle edge off the 'frieet- ing, so to speak!: Then there was a business meeting and then came the coffee gulping and I got to give it to the 'Plum Creek folks, they sure know their gulping. And I asked Mrs. Leonard Drager, who was pouring the coffee, could I "dunk the roll and 'the cookies', and she said I could and then I showed the bunch what real dunking is like. — o — .' At my lable were Harry Bode. Clifford v EfhenhgtojC Stanley Gardner, Donald Weaver, "Kent Seeley, Bob -Kruse,' FJbyd Bode and me, Gulper de luxe, so I'gave 'em an exhibition of proper cof- fe,e gulping. Clifford developed the best 'stance in' holding ''his s'aucer, Stanley had x the'mbst perfect bend of .the little finger while gulping, Floyd held his cup at 'a •perfect angle and , -Harry ' could gulp put of his saucer without Slirpipg. The boys all used 'gravy in their coffee, however ,'.'•>' but •they're going to cut the cream .when they are signed up- in the Gjulpers. '••-•• ..•'"'; ~ '•.-'•• ". Jfr prints .give you a wonderful feeling! •There's such a delightfully crisp, spring-like flavor about them. You can. .wear them now underneath your coat . . . you can .wear them all Spring and sum- li was jtisi *6ce«iiy thai t pack. ed the old" fWdIe"lii 'th&' jaloppe and drove to the .Plum Cfeek center school holise' atta^idflle'd for the nie'eitlng of the PliM pe.ek TownsHitiltfarift BUre'au and;I got to give it to thbsi folks, theycdh take a lotyof pujiishhient, so to Speak, because on accbufit of they listened 'to my fiddle scrapittg'and not a headache* was developed, 'so Harry' Felter told me, aha' he yas master of ceremoriies at the meeting. And in past years I've fiddled for those folks and maybe it is they-re, getting used, to -my. catgut sawing, Harry KeLterj .Wayne Keith and Dick Kain served as a \velcoming Committee and 'they made me feel right at ho'nie. Group singing was led by Mrs. Clifford EtlieringtOh, with Mrs. R,by Brown at the piano, and the group mat-veled at my bass singing and Wlibur Ziegler remarked that I had any old bass fiddle beat a ; mile. Q ______ , • One . of ih.ese days I'll have t Plum ! Creek \Fafm -Bur eaff signe'd up in the^GiUlper^rid.iniyibe.-'I'il be given a'nupfiTc.e,' 'sor.t' 'of « honor-. ary so td :; §peak, 'with" the "swell folks in the •' township of plums and creeks. £ admit I -idon't -knpjv much about '"farming^I' can always tell a horse Vfrpm a''cow ; by "the noise they make, .but , I'm .tops about how to*'fake oh-the 'Java'; .'.'— o — • ' " ' "Residents of Liyermore who love and" .'gulp •'their 'coffee are planning , to line up with the Gulpers and the .other day I .signed up H. L. Zigrarig, Mr's.'Zigrang and their daughter, .Mary", and they propose to start signing up the Livermore gulpers into an organization, to se,t an, example 'for other Humboldt county, '-tpwiis in the matter of coffee gulping. .F. F, McKerina • and -Doris ' ' McKenha both admitted., that there .were a lot of guljpers in the jrounger. set In Livermore who 'gulp'.'tne'ir Java and who .woyld'-jplrj the-.Gulpers and so set "ah example Jfpr 'the county seat Humboldt: town, so -to speak. Mr, Zigrang^an .implement. dealer in Livermbre.'teJJs nxe-that he meets up .with .. a :lo't of farmers and he feels cer.tain that '.the rural area around .Livermore can be s't •S e the'ata work on those 20 'BelbW Sai sr5 &\ a meeting 4 'HgW at Jj.00 .last ^^ek I^as,.ele6^d j^Mdtrti ,6f a gMy tb 'Xtaft ^sdtnfitfalnf ffo iw> lily 1 ' wdilid feuiW a"8UbWHy7{iB'de'i- Sstith -Dddga so' We *6iiia/|et to the main v drag WftHfalit 1 Ifeeain'g 6ur fingers or the' tip's of 0,111? ears or our cyraho'dfe Befg^fiBS, sfe'to s'peak. In the winter lime -'the sUb- Jvay^WJdid 'be'-fedUi&b'efi"^!* a he'atirig s-ysfe*m ( "ift 'th§' ( sUfnme'r time a cbolittg 1 'system' Wduld" be Installed and there Would, always "ie cover from hail of Vairfi ' '.we lo.uth Dodgers thinks *lt ,a is well idea. -The $outh podge Subway Promoting Committed starts out with me as president, Don']Kaje,w- ski, vice president!/ Pat Gullen, ?ecr,e,t?ry; James Allen, itreasurer,' and the executive committee will b,e V. ,w. B^rns, Henry Ehlllips, Paul Dettman and A. E. Briggs. The next .meeting will be in the Legion hall next weak at 7 bells after supper and J. B. Wheelock, J. P. §m"ith, antjl Chiiif McGinnis, the serving. committee, and after the coffee gulping and doughnut dunking the new organization will take 'up the matter of contacting the Algona city dads and starting the project of a subway uride'r Sptith Dodge street, I'm IbkUthat other street residents are .thinking of dlso organizing to get subway transportation to their jobs. A Skating Party Puri: ** The Burt 4-H club entertained the Portland 4-H club at a skating party, Friday even- ine at Titonka. Verden Sleper entertained the Burt 'club members 'Wednesday evening. A recprH was set by the club for having a perfect attendance; Bill Madsen gave a demonstration on how to a broken chain. The -Burt .club will hold its annual meeting next •'. month with the 'Hasse brothers. 1 Duane Habegar and Roger Chafee attended the coimty 4-H .Officers Training Schopl at Algona. •General Hospital Summarizes Year In the annual report and summary for 1947, the General Hospital. reported ,a total of 305 pati- ten,ts for 'the year, including 111 obstetric cases of which six were caeserean. > The hospital operated by Doctors' H.'-D. : Meyer and "R. K. Richardson, had. a -total .of 5.6 medical .ca'ge.SrJt^ •tonsir;5,n<^ ; (Cases, 'lO^fiiinpf 'surgery ''arid 59 major surgery 'cases,! and: 31) r.ectal cases. ''Qyifei \-. osteopath^c physicians frprh'surrbuhdin'g 'areas 'Wh.b have used the, hbspital,are IDoctons Bennett, . jolley, Morrison, Snyder, Pburidstbne, Clark', ' ' Bahnson, Stoner, •Lachmiller and Tindall, To Raise Fall Pigs f • cornbelt farmers carry •through their intended cuts in hpg prpdu.ction this year, we may end up with more corn than hogs next 'fall, Iowa State college farm economist -Francis Kultish predicted this week. He sa'ys that if farmers follow through on their Dec. ' 1, 1947, plans "this country may see one of the -sharpest cuts 'in hog marketing history. And with an av- .erage corn crop next fall, the hog-cprn ration .will favor the man who has hogs to feed, Kutish figures, , •That :being .the case, it may pay Kossuth county 'farmers well .to breed for June or early fall pigs, points out .extension direct- ^V orer carefully ... •qnd Compare -it *before ypu-b.wy! Ask a^oyt Jh^,^hief»air>!s ;. : kffmz famous -Poree* he New Look is a IRONER New is the closed pump pictured here! A light* footed pyrrip in br,iflht,p,oj,ent leather trimmed with a swirl side and smart stitching. A perfect companion for every suit or dress you '' '' Jt yons clothes faster, jmoothejr, neater; all without lifting, backache,). physical strajn, The open 'ends ,wUl take sHcets'and tablecloths , , .£as/ly4 It has niaijy conveni^ricefeatures", such as selective heat! C9ntrpl, fooMfiea action,' two ironing' speeds, rjpU^ for pressing ,aud $ ^Q-jncb rp)l.' Nevy Frijgid>i,re Autprootjlc .- '^'^vfW^Mi^ . ;r peeiumj, ry|%s, fa TW.'rpqs in 9r&lj>iS*iG^!&a>*xsi<p**<*a*%t*(tfi&^ iua i wui, ue uueaeiutsu > .rf m , Jf . ftM'Lj- *, A ^j-i^^-frtA,!*.. - %^|fe^|6jt ";W flOcftl '>§^S'v eftcoura'tfrwg' filjlii^ ilfetit ^M^^f|M,u6^IrifflW^Mgnilfe jffife ,6M%^*gBh' tffi^iWmtdhgg. WTT "•fv- % ' • i»j ! > v,f' T i( I ~ won the last the 1 last'. r ijr' H 1 * 1 i s-vt v .iv.**—— T 1 ", T'TVii.T' > *— *~, c rfi linch Ihe' meet. Mils Ms 4- Jona's''third straight witt "dftel dropping Jts flritflv£ fleets,'?'. 9§—Adlms (IF) .fleeisibned -B. Y MctJdnel (A') 1-0. / '_ 5 105—RiSh'&rdsoh (A) '-thfe^ 1 new tjF) ,5:S6. il2—Si-rilth OtP) dEekioned 'BJaek (A) (1^2. ' i 118—Fisher (A) declsiqne^' ' Amuridsoh (If) ,4-3. ' ' ! 123—WcSods (IF) thre.w Wsbsiet r (A) 5!32. ' fc "" ' 129—NeitbaUer '(IF) 4 'decisiojled " Lashb'rook'(A) .6-4. ,' " 'j 135—Slagte 1 (IF) declsio^ed -Klein; 1 (A) 6^3. • 145—M. McDanel (A) threWiBird' r (IF) 5:S4. ' 155—-Cook (A) decisioned 'Palp' (IF) 4-0. ' "'i Hvw.-—Hieken (A) decisipnedj Wood (lF)S-6. ' , Harold McNertncy, Kossuth chairman for theJVTa'rdh pf Dimes, has sent letters to rural residents of the coltnty for co'ritributibris ito help in the,fight against infantile paralysis. They were maile.d "olit last we'ek. Last year there were less than 12 cases of Polio in the county. One of those'victims js'stjll in the hospital, the .others have returned to their' homes' for convales-- Cence. The majority of last year's cases locally were among adults. In 1945 m KossutJh county 23 cases of the disease were reported. They were treated at pn expense of $7,843.37. In 1946 treatment Was 18 at a cost of $6,500 approximately- Victims of pol|o are sent ,to hospitals for treatment, and provision is made .to pay expenses fr.orri 'BbfjtrabutSons <tb 'the • lms ie,£ims of AyOMrie'Wblcptt.set, & ab i»ll <l.f;Vv. K.l'lLi(Li)^. IkL'-ilii ' -fitoftitai Mts. '-Iifafy tl, j-^a) ffls left f6r St, ; PeterSbuf^ ( ] $hete,she is .speiidittg-g^Wl: vacatibtt Of a feW..Weeks'. ' >». l ^ T- \ f " ^ * ga'me, ,d,ther .top, .scores were 'turned * *i* » TJ»* *•*.«» Vi* *' * ^ ft* *<£ i ter^i'Sey^iS' ; ^ nse "' . Yl .-„-,- ., 'ball ;_ganje .wall be ^lav \ « M'- .( '^ ™ y evening, J tween the girls' high school team and, a team "of 'Lions members all .dressed up in feminine attire. 'The •public is' urged to" attend and enjoy the scrap.- Funds are to be put in the balh-house fund. WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS OVER .,4.000 CIRCULATION , White )Pf,onl ' • .. .'. • ' Baked 'B'eans.^and Browrt - BtfeW SuiJ&tf' " .!• PUBLIC -. RECREATJON the Frljjidaire 'Fully Automiatic WASHER— — -with "Liye-Wawr" jtctioa. All t y,qu do is put in clothes, and soap, >« dirfl i. »nd ,|org« it I Fills sand empties itself.automatically; In less'than half an hour ;-your clothes have been wasHcH clean, r^sed twice-and dajmp- dricd » i 8 some ready-for ironing! That's only part of tjiie Jtory, You'll' have to see this* rcjrp|*Ho,na?y ncjy •washer yourself. ' ''.„••• * • $ i * f • ith* NewxFrjgSdaire Electric

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