The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 3
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y, -<;r ^ ll'Ar ~* •- , iX '- l]i * ^ > , , '• •• r - ', n . ^.MSA I \ /.,<,' trdrts' "Ifons" Are Always M in the ; Fife ',!)) Vol. 1-4)o. 47 Tuesday/ January 27, 194&,,,.' Is There Any Way You ^W.: ''Hotte 1 IM* to theOii W T. 2. 3. 4. 5. Turii,;off ydor burner, pack your 1 suitcase and go South for the Winter (altho ''they tell me it's "pretty rugged there right now). Find a good, warm cave and hibernate like the bears. ' " Buy some old-fashioned red flannels. Keep your thermostat set at-about 72 or 73] degrees. You use less oil at that setting. OR have us check over your oil burner to make sure it is not being extravagant with the oil, it is putting into the flame pot. Lots or rather; aged burners We he have looked at needed* only some tinkering to run efficiently again—, others were so badly shot we advised (and, the owners said yes) the installation'of a new burner unit. In the long run, it's mighty wise to have that oil burner in A-l shape—and it's more important than ever in these crucial days of a serious nation-wide' oil shortage. If you, think we can help, call us up.. ; v; a A f\ F Dreaming .Vv ' r, ing a Home!? More Hof Water for More Homes More gas and electric water heaters—the types that go nicely into town or country homes—have been jumping out of, their factory crates 1 here ,at Irons. They're the- sizes folks want, and they'll give all the hot 'water any normal family needs or can use. If you need a new hot water ' heater, make it a point' to check with us on the models we have in stock now. , j ? *• The 'New N o, friends, we're not Jn 4 J} e ladies dress business heye' at ihe shop, '^pt wjth all this talk our women-folk are haying .about this "New Loofe" in ^he|s''cl9thw.' }t r I'd lell YQH $* Wile 1 the "New lumbing Contrary lo "what you rftay* hear from the rumor factories, there are many building materials that are NOT in such short supply. We can't/ speak for Ihe". lumber fellows, or the,concrete makf ers, of. course, but in ihe Plumbing and Heating field •you wiU iind< that it's posM; sible to get a home up and fitted "out with all the plumbing and heating it requires. So if that, dream?" r!l home of your s, is getting' out . of the night-mar^ stage, -$6& 'f ca^n pretty, nearly figure, it,, will have waier "and heafl:*- ' when you start lo live in it. Advice on problems like'this'" * is free, and J we are glad to give it, if you let us In on your problem. ^ } , "^ That Streamlined Kitchen "You 'can start off pn the road'to a kitchen as shown |n the picture here,,b stalling a new .cabinet fm.|epv-,S,ink, v That's- 'most imPQJtW* ' item 5 hqwr iWM^ pne 9f p«V " ' ' i ginks* in -you.? °u c^n plan .and, ' *r\f 4lta lit Chic Studio Pholoi Pictured here is the former Alice Tigges of«Burt, who was;married Jan. 14 ,to Harold Nelson of Lona Rock. When they return from a wedding trip" the couple will reside on a farm near Lone Rock. He Dodged A Skunk And New Car Piles Into Ditch No, we aren't calling anyone namfes—it was one of those little black and white kitties that Dr. W. W. Jolley of Fenton saw in the road between Armstrong and Ringsted about ' 12:15 Monday morning. He swerved his car to avoid hitting, it, and wound up in the ditch. His car turned end over end and as badly damaged.. After" waiting about 15 minutes in the car, thinking someone would come along to help him,.Dr. Jolleyi decided that if he was to keep from freezing to ,death; hefw'ouia have rto'fget out by /himself, ^o' fie braced his shoudler side of the <car, got his feet against the opposite door, • and^ managed to |orce the door "open so he could crawl' outC He then ' walked about three-quarters of a mile to a farm house and roused the occupants to call a doctor -from Armstrong, who gave first aid. He was then taken to the hospital at Estherville, where it was found "he had suffered a fractured .shoulder. He remained in the hospital until^ that afternpon, when he was " brought to his home in Fenton. - * , The doctor's car was a new Ford coupe whic^i he purchased early this month. He says that, from now on, the skunks can line up four abreast and ten deep, and he still ' will" plpw straight through them rather than try to. dodge. He estimated his speed at the time of the accident as about 60 or (35 miles per hour. He.was returning home from a late call when the mishap occurred, and was alone. Wesley Girls Win Over LuVerne High . Wesley: The -girls' • basHetball tourney of South Kossuth ' county ' began here Wednesday^even-; Ing with the Wesley players de- feajjng, the Ti tonka," girls • '43-24. The first game that evening was between the Titonka Junior high and Wesley freshmen. Wesley was* victorious, / • ' On Thursday evening LuVerne defeated, B.urt 33 T 30 jn an overtime/ They were,- tied 13U3 " at the half and 28-28 4 at the end of four quarters, ' ,' ' ^ Wesley defeated LuVerne -3527- At the half. ^Wesley, led 19-14. path gam,«s gave /spectators much/ exeitemept' and. many -fans. the- visiting 4 tgarns here; IF IT'S wj3w r ; Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Wallburg returned Friday from a month's vacation 'to California, having accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hildebrand of Britt, sister ancl brother-in-laW of Mrs. Wallburg. At. Vallejo,- Calif., i they visited MrT and Mrs. Clarence Cox, uncle> and 'aunt of the women, and at Sacramento, Calif., they visited Mrs. -John- Wermerson, iormer^'Algonian. JOHN DEERE PARTS Eliminaie the risk of lasl-miriute delays. Take time . . . today . . , to check over your John Deere Farm Equipment and list the parts needed to assure the best possible performance during the season ahead, By ordering > the replacement parts you need now . , , you'll be assured of getting genuine John Deore Parts in plenty of time to put your equipment in first-class condition. See us for parts th» •"•"t {time you're in town. > , Kossuth Co. Implement Store , ALGONA - PHONE 850 WHlul>,l I il BUSTER BUOWM are sold at Lorraine Lester > fiancroft: Mf. and Mrs. Geo. Foth and family of Livfirmore attended the wedding of Lorraine Lappe and Lester ttigley at St. John's church in Bancroft, Thursday morning. ftoller Skating Patty" Greenwood 4-H boys put on a roller skating party for the girls at Harold's skating rink in Ti- t6nka, Wednesday night. Home From Convention Dr. and Mrs. R..E. Weber returned Thursday after attending a veterinarian convention in Des Moines since Monday. > St. John's Loses St. John's basketball team lost to Lakota by a score of 40-36. •The game was played at St. John's Tuesday night. Lorraine Tierney of Dejr Moines speat the weekend here with an aunt, Mrs. Bridget Td| bin. She Was aceorriplriied by Arlene Matern, who came to vis'--' it her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.' A. Matern and also 1 Charlotte Parsons, who had been in D6s', Moines since Dec. 7, visitirig hef son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Harm and their son , Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lam'pe 6f Ricke y- •-, NO. 84 OF A SERIES Presenting The Farmers of Kossuth County Corwin C. Peer The good-looking young man in the picture above—25 years old—has established himself as ^^r^ «ming kdss^c^ylarm|rfHe, nfarms 320 acres in Irvington-towriship, 3 miles east and 1 mile south of Algona, and Has been on the place since 1941. ' Corw s in is the/son of the late J. I. Peer. At present his mother lives at Renwick. On New Year's eve day in 1943 he was married to LaVonne Helmke i of Renwick, and the young couple has a son, Gary, 4. Gary, it seems, is musically inclined, knows all the rqdio programs, has a brand-new song book, and just,as we were about to leave after finishing our sketch, he suggested he, might sing "She's Too Fat for Me." Corwin says he had average good crops this ; past year. 126 acres or corn yielded 40 to 50 bushel to the acre. Soy beans ran 20, and forty bushels of oats averaged about' 45 bushel. He has 25 sows farrowing every Spring and 10 in /he Fall. One of the more outstanding things on the Cor. win Peer farm is dairying. He maintains a herd of 40 milk cows on D.H.I.A. test. The herd is comprised of purebred Ayrshires and some purebred Hoi- steins, He raises pure-bred Duroc hogs, and took • first prize boar at the Iowa State Fair, as he did at the Spencer fair. ' Corwin claims to like all sports, in fact, he says "he played all four years on everything" while attending Renwick High. As for the general farming , outlook, he says he feels a v little too young to speak as a lfarm>'.economist, but In his judgment the out;, look ;is'favorably and he will take things as they come!" ' You CAN Take It With You * When You Walk Out of This s-v .You co;n get whaj you vtajhl here , and yvv tgn get it nov/ ords show thg^himdreds of hpme,' t« buy r educate their >n, to confolj^qte debts er cny •other worthwhile pMrpPses , \ , net ';pnly< 90t whflt; they s wpnt>ut gtt it tt '~ ' ~ '-' -quickly end esnfidentinJh HEAR Alt ABOUT * f , r '^V Bancroft celebrated the 61st ' Tutfdfty* Jtfn%*r*y 2>, f$48 ' AlSftrtfi Upplf fi«^ : wedding anniversary last Mbh' r -' •" " i/,Mrt*r.iAft?.frt-t',rrn>, f ,r, r .f.i- ^—- t, Mrf M rfo.iri day, Visitors there wer* Mrs. Ray Laurence and Shirley and Delbert, Mrs. John Simmons and Teddy of Bancroft spWt last week in Ventura taking care of Mrs. EU- gie Johnson, who is sick. i Joyce Wilhelmi, daughter o. Mrs. Eva Wilhelmi of Bancroft ^ has been in bed with bronchitis"/ 1 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Halteh are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday at the Frank Dier& home. ENDOFMONtH SALE At , .' /l /. ."Vi Save Up To One-half Sqvjs Up To One-Half On Fur Coats-Winter Clofh Coats—Dresses—Jackets—Blouses, etc. LADIES BLOUSES . , , Long slfeeV* and ' 'short sleeve — white — edlijti; $i*es 32 16 44. Values up to $5.95 at ^IjKiDRfSSES _ Mostly size.9 to 16—thiriy dresses— values < %^ === io; $14.95—J*Tow •'..'"' t"J\ ' "'Other Sale Dresses at $7—$10— $15 $2 $ 5 98 *' SKIRTS if,Vb\i ; tWe* lall these won'l —ilso,'plaids' .^ri'd plain io $7,35^-; Sizes 24 lo 32 waist. .- , V.'.* • ' "> • -*' - ' ' do— Trik skirls fabrics — values $2 98 _ LADIES JACKETS "•-';,•'' j ^ '. . ' - • Drs'ssy Styles lo wear with a new skirt or jtrarm jackets for 'outdoor wear — Val- uestS^io $14.95. WASH DRESSES "<:••;•>'.••,-•..•.•' These ,ar<$ r*ot too.long a length—but you can't"Ips'tf-for' '" • r \ * $198 ^B i ^HHMM ^B<jw*< f^, i This vis, a i dandy, .group' of sweaters—all wdol 'fancy, slipover—button styles—Jac- i»»Li;2u^| .'lypes^-Values io $5.35. ' $ f 9$ ' '|:== ( <jwrrir|rih»f, ^w • • ij:*^i% ^ ^ n i ^ ,'' 'The'stock'is, getting Jo wer each week— but Ill l cOats,are reduced to $10, $19, $29, iiid^tt./,-;*;: RAYON STOCKINGS \ V f 3pr. for $1.00 t 1 SILK STOCKINGS 75c a pair PART WOOL ANKLETS * \ -- v j., ,n|tw only 49c f?^ LADIES' SLIPS ..,& * •«• ,' 2 doz. tea rose at $1.50 •>-> ,< t V,'' « v *, „ , , , '> i "r / * * ' ' , __i ^ < ^ .' . \, -vii' i , - ! «»IM^^i s^Uie. {^^^i^^^^^^^M^^^^^^^^^fT^^^. \ ;.K i >-. A" I'P •/•«•>' wm

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