The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 1
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*¥*;V? *^i*"* ^' ^"^x rt ^' " * % ^ ^ "s H** 1 y J /< "v ,'''A-V^'i', v - " .' " •" • ,N-t ..'-',.'", * "• - » ' Last /week's Thursday paper Carried, a banhbr headline about '••/ guarding fuel oil, whicih was * tmiely" l ,to say the least . . » but «te£o KM'behold, Fridays', m, * the ** newspaper force" arrived to dis- ' a jcov-er,, that; OUR,OWH Wei -oil jf %ank hM.ri^ri'dry *''. i jt's'&.casfi of "do 'as we savV-hoi'ds we'do'.'l, '•••* V '* «, - * * . & ,»', * , Denial 'Veifria AselsonV 1 whom 'I've proBably hieV-aUGebrge's 1 o, (Has a" novel plggj*' bank . i . SiJiot, thd'iQsual size, b'ut about ,» footi high''arid even greater in Uerigthj-. 1 ;/.I into .this piggy,bflffk, *o, all,,'the'tips she 1 gets 'and- the aarik teigcttirtg pretty hefty, , * • r |r-, -(.*;*,'* , 'j kgetjis, there came that in- j evit'sble ' question at, hdme, , t "Miiitta, Where' did I come . .from?''A Tha', mother^ pre». :p^red^'for fjuif_ such an em-, • Urgency, began4quite'a story , ;- %s ftboUt* birds and * bees arid flowers. ,' When 'she 'w_as through the youngster Said: C"Oh7 well/I just, v/ondered. 1 ' ' The kid- iri <froht of me "" at , school came''from Missouri." , * ' * jft Wi tfi rf "~ ' Our scouts report that the- recent incident where a Mlacks- burg, la., high school coach turn,ed| dnd smacked &• smart aleck l spectator, was not fully explain;ed'-. . . the coach and his team Swero playing at, Lorimer , and ^during the contest the partisan Smarts threw banana peels and in- j"s!Ults at .the coach ... he waited 'until the game was all over, >and 'XyHen a final insult came from 'a 19-year-old , he ( turned and let'him have it. What would you dp, if you sat ..through an hour' id a half of constant heckling? * *- * • • r Joe Harig, who with Frank ( ^ohlhaas recently returned from "'af? Hot Springs, Ark., trip, didn't' jjp&nd all his'time 1 'taking ( baths >|f v .'. he brought'back'a couple-of; ifancy' little^ trick- gadgets that wall tax 'youK ingenuity" to solve « a -v i . * *i « 'I J* . jjti^S'&ti ,'• 4- 1 >• ^d;-* H.SR ESTABLISHED 1865 ALGONA, fi/Y<c/s/ forc/s/' pic* Posf Develops A Paying Hobby where •' our good ,' • •Alina\j J S > .Qhiiltz; •. county ' li '- iit:vv,. y " tupiui 4-U*- u.ipvUbaiun.' i Dy ^* nm rladie's .'•.' •;'-subject: 1','L'egai; Rights ?,of ,'Worripn." .'." . If "male v Farm i Bureau' members firid^tnemselves being Subjected to, discussions .on legal .matters ' by their 1 wives they'll know the topic is proving of especial interest . . . it's revo- |lutionary, • at least. With the housing situation as it ,is, a 'suggestion comes forth •'that silos" be converted into ihomes. 1 Our estimator estimates :hat a ,nice tile silo can make an jejccellcnt fiye-stor,y : ' home ... as ) "'fhot air rises, the heating unit' on g>'|the ground'floor should really ,*work . •. - of course' there mighl •Ibe problems, such as hpw to use j.a '', rourjd" • bathtub,* arid there 'would 1 be the'climb up'five stor- fics . . . but coming down'"should ibe' easy with installation/ of a J fireman's pole . , . this'iclea came ^frqm-qur advertising department, ! ^.which".in-its spare .momepts is ijlikely to think up anything. i , , * *\ * , Well, it's as sensible/to develop "New Look" in homeV'as the Tow Look in fashions". . eaeh ; is femphasizing curves and mprp up and down covering. * * * Ralph Dieckmann and Bill ?}nn e'vidently figured this out, |but" it 'seem? that in these days IDf'fuel and gas ^shortages, every |loa.f of bread bi-opght in frpm loutside areas 'has to travel about l,500. miles to get here, figuring . ffound .tripfe the boys think Slthat's an awful lpt«of rmleg, and ^ SafJim'rn •inr>1infirl ^A 1 arfnna 1 fifitfi inclined to' agree 1 with Itljem. , - ,}„..>, 1 j ;• /• *,**,'- '; - Our office -qoffce,, iiro? ( ,, mid-mprning and rjud-af$e£? nponj, hes jdevelpped' -.sijm? l remarkable fap|s,- ?qch ;BS , who can cook and bake and> •819 'forth showed • U P with some cup- "5'akesr,poe d»y t .% sajd'-ht'cl t made 'ftn Wm^fJf . -. VirwY' I. be., Pjan , wpuftl , disagree. , t iiue - h|s eliminate- a" "rid. hot primary f 1 csg)-', the qpveruav.jn his, bowed When it comes to hobbies, Dick Post probably hag one of the most unusual in Kos- ,sulh county. '' '•' '• He -raises parrakeets and canaries—and it is not only a~ hobby,' but has developed into something of a profitable' sideline for this six foot two .inch navy veteran. -'Dick isn't ^too sure just how . he got siarted on the hobby of raising birds. Shortly after his return from service/ how-' ever,' he acquired a pair- of- parrakeeis< and with that'this slory > begins, Develops TBird Room" - Parrakeels are-, quite prolific, and the first thing he knew he had a large assortment .of parrakaets. Then-his friends heard about it, and Jhey decided'Iheir^own homes needed' a parraksel or 1 two, aroupd to liven'.things up. Dirik' supplied,the -parrakeets, . He added new stock, and tossed iiiia,few canaries for good measure. 'Then he was .forced to fix up a "bird room"' •smallj charges 'loose in an "out- door avjary, where sunshine' and, "flight room"- are available. . ,' • \ ' "Topper" Family Pel . ' In the adjacent picture',' Dick is shown holding "T'op- per,", an Auslalian "shell pa?- rakeet, w,hich is a family pet', "Topper" has-the run of the house, arid is friends with the . Post dog, on whose "head he sometimes perches. Parrakeels are confused / wilh, love birds. •'• ,The latter •• are larger, more like pigeons", but in Brighter eiolors. A'f present Dick Has only, six breeding pair of parrakeets on, hand, and two pair of'can-\ aries, but the birds are now nesting and a family increase is due-soon. He had about 75 a few weeks before Christ- 'mas, however. ' * .Parrakeets come in a .,vari-' '•ely-'of, colors , and,, like /to ' ."''whj.slle. • They also can be taught to talk, as'they are related to Jlhe parrpl family, but • •it's a long process to leach , , , Size of'Marbles Loss Announce widdy Known Irvington man, announced last week that he would be a candidate' on the democratic ticket from the first Kossnth'dis- trict for supervisor this year, Present supervisor, - trom the district is Andrew 'Reding,, who was appointed tcrfjll Joh^Fraser's place after the' latter' died. Mr. Reding ••Has not - stated whether pr not he will bo a candidate for re-election. " " Mr. Scheppman has 'been a resident of KossuJ.h for the past 25, years. He came to this county ' from Illinois, years in Irvington During' his township he ias held numerous-township and school "district "offices, and been active in' farm organizations and zivic activities, ; He .is roamed, has one son in the navy at' present, 1 and another wnq is farming east of his home place. ' ' i There are seven townships , in " ' •*'--* ji-*-i-t \Vnittemorc, ;he Riverdsle, prepared -teed, plus"' gravel' and greens'which he provides. They feed theii ' own, young' by .first masticating -the meal, ' 'then giving-it ,to -the ; tiny birds. , ' / • Eggs 'from parrakeets are about the size of-a marble, Dick says. There have been as many as nine eggs in'oho* hatch being laid at two dav intervals. To insure having'all, eggs' hatched at the same lime, Dick lakes out the first. eggs and replaces them with marbles,, until he is sure allt eggs have arrived. .Then He replaces the first/eggs., ', ', The males remain in , the' < nest, help to hatch the eggs, and' also help, to feed the young. » All in all, it's a mighty different hobby! .0. Simpson, 52 Funeral Sunday Melbourne Q. Simpson died Thursday at his home on South Minnesota St. only, two (iays after the family had moved here from ' Whittemore. Mr, Simpson had suffered the past<-year from a heart ailment and for the l^st three months he had been bedfast, _ Fuffcral services were r held Sunday at 4:30 at the homeland at 2;30 p, m, from ,the Methodist church* in Whittemore. A former pastor, Rev. R, 'D. KHterman 'of Kanawba, officiated. He was as sisted by Rev, B; L, Weaver of the ' Good Hope - Whittemore first district, . Garfjeld, he'rman and r 'LuVerne. , Casey Loss, present 1 state »« 4 ^ me M i-esentative, ,,also announced' Sat-, charge, v,^., u i. „_ Burial/was in Plainview peme- tery^ east, of Whittemore. ,Pall- besrprs ' were Qecil" Bjwstrpin, Chris Olspn,, John'Favrell, *Wm. Genglpf, Jphn Kollasch andtRa,!'- old>* McDonald. Avrangemehts —-—• by ' Hamilton's' • T?""*™! election , ,, 4)3at,-he,''woul^r-seek re- n-pn the^dejngcratio tick- et,<«,A[£t<re»e}ecJ[ed,', ihe^- Y/puld ( be gervins his> sepond' tpim.jn the May 8 is,the'_deadline, 'for . Mf. Simpson-'was Mr t and ^Irs, Qwpn was,' bom 1 on. ? farm 90 NJoy, It, W ,sphpol,,e(iHe8tipiK and j also Algona Hi Wins Webster City Tilt, 50 to 37 v * f * * ~ Bulldogs Enter t <- ', Conference Round Robin This Week After giving' Algona high's Bulldogs arid their followers a eobd scarp in the first half, last Friday night on the .loc^l floo'i*, Webster City collapsed in the sedOnd half" and went down to a cage ddfeat, 60 to 37. It was the , sixth conference Win in seven, starts^for Algona/y Algona trailed at- the end of the first quarter, l3' ! tcf 12, and at the half by a scorerbf Id to 15! But the last 'half 'told ,the story. Gary WeldrohVNlghl ' It was Gary Waldr'on's'' night:The diminutive bolt of lightning, drove through the Webster City»defensc to score six baskets, from his' back court position, and between he and Crapser in the third quarter, led a scoring, rally which put Algona into a lead.v- The game started, nicely. A1-, gona 4ook two shotg at the net and Had two baskets/ And then things went wrong. Webster City bottled up Al'gona's 'attack with a zone, defense, while the Bull"-* dogs seemed unable to stave off the visitprs' sharpshooting forwards, Black u and Patrpu, who found', the "hoop "with" some uncanny shots. ' ' ' Tiie visitors iurned in plenty 1 ,of fouls-^28! in all— but during the first half Algona seemed unable to 'drop them. Skogslrom had' three,, personal fouls 'in the"" fiisi^ ,,quarler. - ' , ''.The .second^ quarter^ .was rag-' stefvCity intc^.tHe'lead,' biJ'fe Caldron, brought ,th(i crowd,-,'urt'with a roar-\wheri- he ". swished-"'"; one through.-'with 15 seconds remain- ing,'to'bring, the Red and'~Black within, three points -of' the visitors as the half- ended. , l • ' .', , -Last-Half Rally '' ,/ '/Sometime, - Algona" may play, ball in a first half like- it does in the. second* Or sorhetimc ' they may fail to catch fire in thc;Jast half, which is-going to be Ibad. But Friday night it was again a second .half reformation .that took place."' ' • ' The' tempo changed frorn slow- to fast, with Crapser arid/ Waldron connecting' to give Algeria the lead, 'and the free throws started to -sink -for the Bulldogs. Crash Injurie nt Wheeler Mfg. Co. Adding 50 Percent Flbor Space To Plant In New Addition An addition that will almost add'60 percent in working area to thc-,Kcnt Wheeler Mfg. Co . is ftedrint; completion here. The original structure, •completed over a year ago, contained 12,000 sq. feet in floor space. The hew addition has 5,000 sq. ft. of floor space. ., Pat McQuiston, plant manager, states that the plant must increase its-;)imall parts assembly by 100 p'ei'cent by July 1, and additional PooVn is thus necessary.,The plant 'reconditions Ford motors' and smflll parts, for the state of Iowa. t New Expeller Fans , The new addition also solves several other plant problems. All engine disassembly work and, cleaning work will be moved intd the new addition, which has •a specially designed central drain section for taking away waste inq'material of a disposal nature, into an outside tanlc. j •Bxpeller fans to take the vapor ari^ steam from the engine disassembly section will ,also be installed in the new addition, providing better working conditions. i Also included in the new sec- ,tion is additional loading and ut YOU DON'T SEE it from the front, on Diagonal Road, but this photo taken from the rear of the'building shows the netyf 5,000 sq. ft. addition nearing completion at the Kent Wheeler Mfg. Co. plant in Algona. The plant will have a total of 17,000 sq. ft. With tftc new addition included. (Algona' Newspapers Foto). shipping space and a second loading dock. $5000 New Equipment In the* space thus gained in the original building, an enlarged small parts section will be planned. New equipment valued at about $5,000 is also to'be installed. It will take two to three months after completion of the addition to move equipment and'-'install it in the new addition'. At present the plant employs 102 persons, and is averaging production of 1,200 rebuilt motors a month and about 14,000 small parts exchange items. fined $500 In Court Rjbport Theft Of t *< • • 125 Bu.Soybeans -'•First farm theft to be-reported inl a good many weeks; was checked b'y Sheriff A. J. Cogley, Saturday. J^Apout 125 bushels of soy beans w.fera, reported "stolen from an empty; house 'on a place being farmed by .Carroll Potter, southwest, of. Algona, in Whittemore twix > '•'- „ „ "'• The b,eans were, in' the house . also 'works.',At "present At the'third led, 34, to.28.' quarter, ,Algona While 'Jerry- Lauritzen !played i'' hangup rebound game/ he seemed unable"to sink field goal tries, but ho did contribute f eight free, thfrows during 1 ,thc,.melep.. In the closing minutes of the game, Walters and Sampson of Webster City left the game via fouls, and Skogstrpm was also finally forced out in the same manner. j-'Larry Douglas and Sigler turned in .good' game's, 'also. Coach Gene Herts-used* only six men while Webster City^used eight. Game summary; |. Webster City (37) ' fg ft Black ,„ .' ',,'5 '0 Patron ~.~'lj-,'.r*~ 5 1 WaltPrs, -._-,—• i 1 Johnson .-,.-i';..,_,^ l Ades ,.».^,J',4'—.',-,.- 2 Strain ^.i-,-^;'.',-,,,'- 0 Sampson 1 v.i^ii^^i. l Kejgan ;%-,).- 0 Algona (SO) ', ^_ Ppuglas 3 3 5' 4 3 4 j 28 P* 3 2 3 I? ay prices .the^' .somewhere etween $500 and $600. Academy Wins Tenth Game Of •i • Season, Sunday By a scorg of 41 to 39, St. Cecelia's ••Academy basketball team edged out' Emmctsburg Catholic high;, there, Sunday afternoon. The game was close all the way, although ihc Algona quint led most 'of the time. \ Free throws won Ihc game for Father Bauer's boys, the locals sinking . 15 out of 26 gift .shots,' although outscored from the field, , -' , Shifting ' o'f White to forward, andjBieser to center, with Thu- ente' moVIng 'back to guard, improved . theiattack. Father Bauer thought.-' 7 ' ' It ,was'thc tenth win in ' 15 starts for "the local Academy. Box score: \ St. Cecelia's (41) ' fg White , .:.._.„).... 0 Winkel ...... .:_ ___ ,. 1 Bieser r _, _____ ., ____ >. 4 Thupnte _!-. ......... 0 Winter; . ............ 2- Wilhplmi, -ij,— ,- 0 Emmetsburg' (33) 13 . fg D. Thompson _________ 4 0 9 o 2 0 Donoyan! • — , ------Mileham — ..... ., Wies;p.t, ;.;, ___ ,__„.„ Leduc'v ,VA__-_, ------ -. J, Thompson" ....... 1 _. T ...... T __. 0 ft. G 1 4 1 3 Q 15 ft -3 Q 2 0 '1 0 I Q; "T P* 3 3 1 3 '2 0 12 <«? *•" , --/. ( . 16 In ^the. preliminary game. St, gajnes Cecelia's second team-lost, 29 to kakj^ p,d«M - W* f 36, ,,^,- l4, Bnft HQwa • NPxfi'week „,_.. ,.-._j.Gtp«ye;.wbJjp ' •• t "--- r - ClTOpn, tripped 1 , Haropt,9h|' ' 1 Ggflferense.-- 1 -- J1 >jr M *P ' "Jf **• '_> **w ^--w K^cvi j ii T f **irjr«'MBff'*-»?¥ffi»W*fe ' g m'tu-*'^*'-wS'fcj i S*«*"«i»MS|i >'fi w%<p*i?*'iv?$g>W'* *?~ - 9 •-*.^J3\jLa»t ui'««HBHMB^vB2L<S -fc^ssa-wv AS.- •• Second Charge Of O.M.V.W.I. Here Dewey ,V. Wilson, Algona, charged with operating, a motor vehicle '.while intoxicated, was fined $500 and costs before Judge G. W< Stillman, Saturday, on a plea Of guilty to the charge. He had been' bound ,over to the district court after a< pre^irninary hearing ' before , ' Mayor ' Frank 1 Kohlhdas, Dec. 6, ,1947. „ , ,His driver's , license. 'was. SUB-' woo i *pt/uw 'do^citio 'ijvaj^^ino'^octjuiiu. Offense; on -th T d ( charge'.' i;.He'/paid' $300'with the,'balance;,of J the "payment arrahged.'-fof'the near future. '' Appeal ''Bond was set at $1,500. Petit Jury Feb. 3 Kossuth ^district court'' opens this Week with Judge' r Fred 'M. Hudson /of Pocahontas on the bench. \ The petit jury has been ordered to report Tuesday of next week, 'Feb. 3. The' grand' jury will not Tcport. - Assignment of cases by .Judge Hudson was expected today or tomorrow. . Mary Alice Fox has been named as deputy clerk of court by Mrs. Alma Grciner, recently appointed clerk of court. Since her the district appointment she has been working without ,a deputy. " Hospital Situation Still Unchanged "There are no ' new developments, 1 as of Monday, on the situation regarding the closed Kossuth hospital, here. Doctors said that five or - six patients were stil being cared for at the 'hospital,- while convalescing, but',no new patients } had been admitted since a 'week ago Sunday night. '/ '' -^ <•'• '•' ~ - r ln! the,' meantime, V^hoy said, ipaj? leases**. Iweret - it! therviilej/' ^-Efnrnetsbur'g, '••'< f'Fort Dodge or Mason^City, by. .ambulance if the'Emergency required Obstetrical^ cases wqre being "*" ' " home, in going on, however, to solve the problem so that some solution could be worked out _and the hospital possibly reopened in the near future. taken 1 care "8t in the some instances. Efforts were still' In minor Minor .Court Cases > courts,- this ' " past weekend, two cas'es "werp ' dispos- cd of. Mayor Frank Kohlhaas fined Edward F, Immerfall $75 and costs on a plea of guilty to' a charge of reckless operation of a motor vehicle. The complaint was filed by city police. Before Justice J. B. Johnston, Herman Bleich 'of Algona was fined $2.50 and costs on a. sign violation charge, stop Eight Form Sole Dotes On List Eight farm sale dates still remain on the calendar of the Algona newspapers, including two new sale dates. Farm sa,les still listed * J?in, 28— -Edward G.*- ' Hof, J /j mile east and -8V? miles north of Lu Verne, , Hppnian Brummond, auctioneer'; Fafiners State bank, ' ' ' clerk. Jan, >g9-!-Geprge "fy Bpsch, ? north and 2 1 A P^st of, West Bend, Fa,?- ColwpJl Bros., jnprs ,Statp clerk, t *, JFgb, •.£«*& east, mUp and a-haj^'nprth ! ' ' Peter FreiEinger Of St. Joe Dies Peter Frciilngcr o: the St. Joe neighborhood died last Thursday at Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge from a heart condition ' from which he suffered several months, . ' Funeral services were held Saturday, Jan. 24, at 9:30 a. m. at St. Joseph's church. .The Rev. George Theobald officiated and burial was ,iji the church cemetery. ' . • Pallbearers were Walter and Alfred Freilingcr, Raymond and Joseph Berte, Peter (Bormann and Mike Altman, Arrangements were by,.- Hamilton's Home at Algona. Funeral Mr, Freilinger was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Freilinger. He' was born Aug. 29, 1885, orj a farm in the St. Joe neighborhood and lived there all of, his life. As a boy he Attended 'grade school and later attended parochial school at St. Joe. Mr/ Freilinger never married and following death of the parents he and a brother/ Joseph farmed together. by brothers Mike is survived of Bode, Joe and John of Livermore, and ters Mrs, Ann,a Berte , 4 pf Bode; Sr,' M. Senn£} of, Dubuqi\e and Sr. M, Gewase in Illinois, Jwo Hurt In ^ Saturday Crash '. Two persons were injured gat urday. evening, in'a". car f "' ' %ft miles north of Wesley.' township- read interception.. ! CarfifOTJven'by Bale I9^'and,t^pji;0. Gnrdn< ' " ' 5as^' '1*$ 'fa t On Three Chads Here Monday Cars Ram At 5 P, M. South Of Elmore ..>, A six-w6eks old toby,, Joyce's. „ Krosch, daughter of • Mr. • and,^ Mrs. NorvaF Krosch, farm folks' ' .', living near .Elmorc, died Mori-* v day St., Jo'soph's hos^V' pital, Mankato, as-' thc^fcsult of ,•'an ntiinmrihlln '/»rYlfieJwi^ «£ ft » - 4 V. »-»«ffS, '£*•'* an automobile fn., Saturday. It was the first, traffic fatality' in Kossuth county in 1948, ( '/ < The accident happened'* on' highway 169, a^rriile south of the i Elmore, Minn., state" line. ' '' Mr. and Mrs. Krosch and'three ' other children were injured, but ', > to a lesser degree/, , * F' 3 Faced Three Charges ' ^ " In the meantime, Roland ' B.' Berfield, 30, 4535 Medicine Lake Road, Minneapolis, driver' of the ' second machine-involved, in, thc,^,.' crash, was taken into custody by f State Patrolman Tom Elliott a^id,-.. Deputy Sheriff Ralph" Lindhorsti^' arid was lodged in, the codhty jail until Monday afternoon. ' . a ' At thai time lie was taken,;- ' before Juslice-of-the-Peace 4 I t ' Delia, Welterf, and Rafter a 4 '* " > hearing was- fined $100^ on'IJ ' i each of three counts, plus I -'j costs. ' ^ w, Berfield's machine struck ,tho^ 1 rear of the Krosch^ca^.-, He','was .'i-.... charged with having , impropeM ' t "1,1 brakes on his machine, "of '6veri' ^ .} taking another,, car contrary to ;He was unablp'to p MoridSy. ! and ^-* H_ *^ J tn1 ** n ffA* . The- Ki'oscif,family swa'sra ing north- in' 'thefa r."1934- r -"'to **w*fc*A- HL mc^.i j- AOpt r,^ jj oru. 6 - *•?^ ^ With Krosch were Sis iwifefHhelul $f baby, two daughters and a^sbri.'«* r --«? Marlyn, 5, recciyed head., in juries j ft in.the crash, Mr.i'Krosch"had'his''>C? back injured, Earl, 7,'had a cut,?''' over the eye, and the other girl' ? and her mother were also bruis- 1 ed from the shock of impact. 1 Berfield was not ij>ured. According to his story, he, J- came upbn the Krosch machine 1 suddenly ahead of him; and his/.?', 1 ' brakes evidently didn't work in- His machine struck the 'rear' of the Krosch "car. Ho said, he was going about 55 miles an hour. Krosch said he, was trav- ing 25. : .. M The baby was being .held in iOTh » the front seat by its mother,-The ; «m impact bounced the baby rfrom*'**'$$ its mother's arm'and the'little * f *-"^ totxflew through . y the rear win- S • dow and over Berfield's ma'phinc. <•'" She was found after the crash* ,i' lying behind the'two pars on,the ' pavement. ,'•-'• 4 ' ' i .• A car coming 'from.,, the,-north "? stopped and took the injur,ed !> tp \" Elmore, from which point L the*,' ' baby was taken to MankatP. .* Only the fact that the baby wa's'V well wrapped ssyed it ,from'* ' probable Instant 'death. /As- it is,,i? the l)ttle one-spffpred'atdov 1 - 1 ""' skull fracture. • •.,'•>, H^SL v Had a Long Drive . '. - v ^ Berfield said hpjleft Bplling.'l, ham, Wash,, 'last Wednesday/"^ with two brothers, He dropped,/' drove to Guthrie -Center, where J he said hp- stopped, pyprnightfj with a frien^,, Friday, « % ieft {l .« Guthrie 'Centep abQMt adQ»p.,mH« for Minneapolis,, Saturda The three and onfehajt*ours Sta.te Patrolman ' % Deputy Sheriff y' filed the MUler- thp , . Berfield a- horop.}h * nq

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