The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1948 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 14
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4 . '# '£• Upper 1 0*i.M6frt6i ' fuiiJay/ 'January S'dy Plan Spelling Contest, 26th, Lone Rock P.T.A. Lohe^.Rock—•The P. T. A. will hold its January meeting the 26th. Program chairman are Mr. and Mfs. E)on Ho.uck and food chair- hian are Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Householder. ' Other members of the committee arc Miss Janet Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Justin Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Flaig,.Mr. and Mrs. Verne Hoppc, Mr. and 1 ' Mrs. Leo Fox, Mr. and Mi's. Wrh, .'Dr', Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dr'oyer. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lynch and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jehsen. The annual school spelling contest will be a part o£ the program. Two very fine medals have been secured for the first and second place. Each grade from four to eight will have a team of from four or more represented in the contest. The state rules will be followed, Part of the contest will bev-oral and part will be written. Last year Shirley Mitchell was the winner and Delilah Marlow won the second place. The winner w}ll represent the school in the CQunty contest at Algona some time in March. The state contest will be in Des Moines in April. The • remainder of the program will consist of a movie and some music. School Elections The second semester class officers for ~1948 have been elected. They are as follows: Sanfqrd Mitchell as president of the senior class, Kenneth .Thqmseri .as vice president and Kenneths Fl&ig, as secretary and treasurer; ' Joan' Flaig as president of the junior cla^s; Jodn Zwiefel as vide pYesi- dent, and Betty Person as secretary and treasurer; Kathryn .Willrett as president of the sophomore class, Belores Marlow as vice president, and Charles Householder as secretary and treasurer; Derra Dickinson : as president of the freshman class, Alvin Riggert as vice president, Joanne Meyer as secretary and treasurer; Pat Lynch as president of the 8th grade, Duane Gross as vice president, and Cletus Quinn as'secretary and treasurer; Norma Bierle as president of; the 7th grade, Merrill Fae Marlow as vice president, and,Mary Ann Fox as secretary and treasurer. K—^^^_— 1 Schoolmasters Meet C. R. Johnson, superintendent, and several of the teachers attended the schoolmaster meeting and county council at Algona Thursday night. It was decided to hold the boys county tournament with the north half at Swea City and the south half at LuVerne, and the finals being held at Algona. The girls county is to be held, the north half at Lakota, the south half at Wesley, with the finals at Burt. Algona'will have a B team instead of a first team and ^ny of the regular first 12 boys cannot b<3 on.the B team. It was planned that the schoolmasters would entertain the school boards nf the county at a meeting around March 18th with an outside speaker for the evening. Lone Rock Rockets The Lone Rock Lively Rockets 4-H club met at the home of Verabell Behrends January 14. Wednesday evening, with 18 members answering roll call. Visitors were Mrs. Albert Shaser, Mrs. Ralph Hurlburt. Mrs. J. M. Gillingham Electric ALGONA, IOWA 1015 East Slate St. Phone: 586-W Sunbeam and Proctor Appliances, Electric Motors — All Sizes ELECTRIC TANK HEATERS POULTRY TIMERS ELECTRIC PUMP JACKS PRESSURE SYSTEMS FARM WIRING Contracts or Time and Material ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR APPLIANCES-FIXTURES. SERVICE Aftdersots, and the'le'aders. fne club decided to s'ell pop corn and candy at > the shows on Wednesday nights in Lone Rock to earn money for their share ih the seed fund. They plan to donate $6. A talk was given by Norma^ Bierle on "A Good Breakfast". Fois the recreation of their meeting they sang some of the required songs of 4-H girls. Lunch was theri served by the hostess. , Band-Mothers " The Band Mothers will meet Wednesday evening, Jan. 21, at the home of Mrs. Art Priebe with Mts. Joe McGovern and Mrs. Don Houck as assisting hostesses. .'Mr. and Mrs. Hughs and Billy tif Humboldt brought Charlene Rath to her parental Wm. Rath home, Friday night, Jan. 9, and enjoyed supper with her family. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Culbertson look' Elva Ewoldt of Algona to Mason City to Dr. O'Brien there, Thursday, The Lone Rock Ladies Mite Society meets Thursday afternoon, Jan. 22 at the church basement with,a pot luck lunch being served. ' Frank. Flaig arrived .home Sunday after attending a tractor meeting, in Des Moines all last week. Bernard Genrich, enroute from the Bahama Islands to his new job.with the same company, the Robert Ray Engineering Company, brought his, mother Mrs. Fred Genrich home Wednesday from Cedar Falls where she has been spending come, time with her daughter Mrs. Darvl Hanson, who has been* ill. Bernard left Thursday afternoon to .take up'his Work at Houston, Texas. Rodney Priebe celebrated his seventh birthday Wednesday after school at the parental Arl Priebe home at a party with the following guests present: Gary Hawks. Kearn Marlow, Gene Flaig, Donald Bates, Lanny Grosland, Kermit Krueger. Jerry Jensen, Dennis McCleish, David Johnson, The boys enjoyed themselves with games after which lunch was served by Rodney's mother. N. B. Wood and Andy spent Thursday at a business meeting at Storm Lake. Mrs. Glenn' Mino, Nancy and Laura Jane of Swea City spent Thursday at her sister's Mrs. Henry Schroeder and family. Faye Edleman of Seattle, Wash., arrived Wednesday evening at the home of' his sister Mrs. Dave Weber and family, where.he will visit his mother Mrs. Ida Edleman who is very seriously ill there. George Miller left Wednesday morning for Joliet, III., where he will attend the wedding of a ne- phe.w, Roger Wilmelmi. Staff Sargeant Maurice Miller, left Tuesday for Camp Lee, Va., where he will attend' an.instructor's school for two months. , 1 MrS. Bean JergenSot! temfag-1 .{is, Mrs. C. W. Heerdi&nifMftnTs. all of Algona and Mfs, FramFfaig were Monday dinner. gU6sig,a"i the honte of <Mr. and Mfs. Reg&jtJieri*- sen. Mr. and Mrs. Roger", \renseh fend Jerry Joe Jensen spefrt,Tues- day night at the horne of.Mr. and Mrs. Dean Jergenson at Algona. Mrs. Agnes.McBride of Algona spent_,Tuesday at* the Jfle Lynch home!"" i Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt were Tuesday night host and hostess to a 500 card party? with nine tables of gue"Sts .present. Rrizcs were won by high" far women Mrs. Bob Schmidt, low for women by Mrjs,, Wm, Marlow, high for men by Gerald Hutchinson, and low for men by Sieb Behrends. Mrs. Wm.. Marlow also won the traveling 'prteq. The Band Mothers "sponsored a 500 card party Thursday evening nl the Lone Rock * gymnasium* There were 7 tables . of guests present. Prizes wore xvon by high for women Mrs. Erich Secgebarth, low for women was Mrs. Alex Krueger, high for men was Ralph Thornoson, low for men Was Erich Seegebarth, and door prize was won by Mrs. Merwin Marlow. Another card partv will be held January 29th, Thursday evening, sposored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Parties are planned to be held every other Thursday evening by either club. Omaha People; Bancroft Yisitprs Bancroft: Mr. and Mrs., Don Blair" and daughter Vicke of Omaha visited a few davs last week at the homes..-of .Mr.,'...and Mrs. F. J. Welp, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Menke and Mr, and Mrs. A. J. Borens of Bancroft. • H»ttens to Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. F J. Hatten of Bancroft arc spending two weeks visitine their /laughter, and husband. Lt. and Mrs. O. L/. Gochcn- our of-'ElizabethtdAvn,'K-y-i Mrs. Mary MrOuire nnd Mrs. CietuS Dorr of Bancroft visited tit the homos of TVn Fnrrow and Devere Smith of Lakota. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elsbecker of Bancroft received word of a daughter born to their daughter and husband, Mr. nnd Mrs. Francis Reos of Lena. 111. Mrs. Ben Sudmier of Minne- •loolis. Minn., spent a week visiting at the home of Mrs. Rose Fur-hs of Bancroft. Mrs. Bob Dransfeldt of Bancroft spent,a week visiting,at the home of her. sister, Mrs... B. B. Wirth at Waterloo. The members of the .Bancroft fire department met in. the Legion (hall Thursday night. IF IT'S NEWS. WE WANT-IT! On account of my health, I am forced to quit farming andi will have a closing out sale on the farm located 4| miles north of Algona on road 169 on Sale starts at 1 P. M. sharp MACHINERY John Deere Model A tractor and cultiyator; John Deere 40-ft. elevator and hoist, nearly new; speed jack; 5-ft, McCormick mower; high wagon and flare box; 1 wagon and triple box; New Idea side-delivery rake; 8-ft. McCormick binder; 10-ft. Van Brunt field cultivator; 14-in. tractor plow, IHC; 10-ft, .disc;, wagon and rack; 12-ft. dump rakej 999 corn planter; endgate seeder; Cask hay loader; fanning mill; 2 self-feeders; feed bunk; cable; chicken feeders and waterers; 20 small hog troughs; 2.1 &ft. troughs; oil burner brooder stove, / BUILDINGS Nearly new brooder house, 18x12 with hip roof; hog house, 8x12; 3 small hog houses. TOOLS Anvil; forge; electric drijl; electric and hand drill; bench vice; tap arid Eye set; 1-horse motor; 2 £-horse motors. A lot of good wrenches, saws, bits, spades, forks, shovels; some electric wiring; hay slings; electric fencer; belt splicer, and a lot of other items too numerous to mention, ALGONA, IOWA We are. looking/forward; to sewing, you } in our new and completely, modern^ buil<]mg,,dcsigncd;csi?e.clally to give bct.tcr service'lo oniMnany, Ponliac, owners, in,this;arqfl.. •, ' . !' ' - % , l .Y,oti'are sure to likp'onr-convenient location, welUeqniiipediScryicc.departmentj factory, trained mechanics and', of.genuine. F*« We cordially invite,y.ou, to yoqrf^rstjopportunity and .-let us demonstrate our.sinccrc desire to help you get tji(5 most from yqur,,car. r EASY, PA.YMIJMTS. ON,.SERVICE! ( B ILLS', OF $,2S O.R MOM, ;• w PONTIAC F I N E AR MADE FINER You'll find that Pontinc is better tlian ever with Hri new beauty and important postwar mechanical improvements. Pontiac, as.-nlways, offerg.a bigger measure of dependability, outstanding performance and long life. With even greater, quality and value, Pontiac is, indeed "A Fine Car Made Finer." As I haye pMrchase,cj the K. &JH. Service,Station in Bancroft a ntj am .quitting, I.wjH 5 seU,all .my,livestock, farm.rna- ;; chinery and everything on the farm lQ£at9dM;,milei,.w,est and 1. mile south of:Wesley,-on. • |j| •".'.' $*• wV* ' -<• I « f SALE TO START. AT 12 uOlCLOCK. NOON- ;; I2A HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 22 OF C^TLE: 22 17 head of fee,di,ng cattle on, feed about 30 days. These, cat.tle. are, mixed Hereford and Angus, weighing.. qb,out;8QO pounds. I milk cow and calf ,f resh about three weeks. 3 calves, weight about 350 pounds. - , ' . Termsj Gush or see your banker Janes COL WELL BROS IOWA STATE BANK, Clerk 71 head of fall pigs, 24 head weighing abo.ut^O pounds, 47 hf'qjj, weighing abq^t .Impounds, These pigs qre^thrjfty and.long,time,.vqccinqted. 9;brood farrow, about MdVclvl^22'brood,,fqrrow.,qb.QV,t ApriUS, All Ipng time vacc'inqted. These sow,s bred to,,q,Np., 1 hybrid,hoqif.frP,tn 1 Hqmp,tp,n FARM MACHINERY, ETC. 1947 International,M. complete with starter, lights,"fendeitP. f\^ 5n,*ires,^. high compression, new last spring. H & M 238 cultivator. Super Six manure loader to lit H 8? M.- 1?4V l^pdejKA- John Deere tractor, 6 speeds, witht? r tarte&,HghJtfjvpjees- tone, high compression, gas ^manifold power lift, Al shape* with cultivator, John Deere 1?A comb)oe f with Inne^ pickwp attachment. 40-foot JoJm Deere elevator with wid.e hoist, Cradle speed jack. 4-foot John Deere elevator-section, John. Deere Modejl H tractor. spre&Jer, 3 year? old^ John. t Deere disc. JohrUDeere 14-jnch hammermiU., Fertilizer attachment to fit John-Deere cHltiva|or, If year old.v r^va?-l?-fo9^spring-tooth, harrow, new la?t8p?ing»,Kavaj.2i5 ? f! ' * John Deeje corn planter. International endgate seedejc, John-D,eer»-,3 ,14 tractor,plow*-2;Ca^e^)(b^ejr Timken bearings, 2 new tank wagon bo?ces, Rubber tired trailer-and flare box, WsQoJfmicfe Brfpoij. Hand corn shelle,r, 50 "It, hammermiU'belt, 7'mch>8,wide, No, 4 X McCpyrnifk; crearnisspayal^,, 3vf6n«, foot hog-trough«r*2 hpg ?ejf[ feeders! Rotary lOtbus^eJi. feedejr. me^tfie-hog waterej,. Blfijliic, t.anku. !__„,„. No. 80 Let? burr mill, never, ,been used, Wheel-barrow. Sprayer, 1^-gaUon si?e, No, 25 John Deere Cprn Pi chains 11x38. Lj?g ebaip, Posjt drill with mptor. Emery,wheel with motor, Forks, Sheyefs, Mir»y sjn«U fools, « M * ? j i*fl CHICKENS rn hens, laying a „„ _,, _, ,-ps, Simple^, brc houses. 12x16 round shingle a roof, 350 White Leghorn hens, laying abo^t 50% and waterers, Simple^, feropder stove, HID 30 ton?.of silage, ^feftut 500 bales,of red cloyer. HOUSEHOl,P QOQ:DS Pimnaxoom f9b}e and ? chfws, !J ypcfeers, gchests «f dmwejs,, " sewing macjiinef W*F0om SMlte. 8^1995 range, l-yeif-pW, Supers mention. pwlO)f-heyej, Many HEBM BBWMMOND. AwliS(»«r tlf»»t»ttH»t»t»fc|»»<M»ii»*MMMtM»Wy i i * s • --,-1'-.-•>' •- y>.~ - |»^1^^HJ^t^,»-£•^-•i".4'i.l3in,f; ft.^«i«tH^ >•

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