The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1948 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 10
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6 * s dy Plans Of T*-* - tuestlay, °^ tl , Paul>s congregation IWLT 0 ^ Sunday attditofium. with 76 members present. After the regular business routine, the building committee presented the plans clrawn up by an architect for the future church which will be built in the hear future. Another meeting Will be held in February Ralph Walker and Elmer Boll wore the new members taken up at this meeting. WhiHeitt«« 4-H Girls \ Thd Whittemore Winners 4-H cltib girls met last Saturday at the home of Linda Benschotcr, in Which the hostess and Arlene Hedin demonstrated the baking of a butter cake. How to make cocoa syrup was demonstrated by LaBerta Ostvvald. Marilyn Schmeling spdko on "Food f6i Beauty Health. A delicious lunch was servec by Linda and her mbther, Mrs (jf. L. Bcnschoter. * ' Successful C. £>. A. Sale Mrs. Agnes Montag, West Bend, was the auctioneer at the White Elephant sale Thursday evening .at Presentation Academy following 'the business meeting of the Catholic Daughters of America. She was assisted by Mrs. Marian Steier, both women being on the entertainment committee. The auction created a successful program. On Feb. 5 the -Catholic Daughters Will hold a valentine party. Is "Mother 6f Week" Mother of Week over Station KGLO was Mrs. John Waldron, who was mentioned in that ca- • *, 26, 194& pacity over the Pfaff Bak'rng company program on Wedn^s- day_. A large boitquot ot i'en c'aT- nat'lSfis aftd wh'i'tfe, >'chr^fh'the<i mtfmf Was t'ediSifoiS b^ Wtfs. Waldfon oft Saturday fftor'n'fng. Apostle ChureW Dinner Members ,> at. the Apostles church o'f West Be'ftd, w'fiieh Was recently re'mOdeled, held a s'Up- per Thursday eVening in honoi' of all those who had hc'lpfcd' lh the work, including many from Whittemore. T'hey were William Roeber and-his crew 1 , Theodore Keene and his bricklayers, Fleming's electricians a n c plumbers and other tradesmen were from other communities About 50 were present, including the'workers' wives, club held their last Tuesday evening in itol'ium gf the Lutheran - Noi'ma'n Schultz is a nW M * bef. The club exlbndpd24*n>iff..' vitatlSn to th<b mcmboi's LottS Creek men's club ' Feb.. 10. Arthur Heid£n%UK, George Maahs, Gcorgo Meyfer, and Lavvrehce Meyer, ^efo oh the solving conlrtittbe. Happy Homes Is l-'arm Family Moves Mr. and , Mrs. Donald Ward moved their fam'ily and farm equipment on Wednesday, to Dlear Lake, vacating the ' farm Dought last siihuner by Ear TSlbert. The Elberts will move :"o their farm in the near future Men's Club Meeting Members of St. Paul's Men's Electrical Wiring _ i ^ * Electrical Installations and Fixtures For The New ^ ^ Algona Implement Co Building Were Installed by J«^^V ^ mm m ' ' ' ^^^^ •• • ,'. • • • • m ' 0«^«^"-«« x j-A.j^^^»4« iw^ni- Kraft tlccfric Co. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Algona, Iowa Plumbing' f and Heating .<>••• ; ., Installation for the New na Implement Co Building WAS INSTALLED BY Sigsbee PLUMBING & HEATING Algona, Iowa 208 Stat Phone 1070 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ruhnke and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Mey- Sf w'ere Wednesday ev6ning vi^- ftors at the Arthur Heidenwith home. Mr. and Mt-s. Alfred Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert, Mr. and Mrs. t|crman>!VoigVMi and Mrs. LorenK l-Itirfson< Mi and Mrs. Milton Espe, Whitte more, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hoean " ....... Mr, and -Mte. . Morly|f;;;<artrti"ah Burl, were" efttei-^&ffiW'fev evening 3t ^t-tfa-t- /^^*KIIJI ! '*/MII^J. home in B , . .., „, I'eed Meyer. and-'lJ^i'enttr'^wie- fel, high, Milton'ESDO and'Mrs Ray Hogan, low. Mrs. Edwir Groinort received the bhaii prize. Mrs. Ollom served a luncheon following the entertainment. L. W. Swanson attended rapid gas meeting held »-at the Kormore hotel in Emmetsbiirg, Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Russ Medin entertained the Two-bv-Two'*chtb at their home, Tuesday evening. Mrs. Rose Potter, Park Rapids, Minn., who spent ^he pagf ,tw'o weeks visiting at.'tH8"'»TOJ^'e of icr brother-in-law ' and| ''sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burk'e. ,* • Maurice Sleier, while wofKing in the basement under his drtt£ store, collided with a low jois and cut a gash in his scalp";ai inch and a half long, Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Meyer-ell tertained at their home'Thursda.v evening at pinochle. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Baas, Mr.inntt iMs Herman Voigt. Fred McWherte, and Luella.Frisby.-Mr. and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith and Rutl Sehultz and son" Norman, 'were guests. A luncheon was servec following the card games. The Jolly 500 club met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. James Besch. Four tables of 500 were played. Mrs. Herman Voigt winning high, Mrs. Earl. Sheppard low, and Mrs. Edward Besch chair orize. Mrs. Mike Besch Sr., Mrs. William Besch and Mrs. Walter. Fandel were guests of the club. ~ • , '' • Louis Tierbold and son Mel4 vin of Huntington- visited at,"the home of his son-in-laW'v'.jsrld daughter, Mr. and Mrs.-~R'aiph Nickols, Friday evening. . ••./'&••:': Mr. and Mrs. Bm;de;tte;J61l4itn".- son and.-'two sons of""™-^-'**"' ng of the fflfent-Teachers meeting-turns heid-MohdaV eVeniWg o'f last week a"nd a~ flfte' pfogfaTri Was presented on the topic "Lading Foundations, for Bettei* Family Life'- 1 . The program opened with a cofagit by IJtt 8th«bl teftd, a talk by brifld «3ii F dfttor fta^thona Minkler Wh6 gaVe highlights'. «f tho music festival held in 6e Mbfheli early this 'mrinfh. , Mrs. Harold Jbhis ifttVo^Udei the topic for the evening, and discussed hobbies "that can be" Shared by r the whole family. As an. example of'a musical fam'ily, she introduced Mr, and Mrs. Hertry Retttzel aM W6 -soils v^ho 'rife- seiited three sMectlbris. Mrs. Peter Petdfs s~poke oft ftie influence of modern eohVe'hiences of the home, of finances, health artd disposition of family rhcm- bers, stressing the importance 6f happiness as a -goal, -with faith i'ft God as the necessary foundation for happiness, She disctissed problems of families with grbwing children"- including adjustment of church and school relationships. She concluded by saying it takes purposeful and determined living to make a successful family life. --ij. 3£ii£L2sJ£L*i^>&iZBJ4la4&tllii4±M^iiUi8''t g t'« .,. i, * & -^&^&.%^mf( Edward Anderson underwent a <wtth a JMW8W; ft* ^heifc .nesd&y. ' Mft PMfson, .a member of ,tKe . local - B church, left about '-a yew a ' his invaliC sister ' \, Madrid Mrs. Fred brAted: ffielr- 57th wedding versary Wednesday. Their daughter Mrs. Alctha Eeklund 'and Mrs. John Ecklund-sefVed'a family dl'nner arid Ifiends sent mSnt dards and gifts aftd flowers. Present 'for the -occasion WerVthe aging cou'ple, their two daughters, tHeir. goft-ih-law Jbhft Eeklftftd, aftd "Miss J. JVa Moats, loftg time friend of tlid family. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Eggers, John E. Anderson and Elmer Franks Mtfended a banquet for Gamble dealers at Marshalltown, Wednesday, ~ Mr, and Mrs. Albert Karels artd son Gordon left Monday 'to make their home-in California. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson fehd Mr. aftd Mrs. Marvin Uhr left Thursday for a month's vacation. They will visit in New Mexico, the southwest strites and California. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ridge left Saturday for Portland) Ore,, to spend two months with their daughter Mrs. G. 1. -Davis and family. They will travel to the ^oast- through Oklahoma and up through Los Angeles and San Francisco. Mrs. Bert Wescott left Tuesday . and Mr. and Mrs. Kaymprfd Keene and son of ' visited, at the parental; hoiri,S'-,j)'f Mr. and Airs. Theodore":K|en>> Sunday. . •::->.• ,;.%$(y' Delores , Dixson .of Eldbra^lk- ited over the* , weekend, Katheun tncal company in .__„...,.,.. was woikmg in Eldoia fpi 1 ;.^ imo * ' ' • ' *>-'/.' -..' ; ',-' ime. . -..\ :. The Whitte'more.' Woman's "cii!t'b'" •met with Mrs. Edmund-.- O'Brien o;n Thursday evening. Th? maga4 zine Omnibook wag reviewed' py Mrs. R. -L. Richardson, ',-j : ' Hf^ 5 ' Ottosen Men On 4? Oklahoma Trip s Ottosen: Victor and Edgar Meyer of here left Jan. 7 for" a three weeks trip, which will take them as far as Oklahoma. They intend to visit relatives at Nepla, la., and Oklahoma City, and Rev. E. F. Peter., at Breckenridge, Okla., and at Norway, la., on their return. ; AMERICAN LEGION HAdG POST 90 ', JAN. 21 P.M, -Mr's. JVA. EVleksbft Was's'ubsti* tttte teacher for' hei-Slslfcr'MfS, Joh.ftE,' Andersori f during a spell •*The fite 1 ' dep-arlrfenTetttertalngd ttteir wives', af a'^ln'rief al^f " ftibttt,- MSftday^hifht/ Jart. It, 1 Daryl SHd : LaVbrTfte Pete1_.... spent last \yeek in Minneapolis at the home ofxthelf-brothef^vJrgil. * 1., Aiigusta B. Pehrsbh, was gueaVai a bil'thday bar'ty h6fnd SUHday. Present wei?e .--- children a"nd far/lilies, Mr. and Mfs. .flob PehWoivMr, aftd Mrs. R&v Fohhioh, Mh and Mrs, Arthu'r Pehrson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Swanson, Fairmont. Mr, and Mrs. E. J. pdell, also her grandson Vernon^Pfehrsoh and family, THURSDAY, JAN; ' MM 1 _, F i> r**ii FUNERAL HOME „-..--.'' "WHERE REVERENCE AND DIGNITY ' ENSHRINE A SACRED MEMORY" Ambulance Service Day orNighl 'f Phone 11 / utAA T to; WAlt AM6 &EB HAIL of the On Their "It's Homogenized" "F *' ' V ^ * •li.}*''''^'''*'' - -i> "'u'^ ^^^5 ' *' ' ' '"$ ^* ', ^ B "V*'*^r.^';«f^> : '-?'lJ*4^ CALL Day or Night for Fast Removal of ALL PHONE US'COLLECT WEST BEND—138 LONE ROCK—500 . WESLEY—1500 LEDYARD—75 HURT—178 BANCROFT—4441 LUVERNE—20!il LIVERMORE—2514 WHITTEMORE—1500 . or Schumacher's DX Station— 2331 Or ALGON^.—.7 WE PAY All PHONE CALLS tV • •' ,'*f'" - . ' Makers of ALGONA RENDERING CO, Permit No. 33 The New Was Erected by H. j. COWAN CONTRACTOR-BUILDER * v l, Iowa

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