The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 9
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SECOND SECTION Fehton Youth ks leg In w.<-, *» g shap Tuesday •' J 7 r * After Injury Krause, son of , --. Arnold Krause, had isfoHufte of falling on idd cvehing and breaking eg. Junior was on his to the, school house to meet fol bus to attend ah out . basketball game when hd imfttefl on the ice between the iajflV'Metzgar and dus Haack to the paralysis which he &ffitti-i- a ! n 1936 ' a^cting his H|ht,leg, he*Was forced to crawl approximately a half block to the Hao6k',home for help. It Will be ' f *P i tf atileasl slk weeks befofr $JfiJo will be^ble to be up This Is the.seeorid left leg has feetta b pi-eyiously been broken" -jtiarf&u years ago. Lutheran Fellowship ' Thfe S'eliowsJhitt tfirbte' . John's Lutheran church ft? D< met at the home of .M Mitchell ih Fentoh' An day, Jan, 14. <3u«Ssts df th> Cifd Were Mesdames Rex Wolfe,, Siftr tin HaHtelmah,, Gerhard fwnitel matt. Kenneth Halvfcrson, fid', Mil chcll, Qscar Sorenson, t,tila Knudsori. "SOOf PA*ly Hosts Mr. and Mrs. H, R, Pe'ttit" en tertained at a 500 party at theh home on Sunday evening. Five I QUARTERLY STATEMENT , ! -.-yj SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS ;; 'School District of Algona Independent, Township of Algdna Couhty'of Kossuth, for the quarter ending Dec. 31,'1047 .. Jbj i ' " >**4 *«•*** « * >*4 **.*._? ' v.ii 'f i ' - ' • • GENERAL FUND | Bajimce from Previous Quarter.. ............... .... S e ' 2161,75 .. ............... .... , Received 'Oliring This Quarter ..:__ ..... . .......... ____ 58,785.44 ~ warrants Drawn During This Quarter .............. 49;407'.02 T "Balance, at 'end of this Quarter.. ........ . ..... 953717 . ' ^ >! " 1 v ' SCHOOL HOUSE FUND V Balance from Previous Quarter ...... _ ...... $ 2991049 Reottjved During This Quarter -------- .............. „.!_ 4J500>00 « warrants* Drawn -During This Quarter .......... . ....... .6.385.00 Balance at end of This Quarter ........... ., 28'034,49 '',<";• <, LIST OF WARRANTS OF PREVIOUS QUARTER' ' t , 1 | PREVIOUS QUARTER' SCHOOL HOUSE FUND— Disbursements IdWa Des Moines Nat'l Bank . _ $ I6wa State Bank ^ Security State Bank white 'Phillips Co. . i-r.rrrrrr.'irrrrrrriri Total ., ^ L * GENERAL FUND—Disbursemenis 6,10500 183.75 8750 8.75 Acne Chemical Co. ._$ 122.98 A'cno - Visible Records. 1.10 Advance Pub. Co 23.89 Algon'd Electric 424.11 -4 Algoha Flour & Feed. AlgOna Hardware Algona-Ice Cream Factory ._,. Algona Ins. Agency .. Algona Newspapers __ Algona Reminder Algona U. D. M Algo'na Welding Works W, D. Allen Mfg. American' Library As- 1 soCiation <--'. American' Ass'n Sch. -,Administrators, , "arclay Co.'. [ontie Black jlossom Ins, Agency-. Jjice Buss ,.__!' fargarot Bo'rgrheyer . •i-'jiptsford Lbr. Co, •ifBcodhead-Garrett Co.. 53.93 / 2.00 9.60 335.89 23.39 18.28 26.60 3.50 230.93 6.50 2.50 31.46 4.98 205.05 32.60 4.00 59.42 390.8 K. & S. Hone Co...... Kossuth Motor Co.Ji.. Kossuth Oil Co.- Kossuth Radio &, Electric •T.x G. Kretzmer Laidlaw.Bros. ___^ Mrs. O. R. Laing Durwood Lashbrook .. Los F^ed Music Co Mrs. Frank Lewis Vida 'Lindhorst ,. Tlovd-Thomas Lowe & Campbell AlvirT Lundh Macmillan Co. ^.4 Dorothy Maharps M,aplewood Bindery _. Marshall - Wells. 6,385.00 5.89 : 210.82 84.63 • 13.34 23.23 . 9.00 2.90 18.89 28.58 4.00 35.92 50.00 302.81 34>86 18.65 4&.18 87.24 3.'04 8.00 play, Mi-S. Wodd* high score of ize arid Mrs. Ervirt tew. Jim Langerman score prize for the nteh hff Jr-vm^ririk low. Mrs, Jim won the tt-avei Slab , e Woman's Club met at the hbWe t)t MUsf. Lester Weisbrod on Tuesday afterMoon, Jan. 13. Mrs. Ernefct.tyas the assisting -hostess. . -. Thfere were fourteen members and thm;' guests presents. The guests tffcihg Mesdames Arnold Hansen. Ckfence OSborrt and John Munch. THe dlub msde a contribution to the March ;of Dimes lurid. Pjtthday Hostess Pamela Weisbrod entertained a , of g^rls at' her home on Thursday afternoon to help celebrate her sixth birthday. After Barnes were played, Mrs. Wels- ifod served a lovely .lunch to the Children. Chas. itewels Hosts ' , In, and, Mrs. Charles Newel en- im S WIJ J -' V *» V »-A t.*i~ SOp, club 6n Thurs- /.Search ____ [' John. Buscher _.,.ui,_ City_of r Algona.,- ;.' Charlentf Clement Clements Super Sor- Collector-Internal Bcv, F. ft -E. Compton :.l 'Dal_e'-! Collins —• „'Continental, Scale 'tCqrp.' •„ •Cptiage "Grocer ______ Cowa^ Bldg." ¥upply so. SBert,' C ronan !___, ____ -Van Ness _____ "has; ,'Dearchs ______ ^_ iCl'dU'dq Dearchs ______ fDean's] Watches ...... |iDeQker.'Bros. ________ i BDemco; Library Sup. flies' ..... : ______ „ lobert 1 Devine ; _______ jarry Douglas _,_ v ,^ dutch's Super Service )orothyj Dewel ,.,_-_„ Sconomy Stoker' Sales Iv-Co. ...... T ....... „< Slk Cleaners -,_ ...... , .''pst'er Furniture ______ 138,81 ' •«. . ^805.6 _ ' 5.42 67.13 2,456.70 86.0 33.62 1.10 3.35 519.88 87.80 3.13 16,23 28.64 34.00 '59.02 13.01 19.05 14.00 5.65 104,60 '-,14,38 291.58 frankl's Cities ..Service • (Joyce} "_. & Deim—. _iarjley Gardner Seneral B i b 1 o g i cal lectric Radio * and Society \\ Hansen '--__—- I'fSuper Service, Helbeyg ___— . |c Hill' pd's Grocery ---- i r ip^ins Spprting Soods • __., — ,-.,,„ ity Fund— t-ab. »,-,« ftphison & g ^ , ^T-r, T .ell „..„ ^., Ass'n 75,52 f, 2.90 417.65 79.20 ; 54.32 14,18 20,15 1,67 5,50 13,51 • 67.95 , 16,5( 1 26,4^ 1.57 5.36 200.59 • .6,36 15,86 ' 54.05 325,24 10,00 2.48 McMahon (George) Metropolitan Supply - Co. , 1512.95 Midland Laboratories - 66.15 Midwest, Paper Co ( 3-1.72 Midwest Visual; Educa,- . K - rw K^ •msa 3.46 4'iOO 11150 " "T 7,T; ^7 J" ~* . -•**» —.} "' *»*"^v \JIL .4. J1L41 O dgy, evening. Four tables were in play.' ,. Everett Drcyer woft high scope prize for the men and Mrs. 3-e'gtge, Jentz for" the ladies. A IcfVCly lunch was served at the Close of the evening. Mri and Mrs. Carl Kern were Thui'sday evening guests at the Olivfer Stoeber home. l Mr. and Mrs. Avery Johnson and family of Ayrshire were Sun- lay'dinner guests at the Clarence Triggs home. •The -50-50 'Sunday school class of the' Methodist church met Thursday evening, Jan. 15 at the hutch parlors: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence - Osborn and Mr 1 , and Mrs. Earl Crouch served, Mr.' and Mrs. Clarence Biersted and sons were Sunday evening guests at the William Hantelman lome. ( Mrs. Paul Eigler and Mrs. Ev- i-ett Dreyer visited on Thursday i the John Kohwles and Arlon Cohwles homes at Lotts Creek. Mrs. Frank Behne was hostess 0 a group of friends on Friday fternoon. The afternoon Was pent socially after which Mrs. 3ehne served a lovely lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ford of Whittemore were Thursday guests in the Arnold Krause nome. , -Arlis and Polly Holldorf of Algona, visited on Saturday with Doris Jean Mortenson and' other Fenton -friends. -" Bettv, ^Moord, 4 ". ._ 1 l^l. Shirley Mprck .1 '_ Mrs. E. C. McMahon-. Kathorine Misbach ... 102.25 253.28 5 6.94 A ( The Music Sbop^„._.._ Nat'l Ass/n Sbcondary '- School Principals ._ Nat'l "Council ^Teachers of English J Nat'l Education' Ass'n. News Map of Week J. L'.'Nicewandet N. W.-Bell Telephone.' &.89 North Central I-A. Feed ». Co. i_. ' 1.26 F. S. Norton & Son... 1^1,31 Stanley • Oph'eim .' v -6.64 Arden Orton _*_ • 405,53 Tworin-Qrjp ^|Waltcr' Hbf ti v LuVeBe, yecc'nt- ly bought a'Corwith business lot, and; has '.opened- & ldbk&r/tjla"nt there, with' a coffee sH8p in froht. Hefti now has'.folir locker plants, the others ,at Lu Verne, Britt and Crystal Lake. \ .3.73 3&.00 •u.oo Petty Cash Barbara Platt Post Transfer Sophia Poush Pratt Electric Quarrie'Corp. Esther. Quinby 243.58 70.21 152.06 2,76 172.13 187.50 14,85 Raeslv Lhr. Co.. _ 1^32.09 Rand-McNa'lly Co, ... ' Remington - Rand Bob Reilly „_• Maxine Reimers Kathrvn vRichardson ,._ Theo B, Robertson Hoyal Typewriter O. K. Rubber Welders Sluss &-Ky's-~,_i flyan Visual Aids...,Norris Rouseau ,_,_,_ Sawyer's Skelgas Science Research Paul Seelev „_' George Sefrit .„ _, Seright Pub. Burerfu— Sharp's Jewelry ..,;__ C^ryl Shune -_-„ ..... Sieg-Fort Dodge ..... S, ft L, Co.-, ..... _ . Cliff Skoastrom -,-.^_ Slpan Valve Co.v ____ , Society for Visual' Ed' .ucation __.,,., „!.;._ Shirley Sorenson ____ •State Tax Commigslpn Naomi Strayer Fern 59.15 - 13^.32 62.99 - 24177 '6.02 39.26 1,28 6.65 71'.73 5.35 67.32 9:44 61,06 15,00 93,60 5.25 •2,50 14,70 . 4.80 14,71 1.66 3,38 9,98 < 2,49 Night Fire At Swea Overcome ", S\yea 1 'city i - r Wnat might have bpen "a ,'disastrous'i r fire', was dis- cdve^ed ^Wednesday night at the Lindgren & >. Thoen , implement building.,. ' -j - • '• , t Thc fire was • discovered by lipwell </' Larson,, and'-' Rudolph Lundquist ^n tlieir way home' frohi a basket ball game. The fire had not gained much headway, and was soon extinguished, .With Band instrument ?;epa.}r' Walter Stevens „-,„ G, W, Stlllman-, 3 . 3,49 3 f 90 WALLET ENVELOPES i IDEAL FOR KEEPING TAX PAPERS SAFE "^ * HEAVY RED FIBER 4 3 4xll in. ALGONA NEWSPAPERS f4'«li§8i4*P^f^lpy.thffqui?te«^to|^^l.^S*-,;' • A^,, ;f h;x^fff' -, ; ^,-'v UKMtA"jk£l*iKB8&' k ',' a'-. *^ : '• r ^-^ ~ < „ , «^- Ii. >.- tSscMiariik In WARM AIR HEATING 6REEN COlONIAl FURNACE the wind south, much damage to the business block on the west side of the street might have been done. . . ^4 It is thought the fire was caused by a smoldering cigarette. LOCALS Mrs. Archie Dodds, who has been in the St. Joseph's hospital at Sioux City for some time following an accident, is now getting around in a wheel chair. However, she will remain there for some time. Although she is Very weak, she is improving steadily. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Nitchals and Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Currans attended the funeral of W. F. Curarns Tuesday at the Sacred Heart church at Ruthven. Mr. Currans, 77, died Saturday, Jan. 11, following a stroke on Dec. 30. Mrs. Nitchals. a daughter, had remained with him since the stroke. W. T. Currans is also a son. He and his v/ife moved here about three Weeks ago from Albert City Where he was cmployd by the Superior Mfg. Co. Mr. Currans is employed at the local Joseph Weidenhoff plant. Mrs. R. W. Caldwell reiurtted Saturday from Storm Lake where she had spent a few days with her sister, Mrs. Clella Denman: Mr. and Mrs. Harry'Culler and Judy went to Sioux Rapids .last week Sunday to attend a party at the Walter Connors, sister and brother-in-law of, Mrs. Cutler. Monday they went to Rossie to Visit Mrs. Cutler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Wilson. Joseph Dolphin, mail clerk, is being transferred to Manchester, Feb. 1, and his family will join him there as soon as a dwelling can be found. The change is welcome from the standpoint of proximity to their respective families; J. J. Dolphin and Mr. and Mrs; Edgar .Tharp, ,< who' live at Manchester. s Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wallukail had as dinner guests last week g iinday, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Pmore, of Whittemore, sister ana brother-in-law of Mrs. Wai' lukait. Betty Wallukail began work as secretary to Supt. O. B. Laittg at }he high school Jan. 1. She had been employed at the Wittkopf insurance office till he closed it while doing some special W6rk for, a few months at Mason' City. Guests of Mt e and M*«. Hawy 1 Baiton a day last Wdek were Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thissen and Dick, of Fort Dodge. Mr. Thiseen is a ncmiew of Mrs, Barton, Mrs. C. W, Peftlfsdn, former Al» gonian while her late husband was Kossuth county treasurer, now living at Hampton, returned to her home Mortday following a visit of several days with her sis* ter and brother-un-laW, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilson, Mrs. Alwin Huenhold and Mrs, W, V. Kempley went to Lakotd Thursday to assist in the neces- 6ary details involved in changing the Ladies Aid and Missionary societies of the Presbyterian church there to the Association which is being adopted by most of the chuiches. After the meeting, the visitors spent the remainder of the afternoon with Mrs. William Aalderks, mother of Mrs. Huefu hold. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Byam had as last weekend \guests Mn and Mrs. Leo Hager and Robert of Lahesboro, Minn. BaptUmM ril** iot &6b4*i John Dreesman, infant son of Mr. and Ml-s, John Dreesmaft *Were held Sunday, Jan, 4, at the 'Trinity Lutheran" ehilreh with the Rev. Luther LoeS<Sh officiating. Spon* sors wef'e" Mrs. Lelahd 5 Larson of Eriimetsburg and Herman Dreesman &f Titonka. A family dinner was served at the Dreesman'i Mr. attd Mrs. Orville Drennan have as guests Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Oehler of -Moune, ,I1J., who came Thursday arid will remain several days. • - •• Mr. and Mjfs. Russell' Chapman of Fort Dodge were gU(<sts of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Straycr, Sunday and M/mday. Mrs* keitJi Strayer attended a ^? wc ^,W^ ay ' J8h - 13 for Alice Will prickson at the home of rMs.. Floyd Gardner. ' Mts, Regiha Baas spent Tues- DANCES LjEGION BALLROOM : Bancroft FRIDAY, JAN. 23 DELL LEE TUESDAY, JAN. 27 ROLY WICKMANN FRIDAY, JAN. 30 LYNN KERNS WANTED H-O-^S-E-S Anything that can be led or loaded. (-s FOR SALE .Pcjlomino 3-y s ». Q r-old , ,. WM: QURANI AUNT HEX BV ROBERT, QU1LLEN "1 reckon I'm .an old goose, but as I get older the woes' of lillle children-tear my, heart; so I can't hardly stand it." For long , mileage, bUy ', your tires from KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. tye carry ; dependable tires made by leadjijjg makers. * ' ' day at For,t Dodge on business. Marvin, son of Mrs. Ross Cal- . houn, is in Tucson, Ariz., spending the winter. Helen Baas, daughter of Mrs. Home For Sa j Bungalow at 813 S. Jeroms. LMAg (toctm, . $ - bfciU rooms, bath and kitchen. Ample cldoeis 4hd -i>u!U9h fcu"£• boards, oak floors, insulated, redecorafed, 4ln6 reertiaii'6n room In basement. Owner mdvlng away and dlsllk« ib, leave Ihis new warm home, $^,250.00, , '':, •'' • ' SEE JOEL Mi HERBST WHAT'S THE IDEA OF BRJNCiINO tur FISH BEFORE THE SOUP? (H AMP LIN SERVICE • PHONE 1086 • 302 ESTATE • ^e^ NOWiSTHEI'lME (o Plan That New tf House i or That New Hog House -r HOG FEEDERS FEED BUNKS HOC-TROUGHS MILK HOUSES Place Your Order Now and Be Early . on Our Waiting List. / , -• •, . '^ *•' v ' e Algona Hardware ~ ^^^ . f W&i V^^J Our carpenters build these units right here in our own yards and delivery is made dirset to your farm site, Call at our gftfa and ask u§ for fwll details on these ecpnpmicql, practical , porta b | e t !_, * NprtQn farm buildings* ' , F. S. Norton & Son m * ' ' i ? n Salutes Hotpoirit ^}-.;'. : J On Its Move to ;/ /V ., (t , CURB —• - i0 ^ by Reducing Appliance Prices ,"M f •' •We Arc Proud (o Joiu llotpoliil—One of Nation's Largest Appliance Manufacturers—In Fight To Preserve the Piiri'^Vlriij Power-of the American Dollar by Announcing' Price Cuts'of as Mnch as 10% on America's Finest Electric Ranges, Refrigerators, Disposals aiirf Water Heaters.. lunation is very much like the weather in that everybody ialks about it but nobody DOES AM'TJUilG about it. But now the Algonw Hardware Store is joining with liotpoint—• hiiilder of America's finest electric appliances—in doing something about it... namely, reducing prices on electric ranges, orators., disposals and water he'aters. Price reductions at a time like this when npwfianees like these are so scarce is news in itself, lint all the «iorp;iiotewor» ! Ihy is the fuct that these price reductions—which r^j as hlgli ' as $20 on some models—are made in the face bf.tJjg hjg||«st; ' demand for Hotpoiut products in the"! cojupuny.'s Wi'toyy,*?•'/. Certainly, this is proof that this inqyo is n^flb liji^Vyfll" the public's interest, ^'e consider it uw puti?tmi4JiiiifVexappli^4 - of <Jie kind of business st«t«Jsiji»usliii) thtti J»i\jj}j|^^iS^ iVij • ii.'uf ',v'iii J '/iffiU'i;^i5ffi^!»"l ' the pountry tluit it is today nn4 Hie ki4uil4t >fK^|gf^ l |; , , ^^ - 1 , tit •> / ^ ,^,-l-^-J.-- — t *j-^ > > 'ST'i' ' ^^_L 1 -"t?' r J f ~ .^;-^l(|-aM .H '^'5>3jyT«V«' \ " ,^T«f^T-** ^?T" ^IW^lffliriMl 'a*iv^stwi^ir:, *:•.- >™ ^-»i ^^ : M

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